Waffen-SS Mutiny - France 1943

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When a new Waffen-SS division was sent to France for training in 1943, disgruntled soldiers launched a mutiny against their officers, resulting in full-scale fighting between SS troops.
Dr. Mark Felton is a well-known British historian, the author of 22 non-fiction books, including bestsellers 'Zero Night' and 'Castle of the Eagles', both currently being developed into movies in Hollywood. In addition to writing, Mark also appears regularly in television documentaries around the world, including on The History Channel, Netflix, National Geographic, Quest, American Heroes Channel and RMC Decouverte. His books have formed the background to several TV and radio documentaries. More information about Mark can be found at: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Felton
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Samer Zain
Samer Zain 2 timmar sedan
maybe i m the only one who notice , that all nazi haircut styles . back now 👍🏿😍
Blinkey Bill
Blinkey Bill 4 dagar sedan
Do people just troll random youtube videos and hit dislike? Excellent video again Mark, enjoying every upload 👍👍
VJEKOSLAV HORVAT 4 dagar sedan
Evo zore ,evo dana -Croatian war song from 1943
Michael Ferry
Michael Ferry 4 dagar sedan
Dominique Charriere
Dominique Charriere 5 dagar sedan
You know things are dire with the Ustachi when people call for the nazi to take over control!
Lovro M
Lovro M 6 dagar sedan
You're very very wrong on this one - Bosnian Muslim were never persecuted by Ustasha, quite the opposite actually, Ustashe protected them as they were considered to be Croatian by ethnicity (hence why they also wore the Croatian coat of arms on their uniforms even in the SS Handschar division). Almost a quarter of the NDH leaders were Muslim, look up Džafer Kulenović. Pavelić actually even ordered for a Mosque to be built in the center of Zagreb. The said mosque was demolished by the communists in 1945, tough the outlines of its minarets can still be seen. I'm interested what sources did you use for this because it is dead wrong.
Darrin dlc
Darrin dlc 6 dagar sedan
Very Interesting
iwish jung
iwish jung 7 dagar sedan
So Bosnian Muslims in the service of Hitler are the same as Bosnian Muslims in the service of NATO - they have a moral problem in killing the French, but no moral problem in killing their neighbors and relatives, Serbs or Croats ?! An interesting ethnic trait. This has not been observed in nations in the West. They are generally not servile to the Masters, they look to BE MASTERS.
Dr. Barry Cohn
Dr. Barry Cohn 7 dagar sedan
A deathhead fez...can't lead to anything good.
Dr. Barry Cohn
Dr. Barry Cohn 7 dagar sedan
At least the Serbs rejected in idiology the nazis.
AmeriKa1050 4 dagar sedan
Serbian General Milan Nedic ran a pro-Nazi Serbian puppet govt during WW2 in Serbia proper. Also, the Serbian Chetniks switched sides during WW2 ( at least from 1942 onwards) and collaborated with the Nazis & other pro-Axis forces i.e: the Italians & even the Ustasha militia in some cases.
mrsillywalk 8 dagar sedan
The Pope gained pardons for the Catholic members from Eisenhower since they were anti-communists.
lew p
lew p 8 dagar sedan
I love this channel
Viktor Kukuruzović
Viktor Kukuruzović 9 dagar sedan
the iranian origins story is a thing with croats in general, and in the NDH the muslims were seen as a subgroup of croats, some even went as far as saying the muslims were truer, more pure-blooded croats, what ever that may mean, than the catholic croats. And it's not as baseless as it may seem, the story with the name that is, as the name is probably sarmatian in origin. But that is just the name, we speak a slavic language and are genetically a mix of a ton of different groups, so an "aryan" name says next to nothing about the ancestry of the people
walt7500 9 dagar sedan
Excellent presentation.
Don Gilleo
Don Gilleo 9 dagar sedan
I've always wondered about the usefulness of the various foreign units the Germans raised during the war. Some undoubtedly fought well, but in other cases, like this, it seems they were a waste of time, equipment, and effort. In the end, it couldn't even fulfill the limited security role that it had been formed for. It was just a way for Himmler to add to his private Waffen-SS army, to increase his prestige and power position within the competing factions within Nazi Germany. Goering did the same thing, creating Luftwaffe "Field Divisions" that were understrength, poorly led, and near worthless in combat. The weapons, equipment, vehicles, supplies, and German personnel wasted away for the formation of a supposedly Bosnian Muslim division would probably been enough to bring at least one, maybe two, regular German army infantry division up to something approaching full strength. It wouldn't have changed the course of the war by much if any, but I can only imagine the frustration and despair the regular German army felt as it carried the bulk of the burden of ground combat, while it was starved for replacements and new equipment, all because Hitler's various sycophant Nazi leaders were engaged in a petty competition with each other.
