Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Step Brothers Deepfake

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When Stallone and Arnold finally made up! The 80s movie everyone wanted to see!
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brianmonarch 14 dagar sedan
Now with voiceovers!
Joel Salinas
Joel Salinas 11 dagar sedan
Haha made my day sir thank you and just when i thought it couldnt get funnier
Ace Goodheart
Ace Goodheart 45 minuter sedan
Best deepfake so far. Stallone looked perfect
trshuster Timme sedan
That’s F’n weird. Quit it!
GuyInTheMiddle 3 timmar sedan
They should star in the remake
YouMockMe 3 timmar sedan
Wow, that was pretty dang good
Pain Jammin
Pain Jammin 6 timmar sedan
You need to do the whole movie now!
John Duffy
John Duffy 8 timmar sedan
That shit is awesome 🤣🤣🤣🤣
John Szczerba
John Szczerba 17 timmar sedan
Eh wanted to laugh but the idea was better than execution of it
Alpha Blender
Alpha Blender Dag sedan
PianoSoulos Dag sedan
I bet some day, we'll be able to pick the actors we want to see in a movie.
3-D the DESTROYER 38 minuter sedan
I was just telling my wife this same thing. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, John Wayne, Robin Williams, all the great actors WILL have new movies in the future.
marco avila
marco avila Dag sedan
At first it's a comedy action movie. Do Van Damme and Arnold they both have cool accents
E A.
E A. Dag sedan
This is hilarious 🤣!! Lol wtf
Deanna St Omer
Deanna St Omer Dag sedan
Przemek Dag sedan
I hope Sly and Arnie will bump on this video and will make a great comedy together
spazworm Dag sedan
This is pretty awesome, it's sorta funny to see though how much more full of life the original Will and John Version is though, like this seems to be pretty muted on the emotional highs in their faces. I'm guessing that's probably because the model is not trained on Arnold and Stallone making such huge facial expressions.
feedthegorilla L.
feedthegorilla L. Dag sedan
LMAOOOOO! perfect.
Marcus Andrews
Marcus Andrews 2 dagar sedan
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😭 too damn funny
J PP 2 dagar sedan
Creepy 🤣
SouthPaw82 2 dagar sedan
new technology alert???!!! how the hell is this done?!!! WOW
oscar gustavo arcos ruiz
oscar gustavo arcos ruiz 2 dagar sedan
This looks hideously possible ... even more possible than the actual movie
Ron Davis
Ron Davis 2 dagar sedan
Both of these dudes look crazy
Ryan James
Ryan James 2 dagar sedan
Arnold- You wana go do *ehlaunnahgh* in the garage? Sly- *YYEHP*
J C-D 2 dagar sedan
Absolutely brilliant 😂😂😂😂
Granulated 2 dagar sedan
Superb work !
Joe's Dirt
Joe's Dirt 3 dagar sedan
Dude they fit perfect
Billy THE KID Lawrence
Billy THE KID Lawrence 3 dagar sedan
I just want someone, anyone, to make a perfected full-length version of The Mummy: Tomb of The Dragon Emperor in its entirety, with Rachel Weisz replacing Maria Bello. Then, I can finally enjoy that movie. Screw it. I'll pay someone to perfect that deepfake and every single other digital effect in The Mummy trilogy that looks bad.
VariableVision 3 dagar sedan
This is the stuff John Stamos' nightmares are made off.
Jerry Jech
Jerry Jech 3 dagar sedan
Wow. How can somebody be good at this editing!? I mean just look at. Just look at it.
Noah like Edits
Noah like Edits 3 dagar sedan
Antonio Sabattini
Antonio Sabattini 3 dagar sedan
Wtf I just watched?
nikita n
nikita n 4 dagar sedan
Stalone looks like Garfunkel
Koen Timmermans
Koen Timmermans 4 dagar sedan
these are getting better and better
James Taylor
James Taylor 4 dagar sedan
Thats what Stallone's hair would look like if he didn't have a hair transplant 😂
M A 4 dagar sedan
💡 In the future, you will be able to select any actors to play any of the roles in the movie before it starts 🍿
dy120481 4 dagar sedan
Holy fuck, this is *too* good.
