World's Heaviest Weight

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How do you measure big forces accurately? By calibrating your force transducer on the world's biggest weight - 1,000,000 pounds of force. This machine ensures planes don't break apart, jets provide required thrust, and rockets make it to their destination.
Thanks to the people at NIST for showing me around: Rick Seifarth and Ben Stein. Animations here are by Sean Kelley and additional footage by Jennifer Lauren Lee.
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Tony Fadell, Donal Botkin, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen
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Before visiting NIST in Washington DC I had no idea machines like this existed. Surely there's an accurate way to measure forces without creating such a huge known force?! Nope. This appears to be the best way, with a stack of 20 x 50,000 lb masses creating a maximum force of 4.45 MN or 1,000,000 pounds of force. I also wouldn't have thought about all the corrections that need applying - for example buoyancy subtracts about 125 pounds from the weight of the stack. Plus the local gravitational field strength must be taken into account. And, the gravitational field varies below grade. All of this must be taken into account in order to limit uncertainty to just five parts per million (.0005%)
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KuruGDI 24 minuter sedan
Americans would rather use the weight of mayonnaise tubes with different fill levels over standard ISO weight. No wonder they start a new war every two minutes when they are mentally not able to use the metric system!
Edesius Wibisana
Edesius Wibisana Timme sedan
Watching a lot of content creator from American almost making me switching from metric to imperial
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle Timme sedan
Must watch Evolution does not explain the origin of universe, origin of life, Spontaneous Generation i.e creation of living from non living (infact louis pasteur's experiment in 1859 proved that spontaneous generation is impossible!!!). Then, there is an argument that everything in this universe is going towards disorder (Entropy, as explained by physics), yet the evolutionary biologists say that simple things evolve to form complex things which is exactly against the law of physics!!! We, the humans, the most intelligent being on this planet cannot fully explain the remarkable, intricate and complex processes with our fully developed brain, then how can a cell billions of years ago created it self from nothing!!! So the athiests are trying to say that what the most intelligent brains around the world cannot fully uunderstand and explain, the non-living things billions of years ago already knew and started transition into living ( again, disproved by pasteur). I am a medical student and believe me science, with all its advancement till yet, cannot explain the locomotion of amoeba (guyton and hall, textbook of medical physiology), then how can we believe that we were not fine tuned by an Intelligent Designer. Then there is a problem of irreducible complexity (i.e certain biological systems cannot have evolved by successive small modifications to pre-existing functional systems through natural selection because any less complex system would not function. Dr keith L. moore, prof emiritus of anatomy and embryology (author of "Clinically Oriented Anatomy", "The Developing Human" etc, the standard textbooks of anatomy and embryology in medical schools) have declared that Quran is from God. Also dr maurice baucaille etc...You can check the videos from youtube. How will you disprove the scientific , mathematical, linguistic etc.miracles of quran (e.g big bang, expansion of universe etc??? (Also check it from youtube) Human beings, the most intelligent creatures of this universe, cannot explain who put the information in dna??? Who will do the ultimate Justice??? As Muslims, we believe that this world is temporary, a practical exam. Why not follow all the rules and regulations to reach our real and rational goal, the eternal life??? Plz plz plz, for the love of science, i request you all to write "does God exist" by dr. Zakir naik on SVfrom and watch the full 1 hr 30 min video. Also search for the "scientific miracles in the Quran" and watch few videos. I guarantee you that if you watch it with open mind, you will surely be going to believe that there is no God but ALLAAH (SWT) and Muhammad (pbuh) is HIS messenger. Good luck.
A. Apio
A. Apio Timme sedan
How much is that in kgs?
aa 3 timmar sedan
wtf, they still made it in pounds anyway (1million lbs) after calibrating it with standard kg?
mogoliapowah 4 timmar sedan
Please do the conversion to metric system on your videos. Sincerely the rest 95% of the world who doesn't use the retarded imperial system.
SebbeCool 4 timmar sedan
as soon as I saw the conversion from lbs to newtons I instantly unsuscribed and blocked this so called "science" channel.
bbglas007 5 timmar sedan
5:22 LOL
companymen42 7 timmar sedan
Metrology is such a cool subject.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 8 timmar sedan
Wow, I never thought about bouancy of air, but it makes so much sense!
Pc Master Wraith
Pc Master Wraith 10 timmar sedan
i feel there is still an unforseen finite force that can alter those perfect measurements, making us ultimately, and everything we make, flawed.
