Turbulent Flow is MORE Awesome Than Laminar Flow

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Everyone loves laminar flow but turbulent flow is the real MVP.
A portion of this video was sponsored by Cottonelle. Purchase Cottonelle Flushable Wipes and try them for yourself: bit.ly/2WJm9Hq
Special thanks to:
Prof. Beverley McKeon and team www.mckeon.caltech.edu
Destin from Smarter Every Day svfrom.info
Nicole Sharp from FYFD ve42.co/fyfd
Pavol Dobryakov turbulent simulations: paveldogreat.github.io/WebGL-Fluid-Simulation/
I got into turbulent flow via chaos. The transition to turbulence sometimes involves a period doubling. Turbulence itself is chaotic motion, it is unpredictable and sensitively dependent on initial conditions. What surprised me is all the ways turbulent flow is useful to us. It is diffusive, meaning it causes mixing. This is useful in jet engines or rocket nozzles (which Destin studies) and is important to achieve in microfluidic devices, which are so small that turbulent flow is actually difficult to achieve. Turbulent flow can energize a boundary layer, which is important to maintain flow attachment over a wing, maintaining lift and delaying stall. Similarly a turbulent boundary layer over a golf ball reduces pressure drag allowing golf balls to fly further. This is the reason for the dimples on golf balls. Flow transitioning to turbulence in the wake of a bluff body can create periodic vortex shedding. This beautiful phenomenon can be seen in the von Kàrmàn vortex street in clouds viewed from space. Turbulence is everywhere, in the air currents in a room, in your aorta, in the breaths you exhale, in oil pipelines and water pipes, in the flow over cars and ships and planes. Animals have evolved for it (like dead fish swimming up stream) and we have engineered our environment, our planes and golf balls for it. Laminar flow may be nice to look at (which is why we use it in decorative fountains) but turbulent flow does the real lifting.
Animations by:
Jonny Hyman (Sun, Jupiter, Reynolds, airfoil, Earth time-lapse)
Research and writing:
AJ Fillo and Derek Muller. AJ also created the wind tunnel golf ball shots
Filmed by:
Daniel Bydlowski and Derek Muller
Additional footage:
Images of Jupiter courtesy of NASA
Turbulence in air currents by the Physics Girl, Dan Walsh, and Grant Sanderson svfrom.info/history/video/fpqdk4q737SvapE
illBird "Shaffuru" svfrom.info/history/video/ZdWkqG2XzLOGn8Q
From EpidemicSound epidemicsound.com "Seaweed" "Colorful Animation 4"
Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com "Sneaky Adventure"

RJ A 14 timmar sedan
Smartereveryday, they are both AWSOME
Angel Dust
Angel Dust Dag sedan
Laminar flow is still bettee
Arthur Marcil
Arthur Marcil Dag sedan
This makes me think of *entropy.* Of that video, you did on *randomness.* Also is entropy the root cause of my laziness? Also, I pick turbulence because I am random and unpredictable. I am sorry Destin. But to me, laminar flow is a state I will never achieve. Rereading my comment, I have no idea if what I wrote even makes sense. _Anyways, thanks for reading my nonsense comment._
Brad Daily
Brad Daily 2 dagar sedan
That one kerbal space program song is called "Sneaky Adventure" ?! :0000
A cat person again
A cat person again 3 dagar sedan
Turbulent Flow is cosmic? I think I’m in love now!
TYC00N Gaming
TYC00N Gaming 3 dagar sedan
so..... The Turbulent Flow is just ramdonness
01925 3 dagar sedan
4:03 That's a photo of what? Still Jupiter? Please
Ishbosheth 5 dagar sedan
Ok but what about the real life lightsaber
Alessandro Aiezza
Alessandro Aiezza 5 dagar sedan
Check out this article on using machine learning for turbulence modeling! 😃 asmedigitalcollection.asme.org/FEDSM/proceedings-abstract/FEDSM2020/V003T05A008/1088073
Abdul Hadi
Abdul Hadi 6 dagar sedan
Opera v Heavy Metal
osimp 6 dagar sedan
Me: sees fish swimming against water Me when i realise the fish is dead: Fish cursed 100% don't give me your sciency explanation
L H 6 dagar sedan
So you're telling me I should dimple my car to make it more efficient.
Haseeb Uddin Gilani
Haseeb Uddin Gilani 7 dagar sedan
This video reminds me of fluid mechanics class in mechanical Engineering.
