Tensions Rise in the House During Post-Riot Debate

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A fight nearly broke out on the House floor after Republican objectors refused to hear the truth from Rep. Conor Lamb.
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Keith Graham
Keith Graham 2 timmar sedan
You should be ashamed of yourself!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 timmar sedan
He regressed to a little kid and said “take it back 🥺”
L 3 timmar sedan
L 3 timmar sedan
This man is trash
Josh Westhoven
Josh Westhoven 5 timmar sedan
this must be the trial of combat
kentucky woman
kentucky woman 16 timmar sedan
You and your people Pelosi ARE The Divils biggest fans!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 2 timmar sedan
He should gave just said those Republican's protesting were lying sacks of s..t, it would have been more accurate.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag sedan
This gov will never work until ALL of the treasonous two faced people are voted out of it
Marchoupi 2 dagar sedan
When you are a traitor, and can't stand being told .
Jess Killham
Jess Killham 2 dagar sedan
Awwwwww Did little baby gop get called out?
sweettimage 2 dagar sedan
Liar is good at their lies. Knowing people will watching. Even went as far as to mention people are watching. I call him a Liar. Shut up despicable Nancy.
Tom Gravil
Tom Gravil 3 dagar sedan
Yea bought and payed for by democrats
Tom Gravil
Tom Gravil 3 dagar sedan
More lies
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag sedan
This gov will never work until ALL of the treasonous two faced people are voted out of it
Robert Donadee
Robert Donadee 3 dagar sedan
Liars usually react poorly when backed into a corner by the truth.
gsxrboi1000 3 dagar sedan
"Hit dog will Holler"
soinu foig
soinu foig 3 dagar sedan
The best part was when he said “we work” lol
Harumi H.
Harumi H. 3 dagar sedan
Why getting angry? The speaking congressman did not call him or call the "R" at all. Getting angry is the reaction of the guilt conscience. Liars do not like hearing the truth.
Harumi H.
Harumi H. 3 dagar sedan
Look at them and listen to them. Which of them tried to block the lawful proceeding of the Congress? Those trying to object and stop the other side from speaking do not represent the people. They do not listen to the voices of the people, but they instead inject into the people's mind with their own false idea and false belief. They only want the people to believe their own false idea, while they want to dominate the public view in their way.
Jaydan Moncayo
Jaydan Moncayo 3 dagar sedan
5:10 the subtitles misspelled the Speaker’s name XD
Farouq Omaro
Farouq Omaro 4 dagar sedan
Funny how they were ready to create a ruckus when at the same time they are denying they are the cause for the ruckus
Josh O
Josh O 4 dagar sedan
Good for him for speaking truth
tony james
tony james 4 dagar sedan
He should gave just said those Republican's protesting were lying sacks of s..t, it would have been more accurate.
TheJerbol 4 dagar sedan
The audacity of a bold faced liar to get offended at the truth
Venus 4 dagar sedan
Dis rep has big pp energy and im living for it
Anthony Rush
Anthony Rush 4 dagar sedan
The halls of that building has been disrespected and shame by the lies of politicians for decades. By the politicians who have ruined lives and have served self interests. Spare me your ridiculous statements. Pelosi is a disgrace.
Rolz Roks
Rolz Roks 4 dagar sedan
4years of wanting a government to fail more than wanting it to work was madam speakers gameplan from 2016
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dagar sedan
Very nice video...Great :)?
matthew ramirez
matthew ramirez 5 dagar sedan
The low actor consecutively bruise because eel collectively fool round a incredible napkin. ill, irate recorder
allfamyankee85 5 dagar sedan
The day politician realized WE have the real power, not them. I don't support those who stormed in a broke the law but the message was clear to congress. WE THE PEOPLE, has been forgotten. We have more power combine than any group in this world and can use that power to inspire change in the areas that needs improvement. Don't forget that, love yourself and love others and let's grow together!!!
Jesus Brito
Jesus Brito 5 dagar sedan
We need more congressman like this so transparent and outstanding political ethics who protects the constitution for his keeping his oath.
