Would You Rather Date Addison Rae or Crush?

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FaZe Kay

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Would You Rather Date Addison Rae or Crush? FaZe Kay and his New Crush Take a Lie Detector Test with his Little Brother FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Jarvis @Jarvis & Kay Gaming
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Jaesean Nelson
Jaesean Nelson 2 dagar sedan
Every body’s perfect in there on way
XANDER SOTO TEJEDA 3 dagar sedan
Knot Brody
Knot Brody 3 dagar sedan
What does clout mean I’m only 7
GL Err
GL Err 3 dagar sedan
OMG imagine a mini Frazier walking around the faze house😂😅😂
Zix Tv
Zix Tv 8 dagar sedan
Ask him in a video of lie detector does he hate black people jarvis and Frazier
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 7 dagar sedan
He doesn't
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 7 dagar sedan
Zachary Mangwiro
Zachary Mangwiro 9 dagar sedan
This Test instructor is getting his bills paid
Jordan Heilig
Jordan Heilig 9 dagar sedan
Hahaha gg
Rashaud Skinner
Rashaud Skinner 9 dagar sedan
Tbh Frazier can do way better 😂
Boommytheasian YT
Boommytheasian YT 10 dagar sedan
Alexa is a beauty
XxAndrewxX50 10 dagar sedan
is like what
XxAndrewxX50 10 dagar sedan
lol chartlotte
HaMimシ 11 dagar sedan
4:43 holy Jarvis
Og George
Og George 11 dagar sedan
marry og
Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2
Aislynn Co 許依晶 3- 2 15 dagar sedan
ok now its clear. Alexa and Frazier are a great couple and they truly love each other. I mean Alexa over Addison that's crazy.
sophia nelson
sophia nelson 12 dagar sedan
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 13 dagar sedan
That nuts
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 13 dagar sedan
I agree
afFrankieXVT E
afFrankieXVT E 15 dagar sedan
Why is Alexa not in your view
sophia nelson
sophia nelson 11 dagar sedan
yeah their dating
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 13 dagar sedan
She is
Ag skater 123
Ag skater 123 17 dagar sedan
Pin love your vids
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 17 dagar sedan
Now Frazier has a new girlfriend
STRANGE73_ 17 dagar sedan
That camera man laughing tho ;)
m Ibrahim
m Ibrahim 17 dagar sedan
Jarvis do be kinda getting deep
Tiko. Faze The
Tiko. Faze The 18 dagar sedan
Yesterday’s meeting ow
Lil Benelis
Lil Benelis 18 dagar sedan
Jarvis: This is getting serious, Frazier Frazier: Jarvis
Jasper Warwick
Jasper Warwick 21 dag sedan
John was sat in the middle of that looking so depressed can we get and F for John
N a t e
N a t e 22 dagar sedan
Yo this track keeper guy has no emotion
Olle Barker
Olle Barker 22 dagar sedan
No one is perfect
Santiago Matos
Santiago Matos 24 dagar sedan
The dude is prob cranking some 90’s and saying true or false
Marc Terry
Marc Terry 25 dagar sedan
The lavish cave prudently doubt because feast primarily wrap for a guttural H habitual steam. third, nasty bag
NorbZy btw
NorbZy btw 25 dagar sedan
Me waiting for John to smile ☹︎
FaZe SwEaTy
FaZe SwEaTy 25 dagar sedan
Diego Garduño
Diego Garduño 26 dagar sedan
Why say an R after Alexa
Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 26 dagar sedan
Dude I can eat 9 bread of nuttella in a day if no nuttella then I will suicide
Vizty 26 dagar sedan
At least she is not a gold digger
Minty 27 dagar sedan
sooo frazier....Jarvis🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yhen Rocillo
Yhen Rocillo 28 dagar sedan
Jarvis and alexe are perfect
Yhen Rocillo
Yhen Rocillo 28 dagar sedan
I hop frazier gonna have a another girlfriend
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 22 dagar sedan
I know
sophia nelson
sophia nelson 27 dagar sedan
he has its alexa
Angel rivera
Angel rivera 28 dagar sedan
Sams laugh in the background 🤣
marifnx 28 dagar sedan
We all know he was lying when he said he would date Alexa instead of addison
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 7 dagar sedan
How comes he said he would rather date Alexa over Addison and it was true
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 7 dagar sedan
Yaash_YT 29 dagar sedan
Is that the same guy that Was in Ben Azelart's video
Rocky Doc
Rocky Doc 29 dagar sedan
Lie teatector guy is Santa🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻😂😂
xenii 29 dagar sedan
The guy on the laptop 👁👄👁
Jester Santamaria
Jester Santamaria 29 dagar sedan
5:55 dude the way Jarvis asked the question is like telling her that if the lie detector says yes she’s out 😟 but he said it kinda rudely idk
Diamond Lagmay
Diamond Lagmay 29 dagar sedan
As the great Faze Frazier quoted “Holy man that’s insane Jarvis”
Krisean Hecker
Krisean Hecker 29 dagar sedan
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 29 dagar sedan
He's not
Eliaxer soaa
Eliaxer soaa Månad sedan
Kay a simp
v1nce Månad sedan
Freddie Lawson
Freddie Lawson Månad sedan
I agree
Robo Seal
Robo Seal Månad sedan
Man prolly picked true just to make the situations not awkward
Robo Seal
Robo Seal Månad sedan
This game was risky
Syn_Paper Månad sedan
Bro I like both of them together but tell me why in the thumbnail her forehead looks so big.
