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Uncover hard truths in the underbelly of Asia.
Every year, nearly 100,000 Japanese vanish without a trace. They are known as johatsu, or evaporated people. What drives them to engineer their own disappearance?
ABOUT THE SHOW: CNA's flagship investigative series Undercover Asia shines a light on some of the darkest corners of our society, and digs deep into the most pressing social-economic and political issues of our time.
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Heather Whittaker
Heather Whittaker 2 timmar sedan
Some don't want to be found I'm sure.They want a fresh start.
mysticqueen74 4 timmar sedan
This life is a temporary illusion.
Jamie Town
Jamie Town 4 timmar sedan
They vanish cause they get isekaid
Gi zelop
Gi zelop Dag sedan
Excellent topic and video, thank you for sharing.
Gi zelop
Gi zelop Dag sedan
I am a simple messianic Jew(both Jewish and Christian combined) hope never dies, Jesus is Lord of heaven and earth.
Gi zelop
Gi zelop Dag sedan
That’s is both the sad and beauty of life, if the reason for disappearing could be shared or discussed perhaps help or counseling could avert the need to do it, but that would not satisfy the one who can no longer cope. Once gone, the longer gone the more sorrow and pain accumulates, but here is the strength of family -love, and hope never leaves. Here lies the dilemma, that Buddhism is useless. Love and hope are living and are placed in the human heart and mind to circumvent this tragedy, love and hope are light is found when you call on my messiah, Jesus who loves to workout impossible dilemmas ...His help is available since before you were born, HE is eternal and next to you, ask for His help and He never fails to show His love for you.
Stee Vie
Stee Vie Dag sedan
the nation of mashine-people... i would also bury myself alive to get away...
RangerJaxMax May
RangerJaxMax May Dag sedan
Very sad, but even worse for those who do not have the money to pay the night movers. I wonder if the first guy was gay which is why he had to disappear? Bit of a wanker who left his wife with three children.
O K Dag sedan
Like they lookin at the sea to hope to se a floating dead body
pjanmax 2 dagar sedan
they isekaied.
Ivory Pearl
Ivory Pearl 2 dagar sedan
I would leave it all and start over. Get new stuff!
Natural Babe
Natural Babe 3 dagar sedan
Naki was killed or thrown/fell off board.
Nano Nekomata
Nano Nekomata 4 dagar sedan
Damn, that ending bro.
GONAVY GREG 4 dagar sedan
They must have wiped out that checking account in the process, lol
GONAVY GREG 4 dagar sedan
This is seriously sik, these people act like they got no choice. Some cloak and dagger crap. A market made from a person's need to be believed....
Leon Thompson
Leon Thompson 4 dagar sedan
Shocking he leaves and doesn't support his kids. Deadbeat dad in Japan
yourDaddy 4 dagar sedan
7:55 dude needs braces... eww.
Mark jamero
Mark jamero 4 dagar sedan
I think these missing people got isekaid
NERTNY ok 5 dagar sedan
サランゴラ TOJIKK
サランゴラ TOJIKK 5 dagar sedan
When the moving company came in the morning, she has a lot of boxes packed. Did she pack after her husband left? When did her daughter and mother leave the house as the reporter said they had left earlier and expecting to be picked up somewhere.
叶墨 Pumpkin smp! :{
叶墨 Pumpkin smp! :{ 5 dagar sedan
Ellie Karr
Ellie Karr 5 dagar sedan
I want to go and disappear too. I don't feel like I am belong anywhere within my family members. They don't care, they don't ask, and I am a clumsy difficult person in getting close to anyone. My only one person who close to me is my mom, and she's dead 4 years ago. My dad has been dead long time ago. I am alone even with my sister. Maybe I need to live alone somewhere without anyone knowing. It's hurt just so much. They just take care of me as if it's a must not because they care. 😢
Max_x2 5 dagar sedan
In Japan, heart surgeon. Number one. Steady hand. One day, yakuza boss need new heart. I do operation. But mistake! Yakuza boss die! Yakuza very mad! I hide fishing boat, come to America. No English, no food, no money. Darryl give me job. Now I have house, American car and new woman. Darryl save life. My big secret. I kill yakuza boss on purpose. I good surgeon. The best!
