Trump branded “embarrassment to his country” as he shuns Biden inauguration - BBC News

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BBC News

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President Trump has announced he won't be attending the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, just hours after promising a peaceful transition.
He will become the first US president to miss the ceremony in more than 150 years.
Joe Biden said the decision was a good thing and it was one of the only things they'd ever agreed on. He said President Trump was an embarrassment to his country.
Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel.
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Lee Wamwam
Lee Wamwam 18 minuter sedan
The American police are more shameful than the Hong Kong black police. They can surpass the Communist Party of China. China is the first. The United States is declining and perishing.
Patriot2452 Timme sedan
He is not an embarrassment to our country, he is very loved. Fuck you and all the establishment media, you have all been his enemy from before he even got into office.
nada hiro
nada hiro 3 timmar sedan
On January 14, 2020, Mr. John sullivan was arrested by the FBI. He said he was trained by the Chinese Communist Army using Zoom from Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Army occupied Hong Kong. Previously, the Chinese Communist Army disguised Communist troop soldiers as civilians in Hong Kong's democratic movement and confused them. The democratic movement intensified and they occupied the Hong Kong Parliament Building. Again, Mr. John sullivan instigated the people. They succeeded in occupying the Capitol. This was to divide the government and the people and paralyze the government function. The FBI has arrested those who broke into the Capitol as Trump supporters. However, the reality was that Mr. John sullivan and the general public, instigated by BLM and Antifa, occupied the Capitol. Leftist media and defenders of the left have defended Mr. John sullivan and wrote about it. Exactly what happened in Hong Kong was repeated in the United States.
Brett. Crealy
Brett. Crealy 3 timmar sedan
President Trump awarded by the Morrocan Royal Family, their Nations highest award! President Trump has the respect of liberty loving folks everywhere!! 🏆😊👍
jash Knap
jash Knap 3 timmar sedan
Only the military is invited to the inauguration as their superiors will tell them not to "Boo Biden sucks shit".
Christine Oconnor
Christine Oconnor 5 timmar sedan
Fuckin clown,the only thing the rest of the world had seen from trump's term in office is what a shit show America really is,and badly the average Joe is treated by their government.their all fuckin corrupt politicians no matter what side their on.and biden is the lesser of two evils.
Cezary Cezary
Cezary Cezary 6 timmar sedan
Trump is the best, Biden and Kameltoe is embarrassment to human kind
Ethan Slapp
Ethan Slapp 6 timmar sedan
he was the best thing for this country in the last 3 presidents. fact
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 7 timmar sedan
They know its true you. Don't know you weren't their i watched all the untruth disclared
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 7 timmar sedan
He is better than the thugs he will triumph be sure of that
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 7 timmar sedan
Why should he it's not his doing
LaserCat 9 timmar sedan
i thought this was a youtube video not a bunch of real life numbers hmmm maybe evrything we know is people talking about numbers
Sandor Clegane
Sandor Clegane 9 timmar sedan
Cant wait to see your crocodile tears under biden..😂
ITSMZPOO 9 timmar sedan
James Brewitt
James Brewitt 10 timmar sedan
Peaceful transition to his 2nd term in office 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸 BBC your so full of shit stop giving the false president elect air time the mans a disgrace and a fraud 😡
Baboi George
Baboi George 17 timmar sedan
\\o// Sounds like the captured soldier was forced to read from a written script for the television -
saitej g
saitej g 18 timmar sedan
Yes Joe Boden said correctly. It's best that trump won't be attending Joe's inauguration, as this only opportunity to get away from another chaos and ruckus. His presence really makes another appalling events inevitably tragic.
Jb Chad
Jb Chad 19 timmar sedan
Trump hands down the most dumbest president of all time
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart 19 timmar sedan
Define Hypocrite:
rojichrstn 21 timme sedan
America: *pays billions to kill the deadliest dictators and terrorists, toppling countries.* Also America: *pays Capitol security in subway giftcards*
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim 22 timmar sedan
There is no importance for Trump to attend the inauguration of Biden. What is so good about Trump in the last four years which had been very rocky for the whole world and particularly for Iran, Venezuela and Syria.
