The Best Test of General Relativity (by 2 Misplaced Satellites)

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A launch mishap led to the best experimental confirmation of gravitational redshift. Get a free audiobook with a 30-day trial of Audible: or text VERITASIUM to 500500
Huge thanks to
Dr. Pacome Delva:
Dr. Sven Herrmann:
Gravitational Redshift Test Using Eccentric Galileo Satellites:
Disclaimer: It is arguable what is THE best test of general relativity because there are different ways to test the theory. This is the best confirmation of gravitational redshift, which is one of the three original tests proposed by Einstein.
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Animations and editing by Alan Chamberlain
Music from "Subtle Substitutes 2" "A sound Foundation 1" "Cell Research 1" "Particle Attraction 1"

Veritasium År sedan
I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this format. Would you like to see more ‘Talking to scientists about their recent publications on Skype’? Maybe not on this channel but on Sciencium perhaps?
Kintsugi Ezo
Kintsugi Ezo Månad sedan
The format is good. Thanks the video's good. The animation of Lorenz effect map in background added with clock motion
SUMIT MANDAL Månad sedan
yes, please. But we like your conventional format of videos. you may add a separate link to the full conversations to enlighten us about their thought process completely. Thank you.
S Arun Sundresh
S Arun Sundresh 2 månader sedan
The Background music makes goosebumps Everytime I watch your video
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 2 månader sedan
Time Machine paper Totally free to download read and use Creative Commons With a time travel test fixture design included 9-3-2020 Minimum math but must understand algebra. Below is same paper at Cern
Greco Cabanero
Greco Cabanero 2 månader sedan
How many channels do you possess?
Anuj Kumar
Anuj Kumar 16 timmar sedan
how much change in time was
lopeepso livi
lopeepso livi 2 dagar sedan
> if you're smart ... answer this. a | ■□□ b | □■□ (name the shaded ■ squares) c | □■□ 1 2 3
Tekkali Rahul
Tekkali Rahul 2 dagar sedan
Did anyone observe the edited minecraft music in the background
Gihan Panditha
Gihan Panditha 4 dagar sedan
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Sam Mullins
Sam Mullins 4 dagar sedan
Thankful for honesty to agree photon light affected results. Other gravitational light does also, but exactly how will probably be a 90° geometric surprise. But arc seconds make me drowsy, so I am OK with forgetting it.
Jhon Connor
Jhon Connor 8 dagar sedan
los idiotas que adoran la relatividad dicen que nada puede viajar más rápido que la luz y sin embargo un chico de 14 puede mostrar que un fotón puede viajar más rápido que la velocidad de la luz
Hieronymus Bosch
Hieronymus Bosch 9 dagar sedan
*scientists:* "Yes, we promise we didn't intentionally disrupt the circular orbit of this expensive satellite causing it to form an elipse so that we might study the effect of gravitational fields on time and potentially disprove general relativity wrong making us wildly famous!" "We promise..."
Hareecio Nelson
Hareecio Nelson 10 dagar sedan
3:36 I love me some simple harmonic motion and sine waves.
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 10 dagar sedan
"Can we borrow your useless satellites as labs?"
Time Factor Theory of Gravity and Relativity.
Time Factor Theory of Gravity and Relativity. 10 dagar sedan
Time Factor Theory looks at another conclusion from Time Dilaition
Howard Bloom
Howard Bloom 10 dagar sedan
Yes. Good part. Also, talk about the thinking behind the origins
Roy Porter Jr.
Roy Porter Jr. 11 dagar sedan
Time factor Theory channel takes all this science even further!
Aivaras83 12 dagar sedan
I think Albert Einstein full you all in very clever way. Time is constant, gravity affects electron movement in atom or any particles. I'm surprised you still believe in theory of relativity 🤦‍♂️ I hope this helps to solve some quantum mechanics questions, or do you need my help? 🙄
MaserTech Production
MaserTech Production 13 dagar sedan
My last name is Maser! It felt weird hearing it over and over in this video.
Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar 13 dagar sedan
Now I came to know how time counts faster at satellites
Lit! Studio
Lit! Studio 14 dagar sedan
"We had been proposing such missions" 1:59 Derek starting to suspect that maybe this wasn't an accident xD
Proton 16 dagar sedan
The satelite engineers be like: *Task failed successfully
False AU
False AU 18 dagar sedan
What was the time difference?
yurikolovsky 19 dagar sedan
I prefer other formats, more with little drawings or actual video of the thing that is discussed happening.
