The Inverse Leidenfrost Effect

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Droplets levitate on a bath of liquid nitrogen and are spontaneously self-propelled. Thanks Audible! Start a 30-day trial and your first audiobook is free. Go to or text VERITASIUM to 500500.
Special thanks to Dr. Anaïs Gauthier
Physics of Fluids:
Self-propulsion of inverse Leidenfrost drops on a cryogenic bath
Anaïs Gauthier, Christian Diddens, Rémi Proville, Detlef Lohse, and Devaraj van der Meer
PNAS January 22, 2019 116 (4) 1174-1179; published ahead of print January 22, 2019
For a detailed description of the setup:
And self-propulsion is also seen:
Other recent (hot) Leidenfrost experiments that might be interesting:
* Leidenfrost wheels:
* Leidenfrost maze:
* Leidenfrost explosions:
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Thanks to Prof. Kevin McKeegan at UCLA for the liquid nitrogen
Filming by Raquel Nuno
Additional animations by Alan Chamberlain

Nihab Khan
Nihab Khan 15 dagar sedan
Veristablium is back!
reid hanson
reid hanson 19 dagar sedan
Yo your beard is going gray
kris reddish
kris reddish 20 dagar sedan
You can do it with a solid too. In case you ever on a distant moon with like a solid nitrogen lake, you could use it to scoot at very high speed until the part of the suit in contact with it cools down. Just in case :P
Temirlan Kasmaliev
Temirlan Kasmaliev 20 dagar sedan
spooky action at a distance isn't so spooky afterall, it seems. upd: after all is written separately. (In Michael's voice): ...OR IS IT?
Maël MORETTO 22 dagar sedan
She sound french, is she french ?
Yogstar123 22 dagar sedan
This reminds me of the old dvd logo bouncing on the screen
Elliott 26 dagar sedan
The reason why you might intuitively think the droplet would go right is bc of mistaken intuition regarding newton's 3rd law that does not apply because the droplet isn't the source of those "arrows" pointing right. Rather those "arrows" also are applying force on the droplet ... 😐
Elliott 26 dagar sedan
It honestly took me a minute to understand why anybody would expect that the droplet would move to the right after I heard "you might expect..."
Erik Atlas
Erik Atlas Månad sedan
Did you notice at 5:20 the graphic looks like the red-eye storm on Jupiter?
CodeYourWay by Prince
CodeYourWay by Prince Månad sedan
Observed it about 8 years ago Using some water color and some more things like fevicol i think and dropping on the solution an ear drop droplet ( it is called in india). At that age i didn't know about it, thanks for the science behind it👍 However, the drop just floated for a few seconds, but they were actually floating.. The video is here:
ravi yadav
ravi yadav Månad sedan
Electrostatics for Class 12 by Abhishek Goyal
ninja5672 Månad sedan
What's with the cringe Skype call?
Jons LG
Jons LG Månad sedan
Wow, she's cute; you two would make amazing sciencebabies together!
Steve Burnt
Steve Burnt Månad sedan
Where are protective glasses? Very bad example for other people.
Trapper Tony
Trapper Tony Månad sedan
I think I witnessed this once or twice in a closed lemonade bottle
Donbros Månad sedan
1:10 what is her name :) ? She looks cute I may call her for dinner
Derf565 2 månader sedan
Who needs eye protection
Patman Patmanson
Patman Patmanson 2 månader sedan
Seen this on my coffee when water drops fall into. Observable for like one second.
ERDENİZ Reklam 2 månader sedan
Sturbuck had a Ph.d?
Knight 2 månader sedan
Looks like how a UFO would fly.
michael Steven
michael Steven 2 månader sedan
6:58 i love your videos but I'm curious what does your shirt mean or what is the significance of it?
Segev Stormlord
Segev Stormlord 2 månader sedan
I wonder how this would look on a macro-scale, with a metal boat heated to water-boiling temperatures and placed in the water.
