What Is Going on With BMW's Weird Decisions Lately?

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BMW has made some strange decisions lately. Today I'm going to tell you my thoughts on BMW's recent moves, why they're so odd, and where BMW should go from here.
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Tom Beattie
Tom Beattie 3 timmar sedan
BMW are trying to appeal to an audience that can't afford their cars
TwoSheds Jack
TwoSheds Jack 5 timmar sedan
Maybe they should take a look at the paychecks the younger generation of - let's say - under 30 year old people cash in each month. and after that maybe they want to take a look an all the other expenses of said younger generation. and then maybe they could take a look at their own pricetags - before options. and then maybe bmw is ready to stick their grill and their tweets up theirs...
Daniel Staggers
Daniel Staggers 9 timmar sedan
Boomer? You know why advertisers covet the 25 to 45 age range people? BECAUSE THEY'RE GULLIBLE! LOOK IT UP.
Jeff McJeff
Jeff McJeff 12 timmar sedan
3:37 BMW = Bully My Whip.
Juan Espinosa
Juan Espinosa Dag sedan
My favorite discussion with German taxi drivers from Munich? Dude, why do you drive a Mercedes E-Class instead of a BMW limo? That's the ultimate Bavarian car. They always answer, are you crazy? I want a car with which I can drive 400,000 kilometers in 3 years? With BMW I'd be at a loss; it would be in the shop all the time. But still i hear a lot of complaints about the E-class, nonetheless.
michael Bush
michael Bush Dag sedan
In the voice of Nelson, ha ha.
Victor Mupfururi
Victor Mupfururi 2 dagar sedan
Omw sorry, that grille sucks I'd have the M340i xdrive rather than an m3 Wait nm I'd have the alfa romeo giulia QV actually
V S 2 dagar sedan
bmw drivers are jerks irl. they deserve this crappy new look. carma.
Le Oben
Le Oben 2 dagar sedan
BMW...A.(B)adly (M)ade (W)omen
TheGreenGT86 3 dagar sedan
"Tell us you own a BMW without telling us you own a BMW." - Broken. The V10 is ALWAYS broken.
james curtis
james curtis 4 dagar sedan
Would't take a new BMW if you gave it to me- overpriced, ugly garbage
RJ H 5 dagar sedan
When you own a BMW, you can save a lot of time and money by driving it directly to the car crusher. And not everyone realizes what the "BM" in BMW really stands for.
RJ H 5 dagar sedan
"Cars and Bids" seems like a giant ripoff.
Daniel Avallone
Daniel Avallone 5 dagar sedan
I liked my 328is but $900 to replace a window motor isn't sustainable, my accord coupe cost less than 200 bucks incl labor!
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond 6 dagar sedan
The kidney grills should be even bigger, like 50% of the front. More helps more.
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis 6 dagar sedan
How to make a come back number one get rid of that grill number to start making standard transmission vehicles again number three get rid of the one series number for no Front Wheel Dr., #5 make a decent driving beautiful affordable BMW for $50,000
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis 6 dagar sedan
Ugliest Bmw I’ve ever seen
lerlo 7 dagar sedan
What is he using as a table?
Tommaso Marsiglia
Tommaso Marsiglia 7 dagar sedan
the big problem's not the grille itself but the plate covering the design of it..
Chase Childress
Chase Childress 7 dagar sedan
The bmw grill in thumbnail be lookin like a waffle iron.
TrAcKsUiT_sEnPai 7 dagar sedan
BMW Team: How will we make more money from younger people? BMW Guy: INSULT OUR MOST TRUSTED BUYERS! 6 years later: BMW, Your most trusted Fridge company!
Luke Skywalking
Luke Skywalking 8 dagar sedan
All corporations and institutions are going through radical purge shifts. It might take a decade before they get sorted out.
Wouter Kors
Wouter Kors 9 dagar sedan
Doug is rippn these fools apart
Leon 10 dagar sedan
That's the problem when you replaced majority of experienced staff with 'creative' millennials... ...
Andreas T
Andreas T 10 dagar sedan
That's the ugliest BMW ever produced. Ridiculous design
THESocialJusticeWarrior 10 dagar sedan
if the i8 were fast and the i3 economical they would be in a different place. They could still do that.... but they wont, dunno why.
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 10 dagar sedan
Anyone who wants to buy a car outside the warranty period won't buy a BMW or a Tesla !
Philipp Schmid
Philipp Schmid 12 dagar sedan
Youth social media campaigns and a car line up that only golden spoons can drive, looking rather bullish and old. A hint to bmw would be that tesla's look sleek.
