The Best and Worst Prediction in Science

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The best and worst predictions in science are both based on the same underlying physics
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Virtual particles are a way of talking about fields and their interactions as though particles are doing all the work. This is why there is some controversy around using the term 'virtual particles'. Some people think the term is useful, especially since in calculating with Feynman diagrams you draw all the particle interactions that are possible (and then do the calculations to get the right answer). While others feel this terminology is misleading because virtual particles don't behave like real particles and can't be observed.

Toon Geukens
Toon Geukens 2 dagar sedan
I probably shouldnt ask, but did they repeat the experiment?
Roger Lundström
Roger Lundström 3 dagar sedan
"Gravity have ~always~ been repulsive, but now it is rebelling...."... no... wait.
Such'IhnÜber'mSternenzelt! ÜberSternenMußErWohnen.
Such'IhnÜber'mSternenzelt! ÜberSternenMußErWohnen. 4 dagar sedan
oh my gosh this is the most interesting content I watched on SVfrom.
a b
a b 8 dagar sedan
Lemme pretend like I get this so I seem smart
Elijah Bevers
Elijah Bevers 13 dagar sedan
Quite interesting but erg, it's weird.
Srajan Verma
Srajan Verma 14 dagar sedan
Veritasium videos rarely match with titles🤣
Raymond Carty
Raymond Carty 16 dagar sedan
Is it possible to have an opposite charge electricity by somehow creating a flow of positrons instead of electrons
Aditya 20 dagar sedan
Stu Glenn
Stu Glenn 21 dag sedan
This vacuum energy density thing sounds like a catastrophe.
You changed my view about physics Now , I can't decide physics or maths what's my favourite subject? I feel both or one (both live together)?
Abradolf Lincler
Abradolf Lincler 24 dagar sedan
Wish they stop using a dying cripples fantasy to explain real world stuff.. you weren't Einstein you'll never be. Imaginary particles that appear and conveniently annihilate themselves yeah right
jon rodriguez
jon rodriguez 24 dagar sedan
6:36 I love how absurd the calculation of 10^112 ergs is. That’s about 5*10^35 (500 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) times the estimated mass-energy equivalent of the universe.
jon rodriguez
jon rodriguez 24 dagar sedan
Wait! What?! 10^112 erg is 10^105 joules, right? It's not even possible to describe just how much energy this is! Where can I find more on this topic?
Jamie Russell
Jamie Russell 25 dagar sedan
WORST: Dinosaurs went exinct 65 million years ago. Junk DNA Uniformatarianism
Bejars318 27 dagar sedan
Ergs, sounds like the technical term to measure energy in a fart.
Anshuman Sinha
Anshuman Sinha 29 dagar sedan
Man.. your videos always end with me want more. Always! I am like.. whaaat... we were just getting into things and its already over, even when it's a 20 minute video. I guess on the plus side, it means your content is super engaging and on the downside, I guess I am hoping you'd create deeper dive content as well that would go on for like two hours or something.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar Månad sedan
You are the only one who is best among the entire SVfrom channels available
Kindle Account
Kindle Account Månad sedan
It's the higgs interactions with the virtual particles or perturbations in the higgs field. energy is given by the interaction resulting in a net negatives energy, which gives a negative gravity effect or outward pressure as described in Einstein's cosmological constant. In gravity bound systems the effect is negligible or more accurately is is already accounted for with the higgs mechanism. Dark energy solved. Dark matter is rippling radial effect of same higgs mechanisim. There is not a point or radius outside the rotating galaxy where the higgs field is "on" then "off" . It's more an analogue scaling off affair with matter dominating the higgs boson near the centre of the galaxy and the outer extremities dominated by the boson, like it can smell the matter over there, but its too far away to play with, resulting in an exitation in the field without mass to attribute it too. Boom, dark matter solved. Wanna know what's really going on with black holes? Tune in next week folks!
alex15295 Månad sedan
Dark energy causes the universe to expand and make more space... And therefore more dark energy?? Unless the dark energy per unit of space is decreasing?
kwzieleniewski Månad sedan
Why cgs?! erg/cm3? Why not J/m3?
kwzieleniewski Månad sedan
Is Casimir effect an indirect measurement on virtual particles?