Modern Day Gent
Modern Day Gent 7 dagar sedan
What if we solved how eddies work first. Where the higher pressure overtakes the lower pressure thereby creating eddies as low pressure approaches to zero. Speed and size are determined by fluid viscosity, and the area of where the low pressure is. In a hurricane, the speed is much faster at the center and slower at the sides. Then relationship between eddies depends on multiple points in an area of low pressure and how fast the initial velocity prior to the area where differences in low pressure are located. Shape would be determined by fluid pressure and speed levels around the eddy. Build a formula to scale it up and there you go, turbulence. It's past midnight and this might just be late night thoughts but if this theory is proven correct I want my million dollars!
Average Joe
Average Joe 7 dagar sedan
4:27 anyone else recognize the KSP music?
Concider This
Concider This 8 dagar sedan
You had me until the virtue signaling at the end. Try studying the flow of aerosoled particulates through face masks.
Sameem Lone
Sameem Lone 8 dagar sedan
I was always turbulence fan.... Just got validation today 🔥 Ofcourse as an Aero Eng. I like to deal with laminar flow because of ease of the mathematics involved..... 😜
krishna sharma
krishna sharma 9 dagar sedan
i like more chaotic stuffs then simple. because chaotic things cam bring up imagination in your brain that this simple things can bring up.
jyuy d
jyuy d 9 dagar sedan
This is literally a nerd argument at my lunch table.
Guillermo Ferrada Venegas
Guillermo Ferrada Venegas 9 dagar sedan
X x Maxab623 x X
X x Maxab623 x X 10 dagar sedan
Laminar flow def oh better then turbulence flow
Taco Miester
Taco Miester 10 dagar sedan
5:13 you actually used that fluid simulation that is literally what got me into the entire liquid flow stuff
kurt Mora
kurt Mora 10 dagar sedan
Do not flush so called "flushable" wipes. Just throw them in the trash. Tearing is not the same thing as disintegrating. I work on sewer systems. Those things get hair and grease and other material attached to them and they bind up pumps and other equipment and ultimately have to be removed, costing your sewer utility tens of thousands of dollars a year for the smallest of systems.
ameer kofahi
ameer kofahi 11 dagar sedan
Someone: Turbulent flow is Better. SmarterEveryday: Whomst has awakened the ancient one
jyuy d
jyuy d 9 dagar sedan
Do not flush so called "flushable" wipes. Just throw them in the trash. Tearing is not the same thing as disintegrating. I work on sewer systems. Those things get hair and grease and other material attached to them and they bind up pumps and other equipment and ultimately have to be removed, costing your sewer utility tens of thousands of dollars a year for the smallest of systems.
Brodie Mcfadyean
Brodie Mcfadyean 11 dagar sedan
If you were to repeat the same position entrance a flow you would get the same results
Jorel Mendoza
Jorel Mendoza 11 dagar sedan
Laminar flow (first look): Dog - Predictable, cute, Much easier to love, loving, understanding, understandable, just the best. Turbulent flow (first look): Cat - Unpredictable, still cute (but harder to notice), Much harder to love, visibly cold-hearted, sometimes unempathetic, hard to understand. Laminar flow (after this video): Dog - Still predictable, cute, much easier to love (but feels like cheating), loving, understanding, understandable. Turbulent flow (after this video): Cat - Predictable, still cute, affectionate (and feels fairly hard-earned), understanding, also relatable, predictable, fascinating.
Jonathan Torres Martinez
Jonathan Torres Martinez 11 dagar sedan
Turbulent flow > laminar flow Destin 🙏🤣
Moe Harb
Moe Harb 11 dagar sedan
yeash i love turblent flow from fluid Dynamics
lfdoidao 12 dagar sedan
What i ask myself is why M.night Shyamalan didn't use laminar and turbulent flow when making the VFX for waterbending in The last airbender movie
Michael Dulovich
Michael Dulovich 12 dagar sedan
Wait, isn’t this the Kerbal Space Program background music???
Mr. President.
Mr. President. 12 dagar sedan
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig 12 dagar sedan
Turbulent flow is entropy in motion. Larger eddies and other structures break down, energy dissipates, and the system moves toward uniformity and chaos. Perhaps Destin loves Laminar flow because it represents the opposite: order, the fight against entropy.
