The Absurdity of Detecting Gravitational Waves

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A head-vaporizing laser with a perfect wavelength detecting sub-proton space-time ripples.
Huge thanks to Prof Rana Adhikari and LIGO:
Here's how he felt when he learned about the first ever detection:
Thanks to Patreon supporters:
Nathan Hansen, Donal Botkin, Tony Fadell, Saeed Alghamdi, Zach Mueller, Ron Neal
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A lot of videos have covered the general overview of the discovery of gravitational waves, what they are, the history of the search, when they were found but I wanted to delve into the absurd science that made the detection possible.
When scientists want one megawatt of laser power, it's not just for fun (though I'm sure it's that too), it's because the fluctuations in the number of photons is proportional to their square root, making more powerful beams less noisy (as a fraction of their total). The smoothest mirrors were created not for aesthetic joy but because when you're trying to measure wiggles that are a fraction the width of a proton, a rough mirror surface simply won't do.
Filmed by Daniel Joseph Files
Music by Kevin MacLeod, "Black Vortex" (appropriately named)
Music licensed from Epidemic Sound "Observations 2" (also appropriately named)

tec738caf ;dik'fac
tec738caf ;dik'fac 17 timmar sedan
Just few more years of not ironing this guys shirt and it will absorb all of incoming light
BIOS 18 timmar sedan
lmao @0:32... Earth goes squishy squish squish
Patrick Simmons
Patrick Simmons 21 timme sedan
I swear 4:20 1^20 stability is what it takes your mind to be still
Momchil Andonov
Momchil Andonov 2 dagar sedan
Any scientist here care to explain how can one measure gravity if it has infinite range?! It's like trying to measure a single radiowave in between ~unlimited radiowaves. It makes no sense. Just like claiming gravitation is not a force and making another claim that this FORCE can be measured!!! Veritasium should make up his mind! Is gravity real or not? He has two videos in which he claims quite the opposite - thumbs down for this hypocrisy!
JUANZERO 3 dagar sedan
Vasectamasium? Sensible? Or what? "William Shatner"
Roger Lundström
Roger Lundström 3 dagar sedan
But then again (regarding the notion of having more than two, to be able to track all black holes): There is the minor problem with global warming.. we shouldn't really HAVE that many one Megawatt things running frrivolously, we are trying to reduce our energy foot print..I mean.. I too am awed by the technology and potential, just that sometimes that shouldn't be the highest concern (just as sometimes finances shouldn't be prioritized over a pandemic)..
Realfantasy Auder
Realfantasy Auder 4 dagar sedan
5:17 He said foot balls 🏈 ⚽️
AB NEGATIVE 4 dagar sedan
Earth is flat bean brains. No space to go too.
Paul Martos
Paul Martos 5 dagar sedan
Relativity is a beautifully simple theory at its heart. Like all geniuses Einstein saw the underlying simplicity of seemingly complex problems. His description of gravity as curvature in space caused by mass and prediction of gravitational waves caused by huge changes in mass is simply brilliant. But ... what the hell is space? Fundamentally it's nothingness, the (relative) absence of matter and energy. What exactly is bending? I've never heard an explanation of that. It's a beautiful mathematical construct, yes, but although mathematics can describe space in intricate detail it is NOT space. Or as someone said, the map is not the territory. It's only a description.
David Lango
David Lango 5 dagar sedan
LIGO Laser Interferrometer Gravitonwave Observatory. I paid a visit to the facility in Hanford. The man in charge pessimistically admitted these Observatories should be in orbit, away from the noise.