Alan Jr Walker
Alan Jr Walker 4 dagar sedan
Get the voice
MoikHorst 5 dagar sedan
this is rly awesome
Killaron Jones
Killaron Jones 5 dagar sedan
We've gone too far
Karl 5 dagar sedan
This is too scary to not subscribe!
ValleyQuail 1
ValleyQuail 1 5 dagar sedan
John C Reilly’s voice fits Stallone %100! Hahaha Lmao
BeardedVeteran 6 dagar sedan
God this is so creepy! And cool!
SupaNami 6 dagar sedan
It's how Biden is still relevant
Fun Film
Fun Film 6 dagar sedan
It wasn't me i swear! Police: Yeah right , we've got you on video.
Lg G2
Lg G2 6 dagar sedan
chad chesney
chad chesney 6 dagar sedan
O!M!G!! This is amazing. Well do we need actors anymore🤔. L o l.
Reuben Moore
Reuben Moore 7 dagar sedan
I like this one more than the voice over, its more funny seeing two famous actors with a different voice
Level 99
Level 99 7 dagar sedan
technology is starting to scare the shit out of me. on another note: this is pure gold
Lawndiq Enyia
Lawndiq Enyia 7 dagar sedan
I feel like you just Mandela Effected the shit out of me with this!
G Smith
G Smith 7 dagar sedan
I gotta lay off the weed. Looked like a real movie. Wow
Rizal Jurani
Rizal Jurani 7 dagar sedan
I'll watch it if they did it on the whole movie man
nathan koroush
nathan koroush 7 dagar sedan
Top 5 movie of all time.
4K HDR GAMING 7 dagar sedan
Now make a reverse deepfake of the expendables
Neil Bender
Neil Bender 8 dagar sedan
This makes me so happy
David Ortiz
David Ortiz 8 dagar sedan
Voiceovers would be awesome too.
brianmonarch 8 dagar sedan
New version with voiceovers is out
ben Warwick
ben Warwick 8 dagar sedan
well its official now. all new and media is a lie! cant trust even your own recordings now lmao :DDD
Matt Free
Matt Free 8 dagar sedan
I want to see the whole movie this way! That was fuckin awesome!
K.O 8 dagar sedan
Christian Surma
Christian Surma 9 dagar sedan
this really fucked with my brain lol
ROTTER 9 dagar sedan
BEST WORK! AND THIS IS how the government lies
Hans Zarkov
Hans Zarkov 9 dagar sedan
best deepfake i've seen yet
KonicavaBR 9 dagar sedan
Deep fake is the most disturbing thing that i ever seen not involving irreversable mutilations.
Tim Austin
Tim Austin 9 dagar sedan
That was sooo good 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
Paul Fletcher
Paul Fletcher 9 dagar sedan
This hurt my head. Just too real looking
Jordan Schoen
Jordan Schoen 9 dagar sedan
Probably the funniest SVfrom video ever
Supong N
Supong N 10 dagar sedan
need to see these 2 in Dumb and Dumber!
YNWA JFT96 10 dagar sedan
It's not good that this can be done,it will be used for evil, it will cause nothing but heartbreak.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 10 dagar sedan
They don't even look alike but it was kinda funny I guess.
Aim True
Aim True 10 dagar sedan
I'm sure this tech won't come back and bite us in the ass...
Evaldas Klupsas
Evaldas Klupsas 11 dagar sedan
why don't the make an Elvis bio movie with this tech
thrillhouse.vanhouten 11 dagar sedan
Deepfake technology is awesome and I can't think of any possible downsides to it whatsoever, nope nope nope just lots of good gag videos yup
DJ Savada
DJ Savada 11 dagar sedan
Thats epic 🤣🤣🤣🔥
Jesse Cole
Jesse Cole 11 dagar sedan
fun fact: That last shot was actually from a real video of Arnold attacking a bag of Doritos.