Robert Tokyo
Robert Tokyo 5 dagar sedan
I wouldn't call that Miho person a hero ..she is making a lot of money out of peoples desperation.
Tamara McRae
Tamara McRae 5 dagar sedan
That guy who left his wife and kids is a coward
Akun Tesku
Akun Tesku 5 dagar sedan
have you heard about isekai?
William Huard
William Huard 6 dagar sedan
I wood never live tere bad please
Miranda 6 dagar sedan
Imagine all the poor children being abused in lockdown! Sad bad world!!!!
Andie Pearce
Andie Pearce 6 dagar sedan
Huge reflection of the pressure placed on young Japanese people.
Savah Bejin
Savah Bejin 6 dagar sedan
I wish the surviving son would send a letter to his aging parents, the ones who have dementia and are losing their hearing. Just a letter from the vanished son saying he was sorry. He loves them all.
Nobulawu Twala
Nobulawu Twala 2 dagar sedan
Say sorry for what? For choosing his happiness and peace of mind?
Gary David
Gary David 6 dagar sedan
.. So,. I'm desperate to get away from this abusive relationship but I'm not leaving without the fridge freezer!
Pyro Thunder
Pyro Thunder 6 dagar sedan
It must be so hard to not now if you brother is alive or dead :(
spider BlackWidow
spider BlackWidow 6 dagar sedan
Lena Viglietti
Lena Viglietti 6 dagar sedan
It is true, japanise men dissapeared a girl l knew back in the 90s. They invited her to prostitute herself and she vanished
Ozzie Green
Ozzie Green 7 dagar sedan
I don’t understand why people who are in crisis can’t be placed in shrinking communities. It can be done quietly without humiliation. Giving these people a second chance.Also it is only way to heal rejuvenate society. It is not nuclear science to resolve this problem. Almost every country has this problem now.
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki 7 dagar sedan
The brother of Naomi speaks so annoying
Branden Ferguson
Branden Ferguson 7 dagar sedan
I can literally find anyone for $20
Our journey to a better life
Our journey to a better life 7 dagar sedan
Organ harvesting comes to mind
Judy Sanchez
Judy Sanchez 7 dagar sedan
Wow sad for women To live their life's been Beating by the person Supposed love you.?
Judy Sanchez
Judy Sanchez 7 dagar sedan
I want to see her!!! husband's face when He gets home 🤪😜😳
lychee luvv
lychee luvv 8 dagar sedan
for the first case though... i feel bad for the family... if he told them the reason atleast
Koh Mervin
Koh Mervin 8 dagar sedan
Osman Bakhit
Osman Bakhit 8 dagar sedan
you will probably find them somewhere in Africa.
Cons2911 8 dagar sedan
I hope things have improved. It’s sad to see these things happening. Be safe my Japanese friends
BLK GT3RS 8 dagar sedan
I bet they in that suicide forest.
Saturn 8 dagar sedan
When the entire population has disappeared, people would have to disappear in the disappearance
Lidgardis Thien
Lidgardis Thien 8 dagar sedan
Things what we have only feels valuable when they disappeared
Angel12 Boucher
Angel12 Boucher 8 dagar sedan
These are horrible selfish people!....why would you give these people any platform....they leave family children the rest of there lives wondering! I understand running from abuse that’s totally different than leaving your.wife and three children because your tiered of them and your job....Really? Give me a break! They are small people! Selfish....horrible!
Cassie Shaffer
Cassie Shaffer 8 dagar sedan
So do Americans!
Liliana Griselda Szachury
Liliana Griselda Szachury 9 dagar sedan
Too sad 😔
pw4g 9 dagar sedan
Human trafficking
I'm sure we all have been at a moment where we wanted to run and hide. Standards are so hard over there. It's sad.
