The Launch of Perseverance to Mars

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This was a pretty extraordinary experience - thanks to NASA for inviting me! The Atlas V 541 rocket took off carrying the Perseverance rover and Ingenuity the Mars helicopter at 7:50 am July 30, 2020. They should arrive in about seven months on February 18, 2021
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PyroCook 12 dagar sedan
The moment I realized I was on a rock going threw space was when I took 3gs of shrooms for the first time 🤣
sasi balaji
sasi balaji 23 dagar sedan
@Veritasium From 1:39 we can hear a sound. Is it from the rocket motors or the air resistance?
Michael Meredith
Michael Meredith 23 dagar sedan
Nice mask out in the middle of a field douche bag
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
Is there a problem with that?
M Mottaqia
M Mottaqia 25 dagar sedan
Space Facts Wax
Space Facts Wax 26 dagar sedan
Thanks for uploading. I got the chance to witness a rocket launch in 2018. Amazing experience. I shared a pretty fun montage of the journey to my channel.
JAYEETA DATTA 29 dagar sedan
MY name is in that thing
Critney 29 dagar sedan
Goosebumbs .. thx for sharing!
TECHIE PRITU Månad sedan
1:43 someone farted while keeping mic in his ass
Lisa Marie Bright
Lisa Marie Bright Månad sedan
Did you say “It really hit the dome” or it really hit home? The sharp right turn “doing its turn to the east” is baffling! There’s no way you are so intelligent and you believe this makes sense.
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
Google what a fricking orbit is. Monkey see monkey say monkey truth is how I put this
Lisa Marie Bright
Lisa Marie Bright 27 dagar sedan
@hauntified Nasa spun a yarn long enough for me to knit a blanket to cover the world in darkness! After that, I'll get the yarn they spun with "we can't go back to the moon because we lost the technology to do that" and I'll knit a flag that reads, "YOU ARE AN IDIOT!" I'll fly my rocket ship to the moon and plant it right next to the American flag to wave in the breeze. Everytime you look at the moon you can remember what an idiot you are, okay? When I get back from the moon, you can catch me outside, How bout that?
hauntified 29 dagar sedan
Go back to knitting stuff grandma.This stuff is too advanced for your brain
FromNorway Månad sedan
Why shouldn't this make sense? Getting into orbit is more about reaching a high enough _sideways_ speed than a certain altitude, so the rocket has to pitch over shortly after launch. The profile of a typical rocket trajectory is more or less like this:
BayonetteWork Månad sedan
man i remember watching it launch live on the weather channel
Dr. A.I. Kryptanical
Dr. A.I. Kryptanical Månad sedan
Dr.Zurbuchen his voice sounds almost like William Dafoe's voice!
Haram Bae
Haram Bae Månad sedan
NASA is the planetary Amazon Prime.
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
Maybe space x should get that title
Zoriox Månad sedan
SS. Gentle Man For someone
SS. Gentle Man For someone Månad sedan
Wow! I come from Thailand. Do you working in the team of NASA?
Logan Kotter
Logan Kotter Månad sedan
Hmmm, why isn’t that old German Rocket guy in jail? Kind of sus. Vote him out of Among Us, definitely an impostor.
Daniel Weseloh
Daniel Weseloh Månad sedan
The dichotomy of it all. A rocket trail like that can be the very symbol of hope, or the very harbinger of oblivion. What a strange world we live in.
amzer2 Månad sedan
666k views lol
Telo Månad sedan
666 dislikes
samus73 Månad sedan Look, I found the indian Derek :D
aldenret Månad sedan
I got that feeling of cosmic awarness when i saw the moon during the day a couple years back. I remember noticing how the edge of the shadowed part of the moon was almost straight but had a slight curve to it, and i realised that you could probably use that curve to calculate how close the moon was to the earth. That opened my eyes
hauntified 29 dagar sedan
You can use the retroreflectors Apollo Program brought there to measure that. 😄
Kattleya Månad sedan
Why does the reflection of the sun look so big?
