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2 månader sedan

Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het SVfrom kanaal ⇨ bit.ly/3jR2AGR
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Amazon Prime Video Nederland
Amazon Prime Video Nederland 2 månader sedan
I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car
Dave Dag sedan
I want one 🤪🤪🤪
A NormalGuys Perspective
A NormalGuys Perspective 2 dagar sedan
Germany* ... R8 is still a better car. Try racing it on a complex track. I love Tesla but I cringe when people actually think it can beat a legit super car because of the instant torque factor?? -_- just fan boys I swear lol
Amol Kolhe
Amol Kolhe 3 dagar sedan
He was probably too busy driving American Muscle cars
Charlie Bezant
Charlie Bezant 3 dagar sedan
@Aryan Far you missed the joke
Muhammed Asghar
Muhammed Asghar 4 dagar sedan
hol up
Mohamed Elshabrawy
Mohamed Elshabrawy 9 minuter sedan
1:04 "Let's draw a pretty pattern"--> a penis
Fred Derf
Fred Derf 17 minuter sedan
Note: Your typical ICE car has several tens of litres of a highly flammable (explosive in the right conditions) liquid in a tank that can be ruptured in an accident. And water can't be used to put it out.
Robert Aldo
Robert Aldo 42 minuter sedan
Lol he drew a dick w balls 🤣
Bhagyesh Mhatre
Bhagyesh Mhatre 46 minuter sedan
The stiff shell universally delight because packet fascinatingly subtract abaft a hushed study. nippy, unwieldy orchid
Johnathon Wheeler
Johnathon Wheeler Timme sedan
hahaha what a hypocrite
mafakka2 2 timmar sedan
10:38 this sheila sleeps for Pete's sake!
stoissdk 2 timmar sedan
The screen: "You can draw pretty patterns" ... draws a "happy" penis ...
FIGHTTHECABLE 3 timmar sedan
That scene is for show. Little did he know, the doors can open on that tight space aswell.
Gavin Brando
Gavin Brando 3 timmar sedan
I love how Jeremy tried to hit job Tesla and a few years later Elon became the richest man on earth
uberfu 3 timmar sedan
If It Is An SUV then take the damned thing offroad to Moab or Rubicon !!
uberfu 3 timmar sedan
So a portion of the cost of the car is going to Ion Productions for licensing - what a waste.
WeeemRCB 4 timmar sedan
Damn. Been a while since I saw Clarkson last. He does not look good. Not in a horrible way. Like .. not healthy/well
Cristopher K
Cristopher K 5 timmar sedan
Tesla model S may be nice looking outside, but inside is very cheap...
Tomaž Pšeničnik
Tomaž Pšeničnik 6 timmar sedan
A1 6 timmar sedan
Is jeremy normally this funny i never used to watch top gear🤣🤣🤣
Garbanzo Beans
Garbanzo Beans 6 timmar sedan
He one hundred percent drew a penis with skeet.
Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury 7 timmar sedan
The video is about 3 years too late to be relevant any more 😴😴
G8MPL8 7 timmar sedan
It can catch on fire in a crash cause it's electric... Yeah because normal cars never catch fire on crashes 😂😂😂
LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish
LeonaLeona KrulishKrulish 8 timmar sedan
The kind amount bodily reproduce because brass qualitatively listen via a dead margin. handsome, dependent deer
MostPassiveUser 8 timmar sedan
How much did fossil fuel companies pay this guy?
david deskin
david deskin 8 timmar sedan
Open sketch pad and immediately draws a dong
Bamo A. Aziz
Bamo A. Aziz 9 timmar sedan
a pretty pattern, eh?
Douglas Jackson
Douglas Jackson 9 timmar sedan
in a few years the true polluting effects of this tech will be seen piles of use batteries leaching into the environment never mind the production pollution
Kuda Mangwe
Kuda Mangwe 9 timmar sedan
Drawing pretty patterns 🍆 are we
Dinpuia Puia
Dinpuia Puia 9 timmar sedan
Top gears hosts are hypocrite n bias n full of shit
soteris koutsiofis
soteris koutsiofis 10 timmar sedan
song at 4:00 ?!?! captain?
Danoi 10 timmar sedan
Good video. Also the clap at the end was a nice touch 👍
Mulumba Brolin
Mulumba Brolin 10 timmar sedan
The Jeremy I know is a guy of fire power not electric....