Nir Gutman
Nir Gutman 14 dagar sedan
06:00 the music in the background is from Kerbal Space Program! 😄
Kian Curatolo
Kian Curatolo 15 dagar sedan
I smell the logistic map with Reynolds number as the growth value....
Pigeonhole Media
Pigeonhole Media 16 dagar sedan
Plasma pong is a pong based on this concept its really pretty
Goyo F
Goyo F 17 dagar sedan
Love the dead fish swimming upstream. I love your content, but have to say, you didn't do a great job explaining why - even a dead fish - can swim upstream. In the section where you describe periodic vortex shedding and the von Kármán Vortex Street lies the answer. You are way more knowledgeable than me, but you never discussed the high and low pressures created by laminar and turbulent flow. For instance, you only discussed the turbulent flow over a wing, but not the laminar (like) flow underneath it thereby creating low and high pressure points or lift. In water that horizontal like model is turned on its side. During the periodic vortex shedding section you can see the low pressure areas created by the shedding and it's predictable as you describe. My point, doesn't the fish sense the low pressure points of water rushing downstream and swims in them and avoids the more laminar like flow of the remaining water. The von Kármán Vortex Street shown in the clouds shows the path a fish would take. I think if you could produce a video of the dead fish swimming upstream with the florescent die you would see the fish transition from one vortex to the next - staying between them (maybe on a tangent with the vortex). Again, in the portion where you introduce periodic vortex shedding you can see the path required to take to move upstream. This could also explain why the fish seems to wiggle as his swims upstream in addition to the wiggle created by his tail. Please let me know if my explanation is a beautiful as a laminar fountain, or as turbulent as your rheoscopic fluid tank.
Chandramouli Sarkar
Chandramouli Sarkar 17 dagar sedan
After AC v DC. The next great battle of Turbulent v Laminar.
Макс Ф.
Макс Ф. 18 dagar sedan
Turbulence is just a lot of small laminar flows in different directions. So Destin is just a particular state of Derek. :D
Rob B
Rob B 18 dagar sedan
So turbulent flow is like porn, it can't be defined precisely but you know it when you see it :)
mini fandom
mini fandom 18 dagar sedan
yes until the mathematics kicks in
That Guy
That Guy 18 dagar sedan
In a car engine you want both. You want the air come into the combustion chamber is smoothly as possible and upon compression as turbulent as possible. The Hemi engines were great for building up turbulence for a more violent ignition. One would port and polish the cylinder heads to smooth out the air flow to the combustion chamber.
Roberto Goulart
Roberto Goulart 18 dagar sedan
This video has taught me more about fluids than a 6 month course of fluid mechanics.
Gabriel Simon
Gabriel Simon 18 dagar sedan
I gotta be honest here: I only clicked on this video because it said laminar flow in the title, and because it was relating to laminar flow, I knew Destin (smarter every day) would be in it
Rama Karl
Rama Karl 19 dagar sedan
Turbulent flow is the Devil, she wispers bad advise in your ear and convinces you she is harmless, but she's just too much fun. Laminar flow is the good natured spirit, you really should listen to her but you've already spent too much time with Turbulent flow. You wake up in a stupor, with Turbulent flow all around you, drowning, fading fast. Why did you accept Turbulent flow? You could not resist, the drag was too great. Laminar would have been smooth and sweet. But alas, you are a lost soul, lost now, in chaos. Objective analysis complete.
Rayyan Uddin
Rayyan Uddin 19 dagar sedan
2:18 Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: Wait, so this video explanation is an effort to win that $1Million prize🤔
EdP IV 19 dagar sedan
And this is one reason climate science is not understood well.
Matthew Oeser
Matthew Oeser 19 dagar sedan
Didn’t even need this video to love turbulent flow better. I still watched it though.
Pablo Benito Nuñez
Pablo Benito Nuñez 19 dagar sedan
f*cking knew Destin was gonna be here as soon as I read "...flow"
Mrozan Siera
Mrozan Siera 19 dagar sedan
Anybody felt a weird urge to build spaceships around 5:00?
Cheeky Mare
Cheeky Mare 20 dagar sedan
How fast do flushable wipes break down totally? like toilet paper. I work designing wastewater treatment plants and we spend a lot of time designing (and you spend a lot of tax dollars) at the front of a plant that screens out all of the "crap" (no pun) that everyone flushes down the toilet. I wouldn't even promote the use "flushable" wipes
Afifuddin Mohd Hamdan
Afifuddin Mohd Hamdan 20 dagar sedan
I never thought Fluid Dynamics can be this interesting. Great video!