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
You’re not an early riser
ohnoitsjose Månad sedan
“All of a sudden you feel it in your body. The sound of force propagating slower than the light will hit your body and will really shake you. It’s this almost out of body experience that you’re apart of. Taking off from the shore of the cosmic ocean, you know for me its like punching a hole in the sky.” - Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen
DISNEY BYLL Månad sedan
proxy90909 28 dagar sedan
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DISNEY BYLL 29 dagar sedan
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hauntified 29 dagar sedan
@DISNEY BYLL Man God must be an asshole leaving people to die here
DISNEY BYLL 29 dagar sedan
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hauntified 29 dagar sedan
@DISNEY BYLL It will ve really funny when nothing happens just like in 2012
Mandeep Techs
Mandeep Techs Månad sedan
India se kon kon dekh rha hai?
Jellyroll Jellyjinks
Jellyroll Jellyjinks Månad sedan
I also saw it launch, it was my first too
Chris Månad sedan
Derek just seems like such a genuine & pure guy
ice mine
ice mine Månad sedan
where are all the views???
ice mine
ice mine Månad sedan
why so little views???
Rene Schickbauer
Rene Schickbauer Månad sedan
If you ever get the chance, watch a Vega launch.
Cyber Lolo
Cyber Lolo Månad sedan
Thank you so much. Watching you having so intense fun and joy and redistribute it so nicely is the best thing I’ve seen since a lot of time. Thank you.
Zanthum Månad sedan
"... shore of the cosmic ocean." Someone has been listening to Carl Sagan.
ItsjrazYt. 2 månader sedan
What Space Agency is this SpaceX Or NASA or China SPACE Agency? Edit:Oh I See the Building ITS SAYS NASA
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
hauntified 29 dagar sedan
That is the VAB
Willa Herrera
Willa Herrera 2 månader sedan
Go watch to fuel dragsters. It's a experience you can't explain with words.
Harish Dewangan
Harish Dewangan 2 månader sedan
If Elon Mask was also there during the launch then it would have been harder to recognize who is Derek and who is Elon. both look similar
Yashas 2 månader sedan
Would it be possible to compute the velocity of the rocket from the recording? I can see Doppler effect in the video but maybe we could extract some information from it?
vas happenin'
vas happenin' 2 månader sedan
You have no idea , how much i love laminar flow. Turbulent flow what i see ....
Piyush Sonigara
Piyush Sonigara 2 månader sedan
Flat earthers be like - ThiS IS FaKE
HITMAN 2 månader sedan
wow its universal ,that people loves more about celebrity gossip than actual science and exploration . only few people showed up .
Bharat Singh
Bharat Singh 2 månader sedan
How clean the air was 🕵‍♂
Totenmaar Haim
Totenmaar Haim 2 månader sedan
earth is flat, space is fake
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
hauntified 29 dagar sedan
I suggest completing secondary school
towardsthesun 2 månader sedan
I can't understand what you're saying behind your face diaper.
TheOtherDave 2 månader sedan
Spectacular! Ad astra, per aspera. And onward, for eternity.
Carter Phillips
Carter Phillips 2 månader sedan
Ok 6 months to go
Barrett Henderson
Barrett Henderson 2 månader sedan
What he asked: what should i be looking out for when it launches? What they said: 0:53
Augustin Gervasio
Augustin Gervasio 2 månader sedan
I watched that from my front yard
Ben Wells
Ben Wells 2 månader sedan
they can send an unmanned space craft to mars but comcast can’t even fix our internet??
hotdrippyglass 2 månader sedan
As they say in my home town; Wicked Cool !!!
Len E
Len E 2 månader sedan
It looks as if it hit the dome and had to turn! Lol
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
Do you not know what an orbit is?
Mudkip909 2 månader sedan
or maybe, a gravity turn? you know, the thing rockets do to let it orbit by adding horizontal velocity?
Joseph Field
Joseph Field 2 månader sedan
It’s interesting that there’s a few people in the “most recent” comments that are disliking the video purely because he’s wearing a mask😂
Roman M.
Roman M. Månad sedan
It's a muzzle
No Copyright Music
No Copyright Music 2 månader sedan
*Man needs hard work to be successful*
Chad Gage
Chad Gage 2 månader sedan
Seeing someone so smart still wearing a mask. I've lost hope in the dumbed down america. Period
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
The virus is deadly for some and your “My immune system works” argument is like saying my car has brakes so I don’t need a seatbelt
Joseph Field
Joseph Field 2 månader sedan
Chad Gage and where were our ancestors compared to humanity today. They didn’t have houses, plumbing. People used to die from the a scratch and more of them would die from the flu. If we never vaccinated because “it muzzles in the face of adversity” then a lot more people would have lost their lives.
