What the Fahrenheit?!

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The crazy story of the arbitrary temperature scale used in a tiny minority of countries.
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A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology by W. E. Knowles Middleton
Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold by Tom Shachtman
The Science of Measurement, A Historical Survey by Herbert Arthur Klein
Lehrbuch der Chemie by Jöns Jakob Berzelius
As an Australian-Canadian the Fahrenheit temperature scale always seemsed a bit arbitrary. I mean why does water freeze at 32 degrees? And what exactly does zero represent?
According to many sources the Fahrenheit scale was defined by setting zero degrees equal to the temperature of an ice, salt, and water mixture and 100 degrees being roughly equal to human body temperature. But that isn’t true.
The real story is much more interesting, and scientific...
August 14th 1701 was almost certainly the worst day in the life of fifteen year-old Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. On that day both of his parents died suddenly from mushroom poisoning. He was sent from Poland, where he lived, to Amsterdam to become an apprentice bookkeeper.
But Fahrenheit couldn’t stand his apprenticeship and ran away so many times his employers put out a warrant for his arrest. Traveling from city to city around Europe, he became fascinated with scientific instruments and in particular thermometers.
In 1708, possibly seeking help with the warrant, Fahrenheit met with the mayor of Copenhagen, who happened to be the famous astronomer Ole Romer.
Romer is known for observing the eclipses of Jupiter’s moons and realizing that variations in the timing of those eclipses was caused by the time it took light to reach Earth. In other words, he found a way to accurately measure the finite speed of light.
But more pertinent to this story, in 1702 Romer was housebound after breaking his leg. To pass the time he devised a new temperature scale with the freezing point of water at 7.5 degrees and body temperature at 22.5 degrees.
This might seem odd until you consider that Romer wanted the boiling point of water to be 60 degrees (as an astronomer, he had experience dividing things by 60). If you take this scale, divide it in half, in half again, and in half once more, you find the freezing point of water 1/8th up the scale, and human body temperature 3/8th up the scale.
So at their meeting in 1708, Fahrenheit learned of Romer’s temperature scale and adopted it as his own, adjusting it slightly because he found it “inconvenient and inelegant on account of the fractional numbers”. So he scaled them up to 8 and 24.
That is the original Fahrenheit scale. He produced thermometers for some time using this scale.
But then, at some later time Fahrenheit multiplied all numbers on his scale by four, setting freezing point to the now familiar 32 and body temperature to 96. It’s unclear exactly why he did this. He may just have wanted finer precision in his measurements but I think there was a better reason.
You see, Fahrenheit was an excellent instrument maker. His thermometers agreed with each other precisely, at a time when that was unheard of. He pioneered the use of mercury as a measuring liquid, which has the benefit of a much higher boiling point than the alcohol used in most other thermometers at the time. For these accomplishments, he was inducted into the British Royal Society.
And we know he read the works of Newton, Boyle, and Hooke, in which he would have come across the idea that a one degree increase in temperature should correspond to a specific fractional increase in the volume of the measuring liquid.
And today a one degree Fahrenheit increase in temperature increases the volume of mercury by exactly one part in 10,000. Is this just a coincidence? We’ll probably never know for sure because as an instrument maker Fahrenheit was secretive about his methods. But I think the data strongly suggests this was the case.
So what exactly did zero represent on the scales of Fahrenheit and Romer? By many accounts it’s the temperature of a salt, ice and water mixture. But there are different descriptions of these mixtures and none of them actually produces the temperature they’re supposed to. More likely I think they picked the coldest temperature in winter, set that as zero and later used ice and brine to calibrate new thermometers. Now his scale is only used regularly in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Belize, oh and the United States of America.

Hi ArmyOnces
Hi ArmyOnces 18 timmar sedan
When everyone else uses celsius
Joffox #
Joffox # Dag sedan
Can we all adopt Kelvin(K), which is the absolute measure of temperature and is the S.I. unit of it?