Lunar Tears
Lunar Tears 7 dagar sedan
I’m not sure if I wouldn’t have attempted suicide a few times if I had been born there. My depression in highschool plus a society that expects you to literally shove and push down all of your emotional baggage and still be a mentally stable person would have definitely not helped.😔
Johnny 9 dagar sedan
Do they have Fema there?
Buddy John
Buddy John 9 dagar sedan
A little bit different here in the USA, here the government is killing the homeless for there organs to sell to big ins, then either burying them 3 to a coffin or by cremation
Derick Chafton
Derick Chafton 9 dagar sedan
Quit stalking people and mind your business
Janice Flower
Janice Flower 9 dagar sedan
Very sad
Darin James Spencer
Darin James Spencer 9 dagar sedan
How many are sent to fukushima to die?
Wyatt Stevens
Wyatt Stevens 9 dagar sedan
Finding Waldo in china lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 god I would leave too (no offense) I rather be poor then have a work a alcoholic lifestyle of someone richer then me.... money is fake they work same amount of time for a fraction of U.S pay
Ying Wang
Ying Wang 9 dagar sedan
So selfish for those disappered men. They just do not want to take any family or social responsibility.
AL F 9 dagar sedan
This is reality of japan but people still want to live at there bcs they think it would be just like anime life .I feel bad about them . My opinion,japan is good country to travel in it but not suitable to live especially when you're foreigner .
Jake Tan
Jake Tan 8 dagar sedan
Yes, that is also what I'm thinking...
Goblin 9 dagar sedan
I love how when women runaway, it’s to escape abusive homes and when men do, it’s to shirk responsibilities and family commitments
Bloop Bloopy
Bloop Bloopy 5 dagar sedan
You love that?????
esor 10 dagar sedan
I got scared bc my bf's name is also Naoki and he looks just like that man,,
Jonathan Sullivan
Jonathan Sullivan 10 dagar sedan
My mom and l have been running for over 20 yes,my dad tried to kill us..
Deanna Kelly
Deanna Kelly 10 dagar sedan
The tasteful heat distally cross because sponge interstingly jog like a dizzy description. xenophobic, polite lynx
Rebecca Shardy
Rebecca Shardy 10 dagar sedan
So many expectations about work, success and social status. Japan especially demands a high level of conformity. This could be a factor in this phenomenon.
Kiritto San bitter
Kiritto San bitter 10 dagar sedan
This is not dissapearing this is just runing away at the first sight of trouble
American Patriot
American Patriot 10 dagar sedan
Looks like Japan has been targeted for human trafficking. My opinion alone!
Ora Zukermann
Ora Zukermann 10 dagar sedan
Like in usa same
9aguirre 10 dagar sedan
It’s easier to just leave. I don’t feel sad or sorry for any of them. It is their decision. Many Japanese live with their families and crave freedom without dishonor.
Gigi V
Gigi V 10 dagar sedan
horrible job of hiding people's faces.
Cesar Rdz
Cesar Rdz 10 dagar sedan
No resuelven
ared18t 10 dagar sedan
Way shady lol they took the fridge and the stove Haha
Twisted Left
Twisted Left 10 dagar sedan
A man who simply up and abandons a wife and three children is a POS. That one guy did not have the balls to tell the wife he had had enough and the relationship was over. He still needs to provide for three kids. The kids always end up paying the price for this type of cowardly behavior by parents.
Gathering No Moss
Gathering No Moss 10 dagar sedan
I think it would be very hard to do in the US. Everything about you is connected in databases. Unless you are murdered and your body never found, or committed suicide remotely, to continue living requires birth records, credit records, employment records, records of your vehicle and the taxes you've paid. Sometimes the record keeping feels so crushing, I'd like to escape and live anonymously, myself.
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dagar sedan
They have a history of suicide take the WW2 pilots.
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dagar sedan
They all went to North Korea for a better life.
