Why Trees Are Out to Get You

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Want to help plant 20M trees by 2020? Go to teamtrees.org #teamtrees
Huge thanks to all the SVfromrs who organized this. My apologies for the repost.
These videos are from 2012 so my interest in trees goes back a long ways. I think these videos discuss two of the most interesting and amazing facts about our leafy friends: they are made mostly of CO2 (which comes from us breathing out amongst other sources) and they can transport water up a tube higher than any we can currently manufacture. So trees are out to get you. But we do much worse to them so we owe it to them to plant some more. 20 mil is a good start.

Just awesome content, your enthusiasm, and the way you present it. You are the best !!
chellefell 13
chellefell 13 2 dagar sedan
wish I wouldve known about you doing this.... I'm a nursery specialist I was waiting for you to talk about air bubbles!!! Keep in mind, if you buy a live (fresh cut) xmas tree, and it prematurely dies, i would say it 99% has air in the zylem tubes.... and you will see it more during periods of drought :) that is why it is very important to get them in water asap. Are you from florida??? my favorite trees in the whole world are banyan trees!!! I live in Pa :)
Shwibi 3 dagar sedan
Start of the video: How do trees get water? End of the video: You are the tree
daniel sebold
daniel sebold 4 dagar sedan
Is it corporate homophobia that required all males after the year 1988 to wear shorts like those? If he were female would the shorts be the same? Is this kind of sexist polarization rational? Hip hop is a homophobic movement
David Witter
David Witter 6 dagar sedan
Not the worst fate to feed trees while alive/dead. xo
Mormodes 8 dagar sedan
How many trees would it take in an enclosed environment to keep a human alive? Assuming of course food/water are a non-issue.
matin rahimi
matin rahimi 12 dagar sedan
Our planet needs more trees plz do it once again Get it to 50 million trees Or even more
Paul Byrne
Paul Byrne 13 dagar sedan
That's a really STUPID idea. When a tree grows it absorbs the carbon from CO2 and releases the O2 from CO2, we all know this. The problem is that people do not follow the carbon cycle, they just stop there. When the tree eventually dies (as they all do) it falls over and rots. Both bacteria and other life forms like Termites, consume the dead tree and all the CO2 goes back into the atmosphere. The termites also produce Methane which is 25x more or a Green House Gas as the original CO2. The result...the trees do absolutely nothing to mitigate CO2...got it now, good. STOP Planting Trees, unless you want to make furniture. If you want to know the real solution, look here >> svfrom.info/history/video/oJtsn4bQntaFqJU
Bernard Ctxy
Bernard Ctxy 14 dagar sedan
You eat tree, and Tree eats you.
kraftzion 14 dagar sedan
I am unsatisfied. So I know trees emit oxygen, so are they breaking the co2 bond, emitting the oxygen and using the carbon?
R'n' B
R'n' B 15 dagar sedan
6:38 this bad boy can hold so much carbon in it
forfun x
forfun x 16 dagar sedan
nope.. they take from u right.. but they also give you clean oxygen so... u are not getting smaller qz u give and trees are not getting taller qz they give..
Dale Brannon
Dale Brannon 17 dagar sedan
It seems, since the tree gives off oxygen, we are “borrowed life.” Borrowing from trees then giving it back. No matter whether we are the tree or the animal, our most basic purpose is the physical growth of the earth. All the rest is fun and games! It’s ALL just blowing bubbles.
Gabriel Simon
Gabriel Simon 18 dagar sedan
Dam people are stupid lol
John Irby
John Irby 19 dagar sedan
For this scam?
Francis Tremblay
Francis Tremblay 19 dagar sedan
Why they did not choose a project to plant let say 20,000,000 veggies instead and feed the world with it? are they not somehow like trees where they also need co2 to grow? Furthermore the rate of cycle form one seeds to a full mature organism would be faster. Maybe it is just another extreme, but something in between such as a much deeper algorithm which would take into account more than just trees would be maybe somehow much better.
Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti 21 dag sedan
Gabe Darrett
Gabe Darrett 22 dagar sedan
*Vietnam flashbacks intensify*
Chad Curtiss
Chad Curtiss 22 dagar sedan
What's bit at the end about us getting smaller from losing C02?? He was kidding right? That is completely untrue lol
Richard Graf
Richard Graf 23 dagar sedan
god how stupid all the people wre he asked where the trees mass comes from
Anirban Joarder Tonmoy
Anirban Joarder Tonmoy 23 dagar sedan
so actually trees are breathing from dirt and backing the food in the sun all day long. Sweet.
aungwin thant
aungwin thant 26 dagar sedan
So we are trees for trees?
