Why Machines That Bend Are Better

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Compliant mechanisms have lots of advantages over traditional devices. SimpliSafe is awesome security. It's really effective, easy to use, and the price is great. Check out SimpliSafe here: simplisafe.com/veritasium
I visited the Compliant Mechanisms Research group at Brigham Young University and spoke to Professor Larry Howell:
At the above link, you can download 3D-print files to make some of the objects in the video, plus learn more about compliant mechanisms.
What I learned about compliant mechanisms I summarize in the 8 P's of compliant mechanisms:
1. Part count (reduced by having flexible parts instead of springs, hinges)
2. Productions processes (many, new, different enabled by compliant designs)
3. Price (reduced by fewer parts and different production processes)
4. Precise Motion (no backlash, less wear, friction)
5. Performance (no outgassing, doesn't require lubricant)
6. Proportions (reduced through different production processes)
7. Portability (lightweight due to simpler, reduced part count designs)
8. Predictability (devices are reliable over a long period of time)
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Animation by Alan Chamberlain

aa Dag sedan
1:33 the first thing he designed was a torture device, no wonder the mil. then ask him further about device for nuclear weapon.
Eleanor Lewis
Eleanor Lewis Dag sedan
Weird flex but okay
Bixbe 2 dagar sedan
One of my favorite video on the web period.
John Spencer
John Spencer 2 dagar sedan
The FACTs of Mechanical Design
The FACTs of Mechanical Design 4 dagar sedan
Fantastic Video! If you like this check out svfrom.info
mehmud 4 dagar sedan
behind the fence.... normally people pee or have sex behind the fence
Luke Verrall
Luke Verrall 5 dagar sedan
*Russia liked this video*
Gr33n Bear
Gr33n Bear 5 dagar sedan
1:37 The guys in the back be looking
Rajkaushik Borgohain
Rajkaushik Borgohain 6 dagar sedan
Normal people : Any machine is flexible if you are strong enough. Engineers: Any machine is flexible if you are smart enough.
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 6 dagar sedan
Everyone: You need lots of parts and screws and such to make a machine work and make it stable! These people: b e n d
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 6 dagar sedan
tries to explain how something complicated works "The thing spins and when the dot reaches the spot crazy stuff happens"
Sipherion Gaming
Sipherion Gaming 7 dagar sedan
Why people who subscribe to me are better
Lord Morbius
Lord Morbius 7 dagar sedan
Wow wow hold on a minute... In your neighbourhood, if somebody reports a break in the police send a helicopter to watch over their house? Mind officially blown!
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 8 dagar sedan
Everyone: You need lots of parts and screws and such to make a machine work and make it stable! These people: b e n d
zirco77 8 dagar sedan
Chuck Norris doesn't need that we build compliant mechanisms. He just stares at any mechanism until it complies. ;)
Finnish Fatman
Finnish Fatman 8 dagar sedan
2:11 No?! Really?! Damn, I would've thought it felt like your finger was in a soft cotton pillow. Live and learn. And 4:58 "I don't understand... what?" Ok, she just lost her "physics girl" card right there :'P
ALVi Music
ALVi Music 8 dagar sedan
Hi guys! I spend a lot of time in making music, check it out!
Tohru Bot
Tohru Bot 9 dagar sedan
Any machine is flexible if you're just strong enough
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke 10 dagar sedan
look at the people at the left lol 1:36
Alex Rossi
Alex Rossi 10 dagar sedan
A harmonica aslo bend to get the notes ;-) some of them.... we have to bend to get other note
John Smith
John Smith 11 dagar sedan
I thought this was Aphex twin
Adrian Galindo
Adrian Galindo 11 dagar sedan
My "friend" science girl
Felipe Paiva
Felipe Paiva 11 dagar sedan
What is a “drum” that he says in 10:01?
Lincoln Bio
Lincoln Bio 11 dagar sedan
Bender is great! #killallhumans
Andre S. Beavers
Andre S. Beavers 12 dagar sedan
Such a good vid. You don’t get a sense for how they feel from the video. That’s the only disappointment. Why no haptics, Derek??
Nithish usr
Nithish usr 12 dagar sedan
Professor : *cuts chalk... Nail Clipper : " am I a joke to u?? "
Parth Chaturvedi
Parth Chaturvedi 12 dagar sedan
5:11 This guy just wants to move on Weird flex but good
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 12 dagar sedan
how about a Steam engine flyball?
Jimmy James
Jimmy James 12 dagar sedan
How about a
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 12 dagar sedan
Weird flex but okay
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 13 dagar sedan
Such a good vid. You don’t get a sense for how they feel from the video. That’s the only disappointment. Why no haptics, Derek??
StarDragon 13 dagar sedan
Aren't compliant mechanisms less durable?