Douglas Johnson
Douglas Johnson 12 dagar sedan
Here is what BMW should do. Re-release the BMW 2002 Tii, IN ANALOG. Give it modern handling, but make it something you can actually work on yourself. Sell it with an essential tools kit. It would have to be super light. And give it something new for BMW-a unique sound. And give it a carburetor. Make 10,000 of them a with a price point under $50k. The car won’t outperform anything, it’ll have 1970s comfort, you’ll have to get tune ups, but 100% of everything that goes into that car will be aimed at one thing: driver-to-car CONNECTION. Oh, and manual ONLY. Connection is something everyone loves, but tech and electric are the death of connection. People feel connected to their ride on lawnmowers but they don’t feel connected to their golf cart. connection connection connection.
fumes des péterds
fumes des péterds 13 dagar sedan
Cars and bids is the most nighties name in the world
Jonathan Tatler
Jonathan Tatler 13 dagar sedan
That revolting front grille is without doubt the most appalling design and probably driving buyers ANYWHERE else
peter Johnson
peter Johnson 14 dagar sedan
Doge has way better ideas 800 hp fuck the world and the environment 😂
Vigorous Apathy Games
Vigorous Apathy Games 14 dagar sedan
Make it look like you're standing in front of a green screen without actually standing in front of a green screen.
Tom Harriman
Tom Harriman 14 dagar sedan
I find the comment from the BMW owner who's broken timing chair destroyed his engine at 79 thousand miles really ironic. My first car was my sister in laws used 1972 Chevy Vega. It made it to 85 thousand miles before the plastic timing gear failed and destroyed the engine. The funny part is that a modern BMW is less reliable, and with a shorter engine life than one of the worst cars of the 1970s. Doug's right, no one cares about BMWs anymore.
m h
m h 15 dagar sedan
I love mercedes Benz
Gary Tillery
Gary Tillery 15 dagar sedan
After driving my new car for 6 months I accidentally hit a lever on the side of my steering column and there was a light on the left front and rear of my car that started blinking....
Gary Tillery
Gary Tillery 15 dagar sedan
BMW has become so cringe
Shadow man
Shadow man 16 dagar sedan
soooo bmw is literally dying so its trying to grab some attention with some weird (bad) car designs and weird tweets.......... i will never buy a bmw again
wowow 17 dagar sedan
Mercedes is moving on EV's Doug, they already have a big lineup
wowow 17 dagar sedan
I never wanted a Tesla, the kids dreaming of one has never known the downsides as well as the unbelievably terrible reliability of a tesla,
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 17 dagar sedan
Desperation is never attractive...
Shiny Fast & Loud
Shiny Fast & Loud 17 dagar sedan
Doug keeps citing Tesla as their competition........the decline of BMW is totally proportional to the rise of Audi....especially in the Wuropean market.
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 17 dagar sedan
BMW is literally designing ugly cars for the Chinese market and saying a big FU to the rest of the world!!! No one should buy a BMW again for the disrespect they have to western clients!!
Scott Glassner
Scott Glassner 18 dagar sedan
IMO you could answer what's next for BMW. Just create a car that doesnt need the customer to be best friends with the dealership mechanic.
dfy goh
dfy goh 18 dagar sedan
I know Toyota LC is a nice SUV, but 0:53 who the hell paying $26,000 for a 97
Gregory Perkins
Gregory Perkins 18 dagar sedan
I think the new bmw look better the front end looks super agressive
Jon Hoover
Jon Hoover 18 dagar sedan
You can't get a piece of the the young person market with memes and $80k mid sized sedans and crossovers.... They're broke! 🤣
Gizzo Vizzo
Gizzo Vizzo 18 dagar sedan
He forgot the mention the BMW supra
Al K
Al K 18 dagar sedan
We need some long term thinking on this short term thinking thing.
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 19 dagar sedan
They can't admit the massive grille doesn't work! When they were wide but not deep they looked ok, but they've stayed with the kidney grilles too long!
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 19 dagar sedan
Massive grille........on a car that doesn't need a grille! Audi are doing the same, but at least Audi are making them good looking!
scruffs by Cartoon Fish
scruffs by Cartoon Fish 19 dagar sedan
BMW and Mercedes are always competing so much that they have to have a model for every niche, and it dilutes them both!
John Sumser
John Sumser 20 dagar sedan
Lexis does Fine with enormous ugly grills. Oh, and the best humorous ad campaign of all time was probably the 1970’s VW ads.