Mr. Papa
Mr. Papa 2 dagar sedan
is that Poland map before WWII? or... not>
Bowie Twombly
Bowie Twombly 5 dagar sedan
Unpopular opinion (outside of the U.S.): Fahrenheit is a better system of measurement than Celsius for casual usage. For laymen, temperature is most often used in relation to the human body, whether it be describing the ambient temperature of an environment, or an object someone is touching. With Fahrenheit, you can get a good descriptive sense at the tens place, i.e. saying it will be "in the 50's today" gives a precise description of the feeling of the weather that is not possible with Celsius (the difference between 10°C and 20°C being the difference between 50°F and 68°F). Fahrenheit quickly and easily describes temperature in ways that matter most commonly, and with more precision as whole numbers than Celsius. The environment commonly reaches both 0°F and 100°F and intuitively correspond to very cold and very hot, but well within the scope of human experience. Plus, if you want precision for scientific purposes, just use Kelvin. Celsius is useless beyond the fact that so many people use it. It is the Sunk Cost Fallacy at a global scale. The rest of metric is quite good though 😄
Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer
Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer 5 dagar sedan
Only America agree with Liberia and Burma in that thing, rest of the world disagree with them.
theth mor
theth mor 6 dagar sedan
0:43 - that little coastal part at the northeast isn't Polish, but Russian. Also it could be more credible if we would look at a 1701 map, there would be no worries about Kaliningrad
LiaR N N
LiaR N N 6 dagar sedan
buena mierda
Stormin' Norvin
Stormin' Norvin 7 dagar sedan
2:01 Is this right? I thought Fahrenheit multiplied Rømer's numbers by 4 to come up with 0, 30, 90, and 240. He later found 90 to be too low for human body temperature at some point so he increased it to 96. Then later, to make it easier to create 1° markings, Fahrenheit used 64° difference between water freezing (increased to 32) and average human body temperature (96). Like you said, this may be related to mercury increasing it's volume by 1 part in 10,000 with each degree increase with Fahrenheit. The 240 doesn't make sense to me as I am not sure what Rømer used in his thermometer when he created his temperature scale. If it was some form of alcohol, it would boil before water does. 60*4=240 doesn't make sense as we all know water boils (at standard sea level air pressure) at 212 °F. I do know after Fahrenheit died in 1736 that the definition of water freezing was set to be exactly 32 °F and water boiling was set to be exactly 212 °F which made the average human body temperature change from 96 °F to 98.6 °F. I also know Fahrenheit invented the mercury-filled thermometer in 1714 so he is owed thanks by Celsius and Christin who probably used mercury thermometers when they created their temperature scales.
Laith Means Lion
Laith Means Lion 8 dagar sedan
Polymatter would disagree with you
Wojciech Bednarz
Wojciech Bednarz 9 dagar sedan
pwnDonkey 14 dagar sedan
fahrenheits waaaaay bettsr for daily life. theres a difference between 90 91 92 degrees. what is that 24.3 24.7 25 C? celcius is stoopid.
Brandon 14 dagar sedan
I thought you were going to say it's time we use the global scale of Kelvin
Electronic Adventures
Electronic Adventures 14 dagar sedan
Americans are truly beyond all rational comprehension. They're basically hamstringing themselves and paying an incredible price by not using the metric system just to screw with the world and to be "different" but certainly not in a good way. It's the ignorant people who have the loudest voice when it comes to clinging to obsolescence. It's unfair and selfish for the next generations that are forced to carry this crap into their world with them. Stop "converting", stop being so obstinate and understand what makes the SI so important, America. Nobody is impressed with you. You're a special needs nation.
ViliamF 16 dagar sedan
Woah, so nobody will talk about the scary animation of him having 4 eyes when looking forward, and 2 when looking to side?!
K. T.
K. T. 16 dagar sedan
I had to check if I was watching a minute physics video
Beacon Blaster
Beacon Blaster 17 dagar sedan
This is Veritasium right?
Matthew Mazzetti
Matthew Mazzetti 18 dagar sedan
I don't know why people use the freezing/boiling point of water as a point against of Fahrenheit. Like that isn't arbitrary. Has anyone ever measured the temperature of boiling water?
Johns Town
Johns Town 19 dagar sedan
How about the world goes $&@! yourself -we’re Americans and we like screwing with everyone.
Frost Rusher
Frost Rusher 20 dagar sedan
3:19 FOUR EYES! This man is a Monster!
Funtime Florian
Funtime Florian 21 dag sedan
Real men use Kelvin
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 22 dagar sedan
I love farinhite scale
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 22 dagar sedan
And because of kerbal space program I am more familiar with meters per second than miles per hour
amruta rahalkar-mogal
amruta rahalkar-mogal 23 dagar sedan
Nobody gonna talk about how cute the animation is?
