What Actually Causes Dandruff?

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This fungus lives on your scalp and may affect the genes you express.
Check out Head & Shoulders research on getting rid of dandruff: ve42.co/HS
Animation by Pindex: ve42.co/pindex
When I started this project, I wasn't sure what caused dandruff and I also didn't think much science would go into making a shampoo like Head & Shoulders. So what I learned really surprised me:
There are hundreds of scientists working on this shampoo. They run crazy-sounding experiments like hanging hair near Tokyo highways to understand how real-world environments deposit dirt on hair. They use sophisticated scientific techniques like electron microscopes, nuclear magnetic resonance and gene sequencing to study dandruff on the molecular level.
In fact they sequenced the entire genome of Malassezia globosa in 2002, one year after the human genome project. Their findings are published in international refereed journals. What they have found is that the Malassezia fungi create free fatty acids as byproducts of their digestion, which for some people create irritation and lead to hyper-proliferation of skin cells, flaking, histamines, inflammatory cytokines, and blood proteins reaching the surface of the skin. These findings indicate the unhealthiness of dandruff scalp and suggest a possible remedy - controlling the metabolism of the Malassezia fungi. This is achieved using different active ingredients in different products and different parts of the world, including zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, and piroctone olamine. With the reduction of irritants, the scalp actually expresses different genes, producing a signature more similar to a non-dandruff baseline scalp.
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Glenn Lacco
Glenn Lacco Timme sedan
people on low carbohydrate diets also reduce their dandruff
Zapple 20 timmar sedan
I thought veritasium was pulling of a vsauce and the video will end up on the heat death of the universe
Th4run 23 timmar sedan
Surprised to see Head and Shoulders actually has science behind it and its not just marketing bs
Jorge Ivan Sanchez
Jorge Ivan Sanchez Dag sedan
If it's dinosaur dandruff it's about 6,000-10000 years old, not 65 million years.
Randomnick123 Dag sedan
Think about a representator from head&shoulders having flakes on his shoulders... Im pretty sure they have paid extra care that this guy in video does not have ANYTHING on his dark jacket.
Katie Vang
Katie Vang Dag sedan
Learned a lot but when I use head and shoulders that apparently says “helps with dandruff” I use it for about... 4-5 weeks now and my results was that it added more dandruff before. I know head and shoulders are not for everyone but what I’m saying is that I don’t match head and shoulders or any shampoo in general.
oskar's World
oskar's World Dag sedan
I thought everyone had dandruff
Magesh M
Magesh M Dag sedan
This video is an ad
Nogxme Dag sedan
So basically, the more you stress about it, the more your system's defense will attack these "invaders on your head scalp, causing more skin to be produced = more dandruff" So to summarize, this video made me get more dandruff
gg彡ASWIN彡 2 dagar sedan
I just had a head and shoulders bath
Veteran Bicycle
Veteran Bicycle 2 dagar sedan
Knees and Toes.
Tess E.
Tess E. 2 dagar sedan
Tell H&S to remove SLS and then I'll listen
AABBCC kk 3 dagar sedan
Brilliant intro
poorya aghaei
poorya aghaei 5 dagar sedan
Any anti-dandruff shampoo will make the job done
tater anus
tater anus 6 dagar sedan
I didnt realize that building was the hq for head and shoulders, i live about 30 minutes east from downtown Cincinnati
Timo425 6 dagar sedan
I bet this head and shoulders shampoo doesnt even work on my dandruff.. no regular store shampoo seems to. i have to get my shampoo from a pharmacy.
Akash Saini
Akash Saini 7 dagar sedan
why every girl looks happy and excited when you enter the room ..... what is this magic ? :D
Joel Joseph
Joel Joseph 7 dagar sedan
Lord Thanksalot
Lord Thanksalot 8 dagar sedan
2:16 I am going to have my head swapped. What is that all about? I mean, this is something you do with people all the time? - Oh yeah, every day! Good thing they meant "swabbed".
Dory F
Dory F 8 dagar sedan
This is the best Head & Shoulders commercial I have ever watched.
Makan Tahi
Makan Tahi 9 dagar sedan
i tryed with h/s and many others, and all were the same , for first few times is better but after that it returns on same as before , but when i am on the sae dandruf stops after 3-4 days, and it lasts a few days after home back
Kvs MAHESH 9 dagar sedan
So you are saying they really do research on that?
rafaelfcf 10 dagar sedan
Devshan Fernando
Devshan Fernando 10 dagar sedan
I have a question, why is up-regulated immunity considered as an unhealthy signature? Also, if I do have up-regulated immunity, would getting rid of dandruff lower my immunity to a normal level?
Fly Beep
Fly Beep 11 dagar sedan
As a bald person, all you hairy people now seem nasty lol. You all got this fungus on your heads while I don't. Whenever a person with hair has something to say to me on the subject of having hair I'll also remind them to the fact they also have a head full of fungi while I don't.