Muhammad Nada
Muhammad Nada 19 dagar sedan
Why do you want to change your life ?!
Kasey Baack
Kasey Baack 22 dagar sedan
Marco Zuleta
Marco Zuleta 22 dagar sedan
Time doesn't exist, what exists is our perception of it, so trying to meassure perception is stupid, we do it because we need to standardize our perception of time to be able to function as a society.
DUSA anna
DUSA anna 24 dagar sedan
have they tested the atomic clock (based on matter decay) in orbit (no gravity) compared to the atomic clock on earth (gravity on each atoms) or the relativity theorie itself? I doubt about Einstein theories since I read the report from the fraud of the 1919 sun eclipse measurements of light bending (without taking refraction in account and modification of the equations))
DUSA anna
DUSA anna 21 dag sedan
@rent a shillYou are right there is still an important gravity at this satellite level above earth .I read that NASA is testing an atomic clock in orbit on a satellite right now (started in august 2020, launched in june 2020.)
Baerchenization 27 dagar sedan
Isn't it that we can measure the difference in time by moving a clock up/down even a meter on Earth? We can even measure how Earth's rotation drags space with it, I think either of the two is more impressing...
0ne Zer0
0ne Zer0 28 dagar sedan
General relativity is wrong wrong wrong. String theory is dead.
KC Gaming
KC Gaming 13 dagar sedan
@0ne Zer0 Sorry I did not see that period. You can test relativity in your backyard though, given you have the equipment
0ne Zer0
0ne Zer0 13 dagar sedan
@KC Gaming I never said that. Do you see the little period at the end of the sentence? That means a new one is starting up after. Doorknob. lolz
KC Gaming
KC Gaming 17 dagar sedan
general relativity is not string theory
Jonas Foubert
Jonas Foubert 28 dagar sedan
Question of a noob here: since spacetime is warped by mass and time runs slower closer to the mass, I wonder: if you made a clock on earth f.e. and get closer to a black hole f.e., you would see no difference. But what if you would just send the clock, and compare it with an other identical clock on earth? So you would be an external observer. Would it appear to tick slower since spacetime is warped and it behaves according to ‘that’ spacetime? Or would it appear to tick faster relative to the earth’s clock, since spacetime is warped but it follows the time on earth?
Sun Shine
Sun Shine 28 dagar sedan
Interesting how the sun does the same thing...speeds up and slows down seasonally.
kevin abalos
kevin abalos Månad sedan
I've read in many places black holes occur because very large masses are pressed into infinitely small space like in the cores of giant stars. So I assumed it's going to be small (this is where must've been wrong). But later I learned they are some of the biggest things in galaxies. Is it still small in the center with a big-ass event horizon or is it really that big comprised of these infinitessimally small but compact holes?
Gummiel 7 dagar sedan
Kinda both, as far as we know (the exact details of black holes is not that well understood, compared to many other things), it is kinda both, they are extremely small but extremely dense. This extreme denseness creates a rather big area around it of which nothing (not even light) can escape, and well the boundary of this area is what is known as the event horizon
AMC2283 29 dagar sedan
I think our sun would have to get down to a few miles across to become a bh if that’s what you mean
Alpha Blondi
Alpha Blondi Månad sedan
Why imitate the foreign accent in one frame. We can all see that it's still you. Thanks for the very informative video
Youtube official
Youtube official Månad sedan
What is your you youtube income
Naud van Dalen
Naud van Dalen Månad sedan
Those atomic clocks are off by 1 second every 30 million years. Meanwhile my watch is 1 second too fast every single day.
App Ranger
App Ranger Månad sedan
*Literally any physics phenomena* General Relativity: I'm in
Jerome S
Jerome S Månad sedan
What is time?
Mister Super Cool
Mister Super Cool Månad sedan
According to General Relativity:Gravity is Inertia going around curved space
Rico Chet
Rico Chet Månad sedan
What i need to Mention is. Messuring Time issnt an independent thing. Cause you always need some technics to make it obvious. And all of these options are related to "Gravity". It issnt the "Time" what changes. Only the Time for the measurements to Show us the results changes. In german the explaination would be better... i promise. But i hope "you" get the Point.
Sideways Månad sedan
Why is the atomic number of an element of truth the square root of -1? How many protons are we packing?
