Surprising My Little Sister With Charli!

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Thomas Petrou

8 månader sedan

Surprising My Little Sister With Charli!
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Erin Grzywa
Erin Grzywa 21 timme sedan
Pink Teddy bear
Gracie Atkinson
Gracie Atkinson 3 dagar sedan
2:24 I thought there was a cat on the ceiling
Ross Murphy
Ross Murphy 8 dagar sedan
thomas: *kickes tony out the hype house for what he did* me: THOMAS YOU DID BASICALLY THE EXACT SAME THING
Olivia Sillars
Olivia Sillars 9 dagar sedan
Acxa Rivera
Acxa Rivera 9 dagar sedan
Why does he still hang out with Andres Lopez and Tony Lopez a.k.a. the groomers that shit is so disrespectful so disrespectful
Jadyn Galyean
Jadyn Galyean 11 dagar sedan
Pink teddy bear
Manda Cheong
Manda Cheong 13 dagar sedan
Mia wanting to hug thomas in bed is so cute
Woodrow Lee
Woodrow Lee 13 dagar sedan
Pink teddy bear
Olga Andriopoulou
Olga Andriopoulou 16 dagar sedan
Olga Andriopoulou
Olga Andriopoulou 16 dagar sedan
Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you
Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you 18 dagar sedan
Nick tattoo and Jaden tattoos
Sophia Doolittle
Sophia Doolittle 19 dagar sedan
pink teady baer
Damaris Pineda
Damaris Pineda 21 dag sedan
Pink teddy bear
Zeena Aqrawi
Zeena Aqrawi 22 dagar sedan
Mias dating thomas just for money and fame
Laura ll
Laura ll 19 dagar sedan
Oh dude, you think that she can be able to live with a person that she don't really love for so much time? She said so much time that she is a private person and she don't like to show her relationship so much
꧁ ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ†hêphðêñix ꧂
꧁ ÐɑʀҟƑîʀɛ†hêphðêñix ꧂ 22 dagar sedan
Thomas: Goodmorning and welcome to the vlog Mia: Why do you always say Goodmorning it is 12:15am Thomas :In the morning Me watching this at 12:15am lol
Yarah Ammerlaan
Yarah Ammerlaan 23 dagar sedan
Charli belike: lEt mE iNz LeT Me In, LeT Me In pLeAsE
Lucy Geoghegan
Lucy Geoghegan 24 dagar sedan
Pink teddy bear
Shahan Fatah
Shahan Fatah 24 dagar sedan
Pink teedy bear
Sandy López
Sandy López 27 dagar sedan
I love you ring lol I love to watch it like Charlie did it lol
Laggs 27 dagar sedan
Imagine jamming ur finger on the ball machine
Sarah Rodriguez
Sarah Rodriguez 27 dagar sedan
imrije gutaj
imrije gutaj 29 dagar sedan
pink tedi bears
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez 29 dagar sedan
pink teddy bear
- Felicia Lee-Lo -
- Felicia Lee-Lo - 29 dagar sedan
Pink teddy bear
the girlish fanpage
the girlish fanpage 29 dagar sedan
When your sister met Charli i had to pause the video and try to stop crying! I love Charli and i have had a fanpage since March 3rd! 😭😭😭😭
Justin Hewett
Justin Hewett Månad sedan
3:31 Thomas:back in your dungeon Chase:rah Me:😂
Kayla Dawson
Kayla Dawson Månad sedan
PINK Teddy bear
Malea brahms
Malea brahms Månad sedan
pink teddy bear
Kylie Weasley
Kylie Weasley Månad sedan
Thomas' little sister is the cutest WE STAN
Trinny Carter
Trinny Carter Månad sedan
Is no one gonna talk about how Thomas is just a big softie when he’s with Mia
Melanie Gamez
Melanie Gamez Månad sedan
Teddy bear
Kaitlyn Maximo
Kaitlyn Maximo Månad sedan
Pink teddy bear
Keiri Hernandez
Keiri Hernandez Månad sedan
Why do people like Addison better then charli
Keiri Hernandez
Keiri Hernandez Månad sedan
Why don't people like both of them
K͟i͟n͟z͟a͟ Fatima xx
K͟i͟n͟z͟a͟ Fatima xx Månad sedan
Chase:opens door Tomas:back in ur dungeon back in ur dungeon Chase:*hisses*
Allysa Z
Allysa Z Månad sedan
The way Nikita looked at kouvr when she was licking the camera XD😆
Nolove Bxby
Nolove Bxby Månad sedan
Purple teddy bear
Omg gabby Tv
Omg gabby Tv Månad sedan
thanks teddy bear
Kimberly Hupp
Kimberly Hupp Månad sedan
Pink teddy bear
scarlet dowling
scarlet dowling Månad sedan
pink teddy bear
Tony Spoon
Tony Spoon Månad sedan
I see an old comment that says No one: Not even Bryce hall: Kouvr: *licks the ring camera When me over here is literally licking my camera as weird as it seems I do that all the time when I’m waiting for my friends to answer the ft or stop ignoring me cause it gets on there nerves lol!
Gabriella Valdez
Gabriella Valdez Månad sedan
I wish I could meet mia