Burn'n in my soul
Burn'n in my soul 6 dagar sedan
Gravity 😂😂😂😂😂 earth is flat and motionless
Renato Carvalho de Araujo
Renato Carvalho de Araujo 6 dagar sedan
Que treta....a Terra é plana
Aaa Bbb
Aaa Bbb 7 dagar sedan
Hello professor, you're handsome and very sexy 😘😍❤️you're sucking me to you much more than the gravity ❤️❤️❤️😋😋😋
ryler05 8 dagar sedan
Lol gravity waves fake science
Ekiskalibur Nirvana
Ekiskalibur Nirvana 10 dagar sedan
They are just joking.. im smarter then they think
麻辣烫不烫 10 dagar sedan
This sounds very fishy...more like a scheme for $$$$
Logan Creach
Logan Creach 11 dagar sedan
I love how it’s the taxi driver theme at the intro
Viewable11 11 dagar sedan
The song in the intro is Kevin MacLeod - Black Vortex (fitting for accompanying a black hole animation)
Dan Weaver
Dan Weaver 11 dagar sedan
Sorry folks, but this is pure pseudo-scientific poppycock. Humans do not possess the ability to “measure” the diameter of anything that’s 1/10,000th the diameter of a proton, let alone do it across 16 square km, let alone do it across a continent in two different locations, each with their own inertial frame of reference. The incredulous tone in the hosts voice is real - and should be, because these “research” scientists are little more than glory hounds seeking fame & fortune at the expense of the gullible. Here are some sources of error in such ridiculously precise measurements: 1) Tidal forces 2) Inner core, molten dynamics 3) tectonic plate movement 4) earthquake tremors 5) solar flares 6) magnetospheric snap back 7) global lightning storms (aggregate) 8) temperature 9) pressure 10) humidity 11) wind 12) local traffic (not just trains) 13) noise from jets at 35,000ft 14) noise from birds, dogs, bears, etc. 15) planetary orbits 16) galactic rotation 17) waves from galactic center 18) solar current sheet dynamics 19) electricity fluctuations (power grid) 20) electricity fluctuations (circuitry) 21) accuracy of electrical equipment 22) degradation in electrical equipment 23) mirror / polishing flaws 24) time required for electrons in the electrical measuring equipment to cross from one side of a microcircuit chip to the other 25) many others These sources of error are at least trillions of times greater than needed to make such sensitive measurements. Care can be used to reduce some of the errors: for example, one can use a 4-point probe to compensate for differences in the length & resistance of cabling to & from electrical equipment, in order to improve accuracy by three or four orders of magnitude. That gets you from 1E-12 to (at best) 1E-15 accuracy (one femtoampere in any given electrical device). As reported, one needs 1E-21 accuracy - a million times greater accuracy than any electrical measurement ever confirmed. One can make more precise measurements with photonics, but only over very small distances: not over 4 km distances needed for gravity wave detection. Fiber optic cables run over the 4 km distance here introduces more sources of systemic error. Repeaters are inserted to keep the signal integrity. Photons can be absorbed by fiber defects (impurities), so a single photon cannot be relied on to travel in the fiber strand over 4 km. Anyway, it’s a shame we have a class of scientists who are not criticizing their peers. This promotes more & more dishonesty in the scientific community, so all participants in the deception make more money. Perhaps deception is too strong a word. Maybe scientists simply don’t care enough to investigate fantastic claims? After all, each scientist is very busy with his and her own research to take time out to criticize others. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we require every scientist to criticize 4 other papers before earning the privilege of publishing One paper of his or her own?
000420man4ever 11 dagar sedan
So imagine 100 gigawatt lasers, OMG
James Pandiarajan Rajo
James Pandiarajan Rajo 12 dagar sedan
Long story short, they imagined the WHOLE thing, and then wasted a whole lot of money to lie to themselves and then the world. Won't be the first time.
Sandeep V
Sandeep V 12 dagar sedan
It seems the length of 1m is still not accurately defined after all !
Stavros Stamatopoulos
Stavros Stamatopoulos 14 dagar sedan
The problem is that science is at the lowest level of evolution process. If you want real science measure YOURSELF
Claudius Pereira
Claudius Pereira 14 dagar sedan
This video is absurd .You have NO WAY of proving any of your ridiculous assumptions . 1.3 billion years --STUPID !!!
