Why Anecdotes Trump Data

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4 år sedan

A story is worth a thousand data points.
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jagan nath
jagan nath 28 dagar sedan
everywhere i go, i see his name
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes Månad sedan
Trump says hydroxy chloroquine cures corona. Dr. Fauci says that anecdotal evidence.
Lucas Possatti
Lucas Possatti Månad sedan
From the title I thought this video would be a political statement. I thought it was a wordplay with Trump. Haha
null Månad sedan
What is a bias? Does it not deal with the favoritism of one thing over another? Are scientists not then biased against falsehoods, the reliability of single anecdotes, and other nonscientific claims in favor of their own claims? Are we all biased? When is it acceptable? Is it ever acceptable?
Johnny sun
Johnny sun Månad sedan
La canada aye
Neil Sims
Neil Sims Månad sedan
Every data point is necessarily part of a story, because an observation has to be logically connected to a conclusion in order to be considered a "data point." To say that a story trumps presentation of study statistics among people with no training in science is an indication that people need to be helped with science literacy, not that we should dumb down (that's what using anecdotes is) science.
tyler Kirbyson
tyler Kirbyson Månad sedan
the two people showing up is special in itself...ones mind would wander to why they showed.....youd ask yourself...if iwas one of the people to show.....would it be because i was proud of what i did?(try to help) to put it another way it would be like asking someone who did the wrong thing(in our minds) to show up i wouldnt so why would they ...they must have tried. so one immediately thinks it must be the proud i helped that showed. that can out weigh the data you are showing(or the 2nd experiment). your not showing what they bring into the experiment.
Gustavo A Rodríguez C
Gustavo A Rodríguez C Månad sedan
men this talks are great, thanks
mc Muck
mc Muck Månad sedan
d(8)b THX 4 the clip & link... & hopefully Trump data will become anecdotes next month (x)
Leigh Graham
Leigh Graham 2 månader sedan
In the experiment with the 5 separated people, and one appears to be in difficulty - surely all the participants realistically believed that they were being monitored and that the "scientists" would have taken care of the individual that was in trouble - so you would *expect* a low number of participants to assist... Furthermore, asking which people may have assisted from two videos showing "good" people is biased towards a positive outcome, regardless of the statistics.
Charlie brown
Charlie brown 2 månader sedan
It would be great if you mention the links which will lead to the experiments you talk about
John Buchanan
John Buchanan 3 månader sedan
Please stop the walking and talking, the constant change of viewpoints is really distracting.
Rick Teaches Physics
Rick Teaches Physics 3 månader sedan
Here is an anecdotal study to show why anecdotes trump data... rename the title
MD Eusuf Ali
MD Eusuf Ali 3 månader sedan
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Marksy B
Marksy B 3 månader sedan
That road would make a great rally stage.
Victor Gonzalez
Victor Gonzalez 4 månader sedan
Veritasium paid by monsanto confirm (joking)
Michael Kip
Michael Kip 4 månader sedan
Hence tRump anecdotes over facts, data
Mr. Smarty.
Mr. Smarty. 4 månader sedan
Daan se bada koi dharm nahi hota
Johannes Kuhs
Johannes Kuhs 4 månader sedan
Did you just say "You could drink one thousand litres of water a day with no adverse effect"? That doesn't sound right. Pretty sure that will kill you no matter what the water is laced with.
David Fellner
David Fellner 5 månader sedan
I was confused by the title at first, then I remembered that "trump" is a regular word.
Into the Multiverse
Into the Multiverse 5 månader sedan
Humans full of doubt prefer lies to truth because the truth isn't something they think they want to hear. This is why people vote in representive democracies, true we need professional politicians but we are missing a whole layer of democracy, that is everyone voting about 10 times a year and putting forward policies. Representive democracy, where people prefer lie to the truth of direct democracy leads to the eventual election of Trump and even worse coming to power. Why people prefer lies to the truth all because of self-doubt.
Say LOL to the troll
Say LOL to the troll Månad sedan
Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric
Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric 5 månader sedan
show more data with statistical certainty.
Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric
Energy, Magnetism, light and geometry dielectric 5 månader sedan
you are so smart and can walk..marry me
bksrmt 5 månader sedan
So good looking!