Adam Spears
Adam Spears Månad sedan
What is a field? I heard it defined as a set of parameters. But that doesn't really tell me much. Is there a better definition?
z50king29 Månad sedan
It's amazing how Professor Carroll can explain that like I explain algebra as a math teacher. He knows it well enough to teach it, incredible
ishner Månad sedan
There is one question here nobody else is talking about, and I have asked physicists and never gotten an answer! WHAT EXPERIMENT WAS DONE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN VIRTUAL PARTICLES OR FIELDS!?!?!?!?!
OfficialLardStudios Månad sedan
What if they made a video game where the quadrantes would randomly move a very small amount, now this would have to be server side as client pc couldn't have enough power to draw polygons and randomly shift the location of each of the corners a slight amount but it would be so cool!
Larry D'souza
Larry D'souza Månad sedan
Is it possible that dark matter can't be seen because it is moving at a speed somewhat faster than light photons?
Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING Månad sedan
All aboard the clickbait train! The video is still good and intresting, though. It's also not completely clickbait...
Grovyle Månad sedan
Why using the dirac theory, when we can use the iraq theory?.. :)
Superman Månad sedan
I predict science is done.
Testgeräusch Månad sedan
I just love the fact that they use HL cgs in the quantum field theories (why else would the state the predictions in erg per cm^3?) while my students start worrying whenever they have to use non-MKSA SI units for exercise. Like Dalton, Gauß, Torr or Debye which is 100 Piko-Franklin-Ångström. Still metric tho.
anon Månad sedan
Is it finally solved?
cjheaford Månad sedan
What were you doing in Sean Carrol’s motel room?
NickNew Månad sedan
Im about 10- erg in the mornings
Friskyheart Tryhardus
Friskyheart Tryhardus Månad sedan
My takeaway from this: I am a disturbance in the field
Christopher Barron
Christopher Barron Månad sedan
Ofc there's energy in empty space. Energy is everything. Fundamentally.
Nosy Nose
Nosy Nose Månad sedan
It all makes perfect sense now! The rasbangiemackaroongeefingee is proportional to the chronsynclastic infundibulum. Get it! Simple! I've got a high IQ, I'm a physician, got A's in college physics I & II and I hit the wall at the end of Newtonian physics and despite reading several books, dozens of articles, and watching dozens of these videos I'm not one inch further along than when I hit the wall in college. None of it makes any sense whatsoever, not even in the least. Einstein said that if someone could not explain it then they didn't really understand it. I've never met anyone who could explain any of this stuff and I'm inclined to believe Einstein. Then again none of Einstein's explanations make any sense to me either. My college physics TA admitted he didn't understand it either and his guess was that maybe there are 5-6 people on the planet who did. Yes, people can work the equations, plug in the variables and get the right answer, pass the test, parrot the right stuff back to their doctoral committee but I doubt they really "get it." I'm with Brendan.
Addicting Video Game Hub
Addicting Video Game Hub Månad sedan
the guy who first appears at 4:51 looks the features of his face have been expanded by 10-15% without expanding their head
studio48nl Månad sedan
One calculation is done when you are looking, the other calculation is done when you not are looking. It's like a cookie jar... ;)
James Groce
James Groce Månad sedan
Didn't I just learn in your latest 2020 video that there is no gravity?
Nearchos Roumbas
Nearchos Roumbas Månad sedan
"2020 will be a good year"
Azeem Siddiqui
Azeem Siddiqui Månad sedan
Prediction: every 60 seconds a minute passes in Africa
diu gan
diu gan Månad sedan
Rational thinking, the space does not have any properties, the particles have. or whatever 3D shapes your referring too. If the space is filled with stuff or not, it makes no difference, you are measuring and observing particles. And another point, a particle if is visible or not to whatever observer is quite irrelevant. That particle would not disappear out of existence, brake down in smaller peaces, possible, or you are not observing a particle, or light wave reflected from your eye cause the particle to move.
tinkmarshino Månad sedan
This way anything happens at anytime and nothing is impossible it is just that we missed it.. "in science it is really exciting" because that means they don't have to be right in there guesses.. ah heck it is all over my head anyway.. as long as thee is beer in the fridge on the weekend and BBQ brickets then heck I am happy..
blocboy jb
blocboy jb Månad sedan
Tbh it seems like quantum theory is based of educated assumptions and calculations. Maybe its half right but this is taking giant leaps and science consistantly doesn't take leaps like quantum theory.
BitterBibbins 2 månader sedan
Is the energy in empty space decreasing? The Universe is expanding, so I think it would be, but that's just a guess.
