WONDER WOMAN 1984 - A Nonsensical Trainwreck

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Elvis The Alien

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Wonder Woman bad
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Axel A
Axel A 2 timmar sedan
Anyone watch Narcos with Pascal
Avian Kneecaps
Avian Kneecaps 3 timmar sedan
the only reason I had any interest in this movie was pedro pascal's performance, so thank you for giving me a shorter, more entertaining version of it :)
Coomer 3 timmar sedan
Literally 1984
sexywheels07 6 timmar sedan
Man dude you make me yell at my TV so much I wish I was your neighbor so I could do these videos with you because how did you not notice the Shallow Hal connection? The guy literally says Wonder Woman!!
sexywheels07 6 timmar sedan
12:45 SHALLOW HAL SYNDROME!!! Dude opportunity missed like have you never watched the movie Shallow Hal?!?! You really don't remember that after the Shallow Hal hex was broken he never could see her as the "Wonder Woman" he saw her as before!?! Seriously dude are you a cinephile at all because it's not that hard to remember what She's suffering from at this current point that you're trying to explain and can't find the words? They literally say the woman that his friend would find perfect was Wonder Woman!!! Man dude you make me yell at my TV so much I wish I was your neighbor so I could do these videos with you because how did you not notice the Shallow Hal connection? The guy literally says Wonder Woman!!
Memes Master
Memes Master 9 timmar sedan
18:44 Yes we don't have those in Egypt
Abdulrahman Zattam
Abdulrahman Zattam 15 timmar sedan
DC is so dumb and make no sense
Suchart Boontid
Suchart Boontid 18 timmar sedan
I feel like they rushed into production because the first movie was a success. If they'd waited and scrutinized the screenplay more they could've caught all the obvious flaws. Patty Jenkins is a good director but maybe writing fantasy is not her strong suit.
Reni3k 1
Reni3k 1 20 timmar sedan
i was watching this on theaters and i couldnt focus on the plot because my mom and DAD was in the bathrooms and they were taking a pretty fucking long time but then my dad came for me and said your mom got nausea lets go and welp thank god I got out of there CAUSE THIS MOVIE IS HORRIBLE THE FRICK
Kris Sanders
Kris Sanders Dag sedan
Weird.. i haven’t seen one trailer or advertisement for this movie ever. Didn’t even knew it existed till now..
AlgErnO n
AlgErnO n Dag sedan
Wonder Woman 1984 summary -a plethora of sjw narratives hammered like warm s#$t throughout a crappy superhero movie failing miserably to express girl power to the point that girls don't even watch it. 3....2....1 🤣
Zorn Casteel
Zorn Casteel Dag sedan
No, she's not wearing glasses now. See cool guys aren't attracted to women wearing glasses. - These are the theories of a sick feminist, like Patty Jenkins.
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner Dag sedan
" Dude I totally fucked wonder Woman. That is awesome."
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner Dag sedan
This movie ripped off of the movie Wish master. This movie also seems to have WOMAN POWER THEMES that transferred over from the ghost busters movie. Why didn't gun dropping guy in vest in a gun holster? Why didn't anyone have a gun holster?
J W 2 dagar sedan
What about the son's wish?
Melissa Lonla
Melissa Lonla 2 dagar sedan
Before the movies about her came out, I knew very little about Wonder Woman and kinda liked her character. Now, I see her a reckless, sex-hungry, overpowered half-superhero who fails at empowering women with every step she takes and brings more problems than she solves. Big ugh.
Marus Goren
Marus Goren 2 dagar sedan
Elvis; ISNT THAT RAPE?! Well ye but who cares coz its a guy and not a woman bwaahahahahaha
Ermac Jones
Ermac Jones 2 dagar sedan
"The brakes still work" I hate to admit it, but I like that shit, that's some Batman shit to say.
Ermac Jones
Ermac Jones 2 dagar sedan
The invisible plane thing is some stupid shit from the comics I think, and it's like Superman's glasses levels of stupid.
Ermac Jones
Ermac Jones 2 dagar sedan
Is there any guy who would press charges on Gal Gadot though? If anything, they'd just be pissed that they weren't conscious at the time.