The Kito
The Kito 26 dagar sedan
trees are genius
sanjuansteve 27 dagar sedan
American Republicans already think more CO2 and less O2 and trees is a good thing which is how they justify destroying everything they can for their limitless greed (fear). It's a disease.
sz Tz
sz Tz 27 dagar sedan
How did natural selection create such a complex system like the tree?
ATVER 27 dagar sedan
Dont worry, corona reduced all pollution so we have to plant 10 million trees
Stephan Schleicher
Stephan Schleicher 27 dagar sedan
Wow that Video let me thinking new ;-) thank you
ColeTrain316 28 dagar sedan
How large of a tree would you need to provide enough oxygen for a single person if they're in a closed system together? Edit: also, would the person put out enough co2 for the tree to survive, or would the growth of the tree consume the carbon and eventually suffocate it?
Truoksnis 29 dagar sedan
Wow, only at the very end it was revealed why trees are out to get us. Brilliantly done.
Ravenel Curry V
Ravenel Curry V Månad sedan
"i will never look at trees the same way again" looks at tree in the same way he did before
Kalyan M
Kalyan M Månad sedan
6:10 goodness out of the soil lol... I'm still laughing so hard😂
Nickelbran Månad sedan
Not a single thing in this video told me that, “trees are out to get me.” You just explained how trees operate and how they get their mass without really bringing up photosynthesis. I was looking forward to debunking some lies about how trees can possibly be bad but it just shitty clickbait.🖕🏾
MrDino1953 Månad sedan
A bit hyped-up and “shouty” back then. I prefer the matured, calmer Veritasium we have today.
Tumbke Månad sedan
I never knew Trees could suck so much smh
Close Cerion
Close Cerion Månad sedan
Does that mean with less trees on earth the average human height increases?
syberphish Månad sedan
About 16 years ago I owned a tree service business. Used to see some strange things in trees. Was doing a full dismantle one day and when the top third of the spar went down, I was getting shot in the face with streams of water pumping out from the face of the cut. One of them shot a couple feet in the air. And it was a lot of water, each jet was maybe 1/8" in diameter, and there were several. I'll never forget being so amazed by the pressure it was under, blew my mind. Another 2ft diameter tree had formed a void in the center somehow; when my chainsaw cut into it, about 15 gallons of water came pouring out and drenched me.
Reece Lucas
Reece Lucas Månad sedan
So if you cut the top off the tree will that allow air (oxygen) in and thus boiling the water at the top of the tree ?
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks Månad sedan
Fundraising..mr. beast minecrafting..
Tamara Rogers
Tamara Rogers Månad sedan
Trees are human killing leeches!
Hari Krishna
Hari Krishna Månad sedan
Sooper statement, "You becoming the Tree". Love it
D.A.T. Månad sedan
well...trees live a lot longer than us...keeps me humble
Backpac Man
Backpac Man Månad sedan
T4zchi Månad sedan
Note: I haven't finished the video yet My theory is that the water goes through the tree the same way our blood goes through our veins since out veins are much longer than 10 meters.
MrJohnboy1965 Månad sedan
Science is “thinking God’s thoughts after Him.” Johannes Kepler
G. L. Holdren
G. L. Holdren Månad sedan
So... why are trees out to get me?
longlakeshore Månad sedan
Oh come on people! The structure of the tree is made by breathing in CO2, reducing it to CH2O by photosynthesis and building carbon chains. This is high school biology.
Adam Naseeh
Adam Naseeh Månad sedan
6:22 The person who is talking looks like The rocket scientist (I forgot his name😅😅.i think it's fizz 🤔🤔🤔) from the series marvels agents of shield
Akimex nature
Akimex nature Månad sedan
Trees are amazing. I love trees, Let's plant trees and make this planet a better place to live.
mrnnhnz Månad sedan
hence we should plant lots more trees and not cut many down to help deal with Climate Change - it would make for a net absorption of CO2.