Chad Gage
Chad Gage 2 månader sedan
@Joseph Field Trusting a 20 milion year old immune system vs trusting tyranny, propaganda and the money printers influencing to a new level of stupid. And having the masses fall in line like sheep. If our ancestor hide and put on muzzles in the face of adversity. We wouldn't be here period!
Joseph Field
Joseph Field 2 månader sedan
I’ve heard countries like Japan wore masks even before covid so there’s no problem with wearing a mask
Joseph Field
Joseph Field 2 månader sedan
What’s your reasoning of not wearing a mask???
Nothing2SeeHere Mister
Nothing2SeeHere Mister 2 månader sedan
Abhay Bhatt
Abhay Bhatt 2 månader sedan
I get the sense that we are on this rock hurdling through space, just by going on my house roof and looking at the sky right above.
Kshitij Garg
Kshitij Garg 2 månader sedan
A thought struck my mind today. I realised that I will probably never see any of the planets, or even the moon up close with my own two eyes (telescopes not counted). Kinda makes me sad.
Kshitij Garg
Kshitij Garg 2 månader sedan
A thought struck my mind today. I realised that I will probably never see any of the planets, or even the moon up close with my own two eyes (telescopes not counted). Kinda makes me sad.
Sandesh Bhandari
Sandesh Bhandari 3 månader sedan
It was nice but, laminar flow is way cooler then torbulance flow
Rajguru Hiremath
Rajguru Hiremath 3 månader sedan
Ur science is amazing and interesting brother
Emgo time channel
Emgo time channel 3 månader sedan
Thank for your video.
That one guy named Patrick
That one guy named Patrick 3 månader sedan
I may have missed applo and the first mission to mars, im not late to the second mission to mars and the inevetable return of human in space
Adil Nadaf
Adil Nadaf 3 månader sedan
The humanoids are taking over
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 3 månader sedan
His laugh and how happy he his making his content really makes me soften up
christian nielsen
christian nielsen 3 månader sedan
anyone else think that rocket sounds like a fart or a burp?
adacus79 m
adacus79 m 3 månader sedan
Most of us are tired of the NASA lies. so yea you are going to be more alone every year.
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
Why lie?
Mudkip909 2 månader sedan
@adacus79 m highly doubt you finished elementary
adacus79 m
adacus79 m 2 månader sedan
@Jorge Corella Yes.
Jorge Corella
Jorge Corella 3 månader sedan
Did you finish highschool?
deepstrasz 3 månader sedan
Holy rocket trap?
Kakushi 3 månader sedan
Space flight always has been and always will be the most impressive thing humans have done imo.
Dr S.P.Bhagat Physics R.A college Washim
Dr S.P.Bhagat Physics R.A college Washim 3 månader sedan
Your physics is great
neil macmillan
neil macmillan 3 månader sedan
I subscribe, I watch tons of your vids, I engage... why didn't youtube show this to me for 3 weeks? :(
Dominic Webb
Dominic Webb 3 månader sedan
Thank you ❤️
Almaadin 3 månader sedan
Wait, you've never seen a launch?!? Neither have I but I didn't help design the curiosity rover.
Mark Dubya
Mark Dubya 3 månader sedan
With many countries in the world ruled by numpties who don’t believe in science, it is still heartwarming to see that humans are still capable of great things that reach beyond our worst instincts to lust for power and harm others.
Jorge Corella
Jorge Corella 3 månader sedan
True, much love bro
Ao doragon青ドラゴン
Ao doragon青ドラゴン 3 månader sedan
I never thought it’d actually be that fast
ISHAN Pal 3 månader sedan
Sir kindly make. A video about piezo electricity and pyro electricity and reason for its origin
Jaya Tomar
Jaya Tomar 3 månader sedan
freedom4all !!!
freedom4all !!! 3 månader sedan
Turning east before it gets above clouds? Right into the ocean as always. Wake up
Mudkip909 2 månader sedan
its called a gravity turn dingus, not a splash in the ocean
Loke 3 månader sedan
Nope it does that to gain horizontal speed so it can stay in orbit
Bamji 3 månader sedan
1:53 that's a questionable hand gesture right there 😂
Lisa 2 månader sedan
and the laugh haha
PIRX 3 månader sedan
Amazing progress, especially when compared to this , which happened almost 60 years ago.