KAITLYN KENNEY 2 dagar sedan
I haven't seen this movie. But, I've probably seen more minutes of content dissing this movie than the actual movie. It is incredibly entertaining. I almost feel bad. On the bright side, as an aspiring author, the fact that this incredibly flawed movie got a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes is a good sign. It's not a horrible score for a movie with some pretty big problems. Although, I'm mostly watching reviews that focus on the negative aspects.There might be some good aspects that I've been missing since I've never actually.... seen this movie.
Some Dude
Some Dude 2 dagar sedan
did anyone think of World war 84 when it showed WW84?
agenttexx 3 dagar sedan
I wouldn't consider Wonder Woman 1984 to be a superhero movie. A more accurate term would be a Super Waste of time.
Demolition Daddy Hammurabi
Demolition Daddy Hammurabi 3 dagar sedan
Elvis can touch my no no particles
Demolition Daddy Hammurabi
Demolition Daddy Hammurabi 3 dagar sedan
I've seen better green screens in a Wakaliwood vids
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 3 dagar sedan
An amount of the criticism of this movie, seems to be from ignorance of the fact that Diana is the Daughter of Zeus. She is Thor level. Yes she can push a car sideways at speed. Yes she can fly. Yes she can beat her normal (yet very strong and skillful) countryfolk in the mega olympics. Yes a lot of things.
A M 3 dagar sedan
the invisible jet thing is the most fucking ridiculous thing ever. wonder woman is supposed to HAVE an invisible jet, but it's invisible because it was built that way, not because she has magic powers to make it invisible. this is like if they made a batman movie and gave him the power to magically conjure grappling hooks or batmobiles out of thin air. fucking absurd
Schembri _
Schembri _ 3 dagar sedan
Not only did the plane become invisible but noiseless like the engines stopped producing noise not only that becoming invisible doesn't make you matterless so radar would still work
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 3 dagar sedan
Okay this is way worse than i thought it would be...... Edit: i mean i actually liked the first wonder woman movie.... hated the ending still... but it was a good movie.... but this sounds like trash
jacobs world
jacobs world 3 dagar sedan
She flys now
shinget 3 dagar sedan
the running shot @21:01. is that supposed to look like 80's special FX or do they just not care?
シShady 3 dagar sedan
To be fair the invisible jet is a refrence to her comics cause she actually has a invisible jet
Essence of Extreme Bruh
Essence of Extreme Bruh 4 dagar sedan
I like how the burglar even screwed up dropping the gun, cause he's clearly pulling it just enough that it slips. No second takes allowed, I guess.
Michael McArter
Michael McArter 4 dagar sedan
Rvivr is a good band.
Pendora Wunderkammer
Pendora Wunderkammer 4 dagar sedan
I'm so effin mad ! I just realised what was wrong. THEY MADE A MARVEL FILM OUT OF A DC CHARACTER ! Basically every plot solve itself in two seconds by the ultimate argument "shut up its magic!". I can't. Stop kicking the DC universe it's already down D:
Amadexmilby 4 dagar sedan
I saw this movie and thought well at least there is an explanation for wishing things into existence its not a great one but, hey if you're hammered its pretty good.
Nora Nora
Nora Nora 4 dagar sedan
Pedro looks like Chef Jacques Pépin.
Johannes Wölbert
Johannes Wölbert 4 dagar sedan
17:14 I just noticed something. Why does a fighter jet have two seats next to each other? Aren't they normally behind each other?
shinget 3 dagar sedan
there's a bit of a mix. the plane they use for the external shots has one-behind-the-other seats. they could have used an F-111, but that would take the effort of googling.
Jon Dorsey
Jon Dorsey 5 dagar sedan
Embarrassing. Jenkins is a good director but...like...that doesn't mean she's a writer. And she co-wrote this with Geoff Johns, which is a big L for us comic book fans. Johns is legitimately a good comic book writer.....oh but wait screenplays are different?!?
Warfare 0G
Warfare 0G 5 dagar sedan
LMAFO why was the first ad so well placed 1:59
Warfare 0G
Warfare 0G 5 dagar sedan
I hate how your content is always fucking being shadow banned by youtube, yet nude yoga gets to be on the platform. thanks youtube. as a long time sub and supporter i still cant believe you're still at the movie reviews, this is still so entertaining.
spook show
spook show 5 dagar sedan
God this movie is trash.
