The Science of Thinking

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How the brain works, how we learn, and why we sometimes make stupid mistakes.
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This video was inspired by the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Harpist: Lara Somogyi
Animator: Jesse Agar
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Sneaky Adventure" "Harlequin"

Ananth Shiva
Ananth Shiva 3 timmar sedan
Im not lazy! drew is!
Aryan A
Aryan A 5 timmar sedan
friends here is good question:::::: who is doing efforts in writing our comments???::::::: 1 DREW.... Or 2 GUN....
Mohan G
Mohan G 19 timmar sedan
i am reading many Drew comments.
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao Dag sedan
the cat no work for me
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao Dag sedan
I check mine......
John Cintron
John Cintron 2 dagar sedan
Sandy Ross
Sandy Ross 2 dagar sedan
HAHA! When I hit a light switch, I just press towards the wall!
A. M. H.
A. M. H. 3 dagar sedan
7:45 Proof that Australia is upside down.
Isabel Villavicencio
Isabel Villavicencio 3 dagar sedan
4:18 Muscle memory : keyboard changed -> password lost .
TheKunnche 5 dagar sedan
Throiwng teh un-wodrs so casaualyl at us liek taht. . Not fiar!! . . Had my drew working overtime and gun chillin 😑
Kamel Mebhah
Kamel Mebhah 5 dagar sedan
Please be kind and send a copy of this video to trump the sooner the better before 20th of January 2021. That will save the world ( 3 world war)
bharati sameera
bharati sameera 5 dagar sedan
if the bat costs 1$ and ball costs 10 cents then together they costs 1.10$? i didn't get that...
Jackbacon123 6 dagar sedan
One time i kept myself up really late(2 to 3) thinking about how the heck sleep worked, while trying to sleep, and it was maddening
Sir.Splash The III
Sir.Splash The III 6 dagar sedan
Screw Gun. Stop picking on my boy Drew like that. He didn't do anything bad and he is way smarter than poopy Gun
UnapologeticallyARMY 6 dagar sedan
This was weirdly motivational
Sarvesh Joshi
Sarvesh Joshi 7 dagar sedan
Drue would think - "why the hell these people are talking about me...????"
DrUranium Gaming
DrUranium Gaming 7 dagar sedan
The light switch wrong way up thing, what if you have two switches in a xor configuration, surely that negates the automatic response
Curiocity 7 dagar sedan
Thinking fast and thinking slow
Fman 8 dagar sedan
My Drew is a dumb idiot... he made me go to the special math classes all my life cause i cant even do my times table by heart or most other equations.....
Unco - Epic
Unco - Epic 8 dagar sedan
8:53 *That's why you have to make study-notes with bad handwriting :)*
Lower East Side Astrologist
Lower East Side Astrologist 8 dagar sedan
The problem with rationality is that It's virtually useless, to think hard, without knowing where and what to really hard about. The wonderful thing about intuition is that it helps place you mentally where you need to be, without effort. Some complex problems cannot be solved without intuiting your way towards an answer. Rationality is best when it comes AFTER intuitions have made the necessary assumptions, made relevant impressions, and created distant associations. - that's when rationality is most valuable. It's also valuable to be quick, not just deep in your rationalizations, because nobody can predict when and where to take 10 minutes staring at a pile of junk before something useful comes to mind.
Mazen Mo7amad
Mazen Mo7amad 8 dagar sedan
I tried not to read the text by watching the video serval times on different days but I couldn't
drzeworyj 8 dagar sedan
2:45 I am, sorry, Drew is, hyperlexic. so yeah, both him and Gun noticed.
Holey Moley
Holey Moley 8 dagar sedan
Opening line 🤣
f Forecast
f Forecast 8 dagar sedan
Now I know why I hate the new online science teaching now - Drew is a lazy bastard
Dablux 9 dagar sedan
The "Un" script sounded like Generic Bad Corporation in Genric Dystopian Story
Al Mathen
Al Mathen 9 dagar sedan
i am like drew reply if you are like drew or reply if you are like gun and like this...