TIMOTHY.EDWARDS 102524 Månad sedan
When Jarvis said Alex's it activated my Alexa thing in my tv 😂
Percy Olken-Hunt
Percy Olken-Hunt Månad sedan
She is definitely not using him for a clout.
John Kengor
John Kengor Månad sedan
Last one was a lie
Heather Larson
Heather Larson Månad sedan
This is awesome
snoflecks Månad sedan
jarvis told the guy to say yes for the addison rae part eve though it was a no that's why they shook hands
lorax Månad sedan
Clicked on this for john
hagoo monster
hagoo monster Månad sedan
Tommy Burridge
Tommy Burridge Månad sedan
Yo my g John exposing Frazier fam jeeeeezzz
ecka omg
ecka omg Månad sedan
He said Alexa but i know he would rather date Addison😂
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 22 dagar sedan
How would you know
YouTube Phoneix
YouTube Phoneix Månad sedan
Jarvis hand signals is saying that he’s nervous while saying these questions
Matthew Marroquin
Matthew Marroquin Månad sedan
kay is a simp
Vzual Månad sedan
Bro I can’t believe Frazier looks to the side knowning he lying and JARVIS KNOWS HES LYING and somehow he fooled the machine , but I understand he moved on to reality and got him a ting. 🙏🏾😂
Xzxzxzxxzxxzxz Klklklklklkl
Xzxzxzxxzxxzxz Klklklklklkl Månad sedan
Alexa is beautiful
Ismaeel Moore
Ismaeel Moore Månad sedan
That dude never smiles Lmao
Janluis Almanzar
Janluis Almanzar Månad sedan
Netay Dela Cruz
Netay Dela Cruz Månad sedan
My god i watch thia video so many times 😍😍
The Diamond Xbox TDX
The Diamond Xbox TDX Månad sedan
Frazier is a simp and that is confirmed
Jake Mugliett
Jake Mugliett Månad sedan
The machine does not say if you are telling the truth it telling a lie it tells how nervous you are and if you are not nervous it says your saying the truth
Bis vs Jas
Bis vs Jas Månad sedan
I’ve seen that guy in every lie detector vid
The 4 Ghost Hunters
The 4 Ghost Hunters Månad sedan
John is a legend
ッBife Månad sedan
Vansh Zota
Vansh Zota Månad sedan
Merry K
Merry K Månad sedan
you know one person is perfect dude perfect
wells FN
wells FN Månad sedan
I thought she was a gold digger but no so now I like her
breadstickbro Månad sedan
Yo whats her @
amaar hamza
amaar hamza Månad sedan
John is in every lie detector test
Esteban Mendez
Esteban Mendez Månad sedan
Addison Rae
Juancarlos Cervantes
Juancarlos Cervantes Månad sedan
jalal ahmed
jalal ahmed Månad sedan
Come on Frazier I see u being all loyal that’s good u and Alexa should be together
Melvin Nti-agyei
Melvin Nti-agyei 13 dagar sedan
They are together
Mr Vexi
Mr Vexi Månad sedan
Big ups to John
Jay Månad sedan
everyone: alexa and frazier should be together me: alexa oh yeah hey alexa also me: oh t-the girl is alexa
Rishabh Veeren
Rishabh Veeren Månad sedan
Alexa laugh, seems familiar......like its not hahahah...its haehaehaehaehahe....uhmmmmm..interesting
Isaiah11p Månad sedan
This is so awkward
Timothy King
Timothy King Månad sedan
Hi faze kay can you help me with a song yes or no
Jason Rendell
Jason Rendell Månad sedan
hey guys vsauce here and in this video in this video we will be exposing the name of this video so if your crush was addison ray and there is addison ray what would you choose
TumblingGroup Team1
TumblingGroup Team1 Månad sedan
Fraizer looked down when she stranded up mate!!!
Purfict Månad sedan
This guys lagit
Unknown Månad sedan
He laugh do be like:
Odd Aiss
Odd Aiss Månad sedan
Addison rea is my cruch imao
Q1JC Månad sedan
I like ur vids its so cool
Oliver Robertson
Oliver Robertson Månad sedan
Sad for chorlate
Maximilian Tillfeldt
Maximilian Tillfeldt Månad sedan
I lost it when javis said ” Aight that makes it both of us ”
SR-Dizzy Månad sedan
I honestly find Alexa way more attractive then addison.
I like video Games
I like video Games Månad sedan
Someone tell me what happened to that one chick frazier was dating
rajedon _1
rajedon _1 Månad sedan
they broke up n she moved back to england she does yt now her name is charlotte parkes
Auxie The Bot
Auxie The Bot Månad sedan
Not me depressed because my crush might be a satanist
Etherious Zero
Etherious Zero Månad sedan
Do a smash or pass with them in separate rooms to find out
Scent FN
Scent FN Månad sedan
John is the happiest person ever
King Mod
King Mod Månad sedan
To be honest Addison Rae is way more beautiful but Alexa is still beautiful
Tiger Bomb
Tiger Bomb Månad sedan
Tiger Bomb
Tiger Bomb Månad sedan
When she showed her outfit Frazier looked at her but
Zubair Månad sedan
Faze kay is some snake
Elijah Bulmer
Elijah Bulmer Månad sedan
Frazier’s face when Jarvis said r u trying to marry Frazier 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Renzo Ochoa
Renzo Ochoa Månad sedan
That was so funny
Jason Manuel Liao
Jason Manuel Liao Månad sedan
U might think Jarvis is a lil kid but he was the one with banks going crazy destroying the Range Rover with a baseball bat
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