Water on the Moon?

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For a long time we thought the Moon was completely dry, but it turns out there are actually three sources of lunar water.
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Great history of water on the moon: arxiv.org/pdf/1205.5597.pdf
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
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Labour By Hire
Labour By Hire 7 dagar sedan
They didn't find water the first time. ? Hmm , so next week they'll find refugees . Plus can't have water in a vacuum. Just saying
Ludwe Nqapela
Ludwe Nqapela 21 dag sedan
Doesn't the Earth's magnetic field engulf the moon Thus also shielding it from the sun's solar wind?
Isaías Balthazar da Silva
Isaías Balthazar da Silva 22 dagar sedan
Nunca mais veremos a lua da mesma maneira!!! universo-realidadeextrema.blogspot.com/2020/10/lua-indicios-de-construcoes-e-complexos_9.html
Blue Soul
Blue Soul 27 dagar sedan
They just announced this 😳
German Chuc
German Chuc 27 dagar sedan
Nasa found water on the moon. Yea right theres no water right???
TheAmethyz 29 dagar sedan
And now its confirmed
yaseen meyer
yaseen meyer 29 dagar sedan
3 years later they discover that water on the moon.
Bo Kvarv
Bo Kvarv Månad sedan
Water on the Moon? YES! Answer given.
Hertz Nazaire
Hertz Nazaire Månad sedan
NASA in 2020: We found water on the moon!
rajat bansal
rajat bansal 5 dagar sedan
ISRO in 2009: We found water on the moon. Indians after hearing NASA's announcement in 2020: Scratching their heads. 😂
Trypo Phobia
Trypo Phobia Månad sedan
questioned answered
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli Månad sedan
Shut up indians. Water on moon was discovered by Soviet Union in 1960s
ghostify Månad sedan
Aren't you an Indian?
ghostify Månad sedan
Can Kandemir
Can Kandemir Månad sedan
after 1:33 he is saying there is water on the moon look at those comments
KJ Månad sedan
This didn’t age well didn’t it 🤨
CBoy Slim
CBoy Slim Månad sedan
this video didn't age too well lol
Insatiable 747
Insatiable 747 Månad sedan
There is no water 💧 on the Moon
dragoneye33 Månad sedan
He sounds stupid now that they found water today.. Dumb fucktard
logarithmmm 25 dagar sedan
Why the insult? Science is about iterative discoveries and change, and part of that is realising we've made mistakes in our calculations and/or assesments in the past, and accepting new data. We didn't always use to think that the Sun was the centre of our Solar System.
as k
as k Månad sedan
You didn’t finish the video...dumb fucktard!
Polony Roll
Polony Roll Månad sedan
Well there is now
mike bowden
mike bowden Månad sedan
Who is here when water is on the moon
Tatiana Smith
Tatiana Smith Månad sedan
Moon water existssssssss
Rahul Abhishek
Rahul Abhishek Månad sedan
Now we know.
La DoppiaG
La DoppiaG Månad sedan
What do u think? 😏👍😂
A M Månad sedan
Omggg there is water on the moon! You were right
Charbel Chalfoun
Charbel Chalfoun Månad sedan
Water on the moon: confirmed.
Edward Ethridge
Edward Ethridge Månad sedan
Still haven’t heard a single sciences bring up the possibility of lakes underneath the surface of the moon
Edward Ethridge
Edward Ethridge Månad sedan
If the moon cannot hold an atmosphere because it’s gravity is too weak then what is the explanation of Titan?? Titan atmosphere is slightly thicker than the earths. Could possibly be the easiest place to colonize because no space suit is needed just heat and oxygen🧐
Kushal Adhikari
Kushal Adhikari Månad sedan
Hello bro today I can say there is a water on moon😁
Jim Charamis
Jim Charamis Månad sedan
Well, not anymore. NASA just announced the finding of water on the non-shadowed surface of the Moon!
Lisa Wakelin
Lisa Wakelin Månad sedan
I'm here after nasa declared there's water on the moon that they want to use for fuel to get to mars 😂🙄
Mangesh Pawar
Mangesh Pawar Månad sedan
Well well well
Beatrice T M
Beatrice T M Månad sedan
2020 NASA officially announced water in moon
rajat bansal
rajat bansal 5 dagar sedan
That's weird...INDIA knows about presence of water on the moon since 2009.
