Spinning Black Holes

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A pulsing black hole in the centre of a distant galaxy sheds light on black hole and galaxy formation. How fast are black holes rotating and how does that rotation change over its life-span?
Huge thanks to Prof. Geraint Lewis and study author Dr. Dheeraj Pasham.
A loud quasi-periodic oscillation after a star is disrupted
by a massive black hole
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, James M Nicholson, Michael Krugman, Nathan Hansen, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd
Music from epidemicsound.com "Colorful animation 4" "serene story 2" "To the stars 01" "Black Vortex
Animations by Alan Chamberlain and courtesy of NASA

Aleksandra Gieralt
Aleksandra Gieralt 19 timmar sedan
Hey! I am wondering, does anyone know if spinning black holes move/spin through space - i.e. are they mobile and could they potentially move into our solar system. Someone asked me this question and I was stumped for an answer, I knew OF spinning black holes but I do not know if they rotate on an axis or if they move through space.
Flesh Mechanic
Flesh Mechanic Dag sedan
It's not just Isco, it's *_Our_** Isco,* Comrade!
Camilla Whitaker
Camilla Whitaker 4 dagar sedan
Ah finally a Challenge for my BEyBlAdE Our battle will be legendary
Remy Reijven
Remy Reijven 8 dagar sedan
5:04 The impossible scenario looks remarkably similar to M87's photo that was released after this video 🤔
Dan Dela Cruz
Dan Dela Cruz 8 dagar sedan
Black hole is simply a storm of univers. That suck all the stars and very dangerous. A very strong gravitational ratation.
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker 8 dagar sedan
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Atut Kumara
Atut Kumara 13 dagar sedan
sudahhh merendahlah 2 kali
Atut Kumara
Atut Kumara 13 dagar sedan
pusatku di Matahari....
Atut Kumara
Atut Kumara 13 dagar sedan
Tembakan hole
Atut Kumara
Atut Kumara 13 dagar sedan
Zig zag hole
Atut Kumara
Atut Kumara 13 dagar sedan
Delta black hole
* BlixTheDragon *
* BlixTheDragon * 16 dagar sedan
I have officially reached the "go to bed" part of youtube: Random science facts about things that make me feel existential.
FezRez 17 dagar sedan
My flight is taking off. I want to know about black holes! EDIT: HOLY COW MAN I can't imagine how much research you did for this! I've always wondered how star diameters are approximated. Thank you so much for this! Bravo!
victor guzman
victor guzman 18 dagar sedan
16 Impressive Situations Caught on CCTV Camera www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKb37...
billy standridge
billy standridge 20 dagar sedan
Check out Veritasium...Gravity really is not a force but an illusion.
billy standridge
billy standridge 20 dagar sedan
Veritasium says what I spoke of below.
billy standridge
billy standridge 20 dagar sedan
Can't have it both ways...
billy standridge
billy standridge 20 dagar sedan
In another video, he says gravity is not a force...
JD 19 dagar sedan
Gryvity is an apparent force and is therefore treated as a force. Electromagnetism is also just the interaction between particles using photons, but we also treat it the same way we treat gravity: As a force
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell 21 dag sedan
How do you guys feel about this?
Scooby Dooby
Scooby Dooby 21 dag sedan
Did I see this in Interstellar?
MNT 22 dagar sedan
My head is spinning
Grace Walker
Grace Walker 22 dagar sedan
Or the blinking is just alien lighthouse and we are making those theories here :D
Bethany Mitchell
Bethany Mitchell 22 dagar sedan
The real question is Does the universe spin
Ragnar Þór Guðmundsson
Ragnar Þór Guðmundsson 22 dagar sedan
That one piece of music sounded like.. Magic Dungeon? Is it what the game's called?
No Sir
No Sir 22 dagar sedan
I took up astronomy in college and they never talked about interesting stuff like this
Aaron Seet
Aaron Seet 23 dagar sedan
Won't the white dwarf then grow bigger since there's free fuel all around its orbital path?
checkandmate06 23 dagar sedan
part 9 gyro be like
Alfie Mayne
Alfie Mayne 23 dagar sedan
Derek should do a co-lab with Kurzgesagt on black holes.
S S 24 dagar sedan
Astrophysicists are historians who try to interpret ancient stuff.......... I guess you understood xD
Ike King
Ike King 24 dagar sedan
Derek should do a co-lab with Kurzgesagt on black holes.
Xi Le
Xi Le 24 dagar sedan
Is there a better name for calling a black hole, which is moving randomly, because a black hole is not a hole in space? This video shows that the black hole is sucking the star materials to make secretion disks: one disk vertically and another horizontally around the black hole. Some other videos on SVfrom show that the black hole sucks the stars and planets or any solar system into the black hole.