Syed Basim
Syed Basim 11 dagar sedan
I thought I bymistakely changed the video
brambedkar59 12 dagar sedan
I use H&S all year round and it doesn't work, like when you stop using it for a few days it gets bad.
dhruba laskar
dhruba laskar 13 dagar sedan
ok welcome ...now pay us for washing
Quasar Supernova
Quasar Supernova 13 dagar sedan
Psoriasis patients violate all these thumb rules
Tzvi Menashe Lifshitz
Tzvi Menashe Lifshitz 14 dagar sedan
Plot twist: This is a product placement of Head and Shoulders.
UnapologeticallyARMY 14 dagar sedan
Okay so this actually made me want to buy Head & Shoulders, compared to their actual ads.
zk 16 dagar sedan
Head and shoulders is a fake product.. doesn't work
toniodotcom 18 dagar sedan
1:56 WAIT!!! Not everybody have dandruff??????????
Aditi Kakkad
Aditi Kakkad 19 dagar sedan
Longest head and shoulders advertisement 😂😂
Alex John
Alex John 19 dagar sedan
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Manjeet Dahiya
Manjeet Dahiya 20 dagar sedan
I just watched 9 min long Head and Shoulders ad
Aman Singh
Aman Singh 21 dag sedan
Make a video on pimples also...
D4NK OTAKU 21 dag sedan
Plot twist this whole video was a Head & Shoulders promotion
Salmonella Ahmed
Salmonella Ahmed 22 dagar sedan
This video in whole is an ad of (Head And Shoulders)
Denis Bushuev
Denis Bushuev 22 dagar sedan
I did not see the video yet. But from my previous experience, I am pretty sure it is General Theory of Relativity to be blamed for.
Incog Nito
Incog Nito 22 dagar sedan
Head & Shoulders is garbage, T/Gel Original is best. 👍
Raul Dias
Raul Dias 23 dagar sedan
Man you had me at the dinosaurs
Raul Dias
Raul Dias 23 dagar sedan
Cristiano Ronaldo
Omar Assla
Omar Assla 25 dagar sedan
Cereal - Agario
Cereal - Agario 25 dagar sedan
Wow, a successful ad. This has actually made me buy head and shoulders, good job guys lol
Dee bh
Dee bh Dag sedan
Ay update us if it works out for you!!
glass water
glass water 25 dagar sedan
now thi is what an ad shoud be
Leonardo Limov
Leonardo Limov 26 dagar sedan
I'm amazed at american medical technology. Now I understand why a ride in an ambulance costs more than a ride on the space shuttle.
Erik Hendrych
Erik Hendrych 26 dagar sedan
This video made me scratch my head.
Gohan Imperial
Gohan Imperial 28 dagar sedan
so what I got from this, is use Head & Shoulders
Ankur Kumar
Ankur Kumar 29 dagar sedan
This is all good, but as soon as I use Head&S... I get scalp pimple. May be it works too different for me
KRISHNA FF 29 dagar sedan
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KRISHNA FF 29 dagar sedan
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Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 29 dagar sedan
0:04 checks to see if I’m still on the same video
Vickie Sanders
Vickie Sanders 29 dagar sedan
Love the intro!
sahil shyam
sahil shyam 29 dagar sedan
the coolest dandruff shampoo ad I've seen!
Has Mas
Has Mas Månad sedan
I had dandruff since I could remember but while I was small I wasn't allowed to use anti dandruff shampoo, but when I was a teen I started using head and shoulders. For the first time jin my life I hated showering. I had physical pain when ever I used it and I tried many types of it. And I wasn't allowed to skip using the shampoo. When I got older and had my own earnings, I changed to another types of shampoo that wasn't anti dandruff, two weeks after that I had a hair that had no dandruff and I wasn't hating my showers. I added the use of conditioners too and my hair haven't been better.
Bex Bexster
Bex Bexster Månad sedan
Head and shoulders made my dandruff worse?!?!
yurikolovsky Månad sedan
Head and shoulders never helped with my dandruff, I got a ichthyol shapoo from a pharmacy and haven't had dandruff since.
Vishal Kumar
Vishal Kumar Månad sedan
What in the world why does head and shoulders have such a scientific lab
jerry pfaff
jerry pfaff Månad sedan
160 million years, i thought it 60 billion. saying stuff where there is absolutely no proof
Approximately Balut
Approximately Balut Månad sedan
I've noticed that when I'm on vacation my dandruff disappears. When I return to work, they come back. Therefore, work causes dandruff! Stress from work that is.
rainbowphoenix 6
rainbowphoenix 6 Månad sedan
*sees this* Me: burns hair off DX t___t
Colonel Cornelius Cornwall
Colonel Cornelius Cornwall Månad sedan
Alright, that’s a wrap. Everyone, make sure to return the science equipment.
