The Science Behind the Butterfly Effect

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Chaos theory means deterministic systems can be unpredictable. Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring this video. Click here to start using LastPass:
Animations by Prof. Robert Ghrist:
Want to know more about chaos theory and non-linear dynamical systems? Check out:
Butterfly footage courtesy of Phil Torres and The Jungle Diaries:
Solar system, 3-body and printout animations by Jonny Hyman
Some animations made with Universe Sandbox:
Special thanks to Prof. Mason Porter at UCLA who I interviewed for this video.
I have long wanted to make a video about chaos, ever since reading James Gleick's fantastic book, Chaos. I hope this video gives an idea of phase space - a picture of dynamical systems in which each point completely represents the state of the system. For a pendulum, phase space is only 2-dimensional and you can get orbits (in the case of an undamped pendulum) or an inward spiral (in the case of a pendulum with friction). For the Lorenz equations we need three dimensions to show the phase space. The attractor you find for these equations is said to be strange and chaotic because there is no loop, only infinite curves that never intersect. This explains why the motion is so unpredictable - two different initial conditions that are very close together can end up arbitrarily far apart.
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A. DUBITANTE 5 timmar sedan
This just asserts that we, and all the machines we can develop, are too limited to read the future in the present, while Laplace's demon still could. (Why is it called a demon?) I wish Mr. Veritas hadn't dismissed the uncertainty principle so easily, bc if the tiniest aberrations have huge effects in the long run, atomic level should have at least some effect… which will, of course accumulate over time. And thus, determinism crumbles. Right?
Kendall Stevenson
Kendall Stevenson 18 timmar sedan
I like this 😂
Michael Connor
Michael Connor Dag sedan
As a linguist, I have to clarify: that's not a "true" paradox, but rather an "apparent" paradox; it's not that the initial conditions of a system can never be known, it's just that they can never be known by US. If you had a theoretically omniscient being--true omniscience--the universe would be completely deterministic from that perspective.
Yadu Krishnan
Yadu Krishnan Dag sedan
if our solar sysytem is unpredictable ,how our ancestors could predict present day eclipse and things like that
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 2 dagar sedan
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane 2 dagar sedan
1. Invent time machine. 2. Travel to 23rd century. 3. Invent probability changing machine to make probability certain that butterfly effect is impossible forever.
Anirudh Reddy
Anirudh Reddy 2 dagar sedan
Well , iam getting a ache now
Wu Zongshu
Wu Zongshu 3 dagar sedan
The Coronavirus effect: A Chinese dude eats some wild animal. Several months later, the whole world is in a pandemic.
Brett_Kendrick 3 dagar sedan
I think the past present and future all exist at once, but is not written in stone. The decisions we make on a daily basis are translated through space and time where as the time-lines are constantly changing and those ripples travel instantaneously through it. Spooky Action At A Distance is where what you do to one atom here the other far off in another distant area of space is affected immediately.
Brett_Kendrick 3 dagar sedan
The Yellow Cube.
plastic bag man
plastic bag man 3 dagar sedan
"I mean sure, there's Heisenberg's uncertainty principle from quantum mechanics, but that's on the scale of atoms, Pretty insignificant on the scale of people." your arrogance and subscriber count scares me
Pratyaksha Malu
Pratyaksha Malu 3 dagar sedan
You should go to read old remaining literature of Hinduism .. You'll find way more things these things are just researches not searches......
Abhiram Anne
Abhiram Anne 3 dagar sedan
@13:33 I couldn't help but take screenshots the design was so beautiful
JustMoseyinAround 4 dagar sedan
This video had me thinking a lot... *A lot* . Thank you
ammabelle ley uba
ammabelle ley uba 4 dagar sedan
Never regret of what you have decided and done, you dont know what's gonna happen if you decided otherwise
Tohru Bot
Tohru Bot 5 dagar sedan
I understand and mostly don't understand this at the same time. How Schrödinger.