Al Mathen
Al Mathen 9 dagar sedan
wow like i think its like vsause buT
Sandipan Aich
Sandipan Aich 10 dagar sedan
Wow.... surely the best video I have seen in a very very long time.
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
what if my "Drew" was standing up and looking at the chair looking at "Gun" figuring out how he thinks about what he is doing and figuring out how to talk to him or her
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
a neurotypical has to only just understand how to make drew stand up and talk
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
"may" not "i think"
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
i may have figured out that aspergers/autism needs to learn how to wake up and control gun to make him/her work
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
i got aspergers
Emile Edhouse
Emile Edhouse 10 dagar sedan
but drew can catch what gun chucks away cos he is not sitting anymore
Barrios Groupie
Barrios Groupie 10 dagar sedan
Also, most of us don't like making mistakes in front of our peers and being seen as incompetent, unless we've managed to make this a key component of our identity already and our social group is OK with it.
lettuce boi
lettuce boi 10 dagar sedan
those two dudes who were asked the sun question looked like they were in front of a green screen
polpotube 10 dagar sedan
Guilty as charged. Whenever someone uploads a video about something I already know I watch it even if I don't really need to, because it makes me feel better
yashesh :]
yashesh :] 10 dagar sedan
thanks so much i will read books instead watching videos which explain them )
yashesh :]
yashesh :] 10 dagar sedan
ok well that is not about vertasium ha ha, its about my class lessons
Kirankumar Kakileti
Kirankumar Kakileti 10 dagar sedan
So now today i have learned the USER MANUAL of my brain capacity. thank you so much dear
Harriet Ramos
Harriet Ramos 11 dagar sedan
"this is Drew, he's your conciseness, the voice in your head. He's the one you think of as 'you'..." Me: "hi Drew!" "...Drew is lazy..." Me: "hey!"
Barry White
Barry White 11 dagar sedan
Case for Single Pay Medical Diagnosis/Treatment verses Primary Care.... Insurance.... Advertisers Specialty Care.
Falcon 12 dagar sedan
But I like thinking TBH
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy 12 dagar sedan
The harpist was playing Tchaikovsky, Waltz of the Flowers.
brigidarohan239 12 dagar sedan
1:08 did he say "Joe, put your teeth on" or was it just me?
Tejas Chavan
Tejas Chavan 12 dagar sedan
That line "to learn or to be better you have to be uncomfortable" is so beautiful!!! 🤩🤩😇
Joseph Stallin
Joseph Stallin 12 dagar sedan
when you have existential crisis. Drew: "wait, who are we?" Gun: 404 errors, throw irrelevant answers. Me and Drew: yes.
Maji Bad
Maji Bad 13 dagar sedan
Bob Dull
Bob Dull 13 dagar sedan
I have caption on so i basically cheated on beat test
A B 13 dagar sedan
Going around the sun is a tricky question!!! The sun has a rotation movement!!! LOL
Phaedos 14 dagar sedan
My name is Drew and I am inherently lazy. Checks out.
greateagle87 14 dagar sedan
All I can think of is the halo music
Rémi Héneault
Rémi Héneault 14 dagar sedan
"To watch videos, that give you the sensation of understanding without actually learning anything" Closes laptop. Just kidding, your videos are great. But I'm working on my software projects on the side now so that Drew doesn't fall asleep.
