The kg is dead, long live the kg

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The kilogram, mole, kelvin, and ampere will be redefined by physical constants. For a limited time, get 3 months of Audible for just $6.95 a month: or text VERITASIUM to 500500
Will this be the last video I make about SI units? Quite possibly. There's something about being so precise and defining the systems within which science works. When we can more accurately and routinely measure a kilogram, a mole, a kelvin and an ampere, then we can make better observations, we can better detect anomalies and improve our theories. That is why this is so important to me.
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Leon Peitz
Leon Peitz 10 timmar sedan
The only thing I understand that you can define numbers like you want 😂
Rafa Pedrós
Rafa Pedrós Dag sedan
Brilliant closing speech about importance of Science
Mosotti 3 dagar sedan
The metal kg was as reliable as Oprah's mass.
Md. Tawhidul Islam
Md. Tawhidul Islam 4 dagar sedan
I don't like the idea of fixing the uncertainties of the constants.
Robert Pruitt
Robert Pruitt 3 dagar sedan
It only applies to the values. A piece of metal changes. They can use the new value and get the same value every time. The uncertainties still apply when they are actually doing science.
Vademaster 6 dagar sedan
Who the hell figured those numbers out
Daniel Aleksander Jensen
Daniel Aleksander Jensen 6 dagar sedan
I think it's only in English speaking countries (and where the British had their colonies) this: "." is a decimal and this: "," is a comma, in the rest of the world it is opposite as the rest of the world uses the metric system instead of the imperial non-system, or in the rest of the word, Celsius is used in sted of Fahrenheit because Celsius makes sense, or even in the rest of the world everyone drives on the right side of the road instead of the wrong side as they do in the UK. So, in fact, saying that this number: 1.000.000 equals just one and 3,141 equals three thousand one hundred and forty-one is just a disease from English speaking countries that we all need to get rid of. It is not us who crates the confusion, it's the English.
Walter La Ganga
Walter La Ganga 9 dagar sedan
Jenny Inútil
Jenny Inútil 10 dagar sedan
Well, did they?
Lünkel 6 dagar sedan
sebastian 11 dagar sedan
Scientists have too much time & money on their hands. They invent relativity then try to dispel the theory & science behind it. Loopy
Ambulocetus 12 dagar sedan
Now that the platinum cylinder is obsolete, what will they do with it? That's a lot of precious metal to just leave lying around.
Matgaw 12 dagar sedan
Hey Veritasium, so how much does now K1 weigh? It would be interesting to know the difference and skew since 2018
Mohak Gujar
Mohak Gujar 12 dagar sedan
1:42 If Mr Max Plank were alive today, then he would be proud to see this.
Sushybar 23
Sushybar 23 15 dagar sedan
Of course it wont change a thing, americans use pounds lol
Lünkel 6 dagar sedan
Pounds are defined through kilograms
Tom Oakhill
Tom Oakhill 18 dagar sedan
Trust me. I have a doctorate in physics, and my father was a professional historian. Veritasium is correct at 6:49. It is certain that Kepler was able to calculate the elliptical orbits of the planets *only* because the data was accurate enough. Until Brahe's measurements the deviation from a circle was not observed. If you draw every orbit on an ordinary sheet of paper they all will look like perfect circles.
Carlos Robinson
Carlos Robinson 18 dagar sedan
But wait a second, wait a second..... Given that the density of space outside of the hemisphere appears to be more dense than inside it, AND based on your other video that shows that we have not accurately measured the ACTUAL speed of light (that as you pointed out, isn't truly CONSTANT)... .....isn't all of this just a big exercise in futility in one sense? Since you will get CLOSER to something considered a stable constant, but will NEVER get to an EXACT standard, since one "constant" that is uncertain is used to define another? Like, how will you ever be able to determine a kilogram by a Planck's length, if the "constant" of the speed of light is not constant?
Paweł Wiśniewski
Paweł Wiśniewski 19 dagar sedan
yea.... We should get rid of solid body definition of one kilogram. So in order to create new definition we take 1 kg Silicon ball to define one constant, based on which we definde 1 kg...
