The Illusion of Truth

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If you repeat something enough times, it comes to feel good and true.
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This episode was inspired by the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.
This video was edited by Daniel Joseph Files, with music from Kevin MacLeod at "Marty Gots a Plan" "Sing Along With Jim" and "Full On".
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Naveen Mathew
Naveen Mathew 11 timmar sedan
Relatively speaking - I feel 14 * 37 to be easier than scrolling through Facebook
Stupid Alex
Stupid Alex 13 timmar sedan
Diversity is our strength
james pong
james pong 17 timmar sedan
I would say, truth is not an illusion but a factual necessity. For example raping a newborn is evil, regardless how liberals of the next decade will try to spin it
james pong
james pong 10 timmar sedan
@Stupid Alex furthermore more I am not talking morality here, but about a true statement, Here's some other, A tall short guy cannot exist Everything inside space-time must have a beginning It's a factual necessity for some things to be true statements
james pong
james pong 10 timmar sedan
@Stupid Alex slave could've been happy, haven't you looked around or in the mirror?
Stupid Alex
Stupid Alex 13 timmar sedan
think about this, is helping a slave escape a factual necessity? What about killing your enemy vs showing mercy? At points in history, we have thought differently
Kp Vats
Kp Vats Dag sedan
Cognitive ease, marking safe, seem appealing, chossing a guess ... have nothing to do with truth. Why the title is Illusion of truth?
pc tellez
pc tellez 3 dagar sedan
👍 you're RIGHT 2:25
Héctor Ricardo De la Cruz Montes
Héctor Ricardo De la Cruz Montes 3 dagar sedan
08:00 He is warning us... This is Extremely Dangerous to Our Democracy
Tohru Bot
Tohru Bot 3 dagar sedan
"What connects these three things? Cottage, swiss, cake." Me: I don't know, Switzerland? "All English speakers know it to be cheese." Me: wtf
Lensbreak Studios
Lensbreak Studios 4 dagar sedan
Im not sure how many really got that last genious sentes hahah
wasilus 4 dagar sedan
Covid is dangerous, covid is dangerous covid is dangerous.... and so on.
makarand nidhalkar
makarand nidhalkar 4 dagar sedan
"The more something is repeated, the more it feels true.." Politicians and media have left the chat...
Makan Tahi
Makan Tahi 4 dagar sedan
yes, that used karađić( war crime) 5 times tell lay and 6. time it become truth
Jared M
Jared M 4 dagar sedan
Seems like a rather applicable video to current political events 😊 thank you!
Chad Howarth
Chad Howarth 5 dagar sedan
"Police are racist." "Police are racist." "Police are racist." "Police are racist." "Police are racist." "Police are racist."
Kamel Mebhah
Kamel Mebhah 5 dagar sedan
I see said the blind man to his deaf daughter
Ekxo11 5 dagar sedan
Fun fact: you stopped the video and you tried to do 14 x 37 in your head fun fact 2: you couldn't and you checked on your calculator
Reality Kicks in
Reality Kicks in 6 dagar sedan
Most truths are merely an agreement. Scientific truth is subject to how strong the hypothesis is that is measured for quality: this is also the biggest downfall for science believers: they believe the hypothesis as gospel after measurement was positive.
Mayank Saxena
Mayank Saxena 6 dagar sedan
To my Indians out there - Randi at 2:18
Marcin Wolski
Marcin Wolski 6 dagar sedan
American scientists proved that people believe everything if you tell them that American scientists proved it.
Srajan Verma
Srajan Verma 6 dagar sedan
Binod feels good..🤣🤣 Any Indian here??😅
Dismythed & JWA
Dismythed & JWA 6 dagar sedan
That is precisely the principle demonstrated by evolutionists and atheists as much as theists. None have scientific proof (except that organization requires an intelligent organizer), but all are victims of their environment. Indeed those with greater exposure to one are more likely to choose it as true (but that is not absolute) even when faced with evidence to the contrary (unless God actually interacts with them as many have claimed while in their right mind. Though, yes, religious delusions are common to the clinically insane, but usually of the narcissistic "I am the messiah" or schizophrenic "God told me to kill him" variety).
HulluHili Kahi
HulluHili Kahi 7 dagar sedan
No kardashians are famous because Kims porn tape is the most viewed video in pornhub
Marc Adler
Marc Adler 7 dagar sedan
"The more something is repeated, the more it starts to feel true." ...terrifyingly true these days.
That Hoser
That Hoser 7 dagar sedan
And I thought it was going to be about truth, not cognitive perception...