John Ah Kuoi
John Ah Kuoi 22 timmar sedan
American freedom of choice. Embarrassment ? shows BBC feels against Trump.
ebutuoymai7 Google
ebutuoymai7 Google 23 timmar sedan
You are an embarrassment to the British public bbc
nickolaus cabcabin
nickolaus cabcabin 23 timmar sedan
BBC is controlled by the ccp.
Alex Rios
Alex Rios Dag sedan
The "T" virus indeed insidious, hypocritical a presidential travesty for America 🇺🇸
Lex S
Lex S Dag sedan
The guy just throw his supporters under the bus That’s not a leader 👎👎👎
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Dag sedan
America's military in movies: Dont try us. America in real life: Capitol gets taken Mel Berstein: My garage has more security than that building
Backwater Sage
Backwater Sage Dag sedan
Trump branded “embarrassment to his country”? Says the BBC, an embarrasment to journalism. Lol!
truthtalker Dag sedan
The real embarrassment is the MSM...
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez Dag sedan
He shouldn't attend. The election was rife w fraud. It's one thing if he lost because he lost, but that's not what happened here. What I'm upset about is the fact no one has done anything, and we Americans seem to be ok w having a president chosen by bureaucrats and not the citizens as it should be. I will never vote again, and I'm thinking of leaving the country. This isn't the America I've grown up in and taught to be proud of. Our freedoms are being stomped on one by one, and the people who care about that are being silenced. I'm done. It's sad.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Dag sedan
Jem Collins
Jem Collins Dag sedan
BBC not many subscribers, i wonder why..
susan Johnson
susan Johnson Dag sedan
He is such a good liar, best conman I have ever seen...
susan Johnson
susan Johnson Dag sedan
We don't want him there anyway, the sooner he is gone the better!!
hiitsmehereagain Dag sedan
Hahahah USA a joke
hiitsmehereagain Dag sedan
Biden is as bent as bent can be
Jonny Cool
Jonny Cool Dag sedan
BBC woke morons, at least Trump understands the threat from China.
Harry Low
Harry Low Dag sedan
Hope all that happened is enough for Americans to be humble and reflect.
Joe Kelly
Joe Kelly Dag sedan
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Foozy Duz-Eeht
Foozy Duz-Eeht Dag sedan
Just fuck off already trumpet
lieutenant AD
lieutenant AD Dag sedan
not tryna be rude but did jfk attend the next presidents inauguration
Alexander Goldthorpe
Alexander Goldthorpe Dag sedan
Liar' liar why would anyone with any intelligence listen to a corrupt corporate bunch of baboons ie the bbc when they hid child abuse Child sex abuse human trafficking ey ey the right orrible Jimmy Saville
Craig Stirling
Craig Stirling Dag sedan
Trump must return in place of Biden. Justice must be done here. Fraud .
Horst Lang
Horst Lang Dag sedan
Sperrt den Idioten endlich ein👍🤨‼️
Bradley Goldsac
Bradley Goldsac Dag sedan
At least he didn't enable Jimmy Saville to abuse kids for years like the BBC
Bradley Goldsac
Bradley Goldsac 7 timmar sedan
@Arιa Soc BBC peado protectors, they have the audacity to slag off the best US President that ever was. More fake news 👎
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc 12 timmar sedan
No. Trump too busy chasing them. Pretty sure Trump and Malania have a 24 year age gap = he's old enough to be her father.
hiitsmehereagain Dag sedan
And kier starmer
Cherie Basher
Cherie Basher Dag sedan
Pathetic Dag sedan
Malik Miah
Malik Miah Dag sedan
Best president ever from America. Leave him alone you fake media. The media is responsible for the destruction of the world and America
Ken O regan
Ken O regan Dag sedan
It's a good thing I'm not showing up!
Kyser Soz'e
Kyser Soz'e Dag sedan
Biden in office, the war machine starts again.
Diane Pritchard
Diane Pritchard Dag sedan
Whatever your view on the election result, we will have to give Sleepy Joe his chance ( should be highly entertaining these next few years) I'll be sorry to see Don go, whatever you think of him, you can't deny he cares for his country passionately. Viva Big Don El Presidente!
Sophia Francis
Sophia Francis Dag sedan
Lol clown...who's laughing now???? You are an absolute disgrace!!!