AD Mones
AD Mones 6 dagar sedan
there's a problem with the pendulum! it looks like a metal rod to me that is attached to a single joint of bearing and think that it will not make a round path below
Iam Yourgranny
Iam Yourgranny 7 dagar sedan
In his book Cosmic Blueprint, Paul Davies gives a most simple example of a chaotic system which I found very illuminating: take a binary number between 0 and 1 and multiply it by 2 (shift all bits one to the left). If the number becomes larger than 1, subtract 1 (remove the 1). Subtracting the 1 like this is the non-linear or chaotic part. For example: 0.1001001000011 times 2 becomes 1.001001000011 and removing the 1 becomes 0.001001000011. If you study this operation you can easily see that if you start with two binary numbers which are the same up until the nth bit they behave similar up until the point where they have a bit that differs. If for example you have 0.01011001010001001 and 0.01011001011001001. After 9 times the performing the described operation the first number becomes 0.10001001 and the second 0.11001001 which is not yet much of a difference but then, after 10 times the numbers become 0.0001001 and 0.1001001 and they really start to diverge. Now it can be easily seen that to predict the future of a point for twice the more steps, one needs twice the more digits behind the comma. This is exponential so predicting becomes very hard (in practice impossible due to limited measurement accuracy) very fast (Davies states that for non-chaotic systems, you normally can predict twice as far into the future by adding one digit which is a far less requirement).
Andre S. Beavers
Andre S. Beavers 7 dagar sedan
Anything goes wrong Me: It must be someone else's fault because The Butterfly Effect Gets arrested I blame the butterfly effect. Judge: Sounds legit.
Jaishree Bhardwaj
Jaishree Bhardwaj 7 dagar sedan
I'm so glad that i found this video
J. Tendean
J. Tendean 8 dagar sedan
Initial conditions are important in a controlled environment, but if someone or something attempted to purposely stop or sabotage the experiment, those factors outweigh whatever the initial conditions might have been.
Clarence Star
Clarence Star 9 dagar sedan
N-word spiral
Talan Jerman
Talan Jerman 10 dagar sedan
Almost every essay in high school I have wrote about the butterfly effect because of how relevant it can be no matter what. It's also really easy to write about. I probably have made a huge affect on your grades. Your welcome;)
Tyrone Taylor
Tyrone Taylor 10 dagar sedan
"Life, finds a way."
lris 11 dagar sedan
sairaj patil
sairaj patil 11 dagar sedan
Thanks for explaining graph of oscillations
Organic Bow
Organic Bow 11 dagar sedan
The final state of the pendulum is no motion. It just takes forever to get there. Literally forever.
ilie indreica
ilie indreica 12 dagar sedan
There was also a Gumball episode based on the Butterfly Effect :))
Muadh 12 dagar sedan
Typo at 6:00 Should be dz/dt
victor guzman
victor guzman 13 dagar sedan
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Kishore Gollapati
Kishore Gollapati 14 dagar sedan
i thought the video was about travis scott
Xichen Jiang
Xichen Jiang 14 dagar sedan
How do we know that these plots look the way the actually do? What I mean is that I assume these plots are generated through computer simulation, which requires us to select an initial starting value. Since the system is so chaotic, these initial values are very important. Since computers are only able to represent numbers with finite precision, that means all the initial conditions we choose will be rational numbers (is that correct?), which is a meager set of all real numbers. For example, how do we know that initial condition with transcendental numbers will not produce a completely different looking plot?
J B 14 dagar sedan
Supposed to be a video about butterfly effect, doesn't talk about butterfly effect at all lmao. It's not at all about predicting the future.
Soumen Bhattacharya
Soumen Bhattacharya 14 dagar sedan
Techno Mage
Techno Mage 14 dagar sedan
Ha! As soon as I read Butterfly Effect, I thought the word "determinism". Was pleased you mentioned it 👌
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke 15 dagar sedan
Every decision you have made in your entire life has led you to reading this comment.
