Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted To You?!

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Mosquitoes are attracted to me and it's likely due to my genes.
This video is sponsored by 23andMe 23andme.com/veritasium
Huge thanks to Prof. Immo Hansen and team: ve42.co/hansen
Genome Wide Association Study for self-reported mosquito attractiveness:
The twin study showing correlated attractiveness is stronger for identical twins:
Some things we know make mosquitoes more attracted to you:
Exercising, higher metabolism, higher body temperature, more body odor, being pregnant, type O blood, infrequent bathing, lactic acid, ammonia, acetone.
There are a number of folk remedies people believe protect them from mosquito bites like drinking alcohol, eating garlic, or taking vitamin B. These do not appear to provide any benefit in lab studies and in fact drinking alcohol is associated with increased mosquito activity because it causes blood vessels near the surface of the skin to dilate.
And apparently some of your attractiveness to mosquitos is simply genetic. This may be mediated through your immune system, which is what a lot of the genes identified were associated with.
Molecular models are microSnatoms: snatoms.com
Filming in New Mexico by Raquel Nuno
Animations by Jacqui Robertson
The opinions and conclusions drawn in this video are those of Veritasium and not 23andMe.

LocalSeries Gaming
LocalSeries Gaming 21 timme sedan
Atleast someone is attracted to me ☺️☺️💚💚
Naoki Penk
Naoki Penk Dag sedan
IM like the Mosquito repellent when I'm with other people because all mosquitos are attracted to me. Oh I have to go hunt for mosquitos now bye
Teddy W Gardner
Teddy W Gardner Dag sedan
My parents always said that I have “Sweet Blood” and I am always bitten
Kano Bashoe
Kano Bashoe 2 dagar sedan
"man you're attractive" r/suddenlygay
Lalit Rathore
Lalit Rathore 3 dagar sedan
Lots of people say they are more attracted to dark person. 🤔
Sefao Zekri
Sefao Zekri 4 dagar sedan
General musquito spray would like to know ur location
syed mohamed asif
syed mohamed asif 7 dagar sedan
how do the mosquito know whether you have more tasty genome?. waste watching this
Jean Paul
Jean Paul 7 dagar sedan
Thank you for telling us why the name 23/me
TheKingOfDenmark 7 dagar sedan
why is the halo reach sound track playing? 3:25
Joel Crow
Joel Crow 8 dagar sedan
And why do mosquitos in South Carolina make me swell up like a leaching burn victim, when the ones in Georgia barely make a small lump?
Yilmaz Durmaz
Yilmaz Durmaz 10 dagar sedan
that fan to push them away from container ... it did not let them choose their way at will ... completely newbie-type experiment with no take-serious results.
Dakota 10 dagar sedan
I seadched up Why are mosquitoes attracted to me? and this is the first video I found. Question: Why do they bite me everywhere on my arm? My mom said that they are attracted to my sweet blood. And evn once a mosquitoe bit me on my cheek and lip when I was napping, I was so scared but it healed over a couple of days. My dad always sprays bug spray in my room likem 3 tkmes, but he never closes my door. So I think that's how mosquitoes are getting in my room. What else should I do to prevent getting bited? And right now I have 5 mosquito bites on my arm...
Pursuit Happitarian
Pursuit Happitarian 11 dagar sedan
Drink more beer.
d007ization 12 dagar sedan
"Hmmm, interesting video." "Mosquitos have killed more people than people have killed people." "PFFOJFOFTWHAT!"
Amber Sino
Amber Sino 13 dagar sedan
So what can you take to make yourself not attractive to mosquitoes. That is the most important question ... ever. That’s what we needed here.
Cheryl Lewis
Cheryl Lewis 15 dagar sedan
I thought it was scientifically based on blood types? Your DNA letter changes more or less vs compared to - makes no sense what-so-ever! Type "O" the oldest and transferring blood type to all other blood types are the most common that mosquitoes love
Ditch Weed
Ditch Weed 17 dagar sedan
10:13 On your strange question is it evolutionary or random. Science defines evolution as random, as in random change in dna/mutation. The only alternative to "random" is "will" which on the other hand is not a scientific interpretation. Neither theories have been proven to be true yet. The random theory is a hypothesis and the theory of will is hypothetically phillosophical (look up Schopenhauer).
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 21 dag sedan
He feeds them with his own blood. What a lunatic.