Entropy wins
Entropy wins 5 månader sedan
Who would assume Monsanto products poison people? Crazy! What a bunch of lunatics!. Yeah right.
where is my mind
where is my mind 6 månader sedan
wtf happened at 7:09
Zon Moua
Zon Moua 6 månader sedan
wow, I really thought this video was gonna be about political debate....
Piotr Juszczyk
Piotr Juszczyk 6 månader sedan
No, one planet change is not statistical evidence,
bksrmt 6 månader sedan
So why exactly are you walking? I know you said you wanted to call attention to your second channel, but even on your second channel, why are you walking? Personally, I found it even more difficult to absorb what you were trying to tell me. “Even more” because I’m already distracted by your extreme good looks; that wonderful setting only distracted me further. Maybe that’s just me? Of course this is four years old and I’m just now seeing it in 2020 so you probably won’t see this comment. 😞
gizmoguyar 7 månader sedan
I feel like as an educational program, Mythbusters still should have mentioned in their episodes that to get a valid results they'd need to run the experiment multiple times, etc. etc. They don't have to show all of that work, but they really did present it in a way that would make you think they were doing valid scientific work. I honestly think that's somewhat dangerous from an academic perspective. Adam Savage could easily have mentioned every so often "Remember, kids. one result is not conclusive. Now we have to repeat the test multiple times to make sure the results are reproducible."
Oliver Golding
Oliver Golding 8 månader sedan
7:49 "as scientists we love dada" hahaha
RyanExx 8 månader sedan
Hi. Who's still here in 2020
Dima 8 månader sedan
Tell us about mountain lions in California and statistical probability of someone walking alone being attacked by one
Matilda Ciganda
Matilda Ciganda 8 månader sedan
Forgot trump was an actual word and thought the title was just a nonsensical sentence to grab attention to how poorly Trump speaks
Shaquille Oatmeal
Shaquille Oatmeal 9 månader sedan
Wait why are you hiking again
Demetrius Botyuk
Demetrius Botyuk 9 månader sedan
Why not make a separate veritasium where you talk about statistics for people that do enjoy that sort of thing? I love data way more than anecdotes, because they often feel empty and not backed up by.... Data. That's if you have time
Luke 9 månader sedan
I like how you promote your other channel but haven't posted there in over a year
Jean-Bernard Joly
Jean-Bernard Joly 10 månader sedan
Is there a reason to walk around in this beautiful (California ? ) setting ?
Radioactive FistFoot
Radioactive FistFoot 10 månader sedan
Statistics are just probability and facts are truths. They are not the same.
Radioactive FistFoot
Radioactive FistFoot 7 månader sedan
​@ataarono I'm not saying it's not a good way to find the truth, because it is the best way to gauge probability. Of course it's very useful. I'm just saying that there's a distinction. And the reason for why I'm saying this is because sometimes there are people who cite statistics to prove a point as the absolute truth to end a debate, even though there are outliers which had a different reality than what the statistics say. In that way citing statistics can be used to discourage further investigations into an area or stop someone from making decisions that go against the statistics. This is why it's good to be comfortable going against statistics sometimes, and to not rely on them as the ultimate truth.
ataarono 7 månader sedan
@Radioactive FistFoot technically you are correct, but since we can't collect data forever we have to make a compromise and at some point assume that the data trend would contine without actually doing it forever. But even then it trumps all other ways of finding truths by a mile.
Radioactive FistFoot
Radioactive FistFoot 7 månader sedan
​@ataarono We don't use statistics to prove something is a truth. For example, say I am holding my breath right now. If you'd want to test me, you could only prove me right or wrong, you can't prove me 50% wrong. Statistics are used to see how many cases from a bunch of data were true or false. It's a percentage. Even if the percentage is 100%, all it proves is that those cases were all right or all wrong, not that all future cases will still be that way. Because for that you'd need to collect data forever.
ataarono 7 månader sedan
Statistics can be truths and probabilities can be factitious, stop smoking weed
thanksfernuthin 11 månader sedan
Monsanto isn't responsible?!! LAUGH! They brazenly use dihydrogen monoxide in everything they produce. Dihydrogen monoxide has been proven to cause thousands of deaths a year!
thanksfernuthin 11 månader sedan
I think there needs to be less pressure to make all people what we consider the perfect person. Some people are "do-ers". When something happens they stand up and take control. It's a small percentage of people. Genetics and societies have led to this spectrum. I think because that gives the best outcomes in most circumstances. Sometimes you'll get a situation where there are no do-ers in a group and they fail to do anything... to help. But that's probably better than almost everyone "doing" something and getting nowhere because everyone has competing plans. I just think sometimes we think there's a problem when in fact it's working the best for everyone.