JuSt 6rF
JuSt 6rF 14 dagar sedan
2:51 I read that as the chat... oof
Diperson Shrestha
Diperson Shrestha 15 dagar sedan
I still dont get it. If the bat costs 1 dollar more than the ball how is it not .10 cents
daniel Aj
daniel Aj 15 dagar sedan
Lol on the bright side i feel normal, and i feel like i belong because i processed this the same way everyone would at the first shot. lol, which is NOT USING A MATHEMATICAL EQUATION
Sumo Gaming
Sumo Gaming 15 dagar sedan
you r watching a science video of thinking while thinking the science of thinking while learning to think
Comrade ChocoCake
Comrade ChocoCake 15 dagar sedan
Im still thinking how could it be 1$10 lol
Amit Rana
Amit Rana 16 dagar sedan
My "Gun" can never tell right from left, so I always have to get "Drew" involved to get it right. If I try to just use the concepts of "right" or "left" on instinct, it basically becomes a 50-50 guess. I know which direction is which, but if someone says "Hit that button on the left", I have to take a second to actively think about it, otherwise I get it wrong. This is really annoying.
Louis UchihaTM
Louis UchihaTM 14 dagar sedan
Happens to me while switching between a touchpad and a
Purvi Ganvir
Purvi Ganvir 16 dagar sedan
I don't know why I found Drew cute
George Isenbarg
George Isenbarg 16 dagar sedan
Interesting thought but maybe a little short on research. Not everyone works this way. I love lectures. I love puzzles. I hate advertisers, not matter what they say I won't listen. Just because something works on most of the people does not mean it is true for all people... Your luck is running out even more... Shouldn't you have rebounded by now?
Nolan Yamada
Nolan Yamada 16 dagar sedan
I’m gonna remember Drew and Gun the rest of my life.
Shivam Dubey
Shivam Dubey 17 dagar sedan
Hi Inspired by this
Ettienne Vorster
Ettienne Vorster 17 dagar sedan
So that also explains why being self taught, I remember every single thing, but can't remember tha majority of stuff I learned in school...hmm
Vaishali Ohri
Vaishali Ohri 17 dagar sedan
he just called out all of his viewers when he said 'video that gives the sensation of understanding without learning anything'.... thanks for making all of us feel bad....
Ben Loth
Ben Loth 17 dagar sedan
I have discalcula (my brain has issues processing numbers) so for a minute the bit with the numbers made me feel like my Drew is broken.
Christopher allen sutton
Christopher allen sutton 17 dagar sedan
thinking and scientists in the same sentence? how can this be? think i will right home...granny would love this...
Senpai TM
Senpai TM 17 dagar sedan
Lmao i was reading Kahneman's book rn
FTL Beamz
FTL Beamz 17 dagar sedan
8:50 omg, so this is why my history teacher makes his tests hard to read
Top Nep
Top Nep 17 dagar sedan
Same with language. Reading Japanese in my first year was hell. It took some years and some thousand hours of exposure and now it's done naturally. The fact that the human brain is capable of understanding thousands of weird symbols at a rapid pace is still astonishing every time, which makes the reading experience worth all the effort.
Martin Phipps
Martin Phipps 18 dagar sedan
This video was easy to understand. I didn't even have to think about it.
shakaib khan
shakaib khan 18 dagar sedan
Boss: Why are you procrastinating? Me: Drew is on sick leave all day everyday
Serai Resana
Serai Resana 18 dagar sedan
This video reminded me of the book, "Thinking Fast and slow ". Does anyone else read that book?
Social Cash
Social Cash 18 dagar sedan
So you're saying watching SVfrom isn't going to make me smarter...
John McGill
John McGill 18 dagar sedan
I actually teach this on a human factors course at my hospital. This part of the course is really fun!
Jast Mauro
Jast Mauro 19 dagar sedan
DISCLAIMER : This video is not for Gun, it's for Drew.
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 19 dagar sedan
Um... As a person who drives professionally as directed by a GPS, I've learned all kinds of weird little neighborhoods and how they connect. I don't need the GPS to go between the places I've learned that way.
shivam jalotra
shivam jalotra 19 dagar sedan
Lets get Drew to work the fudge out.