FILNAT2011 Månad sedan
Dion Worth
Dion Worth Månad sedan
And now we only just find water on the moon😂
Juliana_sunny Månad sedan
Me on October 26th 2020 as they just found water on the moon 🤣
Cece D
Cece D Månad sedan
water found on moon 3 hours ago
edyram22 Månad sedan
As soon as they reported WATER IN THE MOON in the news these videos went straight to the algorithm once again.
Danny Colón
Danny Colón Månad sedan
SOFIA just confirmed there's water!
Marcus Lorenzo
Marcus Lorenzo Månad sedan
(Update )October 26 2020 there’s water on the moon 🤧🤧
[-] Månad sedan
Who else is watching today when Nasa confirmed that there is water on the moon! Even during the lunar day!
Ron Wesilen
Ron Wesilen Månad sedan
@[-] well... Thats mean... You are an idiot
[-] Månad sedan
@Ron Wesilen i'm not nasa mate Ask them
Ron Wesilen
Ron Wesilen Månad sedan
I am. Do you have any other resources to inform about that? I gave the papers a look but i dont really get some of the points
Chris MacDonald
Chris MacDonald Månad sedan
Well looks like there is water on the moon 🌊
Bogdan Anea
Bogdan Anea Månad sedan
Yo yo yo
Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom Månad sedan
who's here after the announcement?
Domzz Cardzz
Domzz Cardzz 29 dagar sedan
Hare krishna
Hare krishna 29 dagar sedan
max studios
max studios Månad sedan
Well today people just discovered water on the moon in twenty twenty 😐
FrostGamezBot Månad sedan
It's official now
RandomGuineaPig Aviation
RandomGuineaPig Aviation Månad sedan
"The moon doesn't have an atmosphere like earth because its gravity is 1/6th" Is that true? Titan has an atmosphere of 1/7 that of earth and it has a really thick atmosphere. The reason is believed to be because both Titan and Earth are geologically active so they have a magnetic field, protecting them from solar flares. The moon doesn't have a magnetic field, so the sun blasts away any gases on the moon
Virtual Bro
Virtual Bro Månad sedan
For the 1st time i am disappointed by you Derek.... You should have atleast named ISRO once...come on mann
Dennys Manuel Bulnes Campos
Dennys Manuel Bulnes Campos 2 månader sedan
Easy way: no water cicle nor ocean nor blue spots .... just dry gray
Actual Trump
Actual Trump 3 månader sedan
Earth is perfect ☑️
David Garza
David Garza 3 månader sedan
Water was found frozen in the deep under ground.
Al Alo
Al Alo 4 månader sedan
I have a moon in me. The moon has me in it. I'm Lunasexual.
jagadeesh padi
jagadeesh padi 5 månader sedan
So... If i ride a bike/car at 150km/hr....would i be launched into moon's orbit,!!
민경현 5 månader sedan
I think the glass beads thing, including water, are main material of outer core in the Earth I think moon has many water inside of curst
Rupam Malakar
Rupam Malakar 6 månader sedan
Thank you, #Veritasium for making things clearer for me.
BITOPAN kalita
BITOPAN kalita 6 månader sedan
Do you know about ISRO @
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 9 månader sedan
laughing out loud. humans still can't make a desent low waste re-oxygenator for the space station, and you are talking about using up those traces of water. lol. NEVER. they will say its too expensive and make PROFIT by transporting it from Earth.
BLUBLUD 10 månader sedan
ed markham
ed markham År sedan
Are you kidding ? The moon broke off of the earth billions of years ago. If evolution is the answer, why haven't we continued to evolve ?
A OConnor
A OConnor 10 månader sedan
Because evolution takes millions and millions of years? And modern humans have only existed for 200,000 years?
엑쥬페리갤러리 År sedan
결국 또 추정이네....
Repent &Trust NJesus
Repent &Trust NJesus År sedan
I won’t believe it till I see the water.
Pulkit Sankhla
Pulkit Sankhla År sedan
Chandrayaan 2. Orbiter still intact, lander lost the contact.
Shahindran Moonieya
Shahindran Moonieya År sedan
India has found ice on the moon
Perry Woodman
Perry Woodman År sedan
Gravitational propulsion..... why don't we skip the massive amounts of fuel and engineering and get to the point?
Terry Watkins
Terry Watkins År sedan
6.2 million subs?thats a lot of suckers,god help us!
kamal bisht
kamal bisht År sedan
Thanks ISRO.
FrankPlane År sedan
Can you please do a video about flat earth theory?
paul saha
paul saha År sedan
You mentioned "scientists" in place of "Chandrayaan mission" found water on moon but kept on saying Apollo again & again. I am disappointed.
