We Spoke to a Lone Trump Supporter at Biden's Inauguration

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With heightened security and pandemic precautions, the streets of Washington, DC were mostly empty on the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Despite vowing to once again storm the Capitol, Trump supporters were nowhere to be seen. We spoke to one man in a MAGA hat who traveled from New York for a rally that never happened.

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We spoke to one man in a MAGA hat who traveled from New York for a rally that never happened. WATCH NEXT: Inside the Capitol Hill Riots - svfrom.info/history/video/nMmJk22wnsqpp9g
Lucila Espinoza
Lucila Espinoza 4 dagar sedan
@Jose Fernandez m
Lucila Espinoza
Lucila Espinoza 4 dagar sedan
@Henk van Dam the
Lucila Espinoza
Lucila Espinoza 4 dagar sedan
@Swish420 o
Lucila Espinoza
Lucila Espinoza 4 dagar sedan
@Swish420 moo moo moo moo
Katty K
Katty K 14 dagar sedan
@UCbi8NPZVLgXAvIBH9Yvc6NQ Oh wow ,is someone realy outdated?...does one is aware of the latest banning on certain words on this PLATFORM?...Obviously one is being sitting for too long on a "lazy boy recliner" eating a 'do-nutting' (🍩)"still awaiting a 'stimulus check?Do- nothing'.:Professor from the Georgetown University in English and International relations or English language speach,Grammar scholar...not,probbably an Editor(so educated)here is not a need for interpretation, if the previous comment was designed not to be 'translated-by Google...Update-gibberish"!
monkilla Timme sedan
I hate how the media make trump supporters seem like evil monsters but in reality they are good people.
Daisy Q
Daisy Q 5 timmar sedan
The one single sane Trump supporter.
Farid Rafael Arce Soraca
Farid Rafael Arce Soraca 6 timmar sedan
Mi amigo y hermano Joe eres un Guerrero tratando con toda las ganas por una mejor nación, te FELICITO mi amigo DIOS Y PADRE DE NUESTRO SEÑOR JESUCRISTO TE BENDIGA
OmegaExalted 6 timmar sedan
He didn't win, but he's a decent sport about it and actually makes some good points. Why couldn't the rest of the Right be like him?
Alexander Miller
Alexander Miller 9 timmar sedan
This guy is an amazing Trump supporter
Ed C
Ed C 18 timmar sedan
Fast Forward March 4th... Once again tRump fails. Wait. What?! tRump not inaugurated on March 4th?!! wtf! Ah, it's more of tRump's "the ultimate plans" again, and again. LOL Right now he's in a grand jury in a long list of criminal trials. tRump Roast base getting smaller. We're seeing the greatest HAS-BEEN in likes no one has ever seen before.
El Pacino
El Pacino 18 timmar sedan
this republican guy is smart!
Alien 22 timmar sedan
I dont like Trump, but this guy is actually being sophisticated with his arguement and he admits what happens
Christian Little
Christian Little Dag sedan
It’s sad that some people in the comments still feel the need to roast this guy just cause he’s a trump supporter even tho he wasn’t rude at all and was perfectly fine
Nichaes Dag sedan
I wish the right was this reasonable.
Ramon Sanchez
Ramon Sanchez Dag sedan
He very well spoken and not all conspiracy crazed. Respect
Jonathan Gravelle
Jonathan Gravelle Dag sedan
You guys are all idiots 🙄😒 huh take a look at this video really analyze it. If you can't that's OK I will do it for you. First off who has heard of this news station honestly. Second the man he interviewed is not wearing a mask why is this important because people that you know you usually don't mind having there mask off. Third if you remember the inauguration ceremony wasn't supposed to have anyone there in the first place it was supposed to be the political figures and military do to the raid on the capital and covid-19. Forth literally every single Trumper that was in that city went to capital hill and now most likely have a warrant out for there arrest or have already been arrested. Fifth of all in that entire video you only saw 3 people that were supporters of Biden 1 was the man walking down the street with a flag for Biden and 2 was a happy couple holding a flag from what the man said and what the video shows there were more Trump people than Biden people. They try and confuse you with the flags and Biden merchandise because this is supposed to be a diss on Trump and Trump supporters making it seem like we are down and out like a sore Loser.
John Parr
John Parr Dag sedan
Well this hasn't aged well
Đeath Vader
Đeath Vader Dag sedan
Wow. What a rare, enlightening interview. Thanks, Vice
White Weaker
White Weaker Dag sedan
D Trump and all his family screwed his supporting rioters (and the ones that died) at the capitol hill raid by denying he incited anything to them, yet it was clear they where acting under his words. -- Once his reputation is in danger, he will drop you so quick, you wont see it coming -- -- Trump supporters are IDIOTS who dont do enough research about him, he's just another Walter mitty --
TheColdKids Dag sedan
I was expecting this guy to be one of the crazies, but he’s actually fairly coherent and reasonable.