Dylan Hutchinson
Dylan Hutchinson 2 månader sedan
Can't wait for when quantum mechanics is found to be mostly invented and people came up with it because they needed to discover something interesting but had too much imagination. Quantum mechanics breaks: 1st law of thermodynamics 2nd law of thermodynamics 3rd law of thermodynamics General Relativity Quantum Mechanics
Jason H.
Jason H. 2 månader sedan
7:05 Shoutout to the fly in the background
Akshat Jain
Akshat Jain 2 månader sedan
What about dimension of these particles What if they are in 4th dimension coming in and out of our 3rd dimension.
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
He says "No one is quite sure why." I agree. I am only 99% sure that the missing piece is the 10-2 of virtual particles has another lamb shift caused by faster than light sub-quantum particles slowing down and the other 10-2 from those sub-quantum particles speeding up allowing those sub-quantum particles to pop into existence to affect the virtual particles which can than effect the particles. Please note that I do not believe in extra dimensions, but I do believe that quantum wave theory is almost right. I believe it is actualy all one substance that is fluid that can be observable from our perspective depending on its state at the particular location. I am extreamly greatful for stumbling upon this video for I feel validated now on my theory of gravity and now I just need to discover someone validating my theory on speed and how speed allows for us to materialize. If anyone knows of a theoretical physicist that would like to know what I mean by all of this, please respond to my comment. Thank you. And thank you Veritasium. There is always so much knowledge to be gained by these videos and I am happy that you got to follow your dream. Maybe you will see this considering that we are all just six degrees seperated or less and will inquire yourself about my unifying theory. Maybe my theory already exists somewhere and I simply have yet to see it posted on YouTub. The more we discover we learn that we know even less.
Santiago Ferrari
Santiago Ferrari 2 månader sedan
@Matthew Balvers yes they can!!! They just can accelerate or slow down to the speed of light. But nothing we know of, prevents an object to move faster than light.
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
I know that in physics, objects that have mass can not move faster than the speed of light by the way, but I have discovered a work around for that.
SALUTO 2 månader sedan
Of the 2 million views 51k have given the thumbs up...All scientists ptobably !!
Paul J Nellissery
Paul J Nellissery 2 månader sedan
The alpha =1/137 is called Summerfield Constant.
Denis Loubet
Denis Loubet 3 månader sedan
Okay, the description of the fields makes it sound like the "aether". Stop that. And isn't the Casimir effect due to the action of virtual particles?
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
It's due to the virtual particle's existence which is part of the quantum field. It's all "forced to happen..." lol
TArun ANAND 3 månader sedan
Hey Derek, I want to ask u something for a very long time. If universe is expanding in every direction then why Milky way and Andromeda galaxy are in collision course and will merge to each other?
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
@FrostDirt Yes and other variables such as direction and gravity. I actually believe that when things become so distant from each other a "tear" happens and virtual particles start to exist at an extremely quick rate which is actually another "big bang". The only problem is that I could probably never prove it, but theoretically someone could in the future if my beliefs are correct about what I am proposing.
FrostDirt 3 månader sedan
Expansion of the Universe is calculated as speed over distance (more distant things are receding faster), Andromeda is not that far cosmologically.
Ben McCann
Ben McCann 3 månader sedan
i’m barely a minute into to the video and they have blatantly denied some of the most basic laws of physics
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
@deadshot we can't directly observe dark matter because it is made of stuff smaller than an electron microscope's view. But we can observe its effects and actually gives reason to the "most basic laws of physics" functioning the way it does.
Ben McCann
Ben McCann 2 månader sedan
the main ones are conservation of matter and energy. i don’t know enough about quantum physics to understand how this works, but when they started talking about virtual particles was the main thing
Jay Patel
Jay Patel 3 månader sedan
"Assume you are wrong, your goal is to be less wrong" - Elon Musk
thear1s 2 månader sedan
Elon Musk has a lot of room for practicing this on his twitter.
Jmobile 3 månader sedan
Who else loves watching veritasium but hardly knows what he’s talking about
Matthew Balvers
Matthew Balvers 2 månader sedan
Not me. But this is why I usually never comment on stuff. My advice is to watch more Veritasium videos until it makes more sense. Veritasium lol nice creation.
Billicon 3 månader sedan
My favourite hypothesis in science is tachyons. These were proposed as to answer what particles time consist of - the concept of tachyons is a particle with negative mass that can in relativity accelerate to a velocity far greater than the speed of light. Accordingly, tachyons as field particles can exist in the opposite direction of time due to negative time dilation. If we’re to harness negative mass, it could be possible to reverse time, something of negative mass will always have negative kinetic energy. This is significant because of how the properties of spacetime are influenced by energy fields across the universe.