Peter Pad
Peter Pad 8 dagar sedan
Daniel Kahneman - Thinking fast and slow. Amazing book.
Nate Deuel
Nate Deuel 8 dagar sedan
repetition legitimizes
chen bayun
chen bayun 8 dagar sedan
So, If I repeat American is safe and free a thou..... wait a minute
Psychobabble rap. This world started going to hell when people started accepting psychology and psychiatry as a valid thing. Nothing more than subjective BS, a way to make money without working for a living and control people and are a useful tool for dictators and despots there's a reason it's called the Arts and not The Sciences.
Matthew Sikora
Matthew Sikora 8 dagar sedan
Here is going to be the real test... I have 4 things that I believe are truth. You can take these things, investigate, and do a video on them, but you will be quickly discarded by the thought police. Your channel will go down, and you will be pushed out of the club. (1) The Moon Landing Hoax. We never landed on the moon, but we are told over and over that we did. It starts when we were kids, will silly books, and then we get it beat into us in schools and other emotional videos. (2) Dinosaurs are not real. The guy who theorized that dinosaurs existed in the 1800s was also the guy who happen to find the first dinosaur bone which an entire skeleton was built around. (3) …? (4) …? If you address these two things, and really check your gut, and actually address these issues... we should discuss further more... but if you want to maintain "cognitive ease" and project ego or anger, just leave a nasty comment below. Also though, seriously, go vegan already. We are herbivores and we know it is wrong to unnecessarily harm animals.
Ditch Weed
Ditch Weed 9 dagar sedan
Thats a liars paradox you just caught yoursel into. If the truth is an illusion then that would be true.
misanthrope 9 dagar sedan
4:09 "Actually that was a trick question, he was born in 1879" AHHH, I see what you did there
schaufel werker
schaufel werker 9 dagar sedan
cs:go chicken!
Ian C Tubman
Ian C Tubman 10 dagar sedan
Now I can justify watching, low contrast '90 like music, as intelligent viewing. Hehe.
ThePilotGear 11 dagar sedan
the more we repeat 'the American election was rigged', the truer it becomes.
thought police, get down!
thought police, get down! 11 dagar sedan
It was pretty creepy when you knew that my brows furrowed
Marc M. Filiuta
Marc M. Filiuta 13 dagar sedan
Let's see: Trump has lost the election Trump has lost the election Trump has lost the election Trump has... nah republicans are immune I guess
John Nemeth
John Nemeth 13 dagar sedan
I did the math in well under a minute. I also spotted the statement about roses being a non-sequiter instantaneously. And, I had to laughed about the conment about the toothbrush as it wasn't that long ago that I last bought a toothbrush and it did take me an in-ordinate amount of time to make a decision. Something which I believe is called analysis paralysis.
YodaWhat 13 dagar sedan
Now, over 4 years later (11 November 2020), this video has 2,564,052 views, but only 97 thousand 'likes'. This seems a very low fraction of 'likes' for a Veritasium video. Could it be due to people not liking the message, and thus not suggesting it to their friends? Other examples of 'familiarty breeds comfort and acceptance' have been replete these past 4 years, in which this video has been (and should have been more) of a cautionary tale. Instead, many people seem much less willing to distinguish truth from fiction, and possibly less able to distinguish truth from fiction. What in the world is going on? Time for another crack at this problem, @Veritasium ?
ITS 13 dagar sedan
I view this as something I can use to be more self-aware. I think many would view this as just another tool to use to sell stuff to people that they don't need, or even want. I may sound like a cynic, but I think I'm being realistic.
sdm465 14 dagar sedan
The dangers of being bombarded by media lies & propaganda.
J. S.
J. S. 14 dagar sedan
I know all about this. My easy first name gives people cognitive ease, and they misspell it more often than my difficult last name.
Yang Cui
Yang Cui 14 dagar sedan
I had cognitive ease with reading the Book of Mormon.
charmerci 14 dagar sedan
For simple, unintelligent people...
charmerci 8 dagar sedan
@Justin S lol, posed as a question. No.
Justin S
Justin S 8 dagar sedan
Like you?
Au Lia
Au Lia 15 dagar sedan
That's how Trump and Modi make fools of their followers
J Denmark
J Denmark 15 dagar sedan
How pertinent for our society today.