Jack durham
Jack durham 5 dagar sedan
Strange you want a liar to expose truth as a lie. Very, very strange indeed
A Striver of Strength & Knowledge
A Striver of Strength & Knowledge 5 dagar sedan
I’ve never seen a bunch of childish adults in one video.
Laoshi J
Laoshi J 3 dagar sedan
Happens all the time in the House.
Black Diamond
Black Diamond 6 dagar sedan
Look, I know its her first day, and she has a v. But Nancy has to grow some huge hairy balls and make some examples. disrespect among representative cAN not be tolerated. Roll some heads, this video is an embarrasment and shows our countries weaknesses.
Taylor Timms
Taylor Timms 6 dagar sedan
It seems like a madam speaker ought to be able to speak but this woman can't get two words out
Brittni Merry
Brittni Merry 6 dagar sedan
R-VA: Mooooommmm! He's looking at me! He's pointing at me! Momelosi: Be quiet. I'll hear your side of the story in a moment. Rep. Connor: As I was saying.... Some people are liars. R-VA: He called me a LIAR! TAKE IT BACK! MOOOOMM make him take it back!
Andy Spark
Andy Spark 6 dagar sedan
Who was it that was removed?
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Wilson 6 dagar sedan
As usual liars can always dish it out yet have temper tantrums when called out.
James Estrada
James Estrada 6 dagar sedan
Well, this bodes well for the future of our country.😞
Oliver Migliore
Oliver Migliore 6 dagar sedan
The Republican Party needs to purge these traitors. Republicans used to be the good guys and now look at them.
jeffrey bykerk
jeffrey bykerk 6 dagar sedan
Look at mr. Shagwell sleeps with chinese spies. And sits on our intel committee!!!
jeffrey bykerk
jeffrey bykerk 6 dagar sedan
These Democratic Communist can with no hesitation lie and when its proven they still!!! Lie.
Patricia Bailey
Patricia Bailey 6 dagar sedan
Frauld fraud are you afraid yet
Moxi G
Moxi G 6 dagar sedan
Look at Erik back there thinking about taking out Chinese Lol
Moxi G
Moxi G 6 dagar sedan
Maybe instead of calling them the mob, you should look at why they were there????????? You make rules and laws that you do not follow yourselves. You are the Pharisees of the past The media manufactures the news They are the scribes of the past!!! Nothing is new under the sun, Jesus said whoa to you scribes and Pharisees who make it impossible under the burden you give them!!!!
Seawolf 6 dagar sedan
Joanna 6 dagar sedan
Look at mr. Shagwell sleeps with chinese spies. And sits on our intel committee!!!
Henry B
Henry B 7 dagar sedan
No shame in Democrats cheaters corruption God watches you guys
k. d
k. d 7 dagar sedan
Raised on lies
Kenneth M.
Kenneth M. 7 dagar sedan
A hit dog wil hollar.
Betty 7 dagar sedan
Does anyone know what was happening in the back? It looked like there was a brawl about to take place!!!!
Trice Taylor
Trice Taylor 6 dagar sedan
It was heated.
Stacking Stacks with Danny McSquare
Stacking Stacks with Danny McSquare 8 dagar sedan
Man I wish this dude was my congressman!
Briana B
Briana B 8 dagar sedan
Imagine having to be constantly surrounded by old men with the mentality of a 9 year old and no self control 🤦🏽‍♀️
Laoshi J
Laoshi J 3 dagar sedan
Brian B Both parties need a serious cleaning.
DAN S 5 dagar sedan
Lets be clear..old white men!!!
Sue Ann
Sue Ann 8 dagar sedan
Evil through and through..bad actors too
Waffles47_ 8 dagar sedan
God republicans are such snow flakes
Jon Bravo
Jon Bravo 8 dagar sedan
Disturbing and disappointing. Both sides
Daniel A. Deines Sr.