Craigs Daddy
Craigs Daddy 11 timmar sedan
thats to much weight, what if it falls through the planet? these scientists dont know what there dooing
Pronto 14 timmar sedan
Isn't the world's heaviest weight, 'the world', by definition.
El Burrito
El Burrito 16 timmar sedan
but steel is heavier than feathers
Bone Gnasher
Bone Gnasher 16 timmar sedan
Larry Wheels be like : "Imma incline press it!"
Joe Chiodi
Joe Chiodi 17 timmar sedan
Chuck Norris can move that with his breath.
Akhil Aryappatt
Akhil Aryappatt 18 timmar sedan
so, these are the kind of devices that are needed in the background to make the world run as it is today! wow
Abird 20 timmar sedan
Im just thinking about how many apples that is
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son
I scream fitness Dont tjek out muh Channel son 22 timmar sedan
Funny this is what I deadlift for reps
sidharth cs
sidharth cs 23 timmar sedan
Why in the world you need to convert from kilograms to pounds? It doesn't make any sense. American scientific/military field are using metric units , which makes this even more bizarre
Lucas Mariano
Lucas Mariano Dag sedan
why does he have a gun?
Hello World
Hello World Dag sedan
Still.. Not 1 million kilograms... BTW, Why not 1 million kittens?
Jimmy O'Kennedy
Jimmy O'Kennedy Dag sedan
Normal people work in international standard units. i.e. kilograms Newtons and tons
Artie Brown
Artie Brown Dag sedan
I'd hate to get my finger pinched between two of those plates.
Nabam Dennis
Nabam Dennis Dag sedan
Here i was searching good weights for gym and ended up in mega science project
Peter Peter
Peter Peter Dag sedan
Learn to say KILOGRAM so the rest of the world can understand you America!
Inside Heartz
Inside Heartz Dag sedan
Subtitle By InsideHeartz
Johan Conradie
Johan Conradie Dag sedan
'launched people to the moon' ! which moon? what people ? THE TEMP ON THE MOON IS 284 d. CELSIUS !!! have a heart: put your stove on 248.C and climb in there with the best space suite in the universe !!!! honestly!
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Dag sedan
what if NOKO bombs it ?
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Dag sedan
Screw this I want to see the machines that MADE the weights.
JJ K Dag sedan
Still not as heavy as yo mama.
Scotty Wingnut
Scotty Wingnut Dag sedan
Edit: moved to the World's 2nd Heaviest Weight. We forgot about your mother...
Gdjnx Gdk
Gdjnx Gdk Dag sedan
"I gained 1,000,000 pounds" Brits: I'm rich! Americans: what
Jose Iseri
Jose Iseri 2 dagar sedan
This dude sounds like Cave Johnson from Portal 2 - minus the mad scientist part!
beeble2003 2 dagar sedan
Dear America, OK, I get that you like the old units. Fine, whatever, no point arguing about that. But why on Earth do you insist on using units that are on completely the wrong scale? Saying "This weights one million pounds" is like saying "Baltimore is one million feet from New York" or "the Great Salt Lake is one million inches wide." Nobody would do that -- it's insane and it doesn't let people relate those distances to other comparable distances. You guys had the good sense to redefine the ton to be 2000lbs instead of the random English 2240lbs, so you can easily just say "This weighs 500 tons." Why not do that?
Hula Dancer
Hula Dancer 2 dagar sedan
Ngl having to still calibrate everything with kilograms and then convert everything to imaginary BS units truly cements the argument how genuinely stupid the imperial system is.
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 dagar sedan
3:11 how a condom feels while you're pulling it off
Gumboot Zone
Gumboot Zone 2 dagar sedan
I would hate to drop that thing on my toe.
Schmavies 2 dagar sedan
Don’t know why this guy is wearing a hard hat if he’s gonna be crushed by these weights with or without it.
haveatyou 2 dagar sedan
Ronnie Coleman leg pressing it: "Yeee-ah light weight baby!"
xXBobbyXx86 2 dagar sedan
U want an accurate approximation or an irrational number? Haha.
Joy L
Joy L 2 dagar sedan
When scientists talk about pounds I lose interest.
Joy L
Joy L 5 timmar sedan
@Phillip_IV_Planet King what you're describing is not science. It's engineering.