Someone please suggest Sadhguru to him.
Mash Rien
Mash Rien 20 dagar sedan
We can't even get people to agree the world is round, this'll take a good long time to trickle down methinks.
Cpt_Kodai 22 dagar sedan
One of the biggest limitations to the progression of applied technology is the limitations of measurement techniques. You can only build to as precisely as you can measure. Every time humanity has refined our ability to measure something, our tech has advanced.
LTCAproductions 22 dagar sedan
Big K is hard to come by Special K on the other hand
Dave M
Dave M 22 dagar sedan
... balanced with the force from an electromagnet. Wait, watt?!
9megir 23 dagar sedan
Great content. Keep up the good work.
Articulate99 25 dagar sedan
Thank you.
Charlie Gordon
Charlie Gordon 25 dagar sedan
Europe: How heavy is actually is a kilogram? America: let’s just call this a pound......
Ettienne Vorster
Ettienne Vorster 25 dagar sedan
So prices for everything will go up, because the argument will be that, stuff weigh more now. I don't think anyone realizes how connected this simple value is with how everything functions in our world...
ES SkotKash
ES SkotKash 25 dagar sedan
Intro: * plays * Me: What. WHAT THE F*K.
Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor 27 dagar sedan
Sooooo..... Is 1 pound still 454 g?
Đức Ngô Minh
Đức Ngô Minh Månad sedan
CalTheUntitled Månad sedan
My physics professor is a bit behind the times. He apparently didn’t hear that they moved away from the physical object standard.
AsianOtakuGuy Månad sedan
So does this mean scientific papers and calculations will have to be date checked to see if they use the updated numbers? It's like backwards compatibility for older systems lmao
AsianOtakuGuy 27 dagar sedan
@Lünkel You don't seem to understand what I'm saying. This is defining planc's constant into a number, but older documents that used the previous planc's constant would now be slightly off.
Lünkel 27 dagar sedan
The whole point of this is that the numbers didn't change and never will.
Musikur Månad sedan
So technically, only a second relies on a universal constant, right? All other units require a relative abstract of time and universal constants
Rahil Ahmed
Rahil Ahmed Månad sedan
kilogram is easy to pronounce, in order to normalize new concept there must be easy name
Hand hdhd
Hand hdhd Månad sedan
Is the title a megadeth reference?
Grant Milburn
Grant Milburn Månad sedan
Sorry big K, you're still A kilogram, just not THE kilogram.
Lorcan G
Lorcan G Månad sedan
bio students wont understand
Varsha Premarajan
Varsha Premarajan Månad sedan
The passionate way he talks about science...
Hopps Månad sedan
Wait the place where the video started off was John Lawson Park, near my house lol
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter Månad sedan
Laughs in USA
JB Bell
JB Bell Månad sedan
I would think this might shake things up in the fabrication of microprocessors, might it not? If someone has a 9 nanometre process and two different fabrication plants have different ideas of "volt", that could be a real issue.
TPOE Månad sedan
We think we control the chaos, but for the Universe, chaos is the standard. For the Universe, 1 kilogram means nothing. It's all tied to energy. The Universe would understand a kilogram as certain amount of gravity in certain point, it doesn't care about mass. Mass would be like energy debris, the product of energy standing in a point for an infinite amount of time, which is impossible. It just works for us because we can't work with other variables yet. The reason why we, as a mass, are not free energy, is because of gravity and thermodynamics. Living beings are just a huge coincidence where random energy focused in certain point tied to gravity, interacted creating a feedback stable system where the Universe works all according to the thermodynamics. When we die, that stable equilibrium breaks, and we just slowly disintegrate and become free energy again.
