This Toy Can Open Any Garage

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Or almost any garage - it's particularly good with fixed code gates and garages. Samy proposes other weaknesses with rolling codes.
This video was sponsored by LastPass:
I don't condone malicious hacking of gates, garages or other property. The point of this video was to discuss how it could be done using fairly basic technology like this toy that was originally intended as an instant messaging device. I learned a lot in making this video about how codes are sent and received, how they are encrypted or not encrypted. I found out how hard it is to execute in practice something which in principle doesn't seem that difficult.
Special thanks to Samy! His original videos on using the IM ME to open radio frequency garages and gates can be found here:
He's got a really cool channel so be sure to subscribe if you're interested in this stuff.
Music from "Critical thinking 2" "I think I was there" "Magnified X 3"
And music by Kevin MacLeod "Marty Gots a Plan"

TigerJack 177
TigerJack 177 2 dagar sedan
Ha I use the same password for the everything and it's (REDACTED)
king night
king night 3 dagar sedan
use last pass to avoid memorizing passwords few minutes later trying to open my last pass account but requires a password.
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي 9 dagar sedan
they cracked the body of humna .
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي 9 dagar sedan
they stopped them by magneitc waves .
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي
Anasانس Al-Fahidiالفهيدي 9 dagar sedan
do you wrote key for me here .
Nikoapp SMUGGRED 10 dagar sedan
cant hack 90% of south african stuff, they all are made by centurion who uses "rolling number key encoder" based removes
pavan sai
pavan sai 10 dagar sedan
Monkey?????? Reallly
roger van Bommel
roger van Bommel 10 dagar sedan
Even a simple raspberry pi can do this btw, look up rpitx on github
Maarrk L
Maarrk L 10 dagar sedan
I just noticed that Samy is the hacker that released NAT Slipstreaming two weeks ago. I wonder if this is the magical spooky youtube algorithm - I do not see a new video on his channel about that though
Patrick Kranzpiller
Patrick Kranzpiller 12 dagar sedan
Americo Gracia
Americo Gracia 13 dagar sedan
It would be funny if a real hacker comments and says “noobs”.
Glenn Bruner
Glenn Bruner 14 dagar sedan
I have one of those and it was reprogrammed to be a spectrum analyzer. The microcontroller inside an interesting feature - a Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). A fellow student when I was finishing Cal Poly EE program had the reprogramming tool for that toy that was originally intended to be a texting communication toy for girls.
Pixel x Mick
Pixel x Mick 16 dagar sedan
Me: search’s up 10 most common passwords Also me: uses all 10 for 20 accounts each so it is hard to figure it out Hacker: bruh
Ronnie Rouse
Ronnie Rouse 17 dagar sedan
me: looks out window to every garage in my neighbourhood "it's fun time"
Victor Mendoza
Victor Mendoza 18 dagar sedan
I would only store your encrypted passwords in last pass and not the actual password.
Enhex 18 dagar sedan
samy is my hero
Chad Curtiss
Chad Curtiss 19 dagar sedan
lol every IT person here knows why admin is the 7th most common password
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 19 dagar sedan
Now we all have to upgrade the security of our three-garage mansions.
Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 22 dagar sedan
"An average person has at least 200 accounts" Well then I must not be average
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik 23 dagar sedan
It won't work on garage doors that aren't equipped with automatic garage door openers. For those you'll need a key and have to push it upwards by hand.
LMB222 23 dagar sedan
Bruin is Dutch for brown. They are pronounced the same way.
tets mcalfy
tets mcalfy 24 dagar sedan
Me: installs last pass Google: want to save password? Me: I don't need last pass anymore
absolutelybagel 24 dagar sedan
Is that the guy that got arrested for taking down mySpace?
absolutelybagel 24 dagar sedan
Is that the guy that got arrested for taking down mySpace?
Panos Triantaphillou
Panos Triantaphillou 25 dagar sedan
Bruin pronounced Brown for the same reason Brown is pronounced Brown.
ultimateazhole 25 dagar sedan
how does monkey become one of the top 10, who the hell uses that.... ? and more, why?
MCG 9 26 dagar sedan
wysokirafal 28 dagar sedan
This idea of sendind the password in "plain text" to the receiver can be accepted in an amateur project just to learn the basics of electronics. Maybe in 1920 it was secure ;-)
Ilya Zagorodnikov
Ilya Zagorodnikov 29 dagar sedan
Is this the infamous Sammy who got arrested for hacking MySpace and was ordered not to touch a computer for 3 years? Lmao it all makes sense, someone who can do that, can hack more than your garage doors 😂
Luke Ritter
Luke Ritter 29 dagar sedan
The YARD stick, which Sam had attatched to his computer to transmit radio signals uses the same cc1110 ic as the IM-me
winnerwannabe hi
winnerwannabe hi Månad sedan
last pass: has 2 step verification. me: but all my accounts in 2 step go to my old phone which does not exist...
