The Most Mysterious Place On Earth? | Random Thursday

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Joe Scott

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The Bermuda Triangle has held our collective attention for decades. This area of the ocean is blamed for countless missing ships and planes, spawning theories as wide-ranging as time/space vortexes, methane bubbles, the City of Atlantis, and, of course, aliens.
But is there a rational explanation for all the weird phenomena reported in the Bermuda Triangle, or is it more of a pop culture phenomenon? Let's take a look.

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Lemmino did a great video about the Bermuda Triangle:
Lemmino video:

Noah Ziegler
Noah Ziegler 10 timmar sedan
Every video he says woo woo is funny because it was a street term by gang Bangers in the 90s and 2000 and in another life I've had a gun pulled on me by somebody trying to sell me some woo. You calling my s*** woo dog? Good Times.
Tina Woodworth
Tina Woodworth Dag sedan
He's a Ghostbusters fan! "Cats and dogs living together! Mass hysteria!" ~Bill Murray
Pyrric Loser
Pyrric Loser 2 dagar sedan
Tell them about the twinkie, Joe!
Onfroi 2 dagar sedan
Another one, Cuban Revolutionary Camilo Cienfuegos disappeared while flying his cessna in the straits of florida (close enough to bermuda triangle)
Cyn Hanrahan
Cyn Hanrahan 2 dagar sedan
I always blamed weather for the supposed anomaly, but I'm from Galveston and believe weather is evil and people are stupid.
AKMguy 2 dagar sedan
The Gulf Stream??? don't know or don't realize that the Gulf Stream actually has STOPPED AS OF ABOUT 2 YRS AGO???!!!!!??? Ya' might want to put just a little more effort into researching things that you are going to put into your videos!!!
Ω athanasia
Ω athanasia 3 dagar sedan
I've heard Taylor had a fever that morning, but decided to go anyway. They shouldve known they came from the west so return to the west. Just goes to show following a man that you know is wrong, but do it out of fear of authority anyway, will end badly. No one had the will to stand up to him even though he was obviously not right in the head. A good lesson for today.
Peter Nguyen
Peter Nguyen 3 dagar sedan
Did I just want to punch you str8 in the eyes. Stop looking down on your notes. Bring it up higher.
Icarus Binns
Icarus Binns 3 dagar sedan
Almost shocked that the most famous ghostly ship wasn’t mentioned... Flying Dutchman, anyone?
Ming On Mongo
Ming On Mongo 4 dagar sedan
The 'Triangle' is also deceptively 'yuge', and one moment you're cruising near the apparent 'familiarity' of Miami, the Keys, and dozens of nearby Caribbean islands. But as soon as they disappear over the horizon, you can quickly find yourself surrounded by hundreds of miles of deep water, relying only on your 'instruments', w/o a single 'reference' in sight.
Petra B.
Petra B. 4 dagar sedan
If this is about storms, why would a ship show up at port, intact, and without the crew? Who would abandon a ship that was seaworthy in a hurricane??
WINSTONIAN 4 dagar sedan
This was roundly debunked in James Randi’s book Flim Flam.
Vicki Ivins
Vicki Ivins 5 dagar sedan
I’ve read the Berlitz book when I was a teen. I’m still interested in the ‘mysteries” I was interested in then. Next watch is Mary Celeste...
Arix Nevin
Arix Nevin 5 dagar sedan
The aircraft flying in warmer air would have been doing so to avoid ice buildup on the airframe. As much as it's near the equator, humid air at +4c is perfect conditions for icing. So that actually also makes a lot of sense as to what could have happened in the particular situation.
3dagalathor 5 dagar sedan
"a flame of fire", you say. well thats just crazy talk, utter nonsense.
Richard Duerr
Richard Duerr 6 dagar sedan
Great video, but you failed to point out the dangerous shoals that populate the area as well. Coral reefs just below the surface have proven deadly in that area for hundreds of years.
yo MyButtHurtzzz
yo MyButtHurtzzz 7 dagar sedan
They say the devil's triangle near Japan is way crazier and has much more incidents recorded......i dunno tho I just watch alot of videos lol
purnapratima 7 dagar sedan
One of the oldest parts in Vienna, Austria's city centre is called Bermuda Triangle. There are quite a few bars there, and people get lost, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Just sayin'.
Lee Bee
Lee Bee 7 dagar sedan
I too grew up ever more spooked out by the myth-like tales of the Bermuda Triangle!!.. However, hearing Barry Manilow singing 'Bermuda Triangle' is enough to put off any interest ANYONE ever had in the place!!! (Bet it couldn't 'vanish' his nose, lol!!)...