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil 11 månader sedan
"Why Anecdotes Trump Data" ergo the sole creation of Black Lives Matters
Mavi Rayla
Mavi Rayla År sedan
Anyone else stressed out when he started walking backwards without looking?
Poèmes de France
Poèmes de France År sedan
I guess non-scientific people are right to take more into account specific cases than global data, they intuitively know that data can be bent any direction and lead to opposite conclusions. One needs to be a true scientist to determine if a study is worth something or not. Now that we have cooperations fighting against each other with their own teams of scientists and data to back them up, people can see clearly that so called science isn't necessarily more objective than opinions.
tyler Kirbyson
tyler Kirbyson År sedan
id hope i would help , but i understand why i might not.
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee År sedan
The idea that scientist won't taint their examination of "Data" through a filter of some type of zealotry, isn't backed by historical absolutes. Scientist personally are just as prone to ideologue as anyone else, just because they prescribe to a professional rigor the likes of science does not vault them into a certified unquestionable piety from outside their community.
Steve White
Steve White År sedan
There is an additional pitfall. People think that since you haven't done the experiment a thousand times, the results can be ignored as not even having been conducted. This is always done when the people already don't agree with the result of the experiment.
nnn reddie
nnn reddie År sedan
thats just sad
Ivan Savchenco
Ivan Savchenco År sedan
And he just kept walking and walking and walking and .......
Steve Slaughter
Steve Slaughter År sedan
Stats from results of the "Helping Experiment" compare/correlate to those in Milgram's "Obedience Experiment." Interesting.
Frosty. År sedan
if i was taking part of a study, and something completely novel happens, there is like a 1% chance im going to think it's real. It doesn't matter what the study is actually on. im pretty sure that gets overlooked in all of these studies. There must be at least some of them that have some of that feeling too
Dylan Rander
Dylan Rander År sedan
Nice hike in Mission Trails, San Diego!
sutil Al
sutil Al År sedan
it also confirm why lies about Islam keep flourishing, none of what they say about it is true .. .. it is like me saying ethic in America or in Christianity is to kill or encourage violence, , just because few people do it on the news you draw this conclusion, does not mean American culture or Christianity agree with it.. yet people WANT to believe anything negative about Islam. For example rape is punished in Islam, in Christianity the raper should marry her rapist, in the bible, I will give you all verses ...ask and you shall receive it. In the bible women should shave their head if they do not cover it, in Quran we do not have that, rather dressed for modesty. shaving is not require if not. Stoning is in the bible "if your brother or ... or... change his religion you should be the first to stone him" In Quran it does not have it. etc etc etc.. yet the lies continues, and common people want to believe it despite major wars with its millions of victims are done by non muslims, ww1, ww2, Hiroshima Nagasaki , Korean war, Vietnam war, Iraq, afghan, native American massacres , inquisitions etc..
sutil Al
sutil Al År sedan
it is better and shorter to say : these fact are established hence we do it once, if I showed you the minimum number of 30 experiments to show 95% certainty it will cause me to waste money and it will bore you and I will lose subscribers. I notice He included himself as a scientist!
Subramanya M
Subramanya M År sedan
Walk and talk in selfie mode is little annoying..
AlphieStudios År sedan
There are two ways to pronounce data: 1- data 2- data
Evan Sokolson
Evan Sokolson År sedan
5:38 flat earth society
MaQuGo119 År sedan
GMOs and Monsanto rock!
Greative DIY
Greative DIY År sedan
Wayne RuleZ
Wayne RuleZ År sedan
I thought this was a Vegetable Police video at first.
AbcdeF QWERTY År sedan
Which personality types was helpers? MBTI recognize 16, in test were 14 . How probably is that test chose idealists or guardians or racionals, gamers? Test without known personality types is unusefull and nonscientific.
Austin goodwyn
Austin goodwyn År sedan
My grandma told me about the bystander effect and told me never assume someone else is going to help. Always be the one to jump in. It's better to have tried to help and not be able to do anything than to be a bystander.