Senpai TM
Senpai TM 15 dagar sedan
Kahnerman would be proud
zBarba 15 dagar sedan
6:08 that's why that photo of a cell in the science test was so bad
BARTU ONAT ARIK 16 dagar sedan
great video
SketchUp Style
SketchUp Style 16 dagar sedan
Veritasium: "Brain works with ease when you think about Earth revolving around the Sun" Flatearthers brain: *Explodes*
TLnn 16 dagar sedan
Rosie Puplett
Rosie Puplett 17 dagar sedan
This explains why I love re-reading my favourite books and listening to my favourite music over and over. Super interesting!
Christopher allen sutton
Christopher allen sutton 17 dagar sedan
uhh, what kind of an idiot would take away the goal or the very pint I do research truth means exactness or correctness which is well beyond the range of scientists too many can't agree...
Nathan Clingan
Nathan Clingan 17 dagar sedan
Tttt Tttt
Tttt Tttt 17 dagar sedan
Maybe the more often something is repeated the more important this information seems to the brain, like if it is used often then it is a important thing in the world and knowledge about it is important for survival, so any information that is received about this repeated thing absorbed better? Like, the formation of memory, some things seem to us more important, and therefore information about them is better memorized.
jjagwe dennis
jjagwe dennis 17 dagar sedan
The more I watch this video, the more everything in it sounds true 🙂
Peet Van Staden
Peet Van Staden 17 dagar sedan
This concept is being exploited heavily at the moment. “Fear thy neighbor, stay inside, freedom is putting others at risk. “
Yuul Selv
Yuul Selv 17 dagar sedan
Grace Walker
Grace Walker 17 dagar sedan
I thought this video was BS, then I watched it a bunch more times and started to believe it
A M 18 dagar sedan
the more smth is repeated the more cognitive ease stay vigilant
shakaib khan
shakaib khan 18 dagar sedan
Muller: When was Einstein born? Me after processing that bold answer is used to catch my attention: 1884! Muller: Actually it was trick question, he was born in 1879. Me: ....
v c
v c 18 dagar sedan
i had a test that was printed bad so bad that two answers could have been right at the same time and i did not do better. cognitive strain did not work at all because at the end i had to guess the answer. about 30 paths and i had to get all of the right answers but because i could not read it i failed that part of the test.
Moon Microbe
Moon Microbe 18 dagar sedan
The Cardasians? Aren't they famous for occupying Bajor?
Social Cash
Social Cash 18 dagar sedan
You are so smart!
JayVal90 18 dagar sedan
This is a likely title from a person that works in a field where 80% of their conclusions are eventually proven wrong.
Grace Walker
Grace Walker 17 dagar sedan
As usual a great video but all I got from this is that dumb people are happier than smart people
The Rad Fems
The Rad Fems 18 dagar sedan
This is a valuable finding to bring up in context of discussions about representation in media. When people retort that they do not understand why minorities need to appear in mainstream media, the appropriate answer is "So that your mental model of the world reflects the true prevalence of identities in it. If minorities are neglected by representation, they will seem more foreign and scary without any true logical justification." This also informs why this is such a hard sell though, as producers and network executives are loathe to require hardly any cognitive load of their viewers. It also explains why people who love the show Law and Order are loathe to take discussions of police brutality seriously, while people with first or second hand experiences of police brutality take it's threat very seriously. The media we consume, and the messages that it telegraphs, explicitly or implicitly, inform our mental models. The availability bias is real.
Toq Toq
Toq Toq 19 dagar sedan
6:39; Same for politics by Twitter, Facebook and SVfrom. Harder thinking debunks the easy solutions that some politicians and "retweeters" promise. Significant that this video from 2016, that I saw and liked then, is recommended again 6 november '20 when Donald Trump is ranting over "fraud", "stop counting" and a "stolen victory" after the elections.... Adolf's friend Dr. Joseph already knew how it works: tell a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. And it works best with people who are prejudiced (or just plainly imbecile) already.
Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam
Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam 19 dagar sedan
The more something makes sense the more likely it is to be.
Poupal 19 dagar sedan
Your eyes probably just frowned...... I laughed :/
Tristan Holley
Tristan Holley 19 dagar sedan
Well this video explains the copy quality of school papers....
Dhruv Saxena
Dhruv Saxena 19 dagar sedan
'Why think harder than you have to' - U.S.A
Julius 19 dagar sedan
5:52 The options here are complete overlap, partial overlap and disjointed case of "roses" and "quickly fading". TRUE would imply that "roses" partially or completely overlap with "quickly fading". FALSE would imply that the sets are disjointed. The confusion here is that it is FALSE that from both premises the conclusion follows in the sense that premises are insufficient. However, it is not the case the "some roses are quickly fading" is FALSE in itself. It is more of necessary and sufficient conditions than true and false, and it is FALSE that conditions are sufficient. However, the truth value of "some roses are quickly fading" is not known because we do not know how much they overlap.
shawn burnham
shawn burnham 20 dagar sedan
Neurofied Yamato
Neurofied Yamato 20 dagar sedan
"Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes to truth." -Attributed to Joseph Goebbels
Michael Boucher
Michael Boucher 20 dagar sedan
Who are the Kardashians?
