Why Boredom is Good For You

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Boredom makes you more creative, altruistic, introspective, and helps with autobiographical planning.
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I feel like this video might come across as condescending but the person I'm really talking to is myself. Despite the fact that I know how useful it can be to be bored, I still find myself trying to fill every last moment with stimulus. Boredom is unpleasant - the open, unstructured thinking that can take place can also feel pointless. But now I'm made this video to remind myself how important boredom is so hopefully I'll make more time to be bored.
More resources:
The boredom leads people to shock themselves study:
Just Think: The challenges of the disengaged mind
Boredom leads people to consider their future and set goals study:
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On boredom and altruism:
Does boredom make us more creative?
Amazing filming by Raquel Nuno
Music from epidemicsound.com "I Think I Was There" "Critical Thinking 2" "Wide Open" "Seaweed" "A Sound Foundation 1"
Music also by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com "Fig Leaf Rag"

Rishabh Kapoor
Rishabh Kapoor Timme sedan
video is dedicated to legs...
TechnoBroSA Dag sedan
but how to overcome negative thoughts when I'm thinking about myself?
Irendy Oktaviary
Irendy Oktaviary Dag sedan
Washington just did the "fumblerooski" trick play to perfection against the Cowboys: www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9DhB... The football is where the circle is btw. I pulled out the SVfromr clickbait for this one. discord.gg/highlightheaven
Donny0314 Dag sedan
I watched this video because I was bored...
DerParadonym Dag sedan
15 Minutes? My longest Meditation had been an hour. If i just could have earned money with that. Mind wanders around. Around the love and my girlfriend and it figures out how's everything connected to love.
Sooraj S
Sooraj S Dag sedan
Yes boredom makes us creative but a person with anxiety or some serious OCD may have a hard time being bored ... CAN YOU GIVE ME A HEART Derek ..😁
NovaRanger Dag sedan
Funny.. that people criticized me for often riding the imaginary horse around... and the horse is no longer around when people though I was fixed..
joelieastell 2 dagar sedan
You’re awesome. Thanks again.
Someone Someone
Someone Someone 2 dagar sedan
Boredom makes me want to.kill myself.
TatianaT 2 dagar sedan
If I stop occupying my mind with something, I will have to face reality, which I'd rather not.
TravelClast 3 dagar sedan
And this was the last video anyone watched on youtube...
Joshua Broyles
Joshua Broyles 4 dagar sedan
My friends say my imagination makes me a natural creative problem solver. Most of them have no idea how boring long periods of my childhood were. I lived on a private school campus out in an unincorporated area where, when school was out, 3 black and white TV channels didn't cut it. But my father had a key to the school's library. So, eventually, inevitably, guess what.
Greg Brown
Greg Brown 4 dagar sedan
While I'm at work doing my mindless tasks I will be deeply thinking about lots of things... I'm a scientist so thinking about things is literally the way I stop being bored and I prefer to do that even with the other choices presented to me lol
conrow vibe
conrow vibe 6 dagar sedan
I'm bored so I typed in I'm bored and now I'm watching this? I have been literally bored for about 5 years. Nothing appeals to me anymore. I've literally lost all of my interests. I keep searching thinking and trying to find something that I can be passionate about once again but I am not able to find anything. When I'm alone I'm bored when I'm with people I'm bored when I try something new I'm bored when I try something that I used to like I'm bored. I have 24/7 boredom and don't know how to get rid of it. I'm 45 and not sure what to do?
Thoriso Molefe
Thoriso Molefe 6 dagar sedan
How is sitting and observing your thoughts boring? How are thoughts boring? They're the most exciting thing ever.
Zain Mazhar
Zain Mazhar 7 dagar sedan
The suggestion of this video is bad for you viewership count 🤣
DafobHarrison 8 dagar sedan
DafobHarrison 8 dagar sedan
Electric Moon
Electric Moon 9 dagar sedan
I would have never even thought about pressing that button. Haha. What a great video!
Theology Café
Theology Café 9 dagar sedan
That was deep
Sour Apple
Sour Apple 9 dagar sedan
I have a friend that when we're playing video games, he will always pull up tik-tok or insta if we're not immediately doing something or if we're loading. He just zones out and goes on his phone instantly.
Adrian Galindo
Adrian Galindo 10 dagar sedan
*Proceeds to read all 5.7k comments*
Felipe Balduino Cassar
Felipe Balduino Cassar 10 dagar sedan
Inspiring video and comments. Maybe it's time to act and let go of our phones a little bit.
