The fastest Uber Eats & Foodora riders in the world

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INFO: Critical met with the fastest Uber Eats and Foodora riders in Sweden. We met to make a video with @Pensionärsligan kanal We sat down and had a really good talk. You can hear Sandeep tell you about his success story in the intro, from India to Sweden, and his love for bikes. After the talk there is a longer video where you can go along for a ride with Sandeep and his friend as they deliver food in the best manner. Follow other good riders @Skoovby skoovby and jesper.pellijeff84

EC 19 minuter sedan
Most badass in the youtube and i fkn love it amk
J1MMYD2597 3 timmar sedan
Cars if you can get these vs police it would be great Chevy camaro Toyota supra Mercedes benz g wagon BMW 760il or m8 Lexus is Golf R Skoda VRS Kia stinger Renault megane or clio RS
DERTYUH877 8 timmar sedan
bro thats epic
Brian Bonaro
Brian Bonaro Dag sedan
Sa Ss
Sa Ss Dag sedan
Fyfan va tråkig video, synd bara att du var så girig och blåste highway grabbarna, Einar är mer äkta än detta..
Critical 20 timmar sedan
Berätta mer, vad hade jag gjort 😂
flex zone
flex zone 2 dagar sedan
I can't believe I'm watching this for free!!
J4 3 dagar sedan
2 white indis intresting
Marcus Hurtig
Marcus Hurtig 3 dagar sedan
efter analyserat videon så har jag gjort slutsatsen att de verkligen inte tar den snabbaste vägen. vilka amatörer
10.000 ПОДПИСЧИКОВ БЕЗ ВИДЕО 3 dagar sedan
Читающий: найдет 100 р 💸 Лайкнувший: 500 р 💵 Мой подписчик: $1000 💰🙂 Подпишись бро :)!
666BMW666 4 dagar sedan
Drinks be all over the place haha
Jamie Mc
Jamie Mc 5 dagar sedan
This ain't Moist Critical
Size ne yaw 47
Size ne yaw 47 5 dagar sedan
vi jobbade mycket hårdare i Turkiet på samma sätt
PEPETHERUSSIAN 5 dagar sedan
These guys would deliver the food before u even order it
ImmvrtalzZ 5 dagar sedan
It’s honestly best if you get a salad because it’s gonna be all mixed up from all the wheelies
Bluzilla 7 dagar sedan
You guys are true legends
ejstyle elytsje
ejstyle elytsje 7 dagar sedan
What bike is the green one?
Chimmy 8 dagar sedan
Need a part 2
Henrik 8 dagar sedan
Har stockholm stad aldrig MC-snutar? Verkar som man kan köra hur som helst i huvudstaden jämfört med Skåne
Critical 7 dagar sedan
Det här är ju filmat under en halvtimme i en stor stad. Finns massor av mc poliser men inte överallt hela tiden
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar 8 dagar sedan
Hahah.. They are as much indians as i am a martian.. xD
Noah Sellin
Noah Sellin 8 dagar sedan
Faan vad kung💕
Hot Toolsja
Hot Toolsja 8 dagar sedan
Great video
潘柏霖 8 dagar sedan
This is why the drink is always in the bag and the cup is always empty.
ottosson 9 dagar sedan
bra försök med dialekten😂
Hero Kantarov
Hero Kantarov 9 dagar sedan
What are these bikes
Juli i
Juli i 9 dagar sedan
When is a new video coming?
TheGambler 9 dagar sedan
More vidssss
Boyerz Urashima
Boyerz Urashima 9 dagar sedan
i tried to be the fastest rider for foodpanda philippines. just max of 60kph due to heavy traffic. none of the cars would give way. those 4 wheel owners like screw those delivery boys. i got my own car. private car order and delivered to home: 50 mins with traffic me: 10 mins with traffic hahahaha!
Watchlife 001
Watchlife 001 11 dagar sedan
Where can i find gloves like those?
dayik 11 dagar sedan
Around 16:15 Why are the gopros artifacting because of speed? aren't they meant for extreme use. The sort of scan lines popping.
Spook_PW 11 dagar sedan
what country?
Gold Fox
Gold Fox 11 dagar sedan
Which is better Uber eats or foodora
ynngmatt 12 dagar sedan
Gopro settings to film like this in night?