Matthew Lynaugh
Matthew Lynaugh 20 dagar sedan
why do I feel like your website has a little overpriced cars
Hujek Kurwinski
Hujek Kurwinski 20 dagar sedan
Bmw has lost me too. The electric car of amy sort doesnt do anything for me. Im with Doug how in 2001 a BMW made a statement. Even the entry level 325i was eye catching. When i saw the tiny 2 series sedan on the road, i thought it was the worst looking piece of shit, i didnt see it being any different from a Hyundai Elantra or a Nissan Versa
Jesper van Berkel
Jesper van Berkel 21 dag sedan
Doug is the kind of guy to buy an expensive supercar only to use it as a table
Dave Jacobs
Dave Jacobs 21 dag sedan
That grill looks like Robocop's ass. This GenX'r misses my E36 M3.
Will Esco
Will Esco 21 dag sedan
They should make wallets. Break my wallet they foreseen the future....
Luc Tech
Luc Tech 22 dagar sedan
New bmws are the only cars that look better on a tow truck than the showroom floor
12ealDeal 23 dagar sedan
Sony is pulling a BMW at the moment. They're cashing in on the credibility they earned in the late '90s and early '00s for a wider audience. It appeared to work for them in 2015 and the following years, but their recent practices have done substantial damage to their long-term base, turning away the majority of its biggest fans overseas and alienating its core audience in the US. Time will tell how far Sony is willing to tarnish its reputation before their earnings reflect this.
Stephen Fear
Stephen Fear 23 dagar sedan
Whats with the New Zealand T Shirt
yurieu 25 dagar sedan
BMW are ugly, very ugly. Korean manufacturer stole European designers.
carl shipley
carl shipley 25 dagar sedan
I couldn’t agree more and even the new i4 will only give 80% off charge in 30 mins Kia will beat that with a better looking car almost as fast go further,cheaper and charging in 18-5 mins. I really don’t know what BMW are thinking they can’t invest in design in the combustion car as it’s really only got 9 years left but there heart not in electric
Pelicann 26 dagar sedan
This is why I turned to Audi 🤷‍♂️
Roman D
Roman D 27 dagar sedan
Very right observations! But it happened all over the BMW company. I had my Z3 Coupé (2000) serviced at the official BMW-Headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. And they were polite, I always got an excellent cappuccino. BUT: The work was the worst. They built in wrong parts, they scratched my steering wheel really deep, so they needed to get me a new one, on my X1 they somehow "melted" the right mirrors case. I could write down a whole page with all of this. AND they were extremely expensive at the same time - up to double the price for an oil change in comparison. Once they diagnosed on the Z3 that my climatecompressor was leaking and needed replacement for several thousand Euros (Dollars the same) I postponed the repair - and you know what: it worked perfectly 10 more years!!! It took months to get an appointment and they never found a way to change that over 12 years time. Why didn't I go to another workshop earlier? - A long time they blinded me with their "premium appeal" and here in Germany it's always worth a lot if the car was serviced at a headquarter or official dealer and not just any workshop.
Roman D
Roman D 27 dagar sedan
4:46 - if some tells a joke and thinks it's so funny himself, that he laughs so much so you don't understand a word😂
My penis is small, but
My penis is small, but 27 dagar sedan
BMW needs to make a supercar
MrFishSticks 27 dagar sedan
I like the new front end, the enthusiasts can keep their opinions to themselves go back to the 90’s
APE Suit9
APE Suit9 27 dagar sedan
What tf is wrong with him. 🙄
PrematuredGravy 27 dagar sedan
I woulda said ''I haven't used my turn signal. Ever.''
Fred Frogger
Fred Frogger 28 dagar sedan
Well, their first mistake was the i3, which looks like a hobgoblin.
Hello it Is i
Hello it Is i 29 dagar sedan
I know why grills keep getting bigger AUDI GRILLS to compete with audi
Jon Winters
Jon Winters Månad sedan
I don't get BMW, I've never got BMW. Laughing at the giant bucktooth fake grills on their electric prototypes. I see high school kids driving used BMWs that they thought were cool for a few weeks until they started breaking down over and over.
Alexandre Corelli
Alexandre Corelli Månad sedan
2001 was the last year before the arrival of the lunatic chris bangle...
hawkBerlin Månad sedan
In Germany we say: B.M.W. "Bring mich Werkstatt" ~ grammar intentionally wrong ~ in Englisch: "Bring me Workshop"
chris jones
chris jones Månad sedan
Doug, NO!!!!😀
mugensamurai Månad sedan
Nah BMW we're buying Audi now.