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni 20 dagar sedan
Also veritasum: puts terrible channel name
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni
1281 - Vishwas Kulkarni 20 dagar sedan
That explains why I like an anime intro after like 4-5 episodes
x Boofman
x Boofman 21 dag sedan
even goebbels knew this
Blair Macdonald
Blair Macdonald 21 dag sedan
climate change; cognitive ease
sharmila gantayat
sharmila gantayat 21 dag sedan
The dislikers are advertisers
Mehul Kumar Nirala
Mehul Kumar Nirala 22 dagar sedan
Watching this video many times will make you feel it's true
Conrad Parker
Conrad Parker 22 dagar sedan
420+70+28=490+28=518. Who did it like this?
EveryTimeV2 22 dagar sedan
It ould be that if you are primed to use intuitive thinking first, you will come up with intuitive answers. Whereas something that is unclear and has to be 'resolved' cognitively, rather than being openly taxing, just engages a different mode of thinking. You may intuitively decide which method to resolve a problem depending on it's presentation, not necessarily by its difficulty. For example. It may be harder to challenge intuitive thinking and thus, it may be harder to think about something you 'want' to think about intuitively. Whereas if there is no conflict between these different modes, it is simply easy to think about it.
George Finnegan
George Finnegan 22 dagar sedan
Veritas is now writing all of his physics formulas in old english latin cursive... This also explains why some of the smartest guys cannot explain anything well, because they are comfortable within their own cognitive dissonance which allowed them to solve the problem in the first place
Abel Flores
Abel Flores 23 dagar sedan
This method is what the liberal MSM is using to deceive their viewers about President Trump, The Illusionary Truth Effect
BulukEtznab 23 dagar sedan
That's obviously also the reason, why in Online "Echo Chambers", the craziest things are echoed around so often, that - in the end - many of those inside those "virtual echo chambers" believe them to be true, regardless how crazy and far from reality they are.
Ahmed Essam
Ahmed Essam 23 dagar sedan
It was red It was red It was red It was red It was red It was red It was red It was red
Legendendear 23 dagar sedan
Thats also how propaganda works... Show you something multiple times which is false, but because of cognitive ease, you dont question it.
Jonasz Rybarczyk
Jonasz Rybarczyk 23 dagar sedan
if is hard to read. but it doesn't mean hard to understand the text. if its hard to understand some people won't get the question. MY SHOOL BTW XD
Michel 23 dagar sedan
The Harry Potter book can be replaced by the Bible, the Quran, and many others...
Superman Ohm
Superman Ohm 24 dagar sedan
Media channels repeat one person all the time on all media platforms to showcase their ”....” is a legend, and the truth is the other way around 😀🤣 while, they also do the same practice, to defame the other person 😀🤣 it works on common man!
BangsarRia 24 dagar sedan
Does this explain why Veritasium is my favorite element? And why is the spell checker flagging it?
BangsarRia 24 dagar sedan
Derek, if you're so famous, why have I never heard of you?
rh001YT 24 dagar sedan
"studies" of matters like "cognitive ease" rarely if ever give a good profile of those in the study group. Efforts made to randomize the group being studied (in pyschological studies) does not give extra validation to the outcome, it blurs the outcome. Famous study at two universities via publishing nonsense words in the school newspaper already reduced the study group size to those that bother to read the campus newspaper.
Nethiuz 24 dagar sedan
Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos 24 dagar sedan
Nicholas Meini
Nicholas Meini 24 dagar sedan
Veritasium :"dogs have four legs" Me: Wait, what?! My brain: "cognitive ease feiled" Also me after 3 seconds: wait he's right dogs have 4 legs, WTF! (THAT HAPPENED, FOR REAL)
R#itaban Basak
R#itaban Basak 24 dagar sedan
Thank you sir for making us vigilant.❤️👍🏻
John Gilmour
John Gilmour 25 dagar sedan
Anything that passes your threshold of criticism and rationale becomes fact in your mind
Chris Walker
Chris Walker 25 dagar sedan
J W 25 dagar sedan
Good content. Poorly worded title.
Shaughna Langerak
Shaughna Langerak 26 dagar sedan
Did the questions asked lean positive or negative? I wonder if that could affect results.
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