Survival Instinct
Survival Instinct 2 månader sedan
A woman physics scientist with a cat 😭😭😭❤️
Uriah 2 månader sedan
2:24 Oh the luxuries of 2019....
Dynoids 3 månader sedan
2:22 Heyyy vsauce, Derek here
064678543 3 månader sedan
Another use for the Inverse Liedenfrost effect: Space surfing boards on gas giant planets!
IExist 3 månader sedan
But it’s not called the inverse leidenfrost effect when you dip your hands in liquid nitrogen. It’s just called leidenfrost effect as well. And that’s also a little of something hot being protected by the vapour of a lot of something cold
NatTheKiwi 3 månader sedan
Watching this in 2020 and I thought he was in quarantine with the video chat 😅
O 4 månader sedan
i looked up this video because I saw a video of a russian dude slapping a stream of lava and the video was titled Leidenfrost.. any ideas?
Mad T scientist
Mad T scientist 4 månader sedan
You do not have to have high heat or super cold To get the effect. I'm a dish washer at a catering company and I see that effect all the time when im moping up at the end of the day.
Jacques Grove
Jacques Grove 4 månader sedan
May we all agree that the outcome of the experiment is that Dr. Anaïs Gauthier elicits a sapiosexual response.
Xscallcos 4 månader sedan
Correct me because in wrong lol but isnt it moving cause is the liquid nitrogen sticking to the glass on the edge and is angled a bit so the force is to the side and that makes it move sideways until it hits another wall. it doesnt stop because there is very little friction and it just doesnt stop it
K. Yang
K. Yang 4 månader sedan
eeeeeeeeeee NEDERLANDD
Thijs van der Zee
Thijs van der Zee 4 månader sedan
let's go dutchiesss! Proud of my country to even make in on this channel
losboston 4 månader sedan
Application suggested at end is amazing. Has it worked? Will it work with a drop of blood? Can you transport a container using the I.L. effect to preserve white blood cells for 3 hours?
Yuri Assunção
Yuri Assunção 5 månader sedan
The drop movement is like foucault pendulum, demonstrate the Earth’s rotation.
Alexander A.
Alexander A. 5 månader sedan
Wow that woman is really attractive
Dakku Engu
Dakku Engu 5 månader sedan
Air hockey, liquid edition.
わたし わFerdaev
わたし わFerdaev 5 månader sedan
Here before 1 million views
Ber2 5 månader sedan
This should be called "Leidenvapor" then
Josh Sackman
Josh Sackman 5 månader sedan
Liked for cat
Michael John Oneill
Michael John Oneill 5 månader sedan
I feel like there's a real practical use for this that only seems obvious after it is discovered. Lol
Jesse G
Jesse G 5 månader sedan
Bro that scientist kinda bad 🥴
Marco Aurélio Nascimento
Marco Aurélio Nascimento 5 månader sedan
Dima S.
Dima S. 6 månader sedan
So, umm, is that scientist single? She looks like my future wife
Gigo_G 6 månader sedan
the way he sais vapour is the visual equivalent to a man with a suit in a fedora
Pradip Aryal
Pradip Aryal 6 månader sedan
That's OpenFOAM for you folks!
Hector Santos
Hector Santos 6 månader sedan
Finally, science has become able to accurately reproduce the eternal motion of the word DVD.
Nirbhay Raghav
Nirbhay Raghav 6 månader sedan
Why did you not use water instead of silicon oil ?
Ranibow Sprimkle
Ranibow Sprimkle 7 månader sedan
I was thinking you were gonna swap air and water Then you just get a bubble on the surface of water
Normie Peasant
Normie Peasant 7 månader sedan
I'm sorry, I literally forgot what the video was about the instant I saw the physicist. Also, that potential application they explained was one of the coolest things I've ever heard. It's like, Minecraft Farm mechanics in real life, except even better.
Simon A
Simon A 7 månader sedan
I don't see how it is inversed...
