The Real Moral Dilemma of Self-Driving Cars

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3 år sedan

We talk about all the potentially challenging situations autonomous cars could get into but not about how human drivers are not very good. Tens of thousands die on the roads every year in collisions, most of which could be prevented by autonomous vehicles.
Sponsored by BMW
I wanted to make a video about autonomous cars for some time but I hadn't had the opportunity. The self-driving technology is already at a state where it can save lives if only it were more widely implemented.
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BBC Newsnight:
Music from "Ambient Electronic Groove," "Pet Animals 2," "The Long Ride."
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Edited by Trevor Carlee

MyChico333 3 år sedan
People don't care about being safe, people care about feeling safe. Humans are morons by nature
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow 22 dagar sedan
@Matt H The problem with that comment, is that if you look at world rankings of gun deaths, the US ranks 9th worst for all deaths and 18th worst for homicides. Its high ranking peers are south africa, and a range of countries in south america. Nowhere else in the Western world, where guns are tightly controlled, comes close to the incidence seen in the USA. There are nuances to the picture: those homicides are, for instance, hugely skewed in the USA to one ethnic demographic, but none the less, as a general idea, fewer guns equates to fewer gun deaths. Read all about it here:
Julian Mele
Julian Mele 22 dagar sedan
This video does not consider the serious concerns on cyber security. Autonomous driving cars can be attacked just like computers. But cars, differently from elevators and airplanes, are everywhere and anyone can drive them. That's why so delicate topic: imagine having a malware that suddenly takes control of your car while you are driving on a highway... Self driving cars require much more work than what is yet achieved.
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow Månad sedan
So true, MyChico. By and large, people have trouble distinguishing between reality, and their perception of reality.
president trump
president trump Månad sedan
@rdizzy1 almost all car accidents are survivable. likelihood*lethality.
StsFiveOneLima 2 månader sedan
If I ever ride / operate an autonomous car, its ethical algorithm must - MUST - boil down to: Preserve occupants lives first. No other outcome is acceptable.
Windows Vista
Windows Vista 7 dagar sedan
An automated car must understand that I has to take the hit and not swerve into others cars to dodge somthing. Car in front of you breaks hard -> you had safe distance you can break too. Things fall of a car in front of you -> happens very very rarely and if it does you can often take the hit safely. Also, don't stay behind a car that might lose load, this is just as stupid as driving in the blind spot of a truck.
Chris Ross
Chris Ross 11 dagar sedan
Only a couple years later and this vid seems aged
Damian Green
Damian Green 23 dagar sedan
Autonomous cars should be the goal, but also, we need to put a lot of focus on reliability and repair of new technology, or older cars will always end up being manually driven...
anshul suri
anshul suri 24 dagar sedan
You gave an example of US being Australian yourself, which gives a hint of your target audience.
ThePilotGear 26 dagar sedan
I think many, myself included, don't want someone (or something) driving for us because they actually enjoy the driving experience. I suppose we'd need to ask ourselves if giving us this freedom is worth the deaths. Quick answer : no. Long answer : there needs to be a bridge between autonomous and non-autonomous cars. I'm willing to bet that more and more deaths are coming from impairment (be it distractions from cellphones or substances). Those instances would likely be avoided had the impaired driver been driven by their car during those times. I'm also willing to bet that when the driver is most implicated in the driving experience, the least number of accidents happen.
Yarnosh 28 dagar sedan
Putting self driving cars on the road isn't just a decision one makes and BAM, it's done. For one thing, it's pretty expensive. Also, figure most cars bought today will be on the road for 20+ years. And retrofitting cars is even more expensive than getting it factory installed. I personally am always at least 10 years behind on new cars. Andd even then, I still have not owned a car with so much as a backup camera or bluetooth. Self-driving cars is a luxury item, not a standard feature.
datsunpolo Månad sedan
Why ? because insurance companies need a responsible in an accident, i think you should talk to actual car industry people, every breakthrough tech in car safety was first blocked by insurances, or cost , and worst of all , legislation ...
Kykk Månad sedan
I'm not an opponent of self-driving cars, but the US has 30x the population of my country but almost 200x the traffic fatalities. Perhaps some more regulations, better education and raising the minimum age to 18 is one place to start? Better public communications might be the next step. At some point the US is gonna run out of space to build new highways and express lanes.
