Smashing a Lamborghini on the streets! #shorts

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Anthony Rivera

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CORTEX 17 48 sekunder sedan
Its a balloon i have seen it on tiktok
Thomas the train productions
Thomas the train productions 9 minuter sedan
He’s the type of guy to get so many comments about he’s that type of guy.
Klastube 20 minuter sedan
How do I block someone on youtube
Zilla-man 21 minut sedan
NICKEL081179 22 minuter sedan
He the type of guy to use the real weight on accident because his two brain cell were taking a nap. 😆
Erik 420
Erik 420 43 minuter sedan
I bet he got that from Brad
Xxx TentacionFF
Xxx TentacionFF 46 minuter sedan
Es obvio que es un plastico de 20 gramos.
Samuel Centamore
Samuel Centamore 57 minuter sedan
He's the type of guy to have a meme made of him
Munkhbaatar Buyandelger
Munkhbaatar Buyandelger Timme sedan
Plastic 🤣
Nøt_ STØRM Timme sedan
He's the type of guy to leave a bow outside while its raining to see a rainbow
ツim happy
ツim happy Timme sedan
Did anyone see it bounce off at the end
кลя†ђเ Timme sedan
He's the type of guy who vlogs on their wedding night
Ondong TV
Ondong TV Timme sedan
Fake weights
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores Timme sedan
He's the type of guy who invested in AMC and not GameStop 🧐
pax maponga
pax maponga Timme sedan
He’s the types of guy to eat breath mints just to have fresh breath in a picture
MX MIKE Timme sedan
He is the type of guy who stays on the phone to hear what the telemarketers actually have to say
Riddle me this Just being honest
Riddle me this Just being honest Timme sedan
It's not a real weight leaves his hands to quick and light
Heartless Timme sedan
I hope both sides of his pillow are warm
Yulianus Zhong
Yulianus Zhong Timme sedan
Fake weight
Tanay Raj
Tanay Raj 2 timmar sedan
Al Joud
Al Joud 2 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy who dies laughing before he tell you the joke
Yoshighomi 2 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that got us all to leave a comment, while saying nothing while we watched.
Stiff Selles Duarte
Stiff Selles Duarte 2 timmar sedan
Es más falso que me vida
Ethan Ragin
Ethan Ragin 2 timmar sedan
It didn’t smash the glass at the end, it’s a fake weight :/
Rugadaisse 2 timmar sedan
Omg, im ready for the he is the type of guy comments, grabbing some popcorn rn.
SNOW RVG 2 timmar sedan
Disk fack
Derek Tumsuden
Derek Tumsuden 2 timmar sedan
He’s the type of person that says “every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes”
Alex Sandro Silva de Souza
Alex Sandro Silva de Souza 2 timmar sedan
Fake dmss
FLORIDABOIPUMP 2 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that tell everybody to stop spamming the the first 5 words 24/7
Jara Media
Jara Media 2 timmar sedan
He’s the kind of guy who Dutch ovens himself
Dixsi Liliana Romero ulloa
Dixsi Liliana Romero ulloa 2 timmar sedan
Gabriel Perozzo Gajardo
Gabriel Perozzo Gajardo 2 timmar sedan
I reported the video for terrorism
luisito Mel
luisito Mel 3 timmar sedan
Quien se cree eso
Ahyan Yeasin
Ahyan Yeasin 3 timmar sedan
He is the type of person to take a ruler to bed to see how long he sleeps.
ToN 2K
ToN 2K 3 timmar sedan
It’s a fake weight
Matt G
Matt G 3 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy to throw a fake weight at a Lamborghini
juanma piedrahita
juanma piedrahita 3 timmar sedan
Para empezar no podrías no levantar ese peso así flipado
Tofe Alwerfaly
Tofe Alwerfaly 3 timmar sedan
teacup3000 4 timmar sedan
Looks like the „weight“ is of foam or some light material.
Randall Carter Anderson
Randall Carter Anderson 4 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that pisses sitting down
timon raccoon
timon raccoon 4 timmar sedan
That’s styrofoam hahaha, the weight bounces of the windshield
Dachshund 4 timmar sedan
It’s made out of foam
Nate Devilin
Nate Devilin 4 timmar sedan
He’s the kind of guy to get circumcised at 80.
Thomas Barlow
Thomas Barlow 4 timmar sedan
Never lifted a weight in his life and thinks we're dumb enough to believe he can handle a plate that easy. Such bullshit!😂
Alex Lemus
Alex Lemus 4 timmar sedan
So fake 😂
ran mail
ran mail 4 timmar sedan
Flora  cardozo
Flora cardozo 4 timmar sedan
Estás loco Estás loco
LJ23 4 timmar sedan
What you comment matters not. He got 37 million views = $740k USD. 😂
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 5 timmar sedan
Obviously the weights are real..