Anchovy Bushwack
Anchovy Bushwack Månad sedan
Not gonna lie, when I saw this title I thought it was another one of those abstract memes. But then I saw it was on your channel. XD
The Duke
The Duke Månad sedan
Coming from 2020, everything was fine till yall changed everything
Dylan Dirkes
Dylan Dirkes Månad sedan
kilogram more like killedgram
Joel Varghese
Joel Varghese Månad sedan
How can you fix plancks constant...when there is clear proof that there is uncertainity
Gorden Ramsay
Gorden Ramsay Månad sedan
Rip this series
Gabriele Sforzini
Gabriele Sforzini Månad sedan
is the definition actually changed?!?!
Iqbal Alfayed
Iqbal Alfayed Månad sedan
My teacher doesn't teach me like this, passionately and clear, he is just sad and lame dude, that's why I'm not interested on physics because I'm affraid I would end up like him.
1234 Månad sedan
1 liter of water
1234 Månad sedan
It is not dead at all.
Guyさん Månad sedan
If I were to time travel I'd bring all the constants with me to the past
fjshdf Månad sedan
Pi is exactly 3
Sarujan Rupan
Sarujan Rupan Månad sedan
Is there not a simpler way to understand physics other than maths. Is it the only language?
robot portachiavi
robot portachiavi Månad sedan
There’s maybe a little problem in that way. What if we discover that some of the equation/theory we have invented to explain the universe are wrong?
Vidroiu Alin
Vidroiu Alin Månad sedan
they might become more precise, but those particular constants can still be aproximated to what it's shown in the video. Plus, by making them fixed, we can compensate other values and constants. They were selected at the current values because they complement eachother. If one would be wrong, it wouldn't be able to be calculated from another, but with the current numbers, they can. So future measurements would be based on this weight formula, and give slightly different values than before, but you would be able to then split them down to the basic constants we have now. That's the beauty of science, it's self correcting. More precise future numbers would mean a more precise kg.
Jacob Barncastle
Jacob Barncastle Månad sedan
I thought 1L of water = 1kg
Muhammad Arya Wicaksono
Muhammad Arya Wicaksono Månad sedan
Lbs.: "Were you killed?" Kg: "Sadly yes ... . . . BUT I LIVED!"
Tasnim 818
Tasnim 818 Månad sedan
Its not
Zylon Månad sedan
the ultimate clickbait title
Francis Gabriel L Abordo
Francis Gabriel L Abordo Månad sedan
1kg= 1000g
Ciubotaru Cristian
Ciubotaru Cristian Månad sedan
42.0? :) :)
Heinz Memes
Heinz Memes Månad sedan
Can we get an f in chat
jcbacol Månad sedan
la masa es afectada por la gravedad, en algunos lugares la gravedad es mas débil q en otros.
Kat Månad sedan
"A substance with the same number of particles as the number of atoms in 12 grams of carbon-12." Sure, why not. Also there are 16 ounces in a pint.
Falcon Månad sedan
Me checking if this video was uploaded on 1st april
Alexander Todd
Alexander Todd Månad sedan
What was wrong with the water?
Ojas Mahajan
Ojas Mahajan Månad sedan
Please make a video on the latest discovery of phosphine gas found on Venus!
PinkladyCH Månad sedan
theis is to much of math for me
Christoph Saalmann
Christoph Saalmann Månad sedan
Thank you to get the explanation from a Guy who grown up with masses Like table spoon ore ounces.
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Månad sedan
Imagine the human race missing out on fusion energy and flying cars because they got the 20th decimal of planks constant off by 1
Antuan Steyn
Antuan Steyn Månad sedan
Where was this filmed? Vancouver?
Alex Torres
Alex Torres Månad sedan
So thats why my Dealer sells me Less Cannabis than before ...
Artifice Shell
Artifice Shell Månad sedan
Fixing Avocado's constant was easy... set it to the maximum volume that can be consumed by a black hole (or a white one) in one second. Rename it to the Mukbang-Hunger Law: MH=√i(πr)^2
Bismarck Månad sedan
I just thought it was cool that that cylinder was the only thing in the universe with an exact mass of a kilogram. It sucks that they had to change the definition...
TABC the amazing blue crocodile
TABC the amazing blue crocodile Månad sedan
QOL change for the Electrican/Mechanic/Engineer/Scientist professions.
