Trying to Catch a 1,000 MPH Baseball - Smarter Every Day 247

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HowToRandom كيف تصنع
HowToRandom كيف تصنع 10 dagar sedan
Try using meat or flesh to stop the bell , To see what would happen if the bell hits a human
ThoracJunaut 13 dagar sedan
idea: when your trying to stop a bullet, usually bullet proof glass does a good job, the bullet spents a lot of its energy on breaking the glass before getting through, its stopped before then, so just replace the glass with say a hard leather over the baseball mitt, and maybe that might stop the ball
Abraham Perez
Abraham Perez 13 dagar sedan
Sadness, I'm needing a glove, and see this😥
Sakonema 16 dagar sedan
Not using a solid steel ball is just weak.
Douglas Parkinson
Douglas Parkinson 20 dagar sedan
coolfox 5623
coolfox 5623 2 minuter sedan
Rip bob 😔
Eka Purwaningsih
Eka Purwaningsih 11 minuter sedan
Dottie 14 minuter sedan
I am currious to know what high speed camera you used for this video ....
Dominic Bossen
Dominic Bossen 22 minuter sedan
If the cannon was pointed up to the sky how high do you think the ball would go?? That's what I want to see now 😂
SC Nightmare
SC Nightmare Timme sedan
That must hurt
ssffhhjgg Timme sedan
It's not fire in terms of oxidation. It's air being compressed between ball and glove, getting to hot that it starts radiating visible light ("glowing"). The color indicates that i must be around 2000°C/3500°F which is quite impressive.
Jung Richard
Jung Richard 2 timmar sedan
Terrible. Why doing this...What for..
Solarius 2 timmar sedan
Now fire a tank shell if possible
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 timmar sedan
You can see the shock wave as the ball reaches the glove.. wow...
R Gange
R Gange 2 timmar sedan
The glove has oil which was ignited from the stitching. You have to oil the glove so it doesn't dry out.
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 2 timmar sedan
The fire is from all the friction
Colin Prower
Colin Prower 2 timmar sedan
Oh god imagine having the bat machine and this together that would be the ultimate video
peter neagle
peter neagle 3 timmar sedan
From my days playing baseball many many decades ago. we used to always treat our gloves with a leather conditioner. The friction of the ball on the glove may have been enough to ignite the leather conditioner ?
A-Droid 3 timmar sedan
The needy opinion occasionally challenge because responsibility prognostically taste via a nappy promotion. eminent, private parade
Ōkina kanjō
Ōkina kanjō 3 timmar sedan
You gotta set up a bat and see what happens to the bat
Box Monster
Box Monster 4 timmar sedan
What would happen if you hit that ball with a bat that's fast enough?
Sean Q
Sean Q 4 timmar sedan
Why is this recommended to me. This is a bit stupid. They're acting shocked that firing a baseball out of cannon at 1000mph wreaks havoc on whatever it strikes.
팔걸이로데오 5 timmar sedan
Corey Parker
Corey Parker 5 timmar sedan
my question is how fast could it fire something heavier maybe not a small cannonball but maybe stone or be safer and use rubber
Carsten Becher
Carsten Becher 6 timmar sedan
So, you basically build the Junk Jet from Fallout? 😂👍
Jonah Evans
Jonah Evans 6 timmar sedan
and bob tok it like a champ
The jerky shack
The jerky shack 6 timmar sedan
Okay super sonic baseball is cool. But mechanical anti lock brakes for bicycles has me distracted from that.
Gary Bones
Gary Bones 6 timmar sedan
Perhapse you are compressing and ignighting the OIL in the leather, HELLO . . .
Aaron Downing
Aaron Downing 6 timmar sedan
Let’s see the explosive bat vs subsonic ball
Bindingofash 6 timmar sedan
Do one with a zombiegoboom Ivan head
Colin Hill
Colin Hill 6 timmar sedan
The fire is from all the friction
u s
u s 6 timmar sedan
You can see the shock wave as the ball reaches the glove.. wow...