Menachem Salomon
Menachem Salomon 8 dagar sedan
The sailors' legend about a place where compasses don't work or ships with metal might go down is well over a thousand years old. Such sailor lore was likely part of what the story of the Bermuda Triangle so catchy.
Gus san
Gus san 8 dagar sedan
I for one am all aboard that anti-soviet defense plan
Kevin Hunter
Kevin Hunter 8 dagar sedan
You have someone with a brain of an 8 year old in charge of the military right now
Zachariah Stovall
Zachariah Stovall 8 dagar sedan
I wanna kiss joe
I quote things
I quote things 8 dagar sedan
Joe as a kid was like: Fuckin, comie’s We should drown the lot of um.
易红天 9 dagar sedan
Where Bermuda and Atlantic meet is a halocline. Two distinct densities of water which do not easily mix, just for another variable in case there weren't enough of them.
Caroljo 420
Caroljo 420 9 dagar sedan
It's my understanding that there are huge pockets of methane hydrate (frozen methane) that often thaws, producing bubbles that can sink ships easily. It could probably effect planes as well. Just a thought....
Tyler Shawwaf
Tyler Shawwaf 9 dagar sedan
I was concerned about why a ship from SC was sailing through the triangle, so I was only skeptical of the purpose of you bringing it up, really :P
Leslie Burke
Leslie Burke 9 dagar sedan
Hector Salamanca
Hector Salamanca 9 dagar sedan
I sailed a scooner to the horn of Mexico
James Austin
James Austin 10 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice LT. Charles C. Taylor looks a little like Joe? Past life trauma turned fascination anyone?
Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music
Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music 10 dagar sedan
The song Bermuda Triangle is a reference to female public hair. How do you see Barry Manilow now?
Keith Knows
Keith Knows 10 dagar sedan
It's funny, for years anytime someone would bring up the Bermuda triangle, with just a few sentences about shipping traffic densities, and accident statistics, I would essentially solve the "mystery" for them _without_ contention.
Gerald Wagner
Gerald Wagner 11 dagar sedan
I hear the Bermuda Triangle is packed with missing socks, car keys, punch lines, screws, warrantees and the missing link.
Ronny Cook
Ronny Cook 11 dagar sedan
What you don't mention is all the fresh water that falls from the sky in the Bermuda Triangle and JUST VANISHES. All that valuable fresh water... disappearing, never to be seen again, into the boundless ocean. (OK, yes, it's a stupid comment, but the Bermuda Triangle is a stupid thing.)
Brett Williams
Brett Williams 12 dagar sedan
Dam joe you just crushed me..
Mike Aninger
Mike Aninger 12 dagar sedan
Hope Bill Murray doesn’t send him a cease and desist.
Ted L
Ted L 13 dagar sedan
But the star Tiger didn’t even enter the Bermuda Triangle. It was heading towards a corner of the Bermuda Triangle never reached it according to where it’s flight path would be
A Shade of Gray
A Shade of Gray 14 dagar sedan
Buy Felicia, I had to go back to make sure that's what he said then back again to show my wife. That's the finest shit of ever heard this white guy say.
Andrew Konopka
Andrew Konopka 14 dagar sedan
what is the land equivalent of the Bermuda triangle ? where cars and planes vanish ?
Dread Pirate
Dread Pirate 14 dagar sedan
How did this guy do an episode without mentioning "climate change." 🤔
Cesar Luis Baca
Cesar Luis Baca 15 dagar sedan
Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria! Love it
Abhishek Gourav
Abhishek Gourav 15 dagar sedan
Sooo...pack ur bags boiss...we are going to the Burmuda Triangle 10days later: Bermuda Triangle: You dare cross me?? Me: Sorry Uncle..
tom lorenzen
tom lorenzen 16 dagar sedan
What about the U.S.S. Minnow?
lxr 16 dagar sedan
“Ships & planes!?” 😹
demizer1968 16 dagar sedan
They found at least one of the flight 19 planes while recovering Challenger debri
AllThe BestFreaksAreHere
AllThe BestFreaksAreHere 16 dagar sedan
The most mysterious place on earth is my GFs bedroom, virtually nothing happens in there... its spooky.
