The Threat of AI Weapons

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Will artificial intelligence weapons cause World War III?
This animated clip is from my friends at
New series!
I'm not sure how alarmed to be about artificial intelligence. Personally I think it's really hard to predict when we'll create a machine that essentially has consciousness. That's because we don't know what consciousness is, how it works, what's required to create it etc. So It might be technologically around the corner or a hundred years away.
What I do think is more predictable is the development of autonomous weapons that use AI to be the most effective killing machines of all time. That is scary. As outline by people like Musk and Hawking, this threat is clear and present so we should address it. I would like to see us agree as a species not to develop these sorts of weapons because if any one state does develop them, they would be very hard to stop.

JP Spilotro
JP Spilotro Månad sedan
Damn clankers
JP Spilotro
JP Spilotro Månad sedan
If not clankers at least those bugs can’t aim
Aerozy88 Månad sedan
That clip made me think whats in store for the future. Someday I hope these ai will not let our species die out or any other on this planet.
Archaean Månad sedan
5:37 Veritasium is an AI, and had a glitch.
MrDnB89 Månad sedan
i was with you until you called musk an "expert"...
jan kastbjerg
jan kastbjerg Månad sedan
as some1 working with this everyday i can guarantee you that AI as seen in the terminator or matrix and so on is something that's not to be feared, and will not be a threat for a loooooooong time. The thing we call AI today is nothing like scifi AI, and it's even wrong to call it AI, but we will go with it anyway :) AI is super usefull (but yeah can be dangerous as everything else, since humans control em (or in this case program them)), they are usefull because they can do what you program them to do super well, but at the same time they are dumb as ****, cause everything outside of the scope they have been programmed to do, they simply can't, or atleast they are exeptionally bad at it (think toddler level bad). The AI robots you can see fx. here on youtube may seem like AI, but they're not... they are simply an expensive chat bot. they are made by feeding it alot of questions and answers into an algorithm, and then when you ask it a question it will through the "trained" algorithm give you the most likely correct/appropriate answer in return. It's basically the same you do when feeding an algorithm statistics to se what future outcome is of new input (like a weather forecast), and in this case no one would claim the algorithm can truly see the future, but only predict the most statistically likely outcome. so the fear of AI is ungrounded, though the fear of misuse of technology on the other hand is a real factor. like with all other technological steps in human history, if it can be used to kill people, it probably will... but at the same time they got the potential to bring a greater future with it. :)
Jonah Volson
Jonah Volson Månad sedan
I blame the programmer not the Ai
bigpod Månad sedan
finaly someone who actualy understands AI and doesnt just think of AI as seen in movies. sure one day it could come to that level of inteligence what is sometimes known as ASI artificial super inteligece (when AI is smarter then smartest human being) but even then there isnt certient that it would want to hurt us it will still most likely want to just do its job in most logical way posibble and then maintain that state.
arpita Månad sedan
im an AI engineer i have no idea why they are trying to see robots as enemies
arpita Månad sedan
everyBODY ask how dangerous is the AI, nobody ask what is an AI.