Jesse2020 Månad sedan
I completely agree with the video about us losing more lives to driving without autonomous, so it should accelerate. I think part of the hesitation has to do with even a smaller number of deaths, the responsibility of it. And if you have control over it or give up control to someone/something/software with a but this release. The planes are a good analogy. But they have 2 backups, with an amount of response time to correct course before either crashing into something or before hitting the floor. Dispite all this, we should move quickly in that direction. This video is a few years old, and we may already be there. Driving regulation and law of responsibilities, also has to catch up.
Christian Lacdael - Poetry
Christian Lacdael - Poetry Månad sedan
Do driverless Trains and Trams, first. I can't see a community accepting driverless cars overnight. 3 points: 1. The rise of gov. use of drones and robots will lead to more RF jamming technologies used by civilians, which will affect driverless cars. 2. Driverless cars cannot be private property on mass as ~ 0.001% will have the knowledge to maintain them. 3. Certain websites will host tools to hack them.
cyril Månad sedan
Well if we all switch to autonomous cars it will mean we have to produce millions of cars and pollute a lot which will probably result in more death on long term..
president trump
president trump Månad sedan
totally side stepped the most important facet. until i can be guaranteed with ontological certitude, the care will value, cherish, preserve and protect my life above all others... I will drive myself. My next car is a 1989 resto-mod. No nannies - thank you.
SpiderCenturion Månad sedan
I can't wait for self-driving cars. The faster they get here, the safer we will all be.
No Way
No Way Månad sedan
A Human driver is happy making the decision to put a bystander at risk, to mitigate their own risk. A selfish survival strategy works because it invalidates all competing survival strategies. An AI driver has to be perfectly altruistic. It has to do the best it can without putting cars near it at any more than the absolute minimum of risk. It cannot choose to swerve. A selfish strategy only works for the individual, but an AI cannot be written to only consider one person.
Wolf Elkan
Wolf Elkan 2 månader sedan
We're in the weird zone where autonomous vehicles aren't perfectly safe, but they are safer than human-driven cars. Not to mention the fact that their safety weaknesses are different from humans. So while there are vastly more situations where an AI will make the right choice and a human will make the wrong one, there are still some situations where a human will make the right choice, and the AI will make the wrong one. (When I say "right" and "wrong" in this context, I'm talking about objective safety considerations, not ethical ones.) So you have a situation where a car in autonomous mode crashed into the side of a truck, because the camera didn't realize it was a truck. A human would probably have realized the danger, but the AI did not. Why was the AI allowed on the road when it was still capable of making this mistake? Because the manufacturers rightly saw that *not* putting it on the road would result in *more* fatalities.
Eugene Clark
Eugene Clark 2 månader sedan
Self driving cars would be the next motel room for sex. Having sex on the back seat while the car is in selfriving mode
Eugene Clark
Eugene Clark 2 månader sedan
There are thing only humans can do. Self driving car is stupid. So scary to ride. Cant imagine myself sleeping while the car is driving for me for 100 kilometers or even less. Focus more on technologies that would save our environment. Cars that produce no pollution
Tobias Fischer
Tobias Fischer 2 månader sedan
Hey Derek, just curious, what's your source for "airplanes flying in full autonomous mode are actually safer - studies show - than when pilots take control" at 2:55?
sobreaver 2 månader sedan
True, the moral and ethic of the question versus the current observations (a lot of injuries/fatalities) is quite enormous, severe and tricky in so many ways. Such responsibility is dangerous to either ends. Autonomous system would be much susceptible/easier to fail to hacks or be duped by an uncalculated outcome or electromechanic failures/EMP or programing limits (although, seems airplanes are already with the program, they are also much more limited in their access, not anyone gets in those cockpits or anywhere around the plane to mess with its components whereas if I own the car, I have all the leisure to 'mess' around with it). It would also be giving us less and less driving experience when the time would come to intervine. It would put most of the responsibility on the car developers which would be ultimately limited by budget and exact mechanical/electronical proper function of the system. It would require failsafe procedures. Could kids be possibly driven by those and then suddenly 'take over' as an 'intervention' procedure ?! What would be the possible ground of guaranty for such vehicles ? From the vendors/producers ? And how in the hell are insurance companies to make money after that !!! XDD Most likely the biggest reason why it is not implemented yet ;) Just kidding
Manchu Ratt
Manchu Ratt 2 månader sedan
It might help save the lives of complete idiots and the folks they would crash into, but it will induce unwarranted risk to safe drivers. Why should someone, whose risk is < 1% due to safe driving, be forced to drive an AV, where doing so would increase their risk above 7%?