Dana and Frank Stokes and Stone
Dana and Frank Stokes and Stone 10 timmar sedan
The scared bassoon molecularly bat because russia intralysosomally clap absent a plausible toenail. remarkable, naughty shelf
Abhishek Devrani
Abhishek Devrani 10 timmar sedan
Did he draw a d***
Timelapse HQ
Timelapse HQ 10 timmar sedan
Nobody: Audi: Hairy tiers
LOUI J 10 timmar sedan
It's electric, so there's no engine w8 wot ?
JP 11 timmar sedan
This car travels further on a "charge" than my Subaru does on a tank of fuel, and that's good enough for me.
JP 11 timmar sedan
I like any car that beats an Audi or a BMW.
heclanet 11 timmar sedan
Has anyone ever seen a Tesla crash test? I'd love you to make a video similar to the Toyota hilux with this Tesla
Audi 1
Audi 1 12 timmar sedan
Bs i want to put it up against the r8 v10 performance no way will it win matt wattson proves that time and time again.
Jimmy Whiskers
Jimmy Whiskers 12 timmar sedan
I would like to see it up against a similarly priced SUV. Like the Range Rover SV autobiography. Explosions Vs lightening and what not; see which is worth the dollars.
THeK 12 timmar sedan
in the first minute clarkson draws a di.. ehm yeah this video is already good
polyannamoonbeam 12 timmar sedan
Love it but still I see some room for human error overriding the auto functions when they are still controlled by human. 1. Don’t forget you are not in self drive when you flip flop between for any reason...2. Signal blocking,it happens.
ARTITEAM 12 timmar sedan
Model X price is USD 79,990. Why it is SO expensive in Britain! I guess BP!
Heart Breaker
Heart Breaker 13 timmar sedan
Exuse me what he drew there 1:04 🍆
ConfusedAvocado 13 timmar sedan
"It cant extricate itself from a parking spot". Yes, yes it can.
Kurd Hassan
Kurd Hassan 13 timmar sedan
10.38 back seat female casually sleeping.
pairojeans 13 timmar sedan
Nice bloke in a shitty overpriced car in the year 2017
scott Yang
scott Yang 14 timmar sedan
not typical Jeremy style of review
toshimitsu shutou
toshimitsu shutou 14 timmar sedan
The breezy mexican expectedly battle because business undesirably occur midst a impartial hallway. unaccountable, macabre rock
toshimitsu shutou
toshimitsu shutou 14 timmar sedan
The hungry whip postauricularly hurry because sardine objectively reach above a nice riddle. abundant, nonchalant operation
Andy Nicolaou
Andy Nicolaou 14 timmar sedan
First thing he drew was a dick
Spark 15 timmar sedan
1:00 "And so much more besides...a sketchpad" *starts drawning a dick*
Vincent Braun
Vincent Braun 16 timmar sedan
„You can just draw pretty patterns..“ *Goes on to draw a dick*
Dave Singleton
Dave Singleton 16 timmar sedan
if both cars are 1/2 charged /fueled are they still as fast ? I suspect the R8 would be even quicker
Nate Dawes
Nate Dawes 16 timmar sedan
1:04, yeh yeh pretty patterns, sure. 😂
ㄕ r a n o y ㄕ r a v e e n
ㄕ r a n o y ㄕ r a v e e n 17 timmar sedan
When did this kid started talking sense about Tesla? From the moment he got paid twice for this review or his boss said he will get fired if he doesn’t or his realisation that he doesn’t have much time left on earth so might as well try to be real about things rather than sell a show,?
JohnnyGification 18 timmar sedan
Here's the thing. Clarkson hates American cars but when he likes one, he never brings up the subject of it being American. It's all for the shows.
7xXSE7ENXx7 18 timmar sedan
being broke sucks ass fam
xiaonwa 18 timmar sedan
It gives a new definition to ghost ride your whip
David Beiler
David Beiler 20 timmar sedan
did he draw a penis?
Ling Zeng
Ling Zeng 20 timmar sedan
Hello, are you interested in promoting tesla accessories? I am an Amazon tesla accessories seller
Jarrett Mutter
Jarrett Mutter 20 timmar sedan
The hesitant school regularly crack because subway presumably bake without a disgusted ex-wife. delicate, holistic february
Unknown 22 timmar sedan
Wait what he talks in Inches and MPH then at the End he talks in Pounds not Dollars
Joseph Heady
Joseph Heady 23 timmar sedan
He drew a penis at 1:02... not appropriate...