Allen Leedy
Allen Leedy 6 timmar sedan
Well learned how to ride went I ran into a tree going down the hill
光21 6 timmar sedan
This how Goro’s pitches look in major
Pablo García
Pablo García 8 timmar sedan
tell me I wasnt the only one that noticed the ring around the ball at min 5:24? sheeeeshhh
bf nifty
bf nifty 8 timmar sedan
Amazing but how high can it shoot up
Kainan Baca
Kainan Baca 8 timmar sedan
Welds were a little rough 😂😂
Creations Maxo
Creations Maxo 8 timmar sedan
You know what this means, right? *Don't ever play baseball with Superman nor Flash.*
Jacob Moss
Jacob Moss 9 timmar sedan
11:29 would that not be friction? Something going that speed could set anything on fire if it was in contact with it right?
Xrossbot 9 timmar sedan
*Can't believe that they are shooting BOB from Bread Boys*
Aze 9 timmar sedan
Wow the Military is just gonna let you have this?
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 9 timmar sedan
The misty balance immediately unfasten because sousaphone contemporaneously sniff like a actually hardboard. skinny, disillusioned knife
Ken Adams
Ken Adams 9 timmar sedan
My mom bought my niece a Barbie bike for Christmas. Wish I had known about Guardian bikes before she bought one
Jerry McLellan
Jerry McLellan 9 timmar sedan
I weep for the loss of perfectly good baseball gloves.
Ethaniel Abello
Ethaniel Abello 10 timmar sedan
And covering it
Ethaniel Abello
Ethaniel Abello 10 timmar sedan
I saw a little circle ring of air
Keane Turley
Keane Turley 10 timmar sedan
it’s at 4:54 yourwelcome
Matt Fischer
Matt Fischer 11 timmar sedan
Do this against a car door. Also, be cool to see how far this would launch in like a mile long field. That would be cool. How much did it cost to build that beast if you guys don’t mind.
jason callahan
jason callahan 11 timmar sedan
Shoot at Shane's rocket bat???
Jesse Pinto
Jesse Pinto 11 timmar sedan
It’s the stain on the glove the product is Flammable
Ian Jayag
Ian Jayag 12 timmar sedan
ZODIAC 12 timmar sedan
poisonousnut 12 timmar sedan
this was awesome
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin 12 timmar sedan
Dang, man. I thought I threw fast but this machine has me beat by at least 300mph.. whew! .. 😌😌😌😌😌😌
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin 12 timmar sedan
What, I gotta have a checkmark next to my name and over a million subs to get some love around here Destin? 😭😭😭
PF REI 12 timmar sedan
fire behind the ball.....;-;......dont see that everyday ;-;
Mercenary EX
Mercenary EX 13 timmar sedan
Imagine throwing diamond spears above the speed of sound...
Febro Ruridho
Febro Ruridho 13 timmar sedan
Weak. I use my own body... *Hospitalized*
pop htf
pop htf 13 timmar sedan
Mike Trader
Mike Trader 13 timmar sedan
The ring following the ball prior to hitting anything, is that a sonic boom?
Mike Trader
Mike Trader 13 timmar sedan
Bob was not looking to happy
Mike Trader
Mike Trader 13 timmar sedan
Ross Ellis
Ross Ellis 13 timmar sedan
2 Questions. What if you sandwiched the gloves together so that they assisted each other strength wise instead of clearing each glove individually? How far would the ball travel unobstructed? You gotta test the max range of this beast!
Big Bob
Big Bob 13 timmar sedan
I want to see it compared to a cannon
Edfiki86 15 timmar sedan
How many baseballs died to make this?
Willard james
Willard james 15 timmar sedan
Modify this. To fire a wide spread of solid steel arrows. Let's say around 1,000 Set up a army of armored targets. And see how many get shredded
Vincent Bezzina
Vincent Bezzina 15 timmar sedan
Brilliantly scary!!
Fletcher Terrell
Fletcher Terrell 15 timmar sedan
I love the fact that they have a red dot sight on top of the cannon.
Vnugos 16 timmar sedan
Fascinating how everything seems to liquefy at that speed and the visible soundwaves around the ball. Good stuff!
christoph sprenger
christoph sprenger 16 timmar sedan
I'd love to see how high you can shoot the ball ! Please do an altitude test :)
yesh9x 17 timmar sedan
It'd be interesting if you'd make an APFSDS projectile for it
Ed Vin
Ed Vin 17 timmar sedan
Why there is only one guy wearing a headset?
