The Future Of Reasoning

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:
my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants
The extended mind thesis:
MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:
Molecule animations from
"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:
"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8
Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:
Cognitive Niche:,cause%2Dand%2Deffect%20reasoning%20and
Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM
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Master Necro
Master Necro 12 minuter sedan
We choose juries by "random" and lawyers weed out jurors to have more favorable ones on the bench to win cases. Also those jurors are given a crash course of of the law, usually by the prosecutor, so the jurors know enough about the laws in question to come to a reasonable conclusion based on the evidence provided. The average person does not know the ins and outs of every law out there. Likewise the average person does not know enough about the science of weather patterns or how pollution effects it to be the ones to decide what to do about climate change. The average person does not know the psychology of how to treat mental illness to decide laws that effect those that suffer from mental illness. Do you want random people to make decisions about our future? Or would you rather have a collective of experts to make some of those decisions?
Borislimbas 22 minuter sedan
This ABC Burger sounds good tbh
Insomaniac 31 minut sedan
who are the experts in the lottocracy- who controls the essential functions of government. Lottocracy is a nice thought experiment but the unelected power remains
Ryan Robot
Ryan Robot 58 minuter sedan
An important step towards making the world better would also be if we could foster the same love of learing and social responsibility that they had in Athens.
Jordan Lee
Jordan Lee Timme sedan
Your greatest and probably most important video. I hope this message reverberates throughout our story and far in to the future.
One_Pun_Man Timme sedan
This man has looked exactly the same for the last 10 years lol.
Judy Ann Obra
Judy Ann Obra 2 timmar sedan
Youre howtobasic
AnnoyingMoose 2 timmar sedan
A society that governs itself not by electing individuals or groups but by making ordinary citizens serve on a committee like a jury?!? As a script writer I have to say that this is a GREAT idea...for a movie!!
CheeseBirds 2 timmar sedan
I just dont know
JoelRiter 2 timmar sedan
Well, as a human being I feel fine subbing from vsauce for their collaboration with the Gates foundation. Kinda goes against the goals of art and science... Also just being a basic human being.
Benjamin Heasly
Benjamin Heasly 2 timmar sedan
Spock didn't have to be right, he just had to convince Kirk.
Romidla 2 timmar sedan
As far my favorite!
Ash Samuel
Ash Samuel 2 timmar sedan
I wish you and I were friends Michael.
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia 3 timmar sedan
v sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tim Qiu
Tim Qiu 3 timmar sedan
One of the OG educational youtubers. Never lost his style, yet never fell into stagnancy. Content only got better with time. Thanks for teaching us all where "proper teachers" failed bigtime.
Jelique Edward
Jelique Edward 3 timmar sedan
So Micheal takes ayahuasca a while back, probably cracked his third eye juuust enough, and has now gotten to the point where he realizes that the mind goes beyond just the brain. Nice 🤔
zlodeymk 4 timmar sedan
Wow. I've chugged all of this and this is amazing. Michael has a very very high IQ. I'm happy to be able to relive his levels of understanding. UPD: FINISHED GOD THIS IS UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING PIECE OF THOUGHT
Brandon Latchman
Brandon Latchman 4 timmar sedan
lol image Michael goes spiritual
Lako Zor
Lako Zor 5 timmar sedan
EPic! Love from Grece.
CasT Foolish
CasT Foolish 5 timmar sedan
Nobody: My tinder bio: 00:40
Jack 6 timmar sedan
watched this half asleep and helped me take a 3 hour nap, very swag
Jfkat 4703
Jfkat 4703 6 timmar sedan
society is one giant bee hive
Denis Parfilko
Denis Parfilko 6 timmar sedan
You know it's a Bruh Moment when Bill Gates says "Big Media Bad"
Maksym Tarnowski
Maksym Tarnowski 6 timmar sedan
I love how he intentionally feeds the Vsouce out of context content creators
Awesome Data
Awesome Data 7 timmar sedan
This was an excellent video -- Thanks so much for it. -- I've never even heard of a "lottocracy" mentioned mainstream until now. However, given the "jelly beans in a jar" example plus social reasoning, it makes incredible sense for a government like this. D:
Fallen Creed
Fallen Creed 7 timmar sedan
Jerwinskates 8 timmar sedan
The world is not a logic puzzle but it helps to have the understanding of what logic is. That introduction looked like you were trying to passively incorporate politics in your video.
