Why Apollo Astronauts Trained at a Nuclear Test Site

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Apollo astronauts trained in nuclear bomb craters at the Nevada National Security Site. But why?Thanks Audible! Start listening with a 30-day trial and your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals free when you go to audible.com/veritasium or text veritasium to 500500
I found this story fascinating because in a way a nuclear bomb crater is more like a meteorite impact site than an impact site itself. Consider: Barringer Crater was claimed to be a meteorite impact site but geologists dismissed it as a volcanic formation. It was only after studying nuclear bomb craters and the minerals found there that geologists concluded the energy and pressures that created Barringer Crater were too high to be from volcanic activity and therefore must have formed from a meteorite impact.
Special Thanks to:
Nevada National Security Site
The National Atomic Testing Museum
Jonny Hyman and Verse: svfrom.info/history/video/Z8WOiX_ez5J6ebo
Active Galactic for footage of craters in Arizona: svfrom.info/history/video/qcuoo6em1tOdp8g
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
a human, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Brent Stewart, Bryan Baker, Chris Vargas, Chuck Lauer Vose, Clip Tree, Coale Shifflett, Colin Bellmore, DALE HORNE, Daniel Milum, Donal Botkin, Eric Velazquez, Illya Nayshevsky, James Knight, James Wong, Jasper Xin, Joar Wandborg, Johnny, June Kang, Kevin Beavers, kkm, Leah Howard, Listen Money Matters, Lyvann Ferrusca, Manuel Zürcher, Mathias Göransson, Michael Bradley Wirz, Michael Krugman, Mohammed Al Sahaf, OddJosh, Philipp Volgger, Pindex, Roberto Rezende, Robin DeBank, Ron Neal, Sam Lutfi, Stan Presolski, Tige Thorman, Warrior8252
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Story and Editing by Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
Music and Animation by Jonny Hyman
Produced by Casey Rentz

Archie Deguerro
Archie Deguerro Timme sedan
big plot twist: dinosaurs had nuclear technology and wiped themselves out
Gabriel TCG
Gabriel TCG 4 timmar sedan
Welcome to "Space" !😅🤣🤣🤣 here are your money...👎
Gabriel Thompson
Gabriel Thompson 17 timmar sedan
0:03 In the captions: "Buzz Lightyear"
aistancill gregoria
aistancill gregoria Dag sedan
"11 of the 12 men visited the site" So the 12th guy just kinda arrived and flew to the moon?
Vandana Bhaty
Vandana Bhaty 2 dagar sedan
0:04 english caption Neil Armstrong and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR..... The guy who did the caption - "To infinity and BEYOND". 😂😂😂😂
AK_47TheBoss 4 dagar sedan
See, down at the bottom of this crater, kinda looks like a city from an angle, so if CALL OF DUTY MOBILE made it a map next to nuclear plant I think it would be a great addition to the game
Aditya Pratap Mehta
Aditya Pratap Mehta 5 dagar sedan
0:39 ok who names their son that
Akshara S Bhat
Akshara S Bhat 5 dagar sedan
nandita choudhury
nandita choudhury 7 dagar sedan
Imagine having a globe of the moon instead of a globe of the earth
Priya Bangaram
Priya Bangaram 8 dagar sedan
BikeLover 12 dagar sedan
Why Apollo Astronauts Trained at a Nuclear Test Site ? Because it was easier to show/sell the fake landings to the public later.
Martin Nagle
Martin Nagle 12 dagar sedan
How did they get footage of the bombs going off so close would the camera at least move??. (I’m talking about clips like 2:22)
No U
No U 14 dagar sedan
I see, so they faked the moon landing by getting to the moon to replicate it.
Jacob Legan
Jacob Legan 17 dagar sedan
I kinda hate how scientists so lightly throw around the numbers 1 million or even billions years ago. I don't think we will ever comprehend how long of a time that is and what can happen in that amount of time.