Taser Face
Taser Face 5 timmar sedan
This dude doesn't know how to hold the weight
aris gemino
aris gemino 5 timmar sedan
Look at those arms. Really yeeting 20 kilos . Its probably foam
BabyFace Rell
BabyFace Rell 5 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that would type a guy
Masta 5 timmar sedan
He is the type of guy to be naked at his computer to turn it on
Fernando Núñez
Fernando Núñez 6 timmar sedan
Who didn’t know this was fake
Fakhar Hussain
Fakhar Hussain 6 timmar sedan
It’s plastic lol 😂😂😂😂
Daniel Duykers
Daniel Duykers 6 timmar sedan
So fake!!!
Shrish 6 timmar sedan
Dhi k pakode nakli weight fenkta h😂
Jaulin matador De porco
Jaulin matador De porco 6 timmar sedan
I love fake kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Psalm23 6 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy who would wear playboy jogging pants.
Rex Ice
Rex Ice 6 timmar sedan
Who gives a fuck about a lamborghini anyway, these garbages are for graveyrard after 50k miles. Among with ferrarri rolls Royce bugati bentley. Thats why the rich change their cars every 10k miles. Them cars dont go over 50k miles without leaving u on the streets
Inderjeet singh
Inderjeet singh 6 timmar sedan
Plot twist the weight was made of thremocol.
Dbdj Dbdjjfj
Dbdj Dbdjjfj 7 timmar sedan
Junior Lopez
Junior Lopez 7 timmar sedan
As if he could actually lift a plate at that weight lol which is why he used a fake
Eddie Arcega
Eddie Arcega 7 timmar sedan
..... Fck it every one else is doing it. He's the type of guy that opens a window to see what's on the other side.
YUN PEPSY 7 timmar sedan
Obv fake
Anuranan Gogoi
Anuranan Gogoi 7 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy who uses a Nokia 9900 to shoot and upload these videos on SVfrom.
d Wilson
d Wilson 7 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that walks into the store and gives the clerk s*** for charging him full price for a pair of shorts when they're only half a pair of pants. 🤣🤣
Alexander Cesar
Alexander Cesar 7 timmar sedan
Ya right
Be Free
Be Free 8 timmar sedan
Its only a car would be better if he used a real one 🤣
S saeed
S saeed 8 timmar sedan
Are you tapd
Ariz Dayan
Ariz Dayan 8 timmar sedan
Don't worry look at the last frame it bounces (it's made out of foam) He's the guy who uses clickbait for views cause you don't see anyone smashing a Lambo everyday
Alexandra Sperrer
Alexandra Sperrer 8 timmar sedan
TRIO VÃÑÑ 8 timmar sedan
… oof
boxerxx951 8 timmar sedan
What would u wana do that it’s stupid
Not great Videos
Not great Videos 8 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy that when he was born the nurse slapped his mother for having such an annoying bastard
Philippe Yimga
Philippe Yimga 8 timmar sedan
Man!!C'est du golri...
Jhon Cano
Jhon Cano 8 timmar sedan
Plástic people
NWEKAR PUBG 8 timmar sedan
YouTube Sucks
YouTube Sucks 8 timmar sedan
Ugly car anyway
Juan Zendejas
Juan Zendejas 9 timmar sedan
Plastic or foam. No real damage
Ondrej Šranko
Ondrej Šranko 9 timmar sedan
pracilla Luna
pracilla Luna 9 timmar sedan
Plot twist: the weight thing is actually just foam and didn’t actually break the glass
Ionut Marior
Ionut Marior 9 timmar sedan
People who think that's plastic 🤡
CDPROPLAYER 16 9 timmar sedan
Thats fake
birry cells
birry cells 9 timmar sedan
Fake sgi
Ibrahim Zindine
Ibrahim Zindine 9 timmar sedan
He’s the type of guy to study for his COVID test
dany syrus
dany syrus 9 timmar sedan
കാശിന്റ കഴപ്പാ
George Viera
George Viera 9 timmar sedan
🇺🇲Fake weight, bounce off the windshield last second of video.
GGGlider 9 timmar sedan
shakil patel
shakil patel 9 timmar sedan
Weight is fake
Iron wolf gaming
Iron wolf gaming 10 timmar sedan
Honestly, aside from the crime, I’m ok with this, I like ferraris more, even though I don’t own one.
Jake Hutt
Jake Hutt 10 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy to say "I think I'm going to eat a salad today"
Lacoste 10 timmar sedan
He's the type of guy that put the milk first in the cereal bowl instead of cereals.
Bucket 10 timmar sedan
He’s the kind of guy who thinks eggs grow on eggplants
QUMAND Tcg's 10 timmar sedan
its faje
Andrew Stineman
Andrew Stineman 10 timmar sedan
Noice fake weight
SinSA 210
SinSA 210 10 timmar sedan
Doctor Beats
Doctor Beats 10 timmar sedan
We’re not stupid It is rubber
Juan Garcia
Juan Garcia 10 timmar sedan
Chupas wey
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