Hennessy Serrano
Hennessy Serrano Månad sedan
Pink teddy bearrr!!!!!!! 😊☺️
Rylee Strandquist
Rylee Strandquist Månad sedan
Pink teddy bear
Kevin Hwang
Kevin Hwang Månad sedan
Charli's finally meeting her friends
firespittenkitten Månad sedan
Nobody: Bryant: middle finger*
Animal lover Sloth
Animal lover Sloth Månad sedan
It’s 4:06 a.m
السنافيه يا ضيييم قلبي
السنافيه يا ضيييم قلبي Månad sedan
avah sullivan
avah sullivan Månad sedan
Spice Girls
Spice Girls Månad sedan
pink teddy bear
Willow Odriscoll
Willow Odriscoll Månad sedan
pink teddy bear
Lucky_StickZ Månad sedan
Isnt that the faze house
Kenzi Jade
Kenzi Jade Månad sedan
Ally Castle
Ally Castle Månad sedan
he made fun of her for saying 12:15 am when she was really the right one😂😂
anum kashif
anum kashif Månad sedan
Pink teddy bear 😁😁 love u guys so much
aesthetic _twinz
aesthetic _twinz Månad sedan
1:30 and keep watching LOL 1:55 is funny too LOL
Rebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane Månad sedan
thomas every time the ball was hit 😬😬
Angela Tzul
Angela Tzul 2 månader sedan
bradison is real bradison is real bradison is real bradison is real BRADISON IS REAL
Krispyxbella 2 månader sedan
Asia Pearson
Asia Pearson 2 månader sedan
Ryland:that was me thumb
Lit Claireee
Lit Claireee 2 månader sedan
Hahah “back in your dungeon”
YodaRoblox 2 månader sedan
Morgy K
Morgy K 2 månader sedan
My neck hurts after watching.... I wonder why - mr.Camera man
Shadow Vibes
Shadow Vibes 2 månader sedan
Minayaa Bell
Minayaa Bell 2 månader sedan
pink teddybear!!
erika goyzueta
erika goyzueta 2 månader sedan
pink teddy bear
Vania Oliveira
Vania Oliveira 2 månader sedan
Pink teddy bear 🧸
Harper Salmon
Harper Salmon 2 månader sedan
Pink teddy bear
Halley’s Gaming
Halley’s Gaming 2 månader sedan
thomas:comment mia:pink teddybears me:PInK TEDDYbEars
Erica Brown
Erica Brown 2 månader sedan
Dayana Andonaegui
Dayana Andonaegui 2 månader sedan
I wish I was Thomas sister BC I WANNA MEET CHARLI😤
allison turay
allison turay 2 månader sedan
Kuldip Mattu (Sidmouth)
Kuldip Mattu (Sidmouth) 2 månader sedan
Pink 🧸
Vincent The rat
Vincent The rat 2 månader sedan
B. B vhbyj h
Camila Barrera
Camila Barrera 2 månader sedan
pink teddy bear
Kaylyn K
Kaylyn K 2 månader sedan
pink teddy bear!!!!!!!! i only did this for mia
Willow Nieling
Willow Nieling 2 månader sedan
harey upham
harey upham 2 månader sedan
pink teddy bear
ashlynn b
ashlynn b 2 månader sedan
he looks so musty
blur charlz
blur charlz 2 månader sedan
Charli when the tiktok got out lemme in lemme in plzzzzz I said 2 mins it’s been 2 mins
goofy unicorn
goofy unicorn 2 månader sedan
Nick Nick
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 2 månader sedan
Turn to Jesus
Macy Reitz
Macy Reitz 2 månader sedan
No one Kouvr licks ring cam
Macy Reitz
Macy Reitz 2 månader sedan
Pink teddy bear 🐻
Amber Couvillon
Amber Couvillon 2 månader sedan
No one: Not even a soul: Kover: licks camera 📷
Adán Ramírez
Adán Ramírez 2 månader sedan
“Can you cook?” Your dad is a prick
Imani Figueroa
Imani Figueroa 3 månader sedan
pink teddy bare
no one
no one 3 månader sedan
Pink teddy bear No one said it i think Also im pretty late but i wanted to comment now
RobbieTGM TheGoldenMinecart
RobbieTGM TheGoldenMinecart 3 månader sedan
1:32-1:42 I kept backing up from my phone when she was licking the camera 😂
Aiden R
Aiden R 3 månader sedan
summon summon summon
Premendra Verma
Premendra Verma 3 månader sedan
tony's camera recording was kinda cute ngl
Genevieve Swift Eagle
Genevieve Swift Eagle 3 månader sedan
Tony looks like the guy from the rat who cooks with the guy
ffugcg okiogf
ffugcg okiogf 3 månader sedan
pink teddybear
dunno bitch
dunno bitch 3 månader sedan
“that was my tumb” so cute 🥺
federica Fallucca
federica Fallucca 3 månader sedan
Jasmaine Shorty
Jasmaine Shorty 3 månader sedan
Vanessa Zuniga
Vanessa Zuniga 3 månader sedan
pink dummy thick teddy bear
samantha johnson
samantha johnson 3 månader sedan
😂😂 Bryce's phone call with thomas
Gaelle Chidiac
Gaelle Chidiac 3 månader sedan
Shardey Martin
Shardey Martin 3 månader sedan
I am joining the hype House I am about to move in LA
Lucas Ensley
Lucas Ensley 3 månader sedan
pink teddy bear
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