Ralfs Šteinbergs
Ralfs Šteinbergs 12 dagar sedan
Try subaru impreza, it could be cool
Ludvig Hestner
Ludvig Hestner 13 dagar sedan
Where can I find this music? Been searching everywhere for it.
Critical 12 dagar sedan
you can't, its made for this video... we will release a soundtrack tho, on Spotify on the 27th
VinneViking 13 dagar sedan
Was it BLDH? They drive like him or mabye Skovby
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 13 dagar sedan
Yooo, is that kawasaki and crf 450?... Cool
Gustav Aronsson
Gustav Aronsson 8 dagar sedan
not a kawa, its a suzuki rmz450
Fahian Miah
Fahian Miah 14 dagar sedan
Tech support means he scammed people 😂
ViikateMän 14 dagar sedan
Eating Rubber. Ew
nino 44
nino 44 14 dagar sedan
what is the name of the bikes
Piston Head
Piston Head 14 dagar sedan
Ist order looked like "Terry tibbs"🤣
The 3 Larditos
The 3 Larditos 14 dagar sedan
I’m just thinking how you don’t spill the drinks while riding, and I don’t think doing wheelies makes it more stable... 😂
Honsy Jones
Honsy Jones 15 dagar sedan
what about the pizza in the bagpack?? 😭😭
M S 15 dagar sedan
We want action! 🤨
Tom Heyerick
Tom Heyerick 16 dagar sedan
Where can we find these hoodies ???
leafsfanmax 16 dagar sedan
Damn no wonder my chowmein upside down
Anders Johansson
Anders Johansson 16 dagar sedan
Nice! What's the problem? They delivering pizza...
Asset management Gbmh
Asset management Gbmh 16 dagar sedan
Someone joking about order modern food delivery🚅🏎️ is much faster than emergency support likes 911 🚨🚑🚒
pooper12 17 dagar sedan
Ain’t that Nice
Ain’t that Nice 17 dagar sedan
do a fake car chase around the streets!
KINGMAN 21103 17 dagar sedan
@Critical сделайте пожалуйста переводы или хотя бы субтитры на русском🥺🥺🥺
Azhar Khan
Azhar Khan 17 dagar sedan
Lol love the accent 🤣. Keep it up.
Filippo Magnetti
Filippo Magnetti 18 dagar sedan
I can't say the name of the companies Its written on the title
Panos Anessiadis
Panos Anessiadis 18 dagar sedan
Helt vanlig dag på mcbudet 🤘🏼
TEKKY TWO 19 dagar sedan
Rip drinks 😇
Mr Jr
Mr Jr 20 dagar sedan
Did they order mashed potatos?
Jonna Nordström
Jonna Nordström 21 dag sedan
Jag kan inte min lilla stad som dem kan hela Stockholm 🤣
myenamesbacon 21 dag sedan
anyone ever asked themselve's what would get u a bigger centance no plate's or stolen plate's
Critical 21 dag sedan
Do you think these bikes have plates to begin with?
Covid Scandal
Covid Scandal 22 dagar sedan
A job that you love
Pepe O
Pepe O 22 dagar sedan
Så jävla bra jobb grabbar!
Undisputed 24 dagar sedan
I Love the content but its very dangerous in mid day.
Hung 25 dagar sedan
Bob B
Bob B 25 dagar sedan
"Everybody likes us." Doing wheelies on the public road is nothing to like or to be proud of.
Ye 25 dagar sedan
The best duo
Michael Noonan
Michael Noonan 26 dagar sedan
Why is his identity a secret. Wtf is Uber doing, I'm incredibly confused
Wan Ori
Wan Ori 23 dagar sedan
They're professional freestyle, not a real food delivery. Uber paid them for marketing, have u seen them doing delivery in this whole video? They jusy playing around
Nriku8 26 dagar sedan
7:45 police at left while wheeling 😅
Tales 26 dagar sedan
janiuyt 26 dagar sedan
Oipi lipalle
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 26 dagar sedan
Me: "grandma i am hungry" my grandma:
VirTuaL V
VirTuaL V 26 dagar sedan
7:01 ROMANIA POWER :)baiatu :))
mohammedoo imran
mohammedoo imran 27 dagar sedan
What’s the motorcycle model
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 26 dagar sedan
I would never deliver on a super moto engines brake every 5 min 🥱 even on the 4 strokes
Miks_ _mls
Miks_ _mls 27 dagar sedan
I have a question for the audi Rs 4 guy. Try this in Dubai it's nit gonna be easy!