Brooke Kern
Brooke Kern 15 dagar sedan
two videos. this one and the infinite not repeating patterns. that's it. im subscribed now.
Aayush Acharya
Aayush Acharya 16 dagar sedan
Derek:Chaos Me as a coder watching animations:NO WORDS
Linnea Hokanson
Linnea Hokanson 16 dagar sedan
Fun fact: when the media says the world will be destroyed by climate change and it's due to co2 it's not grounded in science because even the scientists cannot predict how climate will change, let alone corporations whose main goal is scaring you into submission. We don't understand the earth enough yet to predict what it will do (of course keep plastic out of the ocean and whatnot but don't think you're saving the planet by riding a bike instead of a car, although you probably should do that anyways because health)
Puff Of Smoke
Puff Of Smoke 16 dagar sedan
If everything is deemed predictable, then there's a glitch in the system.
Douglas Billington
Douglas Billington 16 dagar sedan
American politics is a good example a chaos system. Can't foretell the future because all possible current data is incomplete. And people are crazy.
Diana-Alexandra Lazar
Diana-Alexandra Lazar 16 dagar sedan
What if you try to project a proton at the speed of light? What happens then?
Jaz Me
Jaz Me 17 dagar sedan
Movement of the hand effect: It's the last hour in school, the bell is just about to ring. You want to put all your stuff in bag and go, but then you move your hand a bit and a pencil falls on the floor. It takes you about 3-5 seconds to grab the pencil, but in this time more students went out of all the classrooms on the corridor. People are walking slowly and so must you. In the end you waist so much time that you miss the bus. And you missed the bus just because you moved your hand a bit too much. Now you'll have to wait for another one. It changes quite a lot. If you wouldn't move the hand, pencil wouldn't fall, you would come in the corridor faster, there would be less people so you could run faster and you would come on the bus station just in time. Et voila
Burnt Rice
Burnt Rice 17 dagar sedan
I.. I have these in thought for a long time i mean i thought it was my theory WHAT THE HELL so im not crazy after all SEE MOM I CAN BE A SCIENTIST
Web TC
Web TC 18 dagar sedan
Web TC
Web TC 18 dagar sedan
there are rates of change. then there are sudden changes like in a storm.
Edward Drost
Edward Drost 18 dagar sedan
I followed a butterfly one day, it lead me to a field full of beautiful flowers. As I followed the butterfly, I came across a skunk that sprayed me. God, I hate butterflies.
Yo. 18 dagar sedan
Chaos theory just sounds like "we don't have enough data or computational power."
GentlemanDemon 18 dagar sedan
I don't know if this totally counters Laplace's Demon. Part of the assumption is that the demon has the collective knowledge of the current state of all particles and can thus predict the immediate future. If we extend it further to say the demon has knowledge of all states that every particle has ever had, then it can predict the future with total accuracy. Chaos is more or less removed if the starting conditions are a perfectly fixed state in space, time, etc.
Jesse Woo
Jesse Woo 18 dagar sedan
I understand and mostly don't understand this at the same time. How Schrödinger.
Fred Carrillo
Fred Carrillo 19 dagar sedan
So....why isn't the Earth just flying randomly in space right now? Great, and here I thought at least that's something I wouldn't have to worry about.
Релёкс84 14 dagar sedan
That part was poorly written. While the exact position of planets on their orbits is chaotic over tens of millions of years, the shape of the orbits themselves is far less chaotic and predictable over billions of years. The Earth isn't flying away ever, let alone anytime soon.
Georg Hannes
Georg Hannes 19 dagar sedan
The butterfly effect is the best misunderstood comparison ever. Have you ever seen a butterfly the size of Amazonia?
Релёкс84 14 dagar sedan
It seems you completely missed the point.
biggerbrother7 19 dagar sedan
This is very cool, thank you. I have a background in physics but have actually spent most of forty years investigating the claims of the Bible, and this video adds helpful information to what I have found.
