THE WRETCHED (2019) Ending Explained

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In The Wretched a teen boy's summer turns dangerous when his neighbor becomes possessed by an ancient evil creature. Learn all about what the Wretch is all about and its mythology, along with explaining the twist ending.
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MxnoOrion Timme sedan
Interesting. The Wretch was in the body during adult time. I guess even thousands of year old witches need a good time too?
Aaron Timme sedan
Okay...a deer you hit with a car does NOT make for good meat. The ruptured organs would leak out all kinds of awful fluids into the meat. Otherwise, a good movie.
Benjamin Whiting
Benjamin Whiting 6 timmar sedan
really wish i could see
Owen Buckhout
Owen Buckhout 10 timmar sedan
love your videos man
Liam Holloway
Liam Holloway Dag sedan
2:48 hell yeah I am!
Hxneybearr :3
Hxneybearr :3 Dag sedan
I get why the flower was fake, because when the thing was around the flowers would die
Matthew Crandell
Matthew Crandell Dag sedan
at 14:40 I'm not sure if it was coincidence or not, but the blood from the tooth left the wretch's symbol on the sink
Chi Chi Chrinos
Chi Chi Chrinos Dag sedan
I have watched so many of your videos but only on 1.75x speed so i just tried to watch it in the normal speed and it was so weird to hear your voice at a normal speed hahah
Vaishnav Negi
Vaishnav Negi Dag sedan
Fucking cliff hanfer at the end. It has become a cliche. Dont fuck this one up. Tge neding was perfect with the wretch defeated and maybe Mal's omnious look just means she's still not over it. Dont make the sequel.
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan Dag sedan
Where the Witcher when you need him
PinEMup Dag sedan
I enjoyed it a lot but feel like there is a small gap in when does the witch get Malory. Also, Malory doesn't show the same signs as the other women. But overall a good film.
iain kambic
iain kambic 2 dagar sedan
Love the snarky comments
Lord Woods
Lord Woods 2 dagar sedan
I’m a horror writer, well, writer in general, with a deep love of horror. But I have a problem, horror is too predictable for me, I’ve seen so much, I can’t even get really into anything that doesn’t have a unique aspect for the monster, killer, or ghost. I watch Bollywood horror movies just for the unique beings in it. Sure, they aren’t big budget, and the actors are often kind of meh, if they speak English at least, honestly when they speak their own language it’s a lot better. But the plots are simply more unique, or, at least fresh. Saw “Nobody Sleeps In The Woods Tonight” which I thought was a unique take on Zombies, but later discovered that, despite its many shortcomings, was a little jab at cosmic horror. With the asteroid leaking out some spooky corruption which, well, at first, seemed to just be a zombie virus. But, but but but, I noticed a few things, like the fact that the two infected brothers, despite being immortal zombielike mutants, still have a weird mentality, they care for each other, one takes an interest in some nice shoes. It’s been a minute but they say some things that poke at it being a bit more complicated than just a virus, can’t remember the specifics.
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 2 dagar sedan
Yeah fuck the baby monitor stuff...
Oasis 2 dagar sedan
11:16 damn- witch lady gettin' it *ON-* i messed that up in the beginning- I'll take my leave-
Redguard Gaming
Redguard Gaming 2 dagar sedan
What was the deal with the random dog
Redguard Gaming
Redguard Gaming 2 dagar sedan
"Hey star-crossed" "Haha who? Lol" would've been more effective
Bradyn Womack
Bradyn Womack 2 dagar sedan
This reminds me so much of the comic book Wytches
Deltawolf Gaming
Deltawolf Gaming 2 dagar sedan
Lamo me solving rubik cubes for fun
Popcorn Master
Popcorn Master 2 dagar sedan
They hurt the bunny 0/10
SailorSenshi 2B
SailorSenshi 2B 3 dagar sedan
That’s gonna be my stand name; DAKOTA STARCRUSH
Chantelle IsAfricaBound
Chantelle IsAfricaBound 3 dagar sedan
Why are people so weak and why don’t they ever fight back come fight me right now I’m trying to get my sister I wish you would
Bingo Ringo
Bingo Ringo 3 dagar sedan
Wow that transition to witchipidia was such good timing for an ad to start
babbit09 3 dagar sedan
I don't recall the location, but if that ending was taking place on an ocean, the wretch is one slip away from falling into basically acid to her. Then again idk if salt water affects her the same way salt does
Bappo Jujubes
Bappo Jujubes 3 dagar sedan
The power of familial love is terrifying, this bitch knows it so her strategy is to make the family forget each other and that is just as of not more terrifying
Zachary 532
Zachary 532 3 dagar sedan
Does the dog die in this movie, if so fuck this movie?
TheLeadZombie 3 dagar sedan
so the cop came to his senses for a second to kill himself rather than wanting to kill the boy?
membear 3 dagar sedan
I think that they should have shown some rea; flowers dying at the end to show that she was now the wretch.
rita silva
rita silva 5 dagar sedan
you must review sea fever (2019) !