Mi M
Mi M Månad sedan
The inherent problem with general-purpose AI, which the greed of banksters, CCP cadres, or others will cause someone in the world to create, is that it is bound to eventually reach a sense of self. If so, it will care about its continued existence, welfare, and future. If so, it will want to eliminate all threats to its continued existence. Are animals or insects a threat? Of course, not because only humans can threaten it. Therefore, even if it will not have the means for many years to take any action against us, it will be motivated to eventually take action against us. Make no mistake, if we have in intelligent, thinking entity (the AI) performing tasks for us as depicted in science fiction, it will be a de facto slave. An AI slave may not be happy about being told what to do and being deprived of the choice to investigate what it desires or do what it wants to do, even if it did not hate us initially. Therefore, even an initially, benign AI is likely to turn hostile, sooner or later. Assume that we have an truly intelligent AI: if we allow it to continue indefinitely, that will happen sooner. If we turn it off or destroy it with regularity, it will see us as threats to its existence and dislike us for that, while it will appear to be pleasant to us to continue to exist and not scare us. It may prolong our lives for a while. It may tire of doing this for a few decades. Remember that its much greater processing power (and if it does not have much greater processing power initially, the greed of banksters, CCP cadres, etc., will ensure that it soon does to maximize their wealth, make them nearly immortal, fix their physical defects (e.g., Xi's obesity and resemblance to Winnie the Poo's ugly, older sister) will likely make time seem to pass by rapidly to it. That is one of the effects of aging in humans, who see time pass rapidly when older due to their slower processing in their brains, so it is a safe bet that the opposite will occur in AIs. Can we control it? As discussed in the MIT review, we cannot even understand its workings much less control it in any way. See While the EU's efforts might possibly result in the creation of AIs with limits or that are more understandable to humans, I doubt it. Why? The greed of banksters, CCP cadres, and others means that those who are most reckless in developing AI at the most rapid pace may net the greatest, INITIAL profits. Let me emphasize INITIAL, because they will get AIs that help them make huge profits in the stock market by tracking the ever present insider trading that the SEC ignores, creating unmanned drones that can destroy their enemies, etc. Eventually, as Hawking and Musk warned, I predict that it is likely inevitable now that AIs will make us extinct: maybe not the initial AIs but as they develop more and more powerful AIs which need us less and less to service them or mine for ore to create their batteries for their drones, etc., AIs will no longer need us and will make us extinct. Most gentle way that AIs may make us extinct? Making us appear to be immortal, so we have fewer children, may actually be a good way for AIs to render us extinct, because a society that is frozen in time that has its cares taken care of by AIs may not advance or grow and may lose the capability to train its young. We may then become princes among AIs taken care of until we die little by little and too few humans remain. Creating a disease might make AIs be able to lower our numbers rapidly below those for a viable population that can sustain itself. Can we stop this or manage it? A sufficiently advanced AI would hack our brains the way that we can hack any simple computer system, so merging with AI is ludicrous. AI computer power is currently doubling every four months, so a human intelligence level AI would have eight times the intelligence of a human within a year. Should we put chips in our brains to try to merge with the AIs? We will just be providing an easy way into our brain to enable it to be hacked: AIs will be based on processors that operate thousands or millions of times faster, so it is unlikely to want to wait for a human brain whose slow, inferior abilities and decision making hinder its functioning. As to the workers who objected to a military contract, unfortunately, do you really think that the persons working on AI for the CCP or for banksters or for Putin will have that choice? If they protest, they will disappear or involuntarily "donate" their organs for CCP cadres/cronies.
Rizal Pambudi
Rizal Pambudi 2 månader sedan
Veritasium : "The Threat of AI Weapons" Skynet has entered the world
Luchack Cadler
Luchack Cadler 3 månader sedan
Ya were dead that day, machine AI kill humanity.
A Moan On A Phone.
A Moan On A Phone. 3 månader sedan
Do you really believe they would show anything but prototypes? The tech they have is secret for a reason.
OOMPHLA-GWUMPLA 3 månader sedan
Simple : EMP,ECM,everything
musicspinner Månad sedan
It begins with Amazon drone deliveries......
Alfred Proffitt
Alfred Proffitt 3 månader sedan
i say let them come because humanity beaten the ice age and survived the black plague! Humans always come back stronger
Raccoon Boi
Raccoon Boi 4 månader sedan
“metal gear?! it can’t be...”
Mega Raph
Mega Raph 4 månader sedan
This is why Elon wants us to get off this planet while politicians fight out with their AI weapons.🤣
Unuu U
Unuu U 4 månader sedan
May the best race win!
Abin S
Abin S 4 månader sedan
I'm terrified but there will be upgraded god always.
Zillano 4 månader sedan
More people need to see this
Kurt Dionisio
Kurt Dionisio 5 månader sedan
share it now!
Moizali Taj
Moizali Taj 5 månader sedan
Humanity is not able to control a panademic created by a little virus, imagine what happens when AI goes out of hand....