Ahmed Pasic
Ahmed Pasic 9 dagar sedan
Nicely done video. It is important to add that most of guys in the unit were those who survived Chetnik massacres in Bosnia. They simply wanted to defend themselves and their families, they were not interested into Nazi ideology. That’s why they rebelled in France after they heard rumours they will not return to Bosnia to defend their families. The leader of mutiny was Ferid Džanić from Bihać (western part of Bosnia, called Krajina).
ostoja martrix
ostoja martrix 9 dagar sedan
Nuby 10 dagar sedan
Grand mufti ding the nazi salute is so bizarre and fascinating.
秋台思雨 11 dagar sedan
When do you think this Covid19 problem is solved ?
nolansgroove 11 dagar sedan
Your videos pose as many questions as they answer.
Roderick Hamilton
Roderick Hamilton 12 dagar sedan
Thank you Mark for telling this story straight. I spent a while living in Bosnia and I know this story has been twisted for propaganda purposes by some groups in the former Yugoslavia, but you've told it without fear or favour.
Tom Douglas Sicks
Tom Douglas Sicks 12 dagar sedan
Is my obsessive fascination with that bloody conflict ever going to be satiated??...HOW!?...It keeps revealing so many truths...so much complexity, context and nuance.....I am only sorry that the last of the living participants are leaving us....,
grodhagen 14 dagar sedan
Classic Nazi racial arrogance. One can only imagine the crap these soldiers had to suffer on their way to rebellion.
rich mae
rich mae 14 dagar sedan
be careful when talking badly about nazis here, as you may upset a 13 year old who sympathizes with hitler and nazi germany because he's sick of playing as the allies in COD WW2. or perhaps you will upset another teenage genuinely racist "history buff" who believes the wehrmacht was full of good men ignorant of the concentration camps.
thomas aquinas
thomas aquinas 14 dagar sedan
The Russians were shocked that the Stalingrad encirclement took only days. Foreign troops manned the flanks, outnumbered and outgunned, This tape explains why also. Morale in most foreign conscriptions is never high except for a few fanatics.
Harald Nilsen
Harald Nilsen 15 dagar sedan
Mark Felton, the Field Marshall of World war two history.
Hamza Handzar
Hamza Handzar 16 dagar sedan
After watching Bosniak children,women,civilians(3000 in East Bosnia) being slaughtered by Chetniks.Bosniaks asked of Germans to give them weapons so they can defend their people,but in the end Germans didnt respect the agrement,so they sent them outside the country to fight for foreign interests.
Matthew Hamersly
Matthew Hamersly 16 dagar sedan
Oskar Kirchbaum looks surprisingly like Robert Shaw.
Matthew Hamersly
Matthew Hamersly 16 dagar sedan
What a novel way to commit suicide. Mutiny against the SS in 1943. Genius!
Витюшка 16 dagar sedan
Very interesting. What are major sources on these Waffen-SS divisions, including France? Anyone?
Evan Swinford
Evan Swinford 16 dagar sedan
Some people say the Mukden Incident was the actual start of WW2. Is this true?
scott left
scott left 17 dagar sedan
Bosniaks be like:..."This won't come back an bite us on the ass, right?"
DeadBunny69 17 dagar sedan
3:15 ... Serious case of Hitler complex.
BABIS FOTOS 17 dagar sedan
your videos are very interesting. keep up the good work .
Hiver Naal
Hiver Naal 18 dagar sedan
I am French and I never heard about this in school, thank you
666 999
666 999 18 dagar sedan
Serbo-Croat lingo don't exist , Felton you are so dumb !.
666 999
666 999 18 dagar sedan
You knowledge about WW2 Croatia sucks !.
martinthemillwright 19 dagar sedan
Mr Felton: why don’t you do a report on Bleiburg, where the Croats surrendered to the British only to be slaughtered wholesale by the Partizans? Your expertise may uncover details and inspire further research.
CroBased 17 dagar sedan
agree it was the worst massacre after ww2
Patrick F
Patrick F 19 dagar sedan
Absolutely fantastic content . If the Germans had respected and worked with the people they ruled ,rather like the British did , many more would have fought with them. They made terrible rulers.
Carlo Alicer
Carlo Alicer 19 dagar sedan
"were not slavs but of aryans of iranian descent" really?