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Månad sedan
Hopefully he donates all the money he earns from the video to this cause he’s promoting. We need them treez
Marcin Nowosiadły
Marcin Nowosiadły Månad sedan
Grass absorb more CO2 than trees! With all respect to trees.
The secular humanist
The secular humanist Månad sedan
That's scary
Mahir Begic
Mahir Begic Månad sedan
Makes sense when you think about the fact that you can turn wood into charcoal by adding pressure. The carbon has to be from somewhere.
Brett Månad sedan
20 mil trees are nothing. This is just a "feel good" fundraiser. If you donate, it's only out of guilt. You'll be helping nothing other than the people doing the fundraising making a few bucks. Don't be a sucker.
Obi Wan Shenobi
Obi Wan Shenobi Månad sedan
20 mill > 0 btw in case basic first grade math has failed you
jackdaniel sparrow
jackdaniel sparrow Månad sedan
I just thought, if trees become less due to deforestation, and we also produce more CO2, wouldnt the trees of a certain age also be bigger than trees of the same age 200 or 2000 years ago because they have much more "nutrition"? Is there any Data on this?
Gillian Orley
Gillian Orley Månad sedan
Probably nobody thought to say CO2, and even guessed oxygen instead, because they have been conditioned to associate CO2 with being BAD.
Aseel Bakheet
Aseel Bakheet Månad sedan
This suddenly reminds me of the fungus killer in Hannibal series
Brent Gardner
Brent Gardner Månad sedan
Interesting bit about the negative pressure, but deceptive bit at the end about becoming the tree. The tree is also emitting freed oxygen, which becomes you, no? Also, there's the unspoken idea that by planting trees we're somehow helping with global warming or something, but not unless the tree dies and gets absorbed without being harvested as peat taking a very long time to capture carbon?
J Espinola
J Espinola Månad sedan
It's sad how many people couldn't realize that most of it was carbon dioxide, considering that burning logs make coals and burn to form more carbon dioxide.
David Meyer
David Meyer Månad sedan
But you eat the apple or the almond and you become bigger and the tree becomes smaller so there is really a beautiful balance that can exist between us and them or on a more general scale between oxygen using animals and green plants. The key is the summary equation for photosynthesis which can go both ways. 6CO2 + 6H20 yields 6O2 + C6H12O6 In green plants the sun provides the energy to drive this equation and the plant produces oxygen and glucose. The glucose can be chained together to produce starches and cellulose. The cellulose forms the structure of the plant up to giant redwoods and we can eat the starch as in grains or potatoes. Then is our bodies we reverse the equation, we digest the starch into glucose, breath in oxygen and metabolize the glucose and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water and get back the energy from the sun that was captured in the chemical bonds of the glucose. So that equation is fundamental to much of life on earth and glucose is an incredibly versatile substance. In us it is used for transferring solar energy. In plants it is used for building blocks (they also use some of it for energy - think of maple syrup).
englishcoach777 Månad sedan
You filmed yourself(scientific) talking to holiday people(not scientific). You lil beauty.
Parker Hope
Parker Hope Månad sedan
"super sucked"
KillerFinnish WR
KillerFinnish WR Månad sedan
Trees suck.
MKP Månad sedan
show me some more trees and not so much youre face, please
cacas arq
cacas arq Månad sedan
i remember this video! great job! Long ago when you had about 100k subscribers.. hehehe! look at you now! Ve!!!
J P Yadav
J P Yadav Månad sedan
"They don't suck"
Niraj Kumar
Niraj Kumar Månad sedan
Hey that last line was cool. In a sense, we are becoming the tree.😂😂. And I can see that you have great filmmaker ability since you used the camera and your brain to its fullest to derive the effect in last scene.(you're getting smaller and the tree bigger).
Deepak Vyas
Deepak Vyas Månad sedan
We feed them, they feed us!
Pavel Shalnwv
Pavel Shalnwv Månad sedan
What is negative fifteen atmospher? Anty matter?
Max Otto
Max Otto Månad sedan
Trees absorb co2 They spit out o2 they are made out of carbon you do the maths
Quantium Månad sedan
It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Organic mass is made of carbon. trees take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, with the carbon portion of the molecule being kept to increase biomass.
JKwak Månad sedan
so i can drink thru a straw from any hight i want if i fill the stra with water beforhand? please say yes i want to try this
Titan Uranus
Titan Uranus Månad sedan
That old dude with dat 'fro!!! He must be real smart, like, right?
k j
k j Månad sedan
I saw one just staring at me once..