Chaitanya M
Chaitanya M 20 dagar sedan
Should we call it “flowing turbulence” because we would call “flow” when something is “directed” naturally or otherwise.
prum chhangsreng
prum chhangsreng 20 dagar sedan
Well that just prove laminar flow is awesome because turbulent flow is everywhere as u said, in the air, in the sun, in the water, in jupiter. Turbulent the rule while laminar is the exception. Just becuz turbulent is more relevant to us and complicate doesnt mean we going to love it more. We just love looking at something that are satifying, Symmetrical aspect of laminar flow is satifying. Just because the rule is the drive at 90km/h doesnt mean we gonna love driving at 120km/h less.
Matthew Heinlein
Matthew Heinlein 20 dagar sedan
The smoke rising becomes turbulent not because of "smoke particles accelerating". The thing changing is the characteristic length; ie the width of the heat column.
Álvaro Galiana
Álvaro Galiana 21 dag sedan
c'mon, dont fight, I love you both the same
Yunior Aguilar
Yunior Aguilar 21 dag sedan
Best combo for distance is laminar in the from the front turbulant in the back
Yunior Aguilar
Yunior Aguilar 21 dag sedan
Turbulances is cool to look at but chaos kinda over whelems me so no im just gonna like laminar flow more
Winter GuardianX
Winter GuardianX 21 dag sedan
What if time flows turbulently?
Salzaabi57 22 dagar sedan
try to drink hot chocolate in the cup see the flow after you sip
GlodChip 22 dagar sedan
Coming from the turbulence is cool side, I was quite impressed in a seminar about some bio stuff where microfluidics and laminar flow was used to build perfectly straight channels (like blood vessels) either side of some bio-structure.
fieromike1 22 dagar sedan
The only things that you should be flushing down a toilet are toilet paper and that which comes from your body! Flushable wipes still clog.
Jamie Sachtleben
Jamie Sachtleben 22 dagar sedan
I feel like our goal with turbulence is to have it work in such a way that it is less Turbulent. Ultimately using it's own quality against it, using something seemingly random to achieve a predictable outcome. In summary, turbulent flow wishes it was laminar.
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell 22 dagar sedan
People that survived the impossible in my friend's video! svfrom.info/history/video/gdRym2rIvrGnh5E
Tarun Chopra
Tarun Chopra 22 dagar sedan
This seems like an article paper in an video he’s made references to past vids haha that’s class.
Vatsal Kardani
Vatsal Kardani 22 dagar sedan
18:20 Why does this man look like Elon musk at certain angles??🤔🤔
Sl4yerkid 22 dagar sedan
meh laminar flow is still cooler, probably because its un natural.
Keaton Hogan
Keaton Hogan 22 dagar sedan
Laminar flow my ass
Brad Landers
Brad Landers 22 dagar sedan
Derek: Turbulent flow is better. Destin: What!? That’s crazy. Us: Some men just want to see the world burn.
trophywolfe 22 dagar sedan
Why so many ads?
Nebo 22 dagar sedan
Laminar Flow is like Communism.. now you have it..
Kevin Saidbun
Kevin Saidbun 23 dagar sedan
The reason i clicked on this video is because of laminar flow so its better
Peter Bartelt
Peter Bartelt 23 dagar sedan
Am I half right about fully understanding laminar flow's transition to turbulence? Isn't it a sliding scale that jumps right off the cliff once it hits the transition point, defined by differing conditions. Also unless engineered to be so if possible, that laminar flows aren't permanent unlike the universe spanning turbulence? Couldn't there be, currently immeasurable, layers of complexity, and turbulence to all laminar flow is my question. If the answer is yes, than I see laminar flow as "cooler", because though laminar flow can give birth to turbulent flow almost inevitably, it seems to take more engineering, or purpose, or time to bring turbulent flow, back to laminar. Is the square "cooler", because it can get into the rectangle club, but squares, are more exclusive? Or are rectangles "cooler" for letting squares into their club unbiased even though their excluded from the square club? Or am I getting the philosophy and physics, and possibly geometry w that analogy, all wrong, and that's not the question at all?
