The First Celsius Thermometer

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Celsius never devised nor used the scale that now bears his name.
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More info about Celsius and temperature scales:
References for this video:
A History of the Thermometer and its uses in Meteorology by W. E. Knowles Middleton
Absolute Zero and the Conquest of Cold by Tom Shachtman
The Science of Measurement, A Historical Survey by Herbert Arthur Klein
Lehrbuch der Chemie by Jöns Jakob Berzelius
Special Thanks to the Uppsala University Museum
I filmed this in Uppsala in the summer of 2012! So I've been thinking about this idea for a very long time. I'm glad to finally have it out there in the world.

omid Gholizadeh Mojaveri
omid Gholizadeh Mojaveri 13 timmar sedan
Anyone can enlighten me regarding higher temperatures? How do we measure melting temperature of steel ( I know with light and so on) but how do we relate temperature to the light?
Sushybar 23
Sushybar 23 11 dagar sedan
Celcius making his experiments Celsius: lemme see... water boils at 100⁰ Me and freezes at 0⁰ Me *rich laughtin*
Baguette&Tofu 13 dagar sedan
Then comes certain countries who are still using _Fahrenheit_ Bleugh
berliner 18 dagar sedan
6:40 Mishap: Water doesn't consistently freeze at 0,0001°C but melts then. Liquids often don't have a freezing point, but get subcooled without condensation seeds.
Stormin' Norvin
Stormin' Norvin 18 dagar sedan
This is an excellent video! The information is very precise. So many articles online have the history wrong. As a USA citizen, I recently ordered 3 Celsius outdoor thermometers from Russia with 0 in the middle going up to 50 and going down to 50. I had never seen the Celsius temperature scale represented in this way. I could easily live with it now. I think a lot of kids in school here in the USA now get more exposure to both the metric system and Celsius temperature scale. Perhaps in a few decades the USA will go fully in on both which it should.
jerrymyahzcat 19 dagar sedan
FYI it’s just Kelvin. Not degrees Kelvin as you said a couple of times.
Tire and Wheel Master
Tire and Wheel Master 19 dagar sedan
"are you kidding me?" "or.....are you?" " kidding?"
mehmud 19 dagar sedan
Farenheit is useless... celcius is best and we able to relate to it easily...
Bowie Twombly
Bowie Twombly 20 dagar sedan
Fahrenheit is a better system of measurement for casual layman purposes, and Kelvin is a better system for scientific measurements. Celsius is irrelevant, change my mind.
Dennis Bo Petersen
Dennis Bo Petersen 20 dagar sedan
The C stands for съюз нерушим
Joseph Brown
Joseph Brown 20 dagar sedan
"There is no objectively good reason for preferring an ascending scale over a descending one." But there is an absolute lowest possible temperature (0°K) and no upper limit*, so it makes sense to count upwards. Granted, this was not know in Celsius' time. *As temperature continues to increase with the addition of energy, there is, _in principle_, an upper limit: when all of the energy of the universe has been harnessed. However, this is not attainable, and I do not think we have a guess as to how much available energy there even is.
TheLongIslandGuy 20 dagar sedan
Please say based on not based off.
Christoph Rackwitz
Christoph Rackwitz 24 dagar sedan
and in 2019 they abandoned the triple point and simply defined the Kelvin in terms of Joules and the Boltzmann constant: "The kelvin, symbol K, is the SI unit of thermodynamic temperature. It is defined by taking the fixed numerical value of the Boltzmann constant k to be 1.380649×10^−23 when expressed in the unit J ⋅ K^−1, which is equal to kg ⋅ m^2 ⋅ s^−2 ⋅ K^−1, where the kilogram, metre and second are defined in terms of h, c and ΔνCs."
katzda 24 dagar sedan
I didnt get how water can reliably define temperature regardless of ambient pressure.. I must have heard it wrong..