Ong jit tuck
Ong jit tuck 3 månader sedan
Great video. Did you cover the launch of the Chinese Tian Wen at Hainan Island ?
LaurenWittFilm 3 månader sedan
This is so cool! wow that would have been a trip to see live
Jack Fo
Jack Fo 3 månader sedan
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Yeti Spaghetti
Yeti Spaghetti 3 månader sedan
Great, now I have a strong urge to listen to David Bowie again.
David Stirling
David Stirling 3 månader sedan
And there it is doing it’s turn to the east........... before crashing to the earth and being picked up in the ocean.......
Jorge Corella
Jorge Corella 3 månader sedan
@David Stirling if you are talking about orbiting the earth, then you are wrong, there are some satellites in polar orbits, but if you are going to be orbiting the sun then to the east is the best option, that way you can use the velocity of earths orbit to put an spacecraft on the same plane and not waste fuel
David Stirling
David Stirling 3 månader sedan
Loke never does it north to south though does it
Loke 3 månader sedan
It's doing that to gain horizontal speed so it can stay in orbit
383mazda 3 månader sedan
You need to see a launch at night. I got to see the shuttle launch at night when I was a kid back in the 90's, it was awesome. I remember being amazed at how bright everything got for a few moments just after liftoff.
Manuel C.
Manuel C. 3 månader sedan
1:38 that is one long fart
Wellington Beef
Wellington Beef 3 månader sedan
Cool mask.
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha 3 månader sedan
7 months?????
Daniel Schein
Daniel Schein 3 månader sedan
Hoping there are no cockroaches or moss on that.
CoronAIDS 3 månader sedan
Single cut GoPro start to finish or didn’t happen.
CoronAIDS 3 månader sedan
Reaches its peak @2:09
CoronAIDS 3 månader sedan
What’s with the muzzle?
Phosphorus4 3 månader sedan
Sounds like a firework…but bigger……… …WAY bigger…
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 3 månader sedan
This gave me goosebumps. It is sad to see how much human potential is wasted on squabbling on border and land disputes and chasing money and fame when we can literally have an out of world experience.
0lemus 0lent0
0lemus 0lent0 3 månader sedan
Most of the time my mind set is in that thought: we are just on a watery rock filled with amazing bioversatile life, just hurling trough space around a massive plasma ball that spins in a massive galaxy surrounded by even more galaxies filled with stars and other planets, yet we feel alone in cosmic scale and even amongst ourselves. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it just makes me sad because of how incomprehensively small and meaningless we still are yet we keep fighting over some selfish things and forget to better ourselves for the good of whole humanity andthe environment that we live in, so that one day we could mean something on the cosmic scale and understand our potential to the fullest.
Hari Haran
Hari Haran 3 månader sedan
"realise that you're on a rock hurdling through space" that happened to me when I was high on acid
Alvio Lampis
Alvio Lampis 3 månader sedan
Take away this mask... it's not healty.
Levi_ Exiled
Levi_ Exiled 3 månader sedan
Mars is there to show us what will happen to our planet if we don't take actions. We shouldn't be wasting money on this.
LAMZEE m 3 månader sedan
Prem Sagar Prasad
Prem Sagar Prasad 3 månader sedan
Hope they found alien life on mars 😁
JayJay Aviation
JayJay Aviation 23 dagar sedan
It’s not there yet
•• 3 månader sedan
Estoy muy acostumbrado a la voz de spiderman
Jay Alshehri
Jay Alshehri 3 månader sedan
That was extraordinary! Lucky u saw it
Joey Caridi
Joey Caridi 3 månader sedan
Perseverance is drifting through space at a speed of 2.55 miles/second or 9,180 miles/hour
TechySeven 3 månader sedan
I love the immense shadow that the exhaust cloud makes in the sky itself at 2:05 ...that's something I might not've thought to expect, for some strange reason.
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