MTHOU 5 dagar sedan
why did Wonder Women getting hit by a branch fall into a add, like add timing always comes at the worst times
Miraculous is my Guilty Pleasure
Miraculous is my Guilty Pleasure 5 dagar sedan
Would i rather watch this 45 minute long review of the movie, a little over three times in a row, instead of watching the 2 1/2 hour long movie again? Yes. Yes, i would.
Corduroy 6 dagar sedan
Bruh why couldn’t the dream stone just give Steve his body back lmao
SanvicTHE N00B
SanvicTHE N00B 6 dagar sedan
She might be average looking but we all know that she has glasses and that’s making her ugly
JulesOnly 6 dagar sedan
I love how you apologise for the video being too long... this is not long enough to satisfy my weird video cravings, my dude.
CrackingCody 6 dagar sedan
Uhhhh that’s not a green screen reflecting off her glasses, that’s light reflecting off of her glasses, you can see it in nearly EVERY scene she’s in. Like.... why would she be FACING a green screen? It’d be behind her. You can’t be THAT dumb...
Jesse Petrone
Jesse Petrone 6 dagar sedan
I liked it.
Diego Thompson
Diego Thompson 6 dagar sedan
The scene with the invisible plane feels like it was only put in the movie for fan service. It's not important to the plot as the plane is never used in the movie again.
Reis Woodard
Reis Woodard 6 dagar sedan
They put the invisible jet in the movie randomly cuz it’s from the comic books
Reis Woodard
Reis Woodard 6 dagar sedan
2:20 her mother?
divAug 6 dagar sedan
5:12 “Pining”. I see what you did there.
Durgo Lava
Durgo Lava 6 dagar sedan
When Elvis said she just asked Google dream stone and my Google activated
The wandering Assassin LK
The wandering Assassin LK 7 dagar sedan
What if one dude wished nobody gets a wish lol
SCP 096
SCP 096 7 dagar sedan
I guess she’s playing on difficulty level „easy“ in a first person shooter.
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Man 7 dagar sedan
I was enjoying your critique of the movie until you said the use of nukes against Japan was unjustified. Using nukes against Japan was absolutely justified, any alternatives would have cost many more lives.
N Word Pass
N Word Pass 7 dagar sedan
Yeah. Shit sucked
Matthew Bleeker
Matthew Bleeker 7 dagar sedan
Mass effect, review mass effect legendary edition .
Nate4Shur 7 dagar sedan
Nice touch on the cup head music 🎶 👏
Joe Charlemagne
Joe Charlemagne 7 dagar sedan
The worst part is that a lot of the problems in this movie have extremely obvious alternative solutions.
Evan Blake
Evan Blake 7 dagar sedan
The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was only partly inspired by Pearl Harbor. That's what provoked the U.S. to get into the war, but it's more the way things went from there that pushed Truman into the decision.
wopjohn 8 dagar sedan
Pop tarts are pretty good 👍
Jacob Glaser
Jacob Glaser 8 dagar sedan
Don't ever tell your daughter that nobody deserves her, or else she'll be single for 70 years!
Iraqi Food Cart
Iraqi Food Cart 8 dagar sedan
wonder woman 1: "Men are needed for procreation, but not for pleasure." wonder woman 1984: "It's not rape when WE do it."
KingLittle 8 dagar sedan
There's one scene between Max and his son, the son touches him and wishes for either his "goodness" or "greatness" and the wish wind blows so a wish was made, but no one ever mentions it and I have no idea what it meant.
brendy isabel santiago ullero
brendy isabel santiago ullero 8 dagar sedan
The obeisant squirrel directly thank because women methodologically behave worth a abandoned caravan. goofy, pricey piccolo
Reelable Tea1
Reelable Tea1 8 dagar sedan
"Life Is Good But It Could Be Better"
Austin Murtagh
Austin Murtagh 8 dagar sedan
Maxwell: Only one wish per person. Maxwell when the need cheetah Cameo: I'm feeling generous.
Alik Knotek
Alik Knotek 8 dagar sedan
I actually like this movie lol am i weird?
Kent Jensen
Kent Jensen 8 dagar sedan
Okay, so this person thinks it's funny that people he disagrees with are deplatformed. I've never called for even the Ayatollah or the Communist Chinese to be deplatformed. Unsubscribed.