Luca L
Luca L År sedan
I don't think it is a problem to show scientific things based on anecdotes and single experiments. But what Mythbusters did is different from what Veritasium does. Veritasium may conduct an experiment, but it will then teach about the scientific findings about a topic. Mythbusters on the other hand often does not show scientific evidence, mostly probably there is none, because of the very specific and crazy things they're "mythbusting", but in the end they often do one experiment sometimes this one does not even works completly and they draw very strong conclusions, which are basically shown as indiscussable. And all this is claimed to be scientific... So it is not wrong what Mythbusters is doing, but what they sell it like is at least very misleading.
Alex DeLarge
Alex DeLarge År sedan
Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu Canyon.
Марин Алдимиров
Марин Алдимиров År sedan
This reminds me of a recent event where I was telling a friend about "The Mathematics of Love" by Hannah Fry. The first response was "That can't be true, I know a couple, who ...." and then something that contradicts the statistical expectation. But, of course, does not contradict the statistical distribution.
Jim P
Jim P År sedan
Finally the science community wakes up to realize Ideological conflicts of interest are more corrupting than financial conflicts www.acsh.org/news/2017/05/30/ideological-conflicts-interest-are-worse-financial-ones-11355
Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson År sedan
I had to close my eyes. I literally felt motion sick. Please don't film like this anymore!
XelPixels År sedan
So much 'statistical knowledge' and yet he can't comprehend that global warming is the globalist agenda. Why? Because if he did critical research and showed it actually contradicts man-made global climatechange then he'd be removed of his 'scientist' status and he loves glory more than truth. This dude always had too big ego.
XelPixels År sedan
@Sir Turtle he would loose all credability if he claimed that globalwarming was a manmade hoax. Wether you believe in globalwarming or not, you can agree that that would be the result right? All he does is follow the PC mainstream. He'd probably do videos about the aryan masterrace if he was alive in germany during WW2. He thinks he's logical and free but he's weak and subconciously bend to fit in with mainstream ideologies.
Sir Turtle
Sir Turtle År sedan
Thank god we have a roblox youtuber to show us the truth! If he loves glory more then the truth then wouldnt he get MORE glory by successfully exposing whatever your talking about?
Tony Flies
Tony Flies År sedan
Comparing the Helping Experiment to the Milgram Experiment, where they told people to give other participants electric shocks, in both cases I think the participants would have felt that those running the experiment would step in if there was really anything to worry about, (to paraphrase) "They can see more than me, they're not worried, neither am I". 'Course, it's still worrying.
peter År sedan
How about a sports montage?
Scott Happy
Scott Happy År sedan
I read it 'Why Anecdotes, Trump, and Data' like they're all related or something
Ann Murry
Ann Murry År sedan
It's easier to understand the dynamics of how and why something might happen with an anecdote. It's also easier to pay someone off to support one outcome or ignore inconvenient observations.
minussinus År sedan
I also want to mention people in the anti-vaccine community who have heard that vaccines may cause problems, but not how low the risk of vaccines not working correctly actually is.
dragan lazarevic
dragan lazarevic År sedan
what camera did you use here ??? and what mic ???? PLEASE
Da One
Da One År sedan
No, the way you most often misrepresent science is by regurgitating research we have no access to. In other words there is no way of us knowing if you are accurately representing the research you site. This is because you seldom give enough details for us to find the research you site.
Megan Marie
Megan Marie År sedan
Took me a while to figure out the title wasn’t talking about the president 🤦🏻‍♀️
TheVaultdweller År sedan
Why did Trump win the election? Well, he trumped Hillery by the use of anecdotes.
Stuart D
Stuart D År sedan
@3:42 The bystander effect is not equal across all population sizes. Just because only 30% helped when there was 13 in a study that could easily be considered flawed, doesn't mean that when there are only 2 people there to help that it is likely neither would help. The bystander effect comes from people assuming that it is more likely that someone else is more or better capable of helping around but if it's just you and one other person that presumption doesn't make any sense.
Stuart D
Stuart D År sedan
The other 9 were laughing because the actor was so bad.