Isaac T
Isaac T 14 dagar sedan
Any machine is flexible if you're just -strong enough- NOOOOOOO!
Md rajim Ahmed
Md rajim Ahmed 14 dagar sedan
We have enough knowledge to do these
MissNebulosity 14 dagar sedan
Physics girl doesn't know what a clutch is? o_O
MissNebulosity 14 dagar sedan
I'm surprised they didn't make you shave your stubble when you went on campus at BYU.
marko marovic
marko marovic 14 dagar sedan
yeah, like cannondale scalpel. like a milion years ago.
John Tbear
John Tbear 15 dagar sedan
I would think this video is a bit misleading no? Really only plastics and other flexible materials can be used as far as I am concerned (not too familiar on plastics). But this certainly would not be good for metal applications. Metals are known to fall victim to metal fatigue. For example, chains have zero moving parts and zero bending parts. However, chains have been known to spontaneously fail below their specified rates, and they have zero moving and bending parts. I couldn't imagine something like that titanium hinge falling under the same circumstances, and probably even worse because of the bending crystal structure. Although its great if its not being used a lot (if that's what NASA intended).
Jonathan White
Jonathan White 18 dagar sedan
Well, I think I've found something I wanna do with my life.
Andy Jame
Andy Jame 20 dagar sedan
All the attitude 4 Attitude Magazine 🖤🌈 Thank you to the lovely team for having me x Photography: Jonas Bresnan Editor in Chief: Kletus Cliff Joannou Interview: Tom Stichbury Styling: Lorenzo Posocco Hair: Anna Cofone Make-up: Nikki Makeup Nails: Michelle Humphrey Art director: Gary Coldwell-Simons Fashion director: Joseph Kocharian
Benson Low
Benson Low 21 dag sedan
What doesn't bend, breaks
Tamil Selvan K
Tamil Selvan K 21 dag sedan
If I can think of a job that makes you happy to the core, is this one. Or atleast I can join as assistance or something for FREE :D
William George
William George 21 dag sedan
I can't be the only one that keeps seeing the thumbnail out of the corner of my eye and wondering why there are spoons engaged in an intimate moment on my computer.
Tampa Blush
Tampa Blush 22 dagar sedan
Aflex twin hahahaha
Carson Cornell
Carson Cornell 22 dagar sedan
Right at 9:22 it’s simply beautiful watching that design expand and catch the drum
Mario Rossi
Mario Rossi 22 dagar sedan
A physic girl is the secret dream of every physic boy.
Barry Doe
Barry Doe 25 dagar sedan
8:21 what’s that bust?
pamela angela
pamela angela 25 dagar sedan
Any machine is flexible if you're just strong enough
Ever Electra
Ever Electra 25 dagar sedan
Reminds me of bionicles
aRBi 25 dagar sedan
does anybody else hear a womans voice speaking in their left ear at around 8:43 ? or am i just freaking out and hearing in my mom everytime when i hit play?
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber 26 dagar sedan
I think if that mechanism were in use on nuclear weapons, we would not have been allowed to see it, nor would he be permitted to describe it to us.
Jaqyqub Greesu
Jaqyqub Greesu 26 dagar sedan
Puts pipe in duct tape hole. The algorithm: demonetized
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins 26 dagar sedan
A friend in need's a friend indeed, machines that bend are better.
greg jenkins
greg jenkins 27 dagar sedan
Such a good vid. You don’t get a sense for how they feel from the video. That’s the only disappointment. Why no haptics, Derek??
Ebony Henderson
Ebony Henderson 27 dagar sedan
When the scientist says 'Even freakier than this' you RE ALLY want to see the NEXT thing
Aleksa 27 dagar sedan
What about extremly low temperatures? I dont think these will be efficent then.
John O
John O 28 dagar sedan
Radio Control helicopters have been using one piece metal centrifugal clutches since the 80's.
SKY 604
SKY 604 29 dagar sedan
This is very interesting. I've always thought that nothing in this world is perfectly "good" or "bad" for the application. I think, just like how Professor Larry Howell thought of using flexibility towards benefiting the design, there's ALWAYS a way to turn something into good. Would love to incorporate this into my capstone project!
Bradley Ridder
Bradley Ridder Månad sedan
That bendable gimbal for the rocket thruster is pretty sick.
1998guys_animations Månad sedan
4:13 me : *looks at the joints in the elephant thing* also me : it's gonna stay in place ?
Dr Dingo
Dr Dingo Månad sedan
In primary school we had a mini contest to see who could make the best kinex(I think that’s what it was) catapult and fling a bit of paper. It was super obvious to me but I was the only one to use a long thing and bend it. I won. This story is so random but I find it funny.
infiniti649 Månad sedan
Why can't we have professors like Dr. Larry Howell? Life sucks
Warded Thorn
Warded Thorn Månad sedan
I love how he genuinely just loves his mechanisms, he looks like a kid with his favorite toy. The best way to be.
rageagainstthebath Månad sedan
The professor guy has a strong Linus Torvalds vibe.