TNT 19 dagar sedan
Learning more via here and simple history than through the New Jersey public school system.
John Galtman
John Galtman 19 dagar sedan
At the time stamp of 6:46 is that Putin on the right hand side of the video... That guy seriously looks like a young Putin... The Russians were hacking even back then.
Mike Foehr
Mike Foehr 20 dagar sedan
I had no idea that Muslim fighters were involved with the Nazi Regime...totally astounding. Thanks Mark👍
Parody5Gaming 20 dagar sedan
3:18 old hitler
Ibbo Bo
Ibbo Bo 20 dagar sedan
very interesting - a lot of stuff I didn't know there...
Jurek Szymański
Jurek Szymański 21 dag sedan
Hi bravo good video thank you so mach
Your Name
Your Name 21 dag sedan
That last statement made me think:EVERYONE has fought EVERYONE else in some form in term of war or a cold war. Unreal. Truth is stranger then fiction.
Joe Pittini
Joe Pittini 21 dag sedan
Hi mark I think you neglected to mention an important point the Bosnian soldiers who surrendered to the British were then handed over to Tito who killed all of them Ta Joe
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog 20 dagar sedan
Yeah, they were put on a train and told: you're going that way! I saw the video recently, vicious pigs.
stinkin lincoln
stinkin lincoln 21 dag sedan
The 30th waffen ss (russia no.1) also mutinied at the battalion level while in france. '44 I think
Boiko Petrov
Boiko Petrov 22 dagar sedan
Bosnjaks arians of Iranian descent....LMFAO...and its "bosnjaks" not "bosnians"
Cappuccino Kripperino kriop
Cappuccino Kripperino kriop 23 dagar sedan
This video is full of misinformation, I don't usually expect something like this from Mr. Felton
danisoff 23 dagar sedan
It looks like every time I comment on the video I get censured by SVfrom or by Mark. Interesting...
maskedmarmoset 23 dagar sedan
The last bit was the most interesting. You always hear (to varying degrees) about how the FFL recruited among the SS/Wehrmacht, etc post-war, but I didn't know any of the Arab countries went recruiting for the '48 war, too. I bet when the word got around the kibbutzim where those mountain boys came from, you probably had a hard time surrendering if you didn't look like an Arab or had an Blutgruppentätowierung blood tat on your body...
Dovla Cro
Dovla Cro 25 dagar sedan
6:45 Vladimir Putin?
Jerome McCollom
Jerome McCollom 26 dagar sedan
How evil is your regime when people petition the Nazis to make them part of Germany to protect them
Jason Harry
Jason Harry 27 dagar sedan
History is fascinating the twists and turns More people should pay attention to it as events unfortunately seem to repeat
rudok lop
rudok lop 27 dagar sedan
Bosnians are Slavs and are native Europeans. Before Ottoman empire came they had Bosnian church that was little different than church in Vatican. After arrival of Turks they mainly converted to Islam. Before Slavs came to Bosnia Illyrians lived in Bosnia and it was also part of Roman empire. Illyrians mixed with Slavs and Scordisci (Celtic people) when they came to Bosnia ...
AmeriKa1050 4 dagar sedan
No the Franciscan monks in Bosnia on orders of the Pope converted all the Bogomils ( a religious sect of circa 10,000 people) before the arrival of the Turks into Bosnia.
thepwee 27 dagar sedan
Mark you really need your own TV series. Even a home DVD collection or something like that....
Broken Bridge
Broken Bridge 27 dagar sedan
Nice video.
RedFox Tactical
RedFox Tactical 27 dagar sedan
I'll never understand why surrender in a situation like this. Its obvious they'd be executed, so why just surrender and go along with it? I know I've never been in that situation, but it's always been a mystery to me why you wouldn't at least try to overwhelm your captors or something when they're lining you up at a mass grave
Stevan Medojevic
Stevan Medojevic 28 dagar sedan
Why didnt mentouned their war crimes against Serbian civillians?
Garry Sekelli
Garry Sekelli 28 dagar sedan
The bosnians were the muslim cannisary för the turks in former Times.
Liverpool FC For Life
Liverpool FC For Life 28 dagar sedan
Cant get enough of your history videos. I am a big history fan especially on WW2, Hitler, and Nazi Germany. Just subscribed and keep up the great work
jake daly
jake daly 28 dagar sedan
seriously dude when do we get a tv show or an hour long special at least?
