H3h3 lies
6 månader sedan
I FOUND GOLD!!!! #DramaAlert
xSenzuBean 13 timmar sedan
Damn!!! Poki been really quiet since this video... haha jk i dont know what the truth is.. just kind of all lies... Also, is really trying to understand what a knock out feels like... BUT he has been trainging like crazy... props @xSenzuBean
Sulfuric Acid
Sulfuric Acid 13 timmar sedan
drink me.
Adrian Frausto
Adrian Frausto 13 timmar sedan
It would just be crazy if the paul brothers fought and i feel like austin just wants attention and he just wants the money like he did for the basketball game in the past @eggwhite2222
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 13 timmar sedan
Jake Paul is a joke. Smh @Mr_Nobody360
Jay Belmont
Jay Belmont 13 timmar sedan
Keem is really doing this for all of his fans that’s a chad move
by Enzo
by Enzo 13 timmar sedan
Jake is always doing something he shouldn’t lmao like c’mon bro, @imjustvibingsir
Vclamps _
Vclamps _ 13 timmar sedan
Hey mr keemstar, I have no Twitter but I would love to win anything. I will make if I win:)
XavOnWiiツ 13 timmar sedan
When jake speaks my brain cells die Twitter Xaavfn
Luke Rankin
Luke Rankin 13 timmar sedan
poor poki mods, one disappointment after another.... @PapaRankey
Littleboy- Kone
Littleboy- Kone 13 timmar sedan
I knew keem would Eventually get pokimane 😂😂😂😂😂😂
qt Astro
qt Astro 13 timmar sedan
Imagine if I win that would be so awesome and I would watch drama alert on my ps5 (read the first word)
thepleb lord
thepleb lord 13 timmar sedan
Charli is one of the best I hope he gets stuff figured out with Susan @Absorbed_killz
Matthew Berman
Matthew Berman 13 timmar sedan
Yo, im @matturguy4real, and I love tuning into the news whenever y'all post!
thepleb lord
thepleb lord 13 timmar sedan
Jake paul totally would get rocked by Conner McGregor @Absorbed_killz
Suga 03
Suga 03 13 timmar sedan
Pokimane wasn't ready when Fed's friend leaked that LOL @Grim20476
Sumya Dotse
Sumya Dotse 13 timmar sedan
Logan Paul is such cap who would want to be in his dms😂 but love your video @sumyaidotse
Diego Santiago
Diego Santiago 13 timmar sedan
✌️? more like ✊@_simp_420
thepleb lord
thepleb lord 13 timmar sedan
Poki belongs too the streets @Absorbed_killz
Rico Aguilar
Rico Aguilar 13 timmar sedan
Hey man should’ve talked about dope as yola that’s a fucked up SVfrom atory
MAY plays
MAY plays 13 timmar sedan
i think that Jake will lose to Logan and ksi
zaqwe 13 timmar sedan
Pokimane should take full responsability for what she did instead of making up more stuff 🧐 @zaqweOfficial
olaolapepsiman 13 timmar sedan
Shane "The empath" Dawnson feeling normal human emotions? Great news lads
Moxamed Ali Cartan
Moxamed Ali Cartan 13 timmar sedan
Is it just me or does jake say all this shit to stay relevant @ghost0200595922
GivingWolf 13 timmar sedan
Love your videos keem!! @givingwolf2
Faisal Q
Faisal Q 13 timmar sedan
✌🏽? ✊🏽 i love this one 😂😂😂 @_a_pw
Osprey 13 timmar sedan
Am I the only one who thinks jake paul is turning into antonio brown?
Saul Rodriguez
Saul Rodriguez 13 timmar sedan
✌️? More like ✊ Lol she really said that Twitter: @Saulistoocute
William Alonso
William Alonso 13 timmar sedan
Honestly I think SVfrom is just helping out the fake people on SVfrom. @Big_Willy4u
Jeremy Lee
Jeremy Lee 13 timmar sedan
keem ur such a nice guy for giving away these crazy expensive consoles keep it up with this generosity and great work i do not have a twitter so i csnt even enter the raffle lol
Henry Carey
Henry Carey 13 timmar sedan
Bruh I’m tired of 2020 we got to stop canceling everybody for everything. @henry_carey123
Toby Phelps
Toby Phelps 13 timmar sedan
@t0b3h for Twitter. Interesting and quite neutral. Thank you!
Miguelgotgame 13 timmar sedan
Jake Paul trying to get at everyone geez, dude honestly he’s gonna die in the ring lolololol😂 @Miguelgotgame
Solar 2D
Solar 2D 13 timmar sedan
Great vid @BrandtHogenson
Uriel Segura
Uriel Segura 13 timmar sedan
I have no idea how Pokimane can keep getting in so much drama ! @Carti59109405
Colin Meadows
Colin Meadows 13 timmar sedan
Pokimae is guilty I hope I can’t win the Xbox so I can play zombies with my dad colinmeadows15
FattBandz TV
FattBandz TV 13 timmar sedan
Keen you gotta remember that jake Paul is a grown man let him have his beliefs/morals.
Tonythelighting 13 timmar sedan
When the video ended thought my phone died lol
Not a fan O
Not a fan O 13 timmar sedan
Hi just came from snap-Sir.theadore the 3rd.
Javier Penaloza
Javier Penaloza 13 timmar sedan
Bruh I don’t care if pokimane is a lier, I’d still wife her
Money Marco
Money Marco 13 timmar sedan
Recently took a wild kitten in. Bought her food and such to take care of her, Now I’m a loss of money for the Xbox series S
Abelar Ignacio
Abelar Ignacio 13 timmar sedan
Hey jake paul. Can you fight our 8th division world champion in a boxing match. Im sure your going to have a lesson at that fight.
