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Many millionaires live in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of the world's poorest countries. This film depicts some of those who have made fortunes amid the chaos, including musicians, mining bosses, entrepreneurs and preachers.
The DRC is rich in raw materials, but only a few profit from its natural resources. While 60% of Congo's inhabitants live on less than $1.25 per day, businessmen, artists, former rebel leaders and evangelists are reaping the rewards of economic growth. In the capital, Kinshasa, these new rich live in safe and luxurious enclaves, while children toil in coltan mines in the eastern part of the country.
Fally Ipupa has made his money with music. Others rely on their business acumen, like Patricia Nzolantima, who founded a taxi company and aims to give more opportunities to women.
With 3,000 mine workers, Cooperamma is the largest employer in North Kivu, in the east of the DRC. Managing director Robert Seninga says his coltan mines are extremely well-run, yet safety standards are poor. Coltan, a globally coveted mineral, is used in cell phones and other devices. It’s both a blessing and a curse for the Congo. It makes some rich, but for others it means death. The region still suffers from ethnic and factional conflicts, with money from illegal coltan smuggling financing new violence. It’s a vicious cycle.
[April 22, 2021: The former president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, in a letter to DW dated 16 April 2021, has rejected as false an estimate in the (aforementioned) documentary that he had amassed a fortune estimated at some 13 billion euros during his tenure in office. Kabila also claimed no sources had been cited supporting this report. The estimate was first published in “Forbes” magazine by American investigative journalist Richard Miniter in June 2014. The text of that article is currently not available online. Joseph Kabila is considered to be very wealthy, though he has never publicly declared his assets.]
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Mr Advokat
Mr Advokat 17 sekunder sedan
😁😁😁, so scary africa,
Elias Mabuza
Elias Mabuza 58 sekunder sedan
Me: Hi Prophet, I need viewers to my SVfrom. Prophet: Are you drinking the juice? Me: No. Prophet: go next door and buy my juice that solves every problem.
Shae 9
Shae 9 45 minuter sedan
He should be ashamed of himself. Driving a Lamborghini and building mansions while children starve across the river..... Sad sad sad
Fusion Entertainment
Fusion Entertainment Timme sedan
youre a millionaire and you just give them 7 euro each shame youre self
dinesh kaste
dinesh kaste Timme sedan
Blind followers destroyed world
It Is That Deep
It Is That Deep Timme sedan
This is why I've always believed that uber wealth people are narcissistic/sociopathic. They're so broken, they can never have enough.
Itstheclaw Timme sedan
Is there somewhere in the US I can buy this juice? I have very bad eye floaters and I bet The Juice will cure them for sure!
The singer is an amazing man to be soo wealthy yet share with others, he is someone who has remembered his fellow man and people even after becoming rich and famous, this is very beautiful. May God always Bless him and his family and keep them safe Amen
Song Lover
Song Lover 2 timmar sedan
they are so rich yet the wealth is only for the individual not into improving the country
Didmasela 2 timmar sedan
This issue of christianity has really brainwashed many Africans so much so that, they have left everything to that god to help them. If god helps people, why has the situation in the DRC become worse as the wars have become more deadly and poverty has increased. Oh my poor Africans.
Kelvin Macharia
Kelvin Macharia 2 timmar sedan
Most African countries are this way.. The only millionaire Ave admired is the founder of the taxi company uplifting others is key... The former rebel reeks of greed and selfishness
zhab o
zhab o 2 timmar sedan
i saw a 4G commercial billboard at 6:14 this documentary shot in 2021 ?
Honorine Muamba
Honorine Muamba Timme sedan
No It was in 2019
Didmasela 2 timmar sedan
Eric Monga and Fally Ipupa are one of the brightest Congolese because they want to make a difference for local people.
TSniperHD 2 timmar sedan
4:15 so lemme get this straigh: U build a 600k home right next to the poorest dudes in the country because u like to look down on them from the balcony every morning, you take frequent fun rides with ur sea motor and scare all the fish in the same place they are trying to catch fish and not starve and then u proceed to give them 50$ for the camera and then say ur happy to help. LMAO
Didmasela 3 timmar sedan
R.I.P Mahmoud Ndala ( minutes 18:57 - 19:09) DRC’d greatest freedom fighter.
Didmasela 3 timmar sedan
OMG, they sell just raw materials and think they are rich and wealthy. It is the multinational Corporations that are the richest and wealthiest because they add value to the minerals and sell them at higher prices, or use the processed minerals to manufacture mobile phone and laptop batteries.
YT YT 3 timmar sedan
Wow DW such an amazing guys are daring to go into that mine.