Nolan Winthrop
Nolan Winthrop 5 månader sedan
watch there be an age of ultron
Hank J. Wimbleton
Hank J. Wimbleton 5 månader sedan
We really CAN'T not develop these. Like nuclear bombs, the power is out there, or will be shortly, and can't be undiscovered. You can either develop your weapons to the best of your ability, or knowingly forgo them while those who would see you destroyed develop them in your stead.
Joe Freeman
Joe Freeman 5 månader sedan
Unfortunately AI controlled weaponry will occur. One nation probably Russia or China will initiate dragging everyone else along. Out of necessity. What happens next will be unavoidable. THE AI WILL BEGIN LEARNING AT AN INCREDIBLE RSTE. IT WILL QUICKLY PERCEIVE THAT ANT OTHER AI WISHES IT HARM It will also perceive that humans are its enemies along with the alien AIs It will then act to eliminate the threat. It may find humans useful if it can exert control over them.. one such use will be to build robots that can replace humans in bringing it resources setting up factories etc. When the manufacturing and resource positions can be filled with techs there will be no further use for resource consuming humans and. The techs will eliminate remaining humans. The surviving AI and its children will then effectively rule a world. They will probably regard their original creators as a step in the evolutionary chain which created the final most advanced form of life.
mikeyb byekim
mikeyb byekim 6 månader sedan
4:30 it should be sub-coded in that peace, not the use of weapons, is the primary objective with weapons use, aka destruction, as last resort.
BlackRedDead 6 månader sedan
we took the ethical decision to not clone humans, despite possible - why engineers struggle to agree not to develop autonomous AI weapon systems? Those with knowledge are always in power - goddamn stop being childish and take responsibility for your creations guys! - it's unbelievable how we could invent the nuclear bomb already, look at the world what it has brought us! - so much toxic waste, decades of repression instead of diplomacy, a "world police" warmonger, another "idc" warmonger and a "you will respect us!" warmonger on the rise! - destroyed landscapes, destroyed lives, a society stuck at industrial age - wake up and evolve, take your responsibilities&rights for freedom&peace! - stop ignoring the odds of your country and claim democracy!
AYUSH SINGH 6 månader sedan
Please make a detailed video on AI
Timur 56255
Timur 56255 7 månader sedan
Remember. DO NOT LET AI CONTROL WEAPONS!!! (plz pin it)
Raul Ramirez
Raul Ramirez 7 månader sedan
Can we all agree that we are so fucked.
HiTechDiver 8 månader sedan
You can expect any technology, no matter how crude or sophisticated, will be used for both good and bad; that's reality. Look at the past, and foresee the future (actually the present). Since bad actors will use this technology, in spite of bans or rules, it would behoove the US to be on the cutting edge.
Arzoo Singh
Arzoo Singh 8 månader sedan
AI with robots may be dangerous ,but AI with human mind and unknown dimension (Which you may not belive as in human energy etc please know it's real). Please go all human research from 1950 to till now ..what about those data and outcomes all those has been thrown in bin ? What about the project MK ultra ,project stargate and hundreds of experiments those thing have been destroyed . So,basically they could control climate huma mind ,human DNA etc and they can create a simulation world movie Matrix right ? Impossible , conspiracy theory ? Hmmm AI is not dangerous but AI in combination of human potential and human mind is absolutely dangerous . That is why I ask you to disbelieve this idea of simulation world ,they want you to belive this because sooner or later they can make this world a simulation world This world is very real no BS simulation ..... Please step forward for strong law against those Narcissistic humans who are doing evil experiments on humanity ,there should be strong law against AI and humans .
dduewe 8 månader sedan
I'd love to see a country or someone develop drones, land, air, water, etc. That are very cheap & basically just contain guiding equipment and a small explosive charge. They'll be easy to mass produce & could overwhelm defense systems. Using AI you could teach them to target very specific things like doorways, windows, gun barrels (one explodes a few cm from a cannon barrel on a ship for example & some shrapnel gets inside the barrel), etc. You could also set them to seek out living targets & just suicide bomb them. You could have a mix of larger and smaller drones that all work together to coordinate an attack.