Farouk 2 månader sedan
There are few reasons why this technologie didn't get implemented in nowdays vehicules, self driving cars that are using a computing chip are vulnerable to viruses and malware which can cause many casualities if someone is willing to pay enough money for the hackers to exploit such computers, and also the responsability will shift into the companies selling these cars. an other reason in my opinion is that if you think of it from the perspective of modern companies, it actually reduce the profits of the companies instead of raising it, because these companies sells millions of car parts into their consumers when accidents happens, without mentioning dozens of markets based on car crashes that are gonna vanish when accidents becomes rare. companies doesn't really care if more/less people die, they only invest in things that increase their revenue and stock price.
Raghavendran T B
Raghavendran T B 3 månader sedan
Is this a promotion for self driving cars ?
Dave da Silva
Dave da Silva 3 månader sedan
Those moral dilemmas are contrived nonsense "does it swerve left or right"¿ Neither... Never swerve. Brake. Braking reduces the energy in the collision and therefore is the safest thing to do. That's why you get taught "emergency stops" in your driving lessons and not "how to swerve like a lunatic". When I bring this up to people they tend to say "sometimes you need to swerve" yes... Sometimes HUMANS need to swerve. They cannot brake quick enough. They cannot plan well enough. They do not have the attention span. They have reflexes that make them automatically move themselves out of danger. We have an entire species of terrible drivers asking if a theoretically perfect driver would do what they would do, but those two things aren't the only options and the moral quandary only arises because of those two bad choices... But the computer doesn't need to consider arbitrary moral nonsense because braking quickly and safely is nearly always the best solution. This is Dunning Kruger effect in action, cos we are, by definition, worse drivers than the proposed AI driver. But we are trying to judge that driver based on our flawed assessment of s situation.
DJ Official Super Music Top #1
DJ Official Super Music Top #1 3 månader sedan
undefined behavior
DJ Official Super Music Top #1
DJ Official Super Music Top #1 3 månader sedan
if you can't avoid a crash I think the only fair option is to hit both
gguybr 4 månader sedan
You'r "self driving" a car and out of a sudden you hear: "something went wrong, please try again" :P
vishrut rajawat
vishrut rajawat 4 månader sedan
i want it that way
EggyRepublic 5 månader sedan
How do you tell if a BMW is in autonomous mode? It's using turn signals.
David Fellner
David Fellner 5 månader sedan
As long as people who have never caused a crash are still allowed to drive their own car, I'm all for this. I think if you cause a crash through negligence or recklessness, or do something that *could* have caused a crash but somebody else acted to avoid hitting you, then being forced into an autonomous car is a logical thing to do.
Shantanu Thakare
Shantanu Thakare 5 månader sedan
"Hey wanna drive our self driving BMW?"
Shubham Lale
Shubham Lale 5 månader sedan
2:55 sully sullenberger disapprove this
Grig360 6 månader sedan
(2:55) Completely false. Pilots (Including me) know what we are doing, and love our jobs. It will never happen, or after a long long time, will aircraft be autonomous. We Aviators want to fly more and more everyday. If we crash, well, we crash. I absolutely hate the word "Human Error". If we die flying as a pilot, we will at least be dying in something we LOVE to do. I have no interest in ANY technology the world has to offer. I'm a full manual person, I love everything manually operated! I wish I was born in the 50's.
Deine P
Deine P 6 månader sedan
I think if everyone has autonomous cars then the problem will be gone
AbcXyz 6 månader sedan
Clyde Johnson
Clyde Johnson 7 månader sedan
Don't forget drunk drivers you idiots
Clyde Johnson
Clyde Johnson 7 månader sedan
Sounds like Russian Roulette
danawen 555
danawen 555 7 månader sedan
0:25 we use this technology in the elevator in China, so no one have to touch the real button to get the seems to be where this technology really necessary to be used........hahahaha extually this it how the technology should be used
jopal jopal
jopal jopal 8 månader sedan
once the tech can drive large trucks in downtown high traffic situations and more cars are automated,insurance will be what takes away driving from humans.
Bertolt Bricht
Bertolt Bricht 8 månader sedan
I would question the whole concept of cars these days. I think the main reason why so many people have accidents is because so many people rely on individual transportation (basiacally fast, dirty horse wagons, including electric cars). Isn't that a dangerous, inefficient and unsustainable way to move? Why aren't we getting autonomous cars on the road faster? - Why aren't we coming up with a real modern concept?