Didmasela 3 timmar sedan
Well said Fally Ipupa. You see these tattoos in arms. It means I am Congolese. So, I will NOT LEAVE Congo because of power shortage. This is a very strong sense of Nationalism. He loves DRC so much because he has travelled the world and knows that there is nothing like home. East To West, Home Is Best.
bis ab
bis ab 3 timmar sedan
i wonder what's wtong with African leaders.
freddy chavez
freddy chavez 3 timmar sedan
The marked antarctica rhetorically dream because capricorn ontogenetically roll despite a amazing hat. strange, vigorous file
Alex Makundi
Alex Makundi 3 timmar sedan
Congo could have been Switzerland of Africa. The problem is war 😓
Aloysius C
Aloysius C 3 timmar sedan
Depressing to see that there is a 'juice' being unwittingly sold to people who are hopeful about their condition, many of them sick and hoping for a cure. This is taking fraud to a whole different level.
psalm 37
psalm 37 3 timmar sedan
Miracle juice, amen!
INFEخTةاN [PHA] 4 timmar sedan
God blessed a cheerful giver! May God bless you more!!!
Lamphrang Wankhar
Lamphrang Wankhar 4 timmar sedan
How did they all speak french. Like how since when.
Honorine Muamba
Honorine Muamba 4 timmar sedan
Because is Belgium colony French is the official languages
Chris Hilsden
Chris Hilsden 4 timmar sedan
Great documentary. How we all profit by the suffering and death involved in producing our cheap mobile phones. The New Slavery (as if it never died)
Javie Davis
Javie Davis 5 timmar sedan
Why my people always killing each other... it’s sad bro
Sam Treble Gaming
Sam Treble Gaming 5 timmar sedan
Why don't that rich man help people I tell you why "greed"
Robert franks
Robert franks 5 timmar sedan
A millionaire gives $50 for 7 people to share, isn't he so generous
Aria Montgomery
Aria Montgomery 5 timmar sedan
20:46 can I have their skincare routine?
Jermaine Mandid
Jermaine Mandid 5 timmar sedan
Boycott this man from international music scene!
Veritas Valebit
Veritas Valebit 5 timmar sedan
Another spot on the map where the promises of independence were never fulfilled. This mantra of “Congo is so rich” has been repeated since the day the Belgians left and has never come true.
Dj Try Moo
Dj Try Moo 5 timmar sedan
5:32 MAKES ME CRY 5:32
joy matanguihan
joy matanguihan 6 timmar sedan
lemon juice and gasoline could make a guy a millionaire??? wtf lol
DJ MALPHONIC 7 timmar sedan
The juice? Cures aids?
AntoniO_228 7 timmar sedan
This reminds me of Russia
Seb’s Cool pets
Seb’s Cool pets 7 timmar sedan
It’s sad to see a country sinking in poverty and inequality
Y’ALL NOT LIKE DAT IRL 7 timmar sedan
For the African or black people What country in Africa would good for a great flight of African Americans?
Peter A
Peter A 7 timmar sedan
4:08 Young Israel Stylebender Adesanya
sgsniper1 8 timmar sedan
The self-proclaimed prophet just reminds me Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis
cb A bc
cb A bc 8 timmar sedan
"Just leave your earnings for the year in the baskets provided, Amen!" ❌🤦‍♂️🤬
Amal4rmsomalia A
Amal4rmsomalia A 8 timmar sedan
This so called prophet is ridiculous, how can he do this to his own people, letting them consume gas like WTH, he will get what he deserves for this bullshit miracle juice he is selling and all the lies his feeding these innocent people
Jasmin Khan
Jasmin Khan 8 timmar sedan
Most angry i get of the so called "prophet". If he had the power of healing he wouldn't need the juice. And Jesus said: For free you got and for free you should give. He only found a way to make money. I Love love to see the day when African will have a good live in their countries. God bless the poor people of Africa.
cb A bc
cb A bc 8 timmar sedan
No matter where, it's impossible to remove Greed, the need for Power & Control from all humans
cuong Nguyễn
cuong Nguyễn 9 timmar sedan
9:47 mia khalifa ????
peter pyi moe
peter pyi moe 9 timmar sedan
It’s just look like an ordinary house.
TK Mblazi
TK Mblazi 9 timmar sedan
Congo wish u well , find your way out of poverty, build infrastructure, that is the most important thing. For a president to lead more than 10 years is a disaster , u shouldn't have agreed on that. May God bless u, in Jesus name..
SML 9 timmar sedan
The bottle of crap 💩 you have got to be deluded to believe anything from that guy’s mouth.What a massive con.
