This Particle Breaks Time Symmetry

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Increasing entropy is NOT the only process that's asymmetric in time.
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Physics consultant: Prof. Stephen Bartlett
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Shanmukesh Bianchi
Shanmukesh Bianchi 7 timmar sedan
3b1b music in the background????
Alejandro Baron Peralta
Alejandro Baron Peralta Dag sedan
Im still dont understand why we fight so much for the thermodynamic laws when is obvious that on a very large scale in the universe those laws don't apply, dark energy that we don't know but get can see the effect, is bringing energy to the universe so that law if we consider the universe like a closed system is not true.
Boos LE
Boos LE 2 dagar sedan
Imagine two people playing chess and the one observer who is observing that doesn't knows the rules of chess before hand As the game proceeds the observer keeps learning and Now when he sees a pawn walking single step straight way he writes down that pawn walks forward and now when pawn goes diagonaly to attack some other opponent piece. The observer is in surprise thinking that it broke the laws of chess Same applies here Nature is chess player and scientists are observer in this never ending chess game Always discovering new moves
The Mystery Pickle
The Mystery Pickle 2 dagar sedan
Somehow this video gave me a better understanding of spins in a shorter time than some other videos that are entirely about spins.
Selfless Cae
Selfless Cae 2 dagar sedan
So, Charge, Parity, and Time have been disproven respectively, but CPT has not been. How is it that each piece has been disproven yet all three together hasn’t been? How does the whole work when the pieces do not (especially as CP was disproven through C and P individually being disproven)? Does it just say that “nothing breaks all three”? Someone help explain this to me please.
Alp Terliksiz
Alp Terliksiz 3 dagar sedan
The video: Advanced Physics. My Brain: sO i CaN UnDeRsTaNd If i aM In tHe mAtRiX
Vin Kumar
Vin Kumar 3 dagar sedan
Wait are electrons not going to be rotating on the opposite direction in the mirror world? Hence the parity is not broken.
i want yum
i want yum 4 dagar sedan
I live knowing that i live in a mirror universe
Sai Krishna Reddy
Sai Krishna Reddy 5 dagar sedan
am I correct: for me time is change and it is relative. think like, if any object not undergoing any form of change then time is stopped for it. In the best way to talk about it is the atom level. Think about Hydrogen atom with one proton and one electron like one car is at a halt and another call is circling it by the velocity of light in ordinary conditions, but if I throw this hydrogen atom with light velocity then it is like two cars in running the same velocity which never can overtake other, that mean electron is not revolving around the proton nor moving anywhere within them mater that means there is no chemical-physical reaction which results in no change that is called time stopped for It or you can call it as future travelling. Now why I said time relative, because is it depending on the max speed of the universe and it is counted with respective the max speed of the universe.
James Stranger
James Stranger 7 dagar sedan
If the magnetic field is applied in one direction relative to the 'real world', then why wouldn't it be reversed in relation to the 'mirror world'? I obviously know this must not be the case since there were two noble prizes to back this up, but it doesn't make logical sense in my mind.
Jim Foit
Jim Foit 9 dagar sedan
Very much liked this.
Reussunased 9 dagar sedan
Even After they applied a massive magnetic field, isnt the spin of the atoms still in a superposition ? Like, are we 100% sure that they all are in the same direction ? Sorry if the question is dumb and if im not writing english correctly ^^'
Mark Shiman
Mark Shiman 9 dagar sedan
Check out PBS Space Time 's new video on this topic.
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 10 dagar sedan
His hair changes direction at 8:18 😂😂😂
Anshika Rathore
Anshika Rathore 13 dagar sedan
Hello Jorge I listen to your podcast Explain The Universe You & Daniel are the Best!!
ProCactus 13 dagar sedan
I not not have believed that china either. Embargo china
bradley morgan
bradley morgan 13 dagar sedan
is it possible that the electrons were attracted to the magnet?