Letsmakegadgets Månad sedan
My dumbass read this as "Why Teens Are Out to Get You"
Jamzzz Månad sedan
If this blows your mind, take a step back and think about how humans breathe, and where both weight gain, and weight loss, occur. There are some studies going on around the concept that the only way you lose weight is by breathing enough (and your body properly utilizing breathing) to exhale it into the air (E.g. you don't poop out what you're losing in weight). I would say this is not necessarily a "new" idea; but, one that hasn't actually had intense study done around it, and isn't necessarily how most people understand weight loss. It's a bit more complicated than the description above; but, there's a TED Talk somewhere where he explains in more scientific terms and experiments why this is.
Jamzzz Månad sedan
@Caveman Yes; but, that water needs to be replaced at some point in order to survive.
Caveman Månad sedan
You can lose weight from losing water too through sweating, urine and breathing out water vapor, it is not the "thirst water" but water in fat and muscles as well that is lost while going in starvation mode or other causes.
rtensor Månad sedan
Trees, the original CO2 sequestration system.
smokingsix Månad sedan
The cells that carry water are not dead. Its the outer layer of the trunk that caries water, not the dead hardwood cells in the middle.
daniel sebold
daniel sebold Månad sedan
Nice legs, Tarzan. I would rather see Hank's legs.
chris lomas
chris lomas Månad sedan
I cant believe the dumbest & dopiest answers come from people that should know much better.I once asked some Engineers what do you think the Earth's mass is doing.Getting less more or always the same? One said more because the Human population is increasing.One said less because we are burning fossil fuels and so one.No one got it right.I asked a Highly Smart guy that ran a Gold Mine why do cyclones rotate clock wish in the southern hemisphere & anti- clockwise in the northern hemisphere.Wrong.I worked out the correct answer in 4 hours at work.But I was just a slow Learner at school.My hearing memory was below average .Not good at school. All you need in the modern world is a good robotic memory & you can go to uni & have any job you want.
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson Månad sedan
Slightly misleading title... more like Why Trees Are Out to Get from You - food
ted gordon
ted gordon Månad sedan
Where are you conducting your interviews that there are no people of colour except for the Asian guy? Holly sh!t
Mübin Icyer
Mübin Icyer Månad sedan
8:33 Leonard Susskind's sound.
Nathaniel Tyler
Nathaniel Tyler Månad sedan
Warmer temps
Brian Fedirko
Brian Fedirko Månad sedan
wow, thank you so much for this. i was taught in school that we didn't know how the water was physically dealt with in trees, and i've wondered and tried my entire life to figure or find this out.
Gabriele Amore
Gabriele Amore Månad sedan
Hold on a second: don't tree cells also use oxygen to get energy from the sugars they produce?
benedictify Månad sedan
Wait, is The Happening happening?
mateo hadeshian
mateo hadeshian Månad sedan
Or like a redwood they could drink da fog (real science term)
Sergiuss555 Månad sedan
where did you find such illiterates
scivics Månad sedan
The amount that's shown is a mill off
KuboF Hromoslav
KuboF Hromoslav Månad sedan
If by exhaling I became tree, how can I became a wolf?
Rogelio M
Rogelio M Månad sedan
Min -4:46--4:46 "it just evaporates"
Aurélien Carnoy
Aurélien Carnoy Månad sedan
The mind separate the universe into manageable chunks. A person, a tree. When actually, there is no separation.
Aurélien Carnoy
Aurélien Carnoy Månad sedan
Waw. Pretty sad to see. People really don't know.
Jolly Jokress
Jolly Jokress Månad sedan
meanwhile: the *bastard* Bolsonaro is counteracting efforts of global afforestion programs
Arrenius Karunakaran
Arrenius Karunakaran Månad sedan
I am Groot
Ender Månad sedan
That's why we need to cut down all of em TREES 😤
James Crouch
James Crouch Månad sedan
hence, Rain Forest.
Mr Ace
Mr Ace Månad sedan
So trees eate people?
smokert5555 Månad sedan
You forgot to note that the tree is losing oxygen while we intake oxygen. I don't know the amounts in the exchange, but on the surface it appears to be a fair trade.
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