Gabriel Falcão
Gabriel Falcão Månad sedan
1:53 yeah, that was an accident, sure
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd Månad sedan
@Gabriel Falcão oh ok 😁
Gabriel Falcão
Gabriel Falcão Månad sedan
@Edoardo Boyd it's just a joke
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd Månad sedan
What do you mean?
G G Månad sedan
Task failed successfully
Kintsugi Ezo
Kintsugi Ezo Månad sedan
Facundo Varela
Facundo Varela Månad sedan
Derek is like Carl Sagan 2.0
Rqmxzz Månad sedan
Jess Stuart
Jess Stuart Månad sedan
That's the problem with having more and more accurate theories. It becomes A LOT harder to disprove them. Entertain the idea for a moment that it isn't possible to write a complete unified field theory of physics (just like some equations have no closed form solutions), and it is only possible to make closer and closer approximations to nature. Maybe God does have a sense of humor.
Des Troya
Des Troya Månad sedan
I don't believe Einstein's theories are accurate. They explain several things, but they break in a few important cases. For example, when near Earth, the idea of curved "space-time" pushing us towards Earth is nonsensical, while Newton's model works physically and mathematically. Secondly the idea of some "space-time" matrix has no physical justification. We have no characterization of space-time as a physical object and how it acts on physical objects in Einstein's theory. It is a specter, a ghost in an otherwise physical world. Therefore it is questionable whether that is actually the mechanism producing time dilation and gravitational rotations at all.
Cheang Leng
Cheang Leng Månad sedan
NELOY SINHA Månad sedan
It took 250 years for a man to be born to prove Newton incomplete.. Einstein will also be proven incomplete eventually.
AMC2283 29 dagar sedan
Einstein was born in the 19th century. I would hope his work was incomplete and science didn’t peak in 1905
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd Månad sedan
@rent a shill I agree with you, tge original comment said that Einstein would be proven wrong. That's why I disagreed with the author of the comment.
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd Månad sedan
@NELOY SINHA dont we already know it is incomplete as some things arent exactly correct. Don't ask me what because I have no clue, but I read that we already know that it isn't perfect and so they aren't complete.
Edoardo Boyd
Edoardo Boyd Månad sedan
@NELOY SINHA well they think Newton and Einstein are the devil so them being proven wrong would make them extremely happy.
NELOY SINHA Månad sedan
also, there I edited it..ok
Elsam asare
Elsam asare Månad sedan
How can I become an astrophysicist?
Russell K. Bonney
Russell K. Bonney Månad sedan
G rel is just the mathematical representation of a real classical physics phenomenon. The MM experiment is flawed because the unscientific 'assumption' that mirrors reflect at c was made. False. Mirrors absorb and re-emit light at C+V and C-V with V being the velocity of the object through the universe. That's called light speed anisotropy and acellerative reference frames are not a problem with that physics. Looking for an ether was misguided. There is no ether or rather it is a universal reference frame that allows galaxies to travel faster than C at the edge of the universe. This also allows for the speed of say earth through space to not be measurable by the MM experiment. However light in fibres and radio waves in coaxial cables do show anisotropy. Maxwell made a mistake when he assumed that charge flows instantaneously onto a plate when charging it. This is the first falsity that ~even though Maxwell still calculated c~ resulted in Lorentz etc. Maxwell's charge actually travels to the plate at c like all good electrons in an electrical circuit do. Maxwell's experiment was being carried out on an earth travelling at great speed through the universe and he still arrived at c. That seemed strange to Lorentz et al which led to further thought regarding moving objects and the speed of light. Having said that Lorentz was wrong in his reasoning about charges needing to travel instantaneously, or else an atom at high speed would leave them behind unless they could somehow orbit faster than c. However by some good fortune his math resulted in the relativities which are fair analogues of the classical physics involved so there is no reason to redo physics at all. Just be aware that the mathematics is not causality. That would be rather foolish right? I have actually readdressed the physics in a 1300 page tome but It is of no use. Electrodynamics and chemistry along with general engineering seem to have got everything in order so we might as well leave it at that. Who needs to know how the universe works without dark matter and with multi-dimensions in any case? I have most of the answers but it will die with me.
Dinesh Balaji Saravanan
Dinesh Balaji Saravanan Månad sedan
suddenly I thought I was getting a skype call.. #WorkFromHome 😒
Diego Gomez Huaracha
Diego Gomez Huaracha Månad sedan
So black holes are younger than the rest of the universe?