Hybrid Prince.
Hybrid Prince. 19 dagar sedan
I love this I might need this in the future
vince pap
vince pap 19 dagar sedan
I believe the term butterfly effect comes from a short story by Ray Bradbury
hellcase off
hellcase off 19 dagar sedan
I was just looking for Travis Scott’s song and I ended up watching this...
Doug Moore
Doug Moore 19 dagar sedan
the science behind something that is made up
Aji Hann
Aji Hann 19 dagar sedan
so, it is what destiny about? already predetermined before it ends?
Mike Evans
Mike Evans 19 dagar sedan
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GEORGE ZEIGLER 19 dagar sedan
The bat effect: A single person ate a bat and over a million people died.
Channel Kucing 294
Channel Kucing 294 19 dagar sedan
saya meow???
Lester Walit
Lester Walit 20 dagar sedan
I'm just nodding here like I understand everything. But damn this video is interesting.
Xsidon 20 dagar sedan
if wings of a butterfly can cause a tornado what can a tornado cause D:
realitynowassigned 20 dagar sedan
Thats on the scale of atoms. Pretty insignificant on the scale of people Says the mass of talking atoms
Faishal Shaikh
Faishal Shaikh 21 dag sedan
Bat effect helped me find butterfly effect.....make sense???
Tylen Smith
Tylen Smith 21 dag sedan
That last bit about the predictability of systems made me think of Psychohistory from The Foundation Trilogy
Nina Martin
Nina Martin 21 dag sedan
The bat effect: A single person ate a bat and over a million people died.
Nicholas Choo
Nicholas Choo 21 dag sedan
I wonder if moving a glass 0.002839mm away from its original position might result in the reestablishment of the USSR
Marcus Johansson
Marcus Johansson 22 dagar sedan
A professor of mine from Stanford explained to me once the unpredictability of weather with an analogy of throwing a tennis ball in a closed room from a starting point, X, and let it bounce a million (or more) times. What is the end postion after t time? Now re-do the experiment but change the starting position of the tennis ball with the slightest displacement in starting position, X+delta X where delta X is very small. Where will the tennis ball end up after t time? At a completely different position.
Grant Sandy
Grant Sandy 22 dagar sedan
Well done. I didn't expect this to be so interesting!
Jack Farris
Jack Farris 22 dagar sedan
If you believe that one small event in the past can change the present entirely, why is it so hard for you to believe that one small act today will change your future entirely? Just ask her out
Peach Daisy
Peach Daisy 22 dagar sedan
Bible Prophecies: "am I a joke to you?"
Jerse Mae Daban
Jerse Mae Daban 9 dagar sedan
Nia Granger
Nia Granger 22 dagar sedan
Butterfly effect: A Chinese dude sips his bat soup 8000km away in India a dude gets clobbered by cops for not being home by 7pm
Gaurav Negi
Gaurav Negi 23 dagar sedan
Until Dawn.
Physic - O - Mathics
Physic - O - Mathics 23 dagar sedan
subtitles are good but they hide the picture
Noobx 23 dagar sedan
The antifa and blm fires have now caused the fires in California and Colorado.
Noobx 23 dagar sedan
God is real and it's obvious. Look how perfectly balanced our universe is that we even exist. Everything from the shape of our earth, to the ozone, to the rotation. Ifbit was by chance then we could simply put a bolt and a nut in a box and shake it for billions of years in hopes that it will eventually screw itself. Even if you hate God, or you won't read the bible because it was written by man, you are putting your faith in something each day. God is bigger than your emotions and your intellect. As a Christian, I believe in the big bang theory. It matches to to Genesis.
Andrew Kim
Andrew Kim 23 dagar sedan
"The printer rounded to 3 decimal places whereas the computer calculated 6" The ghost of significant figures
quantum pickle
quantum pickle 23 dagar sedan
Nice video and an even better telescope behind you
movezig5 23 dagar sedan
Tl;dr: The universe has RNG.