Srsly Sylli
Srsly Sylli 8 månader sedan
When autonomous cars become ubiquitous, there won't be a need for ethical decision making. All the cars on the road will have their entire route calculated and programmed from start to finish and be part of a larger traffic logistics software, making accidents virtually a thing of the past except for perhaps things like a blowout that causes a car to careen out of control. edit: But I hear you ask, "what about pedestrians that walking in the middle of the road at night?" Don't be walking in the middle of the road.
שקד בר אוריון
שקד בר אוריון 8 månader sedan
They wont be on the roads soon beacuse it is a great way for population control wich kills mostly bad drivers
Kshitij Aphale
Kshitij Aphale 9 månader sedan
I think a valid solution to the drive left or right dilemma could be as follows: 1- Prematurely display a message on the back of the car for the car behind you to realize the danger. 2- Activate air bags and all the safety stuff. 3- Just take the impact, it would be the most ethical to take the impact rather than drive left or right which could potentially ruin someone else (The premature indication on the back of the car will enable the car behind you to do all of this too)
Georgia Rosenlund
Georgia Rosenlund 9 månader sedan
A touchless touchscreen seems like the worst idea ever. I can just imagine that going wrong in a million ways, like while you're driving something intercepts the censor, or if it breaks somehow.
tonyrox5 9 månader sedan
a smart car shouldn’t have to choose between say an old lady and a young child because if it sin that situation, it should just hit the brakes, and it shouldn’t get in that situation in the first place.
JaeSchmidt 9 månader sedan
Self-driving cars will come and there’s no way of stopping that. It’s just the rational thing to happen since they’re so much better drivers than practically any human is. What makes me really sad is that manually driving cars or riding motorcycles will be illegal sooner or later, for safety reasons. I love driving, it really helps me when I’m depressed...
victor promiseviz
victor promiseviz 10 månader sedan
no explanation or evidence if its better or not,bad video
Thomas Kist
Thomas Kist 10 månader sedan
The real problem with self driving cars is they used supervised learning. They can’t handle the unexpected.
Jim A
Jim A 10 månader sedan
All they can say to justify self driving cars is saving lives. The truth is it’s business. All of it is about $. Saving lives is a step below then $.
briandodocool 10 månader sedan
What moral dilema just stop? lol i mean if theres a sidewalk and he has to drive but theres humans just stop if theres a dilema where the danger is to swerve right or left just stop i mean even if you got someone behind you we will still be more correct since he doesnt cause damage but the danger causes damage
Andy Robertson
Andy Robertson 11 månader sedan
Let's not forget the huge vested interests in selling these vehicles. VW lied deliberately about their emissions and you're going to trust their research into autonomous vehicles?
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 11 månader sedan
I got an ad for veritasium on this video??????
tmengucor 11 månader sedan
Dislike if you are a taxi driver.
Nevan Lowe
Nevan Lowe 11 månader sedan
I completely agree with this. Even if the car made the worst possible decision in every single one of these scenarios, it would still be better than the status quo just because those scenarios will happen much less often than when humans are driving. There is one ethical scenario which I think is important and that is whether the self-driving car should prioritize the life of its driver vs the life of pedestrians, and the reason this one is important is because of the incentives it creates. My view here is that an individual should be incentivized to get a self-driving car as soon as possible, and with that in mind the self-driving car should prioritize the life of its owner/passengers. This means that any individual is better off with one than without even if no one else has one, and then when everyone has a self-driving car everyone else benefits even more. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, but even each individual part is good for each individual. By contrast, if the car is designed to weigh the driver's life against the life of outsiders, while perhaps the overall benefits for everyone having a self-driving car is greater, it creates a prisoner's dilemma type scenario where for any individual, they may be better off or at least feel better off relying on their own judgement knowing that they're never going to sacrifice themself for the greater good. This creates a disincentive towards the adoption of self-driving cars.
Shimakee Makenza
Shimakee Makenza 11 månader sedan
so if accidents do happen, who will be responsible?... the driver, the manufacturer, or the developer?...
Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan 11 månader sedan
vitor diniz
vitor diniz 11 månader sedan
totally agree!
ricardo ramirez
ricardo ramirez 11 månader sedan
This is funny for people from 2019 because of tesla.