Collyn Christopher Brenner
Collyn Christopher Brenner 8 timmar sedan
Group deliberation sounds like a great idea until everyone starts thinking the same way due to pathological reasoning (Group Think) - which can happen quite easily if we unite based on what we hate as a knee-jerk reaction and never apply critical thought (or common sense) to what we've done, aka, take up responsibility. This not to mention the motivating factors to preserve one's public reputation which sacrifices good reasoning for short-term gain instead of long-term, which are self-concerned and not group-concerned. I like what Michal presents and I've learned from him, however, he also brings up something that many intellectuals are getting at which renders them to the same problem mentioned at the beginning of the video: that we don't know the full extent of the consequences of our actions and probably never will be able to. I feel as though the reasoning used in this video gives too much of a justification for emotional reasoning instead of logical reasoning. No, the world isn't a logic puzzle, but you need both logic and empathy in their respective areas integrated with each other properly so that we can succeed in the long-term, and I believe this starts with listening to Jesus's words which is the best news we could hope for. We should never think we have it all figured out because we can't. We are ultimately powerless as to the future of humanity because of our sin. We need someone to save us from that first.
Joshua Hansen
Joshua Hansen 8 timmar sedan
They may say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one. Perhaps one day they will join us. And world will live as one.
julien hendrickx
julien hendrickx 8 timmar sedan
it's funny how the fench intellectual Etienne Chourd is trying to popularize this idea of lottocracy in France for years now but is cencored by leftist acusing him of alt-right position.
J R C 8 timmar sedan
This makes me question everything
Geekspeak10 8 timmar sedan
If u talk about abolishing cows I’m out
Ben Green
Ben Green 9 timmar sedan
Fun anecdote: I used the fact that the average of the guesses on the number of jelly beans in a jar tends to be better than any of the guesses themselves to win a jar of jelly beans. The guesses were not hidden, so I eliminated outliers and averaged the rest. This value was off by 3 beans.
Megan Combs
Megan Combs 10 timmar sedan
i would guess 0 for the jellybeans jar so, good luck with your crowd wisdom!
Kahlin Walker
Kahlin Walker 10 timmar sedan
Lottocracy sounds awesome, but it seems it would take a miracle to suggest, let alone establish such a government.
Butcher 11 timmar sedan
Please do a video about housing expansion and moving people from neighborhoods to cities and countries. Do people move to the north or south with a miniature research? I would love to watch your explanation
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 9 timmar sedan
Of course someone is looking at someone married. But for another reason. There is no way to position these 3 lads in a way that everyone can only see one person.
Sean 12 timmar sedan
My dream was always that we reduced the workweek to 4 days and the fifth day is Democracy Day, where folks gather to discuss ideas and current events.
ohno 13 timmar sedan
Oh darn, Bill “Epstein Flight Logs” Gates has corrupted poor Vsauce, there is an imposer amoogus
Deirdre Kylie
Deirdre Kylie 13 timmar sedan
It's very hard to reason about and absorb such fascinating and sophisticated information about hyper objects and reason while a presenter carries on in such an overexcited manner. Give the audience credit - we're interested enough to watch in the first place. It's not necessary to keep our monkey-derived brains captivated with monkey like hyperactive presentations. This interesting video works against itself with this condescending presentation style. Jingling the shiny keys too much keeps us from actually looking at the keys. I think we who are interested in topics like reasoning and the complexity of contemporary society and hyperobjects needn't that much help staying interested. This is a fascinating subject so I still give a thumbs up. I wish there was a calm, no background music version so my logic and reason could stay better engaged.
