The Sun Sneeze Gene

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3 år sedan

I have the photic sneeze reflex so I sneeze when I look at bright light.
Check out 23andMe:
*So technically the single nucleotide swap (C instead of T) is not actually in a gene per se but in an intergenic region on chromosome 2. It's also not clear exactly how this affects physiology or causes the sun sneeze but there is correlative evidence that every copy of this single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is associated with a 1.3x increase in likelihood of having the photic sneeze reflex.
I have wanted to make a video about sun-sneezing for a long time. It is something I've experienced my whole life. When I go from a dark room indoors into full sunlight I invariably sneeze. I thought everyone did it. So my original question was why do people sneeze when they see bright light? That led me to consider what possible evolutionary advantages there could be to sneezing in sunlight. The obvious advantage to me is that sunlight kills pathogens of which there may be many in your snot or mucus. So sneezing in sunshine is a much better idea than sneezing inside a dark, damp cave where you may be living.
For more info, check out:
Web-Based, Participant-Driven Studies Yield Novel Genetic Associations for Common Traits
Filmed by Raquel Nuno

Wat is your fav bloc in Minecraft?
Wat is your fav bloc in Minecraft? 5 timmar sedan
Im a sun sneezer as well and i absolutely enjoy sneezing.(Which might sound weird)
Rich Rise
Rich Rise 15 timmar sedan
My girlfriend makes fun of me because I always look up at lights when I'm trying to sneeze. Thank you for proving that it's genetics and NOT something I conditioned myself to do! I knew light helped me sneeze. I wasn't bullshitting, Amy!
DusGames 5 dagar sedan
I sneeze twice too when I look into light
ARCMAN30 7 dagar sedan
You may find that wearing sunglasses can prevent you from photic sneezing. I noticed in your picture that the other three people in the picture were wearing sunglasses and you were not. Give it a shot.
T4zchi 8 dagar sedan
I don't know if this is exactly on topic, but one time when I had a cold I sneezed 16 times in a row
NEETU KANDIYAL 9 dagar sedan
I always ask to myself why this happens with me thank you for sharing this.
thatrandomperson 10 dagar sedan
Looking at my phone in a pitch black room can make me sneeze
MrJackoable 12 dagar sedan
When I look to the sun i got watering eyes and some kind of hum in ears i dont know what that is
GREENBERET M4A3 14 dagar sedan
Serious question I have to take physicals every year at my job, I have 20 10 vision . apparently really good eye sight. I am also a person out of 7 kids who doesn't have this bright light sneeze symptom and I thought I was just crazy that no one had this sneeze thing. all of my family siblings and parents need glasses before my age now and I have good vision vision but they don't have the sun sneeze I do. Anyone else the same as me? Do we just have sensitive eyes then?
KNZERO 21 dag sedan
Anyone else feel like really sick almost ready to throw up. then will sneeze and magically go away
· 22 dagar sedan
The physics behind this is clear and he does not have a clue! The sun heating the surface causes hot air to rise lifting particles into the air, when these particles enter your nasal cavity is, what causes you to sneeze. PERIOD!
Anwar Saleh
Anwar Saleh 22 dagar sedan
Sun sneezing = Nasal Orgasm
Anwar Saleh
Anwar Saleh 22 dagar sedan
My sister and I are sun sneezers. We both sneeze 3 times before the tickle feeling in the nose is gone
Far from Irrational
Far from Irrational 25 dagar sedan
Been explaining this one alot with all the covid panic
Felis Concolor
Felis Concolor Månad sedan
I always sneeze twice when I go outside into the sun
Athul Krishna
Athul Krishna Månad sedan
1:55 and corona virus
WhosThatGuy Månad sedan
Make yourself sneeze 10 times..... Thank me later.
Picking eyebrows sneezer and being a sun sneezer.. so i only pick them at night 😆
Eric Månad sedan
put your phone at full brightness after you wake up lmao
Hardik Bothra
Hardik Bothra Månad sedan
I blame the sun for assisting in the spread of covid-19 🙌
Monica Lee
Monica Lee Månad sedan
Me too 😁😁
Arxzl Månad sedan
Not only sun, but it triggers even faster while scratching my head
Ryker Edits
Ryker Edits Månad sedan
Sneezing Feels So Good That I Try To Sneeze On Purpose...
Joanna Marie Ani
Joanna Marie Ani Månad sedan
I always sneeze four times whenever I look at bright lights.
Edward K.