NITESH KHANDUJA 3 månader sedan
I have a question.... DO YOU WATCH YOUR OLD VIDEOS ? i watch your videos after every 1-2 year again....
Civilised Zombie
Civilised Zombie 3 månader sedan
virtual particals are part of an anti-cheat plugin that God installed to stop hacked clients from finding exploits.
Zeno2Day 4 månader sedan
Virtual is synonymous with conjectural, virtually. Besides, it’s always interesting hearing scientist (per se) employing psych terminology supporting their descriptive assessment(s). Keep it up... good times.
jack Beallo
jack Beallo 4 månader sedan
“Sounds” really smart. “Sounds”. To bad there is a very large contingent of scared and fearful people from going out and exploring space AND they are so fearful they prevent others from doing it as well. “Sounds” like we are stuck here making stuff up never to actually discover anything. BORING!!!!!
agerven 4 månader sedan
Fascinating! And it does make sense. Finally getting rid of using the particle concept in ever smaller spaces. Bye classic Cern, bye bye! Already said that in 1978 and confirmed it before my graduation in 1986. Hello new Cern, I'm sure you'll have something to contribute to quantum field theory, go for it!
Taresh Patel
Taresh Patel 4 månader sedan
I hate it when people refer to “back of the envelop calculations”. Often the simplest way of modelling systems is some of the most powerful tools available. In-depth analysis more often than not builds upon your simple model. “Back of the envelope” makes the simple view seem crude, rough and lazy when in actuality it is none of those things; it has been thoroughly thought out and the backing of an experienced mind.
Raunak Dey
Raunak Dey 4 månader sedan
I did my MS in Physics. I was sad that my degree is of no use. Now I'm happy that I understood the video because I was taught all these in college! XD
Furinick 5 månader sedan
This quantum mechanic needs to grow up and fix his own problems
Mudfossil University
Mudfossil University 5 månader sedan
I accelerate light...lets talk. Very simple and works flawlessly and explains 100% of interactions.
황지민 5 månader sedan
Fact Bhai हिंदी
Fact Bhai हिंदी 5 månader sedan
I have seen that person in the First of this video in How The Universe Works
j 6 månader sedan
Scientists always wanna solve the universe but are afraid of the case that there's no new questions
Bryon Feliksa
Bryon Feliksa 6 månader sedan
The dimension we can’t see
1997CWR 6 månader sedan
why do they still use erg as a unit of energy?
ardelean ion
ardelean ion 7 månader sedan
Dark energy is just as real as god is.
Magellanic 4 månader sedan
Anarchy 7 månader sedan
Macroworld: Theory doesn't always match up because of friction Nanoworld: Ok, so friction is out of the game but now you gotta deal with virtual particles Thanks universe
Gabriel Bruno Garcia de Souza
Gabriel Bruno Garcia de Souza 7 månader sedan
I studied with carroll's book
vlharris1 7 månader sedan
Never observed? Casimir effect is pretty good reveal
Michael Buonfigli
Michael Buonfigli 7 månader sedan
So what ur saying is red bull gives you wings.
nosuchthing8 7 månader sedan
Another you tube science clip claimed virtual particles only exist for normal people to sort of follow what is going on. They are a fiction and the real situation doesnt have these issues. Unless you include gravity and small distances, etc. Or the intersection between quantum theory and relativity theory.
MISTER AGB 8 månader sedan
5:55, why are they talking about fields and why is the illustration a 2D plane? It exists everywhere right?
Sam Burnes
Sam Burnes 3 månader sedan
Yeah. They just need to show the value of the field as well. So 2 spatial dimensions and 1 dimension for the value of the field. If you used all 3 spacial dimensions, you would need a 4th dimension to display the value.
steve harper
steve harper 8 månader sedan
Only watch these videos for the background tune 🕺🏻🕺🏻💃🏻💃🏻
alan smithee
alan smithee 8 månader sedan
An erg is 10^-7 joules, for anyone who wants an actually useful description.
Anshul 8 månader sedan
My inner self always asks this question: Fundamentally what are Fields? Fields are lines of forces as per Classical Electro Dynamics What are Forces? Forces are due to exchange of force carrying particles as per QED What are particles? Particles are Excitations in respective Fields as per QFT. But then What are Fields? Please dont give me counter intutive mathematical answers
Sam Burnes
Sam Burnes 3 månader sedan
The fields talked about in this video, energy fields, since energy is a scalar quantity, it doesn’t have a direction, are just the value of the whatever quantity you are measuring, like energy in the electromagnetic field, at every point in space.