Joey Zhong
Joey Zhong Månad sedan
De Bruijn sequence? G E K O L O N I S E E R D
Daniel Haynie
Daniel Haynie Månad sedan
Btw, you need to oil your springs. I can hear them on the video. Use a spray oil that says "garage door lubricant" on it.
Daniel Haynie
Daniel Haynie Månad sedan
As a garage door tech, rolling codes are pretty damn secure, unless these guys are thd ones breaking in lol. Not many criminals are this knowledgeable. Your door is secure, Unless you're on dip switch. Thanks guys for showing how to break into my customers houses haha. This was neat tho.
Mark Alfred
Mark Alfred Månad sedan
thats why the rich have floors that lower
Piotr Barcz
Piotr Barcz Månad sedan
sammy looks a bit like mark rober
Piotr Barcz
Piotr Barcz Månad sedan
I heard De Bruin and I immediately thought of good old Dan De Bruin who makes those awesome marble machines!
yen jia khan
yen jia khan Månad sedan
sell t o me
TECHIE PRITU Månad sedan
Plot twist Nothing is unlimited Ur unlimited wifi is also having limit to some TBs
PIZZACAT007 Månad sedan
I laughed so hard at your voice crack at 1:06
koolala guy
koolala guy Månad sedan
What if you forget your last pass password
Whatever U Want
Whatever U Want Månad sedan
Well, I feel sorry for the asshole who opens my garage door! Bye, bye!
Joshua's gaming channel
Joshua's gaming channel Månad sedan
just saying google stores you passwords for free
Legend_Of_Space Månad sedan
Anyone who subscribes to me and likes this comment, I will subscribe back to. No matter how many people I have to subscribe to, I will do it.
N C Månad sedan
I think this only works with the cheap garage door openers that use dip switches. I’m pretty sure liftmaster uses a random number generator to fix this.
ricky Månad sedan
burglars watching this video: *INTERESTING*
Kel B Shobra
Kel B Shobra Månad sedan
Your house just got alot less safe by this video existing
minecrASH101 Månad sedan
This dude records with a google maps camera
Eric Parham
Eric Parham Månad sedan
Sammy is my hero.
Wesley the great gamer09
Wesley the great gamer09 Månad sedan
Man I never knew my neighbor's couch was so comfortable
Matthias Powerbomb
Matthias Powerbomb Månad sedan
What is he using to analyze the signal? Not just the program but any hardware?
Matthias Powerbomb
Matthias Powerbomb Månad sedan
@N C Nice. Thank you.
N C Månad sedan
He was using a software defined radio. If you want to receive you can get a usb tv antenna that can be reprogrammed to receive 25 mhz to 1.2 ghz for $10 and the SDR program is free. It look like the usb SDR he was using had the capability to transmit as well but you would need a ham license to legally transmit.
hacker real life
Floxicail !
Floxicail ! Månad sedan
Is Sammy a hacker he knows everything about hackers
The Ugly Egg
The Ugly Egg Månad sedan
Maybe this device can help the guy who screamed.. LET ME IN... XD
Phillip Otey
Phillip Otey Månad sedan
People speed running the game LOZ wind waker, minigame "sploosh kaboom" came up with a way to find what seed and location you are on in seconds. Similar methods have been use in everything hacker like finding when the slot machines at casinos will pay out.
The Decaffect
The Decaffect Månad sedan
So basically, the third doors security is an Enigma machine?
DigBioAlpha Månad sedan
5:56 that lonely 1 at the bottom
furry fucker
furry fucker Månad sedan
Wait a minute This might be illegal
IDon'tKnowWhatMyNameShouldBe Månad sedan
I got 926 accounts,average right?
Lame Joker
Lame Joker Månad sedan
1 paper can save many passwords ,lastpass is useless because they could find my password and boom you are robbed
Sushi Chan
Sushi Chan Månad sedan
I had a toy key that made noise when I was younger and "locked" myself inside the car. I have a feeling that it was my mum that did that but I have a 99.99% imagination that I actually locked it
Ali Månad sedan
How to rob a house 101
Shadxw Månad sedan
11:10 why doe he have a Kinect on top of his computer?
keanu deleon
keanu deleon Månad sedan
What codeing language did you code in.
rafa _br34
rafa _br34 Månad sedan
if you use a oscilloscope for a fake controler of the garage you can open it by modulating the frequency so its not that hard
Choudhury Arush
Choudhury Arush Månad sedan
this man should be illegal he just hacked all three garages in a house with one of them having a rolling code.
