The World in UV

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UV cameras expose a hidden world and reveal the incompleteness of our perception
The Physics Girl looks at sunscreen:
How to make sunscreen from scratch:
In summary, ultraviolet light interacts differently with matter for a number of reasons:
1. Some pigments selectively absorb UV so they may appear white in the visible but dark in the UV. The pigments usually dissipate the UV energy as heat, though the breaking of bonds can also occur.
2. Fluorescent molecules absorb UV light and re-radiate that energy as visible light. This makes them look dark in the UV but glowing under black light.
3. Ultraviolet light scatters more than visible light because the wavelength is shorter and Raleigh scattering is proportional to the reciprocal of wavelength to the power of four.
Special thanks to HHMI BioInteractive for their awesome animations of melanocytes and how the melanin in melanosomes protect your DNA. To see the full video explaining how we get our skin color, check out:
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Jeff Straathof, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal, Nathan Hansen, Yildiz Kabaran, Terrance Snow, Stan Presolski
Overview of main UV effects:
Visualizing Rayleigh Scattering through UV Photography
Arctic animals are photographed in the UV to increase visibility and get an accurate count:
Lavigne, D. (1976). Counting Harp Seals with ultra-violet photography. Polar Record, 18(114), 269-277. doi:10.1017/S0032247400000310
Absorption spectrum of melanin:
"The spectroscopy of human melanin pigmentation," by N. Kollias. In: Melanin: Its Role in Human Photoprotection, pp. 31 - 38. Valdenmar Publishing Co. (1995).
"Optical properties of human sclera, and their consequences for transscleral laser applications," by A. Vogel, C. Dlugos, and R. Nuffer, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 11(4), pp. 331 - 340 (1991).
"The incidence and time-course of latanoprost-induced iridial pigmentation as a function of eye color," by P. Wistrand, J. Stjernschantz, and K. Olsson, Survey of Ophthalmology 41(S2), pp. S129 - S138 (1997).
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Unboxing Boxes
Unboxing Boxes 8 timmar sedan
Where can you buy these glasses? My kids are dying to try this.
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Dag sedan
Gotta be lovin the fact we live in a visible light world, here you're white.
Abhishek lub
Abhishek lub Dag sedan
q. why are they more cloudy? a. uv scatters a lot...also shorter wave length... huh ...gussed b4 u present..
DeadScent Dag sedan
Now i cant unsee his blue teeth
Nathan Hughes
Nathan Hughes 2 dagar sedan
Exactly the reason why most signals in road traffic/airplanes use red. Larger wavelength>>not scattered easily>>improving visibility over longer range.
Rodger Stachura
Rodger Stachura 3 dagar sedan
I wanna be as happy as he was when the soda started bubbling
miracle wilson
miracle wilson 4 dagar sedan
the pups are so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute😍 so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute so cute!
miracle wilson
miracle wilson 4 dagar sedan
Nicolás Espinoza R.
Nicolás Espinoza R. 5 dagar sedan
omg,I just watch the frist 20 seconds and I already hit the like button.
X S 6 dagar sedan
So quarter backs should be using sunscreen under their eyes instead of the black paint
Anshik Kumar Tiwari
Anshik Kumar Tiwari 6 dagar sedan
Why are we ignoring this cuteness??? At 06:49
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 6 dagar sedan
Exactly the reason why most signals in road traffic/airplanes use red. Larger wavelength>>not scattered easily>>improving visibility over longer range.
Rif p
Rif p 7 dagar sedan
So are saying a single photon is a wave or is a group of photons a wave,
Rif p
Rif p 7 dagar sedan
So, are you saying a single photon is
Chemist UDIT JAIN 8 dagar sedan
Please use musou back colour in UV
Couer Garnet
Couer Garnet 8 dagar sedan
Just think if we lived in UV world and one day someone discovered the color glass... how would we feel?
Sheranoth 8 dagar sedan
With sunscreen, I can go in black face. And no one will know...
Rexal World
Rexal World 8 dagar sedan
Isn't the Ozone layer supposed to absorb all the UV light coming to Earth? This should make the entire footage completely black. Or is this the sign of depleting ozone layer?
Jacob Mills
Jacob Mills 9 dagar sedan
this sounds like a cool game mechanic
Garrett Meyer
Garrett Meyer 9 dagar sedan
You really got away with a black face episode hahahahaha
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BirgitBirgit LehtonenLehtonen 9 dagar sedan
Baguette&Tofu 9 dagar sedan
Pardon me for my impoliteness buuuut 4:59 😬 I like it
SKM GAMER 10 dagar sedan
why we can't see infrared but a cell phone camera can?