Daniel A. Deines Sr. 8 dagar sedan
Mạnh Trần
Mạnh Trần 8 dagar sedan
Everyone gangsta until Madam Speaker says: "Let there be... Trial... *By combat* ."
D9D 15 timmar sedan
Stanley G
Stanley G 3 dagar sedan
Imagine these niggas fighting
Stanley G
Stanley G 3 dagar sedan
Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips 8 dagar sedan
Ladies and gentlemen, the "adults."
ender diego carrion velazquez
ender diego carrion velazquez 8 dagar sedan
It happens in 1954 Puerto Rican Nationalist Party
catsinthecradle 8 dagar sedan
This guy speaking who so claims to represent my district- Connor "The Sham" Lamb (an appropriate name for him, as he is a mere sheep in following in line with the Democratic agenda)- just stood before Congress and lied about the elections process in the state of PA. He told lies by omission by asserting correctly that a majority Republican legislature passed Act 77, effectively instituting mail-in voting, but omited the fact that the PA Supreme Court, in conjunction with our governor and state secretary, Kathleen Boockvar, made changes to the law that were unconstitutional. PA law requires that changes in the election laws be made through the peoples' consent, but no such action was taken. It also saddens me to say he also further stoked racial tensions, claiming that persons who entered the Capital were allowed to do so because of "what they looked like." In two years, I hope people from my district will see Lamb for who he is- a sham- and choose not to re-elect him to this body. He doesn't represent us.
Integrity Minded
Integrity Minded 8 dagar sedan
queen nie
queen nie 8 dagar sedan
I see no lie in what he said...thank you for standing up for the truth
Truth 007
Truth 007 8 dagar sedan
What demon possessed liar. Everything this dude said was a lie
FKAllen 8 dagar sedan
Hey Nancy antoinette! put your teefs back is your poluted mouth and speek! What a joke!
Adrian K
Adrian K 8 dagar sedan
The Truth Hurts 🤣🤣🤣
James Pruitt
James Pruitt 8 dagar sedan
Conor Lamb 2024 :D
renolgz 8 dagar sedan
that's so wrong... You can't say it's because of race. What is this "Unity"
renolgz 4 dagar sedan
@There is always a rainbow After a little rain that's fine batmans a joke hero anyway =D Just a depressed man in his 30's
There is always a rainbow After a little rain
There is always a rainbow After a little rain 8 dagar sedan
Batman would be disappointed in you
DarkAngels Moon
DarkAngels Moon 8 dagar sedan
Whatever prevails just remember God has say in the very end folks !
Mr matt
Mr matt 8 dagar sedan
Democrats + guillotine = a better nation
Lynda Abraham
Lynda Abraham 9 dagar sedan
Hey, Japan fights all the time in their version of congress. Real punches, real rolling on the floor.
gorilla Tim
gorilla Tim 9 dagar sedan
This right here is why all of this is happening one side thinks it ok and the other side does to this is our government ridiculous from both side America is a melting pot I wish we could all just get along
Caleb Fouty
Caleb Fouty 9 dagar sedan
If people got struck by lightning for lies he would be cooked where he stands
Caleb Fouty
Caleb Fouty 9 dagar sedan
Then why did your side set it up?
Jamie Mackie
Jamie Mackie 9 dagar sedan
All that needs to be understood is that a large part of the country has a loss of confidence in government. Both sides are equal in the blame. They both gingerly climbed the ladder of escalation and neither offered an out to each other. Draw what conclusion you may but we all share blame in this one.
Jehel Sinois
Jehel Sinois 9 dagar sedan
Kinda got that "house of cards" type of vibes.
One species -Human
One species -Human 9 dagar sedan
This guy is a true American
jarrhead JA
jarrhead JA 9 dagar sedan
Politics what a joke
Jacqueline morris
Jacqueline morris 9 dagar sedan
Where was he on the 1st impeachment.