Edward K. Månad sedan
Looks like I also have this gene, but for me not only the sun helps me to sneeze, but any bright light. But what's even stranger is that sometimes it is enought to just touch the light switch and it helps me to sneeze, even when no light is turned on 🤔
ADRIAN Månad sedan
Yo sabia de esto pensaba que era algo muy como una coisidensia
Bhuvan Fire
Bhuvan Fire Månad sedan
Derek photic sneeze reflex is autosomal-dominant so yea everybody will have it soon if not now.The growing population is a point but each of the people with it will have children with it, so it might increase or stay the same , therefore at a point everyone will have it.Well everyone with it may die (but it would a large coincidence).Some people with it may die so yea in this way it might decrease just by a little . So does anyone else want it like me.give me your reply's here
Bhuvan Fire
Bhuvan Fire Månad sedan
though i hardly suspect u would see a comment on 3 year old video and make a video on it
Rıse Månad sedan
I have this. Always get it when hanging the washing.
daffyrwt Månad sedan
I'm definitely a sun-sneezer. I first noticed this when I was in high school that every time at the end of the day when I would exit the building to get on the bus I would sneeze instantly, thought it was the strangest thing (and annoying).
Richa Agrawal
Richa Agrawal Månad sedan
Hello from another Sun Sneezer from India 🤘 And I sneeze twice.
Fortnight Orami
Fortnight Orami Månad sedan
I have aphodic sneeze reflex
David Andersson
David Andersson Månad sedan
nah, it's an integer owerfow
Muhammad Nada
Muhammad Nada Månad sedan
Something like photoelectric effect 😁
Franz Gleichmann
Franz Gleichmann 2 månader sedan
youtube community, i am disappointed. i expected the top comment to be "bless you"
Darth Decius
Darth Decius 2 månader sedan
"Thanks, Derek" -Corona
austin three cubs
austin three cubs 2 månader sedan
I have it
Master Kief
Master Kief 2 månader sedan
DNA studies for profit is why COVID19 is here. Don't do it!
Nelly Leijon
Nelly Leijon 2 månader sedan
When I was younger, I thought I was the only one in the world that did this ...
erik kristiano the milk man
erik kristiano the milk man 2 månader sedan
me too when i look at the sky too like high up and the sun
a tasty pineapple
a tasty pineapple Månad sedan
yep it's not just sunlight but also the blue sky during the day.
Mary Fioto
Mary Fioto 2 månader sedan
sonic the hedgehog movie
Rosnam Rasnim
Rosnam Rasnim 2 månader sedan
The luckiest thing ever happened to me. Having sun sneeze.
Alice Secret Whispers
Alice Secret Whispers 2 månader sedan
I am a sun sneezer too 😆 people never believe me, now I know what the name of this is. I also suffer from trigeminal neuralgia and have a degree of photosensitivity and sound sensitivity too, wonder if it is all connected.
NathanWilson 2 månader sedan
Yaaay I'm special! I'm a sun sneezer!
Me after I got my account deleted By accident
Me after I got my account deleted By accident 8 dagar sedan
What is your sneeze record? Mine is 17 Edit: the sneezing in the sun btw I am also a sun sneezer
Hussain 2 månader sedan
Damn when I was 13 I asked my teacher why the sun made me sneeze and she said do you mean hayfever and people laughed like I was dumb. Now YOU have the dumb
HVideos 2 månader sedan
I'm the only person in my family with this, and they all think I'm weird when I look at the light to sneeze
vibin2020 2 månader sedan
wtf this Isa thing. 😂😂👽 I always wondered why I sneeze
Piggy Piggy
Piggy Piggy 2 månader sedan
Piggy Piggy
Piggy Piggy 2 månader sedan
Very Smart!!!
Very Smart!!! 2 månader sedan
Why do people from rural areas say a quiet "ha ccchhh" when they sneeze but people in urban areas have big explosive "HA AHHUUS"?
very gray shark
very gray shark 2 månader sedan
I finally know why I have morning sneeze fits when I wakeup to the light lol
PickleManPlays YT
PickleManPlays YT 2 månader sedan
Sneeze at 0:29 thank me later
Frusciante’s Plectrum
Frusciante’s Plectrum 2 månader sedan
I heard that it only happens to people with blue eyes. Anyone with dark eyes confirm this for me?
Gayatri Kshetrimayum
Gayatri Kshetrimayum 2 månader sedan
Me too I used to sneez whenever I came out of the room to outside. Moreover I have sinus problem and allergy too so snezeezing is a part in my daily routine.
AKSHAY JAIN 2 månader sedan
Finally, I can prove people that I'm not lying when I say that Sun maked me sneez
anissa kawther
anissa kawther 3 månader sedan
I thought this happens to everyone.
A Fernandez
A Fernandez 3 månader sedan
I always thought it was normal. I come out and sneeze like five or six times.
Bruce Dietrich
Bruce Dietrich 3 månader sedan
I'm a sun sneezer. I'm pretty sure it's mostly light based but the heat does help too sometimes. Particularly if I transition from a cold and dark room to the sunny and warm/hot outdoors I will immediately sneeze usually more than once if the change is more drastic. It also depends on how long I was in the cold/dark room as well.
Luna 3 månader sedan
Ah I don’t want people thinking that i sneeze because of the coronavirus just allergic to sun😭
Mirola Salib
Mirola Salib 3 månader sedan
Me too I am a sun sneezer
Manan Chawda
Manan Chawda 3 månader sedan
amazing video man ....
