Welding in Space

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In space, metals can weld together without heat or melting.
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Written by Joh Howes and Derek Muller
Yes, it's pronounced Gemini (ee not eye) because that's the way everyone pronounced this mission.
Thanks to Patreon supporters:
Bryan Baker, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi
Gemini IV transcripts: www.jsc.nasa.gov/history/mission_trans/gemini4.htm
Gemini IV recordings:
archive.org/details/Gemini4 (relevant clip is 1297 at about 2:00)
ESA cold welding recommendations:
Cold welding gold nanowire:
Music by Kevin MacLeod "Intrepid" www.incompetech.com

typelogin 3 dagar sedan
any excuse to eat a chocolate covered salted nutroll
kurt Mora
kurt Mora 3 dagar sedan
Space is beautiful Science is beautiful My huge-ass text book is not
DarkBrave_ 4 dagar sedan
and now we have it in ksp 1.11
Antonio K
Antonio K 4 dagar sedan
im sad i cant eat peanuts anymore fuk alergyes
Mangesh Sodnar
Mangesh Sodnar 9 dagar sedan
2:45 I like that oxide layer
Matt T
Matt T 12 dagar sedan
Dude a chocolate covered payday sounds good af right now
T Rex
T Rex 13 dagar sedan
This episode is sponsored by Payday
Falling Star
Falling Star 13 dagar sedan
"Capcom give me your status" "Capcom: New street fighter will be out soon"
fredric Jacobsen.
fredric Jacobsen. 15 dagar sedan
Helt rått vordan føles det og sveise i verdensrommet 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Joe Wik
Joe Wik 17 dagar sedan
So your saying the whole universe is better at welding that me?
Patrick 19 dagar sedan
10 seconds in and this absolute madlad is tig welding with no gloves. What a boss.
SIDΞKICK 20 dagar sedan
can we experiment sticking two metals to fuse with cold welding on land ?
Gammareign 21 dag sedan
Why doesn't an oxide layer form before the stuff get off the ground?
Allampati Subbaratnamma
Allampati Subbaratnamma 21 dag sedan
2:45,,😋yumm,that is like cosmic latte
wickedtoast 22 dagar sedan
why in gods name is that guy welding without gloves on
Álvaro Galiana
Álvaro Galiana 22 dagar sedan
the joining of the candybars was weirdly awesome
That Guy
That Guy 23 dagar sedan
Why not just use JB Weld? It’s Project Farm approved and tested.
DOES NOT EXIST 24 dagar sedan
now I want a payday bar
Taran 25 dagar sedan
I think from a video making perspective, this is a job weldone (well done) 😁
Lord Zordid
Lord Zordid 25 dagar sedan
"They thought they wanted to keep the equipment as souvenirs". Who were the idiots that gave the crew so little credit as to believe that?!
Searinox Navras
Searinox Navras 25 dagar sedan
I thought it was gonna be an episode about some guy who tried to do electric arc welding in space and returned with radiation sickness.
Private Name
Private Name 26 dagar sedan
What a jip. There was no welding in space in this video. Clickbait.
Private Name
Private Name 26 dagar sedan
"And 3rd: use GERBIL coatings that resist wear" 5:01
Peter Smythe
Peter Smythe 26 dagar sedan
So here's a question: why doesn't extremely smooth ice in a freezer cold weld here on Earth?
Viele Worte
Viele Worte 23 dagar sedan
@Walter C the vacuum is only about oxidation you egg.
Walter C
Walter C 23 dagar sedan
Its not in a vaccuum ...
Raunak Jha
Raunak Jha 24 dagar sedan
It does, keep your palm on that ice and you'll feel it sticking. I have personal experience of this
Electric Cervix
Electric Cervix 26 dagar sedan
0:34 - Gemini Cricket!
RabbidOwl 26 dagar sedan
Cold weld the iron in my blood so i can live my life as a magnet
Val Putnal
Val Putnal 28 dagar sedan
when I was a kid it alway blew my mind that you could stack objects made from the same material without them becoming a single object
Hogan Tan
Hogan Tan 29 dagar sedan
Who else thought this was Wedding in Space?
EpicLittleGamer Månad sedan
The title sounded like... Wedding.