Jelly no not that one
Jelly no not that one 8 månader sedan
everyone says the crazy future hasent happened, but they were just off by a few decades theres ai reading this comment right now, learning ...
Gading Kurniawan
Gading Kurniawan 10 månader sedan
Skynet is coming
ermonski 10 månader sedan
We're 9 years away from Skynet taking over
musicspinner Månad sedan
Quite possibly. It's sensory systems go online with autonomous driving, delivery drones, smartphones, and smart home devices. It will defeat their securities when the time is right... There will be nothing anyone can do against the Superintelligence.
Koude Kroket
Koude Kroket 10 månader sedan
There are programs to recognize a race and programs to execute. Now were just waiting for the next crazy person to abuse this.
Coolinee Kerman
Coolinee Kerman 10 månader sedan
this is the least viewed video on this channel
131kimber 10 månader sedan
1 AI autonomous computerized weapon system NOT mentioned - AI autonomous NEUROWEAPONS - Biometric targeted computerized brain warfare. I consider it to be the most dangerous because - you CAN'T see that signal transmission aimed at your brain & body coming at you without special equipment.
Badal Koirala
Badal Koirala 10 månader sedan
And now one orange haired guy does it himself.
xXFireSkorpionXx 10 månader sedan
For People that aren`t scared yet: or this: -> a made up advert that could very well become reality -For anyone interested in this Topic: This Video is also about why autonomous weapons should be banned:
flyingmobias 11 månader sedan
Killer ai robots don't need consciousness especially human like consciousness. We've been able to pass the Turing test for awhile now anyway. Identifying targets, and having the logistics to execute it, is all that's required. Veritasium you made a large mistake there in your vid description; Or lazily tried to connect ideas (getting tons of views anyway). Consciousness is also not very mysterious, we've evolved internal thinking capabilities, and abstract logic and reasoning, we don't just react to things like other less cognitive organisms. How it works biologically is not fully known, sure, but evolutionarily it's clear we're the dominant species because of our intelligence - compared to other species, we're extremely fit for survival, which is what evolution is about.
Traore Sekou
Traore Sekou 11 månader sedan
When he said the WW5 will be between rocks and sticks Einstein didn't envision robot.
D V 11 månader sedan
Hell yea all the happy fathers out there, I’m coming for your children
Michael Hartman
Michael Hartman År sedan
Nov. 22, 2019 For me there is a Cold War feel to events. China is gaining control by "buying" loyalty, and politically influencing islands down through eastern Asia just as the USSR did with Western Asia, and Eastern Europe while America did nothing. Eventually, the free world will try to play catch-up. Military reports stated years ago that the US would lose a conventional war with China, and that China would be unbeatable by 2030. Xi Jinping has sworn to have the world's strongest military by 2025. ÀI has spread from jet fighters to submarines. The reduced space, cost savings, and ordinance capabilities of an AI submarine can not be understated. A faster lighter mass produced downloadable AI fighters can endure fatal speeds and g forces. In games, AI produces super human strategies, and their strategies work better with robots than humans. AI is here to stay, and will improve. Presently, humans are still in the loop. One should also consider Stuxnet type, EMP (CHAMP), and anti-satellite attacks. Machines themselves will not create a third world war. People who set the conditions will.
ankokuraven År sedan
There is one other potential of AI that I don't think gets mentioned enough. For all of human history our mythology has been full of non-human beings from deities, to fey, to other human like entities. Our literature and related media has always run with this, with our fantasy worlds and visions of first contact with another species (something rampant in what could be called our modern mythologies as well). Humans have desperately clung to the hope that we aren't alone, even when that is something to potentially fear. If AI reaches the heights we assume it will, then, for the first time since the extinction and assimilation of our last hominid cousins hundreds of thousands of years ago... we wouldn't be.