Pixel 09
Pixel 09 25 dagar sedan
Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter):It's not parameter it's perimeter
Yuxiang L
Yuxiang L 25 dagar sedan
i am so confused right now how is it possible for a blackhole to emit light when it sucks light it
Andrew Middleton
Andrew Middleton 25 dagar sedan
@Veritasium um how do they get both temperature and distance from the same wavelength value? Are they using other things like relative motion of other nearby bodies or readings over time?
Trevor Finn
Trevor Finn 26 dagar sedan
Are supermassive black holes neccessary for galaxy formation? Why most galaxies have a supermassive black hole in the center, and not all of them?
Superman Ohm
Superman Ohm 27 dagar sedan
Thank you 🙇 without you we won't be able to learn so much 🙏
moonlight _
moonlight _ 27 dagar sedan
what if one day you crossed a black hole somehow and heard: " *congratulations, you have escaped the simulation* "
Afroja Noon
Afroja Noon 24 dagar sedan
I react ha ha on your comment.
Alok Kumar
Alok Kumar 28 dagar sedan
Can you explain how to find spin off black holes in more detail??
Kneefoil Månad sedan
So the nineth lion was a supermassive black hole...
DUSA anna
DUSA anna Månad sedan
Black holes are vortex of matter where it is recycled into the original fields of the constituting particles then after such gigantic field expulsion (electric not visible and magnetic perfectly visibles ) are used to seed new suns and planets out of the surrounding space plasma dust.. Eternity (as infinite space) exist there but our cortex based on limited organic life time and space by nature of life birth and duration is unable to accept the absence of limits.Speed of light is everywhere including in all electro-magnetic fields flux modifications but lab experiments show that it is not true that speed of light is a constant. Only time is a constant and the only forces in the Universe have an electro-magnetic fields origin that is why Einstein theory need curious postulates (beliefs) like black matter to explain the universe as an example. Gravity (Newton law) was previously explained by a magnetic like attraction force equation.because that is what it is;(due to the particles linked in matter magnetic lines loss)
Looking forward for humanity to harness the power of black holes
V L B Månad sedan
The documentary is very good and does not leave us stupid. We have an explanation for some phenomena and that reassures us, even if we can't do anything. I also put some thoughts here, maybe something resonates further in time. Obviously black holes are made of antimatter and their negative energy will not turn into anything until they swallow an equivalent amount of positive energy. However, I do not believe that black holes migrate, I believe that we and all the planets and celestial bodies migrate towards them. A continuous process of balancing energies. It seems that not everything was born out of nothing without an initial vibration. The vibration caused the vacuum to break into equal opposing forces, which were separated and so the mass-carrying light was carried away by the vibration wave, and the antimatter (darkness) remained in place because it was not subject to the influence of vibration. Therefore, the black, hungry hole appeared to compensate for its negative energy. There may have been several Big Bang nuclei made up of a single vibration, but only the generator / creator of that vibration could know how many there were. It is possible to perceive something related to this, maybe the reflected reverberations, maybe the fact that the earth is like a living being and from the nucleus to the surface magma, everything is moving. Nothing is clear, it's just speculation. Our souls are cultivated in matter, and positive energy and their time is not infinite to evolve beautifully. That's all we need to understand.
Venkatesh Ramesh
Venkatesh Ramesh Månad sedan
How does a non-rotating black hole decide on which plane the accretion disk forms?
Som Abhisek
Som Abhisek Månad sedan
Michael Manighalam
Michael Manighalam Månad sedan
I thought you were going to talk about gravitomagnetism... everyone's heard of blackhole accretion... XD but gravitomagnetism... that's something pretty insane :D
Hank Scorpio
Hank Scorpio Månad sedan
Isn't a spinning black hole a paradox? I understand that they do rotate but.. How can an object that has infinite density and take up no space rotate? You have to have a center and outer surface to create a spin right? When your talking about a singularity your talking about an object that doesn't have an area.. so how does it spin? This is where I'd argue that black holes do give us clues to their nature.. I suspect that they're truly dark stars.. I don't think they truly collapse completely.. And if they don't, then they most certainly can spin,
KanMedLife Månad sedan
3:45 Who else loves this iconic background sound !
joshrockwellchem Månad sedan
Where is this library?
Rohan Samrat
Rohan Samrat Månad sedan
I just can't understand how something with no dimensions like singularity spin
John Doe
John Doe Månad sedan
How to Spin a black hole: buy a crack prostitute for $40 bucks and then give her a $10 hit of crack. You will then have a spinning black hole.