Diego Bolivar
Diego Bolivar 17 dagar sedan
victor guzman
victor guzman 18 dagar sedan
big plot twist: dinosaurs had nuclear technology and wiped themselves out
Team Double Fluffy
Team Double Fluffy 19 dagar sedan
so this is where they filmed the moon landing
Patrick Hill
Patrick Hill 19 dagar sedan
“I can’t wait till we go back to the moon” Unlesss.... Moon haunted
Dan Rustle
Dan Rustle 21 dag sedan
gee looks exactly like the moon
Gus Rizzuto
Gus Rizzuto 21 dag sedan
3:16 “the dome rose to a height of 290 feet before it vented” idk guys bomb seems kinda sus
khorey robinson
khorey robinson 24 dagar sedan
this is probably a dumb question but were do meteors go
Kamil Piechowicz
Kamil Piechowicz 25 dagar sedan
So coesite is also made when yo mama sits on the phone?
Mookan Kandiah
Mookan Kandiah 28 dagar sedan
It's really scary to think they made the little boy and fat man bomb BEFORE creating CELL PHONES
Whitman Ashby
Whitman Ashby 29 dagar sedan
Cold war expectation: USA nukes Russia, Russia nukes USa Cold war reality: USA nukes USA, Russia nukes Russia.
Floris Groteclaes
Floris Groteclaes Månad sedan
Where is the Video of the Moon from? I have never seen these Scenes before
Pedro Matias
Pedro Matias Månad sedan
Buzz Lightear??? NO WAY
Hoang Vo
Hoang Vo Månad sedan
Here o shima
Buz Aldrin
Buz Aldrin Månad sedan
Been there, done that.
dqc333 Månad sedan
The moon is flat, too. All circular shapes are flat - just look at my plates. Thank God my head isn't circular.
Daniel Son
Daniel Son Månad sedan
Film set maby 🤔
Zachary Shen
Zachary Shen Månad sedan
Me living in Nevada I’m very glad he’s saying”Nevada “ right
offensive Månad sedan
I have a feeling that that moon dust is fake, because if you look at smarter everyday he talks about moon rocks and what they actually did to bring moon rocks to earth, so the moon stuff never touched oxygen or somewhat didn't, so I think that's fake dust because you have unpressured
meezocraft op
meezocraft op Månad sedan
When you spend a big chunk of your life studying science and go to moon and collect samples just to hear lazy asses call moon landing a hoax depression moment
Happy Cabbage
Happy Cabbage Månad sedan
Now i understand y nuctown has a nuke
Mario LP
Mario LP Månad sedan
john quincy adams
john quincy adams Månad sedan
Can't even swear properly, come on man
к_ Månad sedan
The captions at the start- "Neil Armstrong and Buzz Lightyears first set foot on the moon"
Stutin Narasimhan
Stutin Narasimhan Månad sedan
3:20 The dome vented? Dome was definitely an impostor.
T4zchi Månad sedan
Yes that is what I thoought
Hensen Månad sedan
How did they travel through the van Allen radiationbelt
Hensen Månad sedan
How did the astronauts not get radiation poisoning from driving over hundreds of nuclear bomb blast points?
Hensen Månad sedan
Of course they modeled the explosions to look just like the surface of the moon. Glad to learn that we have a man made moon backdrop on earth.
It Was Not Me
It Was Not Me Månad sedan
There is another theory how moon formed Planet Mars sized scartched the top of earth and it released mass of moon off of earth and that mass started orbiting earth
Christopher Depew
Christopher Depew Månad sedan
Wait... After a collision with an ancient Earth, the Moon then became caught in the curvature of Earth’s mass/space time (orbit) ... became a satellite and then became tidally locked to the object it struck? Can we see that model?
TexMex Månad sedan
You've just described the model. What do you want to see?
Thom Pabol
Thom Pabol Månad sedan
10mt wow. Coesite is like quartz? So are there round rocks in there where if you bust them in half you see those crystals? i wonder how radioactive they are. imagine busting one open and it released some eff up levels into you. :( I guess that's why they keep people out of the hole. you know there is always someone who wants to try and climb down.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Månad sedan
Imagine even being able to touch lunar dust, let alone travelling to the moon. As a kid I never cared about the moon but now, if there was anything I wanted to do before I died, it would be setting foot on the moon
T4zchi Månad sedan
My first word was Moon
God Månad sedan
Flat Earthers: Its clearly CGI!