Rover Red
Rover Red 23 dagar sedan
I think I might know why Americans have such a hard time dropping the Fahrenheit scale in exchange for the seemingly simpler Celsius. The span of degrees between freezing and boiling in °F began as 60. It's divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, and 60. By rounding and quadrupling his numbers, he wound up with a base 240 system. The factors of 240 are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, 30, 40, 48, 60, 80, 120, 240. There are 20 increments into which you can conveniently divide the Fahrenheit scale, as opposed to the 9 options Celsius offers: 1, 2, 4, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100. There are more than twice as many options in Fahrenheit before the use of decimals becomes necessary for the layman's daily use, and because we're all familiar was a base-60 time and geometry system, we're already primed to use a temperature system of this kind. We also have a base-12 system for dimensional measurement. Even for those who aren't mathematically inclined, Fahrenheit lends itself well to daily use. Decimal systems are very convenient because we count using base-10. Base-60 systems are convenient because they're highly divisible. I don't think either is really superior. They set out to achieve the same task in different ways and both came up with clever ways to make the tracking of temperature convenient. Personally, though, I'd like to see a system that puts 0° at absolute 0 and boiling point of water at 360°
HyperSpify 23 dagar sedan
Kelvin > Celsius!
tentimesful 24 dagar sedan
fahrenheit is garbage someone made times 2, times 1.8 instead the easy head formula for 10 degrees wrong every 100 degree... Either here are the 2 formulas: C* 9 / 5 + 32 = 1.8 *C + 32 = F C = (F - 32) / 1.8 fahrenheit easier every 9 degrees you get extra degree C = (F-32)/2 easier for the head F = 2 * C + 32
Aditya A. Aima
Aditya A. Aima 24 dagar sedan
India still uses Fahrenheit to measure body temperature
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 24 dagar sedan
I'm 169 cm tall and weigh 68 kg. My Canadian doctor told me so.
Chasen Wayne
Chasen Wayne 25 dagar sedan
So if Celsius wasnt coined after Celsius, that proves that Fahrenheit is acctually better, because it was named after Fahrenheit. Which even sounds cooler. I may be biased because I'm an American, but at least if I invented something itd be named after me.
hiasei1980 27 dagar sedan
Farenheit was German. At this time Danzig was German.
dee dee
dee dee 28 dagar sedan
celsius is trash for cheese-eating yuropoors
B4NE_117 28 dagar sedan
LoL i just can’t understand how anybody could still use this nonsense for measuring temperature 😂
Claude Mwaura
Claude Mwaura 29 dagar sedan
boring but cool
Kenneth Kline
Kenneth Kline 29 dagar sedan
I would be willing to make a new scaling system where the temperature of outer space starts at 0
Kenneth Kline
Kenneth Kline 29 dagar sedan
Proves we should stop being prideful and just all adopt Fahrenheit!
Miklos de Rijk
Miklos de Rijk 29 dagar sedan
So Yanks make fun of Polish people, but they use a Polish scale?
Rahaman Michael
Rahaman Michael 29 dagar sedan
4:00 Now I don't think I ever will LMAO. Also I think you forgot to say Fahrenheit is the best scale.
Metrion77 Månad sedan
Oh yes. Celsius. So much more grounded. 0 is the freezing point of distilled water at ground level at a random humidity, and 100 is the boiling point in that exact same setting, but with even more confounding factors, which means each individual degree is completely meaningless. I mean, it's not like there's a real ZERO in temperature that is ABSOLUTE and based in real barriers, and not based on some random liquid at a random point on the planet. #Kelvin #WelcomeToTheModernAge #Sarcasm #Hashtag
Wesley Ashley
Wesley Ashley Månad sedan
Negative 40 degrees is the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius so if you add 40 degrees to both scales they would be the same temperature at zero degrees.
Eric Ulfsparre
Eric Ulfsparre Månad sedan
Much easier to do in your head 212 - 32 = 180, 180 /1.8 = 100 0 * 1.8 + 32 = 32 works every time.
nobuyukinyuu Månad sedan
I'll use celsius for everything BUT the weather, if forced. Why? What other system lets you determine how unbearably hot or cold it feels outside from 0-100? Just let us have this.