Phantom Reaper
Phantom Reaper 21 dag sedan
If mosquitoes need our blood why dont we just end humanity boom mosquitoes cant suck our *blood* anymore duh easy peasy
Jonny Beach
Jonny Beach 22 dagar sedan
sry even so you are Avery nice dude, but the attraction part ... your Wife is just a little ahead ;P
MrWebon 22 dagar sedan
I've never been bitten by a mosquitoe, neither any member of my family except my dad
Robin Holmes
Robin Holmes 22 dagar sedan
They are attracted to us because because they need the blood for their eggs (i.e. evoulution has worked out the best ways of finding the best blood :)).
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy 22 dagar sedan
"man you are attractive" him: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Steroid Sp
Steroid Sp 25 dagar sedan
TIL Mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of our body. As such, mosquito repellents evaporate on the skin and work by blocking a mosquito's sense of smell, preventing it from finding its target. trend.financesheff.site/today-i-learned/til-mosquitoes-are-attracted-to-the-scent-of-our-body-as-such-mosquito-repellents-evaporate-on-the-skin-and-work-by-blocking-a-mosquitos-sense-of-smell-preventing-it-from-finding-its-target/
Jakob Emil Pedersen
Jakob Emil Pedersen 26 dagar sedan
Mosquitoes hate me, but seemingly love my feet.
Nihal Kashyap
Nihal Kashyap 28 dagar sedan
Malaria has killed more people than people have killed people . Lmao
SHIVANSHU 28 dagar sedan
Less smelly less mosquitos
jeep2liberty 29 dagar sedan
10:58 "Evolution is incredible" Random chance is it? CREATION IS INCREDIBLE!
Anthony Damiano
Anthony Damiano Månad sedan
Thanks for making me itch myself for 12:10
Anthony Damiano
Anthony Damiano Månad sedan
You almost gave me a heart attack with that mosquito sound. I thought it got into my ear...
_JB_ Månad sedan
At least someone is attracted to me
Lu Månad sedan
This concludes it. Mosquitoes have to be exterminated.
You- -FeelDead
You- -FeelDead Månad sedan
Atleast I’m attractive to someone😔
NightRunner417 Månad sedan
Hairspray and a lighter, bro. It's the only way to be sure.
TAYLEN DAY Månad sedan
Always knew you were Asian. Just didn't expect it was only 3.3%. Thought it would have been more like 12.5%.
Gregory Dim
Gregory Dim Månad sedan
So technically speaking, if we remove these specific dna spots we wont be attracted to mosquitos?
PizzaPizza Månad sedan
The same reason anyone is attracted to me. They're not.
Lestat Smith
Lestat Smith Månad sedan
I am not really attracted by most bugs but if your pet has fleas they love me mostly my legs
P.B Physics
P.B Physics Månad sedan
Why he cant feed other animal's blood instead of his own blood? Or If they Only drink Human blood ,isnt human blood available from hospitals that is taken for checking. after checking where does our blood go?. that is the blood we give to check ,What does they do with it after checking its content?
P.B Physics
P.B Physics Månad sedan
can the researcher get affected by diseases carried by mosquitoes by feeding his blood? Is he risking his life?
Hillary Kipruto
Hillary Kipruto Månad sedan
the good professor should consider heat as an attractant since mosquitoes are nocturnal......
Chris How
Chris How Månad sedan
I felt itchy right after watching this
AlanTheBeast100 Månad sedan
Raquel has the genes that attract me.
P1geonboi Månad sedan
mmmm those mosquitoes could feed on me any day ✨✨😻😻😻
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson Månad sedan
Listening to this episode with headsets on is the most annoying thing, I constantly had to take them off to check if there was actually a mosquito next to me.
oskey Månad sedan
Not a mention of blood types? I have read O blood seems more attractive than other types. Perhaps they lack the antigens other blood types have?
Gies van Berloo
Gies van Berloo Månad sedan
before watching video: because im just tasty
Bibin Baby
Bibin Baby Månad sedan
Me when my teacher ask me a question in Math Class 10:25
Mster Månad sedan
Mosquitoes are the only thing Attracted to me
jokerul boier
jokerul boier Månad sedan
Not even mosquitoes are attracted to me
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Månad sedan
Wait... so those mosquitos are basically his children
Josh G
Josh G Månad sedan
Because I'm sexy that's why they are attracted to me
Allal Brahim
Allal Brahim Månad sedan
The last sentence in your video it seems not scientific.
T4zchi Månad sedan
If you want to prevent mosquito bites, put poison into your bloodstream that is non-toxic to humans but toxic to mosquitos
ffytgmm ffytgm
ffytgmm ffytgm Månad sedan
Hard to watch video. I get seasick because of the continuous camera movements. In order to be able to watch and understand what I see putting the camera on a tripod would help.