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 10 dagar sedan
I'm gonna start a new business. Selling ultra-violet war paints. I'll be rich.
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Unnati Dutt 10 dagar sedan
Jo dikhta h wo ni hota or Jo hota h wo nahi dikhta 😀😀😀😀😀. Ishan Awasthi is a genius😂😂😂
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Declan McGee 11 dagar sedan
Flowers dont think so they dont have a reason. Please when you speak dont talk bollix
Ryan Hegseth
Ryan Hegseth 14 dagar sedan
I want to get a good camera that can take UV and IR pics
Mariano Rodríguez
Mariano Rodríguez 14 dagar sedan
The actual way to protect against the sun is to gradually expose yourself in order to generate melanin
Kysel Points
Kysel Points 15 dagar sedan
Your teeth weren't fake. You lied.
brent y joseph
brent y joseph 15 dagar sedan
Its confusing how in some shots his teets are purple and in some arent
The Retro Dragon
The Retro Dragon 15 dagar sedan
What does uv and visible light look like together?
Uzi Kalashnikov
Uzi Kalashnikov 16 dagar sedan
In the UV, you look like an indian.
Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia 16 dagar sedan
15 Most Amazing Things Created By True Geniuses
rodjacksonx 17 dagar sedan
If ever a video needed to be redone with a few black people added....
Massygo 17 dagar sedan
Yes thx. I was waiting for this with some explaination. I do use the edding 8280 inv UV ink to make notes during Geocaching and yes needs a UV-light to see what i write. But can i use an UV filter or glass to do see it directly?
There's No I
There's No I 17 dagar sedan
veritasium does black face
ajd u
ajd u 17 dagar sedan
ipotatosenpai 17 dagar sedan
I thought uv would go more easily through more substances?? And infrared the opposite
S. Scott
S. Scott 18 dagar sedan
It will be interesting to treat the color signals to see what a bee see (red = black ; green = yellow ; ... ; UV = blue).
Tim From L.A.
Tim From L.A. 19 dagar sedan
So a darker-skinned person vs. a Caucasian would look...? I wonder what Russel Peters looks like under U.V.?
juipi feaeft
juipi feaeft 20 dagar sedan
Reindeer can see UV
Lord Sesshoumaru
Lord Sesshoumaru 20 dagar sedan
This is why Predators opt for Infrared vision. They might not be able to see a lot of stuff, but they can see really far
•• 20 dagar sedan
unsubscribed cant believe these ppl are straight up liars
MANU CHAMP 21 dag sedan
Its like delhi in December 😂😂
Miss Bilby Badinage
Miss Bilby Badinage 21 dag sedan
I have 2 so-called uv lights. One makes my tissues purple and the other makes them green. I tested both on money plus other gov issued things and the green is the real and $5 from off eBay, the purple was from a sharpie pack. I bought the eBay one for the phone microscope, lucky find.
wbjsle 22 dagar sedan
Ever thought of, that maybe being able to see UV-light is actually a disadvantage?
D1V15OR 23 dagar sedan
Surprised I actually guessed the UV scattering
Merrell Lastick
Merrell Lastick 24 dagar sedan
These two, flirting the whole time.. Also, great video. Really interesting!
Adam Place
Adam Place 25 dagar sedan
This was the first time I knew something Derek didn't - as a result of a misspent youth involving much gin, I learned that you ALWAYS open tonic water slowly.
Louis Nguyen
Louis Nguyen 26 dagar sedan
Ok Real question: How do I get the UV camera?
dexter grimms
dexter grimms 26 dagar sedan
world in gamma rays ?
Adam Sanders
Adam Sanders 26 dagar sedan
Do infared pleasseeeeee
Veena Tiwari
Veena Tiwari 26 dagar sedan
He looks ho creep in uv
doublem 28 dagar sedan
A cobbler should stick to his last
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 28 dagar sedan
Sean Cannon
Sean Cannon 29 dagar sedan
no purple haze joke?
Amethyst Alex
Amethyst Alex Månad sedan
The world looks like a 1957 horror silent movies
Onion-Cutting Ninja
Onion-Cutting Ninja Månad sedan
Does the skin of black people have extra melanin? If so does that mean that they’re actually genetically superior at resisting UV radiation?
Rich Edwards
Rich Edwards Månad sedan
So, is the sky diffusing the light similar to bright light in fog?
COM DRIVE Månad sedan
Why does UV Veritasium look way hotter
plan pitz
plan pitz Månad sedan
Disappointing ! I thought with UV glasses you can spot the aliens among us like in that movie Attack of the body snatchers !