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation Månad sedan
Celsius: accurate, smaller number scale, less precise Farenheit: accurate, larger number scale, more precise
Reladaf Majes
Reladaf Majes Månad sedan
Fahrenheit is better for weather temperature, Celsius is better for math and science
Xylokill Månad sedan
32°F = 0°C 32°F + 32°F = 0°C + 0°C 64°F = 0°C 64°F = 32°F
Diogo Cichocki
Diogo Cichocki Månad sedan
A realy autistic guy... and a buntch os people that use this autistic thing
ivano pavic
ivano pavic Månad sedan
omg in the background music is from kerbal space program
I J Månad sedan
Modern Fahrenheit is based on Celsius anyway
Gabriel M
Gabriel M Månad sedan
0:31 That's not how you pronounce Gabriel
ravi yadav
ravi yadav Månad sedan
SexDrugsNpostprod Månad sedan
I had a dream that I met you but I was super awkward and could not hide my excitation.
Nathir Rawashdeh
Nathir Rawashdeh Månad sedan
I see two usable features on the Fahrenheit scale. (1) body temp is 100 which is easy to remember. (2) 0 - 100 F can mean the (coldest it will every bee outside -to- hottest it will be) . The fact that there is so much resolution is not really helpful in everyday life. For example, 50F and 55F basically fell the same.
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation Månad sedan
Farenheit is more precise due to a larger degree scale.
lzepln Månad sedan
Fahrenheit is a better scale for measuring weather. 0 to 100 gives us a fairly typical range of what you would experience at the majority of places on earth. 0 is a really freaking cold day, and 100 is really hot. It’s a sensible range to use to talk about atmospheric temperatures in our daily lives. Compare that same range to Celsius and you get approximately -20 to 40. Why good is that? Unless I’m a scientist, what connection is there between my daily life and the boiling point of water? 40 to 100, prime real estate in the temperature scale, completely unused to talk about the weather in our daily lives. Meanwhile, in colder places, you’ll spend most of the year in the negatives.
ADITYA YT Månad sedan
Wtf means what the fahrenheat
Phoenix Månad sedan
wait Fahrenheit was developed by a Pole... well I think I'm going back to Fahrenheit then!
Ody Månad sedan
Damn! I always thought this was this dumb "coldest winter of my city" and "heat of that horse's blood" story. Only to realize now that Fahrenheit was a pretty smart guy
KingOfGames Månad sedan
As an American I would like to keep Fahrenheit because I intuitively know what the temperature is based on the number. If you say it's 24 degrees Celsius out then idk wtf you mean by that. The only time I use Celsius is with computers since CPU and GPU temperatures are reported as Celsius and I know the range in temperatures components should be kept at.
Forlorn Eater
Forlorn Eater Månad sedan
I'm glad I hate mushrooms...
shadow stalk
shadow stalk Månad sedan
maybe we can get rid of the metric system and just keep the imperial system?? bec well its just better..
Paweł Mrozek
Paweł Mrozek Månad sedan
0:42 Wait a moment. When Poland had such borders in history?
Ay-Leck Månad sedan
Listen bruh I just see 0 F as really cold and 100 F as really hot. When I look at Celsius it says that 0 C is kinda cold and 100 C will kill you. Just doesn’t make sense to me. And yes I’m farming replies so go ahead and bicker down below.
Maddie B.
Maddie B. Månad sedan
My, those are some interesting-looking early 18th century borders!
Terotoo LP
Terotoo LP Månad sedan
this ksp background music xD
Ashley Thompson
Ashley Thompson Månad sedan
Yeah Straya
Azmiah04 Månad sedan
I dont get why everyone around the world prys at us to change our system like it's in our hands to do so lol. Or they ask us why we use it. Idfk we were just taught it
Cinematic Productions
Cinematic Productions Månad sedan
@Azmiah04 I was just trying to answer to your comment, since it seemed to imply a question to me. Sorry if I misunderstood you or you just want to vent. I am not blaming you personally for anything :) But you wanted to know why people may be inclined to nag the US system, didn't you? With regards to learning English, I can just speak from personal observation and experience here. Looking at English, to me the basics appear certainly less convoluted than in German or French, the other two languages I am familiar with. Gender neutral articles and much less conjugation, for example. Learning English has been less effort than learning French, and German can be tricky even as a native speaker. Also, I am definitely not saying that everybody needs to know every language. I'm saying the opposite, if anything. The point behind the metric system for measurements is exactly that: If everybody can just agree on and use the same way of expressing certain things (measurements in particular), it becomes easier and less confusing to participate in international conversation and collaborations for everybody. By the way, you don't have to redo or remove literature using the imperial system even if you switch over to metric. You could just join the rest of the world in looking at those units as usable, but not as nice as they could be. Knowledge, language, culture and the like to change all the time. They are different from cooling installations.