mehmud 19 dagar sedan
temperatures are relative to water... because you 0 degress doesn't tell you what? If I just 4KM, would you that make any sense? if I say 4KM from Point A, that would make sense, similary 0 degress from water at freezing point, means temprature is equal to water's freezing point, number is just a calculation to figure stuff out, and yes you heard it wrong because calculatin to be independent of pressure is taken as constant, because pressure will affect freezing point
RUSapache 28 dagar sedan
"70 km north of Stockholm" (Shows south of Stockholm)
NFSHeld Månad sedan
There is maybe a reason to have a higher number for a higher temperature (and it's funny to image we'd say "lower temperature" when it got warmer if the scale was still flipped). Temperature is a measurement of energy, while "coldness" in itself doesn't exist, it's just the absence of thermal energy. You have to add energy to a system to increase the temperature, and you have to remove energy from a closed system to lower the temperature. I think it's nice that you can convert energy usage and temperature change with positive coefficients.
Griffie Månad sedan
6th Grade Teachers: You know what ima show my kids this
M3h3ndr3 Månad sedan
Lol, a thermometer based on the melting point of butter, THAT sounds like an american thing xD
Xwtek Månad sedan
Note: celsius is no longer defined as the triple point of water. It's now defined as making boltzmann constant a fixed value
Digital Gorilla
Digital Gorilla Månad sedan
Whilst at school, I remember temperature measurements that we were taught changed in name from Centigrade to Celsius. That was in the 80's, long after 1948 so I'll blame that lag on the British educational system and the cost of school books 😂
SexDrugsNpostprod Månad sedan
Veritasium/Vsauce fan fiction !
distico Månad sedan
Or C as in Centigrade
mehmud 19 dagar sedan
centigrade, no such thing exists
The Review
The Review Månad sedan
All I got out of this was that Michael was wrong in the beginning
El Cid Gaming
El Cid Gaming Månad sedan
I remember centigrade still being used. Tbh I just recently made aware that C stands for celsius
P1geonboi Månad sedan
v sauce making me feel v saucy
ALi RAZA Månad sedan
can we have a video on Kelvin too ?? leave a like if you're watching this in 2020
Degeneracy Månad sedan
Wouldn't the first guy(predating Celsius) also realize the water constant and why he made it?
Niklas Nilsson
Niklas Nilsson Månad sedan
4:15 Jacob Berzelius was swedish, not german.
david banan
david banan Månad sedan
HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHA, i love english speaking people try to pronunce swedish words
Bence Vörös
Bence Vörös Månad sedan
That feeling when you know something that Michael didn't.
lumps Månad sedan
I want to see the world where it was referred to as 20 degrees Carl
Thruster McBuster
Thruster McBuster Månad sedan
Sorry I don’t speak Celsius can someone translate this to Fahrenheit for me
DarthAlphaTheGreat Månad sedan
@3:33 Jeans Pierre Polnareff?! Oh wait, wrong person.
Joshua Goodwin
Joshua Goodwin Månad sedan
fahrenheit is better. i’m not a pot of water
mehmud 19 dagar sedan
only for americans, just like english is better for you.. else Celsius is more relatable to us because since childhood we used Celsius for everything and all measurements as well
Dylan Mandy
Dylan Mandy Månad sedan
Donbros Månad sedan
I like that celsius make sense for us earth people. I know that some aliens will not be happy that not nh4 is measured or smth, but it is ok for us people
Lak3 Månad sedan
Did you just 'Or is it' Michael?
Measly Furball
Measly Furball 2 månader sedan
I'm going to be the only dweeb in the comments section thinking about this, but the background music used during the explanation has the EXACT SAME percussion as the theme from Halo Reach. I couldn't focus on the video because of it. I can't be the only one, right?
Koustubh Jain
Koustubh Jain 2 månader sedan
Veritasium : Celsius is the universal scale SI units : Hold my kelvin
Rudolf Wickond
Rudolf Wickond 2 månader sedan
Body temperature would have been a very good reference point too. As thermometers could be calibrated to this anywhere in the world. And freezing temperatures only in the North in winter.