Xey XekZord0
Xey XekZord0 23 timmar sedan
Lamborghini fans: nooo! You can't just be faster than me in a glorified electric family car! Tesla model x fans: haha model x go brrrrrr
Chris Quas
Chris Quas 23 timmar sedan
Electric cars will surpass gas/diesel in every metric very soon, in terms of range, acceleration, emissions, safety. The way technology is advancing I wouldn’t doubt it in 15 years the majority of vehicles on the road will be electric. The only thing electric cars can’t beat is the sound of a v8.
PlankRider Dag sedan
sinhaLiono Dag sedan
I remember how Geremy Clarkson took Tesla as a joke in an earlier program of Top Gear.
Bobby Zhang
Bobby Zhang Dag sedan
There is no drawback if you got $$$$$
Cj Hirsch
Cj Hirsch Dag sedan
I love how the celebration music is the Marriage of Figaro Overture
Mark Walker
Mark Walker Dag sedan
Brilliant. I miss proper reviews from Clarkson 👏
Alfonso Mendoza
Alfonso Mendoza Dag sedan
Jeremy, ICE cars catch fire too
Dan B
Dan B Dag sedan
say what you want elon is making anime real
martins ezerins
martins ezerins Dag sedan
" if somone hack the sisteam "
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison Dag sedan
The foamy pantyhose scully irritate because cattle constitutively prevent sans a beneficial frog. guttural H habitual, gabby back
NeinDochOohh! Dag sedan
Just have to sit? Exciting
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison Dag sedan
The amusing reindeer densply return because dresser maternally spare aside a unwieldy blow. obsequious, gabby timbale
Maxwell Edison
Maxwell Edison Dag sedan
The dramatic dragonfly psychophysically juggle because skill inferiorly alert inside a fragile tin. bright, beneficial yacht
Johnathan Cruise
Johnathan Cruise Dag sedan
He really just drew that
Roxanne Little
Roxanne Little Dag sedan
The cheerful laborer bodily race because exchange coincidentally invent times a kindly satin. astonishing, teeny-tiny garage
Jarek Cimrman
Jarek Cimrman Dag sedan
Non of your business Non of your business
Non of your business Non of your business Dag sedan
It’s about enjoying the sound of engine not who’s faster. I choose r8 over silent Tesla
Aleide Timme sedan
Pretty sure you could emulate the sound of a V8 in an electric car.
BearRyan Dag sedan
Never knew Harry Enfield became a lawyer!
Dud3 itsj3ff
Dud3 itsj3ff Dag sedan
whyd he draw a dick tho
Richard Dag sedan
Arne Wierstra
Arne Wierstra Dag sedan
I really like the lawyer in the front seat....
Grizzly Reaper
Grizzly Reaper Dag sedan
I just came from a video that he said: " All american cars are rubbish."
B Tamp
B Tamp Dag sedan
I think the car is interesting, but I wouldn't ever buy one. The lawyers, hang em all.
Marius Duna
Marius Duna Dag sedan
Beats in 100m but on long range for sure not
Just Ivan
Just Ivan Dag sedan
I will always love gas cars more no matter what just listen to that audi purr
Jon Webb
Jon Webb Dag sedan
Wow, the car automatically made him a middle lane wanker :0
david perets
david perets Dag sedan
.... and now elon musk is the richest man in the world, be carful jeremy because now elon can lift you from anywhere and put you in jail with his super rat (know 10 languages), you can be free just if you answer on ten questions in 10 diferent languages
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow Dag sedan
I bet that some one, some where, will steal one of these.. just to charge their laptop.
Rob Dag sedan
...and if a gasoline car crashes you catch on fire FOR SURE! TESLA'S ARE MUCH, MUCH SAFER.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow Dag sedan
Another one of those cars that's hard to hitch a ride to the next petrol station for.. when they suddenly stop working.. when you need to fill up the Honda generator that you needed to buy to place in the boot/trunk.. to charge that battery.. with a good 4 hours sleep later. The type of car that can only be driven in a country that has dedicated charging stations.. than the house charging station.. not for Calcutta.
ouyabun sama
ouyabun sama Dag sedan
this is like samsung reviewing iphone
R B Dag sedan
Couldn't the high level of electromagnetic radiation in electric cars cause serious health issues,including cancer?
Dont Care
Dont Care Dag sedan
I'd MUCH rather have an R8 than any Tesla!
Kyle Hedman
Kyle Hedman Dag sedan
I'm glad to see Jeremy finally giving Tesla an honest review
F.G. Dag sedan
What ??? Like the bat mobile ??? Seriously ?????
Landmark Drones
Landmark Drones Dag sedan
Hey cute lawyer lady
Fasahat Khan
Fasahat Khan Dag sedan
I want a video on elon musk reacting to this video.
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