Magfed Jim
Magfed Jim 17 timmar sedan
They need to revisit this and use a baseball bat as a target...
fineTUNE 17 timmar sedan
A base ball is cool and all but imagine a pure lead ball. 🧐
Thunder Dick
Thunder Dick 18 timmar sedan
That was insanely interesting you should shoot one at a bar,
Tr3vor1 19 timmar sedan
2020s weapon of war lol
Кристиян Миланов
Кристиян Миланов 19 timmar sedan
Destin: how to catch a supersonic baseball with a leather glove? Me: if the leather is made out of metal
Michael King
Michael King 19 timmar sedan
There’s fire!
Brady Connors
Brady Connors 19 timmar sedan
am I the only one that noticed that the glove landed perfectly up right at 10:38
Lincoln B
Lincoln B 20 timmar sedan
wonder how many gloves it actually takes
Bart us
Bart us 20 timmar sedan
welcome to cooler edition of 'will it blend'
CT 0501
CT 0501 20 timmar sedan
Try a golf ball cannon golf balls are much harder and it would definetly dent a steel wall or it could penetrate
An Actual Airhorn
An Actual Airhorn 20 timmar sedan
Cops here in America be like "Non-Lethal Air Cannon"
Jim & Dawn Adams
Jim & Dawn Adams 21 timme sedan
At time marker 10:52-10:53 it looks like there is a flame behind the ball before it even hits the glove.
Ryker Strickler
Ryker Strickler 21 timme sedan
Bob became a donut for a moment
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 20 timmar sedan
wanted to see its impact on block of ice
Inconspicuous Mice
Inconspicuous Mice 21 timme sedan
What Furuta's pitch looks like to viewers in Ace no Diamond
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 20 timmar sedan
It’s crazy how little rotation there is on the ball. I figured with the seams it would rotate as it’s launched from the cannon.....
Lola Gadea
Lola Gadea 21 timme sedan
I would love to see a video of the ball coming out the back of bob . Cool video
Cooper Andrson
Cooper Andrson 22 timmar sedan
you should try it with a catchers mit
John Dozier
John Dozier 22 timmar sedan
Does one need a license to shoot a sonic baseball cannon?
gaming with marcus
gaming with marcus 22 timmar sedan
You should use the slow mo camera shooting different guns at tungsten...
Vince White
Vince White 22 timmar sedan
The fire started at the tale of the ball right before it hit the glove. It wasn't leather to leather. It was because the ball was moving so fast.
CantTouch Dis
CantTouch Dis 22 timmar sedan
Me, playing with toxic 9 year olds in the same room: *iNtErStInG*
Team_ankle 7
Team_ankle 7 22 timmar sedan
A-Droid 23 timmar sedan
The grandiose sheet ultrascructurally drag because drain analytically dream up a standing capital. dear, frequent digestion
Madis 23 timmar sedan
Love this channel but its going down the drain like most when growing too big. Too much TV Show stuff
Zapザップ NC
Zapザップ NC 23 timmar sedan
6:46 is that magic? Those blue trails
badbacknsides Dag sedan
I was waiting for you to shoot Bob in the face!
R and r
R and r Dag sedan
Imagine if that was for a bullet
Michael Hof
Michael Hof Dag sedan
Why why why would you put nine gloves up instead of ten?
Frank Allan Perez
Frank Allan Perez Dag sedan
Make a uranium glass rupert’s drop
snakeeyes6669 Dag sedan
It’s crazy how little rotation there is on the ball. I figured with the seams it would rotate as it’s launched from the cannon.....
Nischal tamu arts
Nischal tamu arts Dag sedan
wanted to see its impact on block of ice
DeadWood DigitalAdvertising
DeadWood DigitalAdvertising Dag sedan
Try it on slab of meat
M.Danish Rauf
M.Danish Rauf Dag sedan
Who thought that he was gonna catch it by hand
AJ Balaba
AJ Balaba Dag sedan
Its like Super Saiyan Blue Goku throwing ball to Yamcha
Jason Wood
Jason Wood Dag sedan
Or what the US government calls, "non-lethal rounds"
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