Simon A
Simon A 7 månader sedan
@Çentoé I know, I was just saying I dont see how it is "inverted". Actually, I understand what the author meant by saying "inverse leidenfrost effect", but he seems to have a slight misconception on leidenfrost effect. As 22:00 he says "the droplet isn't creating the vapor". But the leidenfrost effect is not about the droplet creating the vapor, it's about the cold thing creating a vapor. Leidenfrost effect is when a thin layer of vapor of a cold thing isolate it from a hot thing, there's no way to "inverse" that. Of course, the most obvious example of that is the drop of water on a hot pan, that is a small quantity of a cold thing on a fixed hot thing, but if you inverse things, for instance by dropping a hot metal sphere in a glass of water, it's still the exact same phenomenon. The wikipedia page on leidenfrost effect present such instances A good instance of how symmetrical the problem is, if you take two same sized plate, one in hot metal, one in ice. The leidenfrost effect will happen no matter wich one is on top of the other, or which one is in greater quantity. It's just about a cold thing being vaporized when by a hot thing, creating a cushion between them.
Çentoé 7 månader sedan
Simon A Explained in the first 12 seconds
Antonio Quiroz
Antonio Quiroz 7 månader sedan
Hey remember! Safety first. I almost had an heart attack when I saw you pouring the drops (and liquids) without safety glasses.
turtle dog human monkey goat
turtle dog human monkey goat 8 månader sedan
you should make it a rectangle and see if it hits the corner.
Sky Nabess
Sky Nabess 8 månader sedan
using chaos theory , could you predict each particular bouch off the wall of the beaker?
J FORCEuk 8 månader sedan
Why are you wearing gloves?
kuba bob
kuba bob 8 månader sedan
Why Skype???? Lol do what u want because ur smart
Mr. Duane
Mr. Duane 8 månader sedan
I laughed a little too hard when he said "What's amazing about this effect is that it can last almost indefinitely. It's been observed to last for tens of minutes". Here I thought he was going to say it had been observed for days, or even hours. Scientist 1: How long has it been? Scientist 2: 20 minutes. Scientist 1: You mean we've been here tens of minutes? This could go on forever.
Brett 9 månader sedan
0:38 angry Joe reference?
Chris Armstrong
Chris Armstrong 9 månader sedan
WHAT !! - no face shield when playing with liquid nitrogen !! I winced when I saw this.
Zerg 9 månader sedan
First second of the video and i’m already confused. _“lie-den-frost”_, i always thought it was pronounced _”lee-den-frost”_ ... also inverse leidenfrost effect, very cool.
Numbzie 9 månader sedan
"Inverse leidenfrost" my brain: leidenfrost is when something wet forms a barrier of vapor between itself and something hot, effectively protecting it. Inverse leodenfrost then must be something dry getting instantly destroyed by something cold, that'd be a cool video I guess? This video: Not that
Njad Messi11
Njad Messi11 9 månader sedan
Inverse Leiden frost: universe riding your house on you as waves and the stove as droplets.
Cultist Lane
Cultist Lane 9 månader sedan
@5:15 Fingerprints.
The Bearded Boi
The Bearded Boi 9 månader sedan
smart person: discovers super interesting effect/phenomenon some dude: *INVERSED* smart person: -_-
Thomas Lucas
Thomas Lucas 9 månader sedan
You can modify this experiment slightly to demonstrate the pilot wave theory double slit experiment. Just put baffles and two slits in the beaker with the droplet. It demonstrates what a photon would look like if it is a particle riding on a wave as in it might be both and not just one or the other.
eleveendays 9 månader sedan
After spamming it every channel i like. Congratulations Amazon. You got me perma sign the freaking and it is great.
Archit Mundada
Archit Mundada 9 månader sedan
So that's the secret behind Nike's vaporfly🤔🤔
John Z
John Z 10 månader sedan
No Goggles???