Jesse 2 månader sedan
Its "Jean-Pierre Christin" tho
Heberto Alarcón Guillèn
Heberto Alarcón Guillèn 2 månader sedan
If visauce didn't answer well, all hope is lost
PrdxlDrm 2 månader sedan
I noticed SVfrom recently started recommending me Veritasium videos (including this one) but with the titles and descriptions translated in French (I live in QC, Canada), though of course the videos' content is still in English. Is that a new SVfrom feature or is this channel trying to get more views in some specific markets?
kein name
kein name 2 månader sedan
2:19 I don't agree, because if something gets larger, more or heavier, it's counted upwards... 1 apple, 2 apples - 1 Meter, 2 Meters, 5kg is lighter than 10kg... So it makes sense that something hotter is described by a bigger number than something cold.
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 3 månader sedan
English: What is the temperature? Google Translate to Swedish: Hur kallt är det? Back to English: How cold is it?
knight of the dark glyphs
knight of the dark glyphs 3 månader sedan
The Two Living Legends: T: Veritasium. T: Vsauce. L: Vsauce. L: Veritasium.
Nari1102 Månad sedan
Arjun Arun
Arjun Arun 3 månader sedan
What is this? a crossover episode?
iNqtural 3 månader sedan
Your Swedish pronunciation...
Boris 3 månader sedan
Thank you i never knew that
Joselito XD
Joselito XD 3 månader sedan
845 Americans don't like this video
DA PHENOMENALS 3 månader sedan
Or is it, veritasium used it🤣
Sarika mishra
Sarika mishra 3 månader sedan
So, matches burn at -600 degree Celsius or 700 degree Christin
phorzer32 3 månader sedan
Kelvin avoided negative numbers complete....
Christian T. G.
Christian T. G. 3 månader sedan
4:17 the book says it's translated from Swedish though :P
Osmium Soul
Osmium Soul 3 månader sedan
and the boiling point of water isn't dubious or arbitrary? The arrogance of "Scientist's"
Djordje Oljaca
Djordje Oljaca 2 månader sedan
VicVanProphet 3 månader sedan
Christopher Ellis
Christopher Ellis 3 månader sedan
Centigrade. Réaumure
mark ans
mark ans 3 månader sedan
oh how i hate homework
Lumberjack king the great
Lumberjack king the great 3 månader sedan
The best temperature scale
Abdi osman
Abdi osman 3 månader sedan
"Or is it?" Love the Vsauce reference 😂
Idae Chop
Idae Chop 4 månader sedan
3:33 Ah, the predecessor of Jean Pierre Polnareff
Reza NK
Reza NK 4 månader sedan
Yes, the Cientists
Per Hammarström
Per Hammarström 4 månader sedan
It is time to drop Fahrenheit. Period!
Richard 5 månader sedan
wow amazing how he signed it saying it was the first ever thermometer, knowing it would end up in a museum one day. Give me a break.
Семир Ерджан
Семир Ерджан 5 månader sedan
Me: sees that 10 celsius have 5 centimeters distance between them My brain: lets use celsius for inches instead Me: why Brain: JUST DO IT
Kyo Shiroma
Kyo Shiroma 5 månader sedan
Centigrade till I died!!!!
Madison O
Madison O 5 månader sedan
Sometimes I honestly forget I know German and I get surprised when I suddenly realize I understand text or someone speaking lol
Priyanshu Baranwal
Priyanshu Baranwal 5 månader sedan
Can you make a video on first Kelvin scale?
Gyan Guard English
Gyan Guard English 5 månader sedan
Jorben Noten
Jorben Noten 5 månader sedan
Wait vsauce was wrong
林 勇
林 勇 6 månader sedan
0:28 music name?
Gabbeloa08 6 månader sedan
I'm Swedish by the way
XATTAK Z28 6 månader sedan
In Italy we say both Celsius and centigrade thermometer ( gradi centigradi)
Tamás Tasi
Tamás Tasi 6 månader sedan
Andre Gon
Andre Gon 6 månader sedan
6:40 I use the C for cock.