Gabrielle Swinson
Gabrielle Swinson Dag sedan
See this are the Trump supporters that people can respect have a intellectual conversation !!
Big Bubbu
Big Bubbu Dag sedan
“Biden is a professional and sophisticated politician” damn I’ve never heard that from a trump supporter
ishi2k8 3 timmar sedan
@The Coton i get what you mean
Boomernality 3 timmar sedan
@The Coton I think that's just you.
The Coton
The Coton 9 timmar sedan
May just be me but being called a professional politician sounds more like an insult than a compliment.
Jeremy Reeves
Jeremy Reeves 2 dagar sedan
So you guys just happened to find the only living man on earth at that moment in history who just happened to flip on Donald Trump?
Randerson 2 dagar sedan
nah Trump is the way to go again
Bruce Nolte
Bruce Nolte 2 dagar sedan
One of the most sensible Trump supporters I have seen interviewed.
H M 2 dagar sedan
The guy is still delusional. Wearing a MAGA Hat after an insurrection, he’s crazy.
Dinelie 2 dagar sedan
Thank God Trump is out on his ass. He had just a few mourners seeing off to mar a lago (Spanish for sea to lake)
Robert Witt
Robert Witt 2 dagar sedan
He wore the sh*t out of that hat
Joan Hamilton
Joan Hamilton 2 dagar sedan
This man is not a Trump supporters. I know him. Fake news people
Intellectually Insightful
Intellectually Insightful 2 dagar sedan
Sure mate
jwu89 3 dagar sedan
This is so fake.
Big Bubbu
Big Bubbu Dag sedan
Yea keep telling yourself that
she45namify 3 dagar sedan
wow... a smart trump supporter... i didnt even know those existed!! most just foam at the mouth and speak jibberish. This guy actually makes sense!!
The grubhub guy
The grubhub guy 3 dagar sedan
Dude. Why can't all trump supporters be like this
Erick Tellez
Erick Tellez 3 dagar sedan
Everyone applauding this dude yet fail to mention the obvious, he is supporting a dangerous individual, regardless of what type of person he is, his vote matters and can affect other people by supporting Trump.
First Last
First Last 3 dagar sedan
I'm glad he acknowledged Biden won :)
Vix Molina
Vix Molina 3 dagar sedan
Nicholas Tianqi Koh
Nicholas Tianqi Koh 3 dagar sedan
This is actually well spoken first trump supporter whos actually reasonable hahahaha
Balloon Farm
Balloon Farm 3 dagar sedan
This is a rarity; a well informed, intelligent tRump supporter, who’s somewhat rooted in reality. I wish there were more, especially in Congress.🤨
Karim Beldi
Karim Beldi 3 dagar sedan
I have a lot of respect for this man, clearly knows why he’s voting and is far more reasonable than most of us and tbh probably me
U.S.A Patron
U.S.A Patron 3 dagar sedan
Vice is paid off....?
U.S.A Patron
U.S.A Patron 3 dagar sedan
This is Biden paid for....
U.S.A Patron
U.S.A Patron 3 dagar sedan
Biden is a Joke...Pass 1 more bill for covid ...2T .....91% goes to everyone but the people...wake up...
U.S.A Patron
U.S.A Patron 3 dagar sedan
Land of the scared and home of the oppressed.....
U.S.A Patron
U.S.A Patron 3 dagar sedan
anthony smith
anthony smith 4 dagar sedan
Finally....a smart man, not delusional
Travis Rodgers
Travis Rodgers 4 dagar sedan
These are trump supporters before Q. Would be much more civil overall if the majority acted like this. Sad sad days ahead in Amerikkka
Chill Will
Chill Will 4 dagar sedan
All these people in here finally actually listened and are surprised to find themselves agreeing with a MAGA supporter. Shame on you all, it's too late now, you made America exactly what it was before when you were upset about nothing ever getting better.
Raymond Vorndran
Raymond Vorndran 4 dagar sedan
ExoElite 4 dagar sedan
Damn this dude is actually pretty good
Levi Belknap
Levi Belknap 4 dagar sedan
This is a good man.
Hi World
Hi World 4 dagar sedan
The rarest of the rarest, a Republican who actually makes sense, I would say there is maybe only 100,000 Republicans out there who know what they're saying, the rest are just crackheads.
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez 4 dagar sedan
President Trump is still the leader of the Republican Party and GOP he's not going anywhere neither are his supporters that endorse him so get use to seeing MAGA supporters endorsing him in public for years to come y'all Biden supporters or Democratic Party supporters don't like it but too bad get use to it
Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson 4 dagar sedan
Fundamentalist christianity plays such a big part of these maga cultists
1 w
1 w 5 dagar sedan
Aww...I actually kinda feel bad for him. 😕 Like i wanna give him a hug.