KC Gaming
KC Gaming 17 dagar sedan
black holes are not objects per say, they are rather a region of space time that is so curved that not even light can escape it. If age can only exist within an object then a black hole is literally ageless.
Mikhail Nikulin
Mikhail Nikulin Månad sedan
Interesting question
Faon Page
Faon Page Månad sedan
I love this mentality that for a real scientist, finding by the experience that a result is predicted and became predictable by a theory is disapointed because you failed to find the issues ou this theory. Maybe Pecome Belva said "unfortunatly" because this experiment would have make him the one that found the issues to the Einstein general relativity and it would have propulse his career at the top if the tests had shown that it had some but I prefer to think that it was a professionnal scientist that prefer proceeding by elimination than constantly confirming their beliefs
HAL Månad sedan
I can't understand the change of time, it doesn't make sense
AMC2283 29 dagar sedan
Suppose you were traveling 1 m/s slower than light and tried to accelerate by 10 m/s. You would see that you did but the stationary observer say .5 m/s. Different distance and rate so therefore time
SFS Aviation
SFS Aviation Månad sedan
so if time moves slower the closer it is to a mass, if time stopped in a black hole i would have infinite time to complete my school modules
Alabamian Mapping
Alabamian Mapping Månad sedan
While relative to an outside observer, yes.
John Månad sedan
Your passion to learn is inspiring to people like me. I’ve gotten stuck in a rut and videos like this cheer me up.
Barrera Science Lab Universe
Barrera Science Lab Universe Månad sedan
This was a good one, entertaining science!
Russell Nagel
Russell Nagel Månad sedan
Have you heard of Gravity probe B? It was a NASA satellite launched in 2004.
VN Balakrishna
VN Balakrishna Månad sedan
Well explained. Keep it up
SwayJJ Månad sedan
These quantum physicists thought they were going to prove Einstein wrong. Einstein gives the middle finger to quantum physicists again... for the millionth time already. Keeping digging for that graviton guys....I’m sure you will find that imaginary particle some day then you will really shoe Einstein 😂
seb Jedidiah
seb Jedidiah Månad sedan
I think i found the missing link between the general relativity and the quantum mechanics.... i just need a good matematician to do the math xD
What The Fu
What The Fu Månad sedan
Question: How come photons travel at the speed of light, if they have the mass to impact the orbit of a satalite? Shouldn't it be impossible like for us humans (like it's mass should be infinate)? I'm so curious!
KC Gaming
KC Gaming 17 dagar sedan
@What The Fu I think its because of e=mc2 but that is just an educated guess
What The Fu
What The Fu Månad sedan
@Naimad i know, but how can they speed up a satalite with no mass? How can they have an impact at all?
Naimad Månad sedan
That's the thing, photons don't have mass.
ᚴᚱᛁᚴᛅᚱᛅᚾ ᛅᚢ ᚾᚬᚱᛏᛅᚾ
ᚴᚱᛁᚴᛅᚱᛅᚾ ᛅᚢ ᚾᚬᚱᛏᛅᚾ Månad sedan
This comment section is pure comedy, I swear, youtubepeople have comedy running through their veins!
O X Månad sedan
I misread "testing gender relativity" and and was getting excited
TheDroidBay Månad sedan
But, if the signal from the satellite itself has to cross the area of change in gravity (gravity gradient?) on its way to be measured by earth instruments, is there not some effect on whether the earth based clock and satellite clock sync up? That is, would the _change_ in the relativistic effects not also affect the signal as it travels, as well as the clock themselves, preventing you from making a side-by-side comparison?
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
The change in gravity is actually what causes the time "change". If you imagine sheet with a grid covering it and you put a heavy ball on the sheet, it will push the sheet down and stretch the squares on the grid. In the real world, the same thing happens. The earth bends space with it's gravity. If you produce a frequency on the unstreched squares, where the tops of each wave is 1 square apart, when it travels to earth, the space will stretch and the tops will be 2 squares apart, called redshifting
Job Faber
Job Faber Månad sedan
Question, does the clock really physically tick slower? I always thought that time slowed down, but because clocks are human-made and just displaying time at the same speed I expected them to keep ticking the same speed as when they started, no matter the gravitational pull. The other side: If the clock keeps going the same speed as it does on earth, and you go near for example a black hole, where time slows down, would we see the clock tick faster? I need answers
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
@Lünkel At least from Earth's perspective. People living in a further orbit would say that it is moving faster.
Lünkel Månad sedan
Time literally goes slower. Every physical process takes longer than it would otherwise. That also includes clocks.