Just a farmer using a nuke to make a canal
Fredrick Isaac
Fredrick Isaac Månad sedan
and y'all wonder where cancer came from...
DoLLaR Sign OG's
DoLLaR Sign OG's Månad sedan
Why is any nuclear example given with refrence of Hiroshima ? 🤣
TexMex Månad sedan
So people can make a comparison and understand the scale.
Lev Just lev
Lev Just lev Månad sedan
Nuclear meteorite 0-0
TECHIE PRITU Månad sedan
U should went down a crater
Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member
Cacodemon Beatbox Cult Member Månad sedan
Today, we concluded that nuketown is in nevada
MOLE Månad sedan
6-8k nukes Years later cancer rife 🤔
TexMex Månad sedan
years before cancer rife
that dragon guy
that dragon guy Månad sedan
No nukes in outer space... Who gonna nuke space bruh
Khoi Ngo
Khoi Ngo Månad sedan
Apollo Zero Full Movie svfrom.info/history/video/k71xqX-337KlgLo
Levente Molnár
Levente Molnár Månad sedan
Nobody: Literally nobody: Subtitles on this video: 0:03 Buzz Lightyear
Kykk Månad sedan
Imagine if politicians went through the same relative training before running the country. Instead we get Hollywood actors dealing with drug epidemics, lawyers dealing with climate change, oil magnates dealing with terrorism and narcissistic attention whores dealing with pandemics.
Rishi Bajari
Rishi Bajari Månad sedan
Is this place still contaminated with radioactive stuff?
Jay D
Jay D Månad sedan
And now you know why everyone really gets cancer.
Gabriel Vanegas
Gabriel Vanegas Månad sedan
Nobody: Fly:mmm ears
redfiredragen1 09
redfiredragen1 09 Månad sedan
In 2020 we now use nuclear warheads to make the foundations of our houses
Lucasz Rodriguez
Lucasz Rodriguez Månad sedan
I think i know why the oz atmosphere have a Huge HOLE
Barry White
Barry White Månad sedan
This is where Moon Rocks Originate!
Eth Månad sedan
Tldw: How to clean the outside of your house... ... before it gets totally annihilated
Josh Davies
Josh Davies Månad sedan
We will never know what the moon smells like
TexMex Månad sedan
The moon does not smell like anything. No air.
rofl kopter
rofl kopter Månad sedan
subtitles do be weird this days... buzz lightyear on the moon hell no
Rex Mccrea
Rex Mccrea Månad sedan
C4GIF Månad sedan
Why were you signing your balls?
Pasan Jayaweera
Pasan Jayaweera Månad sedan
proof that moon landing was fake lol
King Week
King Week Månad sedan
People are the ones who destroy the earth themselves.
Jaylon Nichols
Jaylon Nichols Månad sedan
except it God made the Moon and Earth
Chizuru Månad sedan
Only that puny 2?
Mr Memes
Mr Memes Månad sedan
Where’s proof of it
histranger121 Månad sedan
Nuke town type beat
jdryak Månad sedan
Looking at Moon Dust with a light transmission microscope?! - improbable. The images look like they came from a dissecting microscope.
Tom Gucwa
Tom Gucwa Månad sedan
Yes, they intended to redo the panama canal , north more I think , as few as 5 bombs , prolly should be looked into , bigger fatter boats an supporting rail , might be safer use a nuke electric plant drive compressor s , cut it with water. , An plasma ...an napalm on weekends ..