Furn Månad sedan
Dude let's mosquitoes bite him so he can become actual mosquito man
Furn Månad sedan
Mosquito man is not at all what I expected, disappointing....
Nguyễn Xuân Phúc PM
Nguyễn Xuân Phúc PM Månad sedan
Today is Oct 15, 2020, I'm making this comment during the Coronavirus pandemic. I wonder if mosquitos could transmit the disease.
Guykl87 Månad sedan
my doctor said that 23 and me dna test is fake, but i dont know who to believe
white foxz
white foxz Månad sedan
This is the only female i attract...
Duarte Bruno
Duarte Bruno Månad sedan
As all things living mutate, it makes sense that Malaria strains that evolve to make you emit more chemicals that call out their carrier, will flourish. It's Evolution and Natural Selection at work on viruses.
CrippledAvacado Månad sedan
2:47 joe biden saying he is joe biden's husband
Neon Månad sedan
Well i get a lot of mosquito bites. They must have very low standards
Prabath Hemachandra
Prabath Hemachandra Månad sedan
Who else was bitten by mosquitos while watching this video?
Mari C
Mari C Månad sedan
Thank you! Question: Did Prof. Hansen share the antidotes for mosquito itch?
Subarashii Månad sedan
who else felt something walking on their forearm while watching this.
dream_team_im_ subscribed
dream_team_im_ subscribed Månad sedan
Dang that voicecrack though
Neon Månad sedan
Leave him alone lol. Everyone has voicecracks sometimes
Supreme Emperor Trump
Supreme Emperor Trump Månad sedan
Crazy there are people out there that are so facinated by one insect they dovote their entire lives to study them
Sapunelu Månad sedan
Well , at least I attract someone...
Ali Chehab
Ali Chehab Månad sedan
Whenever you're depressed because nobody seems to like you, remember you're attractive to mosquitoes.
Alessio Antinoro
Alessio Antinoro Månad sedan
6:21 Someone escaped from jail.
KevinHarper3DArtist Månad sedan
Love your videos! Thank you for this one, really cool to think about the evolution of malaria almost using us like flowers that attract bees to spread their pollen. I do wish you would not promote 23&me without talking about the privacy concern but I am glad for the sponsorship.
nice try
nice try Månad sedan
Bug spray is banned in this facility
Asif Hussain
Asif Hussain Månad sedan
Please take me also for that Y test Mosquitoes used to bite me a lot and i can't believe in my home all mosquitoes used to bite me only and also one mosquitoe used to bite me several times i don't know why it's so irritating 😭
Noah Rienks
Noah Rienks Månad sedan
Personally, I'm a creationist who is interested in being proven wrong. Not being told im wrong for the sake of argument or being lost in an argument that gets me nowhere. But genuinely interested in other people stating facts (not just evidence), as I am willing to state facts (not just "because God says so" type of statements that evolutionists and other scientists give up agains for the simple reason that it cant be proven wrong) i want to talk about science (though I do believe its the understanding of Gods creation, i wont ever use information that hasnt been shown by man to give evidence for creation). The difference with me is that I believe science is the excavation of truth in the way that God created it, rather than a way to find proof in theories such as the big bang (which i believe to be true, just not exactly as the theory states) or evolution. Thats not to say im trying to prove the Bible right, I am willing to be wrong, i just dont believe i will be and if you can prove otherwise then ill accept it
Noah Rienks
Noah Rienks Månad sedan
also, sorry for the really long replies, I get talkative about this subject XD
Noah Rienks
Noah Rienks Månad sedan
@Elena it's because of the genetics part of the explanation. If the validity of evolution can only be assumed and not proven, then why use it as a concrete explanation? Also, if one part of the explanation is wrong then why not the rest? However the main reason I made this comment wasn't actually because of this specific video itself, but because I believe the creator of the channel as well as the community surrounding it are more invested in the excavation of truth rather than proving what they believe is right. When you seek to disprove something and find that it holds up then you can only assume it's false until it is disproven. It's for that reason that I'm a Christian. I don't believe science and religion are separate, I believe the universe to be God's creation, therefore I see science as a means of understanding his creation. However, if this were to be disproven then the facts wouldn't change, only my perception of what they mean. So I don't see a reason to argue about our perceptions but rather, take our knowledge and chip away at the false portions until all we're left with is truth that cannot be disproven or found to be wrong. The amount of people that have made attempts to disprove the Bible and in doing so have converted to Christianity is one of the many reasons why it just bugs me when scientists use evolution as the platform of their explanations
Elena Månad sedan
I hear you and share your sentiments. I’m curious how your statement relates to a mosquito-genetics video?