WannaComment2 Månad sedan
Sunscreen is just UV blackface
Sunscreen is what you should use if you're going to war with bees. They see ultraviolet. Sunscreen is actually war paint.
Atna Sabita, X MIPA 2
Atna Sabita, X MIPA 2 Månad sedan
5:57 when physic become biology...
Manuel Manolo
Manuel Manolo Månad sedan
So when I use sunscreen I put on UV-Blackface?
Ludwe Nqapela
Ludwe Nqapela Månad sedan no need for sunscreen.
ScribTOON Månad sedan
you just tricked like 10 people into doing black face
Antonio Maglione
Antonio Maglione Månad sedan
Thanks for another great video!
rocheuro Månad sedan
you are the best mate! love ur mind, knowledge, and all you share with ordinary people! lots of love! great things you do and share.
Sparking SHIT
Sparking SHIT Månad sedan
#veritasium Do we dream in UV? I guess I've never seen Anything colorful in my dream. I've discussed this thing to my friend and it comes out they've neither seen the colors too. Can any one answer plz?
KOSTAS DINOS Månad sedan
Fog of War
fabulous funda
fabulous funda Månad sedan
Its osm
Pato Castillo
Pato Castillo Månad sedan
Great video, really interesting... But I don't know why I'm watching this...
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming Månad sedan
WAIT!! I thought girls have stripes in UV?
Speedcube Solver
Speedcube Solver Månad sedan
No one : Literally no one : The editing he did in the video
Pegasus R!####
Pegasus R!#### Månad sedan
So what about the life in ir and lower frequency emr
Oily man
Oily man Månad sedan
So if a dude got UV vision and went to Florida beach, everyone would look they did blackface.
Dan lan
Dan lan Månad sedan
Was everyone else waiting for him to explain the teeth thing the whole video?
Ryan Conley
Ryan Conley Månad sedan
so the sky is xray??
Nathan Levesque
Nathan Levesque Månad sedan
if we could see UV then some ppl would react to sunscreen by screeching 'blackface' ugh
Saul Sosa
Saul Sosa Månad sedan
I guessed it! It’s foggy because the UV light is scattering, someone hand me my degree already
Ryan Biggins
Ryan Biggins Månad sedan
still waiting for the infrared sequel
Link Jonge
Link Jonge Månad sedan
so Tonik water protects you from Malaria?
Xolthiren Månad sedan
We cannot fathom what non-visible light would look like, this is merely a representation or a translation of something we cannot see to something we can, If our eyes and our occipital lobe could process such light, it would be something entirely different, it would not be like any of the categories of colors.
Camp H.
Camp H. Månad sedan
Bring on the black dudes! I wanna see!
Terry Collins
Terry Collins Månad sedan
when you met a girl and forgot her name 🤔 just call her physic girl 😆
Barry Laity
Barry Laity Månad sedan
Another twist on perception! I had a vague notion of why the sky is blue, but this is awesome. Veritasium lets me feel a child again - staring wide-eyed at the wonders of the universe.
luckey skywalker
luckey skywalker Månad sedan
He looked Like Murphy from z-nation.
Blue haze blocking out space? An air pump filling a bottle with vacuum? A sack to catch the sunshine? Frost generators? Bavarian ordering beer: "Zenzi, let the air out of the glass!" It's all a matter of relativity... Will a layer of sunscreen on a lake prevent it from growing too much algae? ?:o)
Brian Spurrier
Brian Spurrier Månad sedan
I’m just wondering why most things are green/brown, but than the tonic is purple
dawood sindi
dawood sindi Månad sedan
Your laugh is weird on this clip 2:29/11:12
Zrf Dev
Zrf Dev Månad sedan
Then... Why the sky looks blue and not violet? We can't see UV but we can see violet.
Jesus's Månad sedan
4:58 thanos be like
sheth tejas
sheth tejas Månad sedan
very romantic video :)
Kayleigh Moore
Kayleigh Moore Månad sedan
kevan hubbard
kevan hubbard Månad sedan
My favorite uv light is UVC as it's hardly ever mentioned as unlike UVA and UVB it doesn't get down to Earth's surface being filtered out by the Ozone Layer in the Stratosphere.
Yowax Månad sedan
UV? I don't see any Red and Green gradients!
AARYAN sachdeva
AARYAN sachdeva Månad sedan
The blue haze blocking out space just made me think about my career
Joseph Simunek
Joseph Simunek Månad sedan
I haven't put sunscreen on in 3 years lol
August Hoglund
August Hoglund Månad sedan
Purportedly people who have had cataracts removed and replaced with UV-pass lenses can see ultraviolet. I think the Implant is Crystalenz.
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