Levi Hill
Levi Hill Månad sedan
Why does the space footage look so fake?
letsgosurfing 1
letsgosurfing 1 Månad sedan
No more overheads
Radomkid231 Månad sedan
I don’t know if you will see this but you should do a video on what may or may not happen when I it sun turns into a red giant
Matthew Bergeron
Matthew Bergeron Månad sedan
Great video. I'm really sorry you had to eat 2 payday bars. I wouldn't wish that upon my worst enemies
Legit Will Quit
Legit Will Quit Månad sedan
That analogy you used for cold welding couldn’t have been better
RJ Heiselt
RJ Heiselt Månad sedan
Ig you wouldn’t need to worry about oxidation in space
No lie in nature
No lie in nature Månad sedan
Lol people still believe in outer space that is cute
A Normal Platypus
A Normal Platypus Månad sedan
Are we not gonna talk about how terrifying it is to get lock out side in empty space...?
Kevin Carlos
Kevin Carlos Månad sedan
3:55 I feel heavily trolled now.
Mein Sohn
Mein Sohn Månad sedan
Cold welding can actually happen on earth too
Nithin Månad sedan
0:18 ahhhh dont
TheMattiePoo Månad sedan
More cover up BS. Two pieces of steel (or any material) don't become one just because there's no oxygen. FFS they think we will believe this sh!t.
XPLOIT X Månad sedan
Who else got this recommended out of nowhere
Ahmad Alief Maulana Putra
Ahmad Alief Maulana Putra Månad sedan
I almost thought dual weilding like a sword or a gun or something , yeah im just bad at english
calvin lee
calvin lee Månad sedan
Avoid cold welding? Make it hot
Mawo Duffer
Mawo Duffer Månad sedan
In space you wouldn’t have to use inert gas lol
Pachi Månad sedan
I thought it said wedding in space
Skysurfer Månad sedan
Thought you might have gone to "how to weld in space"... bearing in mind, there would be no need for a shielding gas, but how would the arc behave? The weld pool? You missed an opportunity... :-)
gopinadhh sai
gopinadhh sai Månad sedan
Martin Lundblad
Martin Lundblad Månad sedan
Why is it space walk? When it just litterally floating/falling
Gen Z news
Gen Z news Månad sedan
Anyone eles is here because starship launch test in space the steel started to brake so the moon landing was cancelled 2023. Lol
TROXXOS Månad sedan
i thought this video was about wedding in space
Rex Månad sedan
That house is so clean. Spotless. I wonder who is cleaning there...
Kevin Seven Eleven
Kevin Seven Eleven Månad sedan
Space is fake
Hoa Nguyen
Hoa Nguyen Månad sedan
All set in case he is at I used to do call on do to use to Scott about on on to all saw fine can't log isn't that in fact it was good Dick's stuff to Scott sorry do the heck is so you hell this yours at of her as the if by some hi in bye645334577(568+878+"&&_%-5_5-%4_7&__5_6 casstvoifrgg¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lighted Sky
Lighted Sky Månad sedan
I was peacefully watching this video in lockdown, and you show up a chocolate bar now what should I answer to my soul! :-/ Apart from that Thanks for the information, helped a lot with my project!
memelord Månad sedan
i read it as wedding in space
Daniel Huerta
Daniel Huerta Månad sedan
I thought this said wedding in space
Fairing Fans
Fairing Fans Månad sedan
0:06 I just learned and tried GTAW welding, it's pretty fun :)
Vladimir Lissoi
Vladimir Lissoi Månad sedan
All that story and the finish? "Sticky door". Why would they send people to space in a craft that had a poorly fitted door in the first place? Not very professional
Dice Blue
Dice Blue Månad sedan
2:35 michael has entered the chat
Dreckbob Bratpfanne
Dreckbob Bratpfanne 2 månader sedan
That attempt at Karman vorticies though at 3:19
nishanth k
nishanth k 2 månader sedan
When ill get a ticket to space
Himanshu Anand
Himanshu Anand 2 månader sedan
3:00 Pure poetry my man. A demonstration to rival Feynman's lectures.
David Firestone
David Firestone 2 månader sedan
I read wedding in space
J Tasarkan
J Tasarkan 2 månader sedan
Lol some footage looked like stopmotion
Kent Zyven
Kent Zyven 2 månader sedan
I misread the title as "Weddings in Space"
Perplexer1 2 månader sedan
Maybe the title of this video should be "Welding from Space".