Potato 14 dagar sedan
man image in the future we figure out to manipulate gravitational waves.
demfak •
demfak • 15 dagar sedan
1:06 thats all I understood from this
Mustafa Oueddan
Mustafa Oueddan 15 dagar sedan
There are 3 Ligo's fully operational, 2 are under construction and one is planned in Japan. Outside the confirmation that gravitational waves exist: are the costs, seen how much it costs to build these detectors and keep them fully operational, in proportion to the goal??? this is a lot off money that is spend here, just to confirm something that has totally no effect on us what so ever, we do not even notice it and there is no economical use for it. These are Billions of dollars. was this money not better spend, for finding cure for diseases perhaps????
Syed Ehtesham
Syed Ehtesham 16 dagar sedan
So is that the same caltech from the big bang theory?
Avi Aryan
Avi Aryan 17 dagar sedan
Just simply Amazing and equally mind blowing
Ales Rea
Ales Rea 17 dagar sedan
The real absurdity is the current hypothesis about gravitation.
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee 17 dagar sedan
“A megawatt will vaporize your head instantly” School nurse: here get some ice
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee 17 dagar sedan
“A megawatt will vaporize your head instantly” School nurse: here get some ice
serge bureau
serge bureau 17 dagar sedan
What is absurd is that you are allowed to comment on science
Jonasauruz 17 dagar sedan
Cold fusion
Paul Noel
Paul Noel 17 dagar sedan
Funding was running out so they fabricated a signal is what happened. Mor precisely they just found traffic noise or the workers in the facility etc. This is a damned lie that they found gravity waves. You assume the speed of gravity is the speed of light and then use light to measure gravity.
Tim M
Tim M 18 dagar sedan
Not to mention interference by Neutrinos, Microwaves, the theoretical Higgs,. All present all the time Everywhere in the universe, but never factored in. And any time you square a distance over time you automatically turn your data into a possible average rather than an absolute. The vacuum and temperature in the LHC cause microwave energy to be at its peak potential (on Earth), but never mentioned as being calculated in to any of the results. Same as LIGO.
Lee Workman
Lee Workman 18 dagar sedan
Ok, but HOW did they know this g-wave was coming? I can't accept that out of 13-plus billion years, they'd luck into a one-shot event. Nor that they ran this highly sophisticated (understatement of the year!) detector 24-7 for umpteen years and just happened to capture this encounter. Unless such events happened "often" in early universe... still not enough resolution to approach anywhere near this experiment's lifespan to date.
Senophanes 18 dagar sedan
I watched this video 5 times, but I still can't understand all the things they talk about. Still passed the exam though
Larry VanBarriger
Larry VanBarriger 18 dagar sedan
They detected it by time dilation, they could just build a graviton detector. A Graviton is gravity decayed into the electromagnetic spectrum end. Off the gravitational spectrum
Velimir Stanimirovic
Velimir Stanimirovic 19 dagar sedan
Do these guys do anything at all but wasting or tax dollars? Are there any firm proof they accomplish something?
angelo moncada
angelo moncada 19 dagar sedan
This is really sad. An entire documentary about haters. Every question they ask here has been answered by the ligo team in their much longer, and far more informative video
Jigger Jones
Jigger Jones 20 dagar sedan
I've probably asked this question here before, but it's still stuck in my head: If planets and stars curve the space-time fabric of the universe, wouldn't the gravitational wave go AROUND the earth?
Charles Lamb
Charles Lamb 20 dagar sedan
Tiniest measurement ever made?? I don't know about that...
Макс Ф.
Макс Ф. 20 dagar sedan
Despite gravitational waves definitely exist, it's detection is obvious fake. There is noise-like signal that can be processed to what you want to see.
Burnt Tuna Toast
Burnt Tuna Toast 21 dag sedan
wait what?.. if space is stretched, the distance should be the same no?.. it's not like any space is added in or something.. how does it take longer for the light to travel through that space?
Jon Watkins
Jon Watkins 21 dag sedan
Amazing Video on many levels! How do they dissipate the 1mw of laser energy? Do they recycle it to run a generator or heat water? Can the energy be used to partially run itself?
mukundan nair
mukundan nair 21 dag sedan
No one can be as cool as an Indian origin guy in a gravitational wave detector wearing orange crocs talking about your head being vaporized.