His Fanciness
His Fanciness 11 dagar sedan
Man I'm 14 and I am just want anything to waste time not a lecture lol
DAAM 11 dagar sedan
_I looked for this because I'm bored._
Joel Anttila
Joel Anttila 12 dagar sedan
My mother thought me during childhood that it doesn't always have to be fun when I told her that I'm bored. Life changing teachings.
Makan Tahi
Makan Tahi 12 dagar sedan
yes that is why people can not obey to covid advices and must hang out
Ikhlas Amin
Ikhlas Amin 12 dagar sedan
Oh am I getting out of time
Rajalakshmi Dinakar
Rajalakshmi Dinakar 13 dagar sedan
My pile of notes brought me here..... Imbored🙁😑
SAROJ BASNET 13 dagar sedan
Now i will less use
Pierre Paquette
Pierre Paquette 15 dagar sedan
EXACTLY the kind of video I needed to watch now! THANK YOU! It will (at least partly) help me get out of this depression and lack of goals.
Richard 15 dagar sedan
i swear i was the last time boring like 3 years ago xD
David Hill
David Hill 15 dagar sedan
I was bored so I searched for boredom on youtube and here I am .
Thiago Skapata
Thiago Skapata 16 dagar sedan
This video is a bit boring, but take my comment as a praise, because the boredom I've felt was good for me. I'm just kidding, this video is very interesting.
Harshit Arora
Harshit Arora 17 dagar sedan
*WHY BOREDOM IS GOOD FOR YOU* Me remembering death note happened cuz ryuk was bored
RaptorGame 17 dagar sedan
Thats obviously some sort of absurd. This video resembles very much to me a question "why is there evil in the world if we have almighty and all goody god". Except when this is sort of more neutral, and talked with a lot of charisma by an attractive man that you trust you are feeling like some sort of higher truth was revealed for you. Shame on you.
Fernando Plaz
Fernando Plaz 17 dagar sedan
Awesome video! Love this channel
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler 19 dagar sedan
0:50 here is your mistake.. try this with actual people that use their brains, using americans for anything brain related lel
Barry White
Barry White 19 dagar sedan
Create a Virus that Requires a Vaccine
The Beast
The Beast 20 dagar sedan
ZybeZ 20 dagar sedan
Psychiatry says otherwise, trust me.
human69 21 dag sedan
Well then i have failed already
Skater Eh
Skater Eh 22 dagar sedan
When I’m bored I put music and think insanely
Chris H
Chris H 22 dagar sedan
This pretty much sums up the last 8 months for since I’ve been working from home. Have had a lot of time to just sit there and think.
Rémi Héneault
Rémi Héneault 22 dagar sedan
I think what you didn't mention is that boredom, and "wandering to your thoughts" is somehow painful. It requires to think, to assess yourself. It is undoubtedly useful, but most people just don't want to go through that process.
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea 22 dagar sedan
This video is boring!
Farris Mir
Farris Mir 23 dagar sedan
Opened SVfrom to avoid boredom and then you see this video 😂
C GB 23 dagar sedan
And actually watch this video to be entertained...
Parker Varin
Parker Varin 23 dagar sedan
I guess shrooms make me really bored then.
Mohammad 24 dagar sedan
Great video Every word of it is meaningful and valuable Except the sponsor which helps you to keep password to apps which help you alleviate boredom
JGJ. artz
JGJ. artz 24 dagar sedan
Boredom is the new normal!
Sundeep Panigrahi
Sundeep Panigrahi 25 dagar sedan
Umm. This is boring.
Adil Mohammed
Adil Mohammed 25 dagar sedan
Oh so that explains why ADHD students are more creative...
Tomos Halsey
Tomos Halsey 25 dagar sedan
This is why I meditate.
Speedzone Speedforce
Speedzone Speedforce 25 dagar sedan
Anyone else bored?
Brandan Vaquerano
Brandan Vaquerano 26 dagar sedan
I’ll remember this forever
PedroPedrix 26 dagar sedan
Domenico De Masi is right!
Paul Den
Paul Den 26 dagar sedan
I'm bored.
Manu John
Manu John 27 dagar sedan
Veritasium must make video on how good eating our own poop is...... douché bags. What a load of bull crāp topic they find to make a video on
karaoui laredj
karaoui laredj 28 dagar sedan
This guy still reaches million of views even when he discusses boredom.