Lorcan Hayes
Lorcan Hayes 28 dagar sedan
3:20 the hitler you get from lidl
William Mccormack
William Mccormack 29 dagar sedan
Fantastic information as always
GodOfHate 29 dagar sedan
Seeing Mark's face while the intro music starts gives it a really sinister feel lol
WelfareBeast 29 dagar sedan
At the start of the video we see a map from AFTER 1945, the post-war Polish and Soviet borders are seen, this while the narrator describes the situation at the height of war. Is it so hard to find a pre-war map? or one showing the situation as it was under the german occupation at the time? with croat and slovak formal independence? We even see the border between the BRD and the DDR...
DoomOfConviction 29 dagar sedan
How many white Russia’s where consumed again?
bobby shizz
bobby shizz 29 dagar sedan
I've been binge watching this channel the past few days. Absolutely superb content. Subscribed.
Ermo Mejremic
Ermo Mejremic Månad sedan
Do more on Yugoslavia lol great videos
Gaming Collection
Gaming Collection Månad sedan
Interesting. Not all SS Troops it seems were so loyal to their 'masters'. Thank you for this video.
Max Kronader
Max Kronader Månad sedan
Another example of the complexities of WWII history that are often ignored in the history courses.
Andreas Leonardo
Andreas Leonardo Månad sedan
Too nice video with full of clear explaining of events at that time where more of the knowledges were ignored and hidden due to political aims...thanks for sending
Snap Malloy
Snap Malloy Månad sedan
I am on the road for a living. I usually try and save a half dozen before I play them all in succession...Best content on SVfrom
Victor Suarez
Victor Suarez Månad sedan
MFP seems to say that history does not repeat its self, but only rhymes.
Eric McQuiston
Eric McQuiston Månad sedan
That's what I like about "Mark Felton Productions" I always learn something new and interesting !
SHADOWWOLF77 Månad sedan
So, no prison sentences for these then...
Just a Yeti on the Internet
Just a Yeti on the Internet Månad sedan
"The French did nothing"..............
Just a Yeti on the Internet
Just a Yeti on the Internet Månad sedan
Muslim Nazis..............Stan Smith does not like the sound of that.
Just a Yeti on the Internet
Just a Yeti on the Internet Månad sedan
White Russians, I remember Marks video on them serving in Japan too.
Just a Yeti on the Internet
Just a Yeti on the Internet Månad sedan
Race sure meant whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted it to.
Kooks Månad sedan
i am croatia and thes facts have helped me understand many more thing that i need to know. My grandfather has told many stories from that time
Jonas Pianomusic
Jonas Pianomusic Månad sedan
Political islam is facism, thats why hitler liked it....
Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese Månad sedan
Mark, Bosnian Muslims were part of so called NDH armed forces. They were not prosecuted. Check your facts again.
shokre82 Månad sedan
Where did you get to film of linu up soldiers in fron of Ante Pavelić?
Brian O'Neel
Brian O'Neel Månad sedan
I'm bummed the mutiny didn't work.
Peter Stadlmaier
Peter Stadlmaier Månad sedan
I didn't expect seeing the Kaiser in a Video by Mark Felton.
Ahmad zia
Ahmad zia Månad sedan
Greetings from Afghanistan تشکر از زحمات شما مننه له تاسو زحماتو❤🇦🇫
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands Månad sedan
as usual excellent content Mark!
Adam Australia
Adam Australia Månad sedan
Share marks page folks get him to 1 million subscribers!!!!
Kinvert Månad sedan
When my 2 year old hears this music from across the house, he comes running and says "See airplane!"
Andrew Tanczyk
Andrew Tanczyk Månad sedan
970K subscribers! Keeps getting better! Almost at one million now! Great job! I learn so much from your channel! Real history! Not the usual indoctrination of what they want you to believe! Thanks 😊
BalkanicSense Månad sedan
hratska lol
david forbregd
david forbregd Månad sedan
Excellent Video!!!
Marc Fedak
Marc Fedak Månad sedan
Hi Mark, great job imparting detailed information on lesser known aspects of WWII. Have you done a documentary on the challenges of reconstruction of Germany after WWII? If so, I'll check it out.
dodge96neon Månad sedan
you would think that there would have been a mutiny on the eastern front with hitler's propensity of making german soldiers stay and fight instead of retreating even when things were a dire mess
Hellfox Månad sedan
I have question. Did the red army raise a division made out of german pow?
Goff Harr
Goff Harr Månad sedan
3:17 Hitler long lost cousin
jim crow
jim crow Månad sedan
Well we all know how it ended.
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