Mario Schädel
Mario Schädel 10 månader sedan
Great video! This really made me curious: What happens if you insert bigger droplets? Will they split? How do fluids of different specific weights behave?
combatcello 11 månader sedan
Tony Rod
Tony Rod 11 månader sedan
People carry cats and sometimes eat without washing their hands, and that is why about 11% oh people mare contaminated with toxoplasma.
Gareth Baus
Gareth Baus 11 månader sedan
Kitty cat.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown 11 månader sedan
5:33 proof that science is the work of satan 0_o
Syborg64 11 månader sedan
I think it's important to mention why the droplet follows in the direction of the gas escaping. initially it wouldn't make sense right? equal and opposite reaction; but the fluid simulation shows why. It seems the gas wraps around the droplet and ends up going back in the opposite direction, pushing the droplet in the initial direction on the gas. Great vid bruh, and I'd be interested to see what other aerodynamic effects we could use in combination, for example the magnus effect. that would be lit
Johnny Dollard
Johnny Dollard 11 månader sedan
Why doesn’t the middle beaker boil?
Morgan D
Morgan D År sedan
Is it weird that I think the little droplet looks really cute floating around from minute 3:15 to 3:25?
choochootrain64 År sedan
Anyone else come here because of Aldnoah Zero?
Justice League
Justice League År sedan
I also noticed this on a block of dry ice, so maybe the liquid nitrogen was overkill?
David Ishee
David Ishee År sedan
I assume you meant 10ul rather than 100ul? That pipette only goes up to 25ul.
Rin År sedan
Easy solution. Use three breakers instead of 2
nabinnyc År sedan
I'm often on a cushion of my own vapor.
JaxMerrick År sedan
Taco Bell night?
Rob J
Rob J År sedan
Liquid nitrogen is also really good for shattering t-1000 terminators too
Joshua C.
Joshua C. År sedan
"This episode was supported by viewers like you" The nostalgia of growing up on PBS shows.
T Thung
T Thung 11 månader sedan
Retrosaurus År sedan
Tip of the day: never hold an eppendorf sideways when there is liquid in there. 🤦‍♂️
Richard Salmon
Richard Salmon År sedan
She pwetty she smart she and me make babies who are pwetty and smart and a bit dumb
Michael Erickson
Michael Erickson År sedan
Pepins Spot
Pepins Spot År sedan
Nope. She was a fraud.
reaper reaper
reaper reaper År sedan
Maybe this can be used for transportation. Probaply not on earth, but some other planets are known to have lakes of chemicals that need extreme cold to become liquid, methane is one example. A boat with produces enough heat could maybe navigate the lake this way. It both protects the boat from freezing and it doesn't require external mechanisms on the boat, like a propeller assembly, which will be even harder to keep from freezing outside the boat.
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee År sedan
Should've been wearing safety goggles!
HaloReach65 År sedan
I could feel the awkwardness of that Skype call
Artcore103 År sedan
most beautiful scientist ever? i hope you got her number dude!
Gabriel År sedan
It's cute how you don't know how to use a pipette and def got more than 100 uL hahahah love the video
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith År sedan
0:37 the sound of falling in love.
Stan TheObserver
Stan TheObserver År sedan
So,all those rich people who paid for their heads to be cryogenically frozen the old way are doomed to crystal shards...BUT! If done the new way..people might survive being frozen and stored?
Khan Khan
Khan Khan År sedan
Have you watched smarter everyday video about floating water droplets
Vaishali Jasoria
Vaishali Jasoria År sedan
2:40 "That is cool" Did anyone else heard that?!
T Thung
T Thung 11 månader sedan
nicholas travisano
nicholas travisano År sedan
Water on dry ice would create the same effect
psychodelogen. År sedan
BUt, Why iS THerE a WaVE!?!?!?
Tom F
Tom F År sedan
And if you don't have liquid nitrogene, drop a flake of sodium on water
Wait you can just randomly contact scientists?
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