Azmiah04 Månad sedan
@Cinematic Productions your making it sound like everyone has to know every language. With all the technology in the world plus the size of our population, and foreign languages taught in schools, its already pretty easy to learn or translate into any language.
Azmiah04 Månad sedan
@Cinematic Productions actually english is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Or the grammar is. One of the two. And no one said i was trying to tell you guys what to be mad at. Im saying constantly everyone asks us to change it like its up to a 15 year old kid. Take that up with the people in power. Its like if i asked why dont everyone just use an air conditioner instead of a fan. The obvious answer is not everyone can afford one, and to mass produce so everyone could, would cost way too much money and time. Same with USA. We would have to toss away every single book in america and rewrite everything. And every single person would have to learn it. I get it may be inconvenient to everyone else but it doesn't mean we have to go through it :)
Cinematic Productions
Cinematic Productions Månad sedan
It is just inconvenient for everyone. 'the world' goes through the actual effort of learning to understand, write and speak an entire language. Allthough English is not as hard as many other languages of course. And then some of the few people who do not have to put in any effort to participate in international conversion since English is their native language can't even bother to adapt the global scientific measurement system? Which, unlike the entire language English or the imperial system, is actually a pretty simple and very logical system of measurement? It absolutely isn't your fault that you are taught what you are taught. But I also don't think you have any ground to complain about when people express frustration with your way of measuring things :)
warny1978 Månad sedan
I thought that the C in °C was for centigrade ?
Patches O'Houlihan
Patches O'Houlihan Månad sedan
You can take your Celsius propaganda and shove it, maple boy.
Tim Tam
Tim Tam Månad sedan
isnt it that stupid thing americans use instead of celsius?
Lolgamer Månad sedan
Im i the only one recognizing the musik from kerbal space program in the background?
The Gaming Chicken
The Gaming Chicken Månad sedan
Can the 3 or 4 remaining countries just adopt Celsius/the Metic system already? We’ve have some pretty bad screwups due to errors in translation, and it’s way more accurate
Vadim Bolshakov
Vadim Bolshakov Månad sedan
What The Fahr?
Avon isSoCool
Avon isSoCool Månad sedan
There's still one real question. *WHY USE FAHRENHEIT ?!!!!!*
Avon isSoCool
Avon isSoCool Månad sedan
@Sammed Pandharkar that makes sense.
Avon isSoCool
Avon isSoCool Månad sedan
@Youngmoon Plays wow wow wow. Easy man, i dont know what happened to your life, but we're talking just about temperature degree here. I am sorry if life doesn't like what you want it to be.
Youngmoon Plays
Youngmoon Plays Månad sedan
@Avon isSoCool no get a life fucktard
Sammed Pandharkar
Sammed Pandharkar Månad sedan
Coz it's difficult to re-educate some people
Avon isSoCool
Avon isSoCool Månad sedan
@Youngmoon Plays yeah right, that is why scientist use Fahrenheit as scale measure. Nope nevermind, THEY USE KELVIN. Go to college.
GonkDroid 4Prez
GonkDroid 4Prez Månad sedan
I really hate the metric system; you can't even divide by three.
GonkDroid 4Prez
GonkDroid 4Prez Månad sedan
@HoboGrifter not easily
HoboGrifter Månad sedan
...yes you can
TheJooomes Månad sedan
Every PC gamer should be familiar with Celsius, at least from 30-100.
Daniel Schaummann
Daniel Schaummann Månad sedan
America: Nope
Brett McMillan
Brett McMillan Månad sedan
Had no idea that you were Australian/Canadian. Me too!! I know that we don’t use imperial in Canada but there are so many older Canadians who do still use it to some degree.
cafar yukeri
cafar yukeri Månad sedan
free download link for 4 metric converter calculator emulator svfrom.info/history/video/f6aiYYvSyNyhadA
PatrioticWhiteMail911 Månad sedan
"Hey America, you should adopt metric". Ok. "Hey America, why haven't you adopted it"? I did. "No you didn't". Yes I did. Congress passed a resolution making it the official language of measurement in the U.S. "Then why aren't you forcing people to use it"? Because measurement is a form of communication which falls into legal restrictions of the first amendment.