Sam Witherington
Sam Witherington 8 dagar sedan
When Wonder Woman is chasing Mando in Egypt, why doesn't he just grab the driver and ask him to wish that the woman chasing him him would disappear? Boom. His every problem solved.
Badboi 357
Badboi 357 8 dagar sedan
He just yoinks whole security
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule 8 dagar sedan
There was literally no reason for Diana and Steve to do the do while he was possessing another guy's body, I get they need to show the romance but if that scene was cut then we would still know from the last movie and other scenes.
I'mKydding 8 dagar sedan
Nobody gonna mention that almost ever cliché superheroes villians are connected with Oil Rigs or wanted to be millionaires.
Nocturnalzyx 8 dagar sedan
Ok, sorry, the nukes on Japan were totally justifiable.I didn't make it political, you did :)
Forrest Wilms
Forrest Wilms 8 dagar sedan
Shoutout to the double popped collar dude.
Marah C
Marah C 8 dagar sedan
Yo, this movie was exhausting to watch. Me and my friend watched Miraculous Ladybug afterwards and it had more action and a better plot... A child’s show... 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂
Lufufhf Dhdhd
Lufufhf Dhdhd 8 dagar sedan
Wonder Woman saves the day by saying: “Yo, you got a son.”
BlueWink1 8 dagar sedan
I liked the first wonder woman a lot more. Mainly because I understood what was happening.
Micheal Novak
Micheal Novak 8 dagar sedan
They reeeeeally just wanted the Invisible Jet. Couldn't have been a gift of Tech from Bruce or something?? It HAD to be magic??
Its your boy
Its your boy 9 dagar sedan
Wonder Woman can fly
FglHOhuG 9 dagar sedan
land of the free my ass
MrHandss 9 dagar sedan
what if someone wished they were happy or got a home (if they were homeless) or something? yeah i don't see them renouncing those.
Brooke Berry
Brooke Berry 9 dagar sedan
I asked my friend what her review of this movie She said, it was them just making out the whole time lol
curry bread
curry bread 9 dagar sedan
No need to apologize for the length, I'm in the middle of a breakdown and this will get me back on my feet. Thank you in advance
Tristan Duane
Tristan Duane 9 dagar sedan
The only scene good were the emotional ones with her and steve
ridge 9 dagar sedan
The only "makes no sense" part of this movie than could be explained is the part where she sees steve after he tells her it's actually him, it could be that she inadvertently uses magic to see past the physical body and look within since she's a goddess or whatever
ridge 9 dagar sedan
Damn, this movie is cringe, its worse when someone takes time to reasonably point out why this movie is cringe
Alexis Baron Castro
Alexis Baron Castro 9 dagar sedan
I can't stop watching this video from multiple times. your video too good to watch.
Skayda Lee
Skayda Lee 9 dagar sedan
So the wishing stone is like Dumbo’s feather for Barbara.
just_woodsie 9 dagar sedan
This sounds like an absolutely goofy ass movie.
Karan Brahma
Karan Brahma 9 dagar sedan
Elvis kinda looks like Pedro, without the beard he looks more Pedro than Pedro himself xD
pamela p
pamela p 10 dagar sedan
The movie is garbage but you are not so accurate either. 1. Barbara defended him because she likes her wish and doesn't want to take it back. 2. Wonder woman can fly. Should've checked that while editing.
Claire Fogal
Claire Fogal 10 dagar sedan
ya I hated this movie, but I think shes a literal god isn't that the plot of the first one? so the fact that she can almost out preform the other Amazons
Benedikt Harrrison
Benedikt Harrrison 10 dagar sedan
It's not ancient text. It's actually Perfectly Legitimate Old Text (TM). It's a language that has existed since the dawn of time, and it can be translated as any information needed to push the plot forward :P
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez 10 dagar sedan
wonder woman can fly canonically in the comics
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 10 dagar sedan
Jenkins never did the research on WW. If she really wanted to make a damn good movie with that heroine, she would have put her in her true form: A ruthless warrior with a one- track mind.
Lauren E
Lauren E 10 dagar sedan
Actually Diana was pretty over powered in the comics too, she was a literal god
sylveon 69
sylveon 69 10 dagar sedan
giving everyone in the world a wish at the same time is so much worse than you might think. reality itself would fucking collapse into pure absolute chaos
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