Mashable Dag sedan
Okay so presidents who attack and kill innocents are not embarrassing but he is
M Taylor
M Taylor Dag sedan
Every day of Trump's administration has been incredibly long.
Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor 6 timmar sedan
@ITSMZPOO hes accomplishments who can forget..... Health Guidance on Bleach drinking and amazing speeches of how he wanted to hug and kiss the crowd in the hight of a pandemic well the man if you can call it that is a turd and after all this pandemic is over hopefully he stands trial for what he has done
ITSMZPOO 9 timmar sedan
C S Dag sedan
As an American I would not show up either...I mean it may have been a private thought expressed but since he has been belittled mocked ignored pummeled bullied ambushed undermined criticised sabotaged spied on misunderstood misquoted and all manner of hate independent of his loquacious not as slithering speech like Obama He tried. I would not make an appearance where I am obviously vehemently not, accepted nor acknowledged nor wanted except by his voting public which by the same have treated visibly experienced Surely there are stacks of other things they wish to employ to finish him off by decimating him he was is not perfect neither have been any other President of the US at least he attempted to do his job despite unconscionable attempts by our sad unfair Congress I am sure there is more to come They live in infamy they are enjoying it. Thank you BBC
박주노 Dag sedan
The macho stick additionally tickle because wrecker architecturally smoke among a wandering fountain. ceaseless, heavenly heavy hellish lightning
Alon Dag sedan
Uhh... What?
Saqib Jahangir
Saqib Jahangir Dag sedan
Alan Partridge
Alan Partridge Dag sedan
Trump is a Good man. He was a champion for the little man and against the wicked, insidious, Democrats Who are actually fascists They want to force everyone to bow to their doctrine with every word and breath. No free speech. They want to censor and silence anyone who disagrees with them and ultimately find a way of imprisoning you. They are the evil ones. Not Trump . They did also declare counting of ballots ended for the night and then process millions of false ballots when the observers had gone. They did lock out Republican and independent observers for hours. They did have the observers that reported that they were falsifying ballots removed by the police to get rid of them. They did not win the election, but by deceit and wickedness denied the will of the American people. Got Trump out, and themselves in.
Rosita Santiago
Rosita Santiago Dag sedan
Enough opinions let’s go with facts: Democrats as slave owners created the KKK .. they funded the confederate army .. Joe Biden leader of the Democrats: Voted against segregation (even hypocrite Kamala Harris blasted him during the debate on this).. Biden also passed the crime bill, knowingly focusing on incarcerating blacks and minorities.. Toooo many racial comments to write.. (look it up for yourselves) .. democrats spent 3 to 4 years claiming Russian collusion on the election .. billions of dollars wasted.. then turn around and insist the supreme court not view the evidence!! it’s like playing poker saying you won n refusing to show your hand, that we should trust that your cards were better!!??!! Kamala Harris went on national TV during the BLM riots saying “do not back down continue to fight “‘!! this went on for months without repercussions to her. Pennsylvania unconstitutionally extended voting w/o approval from the legislature (as required by the constitution) .. kicking out Republican ballot counters n then counting ballots, which coincidentally happened to be over 140,000 votes all for Biden Zero for Trump?! and then again refuse to prove that.. what about the fact that Clinton Biden China Venezuela just to name a few are the owners of those voting machines (which contain software according to the makers of that machine that when hooked up to the Internet votes can be changed candidate to another!! Washington and the media did not like trump because he couldnt be bought.. unlike Biden who received over $17 million from anonymous donations from China !! the law states anything over $200,000 is illegal!! is there going to be an investigation on this election, on Hunter on Biden etc.. like they did back in 2016 to Trump? Let’s not forget how the Democrats are killing freedom of speech .. if you don’t agree with them, they will take away your platform, if you don’t agree with them they find a way to cry racism! Ironic considering they founded the KKK!! sad so sad!! If anybody reading this believes it was a fair election and that Biden is not racist, I would like to sell you some snowballs that never melt in the sun. Opinion does Not = Fact!!!