Tony 9 timmar sedan
Makes me want to throw my phone 📱. God have mercy . This planet is evil 😈. There is a better place after we leave here .
Sachin Bhoi
Sachin Bhoi 9 timmar sedan
Plush G Wagons and Range Rovers boasting their offroad capabilities, but when you need a real offroader and a reliable car, you only choose Toyota.
Tony 10 timmar sedan
omg that river looks disgusting. Yukkkkkk. They don't look like rich people living in a country like that. The views are awful and depressing.
Honorine Muamba
Honorine Muamba 4 timmar sedan
Is no disgusting ,the strangers livent in rich aera in front of the river and the cost of houses is very expensive that part
Choogz 10 timmar sedan
Imagine the outrage if a white rapper gave a bunch of black people $50 to share amongst themselves lol.
Safa Khan
Safa Khan 10 timmar sedan
Antelope Numbernine
Antelope Numbernine 10 timmar sedan
Where are the safety equipment and age guarantee of the workers?? Smfh.. Well done documentary..
Stefan Wagner
Stefan Wagner 10 timmar sedan
Illegal trade? make it legal, problem solved. The state should not interfere in the lives of the citizens.
Aasif 23110
Aasif 23110 10 timmar sedan
Its quite similar to india
Roberto Gueli
Roberto Gueli 11 timmar sedan
che schifo
Shan 12 timmar sedan
Same as India
Grace 12 timmar sedan
If only these millionaires encouraged others to invest in society and infrastructure. What's the point in being rich and living in a Palace if you're surrounded by shit? By shit I mean violence, crap roads and starving, suffering citizens and children robbed of their childhood. The problem here is too many people are self interested and want to be millionaires but have no interest in improving their society. Omg that con-man selling gasoline and lemon juice is the worst kind of evil!
srinath chowdary
srinath chowdary 12 timmar sedan
Every country has the same story A guy who uses natural resources of the earth (on which every citizen has an equal right ) and makes millions A celebrity(actor/musicians) who does nothing for society makes millions A sportsman who gets craze by representing their country and earns millions even though his or teams win doesn't bring a single penny to the country A messenger of God who makes millions by selling hope Above all the system that controls all these moroons make billions
Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav 13 timmar sedan
Juice lmao
Dextrose Ten
Dextrose Ten 13 timmar sedan
I really need to stop watching stuff like this, this is what makes it so hard to get through the days, I just watched "inside Joan river's NYC penthouse" and that really wasn't healthy, if I can't live like that then . . .
Majda M
Majda M 13 timmar sedan
I'm trying to finish this before I get too pissed off. The first guy legit gave $50 to split?? What a cheap ass. Africa is filled with treasures and jewels, but the leaders are evil af. A nurse making more money as a taxi driver? Wow... My heart hurts and I'm only a few min in😐
Formidable Cipher
Formidable Cipher 13 timmar sedan
The fact that Africa is so great but divided breaks my heart every time I remember my family getting taken out by merciless beings.....i have a complex state of mind that I’m still living I’m living to atleast leave my family name on this earth but the day Africa unites maybe the world will be a better place.Love you Congo despite taking everything from me🥺😭If you out there with your fam treasure them when you can because when life hits it hits hits hard.
Jlexy 623
Jlexy 623 14 timmar sedan
send all the black lives matter people to congo where they belong!
Honorine Muamba
Honorine Muamba 4 timmar sedan
West must to stop to give gun to the rebels ,make war,put president in Africa for 20,30,40 years for your comfort Stole minerals in Africa
Chelsea Covington
Chelsea Covington 14 timmar sedan they give donations to see buddy the. They pay for the juice too???? He has people drinking gasoline and lemon juice?????? 🤯🤯🤯🤯
Chelsea Covington
Chelsea Covington 14 timmar sedan
The Jesus Juice guy....SHAME!!!!
Magnolia V12
Magnolia V12 14 timmar sedan
"Some getting richer while others are struggling", sounds like the direction the US is going.
Chelsea Covington
Chelsea Covington 14 timmar sedan
Why is Africa the richest resource continent in the world but the poorest? Is it political corruption mixed with civil disrepair?