Peter Bartelt
Peter Bartelt 23 dagar sedan
Is the turbulent flow resulting from laminar flow upon differing conditions of transition static, or is there a subtle turbulence to seemingly identical laminar flows that will bring differing results upon the exact same transition conditions with "different" laminar flows? How similar are laminar flows to one another, and couldn't there be a difference in laminar flows that is as necessary to predict the resulting turbulent flow, as the transition conditions? Am I an idiot, cus im leaning yeah.
Peter Bartelt
Peter Bartelt 23 dagar sedan
3:05 you also might have seen this in the sheet of light through a blackout blind in a smokey room, which is free for the most part. Not quite impressive yet.
adester1 23 dagar sedan
Thank you for the entertaining free videos but I just watched 8 ads in the 18 minute video.
Adam Oz
Adam Oz 23 dagar sedan
CalTech's Desktop is out of support. Update to Windows 10 or a Linux Distro
The Creeper way
The Creeper way 23 dagar sedan
Fix your title pkease
Ryan White
Ryan White 23 dagar sedan
Phenomenal video!!
Kevint Is Gone
Kevint Is Gone 23 dagar sedan
Turbulent flow: chaotic neutral Laminar flow: lawful good
John Miller
John Miller 23 dagar sedan
Does anyone know where Reynolds published his paper? It'd be interesting to read the original publication.
Husna Radzuan
Husna Radzuan 23 dagar sedan
turbulent flow is awesome until u have to do the calculation
Vина 23 dagar sedan
13:01 hexagon is the bestagon.
Terry Goodman
Terry Goodman 24 dagar sedan
Anything is better that aunt flow
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad 24 dagar sedan
Laminar flow is like crush of destin
Science done right
Science done right 24 dagar sedan
🎵Turbulent flow, Turbulent flow... Laminar flow is new And oh ma gawd eww!... Turbulence was the rule of life... Long before 42... Long before 42... Long before 42... Enlightenment stands in the way, Of turbulence, Wit' Eddie's going round around And wavy lines is profound How can you say that some simples lines are nice and all... Are nice and all... Are nice and all... O' Sandlin, man are you blindfold'd From the universal truths... Universal truths... 🎵 -Horrible song by science done right
Mark Quiram
Mark Quiram 24 dagar sedan
Reminds me of calculations for erosion and depositions in streams and rivers or differential bed stresses and meanders in those rivers.
Sneaky 24 dagar sedan
Just today, I watched a flag mounted behind an empty load tractor trailer going down the interstate. Just like the fish, the flag was waving, but waving 'toward' the front truck instead of back. Due to the turbulence in the wake. Neat stuff.
Jeremy Petix
Jeremy Petix 24 dagar sedan
Turbulent flow like that crazy girl or boyfriend you had. You’ll never forget them.
Levi and his Bae
Levi and his Bae 24 dagar sedan
Me every morning when I mix cream into my coffee: TURBULENCE AHEAD
Rutgers NAPhi
Rutgers NAPhi 24 dagar sedan
Hey guys no video today -- go vote!
Andrew Middleton
Andrew Middleton 25 dagar sedan
@14:31 reminds me of the logistics map
muhammad hayat
muhammad hayat 25 dagar sedan
I wish you taught me Fluid Mechanics in 3rd year Civil Engineering.
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 25 dagar sedan
Can we agree that both laminar and turbulent flow are super cool?
Kangjia Huang
Kangjia Huang 25 dagar sedan
5:10 paveldogreat.github.io/WebGL-Fluid-Simulation/
John Kotarsky
John Kotarsky 25 dagar sedan
I live in a world with both. Envy me!
John Kotarsky
John Kotarsky 25 dagar sedan
Too bad that million dollar price is a joke. That million dollar prize organization is a fuing fraud. They got no creditability anymore. 2:19
Nathan Clingan
Nathan Clingan 26 dagar sedan
Fanboying too much over this collab
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 26 dagar sedan
Laminal flow is the exception. Then doesn't that make it even more special?
Fleato 26 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure everyone fully expected destin to show up in the comments here.
Ciprian 26 dagar sedan
Booooriiiinggggg bye bye
Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson 26 dagar sedan
someone needs to create a video asking the manufacturers of baby wipes why they don't make them the same way flushable wipes are made. it's irresponsible of parents to flush them down the toilet, but I believe it's even more irresponsible that the manufacturers make them so you can't.
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