The Happy Potato
The Happy Potato 11 dagar sedan
I was on the verge of taking the fast way out , my close ones were the ones furthest away from me existence reduced to a mere datapoint entry in the national register The one day in the middle of one of my meltdowns I just had a random thought "what if..this is an advantage?" It didn't take me long to figure out being technically "invisible" can be a very useful weapon in your can use this seemingly unremarkable appearance to blend in and pass through almost all kinds of detection..very useful To everyone out there currently suffering from this..stop seeing it as an obstacle..instead arm yourselves..this is your single deadliest weapon in your arsenal.. Blend in and when they are not looking ? Take them down
John Smith
John Smith 11 dagar sedan
And 3 out of 3 men suffer pscicological abuse by women.. .. who cares.
John Smith
John Smith 11 dagar sedan
I sont belive they are literally stealing husbands stuff.. just because she is a women..
TheTruthWillSetYou Free
TheTruthWillSetYou Free 11 dagar sedan
'They left because of *their selfishness* ..." - and that perfectly encapsulates the problem of Japanese society.
Wyatt Stevens
Wyatt Stevens 9 dagar sedan
It's so weird that they have been socially robbed so much that thinking for oneself is "bad"
Alessandry Serrano
Alessandry Serrano 11 dagar sedan
You have this video in Spanish
The Empath's Backyard Ara
The Empath's Backyard Ara 11 dagar sedan
The Personal Data Privacy Act and the Operation of Night Movers gives people more reason and option to walk away and not to be found. They created a system an invisible door 🔐 in my opinion.
Carlota Pedro
Carlota Pedro 11 dagar sedan
Ah how i wish i can fo that get away from the cruelness and sadness in this life...but maybe just maybe i can return....well it depends if your new life is good.
Mary Noonan
Mary Noonan 11 dagar sedan
The debonair scarecrow superfamily zip because parallelogram fortuitously employ against a nervous inch. festive, yummy bucket
XO XO 11 dagar sedan
Any Singapore story ? Like the homeless people who disappeared from Singapore news?
Botitas crux
Botitas crux 12 dagar sedan
Human traficking.
Stephanie Torres
Stephanie Torres 12 dagar sedan
I have learned something new.
Minami Santos
Minami Santos 12 dagar sedan
Life is really suffocating
rad c2
rad c2 13 dagar sedan
isnt there a government office that deals with being maltreated? child abuse, adult abuse, animal abuse of some sort? how do night movers decide if they're boxing things that are conjugal property and shouldnt be taken? would that be grounds for theft? etc...
ranatang boo
ranatang boo 13 dagar sedan
I think with social media now its impossible to disappear they have apps snow that even if you wanted to disappear it would be impossible because now apps can do facial recognition of people
Pamela o
Pamela o 13 dagar sedan
hmmm america an mexico border..2021 thanks biden aco and karmala smh
Marius 007
Marius 007 13 dagar sedan
In truth, many men lead lives of quiet desperation. They are invisible. They hate the jobs, they hate their bosses, they hate their coworkers, they hate their life. They return home after work to families they probably don't like all that much either: nagging wife, needy children, disapproving in-laws, disappointed parents. Most just put up with it, hoping it ends soon, because there's no chance of improvement, some take it out on the ones they live with, some end their lives, and some leave and disappear. Those trying to find them are the selfish ones. They don't want to be found, leave them alone.
Haqeeqat Pasand
Haqeeqat Pasand 13 dagar sedan
Hurts very bad when you dont know if your loved one is dead or alive.
Tridium Master
Tridium Master 13 dagar sedan
To some of these guys defense Niko wouldn't need a back brace if she did the dishes correctly the first time.
Akash Basumatary
Akash Basumatary 13 dagar sedan
nayrskater 13 dagar sedan
Makes you rethink about leaving your friends on read.
not2tees 13 dagar sedan
Is there any overlap with the Missing 411 Dave Paulides disappearances?
Babs Delepine
Babs Delepine 13 dagar sedan
I thought Japanese were the most honorable.
Babs Delepine
Babs Delepine 13 dagar sedan
Stollen for their organs
Justine Henricks
Justine Henricks 13 dagar sedan
My heart breaks for these families 💔 the people trying to help the families bless them.
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