Phillip_IV_Planet King
Phillip_IV_Planet King 11 timmar sedan
At least our scientists are actually doing something. Our Space agency is going back to the Moon then to Mars. We are building a base on the Moon and a gateway to orbit the Moon. What is your nation doing?
agrasyuk 18 timmar sedan
@Joy L did it occur to you that there is probably a solid scientific reason for them to measure the way they measure? And that this reason evades you since you are not physics scientist?
Joy L
Joy L 22 timmar sedan
@agrasyuk Pounds are simply not a scientifically accepted unit of measure. Neither are stones, inches, feet, yards, gallons etc.
agrasyuk 22 timmar sedan
Sounds like a personal problem to me.
Andreas Sumerauer
Andreas Sumerauer 3 dagar sedan
What strikes me is that this Machine is calibrated in pounds - a weight unit unknown to 97% of the earth population. To me that makes about as much sense as if an entire nation insisted on using roman numbers for calculus.
D. Ess
D. Ess 3 dagar sedan
My intuition better suits with Kg and not pounds.
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg 3 dagar sedan
Thats why i dislike the the 'scientific term' ... 'Negligible' .. because nothing is negligible... or only nothing is negligible ...
Stanley Denning
Stanley Denning 3 dagar sedan
All is fine and good. But what about the differences in the earth's gravitational fields? It might be 1,000,000,000 Lbs. in Oklahoma but in California, it might be 1,000,000,001 LBS.
GibsonVienna 3 dagar sedan
You have international Viewers. Use also Kilograms 😕
Leviathandk 3 dagar sedan
Even a million pound forceplatform is based on the Kg. Just convert to metric already :)
Jule Rulez
Jule Rulez 3 dagar sedan
That "Tick tock" scared him away! End Of Video ! EOV !
René Casaña
René Casaña 3 dagar sedan
All that work and money just to not use the Standard Unit System.
Divine Beast
Divine Beast 3 dagar sedan
This SVfrom Guy: World Heaviest Weight Earth: Am I a joke to you????
Cory S
Cory S 4 dagar sedan
This thing displaces 125lbs (57kgs) of air, that kind of blew my mind as well. I've been melting/smelting metals for a bit now, and recently started studying metallurgy and practicing casts of different alloys (brasses and bronzes mostly). Even though I've learned how to calculate makeup %s of unknown alloys by finding it's Specific Gravity, I've never thought about the displacement of air in the same way. Never thought of air as "massive".
Marinus 4 dagar sedan
Sooo, is this then the heavyweight champion?
Greg McCarthy
Greg McCarthy 4 dagar sedan
Your mom: hold my cake
richard galle
richard galle 4 dagar sedan
Not as heavy as your teammates in multiplayer
Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn
Djxjxixsm Jxjskjzxn 4 dagar sedan
1 million pounds? Meh... that's only half a million kilos.
Daniel 4 dagar sedan
2:16 Three seconds after NNN
TrupiKing 4 dagar sedan
The Gorn
The Gorn 4 dagar sedan
So they start with kilograms then convert to retarded. Why?!!!111
The Gorn
The Gorn 4 dagar sedan
When I got to the bathroom, I have a similar weight to contend with.
David Michael
David Michael 3 dagar sedan
Lead lined diaper...
Maas Bekooy
Maas Bekooy 5 dagar sedan
So they start counting with kg and then use lbs... WHYYYYYYYYYY
Andreas Sumerauer
Andreas Sumerauer 10 timmar sedan
@agrasyuk Sure, they know what a pound is and I don't
agrasyuk 22 timmar sedan
because they know something you don't?
Andreas Sumerauer
Andreas Sumerauer 3 dagar sedan
I assume they expect the rest of us to eventally switch to their superior system.
Gift0r 3 dagar sedan
Because freedom units!
Thomas Weir
Thomas Weir 5 dagar sedan
It’s so painfully stupid to still be using imperial in the realm of scientific measurement. Watching this video makes me annoyed.
1000 Subs With No Video?
1000 Subs With No Video? 5 dagar sedan
The heaviest thing on earth is the earth, or maybe gravitation?
David Johnson
David Johnson 5 dagar sedan
Yo momma so fat when she took a step she knocked that million pound structure off the gravitational field
Nathan Brazil
Nathan Brazil 5 dagar sedan
All the dislikes are probably flat earthers
Kris tian
Kris tian 5 dagar sedan
2:16 After no-nut November.
Kris tian
Kris tian 5 dagar sedan
Tick tock.