Kishore S
Kishore S År sedan
Trump data
Γεώργιος Αθερίδης
Γεώργιος Αθερίδης År sedan
Because Trump anecdotes data
David Siegel
David Siegel År sedan
Derek, as always, this is brilliant. However, I ask you to consider whether NASA, NOAA, and other scientists to cherrypick their data and only present a warming narrative. In other words, what would it take to change your mind? Please think about it, because I believe if you look for data tampering at government agencies, you'll find it, and that should cause you to question your assumptions. It's about the data, Derek. www.climatecurious.com if you want to know more.
Mike Felber
Mike Felber År sedan
"It's better to communicating science to tell the story, to show the experiment once in a dramatic way" I feel this sensationalizes the outcome in leu of solid data. Individual results are more telling as a metric of human behavior than the general- But the data is still only done once, this is still a limited data set & reporting those results in a more psychological manner discounts further data that can be extrapolated & possibly changing the result.
Ryan Mooney
Ryan Mooney År sedan
We (everybody) need to wear two hats. One to tell the story, one to highlight the data/scientific method. I really think that Physics Girl did a fantastic job of that in her latest video!! =]
Sixten Jonsson
Sixten Jonsson År sedan
Shouldnt science focus more on the mechanisms whatever data shows? If you dont know why things work then data doesnt matter. The one glass of wine data shows that its good but only because there is a compound in it that is good that you could get from lots of other sources and not poison urself with alcohol. Data is just a way of guessing the mechanism not an argument. The wine study was created because of the "french paradox" to try and prove that fat did give you heart disease. Eating fat gave you heart disease but wine conteracted it, but this is not the case, the original fat studies were flawed and the data was not accurate. Dont trust data, trust the basic mechanism.
kevenka År sedan
Climate change... Strong statical evidence... LUL The public have been mislead about correlation and degree of causation given MULTI-variables that are hard to control yet making the claim it's due to human actions. Cannot believe he went down that route as an example. (I don't claim that humans may not be a factor but to say there is strong evidence of "climate change" when the earth has constantly been changing in climate is a bit stupid to me)
william baikie
william baikie År sedan
Good example of the larveacide. Bad example of 'climate change'. Climate change is no longer about science, it is political. Until alarmist start seriously calling for nuclear power I regard them as insincere.
Nathaniel Diamond
Nathaniel Diamond År sedan
anyone else notice at 3:09 there is no shadow from the camera?
Alt Account
Alt Account År sedan
It’s a small go pro so it is hard to see him holding it.
Doggo År sedan
Because Donald
gfang År sedan
Yes! Thinking fast and slow
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen År sedan
Water flowing the opposite directions in the toilet have nothing to do with what hemisphere you're in and everything to do with manufacturer design. The coriolis effect only affects large things, like the direction a hurricane spins. I thought this would be common knowledge by now. On the other hand, there are still people who believe the earth is flat, so...
Arvid Strandberg
Arvid Strandberg År sedan
You should see the video:)
Jasper Lawrence
Jasper Lawrence År sedan
and this is not a public service, it is infotainment.
Zach H
Zach H År sedan
According to mechanical scientists and consensuses the climate change problem is backed up by scientific data. But if you ask a scientist who has degrees and a job dedicated to studying the climate he will disagree. Your video makes a great point on how some times it's better to listen to the small fact then the broadly accepted one.
bazoo513 År sedan
I myself was affected at least once by the "bystander effect" and that haunts me to this day (although there were no tragic consequences of me not helping). But I think that psychological experiments like the one you describe have one flaw: people know they are participating in an experiment. This kind of "exonerates" those 70% who did not try to help. Otherwise, of course, excellent points, as always.
KrasserBoy År sedan
This is just straight up clickbait. Didnt expect that from a channel like this.
Pedro Victor
Pedro Victor År sedan
This is, hands down, one of the best videos I ever saw. Wondeful job!
Hugo B.
Hugo B. År sedan
smart clickbaity title..i cannot be mad at this title although i hate clickbait...using the word trump in this current year makes us think immediately about Donald trump but that way the title wouldn't make sense so curiosity kicks in and we click the video...nice
Lord Zordid
Lord Zordid År sedan
I am in the Helping category. But you can't talk about what you have done or would do if asked as people feel alienated. You can only lead by example when something occurs.
Minute physics t-shirt?
@Veritasium svfrom.info/history/video/lNCRZY-Z29J8acQ See the ending
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