Henry Lee
Henry Lee 6 månader sedan
I was waiting for “HEY Vsauce”
lucas gonzalez aleman
lucas gonzalez aleman 6 månader sedan
In Argentina we use centigrade....
spadaacca 6 månader sedan
Just use farenheit like normal people
Djordje Oljaca
Djordje Oljaca 2 månader sedan
Americans thinking the world revolves around them, oh the irony!
MagmaBlitz648 4 månader sedan
7 billion people would disagree with your definition of normal
BGuy 6 månader sedan
3:50 sad Portuguese noises :(
Achintya Sharma
Achintya Sharma 6 månader sedan
lineaeus is the ugliest scientist i had ever seen
Some Player
Some Player 6 månader sedan
When Michael starts rubbing off on Derek Derek: This is the first celsius thermometer......... or is it? 0:44
Ian Mc
Ian Mc 6 månader sedan
The most amazing part of the US refusing to change to the metric system is that the country was founded on the concept of change is now terrified to change.
Abhinav Sandeep
Abhinav Sandeep 6 månader sedan
0:41 When Veritasium said ‘or is it’ I thought he’d become into Micheal version 2😂😂😂😂
joax 3 månader sedan
michael said the "or is it" not veritasium :))
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang 7 månader sedan
Wait so if grade meant 1/100th of a right angle does centigrade mean 1/10,000th of a right angle or 1 right angle?
Matthias Hartge
Matthias Hartge 7 månader sedan
Why was Kelvin defined by setting the tripple point to such an odd number? I thought it took the temperature difference of one degree from Celsius and placed the zero mark at the absolute zero point...
Nithin Sai
Nithin Sai 7 månader sedan
Never thought thermometers would get me excited
Umbrella Corporation
Umbrella Corporation 7 månader sedan
Fahrenheit will prevail
Djordje Oljaca
Djordje Oljaca 2 månader sedan
No it wont
Jonty Roscoe
Jonty Roscoe 7 månader sedan
hey vsauce
Womtek 7 månader sedan
Lived in Uppsala last year, went to that place with this thermoneter....I thought about this video! :)
Tobias Görgens
Tobias Görgens 7 månader sedan
5:28 well, the melting point depends on the pressure, have a look here: It's just a really small difference at these low pressure differences, therefore not important here.
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen 2 månader sedan
Water is unique in this regard, where the melting point increases as pressure decreases. Most substances do the exact opposite.
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen 2 månader sedan
That's why the triple point and freezing point of water are not exactly the same. And why Kelvin is defined with the triple point at 273.16 K, even though the Celsius to Kelvin conversion has an offset of 273.15 K.
Luca esnho Moroni
Luca esnho Moroni 7 månader sedan
Here in Italy everyone says centigradi 😂
Deependra Singh Saharan
Deependra Singh Saharan 8 månader sedan
*oR iS iT?*
Rilquer Mascarenhas
Rilquer Mascarenhas 8 månader sedan
Where is the music in the beginning of the video from? I feel like I know it from a game I play a lot
Sanya Svirin
Sanya Svirin 8 månader sedan
Could it be that the reason they chose Celsius as the alternate name is that both degrees Centigrade and degrees Celsius shortens to °C?
Kevin James Stevens
Kevin James Stevens 8 månader sedan
0:30 samonella music
leon3230 8 månader sedan
It’s 15ºCommunity here
Firman Cahyadi
Firman Cahyadi 8 månader sedan
Veritasium and Vscaue1
TMP Playzz
TMP Playzz 8 månader sedan
C is for consistency (unless when it isn't lol)
Fufu Fang
Fufu Fang 8 månader sedan
There is a reason for temperature scale to go up as it get hotter - you get more movement in the molecules.
Woodchop 8 månader sedan
witch craft! long live Fahrenheit.
Billy Russell
Billy Russell 7 månader sedan
ewww just... why??? what is 0? what is 10? what is 100??? why does it matter it’s is so subjective who would ever want to use it??
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