Patrick Donnelly
Patrick Donnelly Dag sedan
Trump didn't start any wars unlike past presidents.
g m
g m Dag sedan
Liberals vs. Conservatives. White supremacists vs. The rest. Police vs. minorities. Trump supporters vs haters. Rich vs. not so rich. Tax payers vs. Tax cheats. Sexists vs. non ”p@ssy grabbers” People with common sense vs. Trump supporters. Plus more....
Troydon Clarke
Troydon Clarke Dag sedan
Haha except in his own country 🤣🤣
mickeydr Dag sedan
Agreed on all this. Absolutely. The attack was heinous. However BBC should then acknowledge that the burning destruction of property, historical statues and even deaths perpetrated by BLM /Antifa last year were at the same level if not way worse in scale. We need to condemn ALL violence ok, not just one side.
Francis Bowker
Francis Bowker Dag sedan
Devils Disciples BBC/MI5 MOSSAD,
Roberto Martin
Roberto Martin Dag sedan
The future president must, in my opinion, have had to reach out to the current president. And to tell them that for the good of the nation it would have been more appropriate for both presidents to be at the handover ceremony. Then it would have been seen which of them refused to be guilty. Unfortunately, the future president threw his glove in front of the current president, ruining what we already know. God says: when you receive a slap on the cheek, do not hit back. And give him the other cheek to hit. If you are hit a second time, then the one who hits is a villain. If the current president has the necessary power and strength, he should revoke the decision not to appear, and go to hand over the political portfolio he has held for 4 years. The interest of the American Nation is more important than the discord between the two. Respect USA
Marechal Nekongo Official
Marechal Nekongo Official Dag sedan
Trump is a real dude, not an hypocrite... You do not have to agree with the man but you have got to respect Donald Trump... It is a shame what social media did to him... It speaks volume... Silencing the President of the United States of America aka the most powerful man on planet earth was Petty and sad... Just because one's ideas are against the grain!!! No wonder people like Assange, Snowden etc are so so rare... Let's see what Biden the puppet is going to do... Hummm!... Just saying...
Hosea Semela
Hosea Semela Dag sedan
This man should never run for president
Milly Maj
Milly Maj Dag sedan
Fake News Agency
GamingBaked Dag sedan
Been saying he’s an embarrassment to the American people for the last 4 years.. Nothing new here
-ADRIAN - Dag sedan
Ok, I am calling it: The inauguration is gonna cause a civil war between trump supporters and everyone else
Arιa Soc
Arιa Soc 12 timmar sedan
Then China and Russia will swoop in and take control of America. 😎
alan williams
alan williams Dag sedan
Nicky Keightley
Nicky Keightley Dag sedan
Oh, please! The USA voted him in, now they're crying. Ridiculous.
Nicky Keightley
Nicky Keightley Dag sedan
@Rosita Santiago I don't wants facts. I laugh at what I see
Rosita Santiago
Rosita Santiago Dag sedan
And yes we voted in in a second time the 2020 president election was such a fraud that’s why they refused to review the evidence.. Pennsylvania unconstitutionally extended voting for an additional five days !! They were supposed to bring it to the legislature for approval.. another state had 139% of votes that’s 39% more votes than registered voters??!! (It’s 0 to 100% .. anything over 100% is just wrong!! They kicked out Republican ballot counters.. and then illegally counted votes .. which just happened to add add’l 140,000 votes for Biden not one for Trump where counted?? That’s illegal and impossible.. The ballot machines were hooked up to the Internet with software (admitted by the actual makers of the machine) that can switch votes from 1 candidate to another.. and they testified in front of legislature on national TV !! On election night polls Trump up 20,000 votes two minutes later it showed Biden up 20,000 and Trump down 20,000 .. votes are not supposed to be subtracted .. either they stay the same or they go up .. but had you checked your facts you would’ve known this. Not to mention Biden Clinton Venezuela Cuba and China are all owners of the voting machines!!!!!
納蘭巫山月 Dag sedan
cute Trump …
Jayantha Dhanapala
Jayantha Dhanapala Dag sedan
Jayantha Dhanapala
Jayantha Dhanapala Dag sedan
Bulat Ashimov
Bulat Ashimov Dag sedan
fuck USA
Victor Muron
Victor Muron Dag sedan
Another bull crap big news report totally wrong and untrue the Democrats caused all of this and that was reported the FBI'S report they turned away all there military protection and refused d police help
Miss Understood
Miss Understood Dag sedan
The only time I didn't cringe listening to him speak in 4 years was when someone else wrote his speech. Why tf didn't his team encourage that sooner??