Some Guy
Some Guy 21 dag sedan
Now imagine how the effects would have seemed if you were up close when the black holes merged.
Quantum Tech
Quantum Tech 22 dagar sedan
Is Rana Adhikari Indian?
CJ Mahar
CJ Mahar 22 dagar sedan
how much energy would be in a gravity wave that could stretch the laser as much as it did in the video example? would that be a gravity wave that a human could actually notice? i cant possibly do that kind of math but it would be interesting to know
darvad77 Frimml
darvad77 Frimml 22 dagar sedan
I suspect that there is no fabric in space like they portray! My hunch is, it's all about electricity, and magnetism! We are made from the earth, and we know the earth is magnetic. We have iron in our blood/flesh therefore, we are held down from the electric charges in the atmosphere, and within us. 1 charge is +, and the other is -. In magnetism it would be n, or s, therefore it causes attraction!
JD 22 dagar sedan
Non magnetic things are also attracted to the earth. Pure water has no reason to stay on the earth if electromagnetism is the reason behind gravity
Nick Llama
Nick Llama 22 dagar sedan
I can't get over how wrinkled that dude's shirt is. Someone buy that man an iron.
Frient 22 dagar sedan
What can this facility be used for now that they've measured some grav waves?
Sammy Watkins
Sammy Watkins 23 dagar sedan
You will literally believe anything the technocracy tells you what a shame 😢
mate Nd
mate Nd 23 dagar sedan
A true dedicated scientists never iron their shirt
xDR1TeK 23 dagar sedan
The only time when implementation isn't simpler than theory.
carl gangl
carl gangl 23 dagar sedan
Detected by light because light speed is not constant.
김다희 24 dagar sedan
Just few more years of not ironing this guys shirt and it will absorb all of incoming light
Harley Speedthrust
Harley Speedthrust 24 dagar sedan
We learned about Michelson interferometers in class bro
Eliot McLellan
Eliot McLellan 24 dagar sedan
Veritasium is odtren sad because a lot of his viewers die from drug overdoses
silas Brunk
silas Brunk 24 dagar sedan
I love his funky glasses
Jason N
Jason N 24 dagar sedan
Dudes shirt though! Momma never taught him how to iron his clothes. Obviously a single man
Gregory Sagegreene
Gregory Sagegreene 24 dagar sedan
5:40. "How do you know anything is stretched?". ... Light is intrinsically linked with space. ... Now that is the question I asked, and "I wish everyone would ask." . . . "And the new, fresh light ..." - A very good answer.
Gabriel Suazo
Gabriel Suazo 26 dagar sedan
Im going to explain this tonight while im drunk to someone also drunk just to see what happens :) thx great video
Pavel B.
Pavel B. 26 dagar sedan
Very interesting behavior of the flag in a vacuum(they excluded this fragment from the film): #################### For fans of the HOAX, the "photo of the gravitational wave" made in 2005, 10 years before the "photo" made by the LIGO collaboration in 2015 ... Indeed, the first one costed $ 1000 and the second - $ 2.5 billion.
carso1500 26 dagar sedan
I just love how adhikari face completly iluminated once he mentioned the size of the light wave, it was like he was expecting some idiot that would not really understand what he was talking about (like he has probably have to deal with before) and was just extatic to find someone that also talks his tongue
TravelClast 26 dagar sedan
But can it Pop 2 tons of popcorn in a house?
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You must agree to the Google+ Page terms to proceed. 26 dagar sedan
I'm not conent with the explanation of how they are not changing the result by measuring it. Where's the falsifiability? Or in pop culture terms have they measured any dead cats and recorded live ones instead?
c704710 6 dagar sedan
Agreed. How do they know they know the photons in their instruments aren't discarding the effects of gravity and instead measuring the effect of being measured? Because photons have been proven to do this. This seems to be precisely relevant to the objection we share:
Maxime Dur
Maxime Dur 27 dagar sedan
If anybody understands, please don't tell me, I would suicide.