Cool Videos 3000
Cool Videos 3000 Månad sedan
11:01 p a n c a k e
Naveen Månad sedan
svfrom.info/history/video/fMSjpqW4ybqAnrY Amazing flight takeoff over the river!!!!
wavy socks
wavy socks Månad sedan
2:04 nuketown
8D-15-JODYAS RAHARDJA Månad sedan
I love how the subtitle changed a name
I Love Dis Trash
I Love Dis Trash Månad sedan
Subs: "BuZz LiGhTyEaR"
Naveen Bali
Naveen Bali Månad sedan
abusing earth for better humanity :D classic nature vs human this is the time where the score was 0:1 with corona now score is 1000000: 1
Justin sutton
Justin sutton Månad sedan
The Dutch Delta Works would like a conversation with you
Tim OConner
Tim OConner Månad sedan
Moon rocks have same isotopes as earth rocks...you know why?...because they are earth rocks...who believes this junk?
The Ztg180
The Ztg180 Månad sedan
Wonder how racist those pilots were
Doc Vader
Doc Vader Månad sedan
Apparently not as racist as the people trying to bring race into a science video about the moon.
Steven Winterhalter
Steven Winterhalter Månad sedan
is the moon flat too?
Iamme Månad sedan
“Hey bob” “Yeah bill?” “What’s this metal thing” “I dunno, try hitting it.” “Ok-“
DogePogeDoogie Månad sedan
Bro you can see the bedrock.
Dankrupt Månad sedan
Where does all the dirt go? Does it just disappear?
kai behr
kai behr Månad sedan
why at 0:03 does the captions say buzz lightyear?
Moseley Willis
Moseley Willis Månad sedan
I love they say house hold item while holding a female manquin
BishopMickDevitt Månad sedan
They built a model in Arizona of the craters we see up on the moon so they could fake the landings etc. Nobody has ever walked on the moon. That's ludicrous. Fraud.
Doc Vader
Doc Vader Månad sedan
We have a dumbass over here😂
mr fam
mr fam Månad sedan
Because that we’re they faked the landings. Look at the land rovers. They say they broke three times and left them. But there not there on moon. Also how they got a car up there and off a ship shows it never happend. No flags as well, if nasa went there they should show us its real and go
mr fam
mr fam Månad sedan
Mr Memes were? People from nasa can’t even find them of flags
Mr Memes
Mr Memes Månad sedan
There are photos showing the rovers on the moon
princess A
princess A Månad sedan
"America is testing nuclear weapons for the benefit of all nations" Result: ( see for yourself) global warming .. pollution.. accompanied by deforestation.. yeah we're ready to turn this heaven into a hell.. No other animal in the animal kingdom has wreaked the kind of havoc we have .. Ozone layer depletion.. It feels so good on hill stations... A walk in the woods make people refresh and revived.. you feel so calm.. it isn't some high dopamine activity but domine is released in a healthy way. .
princess A
princess A 11 dagar sedan
@Justin sutton and i didn't see any sign of anger in your comment.. you're a good human.. Do you do something about pollution..
princess A
princess A 11 dagar sedan
@Justin sutton so I've pissed someone off... I don't know about the way i like nature.. so stop guessing.. Tell me who you are .. and yeah I'm not an adult.. What's the matter.. who you are.. a little kid.. under 12.. Or an adult.. what do you work for.. some kinda scientist... So you don't care about nature.. atleast you do care about natural elements..
Justin sutton
Justin sutton 11 dagar sedan
@princess A no you may not know who I am. If i do so it will create bias. Concrete can be recycled. It is crushed and put into the mix. The Amazon basically acts like a carbon sink. I am against cutting down the Amazon because of that fact. I really dont care about nature the way you do. I dont. Your not changing my mind. So stop trying. Its starting to piss me off.