Joachim Birch Milan
Joachim Birch Milan 13 dagar sedan
Wait... Are we in the mirrored universe then?
pobinr 14 dagar sedan
What about radioaxrive particles? They dont undecay
Cristian Baeza
Cristian Baeza 15 dagar sedan
Let’s take a moment to compliment his pronunciation of “Chien-Shiung Wu” 👌
Ilya Durnev
Ilya Durnev 15 dagar sedan
Gravity is the only thing that forces time direction one way. If we find anti-gravity we could actually pretend to change direction of time
Jhon Connor
Jhon Connor 16 dagar sedan
las leyes de la naturaleza siguen ciertas simetrías del espacio y tiempo , se ve que el tiempo va en una dirección por lo tanto no se puede decir que se puede ir hacia adelante o hacia atrás sin problemas porque algunas leyes dependen del tiempo y éste no puede ser simétrico
Cole Hickey
Cole Hickey 19 dagar sedan
Cbt symmetry 😍😍
Terax Sutne
Terax Sutne 19 dagar sedan
If physics works differently depending depending on how hot or cold it is Isent that's a clew on how this all started.
sri sai subramanyam davanam
sri sai subramanyam davanam 19 dagar sedan
This guys explanation is very easy to understand such that even a 12th standard student can understand easily
sri sai subramanyam davanam
sri sai subramanyam davanam 19 dagar sedan
Because I'm a 12th standard guy
snowiethetoolguy 20 dagar sedan
Wouldn't the creation of a star break the second law... disorganized gas collapsing down to a organized structure???
Firstname Lastname
Firstname Lastname 20 dagar sedan
DOES NOT EXIST 20 dagar sedan
Wait, do the low temperature scientists have to live in a freezer? Are they people who came into the field of science already at a low temperature or did they have bad grades so they were told the only spots for them to work as a scientist were the "low temperature" jobs? Do they hate or enjoy summer compared to winter?
Mallory SF
Mallory SF 20 dagar sedan
You know what, I'm tired of people knowing exactly how does a particle that cannot be seen, only roughly guessed, behave. And the joke of breaking the laws of physics. It misleads those trusting people without the sufficient education. Laws of physics obviously cannot be broken. Our expectations can. Paradoxes and unusual particle behavior are simply crumbling human expectations. We thought items drop to the ground, but a magnet drags metal upwards so before we understand magnetism we say stupid things like "it's magic" and "it breaks the laws of physics". Particles cannot be studied our ways. Scientists load the collider, turn it on, something flashes, something leaves a trace, something makes electronics show a burst of energy - that's what you get. Not a precise info about how particles behave. We assume everything. That they spin, that they have a charge, that they are spherical... Quarks can as well be pentaedrical. We have absolutely no way of knowing since we're limited to seeing the world with light. And light is way rougher than the things we try to see today. So all we get is weird info and we interpret it the way we want. Because even today human hasn't learned to observe without expectations and interpretations. We're affected by culture and perception. Hypotheses are not facts. Scientists know that. And you better know you're not scientists.
Mark Kelter
Mark Kelter 21 dag sedan
With regard to the arrow of time, the dominance of matter over antimatter, and time symmetry, perhaps at the big bang, there was a complimentary reactionary big bang going in the opposite direction in time. This mirror universe would be dominated but antimatter. Perhaps even anti bosons? If anti particles behave like the time reversed version of their counterparts, then as they bang backwards in time, they behave just like regular particles. They would think we are anti particles.
HighFrequencyMukbang 21 dag sedan
Leave it up to Yin & Yang to write a paper on parity symmetry and Cheech & Chong to destroy the fundamental laws of physics as we know it lol.
Monkey Robots Inc.
Monkey Robots Inc. 21 dag sedan
i dont know what symmetry is
Ahimsa Fruitarian
Ahimsa Fruitarian 21 dag sedan
Could be that time goes both directions but with gaps that are in sync with a dimension and a wider bandwidth that intercepts consciousness of all life, like two parallel waves that can touch, each only on one side and due to that dimension gives consciuosnees a oneway paths forward but can be at two forward places at one time but not one place back in time. Any comments on that?
Trieu Dieu Ai
Trieu Dieu Ai 22 dagar sedan
Physicists HATE him! Find out how the universe broke CPT symmetry with ONE SIMPLE TRICK!
crucci 22 dagar sedan
"People typically point to entropy as the only exception to this rule" Naaah, people typically don't know what entropy even means :O)
Max Scoggins
Max Scoggins 24 dagar sedan
Maybe we're just a reflection of the real world
JW Anonymous
JW Anonymous 24 dagar sedan
Increasing Entropy is true of physical systems. Biological systems actually tend to decrease entropy.
Audie Lee
Audie Lee 26 dagar sedan
Jessup orr
Jessup orr 27 dagar sedan
There is no mirror world, that wouldn’t make sense until part 5
Steven Meyerson
Steven Meyerson 27 dagar sedan
Has anyone tested CT and PT
Adam Schlinker
Adam Schlinker 28 dagar sedan
Saying "certainly not" about anything seems like a very limiting and dangerous mindset. Also, I'm sad you said "zee" instead of "zed". You're from Canada man!! :(
Jon Saboe
Jon Saboe 28 dagar sedan
Somehow a cell can tell the difference in amino acid chirality -- although there is no chemical difference.