The Thieves' Domain
The Thieves' Domain 14 dagar sedan
We only like force when it comes to our presidential elections taking our guns... too bad I'm not joking...
e a
e a Månad sedan
Fahrenheit is for how people feel about the temperature. Clesius is for how water feels about the temperature. have fun expressing ur temperature to 5 decimal places for no reason
kokroucz Månad sedan
I didn't know he was from Poland. Fahrenheit's scale is never used in Poland it's obviously Celsius and Kelvin in school
mecha Månad sedan
He was German
maximus Månad sedan
metric FTW
DarkBrave_ Månad sedan
lol the kerbal space program music (yes i know someone else made it)
m s
m s Månad sedan
Can we just use kelvin now god damn it
Mic_Glow Månad sedan
Kelvin is the scientific one, Celsius is the everyday "makes sense" one and Fahrenheit is the "special" one.
Rekha Sarkar
Rekha Sarkar Månad sedan
I want sexyually harrasement videos
Priyanshu Mallick
Priyanshu Mallick Månad sedan
In India, we use Fahrenheit only for taking body temperature. Because it's easier to remember if your body temperature is above 100° you got a fever, and below 100 to 94° you're fine.
Roberto Månad sedan
Great video. Also, why can't we just use the Kelvin scale?
Enrique Robledo
Enrique Robledo Månad sedan
Good ol rome!?
DarthAlphaTheGreat Månad sedan
Ah 60 based, just like degree and many relics of the past. Time for radian and Kelvin! :P
Keya Månad sedan
do you have a video on base 60 + the invention of time + why minutes + seconds are astronomical terms?
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta Månad sedan
So funny and so informative
mike albers
mike albers Månad sedan
Celsius sucks.
Eric Horchuck
Eric Horchuck Månad sedan
I can't find one video to teach me celsius. There's a bunch of conversion videos but I want to learn it like I know Fahrenheit. When I hear it's going to be 70° F I know that it's going to be a nice day. I guess I just have to convert over and over again until I just know. 😥
Eric Horchuck
Eric Horchuck Månad sedan
@Unogal Thanks! That, actually, was really informative. Thank you. 😀
Unogal Månad sedan
0 degrees Celsius = ice melts/water freezes 100 degrees Celsius = water boils/ steam condenses Below 0 degrees - A freezing winter, more likely to occur in Northen Hemisphere. 0-10 degrees - Winter 10-20 degrees Spring and Autumn in Northen Hemisphere 20-30 degrees - Cooling temperature for countries near the equator. 30-40 degrees - Daily temperature along the equator 37.5 degrees - Fever 24-26 degrees - Air conditioning So how do countries that use Celsius know about how they feel based on these numbers? It's simple, they use numbers like 37.5(fever), 0 degrees (ice) and 24-26 degrees (air conditioning) for reference. If it's a hot day, it's definitely not 24-26 degrees, neither does it feel as terrible as a fever, hence one can conclude that the temperature is around 30 degrees celsius. If it's a chilly day, it is colder than air conditioning but warmer than ice, its around 10-20 degrees celsius. If you have to wear multiple layers as the temperature feels as close as ice, the temperature is close to 0.
blazej.p Månad sedan
Love the KSP music 😂
Chez Van Dijk
Chez Van Dijk Månad sedan
Australian Canadian? last time you were a South African Canadian .................... sad to change so soooon...............
Omni1012 Månad sedan
I feel like Celsius should be for scientific purposes, but Fahrenheit for normal everyday life, because it’s more precise
Dante Uriah
Dante Uriah Månad sedan
Celsius gang here.
Mick Avoidant
Mick Avoidant Månad sedan
Running water can freeze at well below 32F/0C, as can bottled water. 32/0 is the melting point of ice.
Hasan Siddiqui
Hasan Siddiqui Månad sedan
wait what!! this guy was watching eclipses of jupiter moon 300 years ago even now jupiter is hardly visible from a high tech telescope.
Gokcen Isparta
Gokcen Isparta Månad sedan
i dont umderstand it but yeah...
Wu Zongshu
Wu Zongshu Månad sedan
0˚F=coldest thing in Fahrenheit's lab Human body temp (believed to be 96˚F at the time) is 3x the freezing temp of water (32˚F).
Bohan Xu
Bohan Xu Månad sedan
3:00 "one degree increase in temperature corresponds to a specific volume increase in mercury" what does it even mean before statistical mechanically understanding of energy, entropy, and temperature? even addition of temperature doesn't seem meaningful (pre-statistical mechanics). did people really have other ways of understand temperature and addition of temperature back then? or they simply defined temperature through thermal expansion which means "one degree increase in temperature corresponds to a specific volume increase in mercury" is a trivial statement true by definition.
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Sen Çal Kapımı 19. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı
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