J Jonah Jameson
J Jonah Jameson Månad sedan
I don’t know what I witnessed but it scares me
Mahi S
Mahi S Månad sedan
In anti-dandruff shampoo ads they say it's caused to to dryness of the scalp. So dandruff are of 2 types, fungus dandruff and dryness dandruff... is that right?
joppippoj Månad sedan
stop using shampoo when washing your hair will make you get rid of dandruff. (and it will prevent your hair from getting greasy)
Andy S
Andy S Månad sedan
how much did head and sholders pay?
Yousef Baytam
Yousef Baytam Månad sedan
#add for head and sholders lol
NotSoMelancholy 【メラン】
NotSoMelancholy 【メラン】 Månad sedan
I always knew we weren’t just slapping soaps together in a dark room to come up with this stuff, but I never realized just how much work/science actually goes into it
Mola Diver
Mola Diver 10 dagar sedan
There isn't. They just make it look like science. Actual science is trying to be unbiased. These guys are only trying to sell you their product.
Kacper Ożóg
Kacper Ożóg Månad sedan
that's a very long unskipable ad
Squiddy FancySon
Squiddy FancySon Månad sedan
intro hot ❤️🚨🚨🚨👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
A J W Månad sedan
Drink every time they say Head & Shoulders
John Nada
John Nada Månad sedan
Shave your armpits my man... What are you? A caveman?
Galaxi Månad sedan
If you shave your armpits, you are not a man anymore. You are a WOMAN.
Guilherme Maia
Guilherme Maia Månad sedan
Very good video explaining what cause dandruff. The problem is that at 6:41 they show a excellent result, but already used head & shoulders and dandruff never gone away at satisfactory rate, so this part or is a lie, or the shampoo itself used a very diluted version of this chemistry. If the shampoo really did good job, nobody nowadays would have problem with dandruff. But It's an ad anyways... a very good one.
KOJohnson Månad sedan
And those fungi come to you mostly through your shower head. Get a cheap plastic one, and turn it up to drain it after use. Cures most dandruff in and of itself.
individual1st Månad sedan
Little did we know it's an informative ad xD
Okuma Kamizu
Okuma Kamizu Månad sedan
I use selsun blue, head & shoulders don't help me, only irritate)
A7_ZX3 Månad sedan
I used head and shoulders and got dandruff from it smh
bhanu mamatha
bhanu mamatha Månad sedan
I have lost my hair more than usual when I used head and shoulders
alvin Månad sedan
this is ad but i watched until the end
ayesha shaikh
ayesha shaikh Månad sedan
:( tell any treatment
Gustavo Figueiredo
Gustavo Figueiredo Månad sedan
When it started showing dinosaurs I had to make sure I clicked the right video.
Hes The Phantom
Hes The Phantom Månad sedan
I don’t know why, but learning the dinosaurs were warm blooded is such a huge revelation for me
viper3636dr Månad sedan
Woo excellent video! TY
Anurag Thakur
Anurag Thakur Månad sedan
If dinosaurs too had dandruff, This proves the existence of Head & Shoulders in the prehistoric period!
Ian Owens
Ian Owens Månad sedan
The dude made an interesting video about *dandruff*
Josh Thompson
Josh Thompson Månad sedan
Well being bald dont sound too bad now
Fadil Fadz
Fadil Fadz Månad sedan
Haha I’m suffering the dandruff currently
TAYLEN DAY Månad sedan
I knew it, dinosaurs gave us dandruff!
ABHINAV JAIN Månad sedan
Wait, so you are saying ONLY 50% people have dandruff, and it is a condition. FUKKKK
Kenneth Pina
Kenneth Pina Månad sedan
Who ever enter here don’t worry we called into the same trap at the beginning
Dávid Pável
Dávid Pável Månad sedan
Nice ad you got there Derek. I would like to know why do i still have dandruff after years of using Head&Shoulders
Leon Black
Leon Black Månad sedan
Back in the old days, all infomercials were like this, informative, commercial and lasting 10 minutes
Dream's Paralysis Demon
Dream's Paralysis Demon Månad sedan
I can finally believe Shampoo companies and their supposed "claims"
Sohail Khan
Sohail Khan Månad sedan
4.48 "Free Fatty Asses"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Lev Just lev
Lev Just lev Månad sedan
Most of the time, it's the body's immune system that damages it's host
Robin Hugli
Robin Hugli Månad sedan
man the chemists at h&s looks like they are having the happiest day ever
AK TREVOR Månad sedan
Head and Shoulders didn't work for me 😫
Henry Villamor
Henry Villamor Månad sedan
And they can kill Aliens, as well.
Robbie Rotten
Robbie Rotten Månad sedan
My head started to itch when seeing this...
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