Michele Mustafa
Michele Mustafa 11 månader sedan
Vincent Xu
Vincent Xu 11 månader sedan
What about the "Ultimate Driving Experience", BMW? :v
Mark Kmiecik
Mark Kmiecik 11 månader sedan
If I own a fully autonomous vehicle I will no longer need to purchase liability insurance because the vehicle manufacturer or the other driver/vehicle will be at fault in an accident, right?
David Ruiz
David Ruiz År sedan
Interesting point but nothing was actually discussed regarding "the real dilemma".
nutsackmania År sedan
Thanks for telling me it's a moral imperative to take away my favorite thing besides sex, which is driving.
manumaster1990 År sedan
Brian Abraham
Brian Abraham År sedan
I do agree with you on this topic generally; but it's hard to take an opinion serious if having the oposite opinion wouldn't have been an option due to payed advertisement...
Blu Crystl
Blu Crystl År sedan
No brainer , autonomous vehicle could probably drive safer than 95% of drunk drivers. Well designed autonomous vehicle would not allow a drunk human to take over. It as a legal system dominated by socially adept psychopaths that has allowed so many people with drunk driving records to get behind the wheel of a vehicle .... *again* ....
saundersge2 År sedan
The answer is: self-driving cars are not safe enough yet. -When a self-driving car can drive safely, and legally, from Barrow, Alaska to Times Square, Manhattan, in mid-February handling all of these conditions: -Snow storms, black ice, back roads with no lane markings + mud on the road, snow-covered roads where lane markings are obscured, night driving while dazzled by high-beams from oncoming vehicles, heavy rain at night, driving into the dazzling sunset, school busses picking up children on a wide road, construction zones, an ambulance or fire engine trying to pass through a congested intersection at rush hour, any other occasion (say, at the scene of an accident) where traffic is moving in an atypical flow under police direction, intersections during a power cut when the traffic lights aren’t working, merging into traffic circles (roundabouts), cyclists, slow-moving tractors and Amish buggies, and of course, the pedestrian-dense, busy streets of any city like New York. -All these conditions a competent human driver is expected to handle safely. When will the software be able to handle all these ‘normal’ driving situations as safely as humans do?
david jones
david jones År sedan
don't forget stopping for gas and taking a leak
Steve Strickland
Steve Strickland År sedan
i will never get one.... and i dont fly ether but not for the same reasons
mjgarrett9885ify År sedan
The real reason why self driving cars isn't going to work . Insurance companies , accidents law suit , responsibility . The owervor maker or the program designers or thr microchip manufacturer . Who is responsible . The driver didn't cause it but his decision to use it did . Was the chip installed properly . Was therea defect in it or the materials used . How much money is insurance companies going to lose if the people don't need insurance because they are not the driver and don't need to pay for insurance ? We know it's all about money !
Jijo Koshy KS JIjo
Jijo Koshy KS JIjo År sedan
just make sure that if a human wants to drive, then he/she can drive.. if the human don't want to drive and he/she needs to get somewhere.. then let the car do it.. that's all.. in my opinion stupid drivers that causes accidents are 95% of people who hates driving... or they'll be driving becoz they got no choice...
Chateau Mama
Chateau Mama År sedan
Or we could, I dunno...use public transit.
Paramvir Singh
Paramvir Singh År sedan
Why not make the car so what the driver would have done when the truck was in front. One would usually go towards the motorcycle, so why not make the car do that?
david jones
david jones År sedan
why would"one would usually go towards the motorcycle"?
I am legally blind and unable to drive. I Used to and I miss it but I think this is one step closer to solving the independence issues that many disabled people like myself have.
Adventures with Frodo
Adventures with Frodo År sedan
Brought to you by the same people that rigged the computers in VW to falsify emissions.
Rico Chet
Rico Chet År sedan
You compare Planes with cars? you know why Helicopters arent fully autonome flying? would be saver... right. but no it wouldnd. on planes it issnt that difficult... cause there have planty room for reactions. but cars...dont. thats the reason...the time you have to correct your Autopiloting Inputs,.
David Tal
David Tal År sedan
there's really not much of a moral dilema. if a crash is unaviodable, dont involve anybody else. keep the numbers invulved as minimul as possible, even if that means more harm is likely to come to whomever's in the vehicle's in the unaviodable incident.
Justin La Plante
Justin La Plante År sedan
WHY? Because as it turns out they arent safer than human drivers and they have already killed far to many people vs the number in operation.