Frost Rusher
Frost Rusher 28 dagar sedan
My brain cells have depleted by 50%
Elfos64 29 dagar sedan
The more I hear about physics, the weirder it gets, and the more it starts to sound like zen spiritual philosophy.
hoda02 29 dagar sedan
Why the Z axis, which way is it anyway point me in the z axis sir
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder Månad sedan
Science PLUS CARTOONS? Count me in!
FerreroKeksKanone Månad sedan
But why would it allow me to determine if i am in the mirror world. cuz i don´t know which direction electrons would preferentially go do i? so i can only tell parity is violated, cuz my right handy becomes left hand in mirror world but mirror world right hand also becomes my left hand, so theres so problem here is it? lets asume we are in the mirror world then if electrons go against nuclear spin the real direction is nuclear spin, but if i am not then my direction is correct but i cant tell if i am in the mirror world or not or did i get smth wrong?
Aryak Chatterjee
Aryak Chatterjee Månad sedan
Geez physicists, stop taking vacations!!!!
Daniel Varga
Daniel Varga Månad sedan
Something just doesn't add up to me... If mirroring the coordinate-system based on the right hand rule means a transition to a coordinate-system based on the left hand rule, then wouldn't it also mean that after mirroring, the direction of the vector of spin is also to be determined according to the left hand rule? As if the vector itself got mirrored (while the particle is spinning in, say, clockwise order both times). Considering the fact, that a "coordinate-system" is just an origin, and an arbitrary set of unit vectors, why does mirroring a coordinate-system mean mirroring some vectors (the unit vectors), but not others (vectors of spin)?
Ashima Bhuyan
Ashima Bhuyan Månad sedan
Salute to those people who don't understand a single thing here but still come back for every veritasium video
Jonny Beach
Jonny Beach Månad sedan
what I realy love a bout your videos and content, is that you questions physic .. and when ever I realy dive into physics I often feel the same and than some people try to say ... ah you just do not understand it ( because they don´t and can't argue about it mostly) but so often I feel like ... hold on a minute ... you just make up rule pretending this or that is a fact ... but who knows ? ... we can't prove so many things ... and who tells you that all these law we say are true are true anywhere else ? ... that there can't be anything faster than light is a Nother law I dont get ... why knows what might travel out there that we dont know or measure at all ... and the Big bang is such a hopeless way to try to explain , what we simple do not know. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dürr once said : "the Big Bang how we try to explain it is as likely as the story of Adam and Eva du be the truth"
Stathis Reppas
Stathis Reppas Månad sedan
It only seems reasonable that the laws of nature change with time. It's clear in all sciences but physics because most physicists are typically stuck with the good old determinism, mixing up laws and events. A nostalgia for a pure, perfectly symmetrical, timeless universe that keeps falling apart and they keep getting surprised.
Stathis Reppas
Stathis Reppas 21 dag sedan
The most interesting thing is that it looks like it won't be long before we actively alter the laws of nature to our own benefit- biology is a good place to look for such surprises.
Stathis Reppas
Stathis Reppas 21 dag sedan
@Hayden Tyler Prior to the emergence of life no laws of biology, prior to the emergence of planets no laws of geology, we can similarly also imagine a time when laws of chemistry didn't even exist, for example moments after the big bang (when molecules didn't exist yet).
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler 21 dag sedan
It is not reasonable at all to think the laws of nature change with time. Please point to an instance where the laws have nature have changed
Drew Duke
Drew Duke Månad sedan
No when it’s hits the mirror it haze to flip back
Jeff Moody
Jeff Moody Månad sedan
Time symmetry has been disproven in Newtonian physics by the simulated three orbiting bodies experiment. When run in reverse three orbiting bodies do not follow the same paths of those played out in actual time.
Jeff Moody
Jeff Moody 15 dagar sedan
@MaxxOri Sorry, picking up an old discussion - the other reason I am mostly convinced there's no symmetry is entropy still increases in reverse. ...Just another thought from one seeking to understand without assuming we've figured it all out
Jeff Moody
Jeff Moody 15 dagar sedan
@MaxxOri Sorry, picking up an old discussion - the other reason I am mostly convinced there's no symmetry is entropy still increases in reverse. ...Just another thought from one seeking to understand without assuming we've figured it all out
Jeff Moody
Jeff Moody Månad sedan
@MaxxOri I will leave the door a crack open since I haven't followed the actual report, and don't know the details of the simulation, but I do tend to lean away from symmetry since the other foundations of the theory lack supporting evidence, or have since been disproven (charge & parity).