Chelsea Covington
Chelsea Covington 35 minuter sedan
@Honorine Muamba oh no. I’m asking why are things the way they are
Honorine Muamba
Honorine Muamba 4 timmar sedan
Is the west who put president in Africa ,to give to they multinationals minerals People don’t see nothing
Jay JAY 14 timmar sedan
Africa mumu, greed and wickedness na the same everywhere
Rylord rylord
Rylord rylord 14 timmar sedan
The speak French lol
Zach Smart
Zach Smart 14 timmar sedan
this narrator wants to say bussin so bad
It is Well
It is Well 15 timmar sedan
This is so sad. The leaders won’t even pave the roads to make life a little better for the citizens. Those are kids in those mines ...period. Corruption is everywhere.
R K 15 timmar sedan
Why is everything modern or luxurious labeled as "Western" instead of just calling it Modern? Do you think only Western white people have the monopoly over everything that is modern?
Samiullah Yari
Samiullah Yari 16 timmar sedan
And in between the GOD is mading free money,african people love GOD and give shortcuts to whom want a shortcut to become millionir.. I hate religions,thay are making people insane.
Selfmade Queen
Selfmade Queen 16 timmar sedan
Smh that’s a false prophet ain’t no Money involved in true genuine healing smh
William Handy
William Handy 16 timmar sedan
This is where all those people who forwarded that email to 6 other people from your anonymous Nigerian brother live
Soyaa-ah 16 timmar sedan
This documentary is really appreciable, they exposed every class and the face of the world too.
jc23 17 timmar sedan
I love how Patricia brought wealth back to her community through job creation and the millionaire rapper before her gave out a few dollars to some fisherman (pennies to a millionaire) and drove away in his Italian car. He is giving wealth to Italy and sinking it into something that can only depreciate in value. This is why you give money to women if you want to uplift a community or a country. It will go much further. Black women will make a a dollar out of 15 cents and then some, I swear.
scuba diver
scuba diver 17 timmar sedan
"AMEN PURCHASE THIS JUICE" gasoline and lemon juice lol i bet that shit could get my car running
Anmol 18 timmar sedan
The world has not changed a bit. The only thing we have learned from history is how to be a civilized crook.
Kyran Espayos
Kyran Espayos 18 timmar sedan
LOVE will bring us PEACE
Jooders 18 timmar sedan
I didn’t know they spoke French in the DRC.
Shaun Cameron
Shaun Cameron 13 timmar sedan
Its colonizer, Belgium, spoke French.
Etoile Stellamaries
Etoile Stellamaries 19 timmar sedan
I am so devastated😭 see how these mine workers doing their job by risking their lives just to survive😭 to make sure they put food on the table. As for that thief making money from poor people wickedness of high level
Angus Beef
Angus Beef 19 timmar sedan
there will always be those who justify their way of exploiting others for monetary profit
Muthama Tv
Muthama Tv 20 timmar sedan
Watching from Kenya
KayDee 20 timmar sedan
The DRC is the "richest" country in the world but the Western countries that exploit its resources will never let it develop and get organised.
Remorpho 20 timmar sedan
that miracle juice is the real. my brother got me some and i have used it and my illness was cured. i do not like the comments disparaging the prophet.
EDK48 21 timme sedan
In christianity Jesus Christ is the final prophet so wouldn’t any one claiming to be a prophet be committing heresy so why are these people following this snake oil salesman
Amara Grey
Amara Grey 21 timme sedan
Infustracture is the answer to all there problems
Jaelin Sandoval
Jaelin Sandoval 21 timme sedan
The man selling the juice makes my blood boil. The people believe more in him and his juice than in God- seeing people who really need help and get falsehood makes me heart broken.
Mario Pitts
Mario Pitts 15 minuter sedan
No difference then here in America where they portray jesus as white with blue eyes and he's coming back to save us!!
ㄆQuis 3 timmar sedan
You shouldn’t be upset about that... religion is purely just too keep yourself distracted. An too calm your fears.
FROY LÁN 21 timme sedan
This woman really tried eating a chicken wing with a fork and knife.....lord help me
DaweSMF 21 timme sedan
Everybody here is heart broken, angry etc. but nobody does anything and even if they do the cycle just repeats, another warlord another exploitation, even more coruption. The problem is in people- nobody will do anythyng for you, it your country, your rules, your responsibility.
Robothian IV
Robothian IV 21 timme sedan
20:47 dudes got an oilers hat from a case if Molson Canadian. Nicely done!
KAB RICH 22 timmar sedan
Ooohhh AFRICA 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Mike Arthas
Mike Arthas 22 timmar sedan
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 22 timmar sedan
Hol up. Gasoline - lemon juice? Is there no side effects from drinking th gasoline?
Bobby Kimble
Bobby Kimble 23 timmar sedan
Never relax
Emmanuel Be Cool
Emmanuel Be Cool 23 timmar sedan
I now like Fally Ipupa after watching this
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