Rajeev K.R
Rajeev K.R År sedan
You could've mentioned ISRO.,although you did not mention NASA or the mission . Sorry we're really proud of that.😅 ∆Veritasiumologist
Mind Flayer
Mind Flayer År sedan
Bro the vid is 2 years old
Strangest101 År sedan
Not 2.4 km but acceleration in other words its speed should increase by 2.4 every second
Ganox 7
Ganox 7 År sedan
Moon water?
Chad År sedan
Flin Grin
Flin Grin År sedan
on the moon, water is the 'black gold' usa: WE ARE BOMBING IT
so you are just giving us B/S because we are stupid ? thats it hunh
vani bandodkar
vani bandodkar År sedan
THE CREDIT SHOULD BE GIVEN TO ISRO!!!! I'm your big fan ...btw..
vani bandodkar
vani bandodkar Månad sedan
@Virat Kohli really ?didn't know about that thanks!
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli Månad sedan
No, Soviet Union discovered water on moon
Prasid Mitra
Prasid Mitra År sedan
Where can I get this tee-shirt or a similar one?
Sangeeth Nandakumar
Sangeeth Nandakumar År sedan
Why not mentioning ISRO? This is not fair Vertasium. #YourBigFan
koko TV
koko TV År sedan
Hi, Do you have any recommendation on books that I can read to explore more about water on the moon ?
Sam Matthew
Sam Matthew År sedan
I really love the way you're explaining. Its amazing really!!
Maple Hound
Maple Hound År sedan
why can't we just filter and boil salt water? filter the salt water for particles, then boil the filtered salt water and it will become steam, collect the steam with pipes into another container. The salt from the original salt water would stay in the original container. svfrom.info/history/video/gdevomXU181up6Y 0:57 - 1:10
BuddhaBebop År sedan
"theyre called permanently shadowed regions" hoo boy slow down there scientists with your poetry youll give me the vapors
Danish Khan
Danish Khan År sedan
Thank a lot for making this video...loved it
Veronica Abbott Cazares
Veronica Abbott Cazares År sedan
Look what NASA Goddard launched to the news today with LADEE spacecraft discoveries ;)
Дуб Даарский ИВААН
Дуб Даарский ИВААН År sedan
Не только Water, но и вот это svfrom.info/history/video/qtp8eIeunqqrqLo
Internet Cancer
Internet Cancer År sedan
*Moisten my moon*
Christopher McCracken - Singer/Songwriter
Christopher McCracken - Singer/Songwriter År sedan
So many guesses.
Haider Alyacoub
Haider Alyacoub År sedan
This comment uses _italics words_ to add emphasis.
R4Z0R84 År sedan
So by that logic we can make a moon base, sucks that the gravity is so low there though :(
Tarang Patil
Tarang Patil År sedan
Sourav Negi
Sourav Negi År sedan
Put bacteria on moon, wait for it to adapt
Mahesh Mahe
Mahesh Mahe År sedan
Chandrayaan found water on moon you could mentioned it at-least....
Brass Tacks
Brass Tacks År sedan
water boils at room temperature in a vacuum. nough said.
Stone Age Killer
Stone Age Killer År sedan
The real question is: Is there water on Uranus?
Nicholas Pdx
Nicholas Pdx År sedan
And pressure..
Corrine Tsang
Corrine Tsang År sedan
NASA and ISOP instruments hunted for water on the moon.China is going to the far side of the moon to mine Helium-3 for nuclear fusion.
Bryan Zamora
Bryan Zamora År sedan
im in school right now
VIVEK SHUKLA 2 år sedan
you will mention the discovery but you wont tell who discoverd it. fuckin hypocrites
cAtCHy eYeS
cAtCHy eYeS 2 år sedan
Proud to say I'm belongs to INDIA. I'm a INDIAN .. JAI HIND ...
Jamie Bonnett
Jamie Bonnett 2 år sedan
But the moon is made from cheese right!?
akhil agastya
akhil agastya År sedan
U remembered me tom and jerry 😂😂😂
murugesan karunanithi
murugesan karunanithi 2 år sedan
2008 first it was discovered by Indians don’t robber from us as usual . Dude you have to read lot
HK Normann
HK Normann 2 år sedan
Could this mean that parts of the moons interior consists of liquid water? Or is this ruled out due to other experiments or logic?
Bbb Mmm
Bbb Mmm 2 år sedan
Please stop shouting and use metric & english units.
Thom 2 år sedan
My favourite song by The Police