PUVI Månad sedan
"accidents" 1:53
Avida Dollards
Avida Dollards Månad sedan
Life is unfair... Damn you smart people !
Wes Baumguardner
Wes Baumguardner Månad sedan
Here are two tests for general relativity which have not been performed. A Michelson Morley experiment on a plane perpendicular to the earth's surface and a Pound Rebka experiment with a wavelength of light measurement. Either one could prove general relativity wrong or right.
Cyberwizard Productions
Cyberwizard Productions Månad sedan
so I have an idea - let's test this with something that measures the passage of time that isnt' affected by gravity itself. Just because a clock ticks faster doesn't mean time is actually passing faster, it just means the clock's mechanism is speeding up - or slowing down - and the clock is becoming inaccurate.
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
This is all relative. That is why it is called relativity. To the people on Earth, time is litterally at a different speed. For the sake of simplicity, I will make up simple numbers. Say there are two astronaughts. One on Earth and the Other on the sattelite. After 50 years on Earth, the person in the sattelite will be younger than the person on Earth, and would not even say they were up there for 50 years. They would say they were up there, say, 40 years.
Benedito Simoes
Benedito Simoes Månad sedan
When you complicate stuff it goes absurd,.... Try to get back and start thinking Electric, as Tesla proved.. Try to watch Space News from the Electric Universe and stop ignorance...
Benedito Simoes
Benedito Simoes Månad sedan
Its idiot to show the exemple of a 2D space and a 3D Planet!!!???!!
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
What does this even mean?
Robert Wolford
Robert Wolford 2 månader sedan
If photons have no mass how to they "push" objects with mass?
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
They transfer their energy to the sattelite, like a newtons cradle
3rm1n 2 månader sedan
Imagine leaderboard of science!
Oleksandr Firsikov
Oleksandr Firsikov 2 månader sedan
Thanks for the video, brilliant as always. I have just one question about it, is there a chance that the clock is ticking slower there because the earth's gravity has less effect on the electron's spin?
Aliya Noor
Aliya Noor 2 månader sedan
If you use english subtitles we can understand better i am pakistani and sometimes way of speaking english different than us so difficult to undersatand
Johnny 2 månader sedan
Can you bring up the calculations to see how exactly well the predictions confirm the theory?The red shift observed is a reality of space-time itself or the effect of a clock that behave differently following the variable intensity of the gravitational field ?
Priyansh Lakhotia
Priyansh Lakhotia 2 månader sedan
"rate of clock ticking" sounds so's like saying the time taken by time to pass
Sathvik S.
Sathvik S. 2 månader sedan
Who did the subtitles? Terrible at their job
Sathvik S.
Sathvik S. 2 månader sedan
So, two clocks are better than me at observing time Encouraging
ManhaJ Salafee
ManhaJ Salafee 2 månader sedan
So genarel relativity is fake only gravity is real
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
No, relatovity is not fake
Kat 2 månader sedan
Why is the sat-wave looking redshifted at 6:25 when the sat is lower? Shouldn't it look *normal* when *lower* & *bluesifted* when *higher* instead?
Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson 2 månader sedan
Quantum "theory" is a joke. There is no single Quantum Theory. There is just a half dozen or so all over the place so called theories and all are bizarre and controversial.
Willie Johnson
Willie Johnson Månad sedan
​@Hayden Tyler : There are several recognized Quantum Theories e.g., Copenhagen Theory or Many Worlds Theory or Transactional Theory or Stochastic Theory..... Einsteins General Theory of Relativity is supposedly THE gravitational theory but it has flaws. The problem with quantum mechanics in a nutshell is that it actually tries to use a Newtonian integral to define a point and that's why it returns this probability nonsense. There is one simple equation and theory that ties all the forces and theories together and that is Euler's formula, and yes Euler's formula is the wavefunction, Psi.
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
There is one Quantum Theory and one Gravitational theory. The main problem in physics today is trying to join them together
sheth tejas
sheth tejas 2 månader sedan
They launched a product, the product didn't perform as per the expectations, but the marketing team did a brilliant job of still turning it around and spun a story and sold it. I am not talking about the satellites, I am talking about Microsoft.
Eric Su
Eric Su 2 månader sedan
Albert Einstein's paper for Mercury is invalid because two roots of one equation are imaginary numbers. Click on "67. Error In Einstein's Calculation Of Perihelion For Mercury" on this website.