Critical 27 dagar sedan
Why? They only drive those supercars around the mall för PR
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 27 dagar sedan
I don't remember ordering good content
Mehul Mewal
Mehul Mewal 28 dagar sedan
Sandeep OP
Superbike Discovery
Superbike Discovery 28 dagar sedan
Hahaha yeah! You guys rock ;) all the best, from South Cal.
Mart 28 dagar sedan
Those are some sick supermotos! Would love to see more carbon on them! Keep it up, stay safe.
Raz1i 28 dagar sedan
Try With a Volvo 740/240/940/140
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 27 dagar sedan
No wonder why my food arrived all fucked up.
MockTie 28 dagar sedan
U already gave us too much
Seth Tennison
Seth Tennison 28 dagar sedan
Dudes acting like hes a spy
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 28 dagar sedan
I can not say these companys names, it is very classified Me: Looks at title Also Me: Hmmmmmm HMmmmm 🤔
Lukas Nordqvist
Lukas Nordqvist 28 dagar sedan
This vidio is from sweden lol it ses buss fil
Dutch Motos
Dutch Motos 28 dagar sedan
can anyone explain why the front brake lines are on the outside of the fork instead of the inside? 0:41
Blade MFD
Blade MFD 28 dagar sedan
Rip food at the bag
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 28 dagar sedan
i_clap_you_Easy 28 dagar sedan
I feel bad for that kid 😂
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 29 dagar sedan
Loved the masks!!
Banana Is Banana
Banana Is Banana 29 dagar sedan
I know why he got tired of text support, now day it is kinda hard to scamm people This is just a joke please go easy on me.
akash pullha
akash pullha 29 dagar sedan
I would never deliver on a super moto engines brake every 5 min 🥱 even on the 4 strokes
Jay 29 dagar sedan
The bikes aint even street legal no turn signals brake lights or plate but I still love supermotos
Al Bundy
Al Bundy 29 dagar sedan
Def need to start doin deliveries on the 4fiddy!!!
LinkMarine1k 29 dagar sedan
So good to see and do that !!! road pirates ! I have to move to your country
James Murphy
James Murphy 29 dagar sedan
No wonder why my food arrived all fucked up.
Edward 29 dagar sedan
Dude..This super motard's ...
Likkle OMZ
Likkle OMZ 29 dagar sedan
One of the best videos i have seen on youtube
InspiringRex 29 dagar sedan
Why does the suzuki have 2 clutch levers? (I assume they’re both clutch levers)
Critical 28 dagar sedan
its one clutch and one rear brake :)
Mozzie 29 dagar sedan
I appreciate your effort but running over red lights is not cool at all
paul 2020
paul 2020 29 dagar sedan
lol i just ordered a kfc and was delivered in 7 minutes usual take aways take like half an hour will not be ordering from normal takeaways again now i can get KFC in record time, i usually spend longer cuing in kfc.
Jl K
Jl K 29 dagar sedan
I guess you ride with no number plates and no lights ?
Jl K
Jl K 29 dagar sedan
@Hologas Supplier no firm would pay him with out insurance lol so it’s all bullshit
Hologas Supplier
Hologas Supplier 29 dagar sedan
Yea saves him on the insurance fees, taxes and possible fines.
Marko Marko
Marko Marko 29 dagar sedan
Andreas Bronwaller
Andreas Bronwaller 29 dagar sedan
Naic drivning ..hmm red...wheeelis. ....hmmm Cars. Wheeelis .. Drive safe.. . kids in the front Wheeling is not fun..not fore you and the cops
Man my food gonna be all messed up from the wheelies...proceeds to click food is missing
Fizaan Apple new tech
Fizaan Apple new tech 29 dagar sedan
Thank your for calling. Microsoft tech support Indian voice. I don’t fall for these low life tricks
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