Henry Beck
Henry Beck 23 dagar sedan
Lmao prof/g
Goutham Krishna
Goutham Krishna 24 dagar sedan
Butterfly effect Final destination
Boomi Boom
Boomi Boom 24 dagar sedan
If you combine this with the "real" randomness of quantum systems (decay of atoms etc), which are not deterministic, the whole universe becomes not deterministic...
Frunze Peter
Frunze Peter 24 dagar sedan
Что если пространство в котором ведется наблюдение за происходящим конечно и может быть просчитано? Ведь в таком пространстве не может быть новых тел, не может быть пространства больше и не может быть не предсказуемых поведений.
Phat Phan
Phat Phan 24 dagar sedan
Many ancient Asian cultures have discovered these loops and called them Karma.
splmeesh 24 dagar sedan
Does it not scare anyone else that if we could calculate every piece of matters speed and mass that we would know the entire future, there’s not doubt in my mind that that is true, and if it really is true then future is already determined and what ever you do you were always going to do it, so how much choice do we really have because we were going to make any choice we make anyway, everything you do, everyone you see all this was going to happen exactly how it happened and will happen and there’s no control you really have. And just because we technically couldn’t calculate it due to the butter fly affect that doesn’t mean it isn’t real, and what scares me most is it’s not really just a theory, it’s just maths and science and weather you believe in god or not is irrelevant because religion doesn’t override the ability to predict physics or maths or science.
log140 24 dagar sedan
some ppl decided to eat bats,... someone insulted a virus by calling it "no big deal" "just like the flu" in some country on the other side of the 225.000 died!.. just to be fair: some ppl decided to "kill" their number 1 candidate behind closed doors, so nobody gets M4A..
Anna 24 dagar sedan
Coronavirus is the best example of the butterfly effect.
Inception1338 24 dagar sedan
I liket this one. Great work!
ja4nice 24 dagar sedan
The Lorenz fractal is a surprising discovery but it doesn't actually say anything. When noting it and the butterfly effect one is sent down the rabbit hole with nothing to conquer, to ascertain. But the wonder of the butterfly effect is not one of continual deliverance, but one of insertional change brought on by the user. Like, "Oh, man if I could only wish fer something and it would make me happy for anything". I hope the entire movie gets put on intelligence brain washing rejection listing. Still if such a thing were possible it would include far less of an advantage than shown. It would be as a tool which you could summon for whatever the purpose was and this could be used to your need/advantage/desire. This would be at present time, and only by the knowledge which you or the handler supposed, like that in example. Still, it is really a sad use of movietime.
Naissus Digital
Naissus Digital 24 dagar sedan
"Chaos is order yet undeciphered".
Vaidas M.
Vaidas M. 24 dagar sedan
one thing is for sure, this world is crazy and unpredictable and that's why we like it.
Zachary Shapiro
Zachary Shapiro 24 dagar sedan
This guy is making me look at the universe in a whole different way...
Raezores 24 dagar sedan
This is why people blame God and they don't blame themselves... I have to exist...
Mathis Duchene
Mathis Duchene 25 dagar sedan
Art Alagao
Art Alagao 25 dagar sedan
This guy is making me look at the universe in a whole different way...
Yonatan Chapal
Yonatan Chapal 25 dagar sedan
From a guy eating soup to a global pandemic
Kwincie Godfrey
Kwincie Godfrey 26 dagar sedan
i want a neon sign of the thumbnail
Mihawk 26 dagar sedan
Its the choice of steins;gate ... but he's a guy.
Juan Rojas
Juan Rojas 26 dagar sedan
I remember learning about the butterfly effect and chaos theory in 6th grade. Everyone's mind was blown and it seemed so unnatural. I bet everyone of us still hasn't grasped anything more than "oh cool.".
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