DoItMyself 16 dagar sedan
I had that Bermuda Triangle game as a kid! That "storm" had magnets that would pick up your pieces if it got too close.
mshane86 17 dagar sedan
Cool video, do the Sierra Nevada Triangle next
Andy 17 dagar sedan
Don't forget Bermuda shorts
aron waggoner
aron waggoner 17 dagar sedan
Fish food
aron waggoner
aron waggoner 17 dagar sedan
...ghost ship scenarios intrigue me...a person goes mad...calculates the murder of everyone on board...plays it off like they all jumped ship...and then when there is no one left to murder..murders himself..solved
secretsquirrel726 17 dagar sedan
Joe Scott, talking about something, Barry Manalo sourcing. Let's discuss it for a minute seriously, since Joe is talking about it. There might be a good reason for this, and I will discuss it now. Poles exist for different types of physical phenomena, and in Bermuda, a pole exists that sometimes touches the water, but mostly exists in the air. The other end of this pole is mostly along the Canadian border, and eventually phenomena will also exist there. It causes a disassociation, and magnetic problems. During storms, there is a broader phenomena regarding this over the greater US, and it is sometimes called "liquid luck" by occultist and new age folk. But it is just another effect of the field. There was a map sold on ebay a few years ago that showed how to navigate it to.. go somewhere else.
secretsquirrel726 17 dagar sedan
But yeah, there should be a lot of socks around there.
Coby Reimer
Coby Reimer 17 dagar sedan
Carrying manganese, an element that explodes when it touches water, on a ship with a broken engine has got to be the sketchiest thing you can do. Pretty much at all. 6:00
Coby Reimer
Coby Reimer 17 dagar sedan
Ship went boom boom
Barry Lucas
Barry Lucas 18 dagar sedan
Oh crap! An eight year old IS in charge of the military!
Milo Ouais
Milo Ouais 19 dagar sedan
Genghis Sean
Genghis Sean 19 dagar sedan
Lol, the Proteus and Nereus are Gallente ships too. o7
Jeffrey Blend
Jeffrey Blend 20 dagar sedan
"Devil's Triangle" or "Satan's Triangle" is a much scarier name than "Bermuda".
Jeffrey Blend
Jeffrey Blend 20 dagar sedan
11:51 Or over the Andes Mountains ("Star Dust")
The Bookkeeper
The Bookkeeper 20 dagar sedan
"Never put 8-year-olds in charge of the military." Umm, Kids Next Door, Ender's Game? Fictional, yes, but what is reality but fiction to a higher being?
OneGreenSeaTurtle 21 dag sedan
The Patriot vanished off the face of the Earth Yes, it probably sank under the surface of the water
christotaku B.
christotaku B. 21 dag sedan
almost 1M!!!
stockholm17 21 dag sedan
1:53 “This is probably why you shouldn’t put 8 year olds in charge of the military.” 🤬.
Bacon 21 dag sedan
It's Aliens. Just sayin. It can always be aliens.
Aquarius61 22 dagar sedan
What about the Minnow??? You know! Gilligan's Island! A 3 Hour Tour to Nowhere... lol We were bombarded with BT lore in the 60's & early 70's
Cosmo Anayiotos
Cosmo Anayiotos 22 dagar sedan
The Mary Celeste did not disappear. It was found abandoned.
karmakazi219 23 dagar sedan
Wait. Scooby-Doo speaks?
Ivor Biggun
Ivor Biggun 24 dagar sedan
There have been suggestions that sabotage may have been the reason for the loss of the two Avro Tudors.
THE LAB 24 dagar sedan
@3:33 Yeah so I just HAD to go check out the Barry Manillow...
Wallrat 24 dagar sedan
@Joe Scott - what do you think about the methane release theory?
3DPDK 24 dagar sedan
An interesting observation; When I was in the U.S. Navy I was assigned to three different ships on the east coast. U.S. military ships rarely travel through the Straights of Miami between Miami and The Bahama Islands (it's considered a "choke point"), so when traveling down into the Caribbean Sea, the ships I was on always navigated down on a course just east of the Bahama Islands staying as close to or out of the western edge of the "triangle" as sea depths would allow. Two of the ships I was on were stationed in Charleston SC. When deployed into the Mediterranean Sea they would run up the coast (about 200 to 500 miles out) to the same latitude as Norfolk, VA before turning east-north-east to cross the Atlantic, taking a course well north of Bermuda. US Navy ships do NOT approach Bermuda from the south. The US Navy does not officially recognize "The Bermuda Triangle" as anything other than an area of statistically higher loss of equipment and personnel, but in my experience, it avoids the area like the plague.
games guitars and gore
games guitars and gore 24 dagar sedan
those that dont believe ancient aliens are blind as hell.its literally our history.primitive man labelled people with technology gods,angels and demons lol.its time for your beloved archaic mistakes to be laid to do this because you are either brainwashed or too much of a coward to admit what you thought was real is not...
games guitars and gore
games guitars and gore 24 dagar sedan
well you trumpers know where your votes are...go grab em!!