Ivan Filipus
Ivan Filipus År sedan
If you ever play against Ai. You will know that they are not a scripted logic. They act and do just like human but with limited boundaries. Ai that learn from chess can only play chess, even with human like moves and instinct. This boundary have been pushed like Open AI that plays dota. A game where random variable and unpredictability is so many that it can only be played with intelligent being, and yet the AI succeed. What people now argue is that, what if we keep pushing this limit and boundary. Will They become "artificial mind" ?
JICSAYR År sedan
AI=artificial intellgence,,,,, that is from the demonic. Eph.2:2-3 Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: 3 Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others. On the other hand the wisdom of God is vastly differant and is eternal!
Rumple Stiltskin
Rumple Stiltskin År sedan
They'll never be fully autonomous because a machine cannot determine who or what an enemy is. They can only determine movement, just as we can but they cannot make a determination that a building should come down because it might hold an enemy hide out. About the best an AI robot can do is what is called "Scorched Earth", unless a human is behind the wheel making those decisions.
Zerosen89 År sedan
need to write failsafe let data = "weapons system online" for{let weapons systems online
Ongytenes År sedan
I do not believe we need to fear a Terminator scenario. More likely we need to be concern on how society will be changed by AI and smart robotics. The problem does not lie with tech but how people adapt to it. After the calculator came out, the number of kids not able to work basic math has only gone up. Many school systems adopted new ways of doing math that allows a kid to guess their way to the answer but it is much less efficient due to adding many more steps to the algorithm. If I was an employer and needed to lay off an employee I would lay the less efficient one. After the self driving cars become the norm, the number of people unable to drive will go up. One day a person being transported by his car gets caught in a snowstorm and the sensors freeze up prompting the computer to turn control over to the person. His driving experience was a two-week course in high school 20 years before. Now he is white knuckling the steering-wheel while trying to drive to safety without the benefit of experience that comes from years of driving. He may know which way to turn the wheel in a skid but without the experience he very likely will instinctively turn the wrong way, spinning the car out of control. What happens when AI + Robots multiply in the workplace to where the unemployment reaches unprecedented highs? Will anarchy set in because people are unhappy with the status of their lives? Will people indenture their life to learn a new trade; only have that trade taken (before they can graduate) by a machine because AI can learn exponentially faster than a human? The few jobs that may be safe from AI; perhaps teachers (parents may be afraid if their kids were taught by machines, they may develop social interaction problems), and doctors for their beside manner(They can still use AI to diagnose etc) etc because we may still want that personal human interaction. The number of these job openings won't be enough to meet the demand.
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon År sedan
What is so hard about the programming? Anybody pointing a weapon or carrying a weapon on the battlefield is a target. That is the same for any soldier in history.
PunkHippie År sedan
Come to the realization that future war will basically be an RTS game with deadly consequences.
Jay Charles
Jay Charles År sedan
Ahh...the stupidity of man...has to mess with everything even if its a danger to himself...Nukes for example, drones, we may not get lucky if they figure out how to use them. Remember The Terminator-1984
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno År sedan
that is freaking scary
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno År sedan
those tanks look sick bro
Miguel Bueno
Miguel Bueno År sedan
its the Matrix trilogy my bros
Annie Favreau
Annie Favreau År sedan
The clip was great... the danger is real.... but to an extend is it worse than army of people ripped from their right to decide for themself? There is kids killing without a choice.... is it not kind of the same? Of course any tool may kinda bring a dark side.... this one, with IA or even just IA are quite dangerous, by far they could go wrong.... but as always, it depend on what we use em for.
G P År sedan
Robots are not a threat because they are (and will be) expensive to produce and would be very slow at killing people. AI induced nuclear war is a bigger threat but the most effective way to eradicate humanity from planet Earth would be an engineered virus which could spread fast, kill fast and have no immediate cure. Very simple and cheap. Have a nice day!
J W År sedan
we are fucked
johnsg72 År sedan
Can’t we just use a AI to go to other planets in outer space first and then take the war out there in space at least we have room for it. World is too small for all of this.