princess A
princess A 11 dagar sedan
@Justin sutton are you gonna recycle ocean plastic ..or poly bags in particular.. or say wrapers.. If we had the solution .. why aren't we reducing the global warming. .. Glass can be recycled but where will you get sand to make concrete and cement.. they're certainly no recylable.. Plants in the amazon basin plays a very big role on earth that certainly cant be replaced by algae.. Land erosion. . Is caused by deforestation.. plants and big trees bind the particles of the soil together.. thus avoiding erosion.. All the other species are getting disturbed and even killed that's a matter of deep concern cuz we have to think about em as well.. Cuz we can't be selfish.. Like .. A bunch of superbly powerful aliens invade the earth and start taking its resources.. Our scientists are no where close to their brilliance. .. So earthlings try to communicate with em saying their actions would ruin or destroy their lives.. but The alien says : i care about our species and our people ..why ahould i care about you.. have you cared about other species on your own planet... You may say it wouldn't happen .. but it can .. we have to play by the rules .. otherwise why should we respect each other.. why should we care about each others emotions.. You may say .. it's human nature and even animals do that caring thing.. But some people are more caring than the other... Both spiritually and scietifically you can't overrule the nature .. or play with it.. Everything will get destroyed if they don't do something about it.. You said we can do this and that about it but have we done that.. Drastic climatic changes are cuz of pollution... Pollution is a byproduct of our own actions.. But people .. normal people have to try reducing plastic consumption.. There is only a way out ( I'm talking about plastic pollution ) reduce , reuse and recycle with reduce being the most important one... Whenever i say , reduce plastic or take steps to reduce our impact on this planet.. So many people people out there are practising zero waste , veganism , minaminalism etc.. they are doin this for the betterment of our world and they certainly love this planet.. at the same time supporting progress.. Why can't they go hand in hand .. they can.. so instead of sayin we're developing and i don't care about nature cuz it wouldn't do any harm to me .. cuz we would be a type 1 civilisation in furture .. we need not to care about it .. .. Do something something about it.. May i know ... who you are.. a student or an adult.. what do you work for..? I dunno what makes you think that way .. but people care.. even the smartest beings.. We've wreaked the worst kinda of havoc wasn't my dialog .. it was a panel of scientists.. discussing ... Which included neil degrasse and briane green
Justin sutton
Justin sutton 11 dagar sedan
@princess A planting trees is actually irrelevant with stopping global warming. They dont produce a lot of oxygen and CO2 Algae produce most of the worlds oxygen. Its also pretty simple to geoengineer a solution to global warming. You can literally use aerosols to absorb some of the radiation from the sun. Which we might have to do. Or you could seed the oceans with iron the increase phytoplankton blooms. Plastics are harder. That comes down to recycling. You cannot turn glass into sand. But you can turn glass into glass. I.e. recycling. I think you dont know exactly what we can do technologically speaking.
ɨΔɱτhεΘռʟʏᏫռɛ.Ꮚ. ᖇᏋᎩΣS
ɨΔɱτhεΘռʟʏᏫռɛ.Ꮚ. ᖇᏋᎩΣS Månad sedan
Not in The Moon?? How you kown get up Then fine New ⓇⓄⒸⓀⓏ Then .
Tiang CS
Tiang CS Månad sedan
Lol, to fake the moon landing! Anyways have a nice day and stay safe.
doodling is awesome
doodling is awesome Månad sedan
We cannot blame USA for bombing Japan, Japanese people where the one's who started who bombed pearl harbour first.
Wyrmwood Månad sedan
watch me
Funky Månad sedan
If they made a mock-up f the moon the chances are they used that place if the moon landing was fake
Willa Rose
Willa Rose Månad sedan
11:15 what am I looking at here
Martin Szorad
Martin Szorad Månad sedan
did they really went to moon? or it was shot there too?
Explosive Birds
Explosive Birds Månad sedan
Trippy Cole
Trippy Cole Månad sedan
I never understood how they recorded the houses getting obliterated. Also how are there people just chilling with glasses on looking a nuke explode
Elite Boy
Elite Boy Månad sedan
Well, the people chillin' were far away from the nuclear bomb's effect, and the houses were obliterated from the shockwave produced due to nuclear blast. But they were just normal houses. The camera was probably inside a reinforced nuclear bunker, facing away from the shockwave.
George Washington
George Washington Månad sedan
11:02 see, the earth is flat! caught ya
Łøřđ Ďĕ Båŕrý
Łøřđ Ďĕ Båŕrý Månad sedan
Wait so through the domino effect Ww1 idirectaly caused us landing on the moon?
Yuvraj Motiramani
Yuvraj Motiramani Månad sedan
8:14, my microphone
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