Tiny Baby Stoat Has The Best Reaction When She Meets Someone Like Her | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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At less than 4 weeks old, Whisper was abandoned by her mom. Robert cared for her around the clock, but what she really needed was a friend like her. Then another baby stoat named Stuart came along. Watch the moment they meet!
Check out more of Robert E Fuller's work on SVfrom: thedo.do/fuller527.

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diana balak
diana balak 29 minuter sedan
So cute!
ScrappyCoco 33 minuter sedan
That's it! This is my new favorite animal! Edit: And they love rabbits too! my two fave adorable critters! lovely!
Kboy24 4 timmar sedan
Thanks for sharing Dude!!
MagicThys 5 timmar sedan
They’re so adorable I had a friend who kept ferrets and had similar experiences
Haylie R. Wilson
Haylie R. Wilson 5 timmar sedan
these are the cutest animals
VOIP Portland
VOIP Portland 5 timmar sedan
I've lived in worse places. So nice of you.
Ann G Campbell Bower
Ann G Campbell Bower 5 timmar sedan
Tummy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 tummy tummy tummy 😍😍😍😍😍 I want kissie & tickley tummy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
T P 8 timmar sedan
Adorable. I’ve never heard of a stoat. Learn something new every day!
Emperor of all Humanity
Emperor of all Humanity 9 timmar sedan
How can you not smile seeing these amazing little beauties
Tammy George
Tammy George 9 timmar sedan
That's just to adorable! Overload of cuteness! 😊 ❤ ❤ ❤!
Sarad Thamia
Sarad Thamia 10 timmar sedan
Those little faces! So adorable!!!
Gina Hernandez
Gina Hernandez 10 timmar sedan
Is anyone gonna talk about how cute that little innocent creature is
Odyss K
Odyss K 10 timmar sedan
The adventures of Stuart and Whisper.. lovely!!
azurejewelsinthecitadel 10 timmar sedan
i wish my parents spent as much time and attention on me and my development as you have with the stoats.
barxracerful 11 timmar sedan
search youtube for "stoat kills rabbit". Brutal.
ConquerIDK 13 timmar sedan
It looks like a furry snake with legs
Ron 16 timmar sedan
Oh dang so damn cuutee!
Pat E
Pat E 19 timmar sedan
How wonderful god bless you everyday
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor 19 timmar sedan
Wind Runner
Wind Runner 19 timmar sedan
If I ever found a stoat before watching this video I'd probably end up thinking it's a ferret! I have never heard of stoats but now I flipping love them!!
Ray Rivera
Ray Rivera 20 timmar sedan
How can they survive in the wild without their parents teaching them who are their predators?
Susanne Anderson
Susanne Anderson 20 timmar sedan
I think this is the first time I have ever seen or even heard about these adorable little critters. Gif bless you Robert for all of your efforts preparing them for the wild. I know you have to be missing them. 👍💜
Alex M.
Alex M. 23 timmar sedan
Jasmine Dubois
Jasmine Dubois 23 timmar sedan
I like how Stuart is a girl.
Average Gamer
Average Gamer 23 timmar sedan
I legit cried. These things are so cute!
M20L35 Dag sedan
They're absolutely adorable....reminds me of the deer mice I had as a kid...caught 'em myself in the wild. When I think of all the times I could've gotten bitten & contracted rabies....but that never occurred!
Ian Pelletier
Ian Pelletier Dag sedan
Its so cute, they are playing, Stoats: trying to rip each other's eyes out
Randa Green
Randa Green Dag sedan
Susan Beane
Susan Beane Dag sedan
Omg they are just too CUTE! I’m love struck
Max Giant Banana 楷作真香
Max Giant Banana 楷作真香 Dag sedan
Another arranged marriage ...
Rousser0308 Dag sedan
I'm in love...
Brandy Rose
Brandy Rose Dag sedan
This is heartwarming 😭💚
Balder II
Balder II Dag sedan
I have 2 questions. 1: What's a stoat? Aren't those little ones weasels? 2: Into the wild, but they haven't learned how to hunt. They don't know where to get food or how to make a nest themselves. How did you do that?
Robert Penison
Robert Penison Dag sedan
Ya got workin' paws sir. Keep up the good work
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson Dag sedan
How adorable. I've rehabbed a few critters over the years- those little stoats had the castle of all enclosures in that pre-release area. It's gorgeous!
Alex Dag sedan
I just hope they won't be killed by bigger animal the next day outside.
I thank my lucky stars that I found this video. Restored my faith. What lovely creatures, and well done you. I hope you see them again.
hognoxious Dag sedan
I'm mainly laughing at how big their heads are.