Emre Emir
Emre Emir 3 månader sedan
Yes I know him because its me
victor simonson
victor simonson 3 månader sedan
I’m a sun sneezer too
Salvaging Souls
Salvaging Souls 3 månader sedan
I have PSR and 23&me says I'm less likely to have PSR☹
aare pelaa
aare pelaa 3 månader sedan
Well for me this mutation is good because i spend my time inside alot, bad because i never go outside...
aare pelaa
aare pelaa 3 månader sedan
Came here after i turned my brightness too high at 3 am and sneezed.
Jacob Noethens
Jacob Noethens 3 månader sedan
Sun give me allergies lol.
ItWeel Keel
ItWeel Keel 3 månader sedan
Wow, i always think on why i sneeze whenever i look at the sun. And i always tell my parents on why i always sneeze, they don't believe me 😔, but wow there is many ppls with it 😍
Brayan Rangel
Brayan Rangel 3 månader sedan
Who else does the same thing and feels you’re self making that face with low eyes and opens mouth but when you sneez you like ahhhhh
Archit Chandra
Archit Chandra 4 månader sedan
I thought I was the only one.
Chico Espino
Chico Espino 4 månader sedan
I sneeze three times in the sun
Zach Dilton
Zach Dilton 4 månader sedan
When I was really young I asked my mom why I sneezed when I looked up in the sky and she said it was because of the dust in the air. Then I saw this video and realised that I have the privilege to never lose a sneeze because all I'd have to do is look at a bright light. :p
Kira 4 månader sedan
Bright lights can make me sneeze too not just the sun. If i wake up during the night and then turn on my phone to check the time the phone light will make me sneeze lol
Anneurus 4 månader sedan
I have to sneeze ALWAYS 3 times or more verytime I face the sun directly
Billter 4 månader sedan
i alsp have the sun sneeze
Absent Rocket
Absent Rocket 4 månader sedan
Pause it at 0:30 : Me when i cant think of a good joke to put in for the time stamp
Toby Ward
Toby Ward 4 månader sedan
I'm so happy someone has mentioned this in a detailed video, I thought I was crazy 😂 yours truly, fellow sun sneeser
Keyonna Stevenson
Keyonna Stevenson 4 månader sedan
i have this but my family thinks i’m crazy 😂.
Albert Avelarde Aspera
Albert Avelarde Aspera 4 månader sedan
I sneeze twice or thrice everyday between 8 am to 10 am when the sun was brightest, no kidding.
Malay Shah
Malay Shah 4 månader sedan
Does the photic sneeze affect driving on bright sunny day?
Keith W.
Keith W. 4 månader sedan
Do my fellow sun sneezers also love sneezing as much as me? I love the feeling. It gives my body a refreshed feeling after sneezing
Kykk 4 månader sedan
Remember three years ago when you could sneeze freely?
Oliver O
Oliver O 4 månader sedan
Fluorescent lights can make me sneeze too
Shaun's random adventures
Shaun's random adventures 4 månader sedan
I were sunglasses it stops me sun sneezing
Prayash Ryee
Prayash Ryee 4 månader sedan
So we am a superheros
Prayash Ryee
Prayash Ryee 4 månader sedan
It always happens to me
Vaishali Samaira
Vaishali Samaira 4 månader sedan
Well, I am going to be a doctor and I am a photic sneezer. How bad is this?
ThisGalaxyCat 4 månader sedan
0:55 I laughing so freaking hard when i see his face seconds before sneeze
Abdullah Razee
Abdullah Razee 4 månader sedan
Eva Gallagher-xoxo
Eva Gallagher-xoxo 4 månader sedan
Omg this happens to me and my brother lmfao
World Aquarium Singapore
World Aquarium Singapore 5 månader sedan
thats the ahchoo greetings of ancient aliens breed
Rix Gaming Channel
Rix Gaming Channel 5 månader sedan
xLøverr x
xLøverr x 5 månader sedan
When I'm outside and it's like really sunny I sneeze like 5 times or more
Bayu Akbar K
Bayu Akbar K 5 månader sedan
I thought it was common until i find this.
HunnoBunno 5 månader sedan
I have it too same as my dad also this happens when I’m in a dark room and turn on brightness up of my phone
Conklin03 5 månader sedan
I can't sneeze when I'm just looking at a bright light but *every* time I leave a store and the suns out I sneeze like 4 times
Aprille Marie
Aprille Marie 5 månader sedan
DNA test says I have this at 83% and only effects 13-25% of world population. sooo weird lol
KittyGaming123 5 månader sedan
i have ACHOO
4D09 LEE Wing Tung
4D09 LEE Wing Tung 5 månader sedan
benslifelol 5 månader sedan
where my sun sneezers at? i love how if a sneeze leaves me i can just look at the sun and get it out
Anderei Tv
Anderei Tv 6 månader sedan
I have this Too :
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