WISH.com SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...

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Outro music by MDK, svfrom.info/history/video/YsKtaYTRlplpf9g

Juan lopez
Juan lopez 32 minuter sedan
-hey we came to check if there was an election fraud +democrats: 0:59
Joey Albrecht
Joey Albrecht Timme sedan
that laughing in the intro reminds me of the princess bride when the dude is laughing and then dies lol
Rich Bell
Rich Bell Timme sedan
handsome Eren
handsome Eren Timme sedan
Get exposed wish
iEvilNemesis 2 timmar sedan
imagine not testing these before using them
Harz Enduro
Harz Enduro 2 timmar sedan
bro got himself a stahlhelm
the yoyo bro
the yoyo bro 2 timmar sedan
you peed
colexFN ツ
colexFN ツ 3 timmar sedan
These intro’s are always funny like I swear
Maria Ikiz
Maria Ikiz 3 timmar sedan
Kaii the dama guy
Kaii the dama guy 6 timmar sedan
"I always touch the white tape" 😂😂
Give me Bobux
Give me Bobux 8 timmar sedan
The helmet is good for cooking but not for protection but it’s good for airsoft protection
Cool Killer
Cool Killer 8 timmar sedan
wish is crap
saifeddean 9 timmar sedan
This guy doesn't call 911
Courtland Eiland
Courtland Eiland 11 timmar sedan
Yea ikr we QWERTY weccffff
Stephanie Seim
Stephanie Seim 12 timmar sedan
If Abraham Lincoln was wearing 20 of those he would still die
TwoFiveAct 12 timmar sedan
He Joker
guten tag
guten tag 15 timmar sedan
i'm dying 😂😂
Cxptain3vil 16 timmar sedan
these claims that wish.com makes about stopping bullets is one day gonna get someone seriously injured or killed due to their stupid advertising. Imagine how big of a lawsuit wish.com is gonna face when that day comes.
Bella_ Airsoftgirl123
Bella_ Airsoftgirl123 18 timmar sedan
Looks like black period pads for women
Rob rain
Rob rain 18 timmar sedan
Do a vid showing how water effects damage ect..at distance guns underwater an not.
mark wymer
mark wymer 19 timmar sedan
man guy
man guy 19 timmar sedan
bruh that helmet is a stahlhelm from ww2
LaxFan06 21 timme sedan
I mean last wish video china magically made level 5 armor that stopped api 50 bmg
Lothrican 21 timme sedan
damn on the 500 magnum you could see the flash it was intense 😳
Gavin Blalock
Gavin Blalock 22 timmar sedan
I got a tooth pick cross bow from wish and got it 5 months later -_-
Linda M McKenna
Linda M McKenna 23 timmar sedan
Moral of the story get the equipment from an expert or become a cop
Tbj Tbj
Tbj Tbj 23 timmar sedan
Thats the armor to get for the politicians.
DABEANS 69 23 timmar sedan
I trust that a 3.5 in body plate will stop a .474 bullet traveling at upwards of 700 mph if you get this noice
Tom McSherry
Tom McSherry 23 timmar sedan
They be copying pubg guns tho
Harris Burdick
Harris Burdick Dag sedan
That's a Stalhelm
Mr Red coat
Mr Red coat Dag sedan
If it’s stab proof then it’s useful in the UK 😁👍
Low Eel
Low Eel Dag sedan
This helmet is IIWW german helmet. LOL.
Nick Hubert
Nick Hubert Dag sedan
That was the first time I saw Matt actually affected by recoil
RA RandomAdventures
RA RandomAdventures Dag sedan
Is it weird that gunshots sooth me?
Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts Dag sedan
The zippy twilight comparably bleach because command pathomorphologically coil among a wandering sink. parched, domineering beech
Alex Kammeraad
Alex Kammeraad Dag sedan
David Richardson
David Richardson Dag sedan
That helmet reminders me of a WWII German Army helmet
Allie Anderson
Allie Anderson Dag sedan
Matt: let’s just shoot it it doesn’t make any sense. Kids: I have to turn that homework in tomorrow
Yuanyuan Xi
Yuanyuan Xi Dag sedan
11:32 isn't that shouldering technically illegal
NASTY Dag sedan
that into gave me nightmares
Rusty James
Rusty James Dag sedan
Yup with that intro it's a hard skip on this video.
Kent Gällstedt
Kent Gällstedt Dag sedan
The plate is made of chinesium, the most lasting chinamade thing is covid.
xxdepressed_demon666 Dag sedan
He got armor from cod modern warzone😂😂
Kitalia Dag sedan
Next body armor test should be shot with BB/pellet guns, airguns, and bows, to see what it can actually stop
Kitalia Dag sedan
1:05 no comment..
Ar Henriksen
Ar Henriksen Dag sedan
Chinese people really love selling those shitty products. No wonder almost everyone on earth hates them.
littlecopper Joseph
littlecopper Joseph Dag sedan
That first video is the reason why you only have 1 adult vitamin gummy
Louis Sevilla
Louis Sevilla Dag sedan
7:00 It's not comfort.