Eric Su
Eric Su Månad sedan
@Hayden Tyler Yes.
Hayden Tyler
Hayden Tyler Månad sedan
Is this supposed to disprove relativity?
Norman N.
Norman N. 2 månader sedan
My brain hurts now.
Fabio Ferrari
Fabio Ferrari 2 månader sedan
Social distancing before it was mainstream
Robert Brooke
Robert Brooke 2 månader sedan
You're actually talking method, noise sources, and so on. God that's awesome.
Adnan Najim
Adnan Najim 2 månader sedan
Il représentait la France et il as tout gâché...
Gary Ha
Gary Ha 2 månader sedan
How do you know the clock's radiation doesn't simply slow down when away from earth's life energy field per oranur circa 1947? Pro tip: His interpretation about DOR might have been wrong, instead simply intensified and sped up the radioactivity like oxygen to fire. Once you guys get this, it ought to get past some long-standing hurdles at CERN, but my aren't we humans nothing if not stubborn
Rishab Gupta
Rishab Gupta 2 månader sedan
Error introduced by the momenta of photons... Explained further in vsauce's video 'how much does a shadow weigh' which actually gives a shout out to Veritasium!
juipi feaeft
juipi feaeft 2 månader sedan
Does General Relativity affect the expansion rate of space? Would a consequence be an additional force parallel to the direction of gravity?
Pyreing 2 månader sedan
photons have no mass,how can they affect the satellite movments?
shubham patil
shubham patil 2 månader sedan
How do photons have momentum.. when they have 0 mass
c Jones
c Jones 2 månader sedan
I didn’t know they had alarm clocks on satellites ⏰
Nicolae Bacrau
Nicolae Bacrau 2 månader sedan
0:20 Why does it say August 22, but it writes August 21 in the subtitles?
J CC 2 månader sedan
That team needs a Nobel prize.
Садовник Вселенной
Садовник Вселенной 3 månader sedan
The DARK ENERGY curtain is opening, gentlemen. Without fear of simplicity, imagine such a blooming UNIVERSE: Quantum gravity is the vibrations of waves in a spherical quantum field. Or the wave pressure in the quantum membrane in the "rosebud", where the transfer of wave energy during the drift of the center in the "rosebud" is possible through the quantum of the string. Quantum entanglement is a mixed transmission of information without intermediaries through the quantum of strings and with intermediaries in fractals from the quantum of "rosebuds". The visible Universe is crumbling over the skeleton - Immeasurable a quantum of strings on which fractals grow, quantum "rosebuds" in the form of dark energy.
Prashant Bhardwaj
Prashant Bhardwaj 3 månader sedan
Working from home before it was cool
Kowalski, Analysis!
Kowalski, Analysis! 3 månader sedan
what if we observe "S2" orbitting Sagi*A...?? it also can be seen the time dilation at the perigee? it is the Sagi*A. it's gravitational force would be more more great at the perigee. As "S2" goes closer to near "Sag*A"... probablely we see it "S2" gets slower and slower... right? and also, red shifting occurs.. just i wonder....
Atharv Gupta
Atharv Gupta 3 månader sedan
Satellites in obit are in constant acceleration/deceleration so how can you apply relativity to an accelerating body. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.
Christopher Ellis
Christopher Ellis 3 månader sedan
Did they run the apogee and perigee rates through a differrntial equation,?
Tim Jinks
Tim Jinks 3 månader sedan
@5.47.. 'if you were travelling with the satellite you wouldn't see a change in frequency'... but wasn't the device that was measuring this frequency and then transmitting the 'result' to a distant observer, 'travelling with the satellite?? Wouldn't it be sending a result of 'well I'm measuring the correct 1.420xxxGhz here'? .....I'm clearly wrong... but relatively confused... see what I did?
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The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
A new way to visualize General Relativity
ScienceClic English
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Spinning Black Holes
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The Zipf Mystery
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Polisen - Om olaglig belysning
Motorblog of Sweden
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Crew-1 Mission | Launch
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Cyberpunk 2077 - Official Gameplay Trailer
Cyberpunk 2077
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Felix Recenserar - Festen (Del 4)
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Роднойымды тастап кетпеймін! | «КАЙРАТ» 2 маусым 5 серия
Qarapaıym Qaırat / Қарапайым Қайрат
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Tagy Bir Toqsan 9 серия
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Sen Çal Kapımı 19. Bölüm
Sen Çal Kapımı
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