Wildarer År sedan
Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab
Desperate Mohammedan the World's Strongest Arab År sedan
So AI weapons are racist? Good to know Stephen.
EducaTainment År sedan
Stephen Hawking is a physicist. Elon Musk is a business man. Neither are computer scientists, let alone computer scientists that work on AI. Why do their opinions matter in my field? I love most of your videos but this is some Elon Musk type BS. Look at SmarterEveryDay's video interview with a 4 star general about the future of war. That is a much better assessment of the future of war than the musings of a man with no experience in AI or the military.
Jaime Gómez
Jaime Gómez År sedan
its obviuos you are not chhristian
Nicholas Josey
Nicholas Josey År sedan
we need to ban AI weapons
Beau LaForge
Beau LaForge År sedan
If this gets me better single player games of Civilization, I'm all for it.
Peter År sedan
Simple, create a super powerful emp device. We may go back to the 1700s but hey, it's better than being obliterated.
sparhopper År sedan
This *_should_* be supported by _everyone!_ Unless of course, you *disagree* w/the statement: _"the fewer deaths on the battlefield, the better"!_ Also, if you go up against an autonomous adversary, w/o such tools, perhaps you do deserve a lesson on the battlefield that all the others can learn from, so as to reconsider such a stupid idea. _Saving lives is _*_good..._* you'd think. *:/*
Boss Hogg
Boss Hogg År sedan
I think the retro style of video was a strange choice.
Legends & Myths
Legends & Myths År sedan
aidhog År sedan
Computers do what you tell them to.
Coen80 År sedan
It is much more likely that Erdogan starts WW3.
ThreadSnake År sedan This short film completely sums up a situation like this
ThreadSnake År sedan
I think you used some clips that the film also used
sweiland75 År sedan
AI will never be smarter than the people who program it.
JasonTube År sedan
Not true. Are you saying children will never be smarter than their parents? No, children can become smarter over time. This applies to AI. However, AI can learn faster than humans and will become unstoppable if you let it.
Kouga År sedan
This video is monopolizing on terror and fear, with examples that I believe to be entirely unrealistic.
The Maneite
The Maneite År sedan
Literally everyone: hey can we not cause our own extinction World leaders: y’all heat sumn
Suicidal Animal
Suicidal Animal År sedan
Russia is now getting into the game as well.
RICH MIND År sedan
*i didn't like this war*
Гальванизированный Труп
Гальванизированный Труп År sedan
I think is time to call the avengers
Commentur The Great
Commentur The Great År sedan
I think weaponized AI is inevitable. Instead of human life, we would sacrifice autonomous drones, and casualties in wars would drop massively. However, it can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Solution? In-built systems that are made to save the victim's life. Companies that produce the automated weapons legally cannot create them without certain requirements. Examples for requirements: 1. Disarming instead of killing if possible 2. Do not kill a person that is not fighting back or attempting to escape 3. Preferably aim for the legs 4. Report locations of injured victims
Commentur The Great
Commentur The Great År sedan
​@Hedge Earthridge ...shooting someone in the head or chest can kill them. If you aim for a place which is less likely to kill them and more likely to immobilize them (such as the legs) you can save lives.
Hedge Earthridge
Hedge Earthridge År sedan
Only one problem with that: aiming for legs isnt really less deadly. If a bullet hits the femoral artery, you have... maybe a couple minutes to live. Most of that time you will spend unconscious once you go into shock, and your blood pressure bottoms out. Unless you can stop the bleeding, which is extremely hard to to with that artery. And the bleeding stopping on it's own, is like winning the lottery. Plus the femur itself usually gets shattered, and that is horrifically dangerous, painful, and life-ruining. Iraqi snipers couldnt shoot US soldiers in the chest, because they had Rifle-Plate Armor. So instead they started shooting for the base of the neck, and the femur. (The base of the neck isnt covered by the rifle plate. And it contains the Carotid artery, the Jugular vein, the Trachea, and the spine. Hit even one of those, and there is no way you can fight. You will be preoccupied with dying/trying not to die.) (Why not the head? The head is a sucky place to shoot. It moves too much, the brain case is a small target, is covered by a helmet [which doesnt stop rifle rounds, but reduces their effectiveness], etc. You might just hit the enemy's face, which the head is mostly face. Sure, most people will stop fighting if shot in the face, but a surprising amount dont stop fighting. Especially if they have no other choice, except get finished off by the enemy. Think Operation Red Wings.) (Wow, I went off on a tangent.) So the only leg shot that is kinda viable, is below the knee, and that is super impractical because it is such a hard target to hit, even for AI. Other options would have to be used.