Carsten Sommer
Carsten Sommer 5 dagar sedan
I wonder what is the weight of those 4683 retarded viewers that left thumb down ?
nubbinthemonkey 5 dagar sedan
Switch to metric already you effing savages
Zahwa Valentiananda
Zahwa Valentiananda 5 dagar sedan
so how Isaac Newton weight himself? 40 newtons?
dfghjkuytr 5 dagar sedan
Yo mamma gag
Atlaikęs briedį
Atlaikęs briedį 6 dagar sedan
Why they are measuring in two units: lbs and pounds, which are almost 1:1 in value.
Santnox 6 dagar sedan
"Each weight is calibrated against a smaller known weight, working up to larger and larger masses..." me: wow, genius "... and then at some point they convert and start working in pounds" me: Actually, never mind. Seriously, why even scientist still work with pounds?
agrasyuk 22 timmar sedan
Because it's a unit of measure most suitable for the particular task they need to perform, ever thought of that?
ChronoXShadow 6 dagar sedan
Vegeta found a new toy.
Nielzz Music
Nielzz Music 6 dagar sedan
I bet Eddie Hall could still deadlift it
Yoked Yak
Yoked Yak 6 dagar sedan
@Alan Thrall has a tire that's heavier.
MrFlyingguy 6 dagar sedan
somewhere in the houses of parliament are the orignal calibrated yard sticks......... i think replicas as the originals burnt down in the great fire....
Luigi Passante
Luigi Passante 6 dagar sedan
I won't take seriously anybody who do that work with non metric sistem units
Tony Nameless
Tony Nameless 6 dagar sedan
Would be more accurate if they were using metric system vs stone age system we have here in the US.
Some Saiyan
Some Saiyan 6 dagar sedan
Ronnie Coleman: *LIGHT WEIGHT*
iiishimmyiii 7 dagar sedan
From my dad, godfather, Air Force, and all experience Ive had in life they all say “one of these gizmos” and if they don’t, they have no idea wtf they’re talking about! Smartest people I’ve ever had the privilege to know make an effort to sound dumb!
BigBaseBuilder 7 dagar sedan
Pathetic... they never met the girl i dated last night. Big problems became a complete new definition..
UFC 238
UFC 238 7 dagar sedan
I love this movie.
Sawyer Nicastro
Sawyer Nicastro 7 dagar sedan
Worlds heaviest weight, second to my balls
Ay Bee
Ay Bee 7 dagar sedan
Who manufactured the weights?
Oubliette Earth
Oubliette Earth 7 dagar sedan
Now I need a bathroom scale in megaNewtons.. Million pounds of Thanksgiving mass accretion expected..
Eternal Gaze Gaming
Eternal Gaze Gaming 7 dagar sedan
But can Thor lift it?
Michael Anthony
Michael Anthony 8 dagar sedan
Can you imagine that stack is only one percent (1%) of what the Titanic weighed?
Mark 8 dagar sedan
Garrus would love this place.
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 8 dagar sedan
Can they at least use kilogram?🤦🏾‍♂️
plafereon nitsuroku
plafereon nitsuroku 9 dagar sedan
Come to Russia, everything you have big in USA, we got bigger in Russia. Just name it!
David Michael
David Michael 3 dagar sedan
"Just name it!" OK. Corruption, political assassinations, pollution, poverty, environmental destruction, inflation, the list goes on and on. Go Russian, go big!
fartpluswetone 8 dagar sedan
National Debt?
Lostgears ⚙
Lostgears ⚙ 9 dagar sedan
I just wanna say that thumbnail looked like dynamic iron giant crotch shot. Done.
ade spade
ade spade 9 dagar sedan
Wouldn't it be possible to use leverage to measure larger forces, or use a less massive calibration load.
Chauncey Frend
Chauncey Frend 9 dagar sedan
Have we ever created a mass object that distorts space time enough to be measured?
LEVEL 51 9 dagar sedan
Chuck Norris needs two of this for his daily exercises.
Holey Moley
Holey Moley 9 dagar sedan
4:17 600 lbs = 2669 Newtons... kinda weird to say you’re adding force instead of mass, but ok
HQPPIN HQ 9 dagar sedan
This is a cool gym
Эридий Смук
Эридий Смук 9 dagar sedan
Murica got K20 kg standart. Still counts in pounds.
Farhan khan
Farhan khan 9 dagar sedan
Okay, so what is the use of those wights ?
Pixel Monkey
Pixel Monkey 9 dagar sedan
Most heviest usless thing done by muricans
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