ST_Drums 7 månader sedan
A field is a function in a space. A force field is assigning a vector (the force) to every point of space. A quantum field theory is a theory that uses fields over all space as a fundamental block of reality, in a sense that the interaction between fields models how forces, particles... work in reality
S C 8 månader sedan
The phrase "speed of expansion of space is increasing" confused me. Shouldn't that be "rate of expansion of space is increasing," unless the expansion is non-directional?
Basicslomotion 9 månader sedan
Allahu akbar
erikk77 9 månader sedan
Could these virtual particles be part of a much much much finer particle field, one that is undiscovered because it's not quite seen yet?
MyessYallyah Americus
MyessYallyah Americus 9 månader sedan
I hate every last one of you spies in the media. Every last one of you are worthless turds that I hate.
MyessYallyah Americus
MyessYallyah Americus 9 månader sedan
I was never given a fair chance in life. I've been sabotaged the entire time by an overwhelming and largely hidden force.
Superman 9 månader sedan
In and out of existence? Is that why you called the most elusive one 'the God particle'?
Golden Gold
Golden Gold 9 månader sedan
1:44 that explains a lot.
Yamete Kudasai Senpai
Yamete Kudasai Senpai 9 månader sedan
why am I watching this?
Manas Hejmadi
Manas Hejmadi 9 månader sedan
This theory is a superposition of correct and wrong. Lol
Satvik Kaushik
Satvik Kaushik 9 månader sedan
isn’t the physicist the same one from the Wired 5 levels of difficulty, dimensions
Frank Mueller
Frank Mueller 9 månader sedan
I feel that with two answers, 128 orders of magnitude different, one or both of them are wrong. But, as with human nature, if one of them is proven correct, then supporters of both will feel justified. Because supporters of the wrong view will feel they still helped develop the science. It's kind of like two runners competing; the faster one may not have been as fast without the competition of the slower one. So comes about politics and the view that ideas may not be as settled as some claim.
WhiteGeared 9 månader sedan
2:36 Virtual particles but real. He's a confident liar!
Magellanic 8 månader sedan
scientists are bad at naming things. see: Sonic Hedgehog protein
WhiteGeared 9 månader sedan
ender If those r real then 'virtual' shouldn't be used.
ender 9 månader sedan
What? Virtual particles are real
k 9 månader sedan
I'm still working on that most perplexing mechanical marvels the microwave. We have nearly discovered the sweet spot time wise for popcorn. Potatoes are on our list next.
k 9 månader sedan
I bet these guys are in high demand at parties. Uh huh.
Zero Ch1ll
Zero Ch1ll 9 månader sedan
Lets study virtual particles, they aren't real and they can do whatever...? Ok great it can be whatever you want. Lets fit them into our theory our numbers.
Sam Burnes
Sam Burnes 3 månader sedan
As he points out later in the video, reframing them as random fluctuations in fields explains why we apparently see those interactions. We know random fluctuations should happen from other predictions of physics, so it’s just a matter of reframing them. Also, they can’t do whatever, they’re tightly bounded by uncertainty
James Andrew
James Andrew 9 månader sedan
If this type of discrepancy is shown inside a quantum problem, it means that's it definitely belong in the quantum field
Tim Hill
Tim Hill 9 månader sedan
erg??? Whatever happened to joules?
ggzh a Argue With Everyone
ggzh a Argue With Everyone 9 månader sedan
@Dr Deuteron Why not use nJ or µJ ?
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 9 månader sedan
An excellent example of what they're trying to describe is what occurs with light when it goes through a medium such as glass. The wave Dynamics of the light interact with the wave dynamics of the atoms within the glass and slow the light down while it transitions through the glass. The reason why your prediction indicates far more energy in empty space than what you can actually observe is that the energy is transitory. Until you can access it. It can't be measured. Study Tesla's Concepts on how much energy there is in the palm of your hand. The trick isn't realizing that the energy to run the entire. United States for a day may very well be there. The trick is to try and access it. And therefore make use of it.
Skeltek 9 månader sedan
Where is the problem? The virtual particles don’t really exist. They don’t have any energy in that status. They only exist briefly, if supplied with energy, not the other way around.
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