Hagar Zouhdi
Hagar Zouhdi 25 dagar sedan
Joe, can you add english subtitles to your videos? I love them, but sometimes there are words I don’t understand quiet well. Thank you for your amazing content. Love from Vienna/Cairo!
sbh1fr 25 dagar sedan
dunno where i read this but i read somewhere that under the permuda triangle sea there was a lot of methane that formed bubbles and made the water somewhat foamy wich made it lose it boyancy and that's why the ships sink there, and maybe when the gaz evaporated in the air made the planes lose altitude cuz of the diffrence in aerodynamics between flying in methane gaz and regular air have you heard this somewhere before ?
Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft
Fusspilzsammler aus Leidenschaft 25 dagar sedan
The most mysterious place on earth is my wife's mind.
executivesteps 25 dagar sedan
The magazine from the early 1960s Argosy was pronounced AR-ga-cee with the accent on the first syllable.
Jules 26 dagar sedan
LMAO Neil Breen laptopkiller
MisterNewOutlook 27 dagar sedan
Dear Joe, could you do a video on the rise and fall Of Erich Von Daniken? Perhaps the greatest pseudo-archaeologist of the 20th century?
otakuman706 27 dagar sedan
The first time I went out on a boat into the area I was kinda... primed to see/hear anything weird, but I was also like 12 and loved those kinds of 'unexplained mysteries' books and whatnot. Didn't last long though, just seemed like every other area in that region I'd been in. After more trips around/through, and even some diving on a couple I really didn't think about it a bit anymore.
GiraffeLoverJen 27 dagar sedan
Many of our 8 year old selves just had our bubbles burst about the BT.
photobobo 28 dagar sedan
An ore carrier with a crew of 309? NO!
Joseph John
Joseph John 28 dagar sedan
but are ships and planes dissapearing without a trace other places in the world? have people gone through worm holes in other places like bruce gernon?
Marty McFly
Marty McFly 29 dagar sedan
To be fair, Giorgio never said it was aliens. All he was saying was that it was aliens
somedeveloperblokey 29 dagar sedan
The most mysterious country on Earth is your country Joe. A country, half of whom still believe in angels?? The only country with a healthcare exploitation system so bad that it bankrupts its citizens?? A country that has the highest incarceration rate in the world? A country that declares weaponry to be suitable for the home? A country that loudly proclaims itself to be the best in the world, without any supporting evidence? A country with the highest murder rate in the world? A country that spies on its own citizens and when you find out about that, you do virtually nothing? A country that actively teaches religious dogma (creationism) as though it were fact? A country that invented fiat currency? A country that says neo nazis should be listened to because their viewpoint is valid? All this toxicity from a mere 4.25% of the worlds population. Open your eyes Joe. You live in the most mysterious country on Earth. It's a total mystery to the other 95.75% of the worlds population why you lot would elect McDonald Chump. It's a total mystery why your elections are so hotly contested in 2020. It's a total mystery why americans allow the electoral college to exist. It's a total mystery why you allow your food manufacturers to poison both you and your pets, for profit. It's a total mystery why your countrymen cling to racism, when race has been shown to be a human construct, invented to spread fear and hatred. Flint, Michigan - a political act of parasitism that STILL continues? Mysterious. Frankly, it is also a total mystery why you lot haven't bombed yourselves out of existence yet. Look in your own back yard before looking elsewhere chum. Have a delightful civil war.
Gordon Thorsby
Gordon Thorsby Månad sedan
Didn’t the discover the missing navy flight crashed in swampy area north of lauderdale
Don Taylor
Don Taylor Månad sedan
Joe, Fun topic! Good job relaying the probability that any highly trafficked region of the globe has just as many disappearances. As a former old-school C-130 navigator (compasses, celestial, pressure, etc.) I have to correct a small error though: Declination is the angular distance of a point north or south of the celestial equator, measured in degrees north or south. The difference between the magnetic north pole and true north is known as magnetic variation, or just variation, measured in degrees east or west. I probably made at least a couple dozen trips through the Bermuda Triangle, and can attest to sudden storms that are virtually invisible to the naked eye, even in the day, due to the high humidity of the air. Without radar the only indications we had were static buildup (think lightning), and turbulence. The lower you are, the worse the surprise. Surface vessels would be completely at their mercy. I can't imagine flying through that area without a radar. It was hard enough trying to pick our way through rapidly changing radar returns, holes that looked safe to fly through one minute would disappear and we'd have to choose a different course. Fun times!