VSBAGL M Månad sedan
sad old phisycs book noises
F. Huff
F. Huff Månad sedan
While we're at it let's redefine the base system we use. Since counting on our fingers is a bit random.
Jesper Grønning Mikkelsen
Jesper Grønning Mikkelsen Månad sedan
Science finished bootstrapping the SI-system. All fundamental constants are fixed, and no need to adjust them as our tools to measure things become better. And thats good
j4nix_SCG Månad sedan
I feel bad for the few dudes who planned on stealing the Big K.
Ashton Howard
Ashton Howard Månad sedan
That would be an awesome Payday heist
Paul Boleche
Paul Boleche Månad sedan
Imagine making Watt balance so economical, it becomes normal to weigh everything with that technology.
Neil Cantorne
Neil Cantorne 2 månader sedan
What if constants are not really a constant? What if there changing? What if they have different value in some regions of the universe? haha crazy thought.
Elryme Make Content
Elryme Make Content 2 månader sedan
its the same like the kaiser is dead, long live the kaiserin
MrPrawns 2 månader sedan
the title of this video is literally cancels itself
Vslsnks 2 månader sedan
Are you telling my that my quarter pounder is not a quarter pounder. I want my money back.
Children Of The Galaxy
Children Of The Galaxy 2 månader sedan
No need, since the half life of elements is measurable to time, and a direct mathematical transfer to the measure of weight.
Scott Doehler
Scott Doehler 2 månader sedan
Love the Queen's Jacket! Mine's a Con-Ed '94 and I survived Phys105.
Аналитик Диванный
Аналитик Диванный 2 månader sedan
ThE HeAvY iS DeAd!
MariusJ 2 månader sedan
Jonah Hill will no longer be bullied for fat Jonah Hill and Jonah Hill. He'll just be fat Jonah Hill now. Finally some peace for that man
RudolfMaster 2 månader sedan
i don't think they did this?
Alex Dobre
Alex Dobre 2 månader sedan
Noooooo. not the Kelvin
c0mplx 2 månader sedan
How has nobody realized the title is a reference to a lyric in Viva La Vida? theres even a crown in the thumbnail lol
Lünkel 2 månader sedan
Have you realized that it's not a reference to a song by coldplay but rather a roughly 600 year old phrase originally about monarchs?
Patman Patmanson
Patman Patmanson 2 månader sedan
Isn't the mass of 1000 ml of water at a certain temperature and pressure defined as 1000 g (for our American friends: that is 1 kg) :)
XtreeM FaiL
XtreeM FaiL Månad sedan
Patman Patmanson It was at one point, but because there are too many variants you never knew what you had.
Felipe Gutierrez
Felipe Gutierrez 3 månader sedan
Ok, so I came here by an IB physics textbook on Kognity.
Kunal Yadav
Kunal Yadav 3 månader sedan
Please bring more videos on this yopic
Talesbog Tales and Science
Talesbog Tales and Science 3 månader sedan
Go visit my channel
Rayhan Lahdji
Rayhan Lahdji 3 månader sedan
Before this update, Planck's "constant" was not constant ...
Vicky Rana rathore
Vicky Rana rathore 3 månader sedan
Aakanksha Patel
Aakanksha Patel 3 månader sedan
2 minutes od silence who wanted to take *chemistry*
Olaf Winter
Olaf Winter 3 månader sedan
I think redefining these things is great too, because it undermines the shift in science from directly observable classical physics to abstract modern physics based on mathematics and theoretical parts of physics rather than direct observation. In this way, the constants that replace the directly observable physical objects that define these units are mainly based on mathematics in the form of the equations given by theoretical physics.
CK 2018
CK 2018 3 månader sedan
Americans: Nvm
Josh Hickman
Josh Hickman 3 månader sedan
They'll put you in Physics jail for that hf = mc^2 stuff.
Aquário 3 månader sedan
The problem with kg is that its original formula, it does not work on a rotating earth. P = mg, does not work on a rotating earth. If P = gm works in practice, then the earth is stationary. Watch my video.
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