Vntamed Månad sedan
if BMW wants to appeal to young people, they need to be cheaper, and not fall apart. not ask to be roasted on twitter xD
SamoScopom Månad sedan
There is a RAV4 in the carsandbids promo, but we haven't seen the review. Will it come out?
幸運な Månad sedan
“tell us you own a BMW without telling us you own a BMW” >has run flat tires >hits pothole >now on side of road
sasa nice
sasa nice Månad sedan
Tesla: lets build a normal looking sedan with rear wheel drive Bmw: lets take drugs
Tesayeke Månad sedan
Toyota's ... I mean Lexus' Spindle Grill struggled to make it this far, I don't think this BMW's ridiculous grill will do.
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Månad sedan
Not sure this video will age well. BMW's are not "cool" anymore but they seem to have a better ev strategy than their closest competitors right now. And they are making some very good cars. Also there was backlash to the big grilles when audi went in that direction years ago followed by lexus and others. I think the new look will age well. Frankly the standard 3 now just looks dull and boring next the the m3 or 4 series.
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson Månad sedan
It seems people are demanding larger with everything auto( wheels, touchscreens, sunroofs) so bmw thought they were onto something with those grills. Problem is the have two while rivals have one and they are having huge problems(no pun intended) coming up with a design solution. On another note all that gesticulation by the presenter was like a jet li movie. I wondered if the exitement I felt was because of the lively topic or kung fu-like presentation. Scotty Kilmer has nothing on Doug!
donnerschwein Månad sedan
Audi is the new BMW
Pepe le Deux
Pepe le Deux Månad sedan
most young car enthusiasts are more likely to buy an older bmw. then when they can afford it, perhaps they would like something equally elegant and special. as opposed to some weirdos satirical garbage labelled as bmw
Chewedbacca Månad sedan
As a half bavarian that drives a VW Polo 9N with folks that pretty much subscribe to BMWs, I can wholeheartedly say that I do not get it. What started as a spicy 1 series thats a hoot and a holler to drive, and a 5 series that was a quick and sexy ski trip machine became bland bloated crossovers that have never seen a dirt road and probably never will. I will make sure to ridicule them as much as i can once they upgrade to that butt fugly grill that looks like it's trying to inhale the license plate.
King Borrelli
King Borrelli Månad sedan
they go back to their route, they get back in the top levels of motorsport, they need to stop over trying and just be German sports cars
Vera D
Vera D Månad sedan
They just have to keep making BMWs.. and not try to make what everyone else is making cause we've already got that.. People bought BMWs cause they were different. So you gotta offer something no one else has. You missed your chance with electric cars, so instead of trying to make the best electric car, try making one of the best remaining diesel/gasoline powered car! Or at least that's what I think...
Jessie Blosser
Jessie Blosser Månad sedan
“tell us you own a bmw without telling us...” I have a second pair of lungs attached to the front of it.
baller Månad sedan
2001 is what MADE BMW.....without 2001 there is no BMW
StacXion Månad sedan
I think Rivian, specifically the R1S, are the best looking EVs, and with the nicest interiors. They're the only one so far where I don't think the screen looks like a design afterthought.
Kevin Dillard
Kevin Dillard Månad sedan
Hophead59 Månad sedan
I remember driving behind a 6 series in the 90s and thinking - wow...when I have the money I'm getting one of those! Now, I own a 2014 M6 and a 2017 750i and although i like driving both and havent had any problems, I will probably never buy a beemer again...for essentially the reasons Doug has detailed here. Their direction is all over the place...
Dukatii HM
Dukatii HM Månad sedan
“Tell is you own bmw without saying you own a bmw” Well my driver side interior door handle doesn’t work so I have to climb out the passenger side of the car to get out, but at the same time, my outside handle on the passenger side doesn’t work so when I take someone in my car, they have to climb in thru the driver side.
Omari Johnson
Omari Johnson Månad sedan
Zip zam zimmer, what the heck is going on with Beamer?
Busy Studying
Busy Studying Månad sedan
Good riddance. I hate bmw
VinylPegasus Månad sedan
Make an all-electric M3 and M5. AND NO GIANT GRILL
saber7ooth Månad sedan
Why does that wall look like a greenscreen? lol
Immso Hood
Immso Hood Månad sedan
BMW = Bloody Motor Wreck
BMW X5 Designer Picks Apart The NEW 4 Series!
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