Anchovy Bushwack
Anchovy Bushwack 29 dagar sedan
Personally, in most cases, I find it substantially easier to think if my mind is being stimulated somehow; more specifically, I find it easier to have good ideas if there is a given stimulus for my brain to work with.
di mention
di mention Månad sedan
Pov: Your reading through the comments instead of watching the video in full because your Bored
TheLaughingManXC Månad sedan
that actually explains a lot to me
BlaBlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla
BlaBlaBlaBla BlaBlaBla Månad sedan
When I'm at the bus I don't use my phone because it's boring :/
diando19 Månad sedan
*uninterested not disinterested
Dingo 8 my baby
Dingo 8 my baby Månad sedan
Sometimes I’m bored at home, and I’ll go mow the lawn to make myself less bored, but whilst mowing I think about things that I couldn’t if I were on my phone in my house
Rupam Malakar
Rupam Malakar Månad sedan
Sure never thought like this before. Thank you 😊
I wanted my boredom back and closed my phone now.. how does it end ?
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker Månad sedan
Only 25% of women and 67% of men pushed the button? That's far lower than I expected.
Harrow Månad sedan
Imagine getting so bored you do not eat for 4 days.
Andrew Månad sedan
I’m so bored 😐 😑 like is so empty. Everything is so unpleasant. I need my stimuli fix. I can’t get no satisfaction 😭
Marv Watkins
Marv Watkins Månad sedan
Notice he just interviews guys.
Tonic Månad sedan
If the mind is stagnant - exhaust the body
Khristoffer Smith
Khristoffer Smith Månad sedan
I just got called out for using my phone when I should be doing work and honestly, I’m perfectly fine with that. 😂
mr pelican man
mr pelican man Månad sedan
Say this with a straight face in 2020
kolaar genius
kolaar genius Månad sedan
I'm awakened 👀
Hades Kerbecs
Hades Kerbecs Månad sedan
Veritasium: Why boredom is good f- Me: *Stop right there*
himanshu K
himanshu K Månad sedan
It's not boredom in the first experiment i think its curiosity
Dek Shunari
Dek Shunari Månad sedan
Jesus christ I literally just wanted to learn some science not reevaluate my life choices
Wysco Månad sedan
Jokes on you I’m always underwhelmed
Jeff Pen
Jeff Pen Månad sedan
Now, after watching the videos, you chose to watch our comments instead of thinking about the video
Divyansh Yadav
Divyansh Yadav Månad sedan
when I clicked on this video i got an ad for Things to do when you are bored , lol
marceelino Månad sedan
i would press the button just to know how it feels.
M Mottaqia
M Mottaqia Månad sedan
Funny thing is I always like being bored (it's been like this for some years) and enjoy the thinkings. Fact is I accidentally mention this in front of friends and the reaction is...unbelievable 😅 Like I am mad
sam Månad sedan
4:15 sounds like he was so bored he donated blood....
David Gray
David Gray Månad sedan
This was filmed at UCLA!
Gediminas Månad sedan
Meat, money and cars are legal addictive drugs damaging health and planet
Jester Månad sedan
What if i think about nothing but hate Thanks
shyamsunder sureshkumar
shyamsunder sureshkumar Månad sedan
boredom is a *powerful force* to be reckoned with. the boredom of ryuk, the shinigami, *KILLED* light yagami.
Debraj Deb
Debraj Deb Månad sedan
I always had felt about this and had read articles about why doredom is good (especially for kids). Most kids these days have very small patience and need to do somthing everytime (mostly watch TV/ mobile). They cannot think any long term thoughts.
Ian Owens
Ian Owens Månad sedan
I’d _check_ my phone out of curiosity than I am getting rid of boredom
Josh Bowman
Josh Bowman Månad sedan
Brilliant video. I need a follow up video on how to break free though...
KEY MONKEY Månad sedan
when is boredom too much to be healthy?
LeoulB Månad sedan
So you're telling me to unsubscribe
Ragha R
Ragha R Månad sedan
Social media does trap us and the crazy thing is we dont even realise sometimes
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing Månad sedan
Ironically I am watching this video on a phone
Szabados Donát
Szabados Donát Månad sedan
I should be studying... I’m not bored at all. But still none of my choices appeal to me rn
Haarish Kannan
Haarish Kannan Månad sedan
How many of you are from ZTM Learning to Learn course xD
dudefish Månad sedan
My life summed up in a sentence at @1:17
Fahim Mosharrof Ratul
Fahim Mosharrof Ratul Månad sedan
3:15 veritasium: it may get you to make changes that would be positive for ur life legs: not so soon buddy
Elijah Guevara
Elijah Guevara Månad sedan
Who has ever read those silly forums about what to do when bored?
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