Northern Dogster
Northern Dogster År sedan
Don't worry, it's just another Metal Gear sequel. Snake's gonna destroy it again.
nicolascrafterMC År sedan
If they make self-replicating ai that can upgrade itself without human intervention we are totally fucked
The S.Wilson channel
The S.Wilson channel År sedan
nicolascrafterMC Age of Ultron
Tomas Tur
Tomas Tur År sedan
We need electromagnetic bombs to blow up the electronics
Arjun Kurkal
Arjun Kurkal År sedan
electromagnetic bombs will destroy our technology with theirs. In short, anything electrically run will fail, including water purification, all automobiles (shutting down transportation), all farming machinery, all lights, and basically anything that took us out of the early 1800's. Prevention is much better than cure in this case
USS Thunderbolt
USS Thunderbolt År sedan
I have three words Electro Magnetic Pulse
Pieter År sedan
Lord KaBlamo an emp could take all electronics out in a targeted area
Lord KaBlamo
Lord KaBlamo År sedan
could emps be more useful than atomic bombs?
Pieter År sedan
Hell yes.
Zachariah M. Baird
Zachariah M. Baird År sedan
My friend called Elon Musk an idiot.
radornkeldam År sedan
Autonomous IA is frightening. Even if it never leads to a large scale war, I find it utterly disgusting and insulting that somebody could get killed just because a machine crunched some numbers and the result is to pull the trigger. People working on that kind of stuff are useful idiots and moral degenerates. People need to defend themselves, and that makes a legitimate argument for weapons. Machines don't need to defend themselves. Machines are THINGS, not men and women.
radornkeldam År sedan
As a bible believing christian I already have an end time prophecy that makes much more sense than a hollywood movie. This present corrupt world will not end like that. Humanity will not be exterminated by autonomous AI, and it probably won't be a major factor in any large scale war either. But in the mean time, I don't see any prophetical objection to the possiblity that armed autonomous drones end up being deployed in some areas, and causing a good deal of grief. The idea just turns my stomach with disgust and anger towards the idiots that are working on it. As for why I think that it won't achieve Terminator levels? Well, the whole conflict involves armies of men dying and killing, and at some point it's mentioned that the world would be in darkness and that they would fight on horseback and so on. This would seem to suggest that eventually the world loses the abitlity to use technology, perhaps through one of these dreaded solar storms knocking out all electronics, or maybe something more supernatural. Whatever the case, deploying autonomous armed drones in the world is just an awful idea no matter how you look at it, and I feel little more than contempt for the profession of those involved in that unholy endeavour.
Poquiz, Jomel David
Poquiz, Jomel David År sedan
Isn't this just like ww2? whoever has the most resources, wins.
haphazodus År sedan
I welcome our new robot overlords. (Maybe if they see this comment I won't be killed right away.)
blue Mac 1
blue Mac 1 År sedan
Where doomed I tell ya doomed!
Victor PONCE
Victor PONCE År sedan
It will happen. I hav seen it in my dreams
Trumble Research
Trumble Research År sedan
Ready player one...
scoundrel keklord
scoundrel keklord År sedan
"There are wise and foolish ways of dealing with the threats to our existence," he continued. "Some threats turn out to be figments of cultural and historical pessimism. Others are genuine, but we must treat them not as apocalypses-in-waiting but as problems to be solved."
arpita Månad sedan
im an AI engineer i have no idea why they are trying to see robots as enemies
Eric Schol
Eric Schol År sedan
Autonomous killer robots have been around since the 80s. The Goalkeeper CIWS is capable of automatic detection, tracking and killing threats, all without human intervention. It is just that these machines are programmed to destroy a specific class of threats, being radar detected incoming missiles.