Fepolol 13 timmar sedan
Jake Paul man what is he doing "Covid is fake" bruh like so many people have died to this pandemic and he reacts like this...What a role model he is-_- @ItsFep0
1skeletonslayer 13 timmar sedan
Pokimane got too many simps she never getting cancelled
Pharaoic 13 timmar sedan
Jake Paul vs Logan Paul would be a great fight 😂@Pharaoic
azalkus reports ig
azalkus reports ig 13 timmar sedan
The reason why JJ doesn't want to talk to Jake is because he's done with his controversy and his BS. I can't blame him. Twit: @azalkus
Trial User
Trial User 13 timmar sedan
do mrbeast calling lannan wrong name
Riley Abercrombie
Riley Abercrombie 13 timmar sedan
Jake isn’t 100% wrong a lot of the shit is fake but it is but also serious
KrypticSythe 13 timmar sedan
I knew something smelt fishy about Poki 😏🤣 @Anthony06589027
Lesly Lopez
Lesly Lopez 13 timmar sedan
His receipts is how I be coming for people who lie 😂 @LeslyYoselym
BenTheAryan 13 timmar sedan
Davy 13 timmar sedan
✌🏾? More like✊🏾 @nolove_davy
Nicholas Alexandra
Nicholas Alexandra 13 timmar sedan
Bruh y’all capping if fed got deleted for kissing someone’s hand while drunk. I get that can make a girl uncomfortable but like he did not get deleted for this? @cooper82339130
Harry Pex
Harry Pex 13 timmar sedan
Poki is Guilty HarryPex
Joy Suanne
Joy Suanne 13 timmar sedan
Logan could easily take Jake, come on. And big fans of pokemane now being critical? Hmmm probably because she actually was shady and deserves to kicked out herself! Also If a girl says “what’s up?” It’s now considered sliding into your dms? REALLY? 🙄🙄 smh Twitter is @joyslake
Erik Soto
Erik Soto 13 timmar sedan
Pokimane Wilding 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
gowsikan kaneswaran
gowsikan kaneswaran 13 timmar sedan
I just want ksi to knock out jake Paul @lol90gk
Wesley Ikowe
Wesley Ikowe 13 timmar sedan
rip shane’s cat but why do people still watch Jake Paul smh @GrandTweenkee
Evan Majors
Evan Majors 13 timmar sedan
Susan Wojcicki actually did something good for SVfrom...finally
Vak'Ma Of Zalairia
Vak'Ma Of Zalairia 13 timmar sedan
Wow Pokimain messing up Twitter @vackma3
Daniel3v17 13 timmar sedan
✌️ more like ✊ @danielsvj
Brent Gronewald
Brent Gronewald 13 timmar sedan
hey, just leavin a comment like you said :) @brentgronewald this took about 5 minutes to type because im drunk
Valentin Palomares
Valentin Palomares 13 timmar sedan
I don’t know why jake Paul tries, all he wants is the fame and attention from other celebrities Smh @ftsval1
Barbara Reynoso
Barbara Reynoso 13 timmar sedan
I wish I didn’t watch on snap all the time😂 my favorite part is when you exposed pokimene cuz dang did not expect that. And @barbara34550287
Amara Nadir
Amara Nadir 13 timmar sedan
yo @NaDiRoO_
Kohen Was Here
Kohen Was Here 13 timmar sedan
My favorite story is Jake Paul thinking he can beat McGregor!
Colin Meadows
Colin Meadows 13 timmar sedan
That sucks that Shane’s cat died colinmeadows15
LukaP 13 timmar sedan
Hahahahaha all simps in the world are crying right now Twitter: @pavlovicluka11
jscribbles50 13 timmar sedan
I love leaves
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan 13 timmar sedan
Congrats guys in winning! Only hoping to get noticed @TracyMorgan635 on Twitter. Keeping up
oon 13 timmar sedan
Shane bouta go necrophilliac
You Ever Mayo
You Ever Mayo 13 timmar sedan
Kobzz_ 53
Kobzz_ 53 13 timmar sedan
Connor will absolutely destroy Jake. What an idiot. Twitter: @Shioyakobe
MisT 13 timmar sedan
Wouldn't be surprised if jake says he's part of the illuminatii and owns america or smt @medsajili
Blaze 10
Blaze 10 13 timmar sedan
I don’t win and I’m proud
Rocka Playa
Rocka Playa 13 timmar sedan
Pokimane is for sure guilty Twitter : EthanEggs
James Heatley Ye
James Heatley Ye 13 timmar sedan
I genuinely hope Jake Paul gets knocked out and Nate wins 😂👍 Twitter: james63131813
voagzz 13 timmar sedan
the "TO THE STREETS" got me 😭💀
Sara Strohschein
Sara Strohschein 13 timmar sedan
Poor kitty... so fuckin sad. Hate him if u want but this is sad. My doggos are my kids and i would literally die for them... Anyway, hope u and urs had a wonderful holiday keem! A new console would mean more to me than I could ever even express.. anyway, congrats to the winners so far! Twitter - @SaraStrohschein (i have the same profile pic on there too)
Sara Strohschein
Sara Strohschein 13 timmar sedan
Oh and my uncle and aunt, and now my cousin and her 13 yr old son now have covid. And my moms best friend and her husband had it and the husband ALMOST DIED. Jake Paul and ppl like him piss me off so much.
Camila Fulgueira
Camila Fulgueira 13 timmar sedan
Watch pokimane gonna deny all this when there’s evidence. 👏🏼FOR 👏🏼THE 👏🏼STREETS @Camilahhhh_
Ethan Martin
Ethan Martin 13 timmar sedan
I think Jake Paul is probably the douchiest person alive at this point, it’s really scary knowing he was and may still be one of the biggest influencers on our youth.. @EthanMa87473565