MaxxOri Månad sedan
@Jeff Moody I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying here. A three-body simulation is inherently error prone and even subtle changes can impact the simulation in ways that are difficult to predict. Due to this no such "time reversed" simulation will be perfectly accurate when compared with the original. It has less to do with the laws of physics and more to do with our ability to simulate them. This is true in several branches of physics.
Jeff Moody
Jeff Moody Månad sedan
@MaxxOri In order for it to work in reverse time it still has to abide by the laws of physics, which theoretically are consistent forward or backward. But the course the dictated by physics on orbiting bodies in reverse time isn't identical to that of established time - therefore time is unidirectional.
ShadeyBladey Månad sedan
04:41 _Woo?_ >:8o
CB A 15 Devam Jani
CB A 15 Devam Jani Månad sedan
Some of the best content creators out there
Fun InKenya
Fun InKenya Månad sedan
Kinda makes no sence with the nucleous thing. If in the real world it's spinning clockwise and in the morrir it's a 180 but spinning the same way then it would be counter clockwise.
Eric J
Eric J Månad sedan
I couldn’t keep up. Ima go back to rock skipping videos. Thats more my spped
10415박준호 Månad sedan
So nice video 😆
Adam Kurent
Adam Kurent Månad sedan
What about antimatter mirroring?
Bailey Jorgensen
Bailey Jorgensen Månad sedan
jon Sqze
jon Sqze Månad sedan
Thank you for all of this. You are inspiring me, and I'm sure millions of other. For that I truly thank you.
manjula madhavan
manjula madhavan Månad sedan
I read Brief History Of Time and I actually (obviously) didn't get this part.. So thanks
dittbub Månad sedan
"low temperature scientists" sounds like a trump insult lol
guitar0wnz 20 dagar sedan
thats exactly what I thought hahah
baldrbraa Månad sedan
«A team of low temperature scientists»
baldrbraa Månad sedan
Thank you for saying «raises the question», not «begs the question».💐
Ken Aspland
Ken Aspland Månad sedan
a parallel world?? 👽 maybe, Angels???? where you people goinG with this physics stuff??? you mean positive is just a thing and negative doesn’t mean “negative?” Whoa. 😝
Ken Aspland
Ken Aspland Månad sedan
tHIS was done on Lilith’s “time,” use your “imagination.”
Holly Alexa
Holly Alexa Månad sedan
more interesting than my entire chemistry class
Cave Can
Cave Can Månad sedan
I wish we had more people like you i listen more than my ussual teacher cause they only give me 1 explanation 2 sub lessons an assignment and 6 billion papers
KrishnaRao Ragavendran
KrishnaRao Ragavendran Månad sedan
8:19 Perhaps one day another physicist will give up his/her vacation to find that 😄😎
Vivek Yadav
Vivek Yadav Månad sedan
So, is it just that we can only tell that "hey, this phenomenon can help mirror world people know that their world is different from ours" or can it also tell you if your world is left-handed or right-handed?
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler 21 dag sedan
He's just using the "you can tell if you are in the mirror world" to help people understand what parity symmetry means. In reality there is no "mirror world" (as far as we could tell). But, if there was a mirror world and we knew that the mirror world is one way and the real world is another, we could determine whether or not we are in the mirror world or not.
I hear your voice yet my understanding of the universe does not increase. But I'm happy with it.
Veritasium Aequitasius
Veritasium Aequitasius Månad sedan
CP violation is certainly real, and I think Hunter can tell us a bit about it.
Mike Sedik
Mike Sedik Månad sedan
Prove to me that time doesn't reverse
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler 21 dag sedan
because that would break everything we know about physics and has never been observed
Cubik Månad sedan
We live in a twilight world. There are no friends at dusk.
Leon XXX
Leon XXX Månad sedan
In which way ist relativity and quantum theory dependent from cpt?
Dominik Udovicic
Dominik Udovicic Månad sedan
T e n e T
tKnz Månad sedan
w e a r e i n t h e m i r r o r u n i v e r s e
TheNintendoFanatic Månad sedan
so SVfrom isn't the only thing to break parodys now? ba dum tsssss
Dark Eagle777777
Dark Eagle777777 Månad sedan
So maybe the mirror universe is going back in time while we go forward? So our beginning of the universe is their end.