Rosita Santiago
Rosita Santiago Dag sedan
You mean Biden right.. Turn off the Teleprompter watch him fall asleep.. whenever the Democrats can have their way they scream racist Biden is so racist it’s ridiculous Kamala Harris went on live TV and encouraged BLM violence for nine months how is that OK more businesses and lives lost she even raise money for bail for the rioter.. but the fake news won’t tell you that .. Democrats violated the Constitution so many times !! how is that OK with American people?
B525 12 GAUGE
B525 12 GAUGE Dag sedan
He’s only an embarrassment to the minority
Rosita Santiago
Rosita Santiago Dag sedan
Yes Biden Is an embarrassment to the minority .. the fact that he has them fooled .. after voting for segregation and passing the crime bill .. he pretends to be on their just to get their votes!
Denise Black
Denise Black Dag sedan
Omg I’d shun Biden to , someone that cheats , steals and lies and that likes little children !!!!!!
joe m mwangi
joe m mwangi Dag sedan
this is top tier TV, netflix can't compare
Oscar Estrada
Oscar Estrada Dag sedan
why don't you guys play the full speech that trump spoke, at the monument? only cherry picking his words, to make him seem as he incited violence. #FakeNews
Anwar Mohamed
Anwar Mohamed Dag sedan
If You Are Working Watch Your Self But Someone Is Not Good
Raphael Castano
Raphael Castano Dag sedan
Damn season 5 of America is getting good from the get go (sorry for the bad English)
Dennis Galusha
Dennis Galusha Dag sedan
Bbc should look in their own country
Anwar Mohamed
Anwar Mohamed Dag sedan
I Change My Bank Account But Me No Have $600 Stimulus
Julian Ciaha
Julian Ciaha Dag sedan
The Democrats' charges of incitement would not stand up in a real court of law. Social media even banned his message to protest peacefully at the Capital Building and then go home - that before the riot.
Julian Ciaha
Julian Ciaha Dag sedan
Lets be honest here - mainstream media will paint Trump as a threat to US democracy...but really Trump was a threat to the Political Establishment , Big Pharma, and Big Tech.
Anthony Lorns
Anthony Lorns Dag sedan
What bias by the BBC worthless reporting
Timothy Plays
Timothy Plays Dag sedan
Trumps mood On Wednesdays *Calm* Trumps Moods on Thursday *Angry & Enraged*
Kizzy Dreamer
Kizzy Dreamer Dag sedan
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Dag sedan
Hahahaha 😘😘
wipe director
wipe director Dag sedan
💖💖💖💖 🌟🌟
am stephen
am stephen Dag sedan
I have a feeling things are not going to be all that well with Biden.....getting back to Trump ....the man has never been given a chance ...
rawiri paraha
rawiri paraha Dag sedan
This channel sux
OldMan Scary
OldMan Scary Dag sedan
The fact that you speculate that you are 'news' is an embarrasent to the entire world! Go fk yourselves!
Maya Ganpat
Maya Ganpat Dag sedan
So. Covid and unemployment ist Donald Trumps legacy? 😂 Where the hell came that speaker from? Better name Pill Gates, Pharmaindustries, corrupt politician’s and media for that.
Kendall Proffer
Kendall Proffer Dag sedan
Trump was the best republican ever never see another
Sanober Malhotra
Sanober Malhotra Dag sedan
I had heard of two faced liars. Now I have seen one.
Nic Wilson
Nic Wilson Dag sedan
Good who wants a lying fraudster there anyway. good riddance
Jr BlueBird
Jr BlueBird Dag sedan
lol so he abandoned his supporters ::DD
Mahzad, Balaa’s mom
Mahzad, Balaa’s mom Dag sedan
“If you want to destroy a country, you don’t need to do much. Just help an idiot to gain power and rule the land. That idiot will do it for you.”
Joe is obviously not competent.
Scott Mathijssen
Scott Mathijssen Dag sedan
Typical rubbish from the bbc
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