Matthias Schmid
Matthias Schmid Dag sedan
20:35 Me a non american: Is this a anti-tank sniper? Americans: No we shoot ducks with this
K Charles
K Charles Dag sedan
Scorpion isnt a bug xd
i an speed
i an speed Dag sedan
1 like at this comment = more video
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Dag sedan
The smoggy hose dfly bare because teller neurally fancy after a luxuriant catamaran. trashy, phobic throat
ATF Gaming Channel
ATF Gaming Channel Dag sedan
I love how a decapitated head rolls into frame as he shoots the laptop
Kiehnwerder Serra
Kiehnwerder Serra Dag sedan
Just another normal intro
earlysteven gamer number 2
earlysteven gamer number 2 Dag sedan
812hockey Dag sedan
Those gear will probably keep you safe back in the Song Dynasty
Daniel Kevin
Daniel Kevin Dag sedan
The helmet looks like Germany's Helmet during ww2
The Other Side
The Other Side Dag sedan
*This is stupid video. You actually believe that this is what the Chinese military and police uses? This is such anti-China video and I didn't expect this from you.*
California Outdoors
California Outdoors Dag sedan
Matt reminds me of my uncle bobby
Jeff Budd
Jeff Budd Dag sedan
If you are stupid enough to buy any sort of protection gear from wish.com you deserve to get shot
Colton Burns
Colton Burns Dag sedan
If you look at the part where he flip the table and he standing up laughing it looks like he Peed i’m self
CMDN Dag sedan
2:05 "now here at aperture our turrets fire the whole bullet. That's 33% more bullet!"
Morgan Darnall
Morgan Darnall Dag sedan
That intro
Comrade Zarkolfsky
Comrade Zarkolfsky Dag sedan
Buy one bulletproof helmet get one M42 Stahlhelm free
Dancanbe a gamer
Dancanbe a gamer Dag sedan
I'll think about making a level 4 body armor, which may already be in the making😁
Puerto Ricoball
Puerto Ricoball Dag sedan
Das Stalhelm
Allison Ownbey
Allison Ownbey Dag sedan
Hi I love your channel I’m sub😎🔪🔫
Virck Dag sedan
Wish really do be a gamble on quality O_O
TheRealMipi 2 dagar sedan
4:48 hey look its matt the german blitzkrieg soldier
Big Boy
Big Boy 2 dagar sedan
The helmet is just a first and Second World War German helmet
Momo 2 dagar sedan
DR is like the rich uncle I never had :(
chase hoock
chase hoock 2 dagar sedan
dude its made in china what do u expect
Don’t know Lmao
Don’t know Lmao 2 dagar sedan
Nobody The ATF: 0:56
KUKISEK 86 2 dagar sedan
Tak se divíš wish
Robert Santana
Robert Santana 2 dagar sedan
So the body armor from wish works.....sometimes
Pavel Abramov
Pavel Abramov 2 dagar sedan
Matt, this is for airsoft armor, well, or for Hardball! ))))
shafiy rayyan
shafiy rayyan 2 dagar sedan
U look like a ww2 German soldier
shafiy rayyan
shafiy rayyan 2 dagar sedan
With the helmet
Coco XD
Coco XD 2 dagar sedan
I love the way his head just went clean off
ThatdudeOnYoutube the northern one
ThatdudeOnYoutube the northern one 2 dagar sedan
Well that intro was erm..... Scary haha
Family Price
Family Price 2 dagar sedan
you should test FRAT rifle armor, svfrom.info/history/video/ncapp6PFu9Kpesg
ApEx-Adz 2 dagar sedan
Demos actually a decent actor
Joshua LaFrance
Joshua LaFrance 2 dagar sedan
The items advertisers proclaim, that the item will protect you if someone or something fires a entire bullet useing kinetic energy! Unessary nonsense is fun...
Reekid pog
Reekid pog 2 dagar sedan
The helmet looks like a German Stomhelm
Ryan Nettesheim
Ryan Nettesheim 2 dagar sedan
24 joules is nothing.
Dizaster studios
Dizaster studios 2 dagar sedan
2020 helmet... That thing looks like it came from ww2
tavy 2 dagar sedan
probably its good for airsoft
ONE MILLIO 2 dagar sedan
Tadeusz Korzeniewski
Tadeusz Korzeniewski 2 dagar sedan
One important notice - each time one of those plates is hit, you should replace them with a new one. It has to do with impact dispersion, everytime a bullet hits one of those vests it weakens it. Though, no chance that plate in 20:00 would have stopped a .500
Zequintiny 2 dagar sedan
So the vest is a thin brigandine
Hacker 2 dagar sedan
The intro is kinda good
Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez 2 dagar sedan
You know that’s sad because these body armor’s is suppose to save people life
Richard Alvarez
Richard Alvarez 2 dagar sedan
That helmet 🪖 looks like a nazi helmet is it🤔
Theodore Graf
Theodore Graf 2 dagar sedan
1:05 you l ok man?
Gerald Nelson
Gerald Nelson 2 dagar sedan
That guy just got shot at by an aperture turret
Jared and Roo's fish smoking gun channel
Jared and Roo's fish smoking gun channel 2 dagar sedan
2:30 wooaaah what's that music?
Jim Bob james
Jim Bob james 2 dagar sedan
Hella recoil control on that 500 magnum
DJD0p e
DJD0p e 2 dagar sedan
what if you made a really strong back of the vest, and not as strong front, so the bullets would be stuck inside and every bullet amke them stronger.
Liam McLillyz
Liam McLillyz 2 dagar sedan
Love your channel and thank you for being the only guy on SVfrom that is calling out China for making junk As Americans we should boycott everything China
Si j’aurais
Si j’aurais 2 dagar sedan
0:58 Manequin head: elo!
Убийца сильнейших
Убийца сильнейших 3 dagar sedan
блЯть жалко что ты не русский
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