David Zechowy
David Zechowy Månad sedan
Would we ever know if the arrow of time reversed?
JigrGaming Månad sedan
1:48, i would choose the party. not parity btw
Nicolas Saudemont
Nicolas Saudemont Månad sedan
Hi Derek, Around 3:06 you say that "an object rotating clockwise is still rotating clockwise in the mirror". I fail to understand why ! I mean, my clock in the mirror doesn't rotate clockwise... I feel like I'm missing something here...
VeroMithril Månad sedan
Given an infinite time universe even our experience of entropy is just one of the virtually infinite probability particles configuration which tells no direction of time (looking at the whole picture there's no time direction but just random partcles configuration)
Unauthorized Expression
Unauthorized Expression Månad sedan
When you get this deep into seemingly unobservable phenomenon you will always find chaos because we're living in a simulation run by something like a computer. While that computer may be vastly superior to anything we think of as a computer it is probably not infinitely so, therefore corners must be cut. Why render or "bake" physics into a simulation that will never be observed? Why waste the processor power? Any physicist that doesn't see evidence that we are in fact living in a simulation is a mediocre physicist or just hasn't bothered to really think about the findings of physics. Every physicist should learn how to make video games. It would give them a perspective that would shatter their entire concept of reality.
Jebooiii Månad sedan
My head hurts. If you pause at 7:01, you see a weird smiley face
Addicting Video Game Hub
Addicting Video Game Hub Månad sedan
"she and a team of low temperature scientists" is that a nerdy way to call them cool?
Sanara Sahanmie
Sanara Sahanmie Månad sedan
ohhhhh yes!!
IIsatomi3ii Månad sedan
Im...confused... By the explanation of the experiment, everything was "spinning" the same way and when electrons were emitted they traveled in the same direction relative to the mirror... So if a particle was emitted towards the mirror in our world it would go towards the mirror in the mirror world... Why... Does this prove anything
Matthew Bergeron
Matthew Bergeron Månad sedan
The biggest most basic, unresolved mystery left in our quest to understand the universe, is why in God's name didn't Chien Shiung Wu receive a Nobel prize for all of her groundbreaking discoveries, but instead, it went to her male co-workers? What's that all about?
jacob meilleur
jacob meilleur Månad sedan
Because Lee and Yang were the ones that designed the experiment and did all the theoretical work for it. Then Wu carried out their experiment. It definitely was an achievement but to pretend that all the praise should be given to her is ridiculous
TheDrewSaga Månad sedan
I am surprised that it took quantum physics to disprove time symmetry. I mean, have you ever seen a baked cake get unbaked?
Ozkee Månad sedan
I think Nolan liked this video so much, he made a movie about it.
Ozkee Månad sedan
@Fluffy 🅿️e®️h🅰️🅿️s.
Fluffy Månad sedan
Nah bro veritasium got the idea for this video from tenet. You just see it inverted
Morfy ?
Morfy ? Månad sedan
According to his example... we are in the mirror world...
THE Electromer
THE Electromer Månad sedan
3:09 but then in that universe wouldn't the definition of clockwise itself be reveresed.... Sonthere won't be any way to tell anyways... Someone pl hellppp meeee
Colonel Overkill
Colonel Overkill Månad sedan
Personally im not convinced that time is a law of physics so much as just a side effect of gravitational influence. If time seems linearly connected with gravitational exertion then that opens a whole can of worms if say antigravitational waves are discovered in the future.
Bongo Wongo gold
Bongo Wongo gold Månad sedan
If you punch something hard enough, could you fuse atoms?
Sandy Grieve
Sandy Grieve Månad sedan
If special relativity gets proven wrong does that mean general relativity is also wrong?
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody Månad sedan
I'm uncomfortable with the amount of times cp has been mentioned in this video
Luan Hurter
Luan Hurter Månad sedan
2:50 How does a partical emitting an electron change the element which it is? To change the element which it is, is should emit a neutron. Someone plz explain
Andrei Fierbinteanu
Andrei Fierbinteanu Månad sedan
It goes from a nucleus with 27 protons and 33 neutrons (60 total) to one with 28 protons and 32 neutrons (also 60 total) that's because a neutron decays into a proton and an electron, the proton stays in the nucleus due to the strong force but the electron is ejected
Youmo Yan
Youmo Yan Månad sedan
Rick Martin
Rick Martin Månad sedan
8:00 "Over time, each of these symmetries was demonstrably violated". Was that over time going forwards, or over time going backwards?
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