William Cox
William Cox År sedan
What happens if THREE cars in a bunch-up choose the motorcycle? Is that digital conspiracy?
anargya ramadhan
anargya ramadhan År sedan
But if autopilot is getting better in the future, are we still need a license
SwissPL År sedan
Sounds good to me, let's launch them and give us more youtube time.
charles sue-wah-sing
charles sue-wah-sing År sedan
We created the technology leading to distracted driving. The solution is to embed more technology into cars that would encourage more distracted driving. Makes sense!!
Alex År sedan
Tesla Autopilot is better tho .
Alex År sedan
@YeetMyMeat Yes
YeetMyMeat År sedan
Connor Dunn
Connor Dunn År sedan
The real problem is when we remove all forms of natural selection and every time you try to do something there's some fat person in the way. WALL-E, here we come!
Tyler Unertl
Tyler Unertl År sedan
That study about planes is only when everything goes right. Automation crashed the 737max
Victor Estrada
Victor Estrada År sedan
Top comment nailed it, but it also reminds me of when people are driving vs when they're riding. Even if the driver is a better driver than them, they still feel safer when driving than when riding
Wouter Van Bruchem
Wouter Van Bruchem År sedan
I think that self driving cars are a little too vulnerable to hacking. Just think of it. Thousands of cars driving on a highway, that are all suddenly told to turn to the right.
Anton P
Anton P År sedan
Well the reason is that the ai is incredibly hard to develop. Autonomous vehicles would be perfect if they replaced all vehicles on the road at the same time, but as you mentioned, driver error and reckless driving happens a lot, making it incredibly hard to predict what to do. In common situations such as someone changing lanes without a turn signal and cutting people off, it's really hard for an ai to safely manuever the situation.
Andrew Ritts
Andrew Ritts År sedan
I think the issue really is a moral issue. The question is when there is an accident who is at fault? The idea that self driving cars are more safe is really yet to be known.
iykyk År sedan
Tesla : am i a joke to you?
Karl Parato
Karl Parato År sedan
Still lots of problems with self driving cars in winter. Still know lots of individuals were the car freaks out and just stops in the winter because it can't interpret it's environment and road conditions correctly.
Youtube person
Youtube person År sedan
He dismisses the initial argument too quickly. Who is going to let a car drive them if it might prioritize other lives over theirs?
Aniket Bohra
Aniket Bohra År sedan
The car could do a sudden brake and go either direction depending upon traffic.
Thundershock År sedan
Well, IMO, if all cars are autonomous in these challenging situations they should communicate with each other to orchestrate the best approach to the problem which would be a lot better than individual humans taking decisions at random. "Human drivers are not very good". The fact that people have the desire to move freely at high speeds is childish and irresponsible but it makes money so we just ignore the fact that is stupid.
Chakshu Chauhan
Chakshu Chauhan År sedan
More autonomous cars less jobs stupid
DerParadonym År sedan
Imagine an airplane flying hundreds of passengers autonomously without any pilot on board... welcome to - sooner than you might think...
Heidi Sund
Heidi Sund År sedan
As much as I hate to admit it, self-driving cars are taking over, like Volvo, BMW, Tesla and Renault. But if a car drives it self, it is NOT a car anymore. You know... level 4 Renault autonomus car DOES have a steering wheel, but you can sleep all the ride while the car drives EXACTLY to the place you wanted it to drive. Level 5 might not have even a steering wheel or pedals. Level 6 might not even have a windscreen, witch I think is a stupid idea. I mean... if Karl Benz (the guy who made the first car) was still alive to this day, he would be shocked to a death a long time ago, because of the idiots who desinged radios for the cars in the 50's and cruise-control systems in the 90's and the reversing cameras (or detectors) in the 2010's and now in the 2020's we have the autonomus cars. Phew, this comment is too long already.
pepelapiu2004 År sedan
Once cars are a great deal safer, they can be made a lot lighter with no need for a solid heavy cage around you and crumple zones. I predict much lighter self driving cars made of plastic and electric powered.
Gerald Arcuri
Gerald Arcuri År sedan
Citing statistics does not amount to making a case. Implementing the use of autonomous cars has way more problems than this glossy video implies. The moral case of fewer deaths is a speculative myth.
Michael&Jello År sedan
What if your death as the driver of the automated car is the least deaths in an accident and you try to take over but the car doesn’t let you and proceeds to kill you
The Randomers
The Randomers År sedan
Look at a Tesla...
sweiland75 År sedan
"But what I really want to try is not driving" Buy a Tesla.
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