_Cupkak3kill3r_ Dag sedan
Me: Aww a Stoat ADORABLE help **vid shows another one** Me: *Ugly sobbing* BABIES 🥺💕💕
Liamautomechanic Dag sedan
Very good
Duros360 Dag sedan
2:54 Our nickname for our kitten (apart from the obviously offensive ones when she acts out xD lol) is "Stoat-Face", she pops her head up/around a corner, her eyes HUGE and black (all pupil) and looks just like these xD
PrettyBrown Eyez
PrettyBrown Eyez Dag sedan
Absolutely adorable. Never seen a stoat. Thank you.
Oliva Sucks
Oliva Sucks Dag sedan
He looked happy, so I clicked on the video.
Alhen O
Alhen O Dag sedan
How does the stoat know how to hunt and avoid predators? Aren’t they just going out to get eaten if they don’t have these skills? Just wondering, otherwise great video and cute stoats!
U Miami
U Miami Dag sedan
WOW heartwarming for sure!!!
sb h
sb h Dag sedan
Do they naturally keep their fear of predators or are they going to be bird food in a few weeks?
Christoph Fischer
Christoph Fischer Dag sedan
"Hey, what's that you got there?" "Oh, just a bag of stoats."
Olivia Rusin
Olivia Rusin Dag sedan
I don't know what Stoats are but I love them.
M. Roman
M. Roman Dag sedan
Gosh, what adorable little animals!💗
J Zepp
J Zepp Dag sedan
What exactly is a Stout?
l l
l l Dag sedan
Dodo stop with these sounds and just play the sounds animals make whatever they are doing....
Glumm_Boi QwQ
Glumm_Boi QwQ Dag sedan
shane oliver
shane oliver Dag sedan
0:23 did he just call me fat?
bwoods sdoowb
bwoods sdoowb Dag sedan
Idk how i got here but those are cute little buggers!
flimsyjimnz 2 dagar sedan
Vicious killing machines, Stoats are 'public enemy number one' for New Zealand birds. They're voracious and relentless hunters, described as having only two reasons for living -to eat and reproduce. Stoats are known to be having a devastating effect on birds such as wrybills, dotterels, black-fronted terns and yes young kiwi are easily targeted. -NZ Dept. of Conservation.
Sharon Ramone
Sharon Ramone 2 dagar sedan
They are just too cute!
Kaila Maxwell
Kaila Maxwell 2 dagar sedan
Its just so touching that people like this go out of their way to do stuff like this for animal its not a chore to them its a treat,every animal should be treated respectfully not like an object some animals are like human and some are just the nicest animals in the world
lordoflys 2 dagar sedan
Wow, what a great story and a magnificent job with the video. Excellent.
Jason Gabel
Jason Gabel 2 dagar sedan
Victor van Dyke
Victor van Dyke 2 dagar sedan
Great work, thanks for sharing! Thanks SVfrom for making this possible.
Angie Beaumont
Angie Beaumont 2 dagar sedan
How adorable. I love stoats and weasels
lei lei 회
lei lei 회 2 dagar sedan
ahh so cute (๑´ސު`๑)
L. N. L.
L. N. L. 2 dagar sedan
Sean Patterson
Sean Patterson 2 dagar sedan
This would look great in 4K
Ken Harrington
Ken Harrington 2 dagar sedan
Fantastic footage of them getting to their destination.....................Free and living the dream. Well done for the planet Robert.
Wendy S
Wendy S 2 dagar sedan
I{f I could, I would have every stoat, in fact every animal, have a human such as you to deal with. God bless you for your kind heart and the effort you put into caring for these little things, who are at our mercy. Thank you so much.
Sifat Anwar
Sifat Anwar 2 dagar sedan
NO! It can't end here!
Rylin Mariel
Rylin Mariel 2 dagar sedan
So I'm interested in a bit more detail: do baby stoats learn to hunt from their mums? If so, how will these young cuties learn to hunt for food in the wild? Or is hunting an instinctive activity that they'll just know how to do? Thanks
hognoxious Dag sedan
@another dragneel But big cats need to be taught it. It's the hardest part about rearing rescued ones.
another dragneel
another dragneel Dag sedan
Hunting is a part of survival instict so they'll be just fine after a little hard beginning...
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 2 dagar sedan
whisper screams
Dominic Hughes
Dominic Hughes 2 dagar sedan
What type of milk was she fed?
Matthew Lazenby, Jigger
Matthew Lazenby, Jigger 2 dagar sedan
...'Thank You Brother', and all the Very Best out to you, Thank You for taking care of those Little Souls as you did... Love and Respects...Inlak'esh...~ Jigger
Miss Debra
Miss Debra 2 dagar sedan
How can there be so many dislikes. Who doesn't like someone trying to save helpless baby animals? I sure appreciate those who do care for the amazing creatures God has created.