Ray Månad sedan
At least someone like me.
Let me
Let me Månad sedan
7:27 i have osteoporosis i have crippling depression
Nidhin C B
Nidhin C B Månad sedan
So, at the end you made a great discovery😬.
NeonAtom Månad sedan
When he's in the forest he looks like the 'ok' dude
ilikepegasi Månad sedan
Now, you say iq is heredity? it not at all, sorry dislike
Nasrul K. Ikhwan
Nasrul K. Ikhwan Månad sedan
There is always mosquito in my room, ITS VERY ITCHY
Carmella Rogers
Carmella Rogers Månad sedan
Jay Burgos
Jay Burgos Månad sedan
is it at all accurate to think of mosquitoes as a kind of parasite or even more dramatically as like a virus in that it requires another organism specifically for reproducing and could not do so without a host ?
NZ Toy Reviews
NZ Toy Reviews Månad sedan
Wait! This guy is willing to feed mosquitoes his own 🩸 That’s sooo cringe! 😱
Mohamed Alaa
Mohamed Alaa Månad sedan
Tommy's Woodpile Adventures And Tall Tales
Tommy's Woodpile Adventures And Tall Tales Månad sedan
Eat garlic. Keeps off mosquitos, ticks, fleas, etc.
Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner Månad sedan
Ve 420
AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]-
AREKING -[[-{ S A C R E D - S Y N E R G Y }-]]- Månad sedan
Lol me and my friends go after school to backyard like place in front of the school we made a treehouse and every time I go there I get bitten at least 30 times . Also you can't even see them biting you they are so fast
spider plays_YT
spider plays_YT Månad sedan
i never get bit by them i am always single and never Attractive
T B Månad sedan
Was waiting for the mentioning of sickle cell but nope
Terje Oseberg
Terje Oseberg Månad sedan
“Perceived attractiveness to mosquitoes” This could mean that some people react to mosquito bites and others don’t. Could be an allergy thing that might also be genetic.
D Månad sedan
Mosquito CURE. I've been eating 1-2 cloves of raw garlic 4-5 days a week. Since doing this I have NOT been bitten by a mosquito for about 3 years. When I would walk my daughter to school in the morning I would get eaten alive by mosquitoes. I couldn't even bring my kids to the playground in the evenings because the mosquitoes would attack me immediately; I would literally go back home with 5-10 bites. As soon as I started eating the garlic the mosquitoes bites STOPPED !!! Literally. 2 summers ago I went to the park around 11pm and sat on the bench, reading from my cell phone. I immediately noticed there were so many mosquitoes swarming around the front of my phone ( due to the light ), that I had difficulty reading from my phone. I then realized I wasn't even getting bitten, not once. They would land on me, and immediately fly away without biting me. Mosquitoes are repulsed by Garlic, this is why they won't bite you. This is what to do: 1) Cut of 1 clove of garlic very finely. 2) Let it sit for 15 minutes ( this allows the chemicals in the garlic to mix ) 3) Scoop up the garlic with a spoon and swallow it with a glass of water. 4) Do this 4-5 days a week. Note: Don't chew the garlic or your breath will smell. Only swallow it.
Halil Şen
Halil Şen Månad sedan
@3:57 does correlation being higher in that graph really mean something ?
Philip Adair
Philip Adair Månad sedan
Um, no please. Instead, can yall maybe figure out away to maybe just kill them all? In the world? Like make mosquitoes extinct? I need for all you scientists to get on that and then kindly burn that whole lab down - hurry please thanks.
Short Melody Queen
Short Melody Queen Månad sedan
If you go to Africa people evolution has selected the people with sickle cell anemia where blood becomes sickle shape and carry less oxygen it's become difficult for the malarial parasite (trofozoid)stage to enter life there and bust the cell to release hemozoine so always natural selection is there but it's not likely for those people who in inhabitants same area for generating after generation
Short Melody Queen
Short Melody Queen Månad sedan
This are nothing but your nitrogenous bases ATGC
chente Pacololo
chente Pacololo Månad sedan
Really it means evolution ! This relationship between malaria and mosquito, malaria making you more vulnerable. That's been their since the begining. How do you really test your freaking theory. Well YOU CAN'T THIS IS WHERE EVOLUTION IS COMPLETELY WRONG AND DOESN'T WORK.
chente Pacololo
chente Pacololo Månad sedan
Yea go get you ancestry test. Now they have your DNA on record.
Tom Wang
Tom Wang Månad sedan
Yes the mosquito test is available now
Jlambo200 2 månader sedan
Im literally itching just from watching this
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