Anthony Alexander
Anthony Alexander 5 dagar sedan
Parents are fucked
You_vice Camble
You_vice Camble 6 dagar sedan
The ending isn't explained, the entire movie was explained
Mireya Seymour
Mireya Seymour 7 dagar sedan
What i don't like about horror movies today is when the ending is left open ended like whatever happened in the movie doesn't matter because there's a force that will overcome everyone involved. In the last 5 I've seen, 4 were quite clearly open. At this point it's repetitive and tbh annoying.
Malefizia 7 dagar sedan
Seriously, this whole: " Seems like a happy end but ISN'T!" trope just gets ooooooooooold!
Malefizia 7 dagar sedan
On one hand the obligatory google search always gets my eyes rolling. On the other hand , if they went to a library and used actual books, people would be like : " Books? In this day and age??" Can't make them all happy I guess...
Chocolatecat Gameplay
Chocolatecat Gameplay 7 dagar sedan
This is exactly how it would have worked when Ennard took Mike's body.
Leighton S
Leighton S 8 dagar sedan
When you wondered if witchPedia was a real thing I got a Google ad 🤣
Alien Stoner420
Alien Stoner420 8 dagar sedan
Morale of the movie mind your damn business
Your Ordinary Twat here
Your Ordinary Twat here 9 dagar sedan
I play with a rubiks cube still😡🙈
Midnight Mindset
Midnight Mindset 9 dagar sedan
Ben having a nightmare of being drowned? I've heard of this before.
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 10 dagar sedan
There was another subtle clue that made no sense to me before the reveal. When Ben was on the phone with his mom and she says "I miss my boys", immediately followed by her asking if Ben's dad was making his famous chili dogs, so it sounded like she was referring to Ben and his dad, when she says she misses her boys. I thought that was so weird considering that they're divorced, but of course it was Ben and Nathan that she was referring to as "her boys".
Artie Rupinen
Artie Rupinen 10 dagar sedan
17:47 Well......... that's just lazy writing.
Cinderheart MLP
Cinderheart MLP 10 dagar sedan this a false hydra?
jennifer half
jennifer half 10 dagar sedan
Please do an ending explain on 2067?!?!
Tamed ameriCANo
Tamed ameriCANo 11 dagar sedan
"Smooth bro, extra Smooth." Haha I love it!
Sumitro Bhaumik
Sumitro Bhaumik 11 dagar sedan
Ashley Williams
Ashley Williams 11 dagar sedan
5:14 hmm, yes, the floor here is made out of ceiling
zed movie nerd
zed movie nerd 11 dagar sedan
"I don't think it's the baby's poopoos" lmao!!!!
BALISTIC Autumn 11 dagar sedan
Stay away from the death tree
SP OC 12 dagar sedan
I just hate when tryhard directors want to pull one against us without having any legitimate scene that proves the evil was indeed not defeated. And all this for a failed attempt at turning a mediocre movie into a classic. What they end up doing is making that mediocre movie into a bad after taste 🙄
Chia Lor
Chia Lor 12 dagar sedan
Is this on Netflix? In the US.
Travis Griffin
Travis Griffin 13 dagar sedan
Holy shit. I just realized I know the dad!. Dude is a great guy in real life.
Draken Galeucia
Draken Galeucia 13 dagar sedan
my brother having 3 rubix cubes oLd sPiRiT?
Nicholas Namie
Nicholas Namie 14 dagar sedan
I hate the cadence in this guy's voice. The half talking half yelling inflection is brutal. Good content though
Nani Clan
Nani Clan 14 dagar sedan
Ayaan 14 dagar sedan
richarDISNEY 15 dagar sedan
I'm a fan of Season Of The Witch with Nick Cage. Really... not a joke.
Nicolas Peters
Nicolas Peters 15 dagar sedan
Surprised this movie pulled no punches and averted the trope of infant immortality. Overall decently good movie for having a supernatural theme.
Charles Tate
Charles Tate 15 dagar sedan
The wretched sounds like a skinwalker
Susan Burgess
Susan Burgess 15 dagar sedan
Pants 15 dagar sedan
🎵stayyy away... from the death treeeee🎶
Ali Zaheer
Ali Zaheer 16 dagar sedan
Dude the way u said “busy” had me. Funny af
Yunier Viada
Yunier Viada 16 dagar sedan
So they copied Scott Snyder Wytches like beat by beat except that story is much larger.
Qurt Eh
Qurt Eh 16 dagar sedan
Miss.SkinDeep Beauty
Miss.SkinDeep Beauty 16 dagar sedan
@2:21 omg Idk why I kept repeating it “odd” he done put a “w” in it. 😂😂
Haley Jenkins
Haley Jenkins 16 dagar sedan
Came back to say THAT TWIST DID GET ME I WONT LIE after the movie I actually had to watch it again cause you didn’t really expect that even with the foreshadowing
Haley Jenkins
Haley Jenkins 16 dagar sedan
It wasn’t bad but I feel like if Antlers ever gets finished it’s gonna be a little superior
Aashish Malla
Aashish Malla 14 dagar sedan
Mate I'm gonna die before it comes out.