Andratos95 19 dagar sedan
I think my problem with college is that my Gun is retarded and Drew is too slow
Mark Duff
Mark Duff 19 dagar sedan
who else heard the click at 11:37
Niall Russell
Niall Russell 20 dagar sedan
I remember one of my housemates at Uni asking me "How does the Moon hang there?".. UK school system isn't that bad, but how did someone not engage their brain or curiosity, to get to Uni age! 🤣
Khatharr Malkavian
Khatharr Malkavian 19 dagar sedan
A better question is how did such a person qualify to enter a university.
Orobosa Igbinovia
Orobosa Igbinovia 20 dagar sedan
Explain why we make mistake when doing something we’re familiar with
Cornelia Riasdita
Cornelia Riasdita 20 dagar sedan
I just realized something.... 0:00 kerbal music in VAB 😆 I love it
TESPEZ 20 dagar sedan
this video is all an ad about "un" the insurance company
Hariprasad Ranganathan
Hariprasad Ranganathan 20 dagar sedan
Thinking fast and slow
Caveman 21 dag sedan
1:01 when he started sobering up from that joint.
Jotaro Part 4
Jotaro Part 4 21 dag sedan
this is why non-procrastinators don't exist
Anchovy Bushwack
Anchovy Bushwack 21 dag sedan
2:42-2:51 Actually, I thought it said THE CHT until it was said otherwise.. XD
MrTheclevercat 21 dag sedan
To some people this might seem like quite an insight but there is so much more if you keep opening the door. This is a very non-controversial intro into intelligence testing and psychometrics and it would take a video like this for each concept for the average person to get any real idea of what is being talked about or tested. I hope one day the internet is more educational than interesting. Good video!
aomimezura11 21 dag sedan
Why do they confuse people by giving names to things instead of calling them what they are? This is like Minute Physics and cats 😩 I didn't catch what's different between Drew and Gun so I'm completely lost unless I go back to the start.
dheeraj mittal
dheeraj mittal 22 dagar sedan
This video actually hurt me...yeah..but come on... It's ok
RavensHater 22 dagar sedan
Wait a minute...was this the explanation behind methods used in Blade Runner?
EveryTimeV2 22 dagar sedan
Basically torture people into getting it right.
ananomys ananomys
ananomys ananomys 22 dagar sedan
Imagine your brains two main functions switched roles. You could instantly solve 264×936 but it would take 5 seconds to pick up a pen
Radioactive Giraffe
Radioactive Giraffe 22 dagar sedan
9:23 w-was that ksp music??
asim suwal
asim suwal 22 dagar sedan
Thanks for this very nice video
moris preciosa
moris preciosa 22 dagar sedan
Is that what really speeds up time as you get older? You're getting used to everything around you
Nuno Vicente
Nuno Vicente 22 dagar sedan
I love thinking, it's my favorite hobby
Arinjay Bhattacharya
Arinjay Bhattacharya 22 dagar sedan
Its because of games, politics, acting
Cedric Kato
Cedric Kato 22 dagar sedan
At 6:24, it was easier when I said it out loud
Dr Abhishek Tiwari
Dr Abhishek Tiwari 23 dagar sedan
This is a nice synopsis of the book by Nobel Laurate Daniel Kahnman's 'Thinking Fast and Slow' . Very descriptive presentation, however, a question: the video you have made with animations make the job less involvement of System-2 but should not that result in less learning because you are decreasing the effort of viewers by making it easier to understand?
Tomas Barcos
Tomas Barcos 23 dagar sedan
its hard to go out of a room with lights on and switch to turn them on, i mean are u stupid? lol
Anshuman Sinha
Anshuman Sinha 23 dagar sedan
I read Tae Cat. My Gun sucks. :(
bunny boy
bunny boy 23 dagar sedan
our brain works so much similar to programming language
Felix Merz
Felix Merz 23 dagar sedan
Will I be less tired all the time if I stopped engaging in thinking throughout most of the day? I'm usually either writing, programming, modeling or drawing, usually with something in need of attention running on the side so I can educate myself on politics, biology, physics or just for the fun like this. But, I am TIRED everyday all day. Is that related?
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