LedTrump Zeppelin
LedTrump Zeppelin 11 dagar sedan
Crazy thing is nobody knows but this happens in all movies. Shows a different level of stunt double lol
Client Metrix
Client Metrix 12 dagar sedan
That’s hilarious
Like 500 Nuns
Like 500 Nuns 12 dagar sedan
I don't know what is going on with the algorithm but I'm glad it brought me here
Jared Hamilton
Jared Hamilton 12 dagar sedan
Super disappointed that the voice over was the original... should of actually used Arni and Stallone clips... I give you 3/10 for lack of creativity
brianmonarch 12 dagar sedan
Out of the thousands of replies under this video… Most of them saying it would be cool with a Voiceover… Go and look and see how many I replied to. Probably two. Yours is the only one I replied to this way because as I’m sure you know from your past experiences with the world… You’re a pompous jerk. :)
Jared Hamilton
Jared Hamilton 12 dagar sedan
@brianmonarch hahaha self project much? - you are unwound buddy.
brianmonarch 12 dagar sedan
Used Arni and Stallone clips? That makes so much sense! Because they have said these exact lines before. Wow, you’re unrealistic. And I did put out one with their voices. You didn’t read the first comment or do any research before making your extremely pompous and unintelligent comment. Having a bad day? Wow.
Jack O'Farrelly
Jack O'Farrelly 12 dagar sedan
and we believe the news. and you all are scared of the boogey man...
leo c
leo c 12 dagar sedan
Deepfake has always existed people act like it’s a new thing it’s called cgi
Boxing Archives & Facts
Boxing Archives & Facts 12 dagar sedan
this would've been better with actual Stallone or Arnold voice impersonators
Fred Flinstone
Fred Flinstone 12 dagar sedan
Ok... what programs did you use? This is too real!
Phillip Bragg
Phillip Bragg 13 dagar sedan
Its fing crazy that we can do this now.. i mean we can resurrect chris Farley now if we wanted to. 😉 do it hollywood. Tomey boy 2
Bubba Post
Bubba Post 13 dagar sedan
What the fuck did I just stumble onto.
Anthony Luciano
Anthony Luciano 14 dagar sedan
Shank Adams
Shank Adams 14 dagar sedan
holy shit,trippy
Uriah 14 dagar sedan
Sylvester looks like his brother Frank with that hair
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 14 dagar sedan
The Expendables 4 is really shaping up to look great. Can't wait to see the rest of the movie. I hear Van Damme will be playing Derek.
Marco Zúñiga
Marco Zúñiga 14 dagar sedan
When I see young Sylvester Stallone all I see is a jacked up version of young Paul McCartney.
Uriah 14 dagar sedan
Nah man Definitely looks like his brother Frank Stallone
Adam Campbell Campbell
Adam Campbell Campbell 14 dagar sedan
jtech011ify 14 dagar sedan
what software is used for this?
Stephen b
Stephen b 15 dagar sedan
holy shit, you're getting really good at this dude
Random Bystander
Random Bystander 15 dagar sedan
so is Derek, Chuck Norris ?
Daniel Strange
Daniel Strange 15 dagar sedan
Take my money
Jay Lu
Jay Lu 15 dagar sedan
Loved step brothers
leeD S
leeD S 15 dagar sedan
we wanna know how you're doing it so we could do it ourselves and then absolutely milk it until it becomes annoying
baEr's woRld.
baEr's woRld. 15 dagar sedan
omg this was epic, please remake this movie with these two! :D
Alex Wayne
Alex Wayne 15 dagar sedan
Please do more scenes from Step Brothers with Arnold and Stallone!!🙏🏻 this is just pure gold
Fouzaan Noble
Fouzaan Noble 15 dagar sedan
This is so awesome but kreepy
My Seventy
My Seventy 15 dagar sedan
this is adorable
CaptainSpork7 15 dagar sedan
They look stoned
Jay P
Jay P 15 dagar sedan
I'm dying 🤣
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