BacktheBlue 2 dagar sedan
I would have a hard time letting them go. I'd be so attached and worried about them!
jjstratford 2 dagar sedan
Let it go so she can find a bird to ride!
jjstratford 2 dagar sedan
Is a stoat the same as a ferret?
Hunter Rule
Hunter Rule 2 dagar sedan
So cute!!!!
Bing Cat
Bing Cat 2 dagar sedan
Awww :3
Sophie M
Sophie M 2 dagar sedan
and they were roommates
Eduardo Pereira
Eduardo Pereira 2 dagar sedan
That's some next level cuteness right there.
LillyPlaysRblx 2 dagar sedan
Talia Sloman-Moll
Talia Sloman-Moll 2 dagar sedan
"yeah she's calming down a bit now" whisper: "WHAT ARE YOU??!? WHO ARE YOU?!? WHY DO YOU LOOK LIKE ME??!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM??!?"
Reicha Dag sedan
DJ Libby
DJ Libby 2 dagar sedan
Anyone who doesn’t find this heartwarming has no soul.
messiah of the first.
messiah of the first. 8 timmar sedan
@flimsyjimnz bruh the biggest destructors of every natural habitats are humans. Periodt, point blank. Everything you just described is what we humans are doing ten fold to every living single thing and ecosystem. You wanna talk about ‘devastating effect’ talk about the shitbags called mankind lmao. If they’re vicious killing machines, which, i’m sure they are. We’re fucking monsters. Which, we also are.
Clynikal Dag sedan
@flimsyjimnz different habitats mate.
El hopaness rom tic
El hopaness rom tic Dag sedan
flimsyjimnz So are humans and i wouId gIadIy do the same to aII bad peopIe what you wouId do to the stoats
flimsyjimnz 2 dagar sedan
Vicious killing machines, Stoats are 'public enemy number one' for New Zealand birds. They're voracious and relentless hunters, described as having only two reasons for living -to eat and reproduce. Stoats are known to be having a devastating effect on birds such as wrybills, dotterels, black-fronted terns and yes young kiwi are easily targeted. -NZ Dept. of Conservation. ...so I for one would have no problem killing them.
Elizabeth Meneses
Elizabeth Meneses 2 dagar sedan
Are they a good for pets pets? I have a ferret and I love my baby🥰
dwsquirtle 2 dagar sedan
Never seen a stoat before but this was really cool and they are very cute
Kamila Fontanez
Kamila Fontanez 2 dagar sedan
Aww 🥰 so cute 🥰
Ashelyn Rodriguez
Ashelyn Rodriguez 2 dagar sedan
They're so CUTE!! 😭😇🥰
Dawn Gale
Dawn Gale 3 dagar sedan
I love you for this and wish I could help.
Rayshon Vialva
Rayshon Vialva 3 dagar sedan
Fire ferrets lol
John Denzel
John Denzel 3 dagar sedan
Stoats 🤔 are freaking adorable 💯
Ben 3 dagar sedan
The best part is that they are vicious hunters; eating mice, voles, chipmunks, and will even take down rabbits!
Ruby Barnett
Ruby Barnett 3 dagar sedan
The scandalous belt unlikely wave because step immuhistochemically dress vice a spectacular cuban. slow, nondescript bathroom
Chelcia Elders
Chelcia Elders 3 dagar sedan
Can you take nursing mother cat and a gray cat who had 5 kittens but one esvaprd and my big dog attacked it?
Ayodele Mike
Ayodele Mike 3 dagar sedan
God bless Dr Umoru on SVfrom who cured me from herpes with his effective herbal products. I will forever be grateful sir.
Jodi rebecca
Jodi rebecca 3 dagar sedan
Cutest animal ive ever seen 😭😭😭
claudermiller 3 dagar sedan
Just Doyle, Great Classics 989
Just Doyle, Great Classics 989 3 dagar sedan
I was today years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes & seconds old when I was introduced to a... crap, I forgot what they're called because I was so focused on all the time references. Whatever they are, the look like ferrets. 🤔 Think I'll rewind & then research them. 😊 🇺🇸
Sam Green
Sam Green 3 dagar sedan
Being that I'm across the great pond, I'll confess I didn't know what the heck a stoat was. In any event you're awesome for helping them. I was hoping these little fellas never run into a feline, but apparently stoats are robust and able to dispatch critters as large as a rabbit. Hardly cute and defenseless.
Linwood Richards
Linwood Richards 3 dagar sedan
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jano laco
jano laco 3 dagar sedan
The ultra semicircle acromegaly employ because plier briefly crush toward a same shirt. bitter, alive fish
Lets Talk Tiger Media
Lets Talk Tiger Media 3 dagar sedan
Why 2.6 Dislikes? What did he do to earn 2.6 Dislikes.
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