Stardust 5 dagar sedan
I was really impressed by how understanding this guy was. You unfortunately don't see many Trump supporters like this.
Rexen1284 5 dagar sedan
Every other trump supporter: THIS WAS STOLEN, BIDEN SUCKS AND WE SHOULD STORM THE CAPITAL BUILDING!!!!!!’ This guy: I don’t think the election is as stolen, and I think that Biden will still do a good job even if I personally don’t agree with his opinions. ME: Finally, a Trump supporter with some common sense.
StigmataMarty 6 dagar sedan
Trump had ten times as many people at his inauguration.
Intellectually Insightful
Intellectually Insightful 2 dagar sedan
Gee, I don’t know why? Maybe because we were in the middle of a pandemic? When social distancing rules were still in effect? BUT what do i know.
C. Staddon
C. Staddon 6 dagar sedan
I'm just happy to see a calm and reasonable trump supporter.
nate978x 6 dagar sedan
I’m not a Trump fan but I respect this individual great interview...
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 7 dagar sedan
The comments tells me that most of yall don’t even know any Trump supporters, and the only ones you do know are from cherry picked videos on the internet captioned, distorted and sensationalised in a way to get you to click
Tremendous Accentus
Tremendous Accentus 5 dagar sedan
Dude, how long is your name?
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 7 dagar sedan
Have to hand it to the reporter, he wasn’t baiting him into easily clickable content
Ghost m
Ghost m 7 dagar sedan
Man .. All those points I missed .. Tsk tsk .. It would of been a blood bath
Google Account
Google Account 8 dagar sedan
I don't know what vice's intention was with the interview, but this lone Trump supporter is a very intelligent man.
Chris Ball
Chris Ball 8 dagar sedan
He is the only trump supporter that spoke in well articulated fashion and made somewhat of sense
Big Bad Joe Grizzley
Big Bad Joe Grizzley 8 dagar sedan
y4h 8 dagar sedan
theres no way this guy is a trump supporter
Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez 8 dagar sedan
How’s this guy a trump supporter!? 😂
Dat Boi
Dat Boi 4 dagar sedan
The media is money hungry as always, showing the worst sides of each party, when in reality there are plenty of normal trump and biden supporters.
Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez 8 dagar sedan
This video is so fake
Cass C
Cass C 8 dagar sedan
Good man. That's how political difference of opinions should be communicated. Respect.
IOnceAteAPinecone 9 dagar sedan
Wait, is this real journalism from vice and not some piece about how ketamine can help you invent new pronouns?
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 7 dagar sedan
Lol snowflake
Jace Cockrell
Jace Cockrell 9 dagar sedan
great guy, but hr did just explain that supporting trump is more of a group/organization kind of thing, which makes me sad because i dont think any politician should be in that high of a position. after all, we didnt like having a king in 1776.
Đức Nguyễn Đình
Đức Nguyễn Đình 9 dagar sedan
Not all Trump supporters are bad. Some just believe that both candidates and both parties are terrible, so they just vote for who they think is the lesser of the two devils. Some thinks it's Hillary, others say Trump
EchO Zero
EchO Zero 9 dagar sedan
he have respect to this sane gentleman.
Brodoc Betty
Brodoc Betty 10 dagar sedan
This may come as a shock, But there are some Democrats that live in America, Trump found that out the hard way.
Derby Mods
Derby Mods 10 dagar sedan
Q supporters be like "he's not a real Trump supporter, he's an actor"
Monkey Butt
Monkey Butt 10 dagar sedan
Did you talk to the 1 Biden voter at Bidens inauguration??? 80 million voters and nobody will show up for Biden...
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 7 dagar sedan
Because Biden supporters believe in science, and science tells us there is literally a pandemic going on right now
José Nicundano
José Nicundano 10 dagar sedan
Huh...this guy gave me hope
Elan Goldstein
Elan Goldstein 10 dagar sedan
this just isnt news
OLD BAY 10 dagar sedan
If you have selfish ignorant citizens, your going to get selfish ignorant leaders, George Carlin....A killer kills for the thrill, the weapon he uses may vary, but is irrelevant, people with politics religion etc are the same way. Half the people scream no jobs, but Mexicans can come here and make damned good livings. Half the people want to rob the rich, yet if you took that same percentage daily from them they would kill you. Half the people just have been so used to getting their own way, they cant stand to be told no. The country is made up by the people, so is the government, so if the country sucks for either side, look in the mirror for the reason, THATS the only thing "you" can change.....