William Chaisson
William Chaisson 9 dagar sedan
American Politicians, especially Leftists, are the lowest form of humanity. Hands down
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 9 dagar sedan
Apart from those on the right.
sean champa
sean champa 9 dagar sedan
Nancy and her cult at work spending more useless money
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff 9 dagar sedan
The truth is, REPUBLICANS ARE TRAITORS!!!! That is all...
soslokingb 9 dagar sedan
99.9% of Democrats make the rest look bad.
Eric Brink
Eric Brink 9 dagar sedan
Normal people just go about living their life.. Both parties just make their families and friends rich and nothing we can do. Life goes on
Anthony Castro
Anthony Castro 9 dagar sedan
I hear you bro.. i got your back. I didnt know there were guys out there like you. maybe there is hope.
Robin Weathers
Robin Weathers 9 dagar sedan
Nancy you haven't had order in that house since you corrupted it.
Brian Morit
Brian Morit 9 dagar sedan
Lies?? You wont age well pal
John Hays
John Hays 9 dagar sedan
Republican: YOU ARE A LIAR SIR! Democrat: Well thank you...I'm no Nancy Pelosi but I'm doing my best.
John Williamson
John Williamson 9 dagar sedan
Sorry...correction for below. "...I would not call anyone a liar..."..."
John Williamson
John Williamson 9 dagar sedan
Delusion is not truth...following the constitution is not a bad thing...right? Perhaps, you can peel back what is being said and do your own review...I did and it caused me to question a few things. Think for yourself and don't rely on bumper sticker comments from politicians who are lying...I took the time to review some objections and realized the system is compromised. I would call anyone a liar like some posts, but don't be lazy...review some information
Bow Kill
Bow Kill 9 dagar sedan
I’m from Pennsylvania and you’re a disgrace man I don’t know how you got voted in but you won’t stay there will get you out of there don’t worry about that
Anne Fitz
Anne Fitz 9 dagar sedan
Thus was an amazing speech. How any republicans could have NOT certified the vote for BIDEN/HARRIS is beyond me. Deplorable
Msannthrope Dr
Msannthrope Dr 9 dagar sedan
Congress is the preverbal nursing home. Term limits now!
Walter Spence
Walter Spence 9 dagar sedan
This is what happens when democrats are in charge...chaos. get ready.
DukeBigBelow 9 dagar sedan
Or what happens when the republicans lose 🤷
Bill William
Bill William 9 dagar sedan
That's it young man, every time they open the closet slam the door back on them. Fight for freedom with every breath you take, if not become a prisoner in your own country, we the people hold this truth to be self-evident.
Ebonhawk 9 dagar sedan
I'd like to hear the next speakers to hear the counter arguments . It's be nice to hear the other side
Nicki Lewis
Nicki Lewis 9 dagar sedan
The truth hurts! They can’t take the truth!
Lisa Fader
Lisa Fader 10 dagar sedan
The Democrats should have authorized a forensic audit of the ballots. Otherwise like this mumbling salad bar clerk they should sit down..
Shelley Eyre
Shelley Eyre 10 dagar sedan
Sammy Bradley
Sammy Bradley 10 dagar sedan
I’m a white girl in SC and I’m so sosooo f’n sick of these white men, whining. It’s no longer your turn to whine. You have everything. STFU
xearo120 10 dagar sedan
Jesus, AOC is right Nancy needs to retire
Aberama Gold
Aberama Gold 10 dagar sedan
That's not tension. Try going to your new GF's house for Christmas dinner with all her relatives and noticing 10 minutes into dinner two of her cousins are staring at you... Then the penny drops and you remember that you slept with both of them... And it wasn't THAT long ago.
Re: Choice!
Re: Choice! 10 dagar sedan
What an actor! He deserves an Oscar!!
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 10 dagar sedan
Wow, the Cognitive dissidents, and fully programed comments here via a well oiled propaganda machine is mind numbing. I’ll just be over here in the corner punching myself in the face...
Bryan Rodgers
Bryan Rodgers 10 dagar sedan
What a vile human being!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 10 dagar sedan
"It is easy to tell a lie. It is difficult to support the lie after it is told" - Thomas Paine -
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