5150 Eddie
5150 Eddie 2 månader sedan
That's cool I didn't know his helmet attached on his suit had a bering at the neck so he could turn his head. Why don't they do that today? Their head is like in a giant fish bowl. I guess in the Gemini days their helmets fit against their head. Cool I never knew that 😳 I'm just being a jerk. I freaking love the channel. 👍🏻 Be safe and keep the knowledge flowing.
Rueben Aragon
Rueben Aragon 2 månader sedan
What a delicious example
Demamo Labaratory
Demamo Labaratory 2 månader sedan
i don't like a sound that comes out of an eating mouth, its nasty
Demamo Labaratory
Demamo Labaratory 2 månader sedan
i didn't like you eating that candy, it was like stupid nasty
Pedro Maia
Pedro Maia 2 månader sedan
False! Is this FAKE or Real?
Grissol Wall
Grissol Wall 3 månader sedan
Chelay Vlog
Chelay Vlog 3 månader sedan
Can you give some existing research title of welding? Just needed on my research
Warren Bratton
Warren Bratton 3 månader sedan
I heard it’s hard to get an Earth in space
Harry Harger
Harry Harger 3 månader sedan
> NASA: assumes the pilots just wanted to keep souvenirs > Astronauts: Bruh, it's the door that protects us from the vacuum of space and the infinite nothingness, you come up and do it!
A 4d tesseract
A 4d tesseract 3 månader sedan
it's just magnets but at the atomic level right?
Delr 3 månader sedan
Cold welding, learned something new today, thanks!
ZybeZ 3 månader sedan
"Wedding" in space.
Ryad Arlan
Ryad Arlan 3 månader sedan
Gage blocks svfrom.info/history/video/l8WsmGqz1rWIhdg Will Gauge Blocks Stick In Vacuum? svfrom.info/history/video/mrF-qovDyM-EgdC1roperly wrung blocks may withstand a 300 N (67 lbf) pull. Surface tension from oil and water vapor that is present between the blocks Molecular attraction that occurs when two very flat surfaces are brought into contact; this force causes gauge blocks to adhere even without surface lubricants, and in a vacuum It is believed that the last two sources are the most significant. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gauge_block
Ryad Arlan
Ryad Arlan 3 månader sedan
Jiminy 4 upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b5/Jiminy_Cricket.png
Jack Black
Jack Black 3 månader sedan
Shoulda give nuts warning in the beginning. I'm pretty sure nut allergies people are mad now.
CYN3RGY 3 månader sedan
That video looks so unbelievably fake. Like something out of a Gumby episode. Why?
Tobias Kolb
Tobias Kolb 3 månader sedan
That's the coolest thing I heard today
Karthik Nair
Karthik Nair 3 månader sedan
3:56 what a plot twist
JoeVannoy 3 månader sedan
BakPak Gaming
BakPak Gaming 3 månader sedan
Mmmmmm that wave form on the welder sounds a bit off, but it could just be the audio.
Sarthak Bamrara
Sarthak Bamrara 3 månader sedan
Nick Riddle
Nick Riddle 3 månader sedan
when that guy said the hatch wouldn't close I was thinking in my mind he's going to weld it shut LOL
Scott Lawson
Scott Lawson 4 månader sedan
I thought this was going to be about welding in space, as the subject title suggests. Boy, was I wrong!
Kouga 4 månader sedan
This video makes it sound like the astronauts went rogue in space(walks) :P
Kriss Val
Kriss Val 4 månader sedan
Omg i need you as my physics teacher!!🥺you explain physics in a fun way 🤍
Pratik Nath
Pratik Nath 4 månader sedan
From INDIA 🇮🇳 - Love 😍 your explanation
Basuki Sugito
Basuki Sugito 4 månader sedan
Is time for me to make a vacuum garage
Otto Al Seely
Otto Al Seely 4 månader sedan
We need to learn more about out space friends first mistakes were made the first time around.
Guilherme sampaio de oliveira
Guilherme sampaio de oliveira 4 månader sedan
Isn't just easier to weld on vaccum?
George Owen
George Owen 4 månader sedan
I couldn’t imagine welding in space. With no gravity trying to keep a puddle would be impossible.
It's Just PRBUTTERMILK35 4 månader sedan
So let's say u wanted to make a bike frame but u dont like the work of welding on earth, so u go to space and u just do a space walk with it. I think that space factories would be pretty awesome🤣
Derrick Carroll
Derrick Carroll 4 månader sedan
Because everything in space is bad asser
Anthony Soto
Anthony Soto 4 månader sedan
Imagine any you said was real bro.
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