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love Månad sedan
B.E.N.D.E.R. BENDER! My favourite robot character ever...
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love Månad sedan
Thatll be the FLEX
mvvagner Månad sedan
o.O I like my non-bendy machines TYVM.
Joe Joseph
Joe Joseph Månad sedan
Did the video creator intend for the thumbnail image to look like an abstract of two people doing it missionary style?
Wes Netmo
Wes Netmo Månad sedan
i wonder if the plastic of nuclear weapons becomes brittle when aging like the plastic of everyday objects does
Kiran Pervela
Kiran Pervela Månad sedan
Feels good to know that my field of interest - Mechanical Engineering is still engaged in Innovations.......beautiful.
ashesfrombones Månad sedan
this should be used to make my mechanical keyboard
sstrick500 Månad sedan
I'd like a box of these things please!
Bernadette Jeciel
Bernadette Jeciel Månad sedan
Derek: You know what, i wanna guess without even thinking about it Also Derek: explains why that's what he thinks
My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating
My Username is Pointlessly Long and Intimidating Månad sedan
Nice recommended section.
Bob Adkins
Bob Adkins Månad sedan
I have a pet peeve with battery compartment covers on remotes and other small battery powered devices. They can be hard to operate and quickly fail. My favorite is a compliant U-shape latch that always works easily and never fails!
Bruce Jenner
Bruce Jenner Månad sedan
i bet they know what trigger mechanisms are used, at Seneca Army Depot in NY
Alexey Lagunov
Alexey Lagunov Månad sedan
That gripper looks like Aphex Twin logo.
SeamusHarper1234 Månad sedan
Am I the only one who expected Bender from Futurama to show up in the video?
karantan Månad sedan
is this video from the future?
Nothing Månad sedan
Bending is always easy to me than not bending.
PasAmoureux Månad sedan
3:55 "I got a quiz for you" - "ELEPHANT" Well, that qualifies Veritasium as president of the united states :D
Shota Toriumi
Shota Toriumi 8 dagar sedan
"Shut up baby, I know it!" -Bender Bending Rodriguez
esadesad2 Månad sedan
I watch this in 0.5 speed and it is very different vibe :)
Baller Månad sedan
Usually compliant mechanisms break. Like the compliant mechanism in my Keurig that just went now I have to buy a new one.
Filip Oščádal
Filip Oščádal Månad sedan
girls are also flexible and painful 😂😎
Geetik Mamillapalli
Geetik Mamillapalli Månad sedan
I was thinking of making something similar to the NASA thruster joint shown here as my final Engg. Paper even though I'm a second year Mech. Student but this inspired me alot . Thanks Alot ❤️
Adityachk2002 Månad sedan
The professor is so humble , i like it
K Plex
K Plex Månad sedan
That’s why apple products bend!
Debojyoti Sarkar
Debojyoti Sarkar Månad sedan
I want that 🐘
Lasaraung Bakri
Lasaraung Bakri Månad sedan
Our body is full of complaints mechanisms
Sam Shindyakov
Sam Shindyakov Månad sedan
i messed up. I sent this to my engineering professor and now he made everyone watch this and answer questions on it.
Ewok FromEndor
Ewok FromEndor Månad sedan
Like vibrating dildos?
leo sema
leo sema Månad sedan
Omer Mujkić
Omer Mujkić Månad sedan
wouldnt the parts that are flexing produce heat if the machines worked intensely?
Jan-Olof Härnvall
Jan-Olof Härnvall Månad sedan
This subject deserve a longer more detailed video. 🤓
Lumeo Månad sedan
Butterfly keyboard....
Super Fun Time
Super Fun Time Månad sedan
Uh huh...How to turn on a physics girl.
Ramon Hamm
Ramon Hamm Månad sedan
Gunk Snap Gunk Snap
Kelly Te Kopa Kairau
Kelly Te Kopa Kairau Månad sedan
Could this technology be used in construction to earthquake proof high rise buildings and bridges?
Desnes7 Månad sedan
"It's these seemingly unimportant inventions that provide for the future"
Kieran O'Sullivan
Kieran O'Sullivan Månad sedan
Veritasium what would happen if you had Abdul Qadeer Khan (AQ Khan) on your channel? He developed the nuclear weapons program for Pakistan. Just because you have a western professor on does not make him any less repulsive than AQ Kahan. We should be dismantling weapons of mass-destruction not showing off the mechanisms which make them more effective.
RobloxEdiePlayz Månad sedan
please dont bend straight machine or it will break XD
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