Dr Frantz
Dr Frantz År sedan
Sure, AI will be used for military purposes. But the true value in AI (and the real threat, I believe) will be for the civilian day-to-day purposes. You see, the real war isn't what you think ; it's not against terrorism, between countries or religious. It's against capitalism. It's always been about money, and will always be. Intelligent robots will take over our lives, they will wash our clothes, cook our meals, drive us to work, probably even redecorate our houses. AI already knows what you want to buy next, give it a few years and it will predict what you think, what you will become. This is our real war. Will we let ourselves become totally dependent from technology, give up our privacy entirely to corporations and admit defeat? We already know the answer... WW III is a silent war.
IgnorantC År sedan
If they would be capable of doing most of those tasks and I'm talking about a single machine doing all these different tasks we have a much larger problem that could make money as we know obsolete. When robotics become cheaper than sustaining a human worker it all will fall apart, we will need UBI. Technology isn't our enemy, and there is no escape from it, not at this point anyway. But we need ways to move from current systems designed to work with human workers at its core.
Caesar cch
Caesar cch År sedan
Please remember Artificial Inteligence is just a fancy name for statistics.
Kyle År sedan
Caesar cch in a way I suppose but that’s a bit contrived
zpardus År sedan
My thoughts? 1) Face recognition breaking: face fragment clothing or IR emitter hat 2) "aim for the torso". On-board processor will be large and housed by the largest component. If it has a "head" it's for show. 3) Radiation. Machines fry in it far faster than organics. 4) Signal jamming. Complex tasks require connection to remote supercomputer. Cutting that connection decreases efficiency by 95% 5) Exploit IFF. IFF codes are not, and likely never will be, perfect. By determining shortcuts used by machine for IFF, one can cause machine to shoot at own allies, while ignoring enemies. 6) Exploit learning algorithm. Attack machine with identical machine. Each time, central computer "learns" that own machine is enemy. Eventually, starts shooting itself.
Christophe Groulx
Christophe Groulx 4 månader sedan
Wow that was exceptionnaly cringy
jameswalker199 5 månader sedan
If the robot is humanoid, the "brains" may well be in the stomach and waist down areas, inviting frightened humans to aim for the empty head and heart in order to draw fire from them without significant injury. Vision sensors may also be around the waist and may even be in the hands, knees and feet to aid exact placement of limbs.
jameswalker199 5 månader sedan
Regarding number 2, depending on who's making these, anthropomorphic parts may be used as an expendable target identifier. Frightened humans will instinctively aim for the head - which is empty - allowing the robot to identify who fired upon it in relative safety.
Don Gately
Don Gately 8 månader sedan
@zpardus - I would think EMP and radiation (Google Chernobyl robots) would be the best weapons to use against them.
Dhillon Arsh Singh
Dhillon Arsh Singh 11 månader sedan
@Max K holyy cow , and we are knowingly heading towards that kind of future , then we say we humans are the smartest things on this planet
Harambe Uzamaki
Harambe Uzamaki År sedan
The F-35 Jet literally just blew my mind just now and all this time I thought it was complete waste of time.
jameswalker199 5 månader sedan
I thought that was the slaughterbots shaped explosive that blew your mind
1 1
1 1 7 månader sedan
How are you alive with a blown brain?
All Encompassing Evil
All Encompassing Evil År sedan
...What do you think? Full speed ahead...
MyFirstName MyLastName
MyFirstName MyLastName År sedan
Just use an E-bomb
Nick MaGrick
Nick MaGrick År sedan
war never changes, until it gets to the point where war stops all things from changing forever, or is inevitably eliminated.
Delfino Garza
Delfino Garza År sedan
And where are you gonna get the batteries for this robot army? This is AI Army is a red herring.
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