Insanityltself 13 timmar sedan
He didnt ask me where my fingers were but its close enough.
suburbans nation
suburbans nation 14 timmar sedan
Once you involved that bastard BILL GATES; I STOPPED WATCHING YOUR VIDEOS !!! YOu capitalist bastard !
Colm Whelan
Colm Whelan 14 timmar sedan
What was the epic guitar riff?
Tiget 14 timmar sedan
To anyone watching this in the future: *I am telling you that there was a global pandemic in the years 2020-2021* *Or was there?*
Ali Elmoussa
Ali Elmoussa 14 timmar sedan
his introduction "hey, vsauce" bothers me alot. hes a cool guy tho
Clay 14 timmar sedan
My source? It came to me in a dream
XVVI 15 timmar sedan
I'm late. My apologies ladies and gentlemen, I wasn't aware that our semi-annual Vsauce convention was scheduled to take place 2 weeks earlier than expected.
Terry 15 timmar sedan
I love abc burgers their hot dogs are really great
Oliver Quinn
Oliver Quinn 15 timmar sedan
It all comes down to typography 23:50 🤦‍♂️
PiGeOn_ThE_bRiT 15 timmar sedan
hey, let me know if you're watching this in say, 5 years time
Anon Anon
Anon Anon 15 timmar sedan
Of course someone is looking at someone married. But for another reason. There is no way to position these 3 lads in a way that everyone can only see one person.
Anon Anon
Anon Anon Timme sedan
@Sarah Neil good point
Sarah Neil
Sarah Neil 7 timmar sedan
I mean, you could put Peter in the back of a room and put a small window/hole on the other end. Mary looks through the window and sees Peter, and Paul is looking at Mary from the side and is unable to see into the room
Activehamster 15 timmar sedan
16.9m subscribers. Now micheal is officially a cool kid 😎
Jacob Cunningham-Bell
Jacob Cunningham-Bell 15 timmar sedan
Our great filter will be our deficit in true spirituality, or connection with the divine
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache 16 timmar sedan
Vsauce : Everything i say in my videos is TRUE....... ............or is it?! (dramatically lift eyebrows)
IronMonkeyPimp 16 timmar sedan
anyone know what watch he is wearing ?
nikOLAS1322 16 timmar sedan
You ignore the dimension of politics! You miss a fundamental distinction. Reasoning about the natural world is different than reasoning about a social issue. The first can be scientific and the second is subjective and political by nature.
Profile Chech
Profile Chech 16 timmar sedan
There is a problem with wisdom of a crowd: they also need to know subject well, not just random it
ElsYT 17 timmar sedan
That intro was perfectly smooth. Jumping in at the start of the first beat bump (speaking of syncronization).
deli meat
deli meat 18 timmar sedan
yay,,,, with t e e t h
eladentopistevo 18 timmar sedan
UBER awesome!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Really
Fabian Akbar Nugraha
Fabian Akbar Nugraha 19 timmar sedan
The future of reasoning is that it will become the next great filter, not our chaotic economy, not the state of the government, not even the state of our planet, but our own human psyche. The great filter almost feels like a rite of passage into adulthood. When we think of becoming an adult we often think about responsibilities, relationships, copulation, when it almost feels like a huge test. For the past few years you've been through as a child you've accumulated many knowledge and gone through many experience that will eventually solidify you as a "person" in adulthood, but not without passing through a FILTER. What that filter is can vary from one person to another but it mostly boils down to facing your worst enemy, yourself. When a child is pointed out a major flaw about themselves they often choose to ignore it or flat out deny it. An adult will come face to face with their flaw and either fix it or use it to their advantage, forwarding their status from child to adult. They've made it past the FILTER. The human has many built in features that helps them survive and will eventually serve as their own filter. Reasoning is the an evolutionary advancement to cope with human's (then) biggest problem, another human. Reasoning allows multiple highly intelligent species to coexist. But most coping mechanisms don't last long and eventually become another big source of problem. We've become biased, from being used to tie us together, reasoning evolved to turn us more individualistic than ever. The media was made to tie more people together than ever before, the internet is no different. And