Adonai Blackwood
Adonai Blackwood Månad sedan
@4:00 💚 Scooby Dooby Doo!
Veldtian1 Månad sedan
You're so blandly and dismissively mainstream, that's why the YT algorithm favors you so.
John Smith
John Smith Månad sedan
as a Russian, living in Russia, I'd say that's the whole Russia is almost like Bermuda Triangle
oldkayakdude Månad sedan
**** This video was shot in the Bermuda Triangle ****
My Pet Giraffe
My Pet Giraffe Månad sedan
I've recommended Joe's channel So Many Times! I Love This Channel! Joe's Hilarious! You can learn Fascinating things while laughing hard enough to make a beverage spray out your nose. Kinda uncomfortable, but possibly making everything even funnier! I Want to be a Patreon So Much! I Really want to support this channel and a couple of others! But... "In these unprecedented times..." ((sigh)) yeah. They Are unprecedented. That term was driving me Crazy but then I realized if you have a conceiled carry permit, you can Actually waltz into a bank with a gun on your hip and a mask on your face and They Will Welcome You!!! I'd say that's pretty unprecedented (except for the 1800's, so yeah... there's that). It just makes me feel better... and even laugh a little.
Menacing EggRoll
Menacing EggRoll Månad sedan
1:56, or as president of the U.S. 😉
Lisa Månad sedan
Never going to Bermuda (tick)
Matt H
Matt H Månad sedan
I know it's en vogue to hate on any imperial units and "all the smart science people" only use metric...but with aviation its ok to use feet and Nautical Miles. I believe only Russia and France use Meters for altitude in aviation, everyone else uses feet. When using feet and NM it is easier to do 60 to 1 rule conversions that work well with lat/long, etc. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, despite how the internet science cognoscenti claim that imperial is just totally worthless.
Stephen j
Stephen j Månad sedan
“Boarded a schooner” .....2 weeks later she was found with liver failure these pilots, weren’t taught to use the position of the sun as a guide? I guess the USA should teach direction more thoroughly; could have objectively flown away from the direction of the sun since the islands are west(direction the sun would be going) and fly east(away from it) to mainland no?
citizenschallengeYT Månad sedan
If you get tired of the trivia - at ~14:00 he gets down to brass tacks. Thumps up.
Evil Monkey66666
Evil Monkey66666 Månad sedan
Um the uk already has rick and morty on netflix, think what you meant is the second half of the latest season aye.
CybershamanX Månad sedan
(6:57) There's a beautiful piece of music by Rykard titled Marine Sulfur Queen on his album Arrive the Radio Beacon. The whole album has a dreamy almost nautical feeling on many of the songs. All instrumental, btw. Also, it might not be a good album to listen to if you're depressed, though, unless you're like me and just embrace that feeling when it comes. ;)
Falcon 9 Block 5
Falcon 9 Block 5 Månad sedan
How did ur video not get copyright striked a million times for the music haha
Tim Noble
Tim Noble Månad sedan
I subscribe to the 'seabed hydrates' theory. Hydrates or frozen methane, exist in vast quantities below the surface of the seabed in the area of the Bermuda triangle. Hydrates require pressure to remain in solid form. Reduce the pressure and they rapidly sublimate (turn from solid into gas, without passing through the liquid phase. Imagine the sudden release of massive quantities of methane gas from the seabed; the water becomes a mass of bubbles which will not support a ship. It would sink rapidly and without warning. (No time for distress call). As methane cloud rises through the atmosphere, any planes flying into it would have their engines extinguished. And the aerodynamics allowing planes to fly, cease to exist, causing the planes to plummet into the sea. No seabed wreckage is found as the massive quantities of displaced sand and seabed materials settle again and buries the wreckage of ships and planes. Seabed movements that could cause this have been detected from the large movement of subsea telecomms cables. Displaced by miles from original tracks and routing. This does not explain the abandoned, or ghost ships (most of which did not occur in or around the Bermuda triangle). One possible explanation is the formation of powerful hallucinogenics (e.g. ergotamine tartrate) in fungus on bread and grain. Ships crew consume it and have one very bad trip. Any thoughts? Tim Noble
Phil Rounds
Phil Rounds Månad sedan
That's what THEY want you to believe!
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