Brian Kerr
Brian Kerr 27 dagar sedan
search for "Stephen J Crothers" black holes don't exist. There is no such thing as a gravitational wave. go to
Mr. Numi Who
Mr. Numi Who 27 dagar sedan
The clip of the two merging black holes in the beginning should have had them rotating around one another a LOT faster in the end (like thousands of times per second). Not that we can 'see' that, but it has been translated to sound, so it has been 'heard'... a gradually increasing whining pitch (due to the gravity waves) until... nothing (explosion). So you could actually add the audio to the video clip...
Euna Isabel
Euna Isabel 28 dagar sedan
When you are a PhD student watching this amazing absurdly incredible accomplishment, and realizing that your simpler, and ultimately more useless research, has dumbass problems you have no idea how to solve.
Ike King
Ike King 28 dagar sedan
Imagine explaining what you do to your investors
Mark Duff
Mark Duff 28 dagar sedan
There is nothing about this I understand.
The Great Mechanized Ape
The Great Mechanized Ape 28 dagar sedan
and people still think we will build a "hyperloop" (vacuum train) this decade. LOL
The Next Level
The Next Level 28 dagar sedan
Is not Rana Adhikari a Nepali???
hating kills
hating kills 29 dagar sedan
Shirt of the decade
Loo Jack
Loo Jack 29 dagar sedan
Those scientists don't even know how to beat Covid-19, yet they have already known everything about the universal.
yurikolovsky 29 dagar sedan
If gravity is an illusion (your later video), could you explain this and the gravity video together?
steve butrimas
steve butrimas Månad sedan
Why need to know now at such cost. Let technology cost and capability lead the way.
Stanley Denning
Stanley Denning Månad sedan
There is no such thing as gravity.
Mark Thomson
Mark Thomson Månad sedan
I get all this (well, more or less) but how do they then say..."Ha, obviously this was caused by a 40 mass black hole and 37 mass black hole merging 1.372 light years away. ?
evolunter Månad sedan
The sound the professor made was the sound the holy cow makes in India. He is clever and gets money from nothing!
that1guyoverthr Månad sedan
Take an array of 8 satellites and arrange them in space in a 2 x 2 x 2 "cube formation", ensuring all satellites are equidistant from each other. Each satellite fires 7 laser beams to all the other 7 satellites (56 laser beams, total). Move this array of satellites through space to measure gravitations waves. Stupid idea?
Wow! Very nice presentation. And not only all explanations but also the lots of pictures. Thank you!!
Toughen Up, Fluffy
Toughen Up, Fluffy Månad sedan
It takes 6,405,499,000,000,000,000,000 human hairs to span the distance between Earth and Alpha Centauri. Give or take a few.
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez Månad sedan
There's gravitational waves often? I think is so rare... Imagine they finish the work say a month after gravitational waves happened!
Matthias Kaufmann
Matthias Kaufmann Månad sedan
What is a mirror? A mirror is an object that reflects light whereby the incidence angle is the negative reflection angle. So if it is hit with 0° it is reflected back. two atoms could be the simplest mirror array. Imagine two atoms where one has a higher atomic energy level. Now the electron falls back to a lower level and light gets emitted. A couple of things happen. The atom will get a momentum in the other direction. Now if the targeting was correct and the second atom gets hit, it will also get a momentum then and later, when it reemits the photon. I do not got into the details of the energy changes of the photon travelling constantly bettween these "mirrors". I just want to point out that these are moving away from each other if nothing holds them in their place. Second thing I want to remind people is the uncertainty of the point of emission. They say the accuracy is about a 1000th the width of a proton. How could this possibly be if the distance between the emitting electron and the nucleos must by logic be halve of the added protons and electrons width, and by nature the atomic radius. Therefore when nothing happens there will always be at least this noise, suppressing the claimed accuracy, even when you rely on the average of millions of photons where you never know the exact positions. Additionally there is another point. In the clip it is said that the "new light" has to travel a bigger distance when the gravitational wave stretched the space before. However, the influence of the gravitational wave is still there and the way they are looking at it it seems like the space to travel is made up of 100 lego blocks and when it got stretched it is 101 blocks and therefore a bigger distance to travel. I claim it is still 100 blocks but each one stretched to 1.01 of it's original length. Now that the light is not apart from space and time but also influenced by gravitation the speed will go up to 1.01 c. This is the more inevitable the more you claim c to be constant in all frames of reference. Remember that this has been stretched by 1.01 and the speed is distance per time. The more you measure, the more data you gather, the better you filter, the more likely you are to find some data that look like what you were looking for. But why fool yourself, if you can fool others?