just like how media evolved to become a source to spread people's individualism (different brands, companies, etc), the internet went from a source for many people to seek answers to a place where many individuals to share their own biased answers. So we've established that reasoning is the great filter, today it's used to sharpen individuals instead of bringing them together, resulting in infinite amounts of different individuals making it harder for us to come to a common conclusion, instead it makes us come up with our conclusions. From different countries with different cultures, to different individuals with numerous amounts of biased beliefs and traits. And as you said, the way we can pass through this filter is we have to look back to the roots of reasoning. And instead of trying to fix it or purge it, we have to use it to our advantage. Fixing it means we have to select very, very, very few people to become the source of solution and answer. Using it to our advantage means that our different opinions and beliefs can be used as a legitimate option to decide how society moves forward Whatever the solution might be, we can't stay as how we are now. Different opinions and beliefs causes conflicts. These conflicts are our doom when the solution is made by the wrong people. In our state, it feels like we're a child that's given a plasma rifle gun(reasoning). We either can be childish and toy with it and eventually kill ourselves accidentally or on purpose, or we can grow up and act responsibly. Another perspective to consider, becoming an adult means you are responsible for all the knowledge you've accumulated throughout your childhood. We can either use reasoning responsibly, or let it be our own destruction.
Tobias Grijsen
Tobias Grijsen 19 timmar sedan
The idea of a random group of people elected, was an idea i came up with like 2 years ago... A group of 1000 people shifting every say week or month, where there are people from different parts of the industry, health care etc, just a group of people and their judgement, together finding an option or recommendation.. Sounds Good, loved the video Michael!
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 19 timmar sedan
"hey vsauce, Michael here. Where is your mind?" *Cue The Pixies guitar intro*
Verde Lima
Verde Lima 19 timmar sedan
Returning responsabilities to people, not giving your own power to someone else. That would be cool
scoot 19 timmar sedan
24:50 the captions _"suggets"_
tobmewyou 19 timmar sedan
we dont agree cause garbage makes money quick. And the money continues to make garbage> simple and plain reasoning and logic. Cognition to speak up! yup crowd! reasoning! and no name no face no corporation. we wanna our nickels and dimes for the work we do to recycles. nano biocidal genocidal masked pollution invasion. climate change my ass! free to choose to be free
Dyllan Anderson
Dyllan Anderson 19 timmar sedan
"An oligarchy is government by only a small number of people." Ah yes, the electoral college.
tobmewyou 19 timmar sedan
ontario doesnt even give a can its nickleback give me a break
Raif Barrett
Raif Barrett 20 timmar sedan
I know, if people would just love Jesus, everything would be great. People, am I right?
Alyssa Fanella
Alyssa Fanella 20 timmar sedan
Is there a reason why so many people dislike Bill Gates other than the fact that he’s wealthy? I was under the impression that this dude is the reason why so much of our scientific research and global health projects get funded, am I wrong? I’m just genuinely curious why I hear so many people particularly in my college-aged group say that he’s evil, and if someone could explain that would be fabulous.
Red 3D
Red 3D Timme sedan
I mean he is certainly no saint... but the main points against him are some conspiracy bullshit
Holy_Aura 20 timmar sedan
Hey Michael the reason why we haven’t found intelligent life beyond earth is because the invasion already happened a very long time ago
Spaze Man1234
Spaze Man1234 20 timmar sedan
For the people in 2050 Australia was on fire
Solgato Blogopogo
Solgato Blogopogo 20 timmar sedan
Switch to Vandana Shiva!
Klishé 21 timme sedan
Y como queres que hagamos para cambiar las cosas si los que toman las decisiones y tienen todo el poder nunca lo van a querer soltar? Los guillotinamos a todos y listo? O sea si concordamos entre todos que esa es la que va yo la banco pero bueno, hagamos un meet, algo.