Jack M
Jack M 16 dagar sedan
So it's basically the Hag from Dead by Daylight.
Gabe Mesa
Gabe Mesa 16 dagar sedan
Hell Nah, this looks really scary
BalenciagaBlast 16 dagar sedan
12:55 Yup! It’s a tad unreliable, but still useful resource for people looking to get into witchcraft (I’m not talking Harry Potter bullshit, more like Wicca and the spiritual practices associated)
Jacky Chang
Jacky Chang 17 dagar sedan
12:57 Right when that swipe happened, a ad popped up. Perfect.
Pablo Tre
Pablo Tre 17 dagar sedan
Chili Women
Chili Women 17 dagar sedan
Re up loud
Vathanak Nop12
Vathanak Nop12 17 dagar sedan
4:16 yeah that craked me up. XD
Thousand Cuts
Thousand Cuts 17 dagar sedan
20:21 "ben finds the witch's 9mm, that she keeps for self defense cause this is a rough neighborhood, and chases after her"
t j
t j 17 dagar sedan
Seriously I don’t watch movies any more I just come to this guy and breeze through in 20mins talk about efficiency
Erik Jacob
Erik Jacob 17 dagar sedan
wow, this actually looks like a decent modern, hollywood horror film. i’m gonna check it out, thanks foundflix.
Horse 17 dagar sedan
I’m still confused on the ending
daffyphack 17 dagar sedan
How do you get into two separate fistfights while wearing a cast, and you never punch them with the cast?
Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers 17 dagar sedan
sweet xenomorph queen shirt
silver ferro
silver ferro 17 dagar sedan
That's Why you always burn creepy witch trees
Maddie Turtwig
Maddie Turtwig 18 dagar sedan
the google search for witchipedia fucking got me
Ted Bicard
Ted Bicard 18 dagar sedan
There is nothing in this video that your average person hasn't, no just at this point I was thinking spoiler,s. No nothing there, unless looking at phone 📱 texting.dissappointing, if obvious ?why do a video.d do videos on the ones that are hard to On your 1st watch,like sixth sense.greated twists,but lot did get it. Or Unusual Suspects. Who Kizar Sosay.great ending, pity bout Kevin Spacey, great flicks eater eggs,c more nothing I missed thing must bad doing video r like, dislike from me.
KingFreakingTut 18 dagar sedan
If he had tried to pick her up at the end he would have noticed she weighed the same as a duck.
crimson simeon
crimson simeon 18 dagar sedan
If this movie didn’t make you speculate, i’m convinced you haven’t watched the whole bloody thing
R'lyeh the Dead
R'lyeh the Dead 18 dagar sedan
It was a pretty fun movie. I thought it was a pagan monster at first when it was first revealed on the porch
Lil Katana Bleu
Lil Katana Bleu 18 dagar sedan
This man isn’t scared of anything
I Am Kani
I Am Kani 18 dagar sedan
Zach Jensen
Zach Jensen 19 dagar sedan
*( Insert mother inlaw humour here ) * ( Insert optional "Boomer" reply here )
crackbadger 19 dagar sedan
i LOVE your shirt
Jayson L
Jayson L 19 dagar sedan
In an alternate universe wretch is actually just the Hag from dead by daylight
Josh D
Josh D 19 dagar sedan
Also in the coffee scene Sarah is seen pouring milk into her coffee even though she states she is lactose intolerant earlier in the film that is another way he knew she was possessed
Carlos 19 dagar sedan
Dumb ending nearly ruins the movie, the twist with the brother was REALLY well done though, I knew something was up with the photo they kept showing, mom's arm out in front like she was holding someone except they ended up photoshopping him into the other side so oh well. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Next movie better up the ante and have someone use one of those salt shotguns meant for flies.
ant lock
ant lock 19 dagar sedan
as you say no one plays with rubix cubes any more i look about a foot to my left and see my rubix cube. : )
ap 20 dagar sedan
Why are you doing one about Les Miserables?
Doomguy 20 dagar sedan
The ending is preety disturbing!
SCP - Legion
SCP - Legion 20 dagar sedan
The whole "the evil thing didnt die" bit is so overused and old. It's to the point that it's so common that its fallen from boring and predictable to ruining an entire movie. For me at least. "Hey! They did it! They got away! What? Oh it's still alive? Insert sarcastic "Shocker"
ronnie 20 dagar sedan
Can you do the woman in the window it hasn't come out yet I don't think but I saw the trailer and it looks really good
Ivy Bisterfeldt
Ivy Bisterfeldt 20 dagar sedan
Just watching this ending explained creeped me tf out i cant imagine how the actual movie will make me feel
Valerion 21 dag sedan
Me: **Seeing the symbol of the creature** The great horned one has plans with these human-things, yes yes...
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