LIL-Slavic Månad sedan
dang i feel bad for whoever owns that chevy
bandaid cheerios
bandaid cheerios Månad sedan
his garage door is more secure than my moms phone
ghostcat Månad sedan
BRUH what if they hack your last pass
SkipScrop Månad sedan
I like how he has a Xbox 360 Kinect on top of his monitor
Khin Myat Noe
Khin Myat Noe Månad sedan
Burglars: *stonks*
aimohsin Månad sedan
Thieves: haha stealing car go brrrrr
Thewolfobsessedgamer Månad sedan
Laughs in manual non-electric garage doors
Pettssonbree Månad sedan
1:04 sheesh that voicecrack
SlothPlays Månad sedan
1:04 Voice crack :)
Neutronic Månad sedan
Is no one gonna acknowledge that he just gave away how to open someone's garage easily?
Parry Hotter
Parry Hotter Månad sedan
1:06 voice crack
dirty socks
dirty socks Månad sedan
this guy just told us how to brake into his house
dirty socks
dirty socks Månad sedan
@InnerEagle yes
InnerEagle Månad sedan
Do you know where he lives?
Aditya Vadageri
Aditya Vadageri Månad sedan
instead make a word file in google drive and save your passwords there. So easy
Hungary nens
Hungary nens Månad sedan
Me: installs last pass Google: want to save password? Me: I don't need last pass anymore
Men of Scoobis: The Republic
Men of Scoobis: The Republic 17 dagar sedan
@Pony Lover :3 you added too many commas lol
Pony Lover :3
Pony Lover :3 Månad sedan
Well, you have no idea, how easy is it to get passwords from internet browsers..
Srinidhi Padmanabhan
Srinidhi Padmanabhan Månad sedan
Nobody can hack a manual lock
tank god
tank god Månad sedan
Somebody who wants to see a video like William Osman so it’s like a joke but actually works but instead it’s a flash bang of nerd stuff
Toto Månad sedan
So that means if you jam the signal off the remote, the remote will stop working forever, because it isn’t in sync anymore with the receiver? (Unless the jammed signal gets reproduced)
cole carlisle
cole carlisle Månad sedan
hackers be hackin'
Donny Boi
Donny Boi Månad sedan
Local Florida man opens up all garage doors with a calculator.
SnoohB 8 dagar sedan
Florida Mannnn Man Mannnnnn
Anthony Arseneau
Anthony Arseneau 17 dagar sedan
Hello fellow unus annus
Kadulikan Månad sedan
90% of the comments are people freaking out thinking that burglars get their techniques from Veritasium videos.
Pieter Joubert
Pieter Joubert Månad sedan
"You have to get the Length of the bits exactly right".. That's like saying you have to get the length of the centimeters exactly right 😂
caterpillow Månad sedan
1:05 voice crack
Gimpy McGimperton
Gimpy McGimperton Månad sedan
200 site passwords ive got like 30
Zap Productions
Zap Productions Månad sedan
aaaaaaah! I can't wait to sneak into my friends garage!
Napoleon Blownapart
Napoleon Blownapart Månad sedan
You live in a beautiful mansion
Ben Meyer
Ben Meyer Månad sedan
All electronics have interested me since I was little but the one thing I still love tinkering with is anything radio related and I plan to get my ham radio license and some nice radio equipment, I hope that by the time I can afford that stuff people are still using radio as the hobby is kinda struggling
Nick Law
Nick Law Månad sedan
This guy a burglar?
coolslimethe 123
coolslimethe 123 Månad sedan
Thank u. Now I can rob any house >:)
Odog Månad sedan
These guys really just pulled a Watch Dogs 2
The Yeetcher
The Yeetcher Månad sedan
Beat me to it XD
karandev chauhan
karandev chauhan Månad sedan
But most of all ,samy is my hero
Jaiden Last name
Jaiden Last name Månad sedan
Nice vid enjoyable Now CAN IT RUN DOOM
migjaypogi324 Månad sedan
Dead-well Månad sedan
*watch dogs*
Linas Marozas
Linas Marozas Månad sedan
storing my passwords online? that seems like a good idea. lol
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