Marcus D
Marcus D 21 timme sedan
Hello person from the future in SVfrom’s recommended videos
Anas Zahid
Anas Zahid 21 timme sedan
Did anyone else notice he's watch dissappearing and reappearing?
Ian Gibbons
Ian Gibbons 21 timme sedan
This man really knows how to use eyebrows...or...DOES he?...
Baactiba 22 timmar sedan
My gosh, a VSAUCE upload, ON MY BIRTHDAY!?!?
rose ッ
rose ッ 23 timmar sedan
Hello future humans... or
Andrew Burrow
Andrew Burrow 23 timmar sedan
Great to see some recognition of The Enigma of Reason which is a fantastic book
RKK /\
RKK /\ Dag sedan
15:36 features or self preservation for sure
Rani Lumbansiantar
Rani Lumbansiantar Dag sedan
Silver fox boi
Silver fox boi Dag sedan
Whats a way to contact Michael, being messages directed to you get deleted within minutes.
RarestSpark 2
RarestSpark 2 Dag sedan
Did he just solve America?
60FPS Dag sedan
up to 2:50, alot of this is because of civilization and advancement. we need to live in a natural ecosystem and stop paving. or atleast be more efficient with how it is done. farming is also bad, we need to replant trees and fruit and whatever else we can and take down fences and either build houses or dig / inhabit caves. technology is fun but doesnt work, coming from someone who spends days playing games or thinking about things like that. how we can increase efficiency. i knew there would be a modern global despair based on population density. tdlr cities = detroit, towns = weird dystopian slums that a rock star grew up in the 70s. basically if you take I-50 from Kansas City to Saint Louis, and you go anywhere other than generally sightseeing highways, you have entered a new world. NEVER go to the lake of the OZARKS, (the 200 year old graveyards are irrelevant due to sediment and water pressure) but NOT fish, motor oil, exhaust fume, BOTTLES OF UNDILUTED weed killer that is supposed to be a cup to a gallon or 2.. i didnt want to sound like a conspiracist so i cut the part about how white collar tourism people hide that around the us. but nobody knows theres ecoli, fresh dead bodies, plenty of big aggressive fish, and all of the diverse types of pollution you need. ('NT!)
Arturo E. R. C.
Arturo E. R. C. Dag sedan
Insane good content as always 👍
a human
a human Dag sedan
This is quite possibly your greatest work
Lama Su
Lama Su Dag sedan
All these dummies in the comments trying to act smart.
Ciornyj Vrot
Ciornyj Vrot Dag sedan
" When will Vsauce run out of introduction originality "Hey, Vsauce, Michael here." "
Daniel Nwakaihe
Daniel Nwakaihe Dag sedan
"This guy don't miss"
August_ZE_dumlump fortnite playah
August_ZE_dumlump fortnite playah Dag sedan
im losing brain cells or am i
Luqrative Entertainment
Luqrative Entertainment Dag sedan
i like this topic so much, i watch this video more than 5 time
Quadstar Design
Quadstar Design Dag sedan
6:40 That was the most "conservative" reasoning for a "liberal" movement I have ever heard.
Shwifty Blot
Shwifty Blot Dag sedan
⚡️Techno Cyber Sapienz💠🪐
marshallhwa Dag sedan
tell that to israel and palestain
Ryan Bird
Ryan Bird Dag sedan
You really want to learn about the mind, go watch Bob Proctor. This Bill Gates shill is the SVfrom version of MSM. He'll heave information at you, but provide nothing of real value.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Dag sedan
When was the last time.... you slept?
Koen Ahn
Koen Ahn Dag sedan
Mary is divorced
El Tomas
El Tomas Dag sedan
Clearly this channel and it's mouthpiece has sold out to climate propaganda. Unsubscribe from this nonsense and subscribe to real science.
Snowjunkie Dag sedan
Realistically a better model would be one employing lotteries for certain positions, but where the foundation of the system as a whole is people deliberating as a group about issues, and working as a group to tackle problems and make policy.
SkyDiggityDive Dag sedan
Everyone who disliked the video all went to watch Ben Shapiro
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