BAM THE GREAT 11 dagar sedan
I... actually don't have anything bad to say about this guy.
gil lehrer
gil lehrer 11 dagar sedan
I believe Trump was the best president the US has ever had! I also believe in Santa Claus and Easter Bunny! Now seriously: How can the American voter believe that a tough liar, supporter of white supremacists, a millionaire enemy of the poor, can be a great leader? == (gilberto lehrer - brazil)
Big Bad Joe Grizzley
Big Bad Joe Grizzley 8 dagar sedan
cath haselhurst
cath haselhurst 11 dagar sedan
This man is far too reasonable to be duped by Trump.
Chris Krysa
Chris Krysa 11 dagar sedan
I lost respect for his opinion when he called Biden and Kamala “sophisticated”
supercool1647 11 dagar sedan
John Deer
John Deer 11 dagar sedan
This trump supporter is smart guy. His not like other MAGA people
Willrc57 11 dagar sedan
It's nice to hear a Trump supported be a reasonable person, even complimenting the new president and his cabinet. This video actually didn't make me rage.
Johnny McNuggs
Johnny McNuggs 11 dagar sedan
if they were all like this guy I'd have actually listened
Smells Like Shit
Smells Like Shit 12 dagar sedan
I’m surprised he didn’t get labeled racist.
Shark Pog
Shark Pog 7 dagar sedan
Surprisingly, we don't label people who aren't racist racist
Oblivion 12 dagar sedan
he has too much common sense to be a trump human
Jack Wood
Jack Wood 12 dagar sedan
Wow, he makes more sense than most Trumpers I’ve heard!
Bennidict Salvador
Bennidict Salvador 12 dagar sedan
This is how you talk about politics, not the shithole of a content (the shitty, nonsensical debates) the tv networks in the U.S are showing
Thomas Anderson
Thomas Anderson 12 dagar sedan
That guy is an actor lol
Only God Knows Why
Only God Knows Why 12 dagar sedan
Who voted for biden? All the dead people from covid.
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. 12 dagar sedan
Actually no, but sure, whatever makes you happy.
Chicken goes Oof
Chicken goes Oof 12 dagar sedan
As much as idc for trump this guys unbiased and professional
Davidson M
Davidson M 13 dagar sedan
Your Normal nothing
Your Normal nothing 13 dagar sedan
what happens if i go into a blm crowd with a "make america great again" cap
Dani Thompson
Dani Thompson 13 dagar sedan
Even though I don't agree with his politics, I will stand with him 100% on his 1st Amendment right say what he wants to. I could work with this guy, work for this guy, or have this guy work for me with no reservations at all. Great interview, Vice News.
Kaiser Saucy
Kaiser Saucy 13 dagar sedan
It’s a real shame there aren’t more people on both sides of the aisle that can’t disagree rationally & calmly like this guy. He has his beliefs, he makes his points sensibly. I think this is what politics is supposed to be like.
T. Cooper
T. Cooper 13 dagar sedan
I’m shocked at how rational he was!
slimid02 02
slimid02 02 13 dagar sedan
Never thaugt that in my lifetime i am going to see somebody with a maga hat that actually has a brain
EA17 10 dagar sedan
Truly brainwashed
Koko Jambo
Koko Jambo 12 dagar sedan
if you didn't think that, you are part of the problem. Maybe some time you will realise that people vote for all sorts of reasons for all sorts of parties. If you genuinely think half of the country are just braindead and you are just super smart, damn. Go meet some new people.
Shane gdhf
Shane gdhf 13 dagar sedan
This person is what the Biden supporters call “uneducated” i wish there were more people like this
Shane gdhf
Shane gdhf 11 dagar sedan
If they never heard him speak they’d call him a racist, and “uneducated”
Shane gdhf
Shane gdhf 11 dagar sedan
@Adnan Ahmed have you ever seen Biden supporters, they’d hate on this guy just for supporting trump
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed 13 dagar sedan
Look at the comment section everyone is praising his demeanor and eloquence, most of these comments are from "Biden supporters".
Nick Ghur
Nick Ghur 13 dagar sedan
Gotta say this guy's acting is pretty convincing
Yan Levasseur
Yan Levasseur 13 dagar sedan
Wow, just wow, this guy is one of the only Trump supporter I have seen on any media make a shred of sense, being well spoken, holding decent conversation and not falling to weird conspiracy theories. Kudos man, you deserve respect.
Herman ten Klooster
Herman ten Klooster 13 dagar sedan
Hell freezes over! A maga man sounding reasonable (more or less).
Chill Will
Chill Will 4 dagar sedan
There are no men in the democrat party, so the bar is pretty low.
Neha Patel
Neha Patel 14 dagar sedan
Kamala And Biden are sophisticated? Clearly his credibility is hurt right there. Then again his opinion so I’m not gonna commment further.
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