Fabio Rota
Fabio Rota Månad sedan
This is probably your worst video: you need to already now so many things to understand everything in the video and you didnt explain the basic things to onow in order to understand the video: you keep saing stuff without any real explenation
Basanta dahal
Basanta dahal Månad sedan
I wish my proffesor as cool as rana
Ken Berger
Ken Berger Månad sedan
This guy is not very knowledgeable
Petr Jaroch
Petr Jaroch Månad sedan
1^20 is 1
GBoy Månad sedan
Haha remember being able to interact with people. Nostalgia man
Arthur Accioly Pereira
Arthur Accioly Pereira Månad sedan
So much ignorance and so much knowledge at the same generation.
PPS S. Månad sedan
You will detect all sorts of things if your funding and career on the line.
SCOTT DC Månad sedan
Time is the foundation of the universe, space is proportional to the rate or speed of time like your shadow is proportional to you and the angle of the sun. Space is a construct of time nothing more. Also there is already a "quantum Theory of gravity" it explains gravity down to the atomic level, it is new so no one knows about it. Check out the book " The Universe 20/20" on amazon, it just came out, it redefines everything we think we know about the universe.
Asif Molvi
Asif Molvi Månad sedan
What if these ripples or waves already passed before 2 centuries through milky way and we would never detect them .
Phil Rudski
Phil Rudski Månad sedan
Some of the comments here are just pure gold. I found this little nugget and I thought this shouldn't be buried among all the other comments. Context : Over the past year or so, two ro three guys have been arguing over lots of stuff. At one point this was the challenge made to one of those people : "You are like arguing with my 8 year old son. It is pointless.... I will PROMISE TO READ ALL OTHER of your dribble, once you check the math on the Higgs Boson and can come up with an experiment to prove its existence. " In other words, to prove him wrong, you'll need to get a Nobel prize and also build something similar used at CERN. ROFL....
Gregory Byrne
Gregory Byrne Månad sedan
Elemental my dear human. Toroidal fields. Earth is a 4.5 billion year old closed loop that self regulates co2 with LIFE. The climate cycles of our planet are continental glaciers with lower sea levels brought on by Global tsunami's. The changes in the tilt of the earths axis, north star and proximity to the SUN causes ClimateChange. Global warming The more the axis of the earth tilts towards the sun. The more DIRECT sunlight the higher latitudes poles receive. Warming the southern hemisphere heat sink oceans and thawing the northern hemisphere frozen co2 continents. Which is why temperature rises first and co2 follows. Cause and effect. Every 13 k years when the Precession of the north star aligns the equator with the solar orbital plane at the ecliptic's. The gravitational pull of the SUN pulls tsunami's around the planet East to west because the planet spins west to east. It happened before it will happen again. Not if but when. The one off with the slow rise of sea levels after the global tsunami's is the Zanclean flood of Noah in the Mediterranean.
CandidDate Månad sedan
Luckily and not coincidentally, they detected these waves at two months away from LIGO funding renewal talks.
carso1500 26 dagar sedan
Do you know they arent the only ones who check that the measurements are correct right, they have actually had two false positives in the past, the test to prove that the measurements are legitimal and not just a scam are crazy, they can take over a year and they use people not related to ligo exactly so that theres not a chance that it was falsified So gtfo
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