Carlo Antonio Martinelli
Carlo Antonio Martinelli Månad sedan
"Annular" ring ? How about "an annular ring with a hole in the middle " ? COME ON Veritasium : you know better than this !
Shay Archer
Shay Archer Månad sedan
This video is quite interesting
Shay Archer
Shay Archer Månad sedan
Nathanos Månad sedan
You know you don't get it when you've forgotten you actually watched this before
Satrajit Mukherjee
Satrajit Mukherjee Månad sedan
could it be like this that the black was emitting frequency because there was antimatter and matter dispersion from the white dwarf. plz can you clarify.
Paul al-Siddiq
Paul al-Siddiq Månad sedan
A black hole is also potential energy, space and time.
yamen-tG2 Månad sedan
Being an astronaut isn't as easy as i thought when i was 9 years old
Paul Currer
Paul Currer Månad sedan
Anything naked makes scientists uncomfortable
Mike Stay
Mike Stay Månad sedan
Where is that gorgeous library he's using for a backdrop?
Paul Biggs
Paul Biggs Månad sedan
Gravitational collapse is a myth.. It is described but never explained. The maximum gravity is at the surface of an object. it cancels out to zero at the centre of mass. Write your gravitational equatios properly. Two masses become one long before r approaches 0. Two masses can't occupy the same space. They merge into one. The very idea that the weakest force could be concentrated to overcome the strogest forces is not provable mathematically. A singularity cannot not be created. It would have to exist before it was created. You can't have the gravity to create a singularly withot a singularly already there. If you can't understand this then it is because no matter how hard I try I cannot teach calculus to a dog! Some of you claim that gravity is not even a force! So much for the force of gravity If you think space is curved then CURVE THIS. Excuse the profanity.
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson Månad sedan
Black holes don't exist.
kai shally
kai shally Månad sedan
So gravity is illusion is right to use word gravity and to explain the existence of human related to gravity....?
50 cent's Financial Advisor
50 cent's Financial Advisor Månad sedan
Black Hole's Matter !
Fly away
Fly away Månad sedan
Black hole lifes matter
MadGuy64 yeah
MadGuy64 yeah Månad sedan
due to conservation of angular momentum, what causes a black hole to stop spinning? Surely it would be spinning millions of times a second?
Dioppio Månad sedan
"black holes are the most simple objects in the universe" yet no one knows where it puts all matter sucked into it and no one knows how big is the inside of a black hole
Wacky Animations
Wacky Animations Månad sedan
Locky actually, anything that goes into it will be stuck on time, and will collapse due to maximum pressure
Hassan Ali
Hassan Ali Månad sedan
Did anyone else notice there’s the Toby maguire Spider-Man theme music?
walkabout16 Månad sedan
What's the difference between a supermassive dead object and a singularity?
Crystal Wolf RR
Crystal Wolf RR Månad sedan
i didnt understand a word in this video because im not a *NERD* (lol jk i am a nerd because why would i be here if i wasnt :P)
Elliot Finn
Elliot Finn Månad sedan
That happened 290 MILLION years ago! Just try and imagine the vastness of the universe now!
grtgrt Månad sedan
What's with the axis mundi looking thing though?
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache Månad sedan
I took up astronomy in college and they never talked about interesting stuff like this
UmDrumond 10 dagar sedan
@tigerpjm Omg u are destroying them
TakumaSD 11 dagar sedan
It's often hard to teach people certain things without a basis of understanding of fundamentals in a subject. You'd learn some of these things in a GR course or grad astrophysics courses. Derek is special because he's so good at explain advanced physics concepts to beginners without getting too math heavy (and because math and physics go hand in hand it can be very challenging to explain the latter without the former)
X1 Alpha
X1 Alpha 14 dagar sedan
go watch anime kid
Taran 23 dagar sedan
Dude I have seen you in the comment sections of so many videos which are in no way related to one another
Zishan Yazdani
Zishan Yazdani Månad sedan
I have to ask why are u everywhere
ajspades19 Månad sedan
If the matter on the accretion disk is moving at slightly faster than 1/2 the speed of light, relative to the singularity; does this mean the matter moving towards us is faster than the speed of light? Likewise, is matter moving away from us at the speed of light?
Lucky Barrel
Lucky Barrel Månad sedan
If the universe is infinite, surely there must be a naked singularity somewhere!
Jason Kenney
Jason Kenney Månad sedan
Gravity isn't real, bro. Can you do an updated video of this with "Gravity isn't a force"
Tom Leadbetter
Tom Leadbetter Månad sedan
Does this mean we're just an accretion disc of some supermassive black hole
IIsatomi3ii Månad sedan
So if we could push the black hole beyond the maximum spin we could let light escape and see the singularity... But then we would also be able to see everything it ate and compacted... Would that mean if we spun it fast enough we would be able to harvest whatever material is at the center... Other than it being so hot and radioactive that nothing would be able to touch it without bursting into flames or getting all the cancer ever or just being turned to ash. But if we could pull it out let it cool yade yada we would see a perfect crystaline structure of whatever it turned into or a single atom with all protons and neutrons
Mc Spicy Nut
Mc Spicy Nut Månad sedan
What would happen if the spin of a black hole was greater than the force of the black holes pulling? How close would the matter get?
Mihnea Urs
Mihnea Urs Månad sedan
If Isco equals /touches the event horizon how would that make the light escape the black hole rather that the whole accretion disk be swallowed into it?
cord mcmanus
cord mcmanus Månad sedan
How can something spin with zero diameter?
Gary Morrison
Gary Morrison Månad sedan
I sure am glad they don’t express it as diameters, or it would be a disco!
Palash Verma
Palash Verma Månad sedan
Copy cat
Eric Haines
Eric Haines Månad sedan
Na, go back to the charge that you said wasn't important. And try again
Samyak Kothari
Samyak Kothari Månad sedan
If black holes not even let light to pass through it then how we are able to see them ? how there rings are seen ?
Jacomaat Månad sedan
quick tought: can a black hole's mass and its spin equal out so no matter gets pulled in anymore? or will it's mass always be to great since it's spin is being created by matter getting pulled into the black hole?
Megadox Månad sedan
What if a black hole is actually a black ball and light was a sphere around it but we see the black because it...
IamTx Physicx
IamTx Physicx Månad sedan
Is it even proven that a black hole exists? I don't think it is..
Studio Filippazzo 東京猫
Studio Filippazzo 東京猫 Månad sedan
My wife is a black hole...
Rainbonyte Månad sedan
Ah yes, the very first beyblades
Sriram Natarajan
Sriram Natarajan Månad sedan
I'm wondering who dislikes awesome vid like these
Femanmk42 Månad sedan
beyblade hehe
one plus
one plus Månad sedan
bro u look so stoned 😂
xray Månad sedan
i know no1 will find this :( but what is the song at 3:45 pls i need to know I love that song but I cant find it anywhere :(
Sanjay Månad sedan
Then that white dwarf is working like that of lighthouse beam..........
Alex Busoni
Alex Busoni Månad sedan
Why do we see stars !? A star is an omnidirectional emitter of coherent electromagnetic waves! In essence, we see a pillar of a ray of light! Everything is very simple! We see stars only because our Sun in our galaxy flies in sync with the rest of the stars! The distance between the stars is increasing, but it is so very - a slow process that lasts for millions of years. That is, an astronomer cannot observe the change in such long processes, since Earth time flies by with lightning speed! And so, now we know that distant stars are statically attached to one coordinate point in the sky, but why does the light of the stars travels so long distances, reaching our optic nerve? 4746 It's all about COHERENCE! The emitted light of the stars forms a kind of laser beam of light, in one of the radiation spectra such as X-rays this radiation is most effective. The rotation of the stars around their axis further enhances the coherence by pumping the beam. In fact, we see a column of a ray of light, but we see only that beam-column that flies in our direction, forming a peak - an energy point. In neighboring solar systems, people observe the phase radiation of the beam but several degrees to the side. The formed point in the sky confirms that the star is exactly in the place of its coordinates! if the Star could move relative to our Sun, then no coherent ray would be able to form. www.flickr.com/photos/125896111@N07/50431730627/in/dateposted-public/
SigEpBlue Månad sedan
"Naked singularity" might make a good band name.
Jarryd Beck
Jarryd Beck Månad sedan
They are pulsating electrical objects. Black holes are obviously impossible.
Jarryd Beck
Jarryd Beck Månad sedan
@Vadym Gaming no there isn't, they don't emit light, so you can't take a photo of them. The best they could do was a false colour image that showed some sort of ring, which actually proved the electrical model even more.
-Exotic Gaming-
-Exotic Gaming- Månad sedan
RJ Heiselt
RJ Heiselt Månad sedan
Naked singularities make scientist uncomfortable
GameSkipper Månad sedan
Wait, I'm still confused, How do static black holes form? Or do they just not exist?
DYLAN Månad sedan
Why was one of the artist renditions a Quasar?
Eclipse135 Månad sedan
WHAT if the speed of one black hole would exceed 1, so that r-isco is less that 1 